The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on October 18, 1913 · Page 6
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 18, 1913
Page 6
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THE GETTYSBURG~TIMES "^^ .W.IAVEEEHAFER. ·" Secretary and Treasurer. Published Daily Except Sunday Times *nd New. Publishing MAY RECOGNIZI MEXiOA PHIOF B- BIKLS, Editor RATES Single copies to non-subscribers, j2jceat at The ·«-i~ ·srg, Pa., as seeond-elas* matter, cider Congress" March^ 3, ^§7?r President Wilson Sends Loos Message to Oarraoza. PROMPT Four Sadly Burned In Explosion In Bear Valley Mine. Shamokin, Paw Oct. IS--In a terrific !tplosica of sas in tbo Bear Val'e nine of the Heading Coal and Iror '.Company, a nursber oC men were ei. iretopcd by a big sheet or Same ana t terribly burned, one being in a enuc-il · Condition. The victims: Boiis Sh-.p'tosfefe. »um-.»d aboat the ] *ead, face and hands, j -wmiam F.oeoskie, ourns on the lace, ser- CHURCH NOTICES EPISCOPAL Sunday School 9:45; morning vice 10:30; evening: service 7:00. PRESBYTERIAN "The Court of Last Resort" will be the subject Sunday at 10:30; evening! vrorshio at 7 o'clock, subject "The Cos-. pel". Sunday School at 9:15 a. m~ and s Christian Endeavor 6:15 p. m. | ST. JAMES LUTHERAN Medical Advertisiner M. M, Fenner Go's Sunday School, 9:30; preaching ser-; s, vice, 10:30. a ten minute story sermon j oeek and head. Edward Hoffe, burned about hand*, ....... .' to children; regular sermon . .subject. : PERSONAL NOTES AND BRIEF ITEMS Paragraphs of News Telling of the Happenings in and about TOWP People Visiting Here and Those Sojourning Elsewhere. j, n?-. TL UNITED PHONE corcer of Centre Square, Gettysburg:, Pennsylvania- Democrat Urges Congress ^o ER HCPHrSCNTLU FCR ADVERTISING BY THE GENERA!. OFFICES NEW YORK AND CHICAGO ic^ -rC At Settle ' ;, 0 ; e j,et«een two of ::*? breasts. Mexic E n Trouble by Establishing an jth^ ^sud Armed Protectcrate. i"The Eternal Question.' COLLEGE LUTHERAN A. E. Wagner D. D-, pastor. S:45 a. Washin as, ana in an Presi- \ plosioa occurred- 1 1 Miners workin sur ere talien to the suriace ~ t Bible School; 10:45 a. m., morning tarfhal Conditions etc FOR SALE by The People's der, Liver, Bowels, Dropsy, Backache, Rheumatism, erj-ivent ,. to 3Iercers- % intone of the that town on Want ads. One cent per word each insertion, per -srord- cu xuscx^- Two cents a word if gnarsmted of respect, poetry and memonaxm o»» cent TO OUR READERS Onr advlitismg columns are open to all eandidates«fall parties. of the under- 411 Demons are warned not to trespass on the premises signed with dog, gun or trap for the purpose of taking game in any manner; no^- -rorfishing.or»ia anv way injuring or destroying property. «11 persons MO- lating the laws of the "commonwealth with regard to trespassing on .anas of the undersigner will be dealt with under the pro%-isions of tne Act of .