The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on December 18, 1933 · Page 13
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 13

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, December 18, 1933
Page 13
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Page 13 article text (OCR)

MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE THE LOVE WAGER By EDNA ROBB WEBSTER CHAPTER 42 WHEN MARION returned to the .cabin wh'icn she shared with Kerma, the latter was already in wispy sheer pajamaa and obscurely thick cold cream, neither of which detracted from her glowing Titian beauty. But her obnoxious disposition was more manifest than her physical pulchritude. It flared forth in sarcasm and criticism with every word she uttered, clouded her face under the slather of cream, even. She did not know why she had come 'aboard this stupid old ship, anyway; there wasn't an interesting person on it, she was having a perfectly wretched time and she was dead tired. The reason for all such Indiscriminations was, of course, that she had been denied her quota OE masculine attention. With Stuart At Lizetta'a command, Count Dia- vini devoted to Marion and Lord Withington fascinated by Patricia, she and Betty were like two pieces of floating driftwood by comparison. Jim, Budge and Larry had frankly admitted their preference for a pc- Jcer game, and Kerma had flirted ·with the shy and reticent Jay cole- man foe as long as she could endure his shocked tolerance. Then she had sat in the lounge with Betty, watching the progress of the unexciting bridge game, until she could have screamed with ennui and finally had intruded upon Marlon's privacy with the pretense that she thought it was high time for all respectable girls to dismiss romance, and retire. Of course, as Marion well knew, it would have been quite a different situation had Kerma · "been the object of command of adoration of fascination. Her irritation grumbled and clattered and banged Itself about the limited cubicle of space, and would have vexed Marion intolerably, had she not been so absorbed with her memories of the evening. As it was, she watched and listened to Kerma in a kind of tolerant and amused apathy. She could imagine herself in Kerma'a position, and almost pitied her. But in her present optimistic mood, she had little thought of any kind for anyone except herself. She began leisurely and dreamily her own prolonged toilet for what remained of the night. Kerma finished her preparations and swung into the upper berth without soliciting Marion's preference. "Yes, darling," she glowered down upon her cabin-mate, "I'll take the upper shelf because you, with your head spinning around in such a fog as it:ls tonight, would be sure to crash out just as I get all nice slumtjfiroua." "Oh, I could sleep on the floor, or anywhere, tonight, and cot know the difference," Marion admitted cheer- fullv - · · ' · . ~ , Kerma sputtered with scorn." Duck Boup! You and Lizzie are positively disgusting with your necking around all over the place. Why give a party just to show off your trophies of the man-hunt? Why don't you really go into seclusion if you want to be so exclusive with your company? Exclusive--that's a laugh! If I wanted to exhibit a passion, I'd look for a prize winner." "And when did you change your mind about Stuart Logan being a prize? You were plenty keen on him the last time I knew anything about it." "When did I?" she snapped. "When he proved to be a sap by falling for Lizzie--that's when." '"Well, I don't know," Marion spoke slowly, and intent upon her image In the mirror. "Maybe he just couldn't help himself. Lizzie is no beauty, I witness to your testimony, cut she must possess an extra portion of 'It' or sex appeal or whatever it is that make men fall for I tion concerning Lizetta was no longer as valuable to her as It might have been once. A remote revenge was the best she could obtain from its use. Her paramount Interest no longer concerned Stuart Logan. It was centered In Count Carlos ana his castles In Spain. But It occurred to her that by placing this weapon into the hands of another eligible rival, she might double the force of that revenge and witness an amusing 1 sequel to this evening's performance. Kerma stared Into apace with glittering eyes, as If a vision were unfolding before them. "Well, I think It is somebody's duty to give that poor fellow the lowdown on that, I do." 