Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 27, 1954 · Page 10
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 10

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 27, 1954
Page 10
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F»b. 27, 1954 Mtion C "? Gfobe-Gaiffle, Mason Cltj, I». -:- THIS WEEK AT THE THEATERS -:- At Your Theaters-Lucille and Desi in 'Long, Long Trailer' Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, (he nation's beloved "I Love Lucy" couple, co-star on the screen in the )i!arious Ansco Color comedy, 'The Long, Long Trailer," at the Cecil Theater. In their first picture together since "Too Many Girls" in 1940, hey are cast in typical roles, Miss Ball as a wide-eyed, impetuous and HONEYMOON ON WHEELS--Lucille Ball and Arnaz, America's TV favorites, are funnier than ever on the screen in "The Long, Long Trailer," showing at the Cecil Theater. It's the hilarious comedy of a honeymoon on wheels! Marjoric Main and Keerian Wynn add to the laughs of the Ansco Color attraction. It's a rocky but riotous road for the famous couple beloved of 52 million "I Love Lucy" fans. LOVE ON WASTELANDS--Tyrone Power, as a fighter for the British colonials, and Terry Moore, a general's daughter, find IhonV- solves'in love on the sandy wastelands of India in the CincmaScope production in technicolor, "King of the Khybcr Rifles," showing at the Palace Theater. A clash between Guy Rolfe, as a n a t i v e leader, and Power, a colonial engaged in warfare, is basic to the drama. CAPTAIN OF FATE--Lee J. Cobb portrays a ship's captain beached on the Southwest desert in "The Tall Texan," at the Strand Theater. Lloyd Bridges and Marie Windsor share both romance and action in 'this powerful western picture unveiling a man's hist for gold. F U N N I E S T MUSICAL--"Love Happy," funniest musical of the Marx Bros., is showing at the Band Box Theater from Sunday through Tuesday. Harpo is having trouble with his breathing, but why wouldn't he? This is the picture that discovered Marilyn Monroe. AT JET P L A N E BASE--Robert Stack and Richard Arlen are officers stationed at a Japanese jet plane base from which the craft launch atatcks on Korea. Action takes place in the United Artists color film,, "Sabre Jet," showing at the Lake Theater from Sunday through Monday. BIG SIX L E A G U E Won 1st 2nd 3rd Hep, Tnl. Hoxle Service . : 7(1!) 818 712 :m 2.17'; Potter Dlsl. . . . 0 lilili 7-UI 70S 270 22H3 V. Flngclson 201. 5:17. P r l l c h a r d s S 75!l 800 719 2.-.r. 25IW Ooxie Sales 0 lrX 031 lid!) :!Sl 2372 K. G e t t m a n 2 1 1 . Sli'i. Midget Barber . 2 7!l!) (ilili 8 1 1 MO 2l',fi5 Hantord . : . . : . . 1 7Kli 8(i: 721! 213 · 2U1S Bob Craig 203, SIS. B U I L D E R S E X C H A N G E Won 1st 2nd Sril Hep. Tot. 70S »r,« 804 70fi nn:i 1 1 1 2IIU5 71)7 210. . 2 1 3 1 573 C17 771 70!) IOR 210 2 1 0 171 Cashway Lhr. Farm S: Town . I) 730 "W. Lund 211, 5(iO. Curries Hdw. . 1 1 R8I Fullerton Llir. . 0 7 1 6 - U K C. Hailctt 189', 517. Zcrhlc Builders 2 772 834 Hcnkcl Const. . I K l i l 818 L. Slock 2 1 1 ; Mil. M. C. Milhvorks : 731) United II. Bank II l!0:i G. Schmldl 181, i!0:f. Nichols Wire . . 2 (il!) Iowa liuildcrs . 1 U3G F. Plnneke 18I, -152. Ray E. Pauley 2 71)2 SO!) 7M S I S 235!) N. la, Mfllworks I KS7 (184 "lii SOU 2127 II. Cook 18)1; E. Johnson ·!!:!. B U I L D E R S E X C H A N G E S T A N D I N G S 703 705 2 1 7 1 2:CM 21IIG 22 IB 650 228 (110 2(17 2M8 777 2KS 2:i85 W. 1'ct. .521 .507 .H07 .507 .·IX.: ..178 .12 .·12' Henkcl Construction 45 2 1 .fifi2 Cashway Lbr -10 li 2H'A . .SBli Nichols Wire Alum 117 :i'i Zcrblc Builders Hi! :« · Farm k Town Lnmhcr ... -S3 S I North Iowa Milhrorks :i5 HI Ray E. P a u l e y Co. -. . . ;;iJi :i1 Iowa Hullders · 'A'.Wi 35'/r ·: United Home Bank M 3G Fullertou Lumber .