Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 27, 1954 · Page 11
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 11

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 27, 1954
Page 11
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The Maroon Voy. 3 I''olfunry 27, 1954 No. Publisher, Bvci-y Week In the School Year by Stuelenlji of Journalism of Holy Family School Member of Catholic School I'rtsn Association ami Quill and Scroll THE MAROON * THE BLUE Co-Edited by HOLY f A Day Proves Interesting to Henry Wallace and Students By SARANN RYAN *-It was lo be my first interview. It was all going to be SO easy. Armed with my trusty'pencil and an 8xll piece of paper with four leading questions'I.set forth. And there to reassure me was Gary Brophy. Gary had just received thc doctor's OIC to be back at school and together we would get the scoop. That Feb. 23 was a beautiful diiy--a normal April day in Mason City. The farmers were having an iiistilulc. We would just slip over to Holy F a m i l y Church Auditorium, gel our information ami be right back in class five minutes later. It was then 11 a.m. Just as easy as that! Intel-viewing is no task! What a surprise there was in store for two cub reporters. We went lo lhe auditorium but there was no one to interview. Again we went to the auditorium; again no interview. Lost for Words Perseverance at last won o u t . What happened? We were lost for .words! Our lips moved but no sounds were heard. At last we gathered courage and introduced ourselves as school reporters and asked for an interview. Just as is to be expected we came upon another obstacle. Our interviewer must catch a 3 p.m. train. It was then 2:30 p.m. Come with him and be would grant us an interview as he made his way lo thc station. Henry Wallace, former Vice President and U. S. Secretary of Agriculture, was thc one we were to interview. We followed him out of the auditorium. We walked several blocks, talking as we went. Mr. Wallace's arms were linked in Gary's and mine. Feeling that we had gathered what information we needed we bid Mr. Wallace adieu. No Politics But we were not lo be cast off so lightly. We decided to follow "our man" to the station for a more direct quote. We had written nothing down as we had been di- rected. How coukl we while walking? Gary and 1 climbed into Dave Martin's waiting "chariot." Arriving at the station we bopped from the car and again confronted Mr. Wallace. lie was more than happy to see us and I feel he, too, was enjoying our escapades. What did he; have to say? Well, he declined to talk politics. He flatly stated, ' ' I ' m not in politics." When asked w h a t he thought was thc f a r m e r ' s biggest problem he said: "Fixed costs and declining "arm prices." Mr. Wallace also told us that he considered it a privilege, rathe; han a duty, for the U. S. to be iblc to use our surplus supply ol "ood for the people of other coun rics who are, through our help, gradually learning how to produce heir own food supply. Narrow Margin "Any future farmers of America must be careful not to invest an ircal a m o u n t in farming because of lhe narrow profit margin o .bclay's farmer," he warned. Our interview over, we began lo 'cturn to our classes. A block awa 'rom school we heard a hissing sound. We felt thc car lean to one side. We heard Dave mutter "A flat." What next . . . ! Walking tin. r e m a i n i n g way to school, we laughed and joked of our day's experiences. The three of us dc cicled that an interview wasn'l what we had thought it to be. After finishing my school day I went home and there upon the kitchen floor lay the Sunday pa per containing an article on a re cent talk by Mr. Wallace. Heavens! To think I might have stayed home and obtained my in formation--but it's not every d a j that a high schooler interviews AIS EX-VICE PRESIDENT. ANYONE CAN OPERATE A VICTOR ADDING MACHINE. Choict of 10 key or full keyboard. Simple to operate. Buy now for audits, tax*s, inventories. MAXBOYD TYPEWRITERS 20 First Street S. E. Insurance Wise LET BOB OR JERRY DO IT. All Kinds Ail Good HARRER INSURANCE 11 Vz So. Federol PHONE 321 and ST. JOSEPH SCHOOLS --:-- --:-- _ : _ Feb. 27, lfS4 (It Mtion CHj aiob«-G»»«Ur, Ma»«« Cllf, I*. The Blue Voy. 3 February 27, 1954 No. 12 ROSES FOR THE WEEK To Virginia Frank and Bonn! Gilner, juniors, who have so will ingly given m a n y hours in th care of thc library, helping t classify books and magazine, Both declare that they are mos interested in library work and fee that thc knowcldge they hav gained as a'result of their gencr ous efforts will help them in th vcars that are to come. De WILDE AUTO SERVICE COMPLETE MOTOR TUNE- UP AND BRAKE SERVICE 15 4th Street N. E. Phone 184 The Finest Gifts For All . . . For All Occasions, Come From Our Store. Drop In