-^pril 14, soon be taken to recagnize sikuticaasist government, port which seeped through oScial circles here. , \ Ion" message, believed to be loo^- ins to ibis cad. was sent to Carranza from iae slate department. -V bomb shell was exploded in tne admimsirauoa ranks, however, when Representative Sherwood, of Ohio, a strong Democrat and one of the big men 01 the house, turned on the iuac- -ive course of :he president and urged] the house to settle the Mexican trouble by establishing an armed protectorate. . -A crisis is now on that calls ior immediate action on the part of the United Stares," he said. "One of three co-u-ses is open to us; to raise the embargo on arms and encourage the Mexicans in their natural desires to kill each other; to enier the country for armed intervention, or to co-oner victims were blown a to«;sJ(ien' j worship with sermon by the!Theme, "Emphasis at iderabie dis- \ Place."' Mrs. Mark Eckert will sing.a Drug tance * 11 tri v; uiiv · » · « » , * · " - --- . by a sirons r'lsh of wind, aa-1 | a special musical number, , -. O Colonel Lewis E. Beitier has re- Ca- : turned «.o .Harrisburg after a brief ] visit in Gettysbarg. t J. Calvin Lang, of Philadelphia, is | visiting friends in town and at college for several days. Dross Pannell, of Steelton, is visit- insr friends here. He is attending Dickinson Law SchooL Mrs- Crapster Store has returned to dl JTaneytownaftera visit at the home . ' of Miss Katie O'Neal on Carlisle wfcea rescuers reathe-I ibeai most of | F at her" by Del Reigo, with violin ob- th° clothing of sev« ral of the victiais · Hgulo by jj-,-. Sanamel. Strangers al- v.-as found to have been burned from Heais Catatfh Ills! street. Rev. F. E. Taylor returned this their persons. wavs welcome. METHODIST \Vhen you have i stuffed up feeling that choked an d pnornins from a business trip to Harin the morning,! risburjr. The Prep foot ball team journeyed this morning co play larshall Acadensv in the 1905. William AJUson. Sam'l." Waiters farm, Hamiltonban township. John D. Riles-, R- 12. Gettysburg. Pa. Cumberland Townsfcp. Mrk J. E. Hughes, Cumberland Township. D. B. Wineman, Cumberland Township- Frank Mumper. R. 1, Gettysburg, Pa. C. J- Deardorff, Orrtanna. Pa. Charles Wagaman (Dr. W. H. O'Neal Farm) Highland Township. F L. Kime, Gutter Township. Bigiervilie. Pa. C B. Shank. Straban Township, R. 1, Gettysburg:, Pa. J. H. Kuhn "(J- F. Kuhn Farm) R. 2, Gettysburg, Pa. Mt Joy Twp. Jacob Frommeyer. Straban Township. George E. Harman. E. G. Gettysburg, Pa. Butler Townsmp. George C. Shealer, Straban Townsmp. Mrs. Mary j. Welkert. R- 2, Gettysburg, Cumberland Township. J. H. Rex. Box 50. R. 2, Biglerville. Mr= Matilda L. Codor:, Cumberland Township. Samuel Robinson, R. 1, Gettysburg, Pa., Cumberland Township. J. L. Toot, Straban Township. D. L. Jacobs, R. 1, Biglerviile, Pa. Butier Township. -Joseofa. B. Twining. R. 12. Gettysburg/Pa. Edward A. Scott. R. 4. Gettysburg, Freedom Township. J. D. Brown. Highland Township. R. F. Biddle. Mt7 Plecsai-.i; Township, R- S, Gettysburg. D. J Reiie, R. 12, Gettysburg. Pa., Cumberland Township. Leo Frommever, Mt. Pleasant Township. Martin Winter. Cumberland Township and Gettysburg. W. T. Mehring. Springs Dam Farm, Cumberland Township. RobeH; EL Major, Straban Township- John W- Mcllhenny Farm R, 7, Gettysburg, Straban Townsaip. Charles F- Rebert, Seven Stars, Pa- G. W- Eldon, Bendersviile. Pa- George D. Thomas. Chambersburg Pike. Robert Harner, Greenmount, Pa. Harrv E. Shriver, Butler