-. 2!Mi ItO 1 ,: Curries Hardware . . . . . . . . : 2!l'/; aoVi: Mason City M l l l w o r k s . . . . 2 . " . I I .SO MOOSE L E A G U E STANDINGS ' · ' ' · ' · ' ' ' · · ' · W . : L . SjTs Fruit Mrkt Til 21 Blati Beer . . . . - 1 2 . ' 3 B Grancrs Shell Service. 42 :l) Gaynors G r o c e r y ;'.. 41) XS Pete's rinci! M M K o z y K o r n e r .- 3(»',2 · i l l Bud's Used Cars :;'.: 4:i Mason City Tile M.irhlc : l ' i «V Black A- U'hite Cafe .11 ·! I Lccse Barber Shop oli 4^i MOOSE L E A G U E Won 1st 2nd :trd Hep. Tnt Grancr Shell ... 2 73(1 KM 777 S3" Syl's M r k l 1 77(i S07 7 1 7 CO 2:!li II. Clark 208; Smith ."iOo. Lcesc Barber .. II fi!2 778 72". 21f» M.C. Tile 8n:t T. Krumbhnlx ISo; E. l l o d e n l i c l d .117. Black ft While 2 785 fiSO 775 22 Kozy Korner , 1 7 1 1 80G 7:il 1 0 8 2:!S J. Wells 22;(, 5Ii:t. Pete's Tlacc . . . 2 7I.T 7:17 ' « I 3 111 Blatz Beer 1 71(1 722 72(i EgRcrs 1 8 1 ; R. R a d c l K f e 5(10. G a y n o r Gro. .. 1 72li Ii08 drill Buds Used Cars 1. 6fiH 792 713 BUI Schrlver 177, 491. INDUSTRIAL LEAGUE STANDINGS » \V. L. I Jack Sprat Foods «." 22 . The Bordcn Company (il 2fi Cott.-Grlll - Budweiscr . . . lill 27 Cheney Hardware M Herb Geo. R a d i o M Federal Barber Simp . . . . f2 Dick's Bowllnjr Center 51 merchants Barber Shop . . 4 1 N. VT. Bell No. I II Bill Ilawley-Studehakcr .. ,12 Sweetheart Bread 'M Scoffs at Rumors of Betting Coup in Perez-Pep Fight NEW YORK (UP) -- Chairman .obert K. Christenberry of the r ew York State Athletic Com mis- ion scoffed Saturday at rumors of betting coup in connection with oung Lulu Perez' second-round echnical knockout of ex-Feather- r eight Champion Willie Pep. "Certainly I heard rumors last ight in Madison Square Gart c n," Christenberry admitted. 'But anyone who saw that right to be chin flatten Pep the first time hould know there was nothing rong with the fight. It was an nstance of youth m u s t be erved." Fifth-ranking Perez of Brooklyn loorecl lop-ranking Pep of Hart- ord, Conn., three times with traight rights in the second round, leferee Al Berl stopped the bout it 1:53 of that session when 31- car old Willie was down the third ime. BerPs action snapped Pep's winning streak at 19 and shatterec: lis dream of recapturing the crown ie had twice won and lost during he days he was a fcather-foolec vill-o'-th'-wisp. He appeared caden-footed old man of the ring Friday night. The first meeting between 20 year old Perez, scaling 126'/ t jouncls, and veteran Pep, \21 appeared such an excellent mate! t h a t the odds hovered arounc 'even money" until Wednesda; when Lulu became favorite at 6V :o 5. But late Friday a flood o Perez money rocketed Lulu t 4-1 and "out." Bookies would ac cept no more wagers on the Brook lyn youngster. And wild rumor swept the Garden. By JOE R E I C H L E R BRADENTON, Fla. W--Remem- er the hue and cry that was aised when the New York Yan- ees reached out into the National .cague in August 1951 to pluck ohnny Sain from the Boston Braves? The $50,000.'shelled', out by the Yankees proved a sound investment since Sain turned out to be aluable pennant insurance that eason as well as the next two. In he excitement over "the Sain leal" hardly a mention was made f the fellow who was thrown In to lose the deal. Burdetfe Throw-in The "throw-in" was a righthand- er named Lew Burdette, whose tota major league experience was just ne inning of pitching. This is the ame young man upon whom the Braves are relying this year to iclp them overtake the Brooklyn 3odgers enroutc to a flag. 17'.