The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on October 18, 1913 · Page 5
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 18, 1913
Page 5
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: t BAER'S VARIETYSTORE NEW STORE Buehler's Drug Store Old Stand 9 Chambersbug St. Gettysburg Pa. Grand Opening Saturday Oct. 18 Complete line of WomenV, Misses' suits, Skirts, ] · Dreses, Waists, Millinery, Gent'sJFurnishings and : etc. Come in and look us over. We feel sure we can please you. Our goods are right. Our prices are right. No trouble to us to sho\v goods All of our goods are marked in plain figures. We pledge the f square deal. FARMER'S DAY PRIZE Any lady bringing 1 peck largest onions will be given a trimmed hat. 3Icdical Advertising. AVOID SERIOUS CONSEQUENCES Never neglect a cold or cougb. Dangerous lung and bronchial diseases could be avoided if tae little colds, sore threats, etc., were checked in time. Prompt relief and permanent freedom from lung affections is afforded all those who regularly use Bear'* Emulsion IFOR COUGHS, COLDS, BRONCHITIS AND WEAK LUNGS BEAR'S EMULSION is a natural product developed scienlineally to strengthen the lungs,'soothe and heal the irritated tissues and lone up the entire system. It prevents the development of consumption germs--and ac- I rualiy promotes digestion and assimilation. Money re' funded if it does not benefit you. Recommended and sold by ail good druggists everywhere. $1.00 the bottle--Six for $5.00 Write for free booklet of valuable lnforzc£«3n about your health--sent free--or get a copy at your druggist's when lUlZtR OUSTED: NOT DISQUALIFIED ffertia H. 6iyaa Sworn in as j Governor of New York. WILLIAM SilLZER. Deposed as Governor of New York _by Impeachment Court. 2! DIE WHEN AlHSHIPEXPLODES you get EnrJsion. BR. JOHN D. BEAR Elkton, Va. 8UILTY ON THREE GHAR8ES ; ; j ; Second Annual Stock Sale Second Annual Sale of Registered and Grade Horses. High Grade Shorthorn Cows. Registered Duroc--Jersey Hogs. The undersigned in order to make room for young stock which, he is raising; will offer at public sale at his farm on the Carlisle Road 3 miles from Gettysburg and 2 miles from Table Rock, formerly the John H. Giililand farm, on WEDNESDAY. NOVEMBER 5th, at 12 o'clock he following Horses: 1 black mare. 5 years old, sound and all -ight. good worker and driver arid in foal to my Belgian stallion. 2 grade colts coming 2 vears old. good and growthy and will_ make nice horses. 1 Registered Belgian stud colt.. 1 year old last June, a fine one. , Cow.s. 17 high grade shorthorn cows, a number with calves oy then: sides. Others f orward springers and jrhe balance have been fresh a short time and are giving a good now of milk- Hogs. 75 head of Duroc--Jersey Hogs Consisting of sows and pigs, breed sows, old and young boars aid shoats. all registered or can be. Goats. 2 naany goats Terms: On sums of S10 or cash over that amount 10 months vith approved security payable at the Citizens Trust Co. 3 per "cent, off for cash. No goods to be removed until conditions are complied with. Sale Positive. . TOS. B. TWINING. Albert Slaybaugh, Auctioneer. HORSES FOR SALE Carload of Range Horses will be sold at the Stock yards in HANOVER, on WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 22nd. . On THURSDAY OGTOSEH 23 A carload of Range mares, with colts, by their side, will be sold at Emmiisburs. FORBES and FORNEY FAMOUS BABCOCK LADDERS Full assortment now in stock, consistinjr of :Straight ladders, extension ladders, step ladders and special fruit ladders. -- j;verv"plece"of^"tliis T .iell'kn r -wn brand 13 cia'le from secon«l irrovrth spruce wiih rang--: of ash or elm. H. P. MARK, ABEXDTSVJLLE i i fo The popular annual Excursion by the Salem U. B. Church will be run Thusrday Oct. 23,1913. Special train will leave F airfield at 6.42: Gettysburg 7-i5: New Oxford 7.37: Hanover 7.53; stopping at all Intermediate stations. Train from East Berlin will connect. No stops made below Hanover. Returning leaves Hillen Station, Baltimore, 7 o'clock. COMMITTEE. rmers I have just received a Standard Automatic Milk Separator which can be seen at Biglerville now This machine is guaranteed to seoar; Deposed Governor, Who Is Not Barred From Holding Office In Future, Declares He Will Continue Fight. i Albany, X. Y.. Oct. IS.