Township, K. 6, Gettysburg. Joseph A. Albert. Butler Townsaip, R- G, Gettysburg. William Coshun. Straban Township. Elias Wolford. Mt- Pleasant Township. H. C- Warren. Menallen Township. G- H. Rummell on C- L. Osbome farm; Menallen township. Wm- M. Blgfcam's Sons. Freedom Township. Wm M. Bisham's Sons, Liberty Township- Jacob F liters, Tyrone Township R- 3; Biglerville, Pa. Charles Essick and sisters. Butler Township, R- 5, Gettysburg. J. C. Couison, Betler Township. A. S. Whisler, Mt- Pleasant Township, R. 10. Mrs. Ciestia A. Black. R. 1. Biglervffle, Pa- George Herring. Highland Township. W. F. Herbst. Orrtanna R. 1. O. B. Sharretts, Cumberland Township, R. 2. Gettysburg. Pa. G- E. Stallsrnith, Straban Township. R- 9- Gettysburg. Pa. John Dick. Hoffacker Farm, Straban Township. Gilbert Rudi=ill. Cumberland Township. Gettysburg Route i. J. E. Jacobs, Eugene S- Kelly farm. Cumberland Township. J Clavton Rider, 3ft. Joy Township. Gettysburg R-1. Charles Fidler, (W. E. Golden farm). R. 1. Birferville. Butler ^ F. B. Twisden, Gettysburg Poultry Farm. Cumberland Townsmp. John H. Eckcrt, Straban township, Gettysburg. R-S. Otis Walter, f Conrad Walter Farm) R. 1. Tube, Franklin Township. E. F. Strausbaugh. Orrtanna R. 1- . Albert Hollinger. Cumberland township. Gettysburg, R. G. Deardorff Brothers, Tillie. Pa. Franklin Township. E. P. Garrettson. Butler Township. John and Frank Garrettson. Menallen Township. -R. H Black R. 2. Gettvsburg. Cumberland To\vnship. Mrs. Daniel Miller. Cumberland Township. Gettysburg Route G. D- S. Revnolcs, Stra'r-an Township Gettysburg Route 9^ W. A. Bigham, Cumberland Town-hip. Gettysburg. R- S- Jo'nn Groscost. E. 7. Gcttj sburg. St/aban Township. GarfieldJacolo. E-3n.Gett:.Voursr,-:car Barlow. Dorsev DcardorfF. R-rJa-.d Township. (Mrs. H. B. .uoyer tarm). H. S.~Meriz, Hamfju.n Township- Campbell and Mover I-arm). James I- BIghair.. Freedom Township. Gettysburg, Pa. Levi Crum. M^ns'Icn To~nship- Mrs. Andrew Brough. P.-1. Aspars. Menallen Township. L H. Meals. Cums/er'.ar.d Township- R- 5 Gettysburg. C. W. Black . J. Carr.a Smith Far:".) E. 2. Gettysburg. Mt- Joy TTVB. Wm. II. Johns. Cumberland township ar.d Gettysburg. George W. Wolf. R. 2, Gettysburg. Cumberland Township- Edirrjr.d Lutlc. i'Jr-rn P. »erc- Farm.1. Cumberland Township. Harris Cock. Xe:.a"t-n Town-hip. _ , Walter C. Snvder, R. 1'J, Getty.-bjr-r. Pa- Cumberland Twp. iayly Farm. Vincenv JRedoW- E. S. G^uyslunr. P-.ral-an Township. _ Edward Reddir-g R. i 1 . Gct.yssurs. -StnAr.n Township, A. J- Smith rarm. H. E. Boyd. Guldens. Pa.. Strabar. and Mt, Pleasant Townships. Harry S. Trestle. Sf-abar. Township. Edward A. Tro.vde. Stralr. Towr.j-hip. John Leese, on Nathan Brown farm. Stra'nan Township. Gbtr. Eoate^S. W. W. Miller farm (Oscar Bream tenant i Straban Township. Gbg. R. S- Mcmn'siack, Biglerville, Mer.alle n Tovrnship. Additional names, 50 cents for entire season. »re wuh otner nations o£ the world is exercising a control that will allow the establishment of a firm government. That President Wilson leans toward ,, . _ n« «ne-m- all services. L-Do^ O t p-_to.. REFORMED all means use Hyomel. Money re- j , 110 re street, returned to Baltimore this ... d by People's Drug Store if n0£ s m or""!g. , , ft - T, ,!sa-dsfied."lt is a medicated air treat-j- Tawnev, of West Middle Sundav School, 9:lo a, m.: churcn j t tn ., t ^ oes ROt urvg or derange J - v - J a " - · RP. Ler^-e iG-30 a m.. subject, "The l^'stomach. but is brethed in through! street, was a ixanover visuor to-uay. i t U r "~ " -- ! i i_._ ·* ^.: ;..1^-1«.