The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on October 18, 1913 · Page 4
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 18, 1913
Page 4
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THE GETTYSBU RCTTIMES M. .m * polished Daily Except Snaday Tiines and Sews Publishing Compay HAFER,, Secretary and Treasurer. MAY REG MEXICAN PHILIP E. BIKLE, Editor SATES Single copies to non-subscribers. Zj ^ ten days after your money ss received ar The ~~ it 15, isii?£t GettVsburg, Pa-, as second-claw icxtter, Congress_March S, ^ C ' Q cmder = i JBELL ; PHOXE im Korthwest corse UNITED PHONE r of Centre Square, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. President Wilson Sends Loo( Message to Garranza, Four Badly Burned In Explosion In Bear Valley Mine. Shamokin, Pa,, Oct. IS-- in a tsrrlfic jrplodcn of KSS in tie Be - r Val - e ' iiine ol the Kcadir.? Coal and Irsr, ::-oaipany, a number of men were en- Uelopcd'by a bis sl-eet of flame ana ; terribly burned, cne being in a critical ser- PROMPT ASTIOH xindition. The victims: Bolis Shtpioskre. burned about the lead, face and ban3t=- \Viil:affl llocoskie, burns on the face, seek, and head. Edward HcSe, burned ?boat hands, arras and eec-Ii. - Maeoiise, bares of me face, CHURCH NOTICES EPISCOPAL Sunday School 9:45; morning vice 10:30; evening service 7:00. PRESBYTERIAN "The Court of Last Resort" will be the subject Sunday at iO:30; evening: I v/orship at 7 o'clock, subject "The Cos-! pel". Sunday School at 9:15 a. m~ and ; Christian Endeavor 6:15 p. m. t ST. JAMES LUTHERAN j Sunday School, 9:30; preaching ser-1 vice, 10:30, a ten minute story sermon | to children; regular sermon subject,; '-The Judgment Date"'. Christian En-; Medical Advertising." M. M. Fenner Co's PERSONAL NOTES AND BRIEF ITEMS Paragraphs of NEWS Telling of the Happenings in and about TOWP People Visiting Here and Those Sojourning Elsewhere. i scalp, anas and back: cr!uc-L ! The men were erurlcye-i iu tne -.vest Ixo. 11 vein and tod Sne too a pltor j^^ ^^ Quesdon .v ji «. _2O ·/-1-j^i^« ·* »»V.JL« j deavor Rally Service, 'C:00 p- m.;, yr Recommend the , pm» for the KIDNEYS, Biad- , Dropsy, j »Ti K 31ercer- Inirg to^dSy to'prSal-h in * one 'of tbe churches of that town on GENERAS- OFFICES NEW YORK AND CHtCAGO per word- each insertion. TVo cents a word If Onr all n d i t e s of all partie- 4U -Demons are 1\VJ iJtiC.Or±iLOOJLl . .. warned not to trespass on the premises or me under- ise of taking game in any manner; 1905. William Allison, Sami; Walters farm, Hamiltonban township. John D. Kiev, R. 12. Gettysburg. Pa. Cumberland Township. Mrs. J. E. Hnghes. Cumberland Township. D. B. Wineman. Cumberland To-arr?=""? p . Frank Mumper. R. 1, Gettysburg, Pa. C. J. Deardorff. Orrtanna,. Pa. , , , _ , . Charles Wagaman (Dr. W. H. O'Xeal Farm) Highland Townsmp. F. L. Eime. Butler Township. Bigler-.-ille. Pa. C B Shank. Strafaan Township, R. 7, Getx\-sburg, Pa. J. H. Kuhn'(J. F. Kuhn Farm) R- 2, Gettysburg, Pa. Mt. Joy Two. Jacob Frommeyer. Straban Township. George E. Barman, R- G. Gettysburg, Pa. Butler Townsmp. George C. Shealer. Straban Townsmp. 