·!. ·I!) .1(1".! S I .111 Syl's Market :ts PItUhurs riafe Glass :!!" Miller's High Life 3fi . fiibbs-Cnok Equip :tl M Plymouth Barber Shop ... :I3 ."I Nelberirall G r o c e r y :i2'.i SI 1 , X.1V. Bell No. 2 2n «7 Davidsons Ino 1H fill I N D U S T R I A L L E A G U K B O W L I N G Won 1st 2nd 3rd Hep. Tnl. Borden's 2 8:i2 820 «71 :n(i 2»T! Ruis Fclli 203, 527. Dick's nowlinf .t 815 777 B:2 SOfi 27,H:t Cottage Grill .. 0 80,1 781 8I)» IRti 2.1NI E. Wodnrcak 1 9 1 ; W a y n e Lund t i l l Olbbs Cook 1 801 Ii7l C.52 I I I Pitts. Glass ... 2 7G2 701 789 C. Varvcl 187, 188. Davidsons 0 701 fi.Vt (7:t SfiO 2.1:10 N.W. Bell No. 2 S fA'l 70H 74!) -1511 2:X!I Marvin IMoylck 174. 172. Monlf. Ward .. 3 8:',2 850 811 31.7 28M Syl'f Mrkl 1 KOI 7i)l 801 3IIG 27U5 nob Sailer !!)(, S(,7. Jack Sprat . . . . S HI!) R51 802 207 2X50 Cheney Hdw. .. 0 706 7115 «r.1 n.~l 2KIO J. E. Barta 211)i Mlllhlser 551). Plymouth B. . . 0 B«0 718 "S3 12!) 25(1!! Plymouth to Have Basketball Banquet March 15 at 6:45 p.m. a banque will be held in the Ply m out School Auditorium in honor of th Plymouth boys and girls basketba teams and coaches, Don Blanchar ;£ and Harry Anderson. The public i ..-.MJinvited. Tickets arc on sale at th -i isnlibank, barber shop, T W Grocery ,-Mt CU Grocery and the school. Lelnnd Sncll, son of Mr. an Mrs. "Ren" SncII, will be th m a i n speaker of the evening. Le land has made a n a m e for himsc in the coaching field at Newto ·-^'jand Tech High in DCS Moines, h a v " !n ' 1 ing turned out some of the fines basketball teams in the state. Bob Mikkelson, .son of Mr. an Mrs. Mike Mikkelson, will be mas ter of ceremonies. After spendin three years at Luther College an in the radio stations at Luther an also at Decorah, has accepted th position as sports and news an louncer over Station WLEX a LaCrosse, Wis., where he is at th 270.1 present time. Herb A Geo. 3 flit 873 818 273 387.". n.' Kissinjer 231V D. Miller 586. Merchants . B. . 2 7H3 711 81H 420 2711 S.II. Bread . . . ' . 1 781 712 755 450 2R01I · Tom rinneke S03: J. I»na fl2H. t Ncltierr'U Gro. 1 XOI 781 XO.t 37* 21 IT, Federal Barber 2 720 «27 DM 2.W 27 111 v J. W i l l i a m s 224j K.'Mullan f~4. N.W. Bell No. 1 r 750 707 7SI 417 2H2K Killers ' . . , . . . Z 7I» 837 W7 111 2770 George Klmhle 205,-MO. The heaviest player on the St. · l/niis Cardinal roster is First Base- Ban Steve Bilko ,at 230 pounds. LEAGUE Wnn 1st and 3rd Hep. To 755 7KJ (109 705 fi72 fiOS 21 193 20 Lew Burdette Was Throw-In in Sain Deal Dodgers were by scores of 1-0 and 2-1. The Nitro, W. Va., workhorse said there is no secret to his sue cess over Roy Campanella and company. "No secret," he drawled softly 'Ah just like to beat 'em. That's all. Ah just hope ah get to pitch more against them this season." THEATERS AT A GLANCE CECIL--"The Long, Long Trailer" no« showing. P ALACK--"King of the Khyber Rifles' now showing In Cinemascope, STRAND--"The Tall Texan" and "Dangerous Crossing" now showing. H A N D BOX--"Haiders of Ihe Seven Seas" and "Arrowhead" close S a t u r d a y , *'l.ove Happy" and "Africa Screams" open Sunday. LAKE--"Mission Over Korea" anil "The Silver Whip 1 ' cluse Saturday. "Sabre Jet" opens Sunday. Sugar Bowl Teams Get Largest Gate Cut in History MEW ORLEANS UD -- Sugar Bowl 'officials say Georgia Tech and West Virginia will receive the largest shares in the 20-year history of the New Year's Day game --S144,669.39 each. President Bernie tirenrood, of the sponsoring New Orleans Midwinter Sports Assn. said the increase this year was due to television and broadcasting revenue. Both schools will share their proceeds with their respective conferences. "Burdette our," said is one of Milwaukee my big manager :harlic G r i m m Saturday. "He's the only guy I had last year who was nble to beat Brooklyn. If we are to win the pennant this year we've got to beat