--William Sai- 1 icr no longer is governor of she state · jf New York. Tae high court of ira- : peschaiont, by a vcte of *2 to 12, re. movea ai2i from office. Senator VYeu-ie arid Judge Cullen excused themselves · :ro;:i vcting. The proposition to disqualify Sulzer \ Tro':! e\ er again holding a place of "' honor oi trust ::i the state was voted ; down unanimously, with the exception that Judgo CuMen again excused him" c'ii from recording his vote. j Pricr to the \ote on his disqualiSca- · lion and removal the last four articles of :ae soipeacfcrneat charges, fiie. six. seven and c-i~iit, were unanimously de- Martin H. Olvan. of Albany, ihe act- · !ng governor, became governor: Robert F. Wagner, oi New York, majority jeader o: the seriate, became lieutenant governor. Glynr. --'.-as sworn in. Judge Cullen adaiinisieriag the oath of oece. Xo oXcial notice oi removal v,"as Siven Sulzer. A record of the decision of tee court was Sled with the secretary of state, thus complying with all the !*»gal requirements to remove the governor. Pale and haggard, Sulzer sat in the rxecuuve scansion awaking isapatieat- !v ;he vote of the high court which stripped from him the robes of his ofHce oi governor and made him "William Sulzer. private citizen- He has announced to friends that j "the fight has iust begun," and declares he will continue the battle ior vindication, carrying his cause before :he people, who he believes are still v.-ith him despite the verdict given by the impeachment court- After the proceedings Mr. Sulzer would see only a tew personal friends. 1 Frien'ls who were with him when he ] received the news of the verdict said that he appeared to be relieved that the suspense over. Mrs. Sulzer, who has been hysterical at times in the last week, was also said to have brightened perceptihiy. Everything at the executive man- i sion is in readiness for the Sulzer's departure. They w:H leave Albany on Siiiida' 1 . afternoon not to return. Their immediate destination, it was said, woxilfi he some quiet hotel, probably in %! the AdirondacSs. for a few days. b I VTcere they will make their future -' | home they have not decided, but Mrs. j Sulser insists that it shall be within · an hour's ride of Xew York. The court's disposition of the ar- lic'c-s of -impeachment follows: Article I--Charging the governor with aiaking a false statement-of cara- l.aiga i;ece : pts and payments; guilty, ~sot guilty. IS. Article 2--Charging him with per- sv.-caring that the statement ~as true; guilty. S3; not guilty, 1S. Artiele 5--Charging him with brib- testirnony not Olri|IWe fook Fire Willie Op 900 Fast 'ONLY ONE FOUND ALIVE New F::er, Carrying Military an:! Naval Oncers, Crashes to Eartn a Mass of Flsrres. Berlin. Oct. IS.--The newest and larirc-st or "h^ Zeppelin war airships, the Lr-iL, destr-jyeJ in mid-air by an explosion All except one of the twenty-eight msiiusr;. and nien on board, in- cU:c!:::g she engine admiralty trial L-xird, were killed. Shor'Jy alter the disaster to the navy aviation men came news that *hree or^ay osScers belonging to the ~y.~s M-'rps were lalk-d in aeroplane The d-saster to the L-H. occurred j just abo'.e :he main street cf the city jo: Joiaani.'ha! while the big dirigible. ! 