'And they boast about woman's emancipation!" Marlon ridiculed. "What Is the use for women to tolerate each other's Indiscretions when the men never will?" Kerma retorted. "Men haven't changed about blaming women, since Adam tattled about Eve. And they never will in another mlllenium. And neither will Stuart Logan, if you ask me." "But what he doesn't know, won't hurt him," Marion suggested testily "Ha would be less injured if he did know, I'd say!" "But who would t«ll him, if Lizzie doesn't?" "As if Lizzie would!" scoffed Kerma. "Why don't you?" "Why should I? It's nothing to me how he gets stung. I finished with him quite a long time ago. Why don't you tell him?" "May I?" Her eagerness bubbled. "On one condition." "What is that?" "That you will tell BO one who told you!" "Why--isn't Hon-the-leve' stuff? "Of course! But who wants to be blamed for letting the secret out? Not I!" "All right--that's easy. I can get the dope from anyone in New York. Gossip travels far and mysteriously. If you want to travel on low rates, ride with gossip," she laughed merrily at her own joke. "Whoopee! her." "Men!" Kerma mocked. "I never eaw any males falling around her before. Which shows more than ever what a dud this Logan is!" "Hm! there must have been at least one other. Lizzie has been married before, it seems." "Married!" Kerma sat upright in her berth like a jack-in-the-box, and just missed striking her head on the low celling-. "Well--married or--it may have been a kind of companionate try-out that faded out--" "What are you talking about?" Kerma demanded, with the first animation she had displayed. So Marion repeated the information which the count had given her concerning Lizetta, embellished with a few interpretations of her own and related with a relishing turn of her tongue. Kerma was no longer apathetically scornful. She radiated interest and zeal and new hope. "Does Stuart know this?" she demanded. "Ask me another? How should I know, excent by the genius of Instinct which answers nine guesses out of ten, that he does not! Girls like Lizzie don't capture men like Stuart by relating shadowy pasts. And that's that!" During her recitation to Kerma, a new idea had been developing slowly in Marlon's mind. The first thought had been that this Informa- and what a surprise I nave waiting for you, Stuart Logan!" "I thought you said he was a dud and not worth looking at," Marion snatched the opportunity for retaliation. "Oh, you don't need to be so na- tlve. You know as well as I do that a | man who belongs to another girl and' one who will soon drop her like a hot potato, arc two different people --not even related. Just you watch me turn this cut-and-drier' party into a kettle of hot soup before we get back to shore!" "Go ahead, I'm watching you with both of my eyes and my mouth, wide open." "Well, you may close them for the rest of tho night. What do you want me to do--burst into the gentleman's cabin with the tragic news, crying, 'Extry, extry, fiancee of dashing young millionaire discovered to be glaring hoax!' ? I think headlines like that will be just as effective in the morning, or any other time I may choose to use them. Besides, It won't do any harm to think this thing over and plan it for the best effect. Let the old dear have his one glorious night of blissful Illusion before the dawn of stark reality. How I pity his awakening!" "You may need some pity yourself, before you finish this. Supposing our darling Lizetta has confessed all her little Indiscretions and he has forgiven them all?" "Not a