«- f^*-!i» ff\mf*cz iviT.n ' - .---ports KB Jarisdietion, they become successi his trend has been given an impetus bv the assumption of dictatorship by Huerta. and his flat violation 01 ais promise to hold an open, fair election- Specific information regardsas their purposes is expected frora tae rebel chiefs. Carranza in particular, m Washington, within the near future. Meanwhile communication betweer Carranza and the president continues though the text of the messages is kept carefully secret- sub- o ^rvice T n. m. I the Hyomei inhaler that comes with J GETTYSBURG U. B! \^^ %£* \ Sunday School, 9:30 a. m.: - Junior; soot h es an d heats the irritated mucous Christian Endeavor meeting, 1:30 P-: membrane of the nose and throat. Ne-v -vo-!; Oc' 3 ^ -- Any probabP.iiy | m . ; Senior Christian Endeavor meet-5 Get a complete outfit now and be that ^heVaiae ci the Protestant E:is- | in G:00 p _ m .- preaching 7:00 p. m. {cured of catarrh. ^ copal Church of America might be j by Rev wmiam Quig i ev . of York. The j W A X T £ D . wofilaa over 25 for a changed at this genera. ci»~ve.,«.-ui- fi fc Q uarter j V Qonference wiU be held: -- _ 11 . j . ^^«=»,i ,,?-«v top bouse of depu- "' , ^ A ^,^-;=? a n»- W K saleswoman. Adaress Lebo. Box 11-^. | Weanesday, October ^ud._ Dr. \\^ J-, chambersburg ._ adver nsemcnt I Medical Advertising the chnrca. committee also recommenaeu delay in eonslderms the memorial from the diocese of California refer- speciScally to a change in the .ver book. rin Washinger. presiamg. J ner. paster. SALEM U. B. Sunday School, 9:00 a. m.; Divine Worship* 10:00 a. m., Rev. William Quigley will preach the sermon. J. Chas. Gardner, nastor. YORK SPRINGS M. E. York Springs: Sunday School. 9:00: j "_ sermon, 10:00; Epworth League, 7:30. t --·· -- i spp'.es iike fie Know anu j ·fl answer tte purpose for | ?atlns: until weii into the '- ·viiu.-r if tbe perfect fruit vvbeu fully !--ie is carufuS'.y p!ckt.-d and wrapped ^-'ituJut bVuisins and put iu a coal ce!- Ayer^s Sarsapar ilia Oldest, Safest, Strongest,_Best. Standard family .medicine. No alcohoL Sold for 6O years. Ask Your Doctor. J-C-A-~rr- Tbe fr.!l , o./-:i;:;-c and oa WE have for sale a choice lot of nurserj- stock in all leading varieties, oropagated from bearing trees, Boyer Brothers. Arendtsville, Pa.--advertise- 3 Threaten Diaz's Life. Havana. Oct. IS.--Placards threaten- in- to assassinate General Felix Diaz if "he should come ashore were posted throughout the city. The steamer Cor- passenger, " Jt ^fa?n«S; SuM noTbe consid- JRock Chapel: Sunday School. 1:30: e-ed the commitree recommended, u a - j sermon, 2:30. Hanterstown: Sum til disoositlon aad been made of the (School. 