The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on December 18, 1933 · Page 14
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 14

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, December 18, 1933
Page 14
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.FOURTEEN .FRENCH OPPOSE I 'GERMAN ARMING | .War Chieftains in Secret ~ Session Attended by "; Daladier. .PARIS, Dec. 18. (/P)--The war ;" chieftains of France, in a secret session attended by Gen. Maxime Weygand and former Premier Edouard Daladier, today decided ^ they were flatly opposed to a re,,i armament of Germany. "! ,;, leaders met aa the su- "'; perior war council, carefully sur;,' yeyed the reiterated demands of ,· Chancellor Hitler of Germany for increased armaments for his na' tion, decided adversely against his ,',, demands, and prepared to pass on their recommendations to the irov- ^ I f V l ^ . A V . t - ° ernment. Five Local Boys Named on All-Academy Squads; Johawks Top State List (Continued From Sports FAE« picked for the Catholic schools in the state. · Eastern loirn Ends. On the first eleven, the end positions go to Porter of Columbia and Purcell of St. Ambrose, two stellar performers who were down the field fast under punts, who were very nifty pass receivers and who were praised by all Iocs for their defensive ability. Two good, tough tackles, Ryan of St. Joseph's, Mason City, and Malone of Des Moines academy, get the berths. The former has been classed as one of the outstanding- players in tile state, being one of the main cogs in the machine which brought so many victories to his team. Malone is a steady worker, willing to take more than his share MASON CITY GLOBE-GA2ETTE DECEMBER 18 1933 Produce CORN UNCHANGED TO HALF CENT UP Wheat Closes Unsteady as Gold Rise Fails to Aid Market. CHICAGO, Dec. 18. UP-The ^ Beae 4 first advance in United States quo-i Turkevs No 1 in tations on e-nlrt rhia mrmti. ,TM« k I 'r-.cja i\o. J. jo MASON CITY, Dec. IS.-Cash Quotations by E. G. Morso kggs (current receipts) i_ Heavy hens, 4}s, ibs. and over'.'.' 7 Light hens Springs (heavy breeds) .".'.'. .'.*,'." Springs, (Leghorn breeds) Old cocks (neavyj Ducks RETAINS SATURDAY'S ADVANCE CHOICE LIGHTS ' $3.30 TO $3.40 L * Lv,^~ 'D ' J i r of responsibility and very effective leKWeg, f\eSldent Ol to alagnosingjae opposition's plays. Sheffield Many Years, ? od ^ r\* T"i 11 JLiTlTnet: Dies roilowing Stroke Dorn of Corpus" Christl, "Fort - odge, and McCoy of St. Mary's, Emmetsburg-, get the call for the '.gnments. The former 5wiriinTinr T-, T ,"i ima.uc tue ail-state second team last SHEFFIELD, Dec. 18.--Henrich year. He weighs 200 pounds and ek*ur. ««,*«,» here many yea r S , he rates the tfrm '·poweTouse.'-to ^^5!! 0 ^?^!f, ddIU . on to b ^? valuable on the in the backfield at 2 o'clo c kT,, line ' he at 2 0 clock Tuesday afternoon at frequently to pass the home, the Rev. H. M. Raecker of Dumont and the Rev. A s Beck- wan of Sheffield, offlctattag Mr Liekweg- was born May 29 1854 in pbereonchast, Germany, ind came to. America in 1867 He settled Cottage Grow. TO., ^ la moved to Franklin county. Survtv- . Ing are his wife aad four children H. C, Arnold, Chris, and Mrs Atai ' Kruckow, all of Sheffield anetneld. One Transfer, has been shifted from hla at center to g^tiard, which could easily be made. This young- fellow, weighing only 150 was the spark plug of a Mary's line. He never let of weiffht worry him and tations on gold this month went practically unnoticed by the grain markets today, cereals showing a tendency to sag. Considerable selling of grains was attributed to income tax exigencies. All upturns in grain prices ran into liquidation, but a sustaining- factor was federal relief buying of wheat report- fid at Minneapolis and Kansas City Wheat closed unsteady, Vs to % cents under Saturday's finish; Dec. 82%; May, 81% to 85%; corn unchanged to cent higher; Dec. . 43%, May, 50J6 to 50V4; oats unchanged to % cents lower, and provisions unchanged to 7 cents decline, · WalrWf ,. ,WaiOOrt hls Emanuel Splnt wa3 an ins P ira of St. Patrick's, Iowa -,, en D «- . , Cit 7' sets the center P° sition without any protest. Playing on a team Whlch did ntt fare ^ wel! - he im " pressed the critics by his ability to -- The weave through opposing lines to IT ,, college basketball team snag: runners. He was praised highly t Will meet the Estherville juniors on by coaches of other teama i e C h 0 l 0 0 r ^ U e s d a y h 1118 backfleld cognation con conference mst3 °f Hearity of St. Joseph's, Ma the son City, Oelerich, St. Ambrose CHICAGO CASH GRAIN. CHICAGO. Dec. IS. (rP.v--Wheat, No 5 haw 8is;c; corn. No. 2 mixed 47c; No i yellow 473ic; No. 2 yellow 47@47};c; No. 3 yeMow 46^c; No. 4. yellow 46QJ46:j;c; Ko. 5 yellow 45!4c; No. 6 yellow 44%c; No 2 while 475?