5««i fee: long, was making a trial trip ' its acceptance as the rsnan aerial . _ _ . . _ . t h e air:he jury; the prosecutor and the ship, a mass of blazing canvass and bailiff. I cmaiplPsl aluminum, dropped SOO feet "Thev called it the high court of im-' 5n;o the p'slrlie highv.ay. peachmeat, but history will call iti Hundreds cf persons, who had been. ·Murphy's high cc-srt of infamy.' The! vratchlng the flight from parks and trial was a human shambles; a libel house-lops, rushed to the scene. There 1K2. by Americas Press Associatton. j preliminary to its acceptance I Sags-iip o: :h^ new Ger-nai i is^vy. The shattered hulk of on law; a aagraat abase of constitu tional rights: a disgrace to our civilization: and the verdict overturned the safeguards of liberty and the precedents of three centuries. The judgment will not stand the test of rime. Th'e future historian will do me justice, and posterity will reverse the findings of the court. "There is a higher court than Murphy's--the court of public opinion. ! appeal from Murphy's court of political passion to the calmer judgment oi the future, and the sober reflection of public opinion. "'V.'hes I declined to obey ihe "orders' of the "boss" about patronage; when I refused to to call oft Hen nessy and prevent farther mvestiga tions of grafr. and finaMy -svheii I set in motion :he wheels o: the machinery of ihe co-:rts to bring the criminals to justice and to stop the looting or the state, then, and not until then, did Mr. ilnrphy threaten me w:eh degradation and v.-ith removal from office. From that day to this all that Sidney, all that power, all that inrlu eace can do to disgrace me. aacl destroy me. has been done. "Mr. Murphy pnd the special interests, while antagonised, have won a temporary victory: but the Sght for reform and for honest government trill go oa. The farce of tny trial will have a good elect in the ena. It has opened the eyes of t'-ie people to graft of m-ilions of dollars annually: and it 'rill hasten the adoption of the initiative ana the rercread'im; bring about the recall of public oflieials. including S An:c! ^ . {jury in pe sufficient number installed I v.-Hl buy"tne Cream af^YeguIar price for creamery butter. J.W. Pettis ^i Skinnay, Come Effective Jane 15, 1913. THE fESTEM IAR1LASB RAILWAY 8:05 A. M- Daily Except Sunday for Baltimore, Hanover, York and Intermediate Points. 10:35 A- M. Daily for Hagerstown, Waynesboro, Cnambersbor^Han- cock, Cumberland, Emeus and Points West- 12:55 P- M. for York and Intermediate Points 5:50 P- M- DaQy for Baltimore, Han- 6:58 P- M- Daily except Sunday for B and H- Division Toints to Highfield, also Hagersto-wn, "Vvaynes- boro, Ghamhersburg, Sfaippens- bcrg and HancockvPittsburgn and all points TTest- Sttnday Only. 7:13 New Oxford, Hanover, Yprk. Baltimore and intermediate stations. over, and Intermediate Points. Article 4--Charging hira with "practicing deceit and fraud and using threats znn: menaces" to suppress testimony ''"sired by the Frawiey comraittee: g"-:~it;. 43. not guilty. 14. Artu-ifT Z--Charging that he dissuad- i ed Frederick L. Tol^ ell from testify- ir.g against him before the Frawiey in- vesusatisig committee: not guilty: vote -ananlmor.s. Art'cle "i--Charging that he committed larceny in speculating with funds contributed to his campaign: not ' guiUy: vote unanimous. Article 7--Charging that he bartered nis political influence: not guilty; vote nnaaimous. Article S--Charging him with using h's ofnc:al positi-m to inaueace the price of stocks :n which he was interested: not guiity. SULZER SCORES MURPHY Declares Impeachment Court Was Controlled by Tammany. Albany. X. Y.. Oct. 1$.--William Sulzer in an "ad'3re.