The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 27, 1954 · Page 13
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 13

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 27, 1954
Page 13
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Page 13 article text (OCR)

MM*H Cltr , M«M» CMy. U. Here and Therc-- News of Your Neighbors in North Iowa and Minnesota and daughters, Katherln and Vivan, expect to be with him as soon as arrangements can be made. ROCKFORD-- Virgil Grovo left Tuesday for San Francisco cnroute o his home in Hawaii after spend- ng several weeks visiting his parents and c|her relatives in Rock- R A K E--L. H. Asmus returned from Rochester, Minn., where he was a patient at (he Methodist Hospital for surgery and treatments. GOODELL-Mr. and Mrs.'John Lauen entertained more than 150 relatives and friends in their home in honor of their silver wedding. C A L M A R --A3-c Norman A . Schneberger was transferred from Sampson Air Force Base in Geneva, N.Y., to Scott Air Force Base in Illinois. He visited recently with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Alex Schneberger. LELAND--Mr. and Mrs. George Anderson have returned f r o m Tucson, Ariz., where they visited for six weeks in the home of their son and daughlcr-in-law, Airman 1-c and Jlrs. Wayne Anderson. They also spent a week at Yarbo Linda, Calif., where they were guests of Mr. Anderson's brother, Arthur Anderson. WESLEY--Fred Bohn returned from a three weeks' trip to Berkeley and Mill Creek, CaHf. He visited the Willis Bohns and family and looked after land interests. STACYVILLE -- Mr. and Mrs. Peter Marzen and family of Iliee- ville moved to their new farm which they purchased from the Joe Brumm estate last year. ALEXANDER--'Mr. and Mrs. Eilert Moddcntian were honored qn their 25th wedding anniversary by a group o£ relatives. WESLEY -- Mrs. Clarence Sea- feld has returned home from a two weeks stay at Lutheran Hospital, Fort Dodge. CHARLES CITY--Mr. and Mrs. W. II. Freitag, 803 Sixth Ave., are the parents of a daughter born Monday. WESLEY--Marlene Bauer, sophomore student at the State University of Iowa, was selected one of · WESLEY--Mr. and Mrs. Julius Kelch entertained 20 relatives in honor of her brother, Sonny Kelch, of Corwith who is moving to Hayfield. CRYSTAL LAKE--Mr. and Mrs. Lc'inan Lloyd returned home after spending the past three weeks in Ocean Springs, Miss., and Coon Rapids.' FERTILE--A cement floor was poured in the kitchen of the Church of Christ with members of the congregation doing the pouring and Stanley Peterson doing the trowel- ing. KANAWHA--Mr. and Mrs. Paul Gray of Wichita Falls, Tex., arc the parents of a son born Feb. 1L George Gray is the grandfather. Paul is In the service, stationed at Wichita Falls, Tex. OTRANTO -- Mrs. John Halvorson and children arc moving this week from an apartment in St. Ansgar to the home the Halvorsons purchased from Mrs. Helcnc Noble. Lt. Halvorson is cnroute to Japan. PLYMOUTH--The Glon Hanson family of near Osage moved into the house on the Lewis Glasscl f a r m . They were unable to find a farm to rent. MANLY--Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Ford of Des Motnes arrived for a visit in the home of their son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Lemand Pinla. GOODELL -- Mrs. H. M. Newgard of Rochester, Minn., is spend ing this week in the home of Mrs. Laton Avcry. She came especially for the annual gathering of the Nev/gards, Cooks, Smiths and Han sons which was held in