-47^1c; new com, No. 2 mlxed*45 £M5}ic; No. 3 mixed 41!,l©45Hc: No, 4 mixed 43^44i4c; No. 2 yellow 45^5J46J4c' No. 3 yellow 4314©161ic; No. 4 yeflow 43ii !T44?ic: No. 5 yellow 42c; No. 2 white 4814 ©47c; No. 3 white 45HSP46C; No. 4 while 4 4 K @ i i c ; sample grade 23S30C; oati, No. 2 white 35Vi(fpy l ( ; ; NO. 3 white 345J35KC No, 4 white 33^;(5)%c; no rye; barley, 435" 70c; timothy seed seed $5.50®6 cwt. , cwt.; clove . . Lard 54.52 loose lard 54.32; lielHes 53.50 M, the local j.. --""· ~* V..W. ~--.. ^,.vj, ^^^idi^u, OL. .'i.inDrtjse ,,TMft^f=- S ^1 ra . I , years _ Waldorf J -^ tre E' Col umbia, and Nash, Trirj- s ^or,o- ,= * . ... . ,M... . q uar (. et; wou ] d jjg [ Jar( j t() ·*.good season. TM r IiSt , of , re ! erves and Gilbertson looks forward to duplicate. '.Conference Leaders in |. Loss to Rocket Cager , MARBLE ROCK, Dec. 18.--In on of the fastest and hardest game wen played on the Marble Roc £oor the Rockets defeated the we ^balanced and fast conference lead "Dg Nora Springs team 22-19 0 ,,?riday evening. The Rockets oh ..ained on early lead and held it b "nly a Blight margin throughout th /.ame, Nora Springs coming bad strong at various times. The entlr ·Docket team worked well, whil .^.·heeler and Jones looked best fo .. JTora'Spriugs. Jones was high poin .'..'·aan.'.-Jh the curtain raiser Nor . 'jprings Seconds defeated the Rock jla Seconds 18-17 in the last 45 sco *nds of the game. i .'.'Buzz" Hogan of Iowa officiated. ;,eland High Wins in · ' · I ; Contest With Rake Fiv ' ( RAKE, Dec. 18. -- Leland high jhool defeated the local cagers by '. to 11. fanlontown Scores 60 Points on Emmons, Minn HANLONTOWN, Dec. 18 Th anlontown cagers ran roughsho ;er Emmons, Minn., to total 6 intg while the visitors were gath Ing 16. The local seconds won b . to 3. ma Defeats Lawler ; as Eiffler Counts 16 BLMA, Dec. 18 --- Ei ma W g Lawl'er's cagers . lool defeated th L. Eiffler leading the attack ta 16 points. The count was 33 t exander Splits With Rowan in Cage Contes ALEXANDER, Dec. 18. -- Thi acander girls were defeated Y,y to 15, the boys winning by 26 to as Jocal basketball teams met van high school here. The latter ne was ragged throughout. odal note: The money spent for well weddtoff and silly presents Hd buy the poor kids a nice llttl se.--Kessing-er's Review. EGAiTNOTICES NOTICE OP SIIEWFF'S SAI.E rE OP IOWA, rro Gordo County, sff. ^ B ' S 1 *?'-? 1 *""TM E - Cta'K »l«o imj M c. E. Clurk, and Inec A. Clark, ..*'.*· J""*. Ta W»«m It May Coneem: : , - · TM* F c TM GofOo County, upon a Judg- rendertd In cald Court in favor of . Kahlke and against Ira B Clark ,:.nce B. Clark. ala o known ai c K . and Inei A. Clark, his wife, and lent In rem against the mortgaged I'd.?"! , '" d « crib « a " d «B«lMt ,-e defendanW named In this action, for K" "* Fourteen Thousand Thirty-five n ,00 T??," 11 "' debt ' ana Twenty-one 0-100 ByHtnr. wits, and one Hundred and 35-100 Dollars, attorney, fee S J to-Mt tootheast t £? V"H\ " (04) North, uarter («E'/i) of ' TOWT..WP 5LiJ. ange Twenty (20), ,, '·clock p he M Mh ,' 1 ,\ y "' ^nuw. 1931. SK?,. i VV at tho ' rollt loor »' the T"??" C " y ' Cerro «««!» : Z ., W1H Proceed to sell the , ? c ! ' ° n °' " al1 "ecutlon, to? fi 1 '' Eal cost3 »«nilng. TM ,S"-,K"1"'' ° ra « ln Ma.on wa, this 16th day of December 11133 t» . ^ Ji M - ROBERTSON, ",,?' C " ro °°«° County Iowa, -- Elale Ramaey. Deputy Sl.erlif. . fihepard. Attorney. Hearity, shifted from half to quarterback, was the main cog Jn | the St. Joseph'a team, a hard slash- 'ing- back.who scored many points. Oehelrich was the most consistent ground gainer on the St. Ambrose eleven. He was the pacesetter, and it was said of him that "as Oehelrich goes, so goes the St. Ambrose team." High Scorer. Streff was a popular choice at a halfback positiop by those doing the judging. He scintillated throughout the year. He is a good broken field runner, strong- on the defense and a heady performer. Nash, who won the fullback berth on the all city Sioux City team, gets the same honor on the all state