Soon ASK RAY SENEY 19 East State See the NEW 1954 EVINRUDE Whispering OUTBOARD MOTOR i . . ' ' · · " : , · Come In--Let u« ·how you thi* Outstanding Motor Decker Bros. DETERMAN ELECTRIC 320 lit St., S. W. PHONE 894 Perfection Ranges Perfection Refrigerators Admiral Refrigerators Lighting Fixtures Electrical Wiring Published Every Week In Hit School Year by the Journalism Clntf of Saint Joseph High School W I L L I N G WORKERS--The Socialists .serve in lhe sacristy each day. They Ret all things in readiness i'or all church functions.'Most f a i t h f u l are Sheila and Mary Ellen Dougherty and Dorothy Dwan shown preparing the vessels and the vestments for next morning's Mass. The coming weeks will bring added duties with the beginning of Lent on March 3 and high school retreat days, March 3, 4 and 5. Plan Projects for Lenten Observance As Lent begins Wednesday, the students of grades 5 and 7 have been very busy with Lenten proj: ccts. One of the most unique .plans is the home-made prayerbooks which will be made by the 5th grade during Lent. They will compose their own prayers for the book. ' Both grades h a v e made Mass, and Holy Communion charts which' R c a r d o n ( G - 2 and Deering (G-l) they will fill in themselves. Themet A1 °»K with their height thc junior? of lhe 5th grade is "Lent Means'^', 6 U J C Holiness." Talks and club activi-;"" .ies will be centered around this Lheme. Students arc going (o try to boost their mission money by making sacrifices during the holy season. Fifth grade students have ransomed four pagan babies so far this year and have a good start on their fifth one.--J. S. Seniors Schedule Blue-White Game The annual Blue-White game will be held Tuesday after school in the gym. Seniors, who have only two regulars from the Varsity, will attempt to avenge a previous setback at the hands of the juniors in the Ulue-J tourney. ·i Moreland and Dorsey will form the nucleus of the senior squad. Other seniors, 'Uceny, Craven, Moorhead, I). Smith, Walsh and R. Berncmann, will be seen for the fast time on the hardwood. Juniors will have the height advantage with Chrislenson (6-4), EDITORIAL-One Pupil's Opinion-By J E R R Y SWEIGER Book Wersk is a good time to do ionic reading. I3ut just w h a t do ·on read? He smart and read the :est. Abe Lincoln walked m a n y miles and worked many days jusl. to read one book. Just how m a n y of you votild walk a few blocks to the li- jrary to get a book? Perhaps you don't plan on being President. Francis Liacbn said, "Reading niaketh a full man." Watch your lict and take plenty of good nour- shrncnl. Read worthwhile books. Put Last Touches to 'Wishing World' By GARY BROPHY The halls of Holy Family have been h u m m i n g in the past weeks with the tapping of feel and the beating of the piano. The final touches must be put on the Varieties. The girls in-"Memory Lane" are running through their dance. Those doing this waltz-ballet are Nancy Fortune, Virginia Vala, Sarann Ryan, Jane White, Gweneth Keefe, M a r y Ann Luchan, Janice Sommers, Joan Jacobson, Marilyn Lang and Pat Lannon. On the sidelines are Patrick Allison, Michael SinnoU, Danny Sinnott, Bernard Baier, Robert Nolterike, Joseph Sheehy, Dale Sanders and Dick Wiltgen waiting to make their entrance. Another group also is waiting on the sidelines to feature in "This Is Heaven." Those participating in this jlance are Mary Winger, Lorelelta Austin, Michaela Lannon, Choir Members Hear Boston Pops Seven members of St. Joseph's Male Choir, along with Mrs. Mary Coonan, organist, and Father Ar- ciuitt, drove to Waverly Sunday afternoon for the Boston Symphony Orchestra's concert at Waverly College. On conclusion of their regular program the orchestra played "Moulin Rouge," "Stars and Stripes Forever" and songs from "Kiss Me, Kate." Following these numbers Arthur Feidler, symphony conductor, and the orchestra received four curtain calls.--H. J. D. of Donnelly and Kloberdanz, guards.--L. B. Teachers, Church Curb Delinquency T A U N T 0 N, Mass. «V-Schoo: teachers and the church are cred ited by a probation officer with aiding in giving Taunton the low est juvenile delinquency rate in Massachusetts. "Taunton is a church going community," Probation Officer Joseph Dooley says. "Our teachers are interested in the general welfare of each of our students." Seniors Attend Loras' Hamlet Seniors took an English field trip ^riday to Loras College, Dubuquc, to sec the presentation of "Hamet." A special performance w a s staged Friday afternoon in St. Jos;ph Auditorium on the campus for high school students who live outside the city. The play tied in with class work, as they have just fin- shed reading Shakespeare's plays of "Macbeth" and "Hamlet." This performance was undertaken by the^ Loras College Players because of the great popularity and importance of the play. Other performances were scheduled for the general public Feb. 28, March 1 and 2.