the Amos Hanson home. RAKE--Mr. and Mrs. Peter Olson and Mary Lee of Raymond. Minn., were recent guests at the Ben Teigland home. LELAND -- Clemens Brcdeson ord. MANLY-- Mrs. , who has been a patient at Mercy ospital in Mason City where she , . . , , . . - MO mv: lULiijcr L* u i s L*aiii?niin submitted to major surgery, is daughter of Mr. and Mrs Lewis rnnvalpnfmf nt \ir-r hnmn in Hi-,., . . . . uiio. ucwis to Coon Rapids where Mr. Fried- ·ich had the service of consecra- :ion and praise for the newly redecorated Lutheran church. LYLE, Minn. -- Mr. and Mrs. .Vayne Libersky and Larry and Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Rulter attended he 25th wedding anniversary celebration for Mr. and Mrs. Klaas Steenhard in Thornton, Iowa. McINTIRE--Mr. and Mrs. Roband daughter left this their home at Chicago 10 contestants for unit-rest Queen, has been discharged from the The final selection of queen will I Army following two years of serv W A t m ! TM 1 , ,,r , , iCC ' a P° rlion ° [ W h c h Was S P enl NASHUA -- Clark Walsh, owncr|j n Korea. He is a son of Chris of the Walsh Mfg. Co., Charles Brcdeson who lives north of Leland City, who had a severe heart attack and was taken to the Wavcrly Hospital Saturday, was reported lo be improved. CHARLES CITY--The Cedar Valley Hospital Tuesday reported the births of sons to Mr. and Mrs. Philip Sen, of Charles City, and Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Vala, of Rockford. KANAWHA--Mr. and Mrs. Earl Chancy and family are moving to Traer. They have been farming east of Kanawha. PLYMOUTH --'Leo Heidenrcich went to the Mayo Clinic at Rochester where he expects to undergo surgery. POPEJOY--Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Thompson spent several days visiting his cousin, Arthur Hill, and family; also other relatives at Guy man, Tex.; also at points in Oklahoma. KANAWHA--Mr. and Mrs. Erith Cook and Mr. and Mrs. Orin Short of Woolstock have returned from a visit in California. and he will now be engaged in farming with his father. G A R N E R -- Hancock Count Auditor and Mrs. Maynard Schone man left for Sibley to visit at the home of Mrs. Schoneman's par cnts and continued to Scotland S.D., to visit at the Bill Farus home. CRYSTAL LAKE--Mr. and Mrs John Klosler and his mother, Mrs Klostcr, of Chicago came to visit their sister s and daughters, Mrs Harold Barber and Mrs. How an Stevens and family, and relative? in Britt. R A K E--A group of neighbor gathered at the Reiner Johnson home recently to honor Mr. anc Mrs. Johnson and family at a fare well parly. The Johnsons are mov ing from a farm south of Rake to a farm near C o n g e r , Minn., March 1. KIESTER, Minn.--Merrill Baumann left for Madison, S. D., where he will be employed at a photographer's studio. His wife C. M. Sorenson, Clemet Pure and Stephen Flo home with his sisters and brothers. ROCKWELL -- Garot Whitemore of Chicago has been visiting his mother, Mrs. Mae Hellert. OSAGE--Mr. and Mrs. Robert Erdman returned to Osagc this week, the former having received his honorable discharge from the U. S. Army Air Force. He was airman first class. Mrs. Erdman is the former L o i s Laughlin, :onvalescing at her home in Man y. -- The Rev. and Mrs. Laughlin. LAKE MILLS--Mr. W^Fr£ ll 7,' niC ,T- f. nd *'»; Harry Twito motored to" Grand W. H. Fnedrlch and Caroline went junction r P r n n t i « «« ,.i, crt Rush week for ^^ after spending two weeks during '.he illness and death of Mrs. flush's mother, Mrs. Frank Miter. GRAFTON -- Kenneth Walk of Bovey, Minn., is visiting his mother, Mrs. Anna Walk. LYLE, Minn.