The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on August 27, 1935 · Page 9
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 9

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 27, 1935
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, AUGUST 27 M 1935 THE OLD HOME TOWN By STANLEY QUIET JkUO JU- TREAT -- TO * Nice HE (ZENT-A-BIXE OPCIfcATo* DD HIS OWM FOOMO OUT WHY THAT ALWAYS PICKED OUT THE HEAVE ST BICYCLE ;/4 THE .SHOP (fSTORMY LOVi \Jfa7 A YOU p N o G M^T ""* JSB^Kur B UB »SCPOHE* \T. CHAPTER 45. In one final effort Val's mind marshaled its failing forces. Good God, he was a man--an officer--one who could command! He must conquer this thing that held him speechless--must dominate this un- lelievable situation! The sudden realization that Lia's head and shoulders were beginning gradually--inch by inch--to retreat galvanized him. With her scarcely perceptible movement the spell that throttled him weakened. He licked parched lips and whipped his depleted strength to call out in a peremptory tone. "Come here ( at once!" She stopped short in her ''slow withdrawal; her cold eyes widened and wavered. He was quick to follow his momentary advantage. "Climb to this side of the tree and get my knife," he ordered curtly. "Then you must go back there and cut my boot-lace and pry loose the roots that are holding- my foot." His pulses hammered as she disappeared abruptly from view. He could not see what was happening: he could hear only an occasional vague rustle in the brush. The dread that she had slipped away came tiack twofold to rack him. When he finally felt a hand grasp his imprisoned snkle his raw nerves quivered violently and he choked back a cry. He could picture her as she crouched there to consider her course. With all his power he willed her to obey him! After breathless minutes he heard a scrambling; sound, then saw her small body clad in jodhpurs and blouse slide over the barky stock of the fallen tree -to pause beside him. "The knife is in my right hand pocket. Stoop down and get it," he ordered, his voice hoarse. As she knelt beside him--so close that her black hair dropped forward to touch his face--he caught the heavy odor of musk that surrounded her. She managed to work her small hand into the tight space where his hipa were wedged, brought out the k n i f e he had been unable to reach, then rose slowly to her feet and stood over him. And as he watched her pointed red nails working stubbornly to pry open the stiff blade, his eyes glued themselves on the hands he had always thought flower-like -frail How he had misconceived this , wife! With steel grasped in scarlet-tippod fingers, hoi- hands seemed suddenly to assume diabolic strength. She was not weak? She was not t i m e d ? She was cold and relentless as the stealthy mountain cat that ranged the forest! She had not been afraid to come into the woods. Here in this timbered twilight was where she seemed suddenly to belong! That night when she had 'danced in the Masque she had crouched and postured in the shadows with a c u r i - ous gliding furtiveness that was u n believably sinister. Now, again, he sensed a something cruel--unnatural--that seemed to emanate from her. When -ihe bent slowly towar:! h i m , the steel blade unsheathed, his h e a r t stopped-Never uttering a word, her movements deliberate, she held the k n i f e a little behind her. Then suddenly, she reached down her free hand to touch the wounds on his checks where only that morning her nails had scored. Her eyes narrowed. For the first time since she had found him there, she spoke. "You deserved that." she said, in a low, abrupt voice. and he shivered at the exquisite agony when his cramped foot jerked free. Lia was forced to help him extricate his numbed body from where it had been jammed beneath the tree. After a space he struggled upright once more and steadied himself against the trunk. The salutary bite of sluggish blood quickened through his veins. Presently life flowed back to banish weakness and he was able to set out toward the cabin. Still wrapped in her