the Dodgers and Bur- detle has proved he can do it.' Net much was heard from Burdette until last year when he suddenly blossomed into an ace relief pitcher. After saving numerous games for the Braves, Grimm finally rewarded the 27-year-old curve bailer with a starting assignment. Burdette came through handsomely winning 15 and losing 5 while saving m a n y other games in relief. Three Over Brooklyn Three of his victories were over Brooklyn. That was more than any other Milwaukee pitcher could boast over the Dodgers and as many as any pitcher in the league could gain over the pennant winners. Lew's two defeats by the C O R N E L L W R E S T L E R S W I N MOUNT VERNQN (UP) -- Cornell wrestlers defeated Iowa Teachers, 19-11, Friday night to snap a six-meet winning streak by the Tutors. Cornell won the first five bouts to clinch the eight-event meet. blundering bride, and Arnaz as the patient if harassed bridegroom who adores his inexperienced wife enough to forgive her every thing- well almost everything. As though the tribulations of the early weeks of marriage weren' sufficient, Tacy and Nick begin their life of wedded bliss in a home on wheels. But the romance man ages to survive the rockiest o roads and ends up in a trail o laughs. Heading the supporting cast are Marjorie Main, as an over-solici tons trailer-camp neighbor who helps turn the couple's weddinj, night into a nightmare, and Keen an Wynn, as a traffic officer who spins on a merry-go-round o wheels whenever' their trailer crosses his path. "King of the Khyber Rifles/ spectacular CinemaScope produc tion in technicolor, showing at the Palace Theater, stars Tyrone Pow er, Terry Moore and Michael Ren nie. It is filmed almost entirely on terrain that resembles that of In dia and the locale of the story tha deals with the famous Sepoy Mu tiny against the British in 1875. The picture is replete with breathtaking action. It is a colorful production made all the more effective by the new CinemaScope process which ;ives far ^greater scope to the in .ense drama. Broadway star Lee J. Cobb adapts himself easily to western ocale as co-star with L 1 o y c Bridges, Marie Windsor and Luth er Adler in "The Tall Texan,' showing at the Strand Theater. It' a story of the quest for gold in nostile Indian country. Co-featurec is "Dangerous Crossing," wit! Jeanne Grain starred. The Marx Bros, are the stars o 'Love Happy," which opens at th Band Box Theater Sunday. This i :he picture that discovered Mar ilyn Monroe. It also features Horn Massey, Vera-Ellen and Marion Hutton. Co-featured is "A f r i c , Screams," with Bud Abbott . ani Lou Costello, Clyde Beatty, Fran Buck and Max and Buddy Baer. "Sabre Jet," United Artists ai spectacle in color, which opens a the Lake Theater Sunday, has the distinction of having been filmed higher and faster t h a n any other Im in movie history. Robert Stack, olccn Gray, Richard Arlen and icon Ames n're starred. 6 Seek 4 Places oh School Board NORA SPUiNGS--Voters at the chool election here March 8 will ast ballots on two members of he board for three-year terms, one nembcr for a two-year term and treasurer. Nomination papers ave been filed for the incumbents, klwarcl Schlosser and Kenneth ihanks for the three-year term, V, II. Schnccller for the two-year erm and E. C. Moody for trcas- rer. Papers have also been filed or Loyal B. Coates for a three- car term and Dr. D. W. Butts for he two-year term. The vacancy in the two-year erm was caused by the resigna- ion last spring of Dr. C. D. Sours oon after his re-election for a hrec-year term. W. H. Schncdler vas then appointed by the board o serve until the election. Other members of the board are larolcl Teeple and Harvey Renter. Garner