--Mrs. Walter Nor- _iard submitted to major surgery at St. Olaf Hospital at Austin. THORNTON--Mrs. Dora James of Wilton Junction spent a 'few days at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Ulum. GARNER--Word has been re-' ccived from Wayne F. Waller at Miami, Fin., stating that they are :njoying their vacation and will remain at Miami until about March 15, when they will go lo Fort Myers, Florida, for a '.month. McINTIRE--Mr. and 'Mrs. Wendell Roc have returned lo Mc- Lntire from Cherry Point, N. C., where Roe has been in the Army and is now discharged after completing his service. GHAFTQN -- Clarence Walk was at Mercy Hospital, Mason City, recently suffering from jaundice. KIESTER, Minn.--Isaac Flo of rcenfield, Mass., is visiting at the Junction recently to visit with Mr. and Mrs. Lester Rces. Mrs. Recs is the former Faye Twito. Mr. and Mrs. Rccs are both teaching in the public schools in Grand Junction. LYLE, Minn.--Laurence Gunderson visited recently with his mother, Mrs. Gunvar Gunderson. He recently returned f r o m England where he spent two years with the Army. FENTON--Mr. and Mrs. Rolland Paha! of near Edmonton, Canada, arc visiting with relatives in the Fenton vicinity. Mrs. Pahal is a cousin of the Finneslads. NOAH NUMSKUU, A/OAH - SHOULD A LADX WORKING AMONS- pi-OVJERS VJEfvR GARDfW i_l/-x Ctr *? O E 5PEA3^~JErR~ S.G. MOAH -- !F HEARD NMJ5IC *Vl A JEWELER'S SHOP, WOULD IT BE COMIMS FROM THE V-JRtST V/ATCH BANDS 7" B. CHORONZEAK.* NORTH AW TON / PA . BLONDIE \f/////\\ By CHIC YOUNG BRICK BRADFORD -- I KKcW *~V THAT WOULD ^ HAPPEN AS SOON AS r 6OT TH= TUB! THANKTS FOR THS HAT, DASWOOR.' WAS BE6INNIMQ TO THINK YOU'D NEVB? PAY OFF THAT PACKASS MUST (I'VE GOT A PACKAGE YCU- COMc OCWN AN'D ZW FOS IT J ,.. By PAUL NORRIS WITHIM Tr!£ CUOCLE,,. WHEN THE CUBICLE FINALLY 8OOMCES TO A STOP IT LEAVES IM ITS WAKE SMOKE AM3 A RA6lS'6 FIRE CAUSED BV MANV SHORT CIRCUITS... WHAT'S 60ING EE OUT THE CUBICLE CRASHES ON WTO THE COMPLEX WIRING BEHIND OJE Of THE MAMY CONTROL PANELS... By KEN ALLEN HIS IS TOE. ONIV CAK. RUNNING TOTHC 16TB FLOOR- -AMD HE HASN'T COME DOWN SINCE I TOOK. HIM UP WITH CHANGED MY MIND DOWH,FREDDi£--TOTHE BAGDAD ROOM!--AND MAK.E IT NON-STOP, PtLASElMY HUSBAND IS PROBABLY TURNING ROYAL PURPLE--FORFEAJt I'LL BE. LATE. FOR OUR SHOW H£ (5NT DOWN THERE HIMSELF, MRS. DEL\OR£ MARY WORTH MUGGS AND SKEETER By WALLY BISHOP ROOM AND BOARD By GENE AHERN D A I L Y C R O S S W O R D 42. Came fish DOWN l.Game at cards 2. Entices 3. Indeed (Anglo-Ir.) 4. Music note 5. City in Panama 6. Dwelling place 7. Lower part of foreleg S. Prong- 15. Chinese seaport 17, Enraptured 23. From 22. Thinness 23. European seaport 25. Ri%-er (Chin.) 28. Sand, hill 28. Denomination 0. Cups for tea 31. Scenes 11. Color 32. Particles 13. Paradise 33. Vehicle An»wcr 34. Baking chamber 35. Flower 38. Body of \vatcr 40. Terbhim (sym.) ACROSS 1. Cry, as acalf 5. Throw 9. Ancient people of the Southern Crimea 10. Ancient country rich In gold 12. Beige 13. "The lily- maid of Astolat" 14. One-spot card ] 5. Decorated 16. Window which opens outward 18. Biblical city 19, Not (prefix) ·20, Shed, as fur 24. Dough-like 26. Put oft 27. Mix 28. Sourc* of light 29. Sloth 30. One of the hills of ancient Rome 33. Window accessory 36. An ounce 37. Long- legged shore bird 38.1-K»t it stand (print.) 