3Irs. Mary J. Weikerr, R. 2. Gettysburg, Cumberland Township. J. H. Rex^ Box 50. R. 2, Biglen-flle- Mr= Matilda L. Codori. Cumberland Township. Samuel Robinson, R. 1, Gettysburg, Pa., Cumberland Township. J L. Toot, Straban Township. D. L. Jacobs, R. 1, Eiglervule, Pa. Sutler Township. Joseph. B. Twinlncr. P.. 12. Gettysburg,'Pa. Edward A. Scott, R. 4. Gettysburg, Freedom Township. J. D. Brows. Highland Township. R. F- Biddle. Mt. Pleasant Township. R- 8, Gettysburg. D. J Reile, R. 12, Genysburg. Pa., Cumberland Township. Leo Frommever. Mr. Pleasant Township. Martui Winter, Cumberland Township and Gettysburg. W. T. Mehring. Springs Dam Farm, Cumberland Townsaip- Eobert E. Major, Straban Township. John W. Mcllhenny Farm R. 1, Gettysburg,. Straban Township. Charles F. Rebert, Seven Stars, Pa. G. W- Eldon, Bendersville, Pa. George D. Thomas. Chambersburg Pike. Robert Harner, Greer.mount. Pa. Harry E. Shriver. Butler Township, R. 6, Gettysburg. Joseph A. Albert.! Batler Township, R. 6, Gettysburg. William Coshun. Straban Township. Elias Wolford, Mt. Pleasanc Township. H C Warren- Menallen Townsblp- C- H- Summell on C. L, Osborne farm: Menallen township. Wm. M. Bigham's Sons. Freedom Township. Wm- M. Bighain's Sons., Liberty Township. Jacob F. Peters. Tyrone Township R- 2, Biglerville. Pa. Charles Essick and sisters. Butler Townsmp, R. 5, Gettysburg. J. C. Coulson, Butler Township. A. S. Whisler. Mt- Plessanc Township, R-10. Mrs. Clcstia A. Black. R. 1. Biglerviile, Pa- George Herring. Highland Township. W. F. Herbst. Orrtanna R. 1- O. B. SharretEs. Cumberland Township- R- -· Gettysburg. Pa. G. E. Stallsmith. Straban Township. R. 9. Gettysburg. Pa. John Dick. Hoiiacker Farm. Strabsn Township. Gilbert Rudisill. Cumberland Township. Gettysburg Route 1- J. E. Jacobs. Eugene S. Kelly farm. Cumberland Township- J Clayton Rider, Mt- Jov Townshi?- Gettysburg R-1- Cha^-les Fidler. V W. E. Golden farmj. R- 1, Biglerville. Butler Twp. F. 3. Twisden, Gettysburg Poultry Farm. Cumberland Township. John H. Eckert, Straban township, Gettysburg. R. 8. Otis Walter. fConrad Walter Farn,; R. I. Tillie, Franklin Townsmp. E. F. Sirausbaugh. Orrtanna Ii. 1- Aifaert Hollinger. Currbcrlar.d tov.-.-^hlp. Gettysburg, R. 6. Deardom Brothers. Tiilie. Pa. Fraiklin Township. E. P. Garrcttsor.. Butter Township. John ar.d Frank Garrefcon.'sr. Township. R. H. Black. R. 2. Gettysburg. Cumberland Township. Mrs- Daniel 3IiTer. Cumberland Tov.-nth:p. Gettysburg Route 6- D. S. Reynolds. Siraban Township Ge:iysburg Route 0- W. A. B-jrham. Curnberlar.d Tc-wn-.-ip- Gettysburg. R. G. John Groscost. E. ~. Gt,it\^vjrg. St. a; an lov.r.s'r.ip. Garncld Jacoi..-. il- !-. Gct-.y^urp. -tar P.ariow. DorscV DerdortT. Ii:-L:ar-d Tov.-r.-.vr-, tTIrs. H. B- Mover Farm). H. S/Mertz. HanrJ:'-.'-. Tovrr^hip- 'Can:?Scli and Mover Farmj. James I- Bicnar^.. Freed -m 7owr.s"":p- Cet.ytb^rjr. Fa. I^Cv-i Crarr, M^r.^'.cr. Tov.-rsh:p. Mrs- Ar.drew Brouch. H. I. Aspcrs- Mc-.a^cr. L. H- Meals. Cur:Lc-r:rd Tov.nsh:?. R- ~ Gcuysburg. C. W. Black iJ. Carr.a ?:r.r,h FaT.i! II. 2. Gettysburg, Mt- Joy Twp. Wrn- II. Johns. Cur-iberland'p ard Gottysbsrg. George W. Wo'.f, R. 3, Gefysrurg. Cumberland Township. Edm-jr.d Lit'Je. John B ^ Tarn- . C^n-i-erlj-nd Township. Harris Coc-k. Mt-a T Ic" To -.· ~ ; .r. Waller C. Sr^cer. R. 12, Gc;t; -J-T. IV.. Ca-n'.crland Twp. Bayly Farm. Vincent. R. c - Ge-.r-^u-fr. btr-.'c.:, Towr-hip. Edward Redding R. ·-'. tkv.yiDurs. ?-.-«.!.an To-RiXnip. A. J. Smith Farm. H. E. Boyd. Gu-clcr.;.. IV.. ui.c M'.. Pleasant Townships. Harry S. Trost'.e. S:n.hc.n To^-vrs:. i. Edward A. Tro t"c-. Stra:.i.r. Town .