eleven. He was a rough riding, line smashing individual who liked to give demonstrations of gaining yardage at critical times. The second team, while not composed of such stars as the first eleven boasts, could speak for itself. Jennings, St. Mary's, Emmetsburg, and Costello, Trinity, were remarkable performers. Hoenschied of St. Ambrose and Nagy, Sacred Heart, Oelwein, were the choices of many for berths on-the first team. Battani, Assumption, Granger and Gassaway, St. Joseph's, Mason City were just a step behind the guards who nosed them out of jobs on the first eleven. Keller of Columbia was one of the best pivot men in his part of the state. The backfield quartet on the second eleven is composed of Kelley, St. Celia's, Algona, Mazziotti, Sacred Heart, Oelwein, McCarthy, Corpus Chrrsti, Fort Dodge, and Budak, St. Mary's, Waterloo. Any coach would be happy to have these four players on his team. They can pass, kick and run with the best of the prep circle and they did more than their share to pile up points for their respective schools. Mason City Grain Barley MASON CITY, Dec. IS. 28-fOc No. 2 yellow old shelled corn .33«-c No. 3 yellow old shelled corn .32'Ac No. 3 new yellow ear corn ... White oats, No. 3, 30 Ibs. or better .JiOc .27c -MONDAY GRAIN CLOSE. CHICAGO, Dec. 18. (,P!-- May July CORN-Dec May .. July OATS-Dec May July RYE-Dec May July BARLEY-Dec May July LAUD-Dec Jan May ...... BELLIES-Dec Jan , .83% .85% -84 K -37 Vi -35 !i .94 .EB14 ·3CH4 4.C5 5.05 IjOW ·32% .8+ .82=; . .49*4 .42% 4.00 4.0T Close .82 5i · S45i .83 JS , ' .SOU .52 » .33 S -3B=i .3114 .53 ·57-H .5914 4.30 4.6ti 1.97 4.50 5.00 Merchants Quotations Eggs, cash 14-17C Eggs, in trade 16-lUc Butter, Plymouth a*i Butter, Clear Lake 22 Butter, Brookfield '.... i.'aai Butter, State Brand ..... -M, Butter, Dairy Maid ..T2L Home Grown Potatoes, peck.". ,25c "EDITOR'S NOTE--These repre tentative quotations were- obtalow oy caning several downtown grocery ^r.rif^Q ·* stores. CHICAGO MIODUCE CHICAGO, DEC. 18. LSI-Butter steady; creamery specials (S3 score) «5 i 5i^?!7 U! 92 15!ic: eitra *'" 61) 14®H$ic; firsts (88-BO) 13®13't slnnuards w CHICAGO roULTBV OHICAQa, Dec. IS. Wi-Poiiltry, live, cars, 28 trucks, steady; hens 4, Ibs U] lOc . u n d e r 4iS Ibs. Sy^c; Leghorn hens fc Kock springs lO'^^lie, colored 9%yuoue Legnorn ehlckena 7c; roosters 6c; turkeyj' hena lee, young toms 15c. old toms lie No 2. lOc; ducks 8®01Sc; geese !Mic. Dressed turkeys, firm; young hena lOc young toms 20c; old hena 16c, old toma 15C, No. 2, 12c. PRODUCE FUTURES. CHICAGO, Dec. IB. (J'j-Kg closed: Refncerator 137ac; standards futures December 137ac; refriecrator standards January He; fresh graded firsts February IJJSc. Butter futures closed; storage standjrds December 15?»c; storage standardH January 15?ac; atorage standards February 16c. N'EW YOHK 1'noDUCE. NEW YORK. Deo 18. !,!--Butter, 8,542. firm. Creamery, higher t h a n extra IG^irtt) 17«c; extra (02 score) 1C«C; first (87-01 «TM«.i "Viacsc: seconds 13P14c; central- score) 15?iip«;c; packing stock, current make. No. 1, He; No. 2, lOc. Cheese, 14.743. quiet. EE S S, 6.320, steady. Mixed colors spe- S. a AiJ"* clH or Be!c ctlons from fresh receipts if ,,,'!?·',standards and commercial stand- arda 23®23Vic; firsts ZOc; mediums, 39 Ibs. '* u -; refrlgeratois: Special packs loiMi standards JS^lSc; firsts 14ffiHV4c; Js 23^25 1 14o; mediums and dirties ; checks 12c. Chickens''"lojrW; "'fowta 10 !!®^'; Joiners Sc; ducks I2c; other freight nnd all express grades unquoted. Reduction in Receipts All Around Circle Helps Steady Prices. CHICAGO, Dec. 18. (.Tt--The hog market retained Saturday's advance today in active dealings. Choice lights and butchers selling at 53 30 and $3.40 were 10 cents higher than Friday. The top stood at $3.40. A reduction in marketings all around the circle was a contributing influence to the steady prices as wore more orders from the federal surplus relief corporation. The effect of the processing tax, which amounts to ?l a hundred since Dec. 1, is reflected by the widening spread between live hogs subject to the tax, and fresh ' loin prices. A year ago last week, average cost of hogs was 53.02 and last week's drove cost was 53.19, lowest or any week since Jan. 21. A V ear I rrrt O in -l n ., T f . . y Hog Markets ?2507i2.80; 2gD lo 290 IDS. 52.-10^' ~70- ·"}(! I? 325 Ibs. S2.30S2.00; 325 to 350 lb» '?·.'« 4 -- \5: £0°d packers Sl.H5Tp2.20. 