39. Sew again 40. Plague 41. Man's nickname (poss.) DAILY CRYPTOQUOTE--Here's how to work it: A X Y 0 T, B A A X R Is Lr O N G F E I, L O W ' One letter iimply uta.nds for another. In this example A. is used tor the three L'B, X for the two O's, etc. Single letters, apos- trophiee, the length and formation of the word? arc all hints. Each day the cod« letters are different. A Cryptogram Quotation W B N V H - N L U V Y . J K V K S S G J N U H V ' C 1 H B B C O J H V N E H T , H E C N H A N L G L G K M T H V Y S B E F H S L, U C C A G G M-C L . K D G C A G K E G . YMterday'ft CryptoflMote: .THE SEA THAT LAUGHS AROUND US HATH SUNDERED NOT BUT BOUND US-- 35 34 3- ·10 V/E HAVE A NEV/ BOARDEP- \VHO CHECKED IN AN HOUR AGO- AND LISTEN-GIVE HIM A CHAMCE TO GET IN GEAR V/fTH THE HOUSE ··-DON'T START OFF BY PACKING HIS EARS WITH YOUR'LONG-WINDED GAFF/--THATS BEEN THE QUICK. CHASER .WITH THE BOARDERS IN THE PAST/ rl'AP-INDEED- VER.V WELL--HENCEFORTH I'LL STAY ALOOF FROM ALL LODGERS-IT'S MORE BERTTIN THE HOST OF PUFFLE TOWERS/ ABOUT HOURS SCOTT'S SCRAP BOOK By R. J. SCOTT 8ikft.R.«.y flit SUE. OF A P!NrtlM, 80,000 «D 80,000 *,IRUB£S QUtEh's REQIMLHf SfooP , il mods Try and Stop Me -By BENNETT CERF- A WIFE TOLD HER HUSBAND as he entered his home one evening, "I suppose you've had a hard day at the office, but I've got to tell you a piece of bad news right away." "Fire ahead," said the husband wearily, "but I've got to warn you I'm booked solid. No matter how bad the news is, I won't have time to worry about it for three weeks!" « * * Tony Gallbandi, \vho runs a aplc-and-apan roadside tavern on Route 29, offers as hls.ape- clftllte de la malfon "Enthusi- a*tic Stew." His explanation of th« name is, "We put everything we h*ve In It!" ' : . · · * ' ' # · The wife of one of the forwards on the New York Rangers hockey team admitted, "It'a really thrilling; to b« married to a b'lgr-ttme hockey star. Every time he cornea home he looks Jlke a different person." . Copyright. 195-!. by Bennetl Ccrf. Distributed by Kins Fcaiurea Syndlcn*. AR= VOL) SURE VCXJ CAM MAKE THE CO^N'E* OF MAIM , IN! TWO /ASKUTBS? SAY...YOU MUST WAVE A 6OOD REASON! FOR WASTING TOG TnERE CM TiJAE...SO/AS CUTS UTTLE N'JMflcR rRC*A THE STY] 3ET A BIG SISTER W YOtJ'LL 3£ T= ~QR V PATS., SKSSTSS DOM T WORRY A3OUT IT! YOU REALLY DlD MS A ... IT WAS A DEMTIST APPOINTMSNT.'.' By JIMMY MACK REX MORGAN, M. D. BY GINGER, I'LL SHOW BETH DAT I'M DA HEAD OF D\ HOU5£ AN' PUT A STOP TO ALL D!5 NONSENSE' UH--HOLD ON, SP£CX,OL! BOY.' I FEELS A VE-RY SMREWD PLAN COM1N' ON.' GOOD BYE, BETH. YOU'LL FIND YOUR PATIENT MIRACULOUSLY RECOVERED! OH, THANK YOU DOCTOR.' By DAL CURTIS AND J HAV£ GOOD AJEWS FOR YOU, DARLING / DR. MOKfiA-N SAID BILLY COULD BE DISCHARGE? FROM THE HOSPITAL TOPAY/ NOW TELL ME ABOUT THE JOB ITS IN £N6lNfeEKIMG SALES.' JUST WHAT I WANTS P.' I SPENT SOME TIME TALKING WITH HIM, MR. JEMIN6S.' I'M SURE HE'S JUST THE MAN WE I CAN TELt BY ^. YES, RUTH.' M3UR FACE, JIM.' V SOT A IT'S GOOD KEW5.' jk~^ JO5. 1 PRESTON.' THIS MAN HAKTtEY !S RATHER VAGUE ABOUT KlS JOB REFERENCES FOR THE PAST FIVE YEARS.' OAKY DOAKS By K. B. FULLER LOOK AT THIS CONTRACT/ IT GIVES ME THE SERVICES OF YOURSELF AkID YOUR HORSE. rr COST WE- PLENTY/ IT'5 SIGKIED BY KIWS CORWY/ GOSH ALL HEMLOCK/ YOU WEVER CAW TELL WH/3T HIS MAJE5TY'LL DO FOR MONEY*/ ETTA KETT By PAUL ROBINSON S IS\iT/\ BONNY/-Bur ) I \VANFED TO PROMISED TO TELL. BUF BEFORE" / HE© HON SOR.ey { AM ABOUT LAS? NIGHT. 1 Orr MY ISETfA HOME?A^ ME N LS ASKED ME T YOU YOUR RING By AL HOLLINGSWORTH '7V£'sodrfjr] WHAT PO yo, WHAT KB/ -THKOU6H SCORCHY SMITH

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