--J. W. North Iowa's Newett · nd Most Complett Lines in Dinnerware Glassware and Unusual Gifts SEE KATHRYN'S CHINA i GIFT SHOP 25 1st S. E. Phone 868 Gift Wrapping Free of Charge F O R M E R STUDENT -- M a r y Dougherty who attends Clark College was ejected one of the editors for Mndamoisellc magazine. She is also sports editor for thc Clarke Courier. Mary., may be one of the 25 editors of Mademoiselle Magazine .who will go to New York this coming summer to work on the magazine. Mary received her initial training at Holy Family where she was editor of the Maroon page. Janice Budzius, Virginia Courchane and Mary Kay Wiltgen. Those with speaking party in this scene are Carols Melendez as Sammy and Gary Nolterike as Buzzie. These two help prove that wishes come true in the "Dark- town Varieties" production, "Wish- in' World." Girl Scouts Plan Communion Breakfast Girl Scouts of St. Joseph's and their fathers will attend the 9 o'clock Mass Sunday, March 7. Breakfast will be served following the Mass. Brownies- will receive pins and Girl Scouts will receive badges and pins. Sisters of the Presentation were chosen as Thinking Day Pals Monday, Feb. 22, by the Girl Scouts of St. Joseph's. Spiritual bouquets as well as various kinds of food were given to the Sisters.--M. J. K. Remote Preparation for Easter Begins Sunday is Sepluagesima Sunday which opens the liturgical period of the Church which is a prelude to Lent and a remote preparation for Easter. This transition period of the Church begins nine weeks before taster. Septuagesima symbolizes the soul passing from the joys of Christmastide to the penitential season of Lent. Vestment colors change to violet and, as in Advent, the Gloria in Excelsis" is suspended, ince this hymn celebrates Christ's irth in our mortal flesh, it is re- erved to praise Christ when He ises immortal on Easter.--P. K Picture Attracts Students' Attention Many students of S.J.H.S. were overheard talking about thc merits the current movie, "Knights of e Round Table." After studying alpry's stories of English chivalry literature classes, the students und the show of special interest, hose who saw the movie com- icnted on how closely Malory's rthurian legends were followed. Marilyn McMonimcn remarked: The movie was the most educa- onal one I have seen in recent BLUE Contributes to Vocation Month March is devoted to helping students decide their vocation \ or slate in life and the careers;they will choose to support themselves and their families. The faculty at St. Joseph's gives ycar-around personal guidance' to help students choose their vocations and prospective jobs wisely. There are three recognized vocations, the religious life, the single state and the married state. Available careers are many, each offering great opportunities. S.J.H.S. journalists believe in the importance of a "person entering the career and vocation for which he is best suited. Each week during March the BLUE will present informative articles on the three vocations and various important careers of today.--P. K. DICK'S TV CENTER TELEVISION SERVICE DUMONT TV 409 N. Federal Ph. 946 The Spindle Beginning March 3, Ash Wednesday, there will be silence through the halls and classrooms of H.F. The students will be meditating on their spiritual life for three days in complete silence. Father J. E. Supernant, C.S.V., Chicago, will conduct the annual three-day Sodality retreat. Mass and Holy Communion, conferences and benediction in the evening will be thc schedule of the retreatants. Constructing designs for use in linoleum has been keeping the geometry students busy. FILMS Developed AND Printed LEAVE FILMS AT YOUR DRUG STORE CO-MO PHOTO COMPANY MASON CITY BOE 1 0 5 E A S T S T A T E W A J _ C H - D I A M O N D The men at Boe Jewelers are Specialists in Watch Repairing. Prompt Service. B-O-E--Best of Everything Sociologists recently determined that patriotism is a virtue that every loyal American should have. In keeping with this, thc class celebrated the birthday of George Washington by having a party in his honor last Monday. Coach Ken Con way's sophomore English class is busy studying "Julius Caesar." Dick Scrnett has given a modern touch to Antony's speech. He says, "Friend, lend me five dollars." · Pen and Pencil Sets · Leather Goods · Toiletries · Prescriptions Filled · Fountain Service * M. B. A. Pharmacy TIM and TOM PHALEN CLEANERS. 1 1 J South Madison PHONE 50 Along Fifth Street-CHANGE DATE--Final Skating party at Skate Haven schedulec for Thursday night, was postponed to Monday night, March 1. It is being sponsored by the seniors.