51.75ft 2.35; 3GO to 300 Ibs. S2.3S'!) 2.C5; 300 OTTUMIVA--Al| grades lOc higher; 140 to 160 Ibs. »1.50; 160 to ISO Ibs S2 50- ISO lo 200 Ibs. 82.85: MID to 2411 Ibs S" 05 : "MO ° -? 'bs. 52.1)5; 260 to 280 Ibs. 52.75; 2SO to_3lO Ibs. 52.65; 310 to 350 Ibj. $2.50- o v e r 350 Ibs. S2.15^i2.45; packers under 350 i. i*?,:, ,, y ' 2-a5: I' ackers 350 to 150 Ibs 51.65®1.9a; packers over 500 Ibs. S1.45f 1.75; thin packers {1.05 and down, iv, ,,*,? "AFIDS--Prime hofs 180 to 20i is. {2.65; 200 to 200 1113. S2.75; 260 to 281 ns.; 280 to 300 ms. $2.55; MO to 320 105. $2.t5; 320 lo 310 Ibs. 52.35- Rood rack ". steady. coBX-Unclmnscd. ' P CO.MBINEU HOC RECEIPTS. DBS M01NES. Dec. IS. lill--V. B. STOCK MARKET DRIFTS LOWER Late Dealings Show Losses of Fractions to More Than Point. partment or agriculture Combined hog receipts at 22 concentration yards and 7 packing plants located In interior Iowa and southern Minnesota for the ·18 hojjr period ended at g a. ni. today were 55,200 compared with 65,200 a week and B4.30D a year HBO. Strong to lOc higher; demand fairly active at the advance and volume o! loading aboul average Tor Jlondny. Quotations: Good and choice, lisht lights HO to 160 ]bs. 52.35S2.75; light Welsh! 160 to ISO Ibs. S2.C033; 180 to 200 Ibs ap-n O t^ -in i ,. J^i* ^ uu '" *"" ma. i_-.tiuy.i; i«u to 200 bs. u . ° P° und fresh pork loins medium wdeht.s 200 to 220 ibs. wholesaled for $5.50 to S7 contra* J2.7o.sf3.iO: 220 to 250 ibs. 52.70^3.10; ng with S9 to S10 ln.,h TM . v TM * ±V- £» =1°.'° = 9 ° ":· S2.«5®3.10; 17c; ng with 59 to $10 last week The S o $3.50 difference is accounted fo tlmost entirely by the applicatio it the processing tax. The reduction in marketings a Jutade centers was generally re lected in prices ranging from 5 J cents higher than Saturday. Cattle trade was steady to weak ^eceipts exceeded by a wide margn he supply of a year ago, but tap red off sharply in comparison will ast Monday. Best light weigh teera hit an extreme top of §6.85 ut the practical top was $650 Heavy steers and long- yearlin old mostly at ?·! to 55. Sheep were strong. Most eark ales of choice native and fed west rn lambs were around $T.lO with est lots held at $7.25 and 57.35 Fed western predominated in the run, which was liberal. KANSAS C1TV F1IODUCK. KANSAS CITY", Dec. 18. l,W-Egg Butter, creamery iSc; butterfat acKing butter He. Poultry, liens SfjSc; roosters 4c; broilers 13V- c. SSlOc- MONDAY GRAIN OPEN CHICAGO. Dec. 18. Supplementary List of Stock Quotations Supplied by LAMS02M BROTHEfcS AND CO. Mason City Office in Bagley- Beck Building Telephone No. 7 Open Today July Dec May Dec ....... May ...... July ...... RrE -Dec ....... May ...... July ...... BARLEY -Dec ...... May ...... July ...... LARD -Dec ....... BELLIES-Dec ....... -52 li Close Yesterday -85 .63V!, .4311 .501.1 .51% .34% .42 .471i .47 Ii 4.30 4.05 5.05 4.50 5". 00 Close Yr. A(jo ·2314 .2H1 .2SV4 .15-.J .17 «, .17 i 4.55 4.20 1.22 3.97 Lamson Brothers Market Letter NEW VortK CURB QUOTATIOSS Amer Gas El 2054 Humble Oil 100 Am Sup Pow 2 Ark Nat Qai A 1 i Marconi 2 '£ El Bd * Sh 12 U Ford M of Can 1314 Ford M or Eng 5% Hudson B M *. S S»i Klag Hud Pennroad Corp S O Ind S O Ky United GaB Un I, P A SW 32% CHICAGO STOCKS lemJIx Avl Cp 15% Butter Bros Borg-Wam Cp 19 Cord Company XEW 1'ORK STOCKS Alaska Juneau 21V, Kroger Oroc Am Bank Note 14\l ~ Am car Fily 25 Am Roll'g Mills 1814 Am Melal 17% ^m Ea t s Co 13T4 m s i Re Co 41 ·£ \m Tob 71 Atlantic Re Co 2334 r t Co B ( I I I ) 4«i ssoc Dry Gda 12 Jaldwln Lo 11 a larnsdaU Oil A 8% ·rtBBS Mfg Co 11 !est 4 Co 27H yera A M Co 28 at[f Pack'g 20 om Credit 171X oml Solvents ont Oil ream ot Wht udnhy Pack'g KANSAS CITr GRAIN. KANSAS CITY, Dec. IS. (.11--Wheat H7 re; ftc higher to Vic lower. No -» dark f, 15 82c; No - 3 ' 60i,l©82c: No. 2 hard M®Sic: No. 3, 7 9 W ® 8 0 W c ; No. 2 redT raslSic; No. 3, TOJiljfSOJic. Corn, 134 cars: lie higher to *ic lower- No. 2 whits 2V5(3H34c nominal; No 3' ; bllllnB 43'^c; No. 2 yellow 42AifM3c- No. 3. 42tH2V.c; No: Z mfisd 42@i2','c No. 3, 4H44f42c. If*-..': Oats 5 cars; unchanged to tic h l R h t r No. 2 white 3S-i«T30»ic; No. 2, 3331 @ 23 3S 52 17 27 X 38',! urttsa Wr pfd 5»i Jrst Natl stj 54J4 r North'n Ore 10U ersney Ch Co 50% oust Oil (new) n^l idlan n«f 3 elvlnator Corp 10»4 Lambert Co ___ Liquid Carb Cp 27% Slack Truck 38! Mathieaon AlJc Mex Seab'd Oil McKcss t O bb 4K Otla RUel 4 J C Penney Co 51 Plltabury Flour 10% Pure oil Co 11% Purity Bak Cp 12% Pub Ker of N J 31Vi Reading Co 45 St Joseph Lead 24% Simmons Co 16% So Calif Edljon 16 Tex Pac Land r.ji, Tide Wn Oil Co B',4 U S Ind AJe S8?i Utll P L A 3 Vanadium 21 % Union Oil Calif 19 Un Gaa Jmp 15 Wealern Myld 9 Wnrren Broa Co fi!i Western Union 54 ',4 V.'rigley Jr Co S5U North Amer Av 4Ji MINNEAPOLIS CBAI.V MtNNKAPOLIS, Dec. 18. (/!