-s to the people," given out ai tr.e executive mansion, says: "Bv virtue of a po^er. beyond the o:" our electorate. 1 present control U3ir ammeled and an- back to tnem suiliea. Mv trial, from beginning to ersd. so judges a::l j :t"i"ial decisions: and was nothing to be done except to take out Ehe bodies of the victims from the mass of twisted wreckage. Lieutenant Baron von Bleul. cf. the Queen A'igusta Grenadier Guards, who was making the trip as a guest, was the only survivor of the wreck. He was badly injured, and his condition is critical. Many of the bodies were so burned and mangled as to be uarecos- nizable. The dirigible, just before she left the balloon ha!!, at Johannisthal. took on board her regular naval crew and a number of o-Scers. She headed for Berlin, a short distance away, in a light wind. About a dozen aviators were circling the aerodrome at the time in aeroplanes. Everyihing was apparently in good order on the airship. She was gradually getting up speed when suddenly an explosion was heard by those oa the ground, evidently in one of the motors in the centre gondola. A flash shot out and the next instant the entire ship was afire and plunging downward. Every inch of. canvass covering and the basloonets disappeared in. a moment. A second and more violent explosion was then heard, the fire having reached the gasoline tanks filled with about two tons cf liquid fuel. Before the echoes of the explosion had died down the wreck of the most modern of Germany's dirigibles lay a Saming mass oa the ground. The fire departments of all the neighboring suburbs, with detachments off the balloon corps, the pioneers and other troops were soon on the spot, rite -.ipon the statute books other re- )ut t here was nothing left to save. forms. csp-'ciahy a direct primary law. so that ti'.e voter*, instead of the bosses. v.-:r, nominate, as" well as elect, ail ofSeials to pnMIc o£:ce." "As TO the governor. I have been honest an i Jaithf;:! to my trust. No influence cc::'d control me ir. the performance of my duty but the dictates of IKV conscience. I ha 1 -e 5ost ruy office, but I have kv-t rr.y self-respect. 1 --Q.iH rather lose the governorship hr.n I r 3? ·"":·" so-'i: and no governor · 32 servo C" I and mammou: the sta'c ·r.'\ Trse interests, the people -.mi the bocs: the visible and the in "'Let ::s indulge t!-e hope that my ;i^s of :ro gnvprr-irFhiTi ti ill be tap reopie's qjiir. Misfortunes are often Tr.- an nrrncar.t and corrupt and nes 'boss" sb re rbe neans of ft-revt-r lestroy:ng ·'oossisin' "a the slate oi Xe-.- York. I shall be ircier.t. an'; fsfl r ~nr.t I nave not st-- 15- S'ed in -."a;!! for nctl^r things " Mr. S;:'~cr conciH'Jes his statemcn 1 by savjn? that lie is 37S.' H "» In (5el)t, : es:dcs tnc cost of nis d^"nse. and that his cniy asset is SH/"") In cath. ifar as the Tammaajizcd part of the I will be in my room on Square over "Stallsmith* Store" on second floor, every joust me from o? \H7 A ^ n ocrlo-n- i»ffwr»n/W* f-mm j over. I am tirec o{ a dcer , ! 70.0CQ Volts Pass Tnrcugh Body. Baltiivwrf M1.. Oct. IS.--Faliins to shut off the current before he nio'.inted - triar.: tra^s'iormcr in ;nc s i! sta'ior. cf the Pcrj-.sjV-.ania Water arri Power fonipany. 11 tha Ph.;.-i-i-Jph:i road HighiandTov.n. "Walter I oe~hel. °-se.i ed v."hcn 7",-' : -" va.ts of electric ty uassed through h.5 bT'.y. The higi c-rrent se: hi? cljth-.r.g on tire ana he was burnec to oeat' 1 - The balloon lay in a great curve like a letter "S." a mass of glowing wires and tangled gir.lers. The cylinders-of the motors in the center gondola and one of the after propellers could be distinguished. Otherwise there was nothing to indicate that the debris ·K-as that of Germany's proudest airship. Pioneers armed with axes hacked_at the wreckage for two ho-"-s before they extricated