- J. M. S. ASH WEDNESDAY--March 3 is Ash Wednesday--so-called because of the custom of placing blessed ashes on the forehead. These ashes, made by burning the palms left from the previous Palm Sunday, are blessed by the priest before Mass on Ash Wednesday. As the priest places the ashes on the forehead of each in the form of a cross, he says, "Remember, man, that thou art dust and unto dust thou shall return."--H. J. D. BIG QUESTION--Today around school the big question is: Whal are you giving up for Lent? Some say that they are going to give up shows, candy, and litlte things like that. We should all pray more during Lent that we will come closer to God and his graces.--P. D. FAN CLUB--It seems as though a few seniors and juniors are plan ning to form a fan club of Johnnj Western. Each one of these mem bers hurry home from school each afternoon to watch Johnny on TV Jeanie Cahalan and Jake More land were seen riding their (saw) horses one night as they were try ing to act like Johnny.--J. W. WATCH OUT WHEN PAINTING NEW YORK (UP)--Experts sug est these precautions when paint ng and re-doing furniture. Protec our skin from paint splatters Remove the spots with turpentine nd wash the skin thoroughly wit! oa^ and water. Scrape or sand aper lead-painted surfaces out-of loors or in a well-ventilated room o avoid inhaling the dust. Bath promptly afterward. As little as ST.25 a wt«k buys A Royal Portabl* "You can pay mor« but you can't buy b«tt«r" WOLFF TYPEWRITER CO. 401 South Federal Phon. 138 Marigold's CREAM TOP MILK 4 Oz. of Whipping Cream on Every Bottle PERFECT BOTTLE OF MILK Order irom Your MARIGOLD DRIVER SALESMAN Marigold Dairy, Inc. Classmates Fete Wurths at Parties Fare\yell parties for Jo Ellen am ames Wurth were held in Room and 3 Tuesday. Each pupil pre sented a gift to Jo Ellen and medal and chain were given t James. In grade 5 games wer played and prizes were awarde o the winners. In grade 3, song vere sung that Jimmy liked^ anc ister Mary Michelle finished read ng his favorite books before lunci vas served. Jo Ellen and Jimm hen left for their new home in ioux City.--J. W. and K. At. Complete Beauty Care Phone 1072 For An Appointment. FLORIMEL BEAUTY SALON W First Street N. E. Complete Reupholstering Service FEDERAL UPHOLSTERING COMPANY 403 No. Federal Ph. 1808 DAVEY and MOEN General Contractors 804 Brick and Tik Bldg. PHONE 874 Rotations Invite ears. I enjoyed it more after eading about it in school." Sharon Bair liked the colorful icture of English courts which [-G-M reproduced from Malory's .ory. The production which was based n Sir Thomas Malory's "Le lorte D'Arthur" dealt with tales f feudal England and gave heroic ccounts of King Arthur's famous Knights of the Round Table."-. M. Seniors to Meetings During March two St. Joseph seniors, Leonard Walsh and Jack Deeny, are invited to attend weekly meetings of the Mason City Rotary Club. The Rotarians extend this invitation each month to enable different students to learn how this businessmen's organization co-operates to benefit and serve the community. Mason City's Rotary Club is affiliated under an Internationa! Association of Rotary Clubs. All Rotarians in m a n y countries have "Service" as their motto.--P. K. Seniors Avenge Previous Setback Seniors avenged a previous set- oack at the hands of the juniors vho defeated them in the Blue J ournament. Score at the end of play was 69-40 with the seniors on top. The seniors' success was buil around the scoring of Moreland Deeny and Dorsey with 23, 23 anc 15 points respectively. High poin man for the losers was Jini Chris tenson with 12 points. This closed out the basketbal season at St. Joe, so with spring on its way the thoughts will now be baseball in Johawkland.--L. B. Mother General Visits Classes Mother Mary Camilla, mother general of the Sister of the Presentation, Dubuque, visited S.J.H.S. Monday. Mother made special calls to each room. This was her first official visit since 1951.--D. D. Co-tdltor« -- Richard Moorehead, Larry Sernemann. THOMAS MACHINE CO. 303 Second Street S. W. PHONE 2503 DAVIDSONS 19-21 Ut St. S. E. Maton City MAGNAVOX TELEVISION The Very Best EXCLUSIVE IN MASON CITY PONTIAC Prescribed Service When MOTOR problems crop up ... Drive in . . . drive easier, safer, longer. John Gallagher, Inc. 22-24 Third N. W. Phone 1144 For Dependable SERVICE CALL G. I. CAB 731 CALL FOR SPECIAL RATES FOR CHILDREN TO SCHOOL We Accept Time Calls MOTOROLA TELEVISION AND RADIO Sales and Service WE FURNISH AND INSTALL TV ANTENNAS Herb George RADIO SERVICE 9 2nd Street S. W. Phon* 355 CALL US FOR ·· Plumbing · Heating · Coal · Air Conditioners · Blendaire Oil Heaters KELROY Fuel and Furnace Co. 137 4th S. W. Phone 441 ASK ABOUT OUR RENTAL PLAN FOR Band Instruments ALL FAMOUS MAKES LeBlanc - Hoi ton - Martin . Olds - Armstrong Stewar t 1M North Dalawar* · "" ! '' : 'j !i 711

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