·--\Vlleat 265 cars, 1S8 a year ago; \i cent lower to "i cent higher. Cnah: No. 1 northern 8H4ii S4^,c: No. 1 dirk norrnern 13 protein 82'i @S5«c: 14 protein S2!ii?S5%c: 13 prot tain 82V4©85«c: 12 protein 82K®851ic; No. 1 dark hard Montana 14 protein 82'.S ff-SJfac; to arlve 82'.4®84«c; No. 1 amber durarn 90Tic{f 51.00ft; No. 2 amber durum 05;tiJSOi ,c; No. 1 red dumm 77%©78;iC' Dec. 7S'4c; May 80«c: July SO'/c Corn, No. 3 yellow 41Sf42c. Oats, No. 3 white 32Vi@33',tc. OJUHA GRAIN OMAHA Dec. 18. (jpi_wheat. dark hard *· SOCi No - =· ?sc: GRAIN LETTER. OHICAGO. Dec. IB.---Mows that should ordinarily have been viewed as constructive In character was overahadowed by persistent selling resulting Irom nervousness over tile general situation and a lack ot confidence In any Immediate upturn. Upturns ran Into selling most of the cession but near th« close there was sufficient buying to rally prices to within a fraction of where they closed Saturday. A good part of the transactions today were in Email lots, with a Holiday air prevailing. Buying of cash wheat regarded as for federal relief ngenclea was reported In the Kansas city ami Minneapolis mnr- kcta but the takings In the former were not of lurge proportions as far as we were advised. The advance In tho gold price, tile first since Djc. 1, was disregarded, ao a market factor and the grain markets derived no encouragement jrom the action ot stocks, in .aomo quarters belief Prevailed, that today's market Indicated some tax sell- Ing similar to that usually experienced In sccvirttlc.! nt the nose of the year. In view of the fact that most longs m grain race losses at present levels. In connection with discussions of higher Income taxes. It was easy to understand tho desire lo legally accept losses by closing out trades and balancing current lassa against gains earlier In the year. Winnipeg reporter! exporters fair huyers of futures there and estimated export business at around a h a l f million bushels. CORN--Corn, in the main, followed wheat. It waa under more or less pressure until near tho close when prices Improver! with- Wheat and the close was a fraction higher. Country offerings of cash corn to arrive were small and amounted to only 4.BOO bushels. There were rome reports that the producer was more Inclined to accept the loan flpure. Inasmuch ns terminal market prices ivere not advancing. It was estimated that a* a result of the corn and hog- production control program, the yield or com In one of tne leading Illinois counties will be reduced around 1?', ml'llon bushela for 1931. Cash sales were 53.000 bushels. \Veather la again a fnctor anrl -Alth any support from thla source prices could easily advance. Mason City Livestock prices steady. sorled lights Best heavy BOWS, smo -£»vrto U4 ISO, lW Wi Caltlo market steady. 5TM' ce l p °ung stocra Medium to i'ooij j. car line ateera ........ M«dhm C ! rn M Ste ° rs Medium to good corn 52.70 52.5.1 52.20 52.10 SI. DO 800-1,000 54.50-5.00 0-1,000 Butcher cows, fair to B ood Good to choice cows Choice to prime cowa '.'.'.'." Inretlor canners Fair to good cannc'rV''.'.'.'.'. Fair to good cuttcra . Good heavy cutters and' grade beef cow-a Interior ll s ht weight bu'lij" Common lo fair bulls *»lr to good bulls 53.SO-4.5il S-l.00-4.75 53.50-4.1)0 ...... 52.00-2.00 UBW ......, ...... S2.S5-2.M ...... 52. 50-2. 75 ...... 50. 75-1. UO ..... 5i.oy-i.2s Good heavy bttUa Oooa to choice calves Jiedlum to K ood calves Inferior and common calves . low SI.50-1 75 -- ........ .SI.50-2.00 S2.00-2.35 S2.35.2nn 130-100 53.50-1 00 130-190 S2.50-3.50 52.50 down to market fluctuations. f l l i f r . C " It ' A «0 M VKSTOCK. C H I C A G O Dec 18 I .TI i r o ".?!_.? nsrlcullurc- "' 3 ' depnrt 30,000 Including 12,000 direct- nc- r IOC hlcher lhan Friday's nver- tcady win, satunlny; ], u l| c 170 lo CT T^/r.