Students Rated in Speech GARNER -- G a r n e r High School peech students won three first ratings in the preliminaries of the state speech contest at Britt recently. Perry Hull was rated first on his speech, "Beneath the Makeup," in the d r a m a t i c class. Shirley j r e i m a n received first in th'e ora- .orical division on her speech, "But L Am One," and Sharon Yohn won a first on her speech in interprcta- .ive reading. "Silence," by Edgar Lee Masters. Second place ratings went to Mary Rose Sienenbruner, Carolyn Newell and JoAnn Greiman in their respective classes. The three firsts will advance to :he pre-district contest, the time and place to be announced at a later date. 57 Miles of Roads Planned for Worth NORTHWOOD--Fifty-seven miles of road construction for Worth County this year has been approvec the State Highway Commission It includes 17 miles of farm-to market roads, plans for which lave been completed and okaycc by the commission. The remainder, nearly 40 miles consisls of grading projecls to be undertaken by the county. Plans for these projects are now being completed in the office of the county engineer. TERMS E X P I R E CALMAR--At the school election March 8 two directors ; for three year terms and a treasurer for two-year term for the Calmar In dependent School District will b chosen. The terms of Harry Shipton and Maynard Fjelstul, directors and Miss Dcna Winger, treasurer are expiring. University of Oklahoma athletic teams are nicknamed Sooners. The n a m e is derived from settlers who took choice claims before the date set for the land runs of 1889 and 1893. IOWA'S WONDER SHOW PLACE NO. SHORE · CLEAR LAKE. IA. SAT., FEB. 27 VANCE D1XON AND HIS O R C H E S T R A Rockford Firemen's Partial WED., MARCH 10 ' SAM DONAHUE with BILLY MAY ORCHESTRA Reservations Available Adm. §1.47 plus tax, tot. $1.79 PRE-LENTEN DANCE AT DOUGHERTY Monday, Mar. 1 HAPPY JAKE LUNCH BY L A D I E S ' AUX. You Really Mean Vou Haven't Seen the 24" STROMBERG-CARLSON TELEVISION SET at i Favors for the Children Bank Terms TELEVISION STUDIO tinder Trun Home Llghllnff 226 So. Federal -- Open Nights IX 30(1!) ·-'(120 M . B . A . Phnr. H. C. Radio V. Ewlnu (sub) 185. -ISO. anliall - Swill 2 (!17 722 7:iO Lee's Lanes . . 1 f.SO C7:i 700 II, Jcrrell J80, -179, Gallaghers 2 (102 (ISO BO I Sedars Moinr.% . 1 117U 651 HOS nil M. Orchard 15S, II!). Martins 2 KM 600 72S 3B Food Clly . . . . . . I CM fi,TM «fl!l G. Oranf 107; M. Madoura.i 4 7 7 . F a r m ' Town 2 · f(in Ofl7 1171 13H1 Arn.ild's Motor 1 lilH fi^l 572 I8fi0 M. Tenny Ifi^i n. Cnlllns 1SS. United II. Bank R li:l 002 fllfi 1871 Urlarilalc Foods 0 R.15 600 £81 120 1819 B. Kemna 15 ( J, 411. RIVERSIDE BARN DANCE , 725 NORTH KENTUCKY MASON CITY SATURDAY, FEB. 27 Eddie True *£ Wesierneers 5S. S E R V I C E MEN IN UNIFORM ADMITTED FREE FOR RESERVATIONS PHONE 2002 LAST DANCE Before Lent at Duncan COMMUNITY HALL DUNCAN, IOWA Monday, March 1 Music by ELMER SCHEID Old and New Time Music Doors Open 8:30 P. M. Lew Ay res to Make Film on Religion By ALINE MOSBY HOLLYWOOD (UP)--Lew Ay res as said be will tour the world vith his own money to make a re- ind I imagine occasionally from time to time I will do some sort of a role," he said with frankness and modesty unusuul for actors, "I made two pictures last year, but both in January." Ayrcs doesn't fit into the pattern of the usual filmster. He lives alone and qviictly in a hovise atop a mountain in rural Laurel Canyon. A studio in his home is filled with his paintings. He paints regularly b u t seldom exhibits h i s work. Most of his friends are not 'as help to a world igUnis film icace." The a c t o r w a s t h e o n l y film clebrity to enter the Army dur- ng World War II