chance!" Kerma waved aside the possibility. "Besides which, a very dark secret well secluded might be one thing, and a public scandal quite another. Just watch me brew this sizzling concoction to my taste." But it did not require Kerma's ingenuity to transform the "cut-and- drled party Into a Kettle of hot soup." It was potpourri before she could take action. (TO BE CONTINUED) Farmers' Cash Income Gains in 9th District WOVJJ CAW 1,OETW?TO REACH THvS REMOT6. ·SPOT AMD VME.RS. COO T GET ANY. VAOSX IT OP. T»4IS CONTRACTOR. COESNi'T ^MANT TUt VMQOD BHCAJOS£ OP T^eCOST OP VAUUVSG. NEAn.ThUS'SPCrr GO RA3kJ(T VJP THERE. NON A.WO WONHV VOO CWVl-OPLEN ^VWUE. irrs NAA.OE . SEE , WE UA-S SWOVOhJ MAP OOST FOR. AuC OP ME, SMIV_\_ WANE. TD -STAY. A Ray of Hope Tcrasaft/fe Copyright, 1933, by Central Press Association, THE. pi vu. LOOK IKON -en TO ot-i -- \ CRN'T High Pressure Pete . -STREETS COLO HUNR 1 /. NOT A Good Reason Frank MerriwelVs Schooldays STIRA.IN PLAVIWG Hte COST JS A.OOOO CAA.N Sterling Again! Burtl. Standish Muggs McGinnis YATooK US' v__ e . J The Real Surprise 1 . entral Press Association, tn ·fofit PErtjS SAKE-- KER.S HE COMES W ifH -ICA^S IM WTHE ' AOourNOU FTjvf HCEL SUPPOSED ib eoviitft SO I PLANED orr SICK; AND HOME TROM 1bPAx -fn OUCK: HIM ' You HOME Y3U WERE SlfePPIM' OUT" DANCE "-TONIGHT i He Aims to Please Paul Robinson Mrs. BorcKerding Head l| THE OLD HOME TOWN MINNEAPOLIS, Dec. 16. The estimated cash income to farmers In the ninth federal reserve district during November from seven major items was five per cent greater than the income from the same items a year ago, the Federal Reserve bank of Minneapolis said today in its monthly report. Increases occurred in durum wheat, potatoes, dairy products and hogs, while there were decreases In bread wheat, rye and flax, the report pointed out. Prices of all grains and of veal calves, hogs, lambs, ewes, butter, milk and potatoes were higher in November than a year ago. An increase in business volume wag again registered during November as compared to the same month a year ago, although the gain was not as great as that registered In earlier months of 1933. The volume during November was but slightly lower than tbat registered in October, after allowance for purely seasonal changes. of Society at Latimer LATIMER, Dec. 16.--The St. Paul Lutheran Missionary society met at the Mrs. H. Roberts home and elected: President, Mrs. Henry Borcherding; vice president, Mrs. H. Roberts; secretary, Mrs. K. J. Traugott; treasurer, Mrs. Harold Borcherding; sewing committee, Mrs. H. M. Jensen, Mrs. H. Roberts, Mrs. Peter Sorensen, The next meeting will be held at the Mrs. K. J. Traugott home. NEED MONEY? PINE WILL LOAN YOU On furniture, autos, personal property or anything of valuo to persons who have steady employment. IXJANS UP TO $SOO Pay bach In monthly Installments LOANS MADE SAME DAY OF APPLICATION C. I*. Pine Loan Company OF MASON CITY SECOND FLOOR WEIR BLDG. PHONE 224 NUMSKUU* A\ PEAR NiOAH = oc)Es IT- SEEM possiei-E JM THESE HARD TIMES. POH A HORSE TRADER TO tSIVE -TWO- BITS VVITH evEwy TEAM L..C- so, · MV NEW A fooK *=rr OO YOU THJNV; THE STOR^ ·KEEPER -WILL- TAKE 'CM OF1= MV HAAJS J DICK. C»-APl»E«,, DV1.UT*, MNN, THC M.AH EARH-V, By STANLEY"] IFl HAP SEES ABLE TO DODSE. WORK AS UON3 AS -TOO HAVE, BUD, 'D .JUST Pop ~^E VARlETf, / VMHO MAB6 L FORTUNE ( WJOODEM BUP SWM1VC, Vv/HO HAS JUST FINISHED A MAJL. COURSE IN TAP DANCIMQ. IS UNDECIDED ON VNHAT TDTAKB OP NEXT - BUT -TWE ecVS HIM PLSNTY Of SUGE^TJONS Meetings Will Close. BUFFALO CENTER--The three weeks of evangelistic meetings will come to a close Sunday morning. The Rev. C, D. Jamea of La Porte City has been bringing tha messages. But how can the twenty-firs amendment be the twenty-firs amendment when, with the eigh teenth amendment dropped, ther aro only twenty amendments?-Dubuque Telegraph-Herald. BRICK BRADFORD IN TUB Ml* BENEATH THE BEA By William Ritt and Clarence Gra

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