the last of the bodies of the victims. The dead were borne upon stretchers to the balloon hail and a company of soldiers roped off the placa to keep back the crowd. The six inmates of the center gondola had been blown through the sides of the car by_ the first explosion and their bodies fell a quarter of a mile awav from the wreck of the balloon. which was traveling at forty miles an hour when the accident happened. All the others, except two. were apparently killed by the explosion of the gasoline taiii:. and were probably dead before the wreckage reached the earth. The commander and members of the admiralty trial board were seated in the officers" gondola. Alter ihe fire started they were caged inside a network of red-hot girders- Two of the crew -nere alive when rescuers reached the wre-Kage. Oce of th^m. however, died er.cre he w~- extricaied. The other, Lietrtenr 1 -1 Baron von B3e'::. was desperately i » j;:red. Do:h his eyes were bnmed c;". He urged the rescuers to kill him. Preacher Hangs Sejf !n Stabie. Lancaster. Pa.. Oct. IS. -- Rev. S- S formery United Brethren chi-.rr-h at Eliabcth- towrs. committed'Je there while conspiracy to ce. I am glad i; :s as from i over. I am tired of bf-Inz oainmnaied injiii,_,_^ ^ ijeir.g r.a-i-r.:e.l arar. hoarded: ] n? ^ j )C e:j tra:isie!"rcd to Reading and ; despondent, bj hanging himseir in a | s;ab:e. Rev. Mr. Daugherty recently Wednesday afternoon 12.30 to 8 o'clock, it-ired of trying 10 do ray duty and te ] -^-33 preparing to leave for that place where I will do, or I will call on j ing traduced, you in yo«r home, .it your convcnsence. j -The court rulf-.l on any Thursday, caru. PIea? corsets and a t*viiiti»i-'t; \ *^* s. iii.^--.. I-. -- frontier days, would when he ended his life He is survived in everything j D y hi? widow aid two children. ! Hold Postmaster For Theft. Chinese Brigands Murder 300. Pekin. Oct. "I*. -- Cajnese brigands un-ier General Hwang I-iang have murdered 30" people in the province of Fo-kien ar.d br.rned two mission eluirche?, believe- to be the property of American m-ssionary societies. American rrsissionasres from the district are still in Fuchow. where they took refage d-irins the re-:«nt troubles. Govemraer.* troops s^nt against the brigancs have not shows much ac- Train Kiils Schoolgirl. C. MYERS. New Oxford. Spirella ("orsetierre. p a | horse thief, in ' have received a squarer deal. "Lancaster. Pa. Oct. IS.--Abner J Aadubon. X. J . Oct. IS.---Marion Wetzler. postmaster at "WT.lo-w Street.] Fish, seven years old. daughter of Mr. "Mr. Murphy controlled the assem- ilv and 'ordered' the impeachment. Ho Mi.l'lie street. " and dictated its procedure and wrote Two =tory brick lioive containing ten the judgment. He was the ju^ge and rooms suitable for keeping boarder?, sra.* j tbrouch hou-o, s;ool well of water under i jioreh anl cistern \vitli ftki-r unik-r Lancaster county, was held in bail by United States Commissioner Lowell to answer the charge of em bezzling ?S?iO of postoffice funds. TV"e;z ler. it is said, ased the moncj in ais kitrhefi, Kitzmil!..-r, 15 M. Walter. ap,,l T to Mr-. - - DON'T forget the administrator's lo of Ilarn* J. C: or Oct. C4th, of all his real estate personal property.--advertisement FOT1 SALE: five thoroughbred hull j terriers. Hill Top Poultry Farm, F. G. S McCammon.--advertisement. and Mrs. Robert T. Fish, of Logan avenue, Orston, was struck and killed by an Atlantic City railroad express train while on her wa home from school. The little girl tried to cross the tracks »t an unprotected grade crossing. FOR SALE: typewriter, practically ?ood as new, only $20, cost S100 will ship for trial prepaid. J. Stedel, 212 E 5-th, Cincinnati, 0.--advertisement

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