as a cnnscien- ious objector. He explained Army cry ice was against his religious eliefs. Today, 14 years later, the serious hespian said he will make a doc- menlary film showing the world's main religions. He plans to exhibit he film on a nationwide lecture our, or perhaps on television. To Draw Similarities The purpose of the movie is 0 d r a w similarities amo'ng the arious religions," ho explained. '.I can show they have the same noral and ethical concepts. "I think this is one approach to vorld peace--to try to promote a celing of understanding, particu- arly for the Oriental religions." He plans to leave Feb. 22 with a cameraman, B o b Duncan, f o r Japan. The pair will travel on to Jhina, Siam, India, Egypt, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal and other countries. "We'll photograph temples and ceremonies, and how people regard heir religion in their daily lives," le said. ''I may appear in some scenes, interviewing the religious eaders. "If this is successful, I may do 1 follow-up movie on all the forms of Christianity." Not Giving Up Movies Ayres said he's been "interested n religion for m a n y years, and I've always wanted to do this novie." But the tour doesn't mean he is giving up Hollywood, ie added. I've been in pictures 25 years from colony. "The last six months I've been painting every day," he said. "But ihcrc must be growth--I am not ready to show them yet. Some day I want to retire and just paint, but I have other things 1 must do first." HONOR AGED WOMAN GLENVILLE, Minn.--Mrs. Mary (Frank) Jirsa celebrated her 81st birthday recently. A group of friends called to honor her at a parly at the home of her daughter, Mrs. George K a l i a n . She also has a soil, Charles Jirsa. CALL FOR CLOTHING ALEXANDER -- The Goodwill truck will be in Alexander on or about M a r c h 18. Old clothing and shoes of all kinds are accepted. DID YOU KNOW? . . . thai you may enter The Cosmopolitan Room by the rear entrance after parking your car, free, directly behind The Town House Restaurant in Zenor's Used Car Lot after 5:00 P. M. and all day Sunday. YOU'LL ENJOY FAMILY SUNDAY DINNER With Music By "Ozzie" Palenyk and His Hammond Organ Coral Room at the V. F. W. 1315 4th S. W. TiNI) s.vr. "Mission O v e r Korea" and "The S i l v e r Whip" WIDE-VISION SCREEN M ^-TWI j W'^ '4^Bi I '11 ^ 1 SUN. and MON. THE_SMA5HING TERROR OF THE 5KY1 ABRE IN COLOR ~irh ROBERT STACK · COUEN GUY Special Addedl BUGS B U N N Y C A R T O O N R E V U E ! A Feature I.enflh Laugh Riot Featuring B U R R Hunny and Ills I ' a l s ! *1 us News--Co til. Sun. from 1 P. SI. S T E R E O P H O N I C SOUND1 BAND BOX A d u l t s , Me · Children, l O c C H I L D R E N U N D E R 12 A D M I T T E D F R E E W H E N A C C O M P A N I E D B V P A R E N T S THEATRE NOW ENDS MON. JEANNE GRAIN MICHAEL RENNIE · Cmn iiom 2nd HIT · E X D S A T U R D A Y · A L L TECHNICOLOR P R O G R A M " A R R O W H E A D " " R A I D E R S OF THE S E V E N SEAS" · STARTS SUNDAY · Two Laugh Happy Mils ...IN ONE... Hilarious Show! Extra! D A N C E R S O K T H E D E E P " Doors Open 12:;iO Shnws Start 1 P.M. 6."ic 'til r\ K v e j . A Sun., BSo Children (Under 13) y '/y Marx .W M \VWf V that Discovered MAnlLYN MONROE J ALSO: COLOR STARTS WEDNESDAY "THE MOON IS BLUE" DON'T MISS IT!! NOW SHOWING America's No. 1 Laugh Couple, The "I Love Lucy" Stars! ADMISSION THIS ENGAGEMENT ADULTS . . . Week Days Til 5 P. M., 50c--Eve. . Sun. 6Sc CHILDREN Under 12 Years--25c Doors Open 12:30--Shov; Starts 1:00 O'clock vk * c* j m f . r t * / AIM MOT * f RANKS COODR1CH · dlNION m · VMME MIHUI · PMO S. . ANSCO COLOR · ^i.t,TECH»ICOlOR COMING SOON--"THE GLENN' MILLER STORY"

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