1:30; sermon, 7:30. Latner proposal to amend the constitution so jicGarvey, pastor. as to req-.ire a twc-thiras vote to make AREXDTSVTL: the change. The proposed amendment TLLE REFORMED The Rev. Alf ord Kelley, represent- ful silence" In tfcs observance of Good Friday at S p. ni^ thorhour of tne death of VICTIM OF HUNTER . ., Christ. The suggestion originated w*th the diocese of Pittsbargh. The"chance!Iors of the various dio- cavauo. on which he Is v^iil arrive toaay. ceses organized and elected: dent. Judge Charles Andrews. ^-. i New York: vice president, G: Young ?«an Found Dead on Mcum.atni ^~ ilson southern Ohio: secretary. Presi- estern and a'c Biglerville ax :30 p. m. CHURCH OF TEE BRETHREN Sunday School, 9:30: preaching at I0;?0 a-r-o 7:00 hy Rev. B. C. Witmore- of Hanover. Friends Grove: Sunday Sehool, 9:30: preaching 10:30. Mum- With Face Fail of Shot. iajrrton. Pa.. Oct. IS.--Roy Garr ?nd Clarence Goodman went out !_i;r!tin£T on Short mouniain. Eeccir.ins separated, Goodman was enable to find Garner and was com-5 pellets to come home without him. As Gamer had not returned tae next ir.ornins- Goodman and Earl Foust, their employer, went in searcn of him. They found h:s in a clearine, lying on the ground, with his face fall of sans, ancLJii£.K"n tillecl with shells. Coroner Sehum is convinced that the voting nan was the victim of criminal carelessness amounting to ni?np'at:~:::er «n the part of another hunter, whom the police are trying to find. reor" ^ von-v Iowa. - =- - ZION Woman's Day. The 11 a. m. service will be a prayer and song service conducted by the women. Sunday School at 2 p. m. Christian Endeavor at 7 p. . At S p- m- special music by the OCEAN BED AT_P_ANAWIA SINKS Subsidence Discovered Following Recent Seismic Tremors. choir. A cordial welcome co all. W - U Panama. Oct. IS.--Reports received j Cooper, pastor. »r» from the center of the recent se- * .-EDWARD A. BAKER IMt. Pleasant Township Resident Died he israic disturbances Indicate that startling changes are taking place in the bed of the o^ean off the coast of Los Santos prr vi-ice, in the vicinity of the town of Tonn=!. At one point fifteen miles distant "rom the mainland, a caWe repair ship fniinr'! -^?- P "ft)th of Iffift feet on the . ,, cna^o7the Uaked States war depart- 'from a complication of diseases aged nient. pub:i?re.i in 1904. now sho^-s a at His Home. Edward A. Baker died October 11 a ?s home in 3It. Pleasant township BARN AND 79COWS BURN dentil of V..--. feet, indicanas that a vast subsidenre has taken piace. Combustion In Alfalfa Mows Caused Big Blsze. West Chester. Pa./ Oct- IS.--A Iarg:e barn en th" j r "' ! -acre farm of John i.ev. :s. at orsu-in. near Frazer. was !*c?trove'l by Sre. with au its con- Ti i£i lo^s is e^iimatffi at more than ^{·'·!!··!·. Seveistv-n^nc covrs perished. ^·-ir:. one vm*a at Sl f "-. The origin of the Tire ;s s: -i to have been spontaneous '··omlvntsion i^ the alfalfa mows. :\ir. Lewis is iir-?:deni o' the Acadsniy of the Fine Arts, of rhilafielphia. Dog Adopts Kittens. Xc~ Sharon. X. J.. Oct. IS.--A doc: VHon~Ts to John Haney has adopted Three vwi:i^ l^itc-ns l»y forcible means sn :rc:"pr"u«-« '.o own pups, and 5s rn-.v m:rs r.=: th* 1 strange lUter. Latel:- ;nc ipastc-T- -oMcel inat the dog was r.