~T it,. . ' - _ TM ±ltj l(] HIDES, WOOL, FURS Oats, no trading reported. Miscellaneous 74 Attend Dinner. CORWITH--The D. Y. T. club eld the annual family dinner at he Ed Williams and Mclntyre ome Friday with 08 adults and 6 hlldren present. The club will send box ef dressed chickens to the r Christmas. POTATO ilfAKKET CHICAGO, Dec. 18. (,T1--U. S. department of agriculture-- Polatocs 122, on Irack 257. total U. S. shipments Saturday 541. Sunday 29- rtull supplies moderate, demand and trading very "low; sacked per cwt.: (J. 3. No. 1, Wisconsin round whites J1.25®1.3S, combination srone few tales tl.20; Idaho russets J1.5714 vl.O.Vac, occasional higher, combination grade few sales S1.40. MINNEAPOLIS FLOUB MINNEAPOLIS, Dec. IS. I/TT--Flour un. changed. Carload -Jots, family patent* 57.03 W7.15 a barrel In OS Ib. cotton sacks, ship, ments 24.018. Pure bran J13313.50. Standard middlings J12.50W13. NEW YORK. Dec. 18. l.-Pl--'lUw B u s ar quiet today and unchanged. Futures 2 to 1 points below the previous closu. Refined unchanged at 4.0c for fine granulated. TOLEDO SKE»S TOLEDO Dec. 18. I.P^Seeds In w.ire- houEes, red clover, cash 8,000; Dec. J8.35; alilhe, cash 38.50. Quotations Furnished by Wolf Bros , Inc., SOS Fifth Street Southwest, HIDES Horsehides S2 25 Cured beef hides Green beef hides WOOL No. 1 clean bright.... Semibright Rejects \ Mink Skunk . Civet Red fox Opossum FURS 24c Ib. ,..23c Ib. ,...19e Ib. ..f2.50-?G .SOc-Sl.10 . ..15c-30c ..$2.50-$5 ...25c-50c killing as : S? o "·*o . classes uneven, largely slow .. - . . . 200 to 350 !bs. 52..I5S3; gootl fackine sov/s . . to 350 Ibs. S2.10W2.4i,- ""' lo 425 Ibs. Sl.003f2.35; 425 to 550'ibs. Sl.a092~.-l LIVESTOCK. 18. i/pj--u. s. de- KANSAS 6'JTl' KANSAS CITY, Dei partment of nsriculturi HOGS 0.000; 1.200 direct; fairly active, strong to lOc higher than Friday's avcrauc; tor. 53.20 on choice 171) lo 210 Ib" · tood and choice no to 100 Ibs. S2.G5W3 !$· 160 to ISO Ibs. $2.95®3.20; 180 to 200 Ibs.'S312 3.20; 200 lo 221) Ibs. ?3.10ft3.20; ^'0 to 0 fiO Ib5. S3.10513.20; 250 to 290 Ibs, S35i315' 290 to 350 Ibs. S2.90ft3.10; packing" sows 275 lo 550 Ibs, S2.15g2.G5; slock pigs, good and choice 70 to 130 Ibs. CATTLE 0,000; calves 1,800: killing c'.isscs opening steady; lower grades calves 10-35c higher; stackers and feeders steady to strong; part load choice yearling steers 55.75; steers, gooil nnd choice. 550 to 900 Ibs. fl.S51ltt.25; 000 to 1100 Ibs. S1.-W5C' 1100 to 1300 Ibs. S3.60515,05: 1300 to 1500 'bs. 53.35^4.75; common and medium 550 up S2.75g;4.50; good anil 54.355yij; common choice, 550 to DOo tbs. nd medium. 550 lo 900 Ibs. 52.50^4 85- cows, good, 52.40513: common and medium «1.8;jf52,40; low culters and cutters SI.CO-Jp 1.85,^ venters (milk fed) medium lo choice 3-?i'5,50; cull and common S'lQ 3; stocker and feeder stem, good nnd choice (all velghts) SS.S.I^Ti: common and medluia ' ill weights) J2JT3.75. SHEEV 7,000; 2.000 through and direct; lllng classes steady; lop fed lambs 57: op ewes S3.25! lambs, good and choice (x) I) Ibs. down S6.50t?'7; common and me(um, 90 Ibs. down St.sOif 6.50; yearling vethers. medium to choice, 90 to 110 ihs., 4^"5.50; ewes, good ana choice, oo to 150 S2.25S3.35. )--Quotations based on ewes and weth- rs. T K J - r t , , -- - - - t ·--**^, J.O. i.-i-/----O4.UCKH d »«ed lower in desnltory trading today. Lo sses o£ fraction ^ to £££ than a point predominated in the late deahngs. Atias Taek dropped around 7 pints. Issues off a point o more included American Telephon Pmfr Q 1 USE AUied ch emica!, di Font, Santa Fe and Sears Roebuck Armour of Illinois preferred was firm spot while Union Pacific w a --n a n^ ^ ransf =rs approximated 1 aau.uuu shares. Financial markets, as a who] failed to exhibit any'exubemnce to day following: the lifting of the do %**?*?·i' d .':? te a " ickel an ounc Stock List *E\V 1'OKK STOCKS. NEW YORK, Dec. 18. r in ill Juotfttifni Air Redact flgii AHejjhany y ^ Al Che Dye 113=:, 94% 6H Am Can Am For Pow Am Pow Lt Am Steel Fdrs Am Sugar 4S 1 3 A. T T 11014 Am Tob B "I Am Water Wka 1S»,1 Anaccmcla ix.y s Kcnnecott L'fi My B LortlfanJ 13 82 20 "i the small tilt of the gold fi- ure furnished Sllrpl . ise tofc ^ live circles and the inflationary m phcabons of the raise b r o u g h t TM rush for either equities or commodi ties stocks pointed lower withTM specialties quite heavy. Grains a cotton were only a nttle bette than even, although silver and rub oer were firm. Both sterling and French francs moved up around · cents and .05 of a cent, respectivelj u. b. government securities sasWc a ;1 d corporate bonds were