cloak of silence, Lia walked ahead. They had not far to travel over a fairly clear trail; only in the stretch where he had met disaster had the winter storm worked its havoc. Through a breach in the timber Val had a glimpse of the cabin just before him. Then as they came suddenly out from the half-light of the woods, the flame of the sunset stopped them short in their tracks. Fragments of c l o u d stained orange and magenta and glowing saffron flecked a sky that shaded at the rim of the hills from turquoise to jade. The breeze had died and the glass-smooth surface of the lake imaged the blaze of color save where the silver scimiter of a trout flung out to shatter the pattern. Standing erect in that brilliant glow Val f e l t a great thankfulness suffuse him. Free from the forest's gloom! Safe before his doorstep! Out into the light again! He felt as if he bathed in this radiance as if it cleansed him of all the horror and fear and insane terrors that had flowed over and poisoned him these long hours past. The peace of the silver-smooth lake reassured him. The burning beauty of the sunset seemed to renew his strength and lift his heart. He was jerked from his thoughts by an eerie, wailing cry that rang out from close at hand Lia turned swiftly toward h i m . '--What--what was that?" she gasped. "It's only a loon on the lake," Val said shortly. She pressed close to his side now and put out a quick hand to grasp his arm. "I'm frightened," she whispered hoarsely. "It was just a bird." He knew that she was staring at him, that she expected to be comforted, but he stood motionless. Always before his arms had been opened to her but now he made no such gesture. Suddenly, however, she cried out and flung her small body against his. "Oh, hold me close" she sobbed despairingly. "You must! It has been such a hideous day--" He sank down on the doorstep and drew her mechanically into the circle of his embrace. He must not permit limself to show the detached coldness he felt for her. Back here at tho cabin the -chimerical fears that had besieged him while he lay trapped in the woods m u s t assume their proper value ns the distorted fantasm.s nf a tortured hotly and nerves. Those hour.s of strain had been enough to make the sanest man lose his sense of proportion! TWOOGHT NOO'o VOO OCX verves, i OP CQOR-SE CMO VT. I'LL ·SUR.PRv.riEO TO By Les Forgrove Copyright. 19.15., hy .Centra.I Press. Assorintion. Inc. HOT ftNO ME. . " ' HlfO POTTIN6 ^O X .-SOME '^" *(_= NTTV Pressure By George Swan . ISIS, hr Ctnlril Tr.n AuoclHlon. fncT. -3 GOODBY, MX AND GOOD LUCK! TMAT GIRL -3WOBE SMILED NICE AT ME -BET SHE RECKNIZED ME AS A CELEBERTV- "" PITCHER. GIBBS HAT YOKEL NEAT2LV FAINTED WHEN I LOOKED AT HIM OOO! TWIG IS RICH ! HE'S LOOKING BACIC AGAIN · « ^ ^ » I I 1 By William Rirr and Joe King Muggs McGinnis FR(EViC bu cAM HELP BUT BE IMPRESSED 8/ TXKEL A RADIO, By Wally Bishop Copyright, 19;!5. by Onlra! Tress Association, inc Etta Kett HEM. LOOK RlOCN ." ISNT TMAT A DAME us. ? SOME TEN SHORE .' 1H INN ENTon. - I ESCAPED- BMf THERMS NO TELLMj- \NHAT HE'LL DO TO GOME ON-"THE RE ADI TOTRN THAF EXPERIMENT ON SOU ." GOOD NE.KD ir.* TERPN BLAIR,"- PULLOVE/L- J FELLOWS, n VJt'LL PICK I HER UP."J HIM -SUNKEN! 1SLAND YOU SlG LOLLNPOPS* By Paul Robinson for a gesture! Right now, when every atom of his body craved forgetfulness, he'd give a year of his life for a d r i n k ! Lia must have sensed his nervous where tho shadows had he-gun g.ithcr on the surface of the lake. His mnuih curled wryly as he thought that during the eight months of their marringc he could . - · · ·*-'- "··· · * ' * · " · * · i i A H / * i L.I*O ui cntMi nw fringe no coin a abstraction; he felt her fingers j remember showing her nothing hut clutch as if she f e a r e d he would p u l l i tenderness and consideration Yet away from her. ' today, when he had not ret.urned H o r hours, she m u r m u r e d - she could a t t r i b u t e his prolonged shakily, 'I thought I heard someone absence only to a tics!re to h u r t her calling f r o m fl direction opposite to the way you had