^-'.i: tins ·!? yo'ias al5 ^ was shoTi r'cn- ^s »-:n^ jealous of the cat. Re- ·ccntjv Th^ l n " nas driven the motncr cat from her 3eti and taken possession. KILLSHEP.SELFAND CHILDREN Destitute Mothsr Uses Last Quarter For Gas to End Lives. Try ""Ely's Cream Balm."' Get a small-bottle anyway. ,ry it--Apply a little in the tnd instantly your sCOT3TJ(I-up a:r nas. ^ w.-i:I "open: you * will breathe just to nostrils nose- head and throar; dears the air passages: stops nasty discharges and a feeling of cleansing, soothing relier conies immedtatelv. Don't lay awake to-night stragglinp: freely: or a co!d; with its running nose ? drugstore, this sweet, fragrant balm} v.-ili surely disappear. -14 years, two months and five days. He is survived by his wife, who wa Aiverta Bittle before marriage, and one daughter. Miss Ruth R. Baker, and also by one brotKer. Maurice Baker, of Mt. Joy township, and three sisters. Mrs- Cora Bair. of Mt- Joy township; Miss Flora Baker, of York, heisf-n. :ia?s.. Oct. 3S.--respondent j a n ( j ]vlrs. Edith Lowe, of Westminster, frrm r.ise?.«* and hunger. Mrs. F. J. ^ The funeral was held from his late home in Mt- Pleasant township Tues- dav morning- Interment at Mt. Carmel cemetery. Littlcstown, Rev. Irvin Lau ind Rev. F. S. Lindaman ofnciating- lohns'-n ^---nr^ 1 her last 25 cent piece into ir.f -a.= m^ter at her home here, d.; five jets, died with her ITcr;: is dying of tuberculosis it a s"n 5 r*-i-:TT!. Xeignbors found the mothc- Fh::n~ in a chair, with her head Ijo-a-d - A C T a volume of Browning's r GENERAL MARKElS PHILAPKLri-flA -- FLOUR weak; .-.-inter fj«-.r. SXT-^^o-S'}; city mills. SsSSSSSsE E535SS3SS sacaaisSS FURNITURE Having .ji^nncinned our Stove !iu=ines3 on account of not having ro«in to handle we are now turning al! our time and efforts to the furniture business both ino-Jern and anti.sne. At this time we are wsll stocked have one of me best lots of soo-U that we ha-.e had for soiue tiai-j. Th!.= week we are giving speciai price? all over the house. BIST now and save a -.rood discount for vonrseh. Charles S. Mumper Co. 13 a u^^ Fcterita. a new forage plant lately j = introducc-l into this country from the Dritish Sudan by the department of agricultnre and bcloTisiPC to the s=u^ir cane and Kaffir com family, cives coa- a crop that will sideraWe promise as vieki Cbristmas Money f-or Life Savers. Wasnozaon. Oct. IS.--Two checks I'T ?S-'0 each were received by the 3,fe sav:ra«; service from two nnnaaned women in Xc'sv York city, who ask that the ir.^ney be -.;?ed as Christmas s;fts for "cr-.r friends along the coast." For fe-ionfOfi yc^rs these sae wo- :afn ha\c annually contributed a like r.monnt. Two c;ir!o-jds of clover seed were f.5ifj.'»«-d tbc other day from Albanj-, On- ' to Wi-.-onsin buyers, the value of the"'sU«iaieJ!: bcJns §21,000. Some fflfn-r-H in the vicinity of Albany real- iwd f ««»' $*.«» to ? 