hesltaS Most market commentators were 01 the opinion that dull and feature ess pre-Christm as market session' could be expected unless some un orseen stimulus i s furnished b rVashington activities. Curb Market OMAHA LIVESTOCK. OMAHA. Dec. IS. Liv-u. S. department f nprJcuUura-- HOGS 11.500; very alow; few sales steady /ith Saturday; most blclg weak; major jackers not yet bidding; packing sows tolly teody; better 170 to 200 Iba. 52.85!g295; noat btda at S2.SO; top S3; hulk medium vctglit butchers licia above $3; few Jlcht ghta at 52.50^2,75; packing rows S2.35fi .50; BmooUi light weights up to S2.CO; av- agc cost S a t u r d a y 52.80: weight 2 2 0 ; for e Week $2.82; weight 238. CATTLE S.OQO; cnlves 500; fed steers ,ind earlings steatly to stronc; other killing scs steady; stockers anil feeders slow, tcady; fed steers and yearlings St.2ri^ .25; choice 1,25,1 Ib. weights 55.25; f«w nds yearlings 55.35ft 5,75; hpsrcrn 541?3: holcc arounl l.OOo Ib, wclRhts S5.10; beef ovvs $2^2.50; cutler grades $i.2,Vipl.75; lum hull3 $2.15^2.25; holding best ·eighty kinds at $2.331 practical top vcal- 54.50; medium to choice stockcra 53.23'V? .25. -SIIEK1' 10.500. Includtng 500 direct: sai- blc supply ir per cent (ecdors; lambs slow, bUla 10-2So lower; held Hilly Eteady; p and tec tiers steady; early bids led wooded lamha up to 56.75; licst held above 7: early aalea «wca up to 53; feeding lambs . to SG.35: some held higher; feeding earllnss S5.25. ·'"·' ·'·'· Bond Market S. tlc- .SIOUX CITV I.tVKSTOCK. SIOUX C I T Y . Dec. IS. I.I 1 )--U. artment ot ngriciitlure-- CATTI.E 5,000; .ilaUEhler ycnriincs mosl- slcatly; heavy and medium weight beeves uli: fat 3]-,e stock little change*!; slockera nd feeders about steady- car choice nrouml 0511 Ib. yenrllnea S5.50; small lots held onsldcrablD higher: lar^e .share grain feds "2lc S l f r S ; load lots short fed heifera 4.25ST-1.75; few B ood nrferlnga S5175.25: lost beef cnws 521T2.40: lov; cutters and utters mainly S1.35T1 1.05; cootl In choice 00 Ib. stockcrs 54; good stock steer calves 1.25. HOGS 11,000; early tales lo shippers ostly steady wllh Saturday; packers bids DC liwcr; early pracllcal top S2.Qflf pack- KG early $3 to oily butchers; better grade 0 to 200 'b, weights $2.75fff2.90; packers dillnp 52.80 flown: Ii'cht llchts dou-rt to .50; sowa 52.25-0 2.50; feeder pigs S2.50 RHKKP n.OOO; no early actloa; i\ackers Iklne 25i lower for fat Iambs, held f u l l y eady; other classes unchanged; choice fed '':d lambs held above 57.10; pactcers in- I n g ?6.75 down; early sales feeding mbs up tn $fi. MVKSTOOK I'OHEOAST. CHICAOO, Dec. IS. C.rv-- Official estimat- . receipts tomorrow; Gallic 7,000; lio^s ',000; sheep 10,000. 0 to l.TOO ibs S3 -ion's -in d " Im ' ·'' 50 '» «0» Iba £ ? M ' m " Ch ° Ici! ' »-- t» 75 common and me.lium S2 1' chor, Choice. H to c latte r, S1.3.WLOO; b u l h ' t y M r i l n w V ^ i u d good (teef, J2.7S«3.25; cutler com ' " ! , l " n K S ' 3 = Balers? go^l an. . 75; mertlum J3«JJ- ci.ll » n H °," *'-=««?3: ««=l«t amiVd"' cat ,,"?J, K "°* and chot ". SOD to 1050 {i" : common and medium, ri. 1 ' 20l ?, 00; " racrt "'» slrong on goo, oice native nnd fed western lambs predominating; few early sale, S7 10 r 0 u a lols he ' a material J hC1JP an(i ree " fll S 1lmb ' JOHN F. CLARK CO. MARKET INFORMATION 325 I. O. F. Bldjr. Phono 8-15 . a * er ,rday i'S 'caK^'r.Mo"-- 'jiv'jiE'"' TV" ; Closing butter an-1 egg letter: EGGS--Due to more inquiry for actual eggs market Indicates signs of improvement and anticipate irregularly higher prices on their continued Improved fundamental position. BUTTER--To maintain present prices of future storage contracts fresh butter would have to advance a tew cents. On reactions believe purchases for long pull should show | 5l ti "5 l "* r ' nm bs; L "eaYiy"b"i» . ',""· ^-S'WZ.Tr,: feeding inmbn. S Ibs., good and choice, SB.SOtj c.IO. ""ttr lols common (o good bulls S2 " rolm 'I 54: late Sat- mostly 5(;J4.50; ther Classen aironc t ^ pal " for hulk * 0 '· raMt 24 ° '" to inn iiu. S2.40f sm -., a n o u t lOc M e h r r " 0 kr' Cra(!e "**' Sirarp 0,500; aboul 20 per cont ,lj,- nt run wMl feeder*: no early £n.50 down; feeding Inrobs sellers aaklni; fully ulcaity; undo/lone mastly steady. Liberty n ^ l S o r ' 1-lbcrly First .His'101.7. Mbcrty iViurth 4" s r n i i « Treasury''^.^^ 8 ; Treasury .|s 41-54 i 03 . f , Treasury n«s .10-13 Jun,. 