set out. At f i r s t for Di'.n Molnt'H. OH A PIN- Mr. and Mrs. Joe Boots l e f t Saturday for DCS Molnes to join Mrs. Boots' brother, Gcorgr Homm and wife, and go on a 10 ] day ,-nilo trip (.o M o n u m e n t , Kans.. i a n d Denver. Colo., and to the B l a c k i H i l l s In South Dakota. it m a d e TO RK C O N T I N U K O i rest on a pile of splintered glass I near a rock by the doorstep. That M r . f fin rislilnif Trip. i i M A R B L E ROCK Russell A r k - ' | ley, A r n o l d Stand t., Or, L. S. W c n l ; w o r t h , WMtard Marsh, Owen B u r n s l a n d Dr. Wcnlworth's father, I-Ye.J W r n t w o r t h , of Nashua left S a t u r day n i g h t on a f i s h i n g e x p e d i t i o n in n o r t h e r n Minnesota. I BRICK BRADFORD ,N THK IS!,»:s R I O V O N I t T U B t f r « in, in a luw, a n r u n t voice w. i ·, ,1 , ' She straightened'and clambered Soffi^ «c ^uaK^f SK back over the prone tree-trunk and he breathed more freely. A moment later he felt the clamping boot give and he cursed himself for destroying them. What a melodramatic fool he had been to sacrifice these And then T n cougar-and 1 began to ! live Mard meeting was held Fr'id'a'v ghastly it would be | evening at Allison in the Associated things creep- I church for the Butler county Women's Christian Temperance u n i o n cnl! which w i l l take the place of the an- aftcr that I heard someone ,_,,,, quite plainly from across the l a k e . hurry a n rt m a k e him , , n u n i count y fonvcntion. The follow- Dependable WATCH REPAIRING Diamond Setting Clock and Jewelry Repairing All Work Done By Trained Workmen. No Guesswork. We Pay Highest Cash Price for Old Gold LIVERGOOD BROS. New Locofion, 215 North Federol Are whoever it take care of me.--" "What mason did you t h i n k I had for not coming b a c k ? " : down curiously at her Musk. Not once had it seemed to s t r i k e her he m i g h t h a v e been lost or i n j u r e d or in danger. "I thought you were angrv with me, she whimpered, "and were just being mean to punish me. Oh Val . a just think if I hadn't gone to look for help and found you! T shouldn't have known what that terrible screaming thing was that cried out i _. , n just now. I should have died--" aidnc ing county officers were President, Mrs. F. M. Sorenson. Dumont; vice president, M r w . O. [[. B o c h m a n n , A r e d a l c ; secretary. M r s . Wehrhan, A l l i s o n ; t r e a s u r e r . A. Goorl.'iell. D u m o n t . s u p e r - intendent of f a i r s and exhibits. Mrs. H o w a r d W e h r h a n . Allison; s u p e r i n - t e n d e n t of medal contests, Mrs. Kd Kickrnbcrry, Greene; r e l i g i o u s education, Mrs. A n n a H u n t e r , Allison; soldiers and sailors and flower mis- "So should I--only not from a Rchools aa »··»'«·). Prizes will be loon's cry," he said slowly i fcrcP] for posters on temperance. hi his. -- how h c a l H " had the courage to siowly H c r c y ea fo'tunate sion. Miss Lillian L a r k l n , Shell Ro k, It was voted to send the Youn:* Crusader, a monthly children's mag- to each of the 106 rural schools as usual. Prizes will bo of- that i glad I .. t *' · i o i i 11 j £ · l l He stared over her head again to Sioux City. V i s i t s In Slnn.v f.'itv. C A L M A P. - Miss Mary K e r v a r l: v i s i t i n g Miss M a r g a r e t Wrim.i in AfUMSKUU. WE WILL LEAVE YOUR SKY SHIP HERE-NONE Will DARE DISTURB IF. ALL THEN CAN JOURNEY TO A5GARD ABOARD MY LONf, SHIP. DEAR *)OAW=lf= YOU RAKI ONTO ANJ osTr».iCH IM VOUR HEN-COOr? WOULD YOO GET \ KICK OUT OR IT ~? I W H - WAUSEOIM, O DEAR NOAH-= \f=- THE. FAR.r-\ER.'S E1NTRV FIRST PR.\2:H. AT THE FOUU.TRV SHOV^, WOUUD YOU SAY HE WON) OW ' *3 M V I L L t , TW. Kl M DEAR. KJOAV-t= MOW OJMCE.S Itvi A DOG LETS GO ABOARD NOW JUNE. By William Ritt tr Clarence Gray AS LONG AS WE ARE NOT RETURNING IN THE PLANE I THOUGHT I MAY AS WELL WEAR THIS VIKING OUTFIT. HOW DO YfOU LIKE THIS VALKYRIE HELM HARALD GAVE ME? BY ODiN'S BEARD, YCfl STRANGER WEARS THE GARMENTS OF OLE BROTHER/ CAREFUL, · rlALFDAN-r!E IS THE FRIEND OF THORKILL THE"

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