5 ' 000 for tlieir n»p» of t lover seed. _ Xot the ]efl5t 01 advantages Lu giv- ·n? boss plenty of range on pasture is that tbo manorial products axe fully utilized bv the soil instead of being largely wasled. as is often the case in Jry lot feeding in cramred quarters. Commander Brand Ends Life. Colchester, Conn., Oct. IS. -- Commander fiarles A. Brand. IT. S. X., retired. coir.sB«tt°d suicide by shootin !r. some woods a quarter of a mile from his hcn~.e. His act was caused, it i-, V.Sievea. iy liir.ess en account o; \aiic?. he retired from the navy tnrc-; Kot the len*t satisfaction that comes with the first hard fro=t is beholding the havoc which it works on the crab Tap"! which the moniini? after looks much AS if it hail boon hit with a stuffed club or. more accurately, scaiu- ad in a vat of hot water. ,, . ic ,« -srcl! under the conditions pre- -.j:iet: per barrel, 5-.-50 j ^j^^ in ^ SC ini.irld southwest. As ^- Xo -2 rec, new. 1 crown west of the Mississippi river tbi | T, 3£ E season it has sbown good drougnt i resistant Qualities and in some instances seems to have been proof against chinch bugs when other crops alongside were consumed. However, the new crop is in the probationary TREES FOR SALE I have good Peach and 2,000 Apple trees ready ^ for planting that; I -will sell at reasonable prices in j small or large lots. |j j G. E. Spangler | Jmnniimnignmin nninmronmniiiiuininmnin nnnroiminan uuHiiu»H«inuin»n»r.ii rang n Cbkrc"steady: Xo. 2 yePow, 73?2 O~ATS Fto-n; ; Xo. _2 white, 46%-g.' POTATOES ftea'dy, at TO^SOc. per M-h-.?; POULTRY: ;tcady: heas. 36c.; inc. * Dresprd _firm: period, and it would be -well to try it ;ho:oe fowl?. 2«'c7: old roosters, 15%c. j im n sma ]j SC ale first. BUTTHR. sfady: fancy creamerys. f -c-~ ];· E^GS fte^-lv: selected, 33c.; sear- ay. o"c.; western, 3 -c. ProcJace ivlarkets. CHICAGO--!OGS weak; mc-stly tOc. lower: :r.rK of sales. Ji-^SS '«-ht, S7.7.'--=xr,5: mixer, $i.S"S.-o; icavy. SJ^ti^x^o: rough, $7.7u@7.S3; plS? "- 1:il -'"l-iow: beeves. 80.80 ©9.55: ?tXSOS7.90: stockers and i ~)fi 7.651 cows and heifers, "SKEBP sua';' naives, $".S5;S5l ,-CEr!m-;=. ¥5^6; lambs, native, $;i.i3 .. 7 Ml With a liitle pains much of the sect, nccck-d for next year's garden can be secured \rjthin the next two or three weeks. Tin* i? true of the radish and Jounce if they have been allowed to so to sef.l. the sweet peas, string beans, tomatoi-"?. summer and Hubbard cucumbers, etc. Pride and self conceit are traits that mav often be carried to a disagreeable , extreme, but a well balanced stock of ; self respect is a trait which should be " 7 "lft* i studiously cultivated by every young ' - ' man and young woman who entertains serious b'opes of getting anywhere or being anvbody in the world.. If one has little or no regard for the worth and sacfedness of his own personality it is more than likely that there will be a failure to develop traits wmcb ·will command the respect of one's fellows. Wbeu a boy or girl gets an adequate conception of the possibilities that lie open to him, if lie only applies himself industriously, there is immediately created an atmosphere in his life that will go a long way toward guaranteeing success. FIVE CARLOADS of "CATTLE at GETTYSBURG I will unload at GettysHur^Mo evenmg/October 20,pSy"c|floads of cattle, three carloads weighing from 600 to 850 Ibs; the other two carloads lighter cattle, containing some Holstein. Wil be in Gettysburg Tuesday at the Washington House stable. E. W. SCHRIVER :WSPAPLR| NEWSPAPER!

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