99,7 Treasury riljs Ifi-SU 9505 Treasury ,-is si-ss 0.1 n PJiinned for Facultv CRYSTAL LAKE-A Ch party for the school faculty heW Tuesday evenintr at th of Supt. and Mrs. J.^c. Pearson; Atchlson All Kef Auburn Aviation Corp B O Bendlx Beth stl Bordens Borg Warn Burr Add Canada Dry Can Pac Case Ches i o C t N W Clllc Gt W chic at w ptd C J! S P P C R I P J Chrysler Col G H Comwllh Sou Cons Oas Cons oil Conll Can Cont Jns Contl Mot Corn Prcd Curtiss wr Deere pfd Du Pont Eastman El Pow Lt Fox Film A Precport Ter C.enl Am Trans 33 Olllelte s el , 6 I Dust 37 Goodrich TJ l! Patce Gt Nor pfd Ut West Bug fudstin 111 Cent Int Harv t Kiel: Can T t T Johns ilanv 53% 55 7 1SS 26 ' 32% 7VJ 3 37% 10 S 2* I'A 74 Ti 2 Vi 79 H'i 1371 13 38:1 2154 13 Vi 53 li ilcKess t Rob. Mid Cont Pet M K T Mo Pac Mont Ward Morrell Ntsh Null Else Nat C Reg A Nat Dairy Nit DlstJI! Nat Pow Lt N .y ceat NY Nil H No Amer No Pac Oliver Farm PacHard Penney Penn Phillips Pet Proc Gam Pullman n c A R K o Rem Hand Rep stl Rey Ton B Hoy Dutch Sears Roe Shell U Skelly Socony Vao So Pnc St Brands St G B St Oil Cal St Oil N J Stew Warner Stone . Web Studchalter Tex Corp Tax Gulf sul Tim Rol B Un Carb -na: Un Pac 11"V, Unit Air 31LJ United Corp -=7: U S Ind Alco 5S^ U S P.ubber li(, U S Steel 4514 Wa.b ash 2U Wnruer PJct VI West El Mfg 3T',i Woolworth .to 1 ,! Wrleley 35 it Yel Tr tv. 2174 3R 23 25 fi 9 33=4 22 314 29 » 15«. 39 71 7'4 36 » I 714 8% 15H 25 ^ 39 CHICAGO STOCKS CHICAGO, Dec. IS. I !en Pub Ser A H M-w Utilities Cities Service 1% M-W Ut 6 pfd Dcxlcr Co 4 Swift and Co Gt Lakes Air m swift Lntl ;sby Grunow S Utility nnd Ind Catz Dntg 20',i Zenith ,Ibby McNeil 2-H M I N N E A P O L I S STOCKS M I N N E A P O L I S , Dec. J8. LPJ--StOCllu :osed: First flanlt Stock C l i . Northwest Banco 3%, IO\VA PUBLIC XITII.ITV STOCKij. BTd and asked on Dec. 18: ont St El T pfd (525 par) lat St P t I. 7 pfd M Gas S pfd (Sril) par) ... M Gas T pfd (550 par) ... iterstale Po\v 7 pfd wa Electric 7 pfd 'Wa E'ectrlc G54 pld owa. Elec Lt Pow 7 pfd . . owa Elee Lt Pow 6Y- pfd owa. Elec Lt Pow S pr,l . pwa. Power 4 Lt 7 pfd 'W,a Power Lt 9 pfd .... iwa Pub Service 7 pfd ,... . v,'a Pub Service c pfd 'Wa South Utll 7 pfd IV Be!l Tel (i /. pfit nlted Lt Rys G.30 ptil . . nlted Lt Rys 0 pfd . . .. 45 D9 9 .19 43 12 24 23 . 54 . 44K , 35 59 ·IS 40 36 S .lpO',I 109 ! 20 29 i/Irs. Paine Elected Head ·of Burt 0. E. S. Chapter BURT, Eec. 18.--Tile following ave been elected by Koasuth chap- er No. 201 O. E. S.: Mrs. E5. E. aine, W. M.; Mrs. G. P Hawcott, M.; Dr. R. H. Thompson, A. P.; . IT. Rubey, A. P.; Mrs. P. L,. remmel, treasurer: Lulu Hawcott, ecretary; Mrs. G. E. Brace, cond.; Irs. M. L. Vinaas, associate cond. aturday evening; Kossuth chapter eld a special meeting at which ur new members were initiated. Americanism: Giving prohibition 13 year trial; wanting to junk the RA after .a few short weeks.-- avenport Times. Animals of All Kinds Removed Mason City Rendering Co J \Ve pay phono calls. Phone 1096 Representative Sales CHICAGO. Dec, JS. (,T»--U. S. ment of agriculture--Representative irons. r.iBhi»-- Heavy-50 310 70 294 00 275 St 252 Mediums-Til 211 73 230 OS 210 75 204 Steers-22 2-t 2S .1.20 3.2. r » 3.30 3.35 00 87 ra I ' l K h t 37 3.30 'A. 35 3.40 3.10 CATTLE. 13S 230 1020 1274 1350 1400 lir,9 1510 Rfi 8S SO ft.flS 5.80 .'..30 r.25 ·1.75 ·1.2,1 ·1.00 SOS 100; 743 790 1233 11.IS 50 S l l 85 89 91 120 ns Ilcpartsales: 3.40 3.40 X.10 3.25 3.10 3.00 d.oo 5.75 ·I. no 1.00 2..10 1.7.1 1.35 I.Wr.ST.MK.NT Bid and asked on Dec Corp Tr Sh Cor| Tr Sh A A Mod . ..'.', 'orp Tr Sh Accum Ser . Corp Tr Accum Ser Mod . Dividend Sh 'atlonwlde Sec atlonwtde Sec Vtc ..." for Amer Tr Sh S'or A m e r Tr Sh 1055 ... Quarterly I n c Sh Selected Am Sh Selected Cum Sh Selected f n c n m c Sh . :r Corn Am Tr A .'.'. ' H El L if Pow A 8 Kt I. ft Pow B U S El L t Pow B Vtc IS: . 2.18 . 2.03 . 2.27 . 1.17 . 3.07 . 1.27 . l . K O . 2.31 . 1.3-1 1.7R .01 CLOSING-OUT A m . t o n on "the 8 ·!" n " 0 GIIdnep - ' atul 3 milcs north " f S-o COMMENCING AT 10:00 O'CLOCK A. M. BIG FREE LUNCH '"' lr ° 8 HEAD OP HORSES 1400' m mure, smooth mouth, \vt 1400 riGS -SPOTTED POLAND CHINAS EBHED BOATtS-- 8 BROOD SOWS FEED-- 20 tons alfalfa and clovc.r hay; 8 tons wild hay; 20 tons SieU TM?," y i. 1 ,° tfl " S ?r°" Ita ' Cd StnW; sonle strilw «n *arn; sSo iT^ScS? ciTM° ln0 criu nsitase! smau stflck eorn fodllcr: z feed h " nk9 -

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