-hip. John Lc-ese. on Xatran Brov-T. farm. Township. Gbg. Route 8. W. W. Miller farm (Oscar Bream'e-ar.t t Straoan Townsisip. Gog. R. S. Mcrvin Black, Biglervsile. Mcr.alie r. Tov.n-L:n. Additional names, oO cents for entire season. dent with leader iii soon be taken to recjga* stiiutionai-st government, \port which seeped through official csr-1 cles here. , j X long message, believed to be loo£- ' s 10 this end. was sent to Carranza from tlie state department. * bomb shell was exploded in tne administration ranks, however, wnen Representative Sherwood, of Ohio, a sirons Democrat and one of the big men of the house, tamed on the inac- :«ve course of the president an«l urged Use house to settle the Mexican trouble bv establishing an armed protectorate. "A crisis is now on that cahs ior im-"e''=at» action on the part of the TVJd" States," he said. "One of three courses is open to cs; to raise the em- j,-»r~o o" arms and encourage tae Mexicans in their natural desires to kill each other; to enter the country fo- armed iatfrveation, or to co-operate with other nations of the world ia exercising a control that will allow the establishment of a firm government."' That President \Vilson leans toward recognizing the Mexican revolutionists is an open secret in official Washington. Many times he has said he would welcome Information as to the purpose of tae Constitutionalists, should thev become successful at arms, and his trend has beea given an impetus bv the assumption ot dictatorship by Ht'C-rta, and his flat violation of his promise to hold an open, fair election. Specific information regarding: their purposes is expected from the rebel chiefs. Carranza ia particular, in "Washington -within tae near future, iwhile communication between the surface. *ti»c»|^^^»jTMj^»^ lhe j Theme ; "Emphasis at the Wrong ,4^\ v ^e M^n a considerable dis- Place." Mrs. Mark Eckert vill sing as j tance Ly a strong r:?'.i of wine, an-.! | a special musical number, J O Loving when rescuers re; " " -*-- -- * "· - -~ " *- ----- ·" the clothing of se was found to have vc?'*i burned from their persons. " METHODIST igato o EPiSGOPL OHUROH JHMiOE Mrs. Cranster has returned to Taneyiown after a visit at the home of Miss Katie O'Neal on Carlisle street. Rev. F. E. Taylor retunied this When vou ha"ve~"that choked and jWrnin* from a business trip to Har- up feeling in the monun'r* j rssburjr. Tf5 !e Prep foot ball team journeyed his morning to play rbhal! Academv in the Hpei Soolhes, Ponfies, Heals Catarrh His PI ifunded by People's Drugstore ?-»v;oK«rl Ir it -i mpHscatefl air Z. SheafTc-r, of Balti;. returned to Baltimore this Committee on Prayer i ports Mo JimsdiGls REFORMED Sunday School, 9:15 a, m.: church fig- {service, 10:20 a. m., subject, "The treat- j meat ihat does r.ot drujf or derange j i morning. J. A. Tavrney, of "\Yest Middle | Sunday School. 9:30 a., m.; Junior j soo ": J l l C x l w -t-IScit. *J.U*i» J . V w Vi*. w^, v* -.»- 1» I f-r · -_ H the stomach, tec is brethed in through j street, was a Hanover v-suor to-day. Medieal Advertising | scroves the catarrh germs and unior : soot h es an( i heals the irritated mucous Xew York, Oct. that the name o copal Church of America ' Christian Endeavor meeting. 1:30 p.: membrane of the nose and throat. , t i s _.\ny p-oliability j nl _-senior Christian Endeavor meet-! Get a complete outfit no\v and of tbe Protestant Ep:s- jj" n ^ G:00 p . nl . : preaching 7:00 p. m. 5 cured of catarrh- be |._.. Rev -vVTtliam Quigley.. of York. The | be chassed at this general convention | - Q ua rterlv Conference will be held j .-as disposed of by the house of depu- ^ edn e sday , October 22nd, Dr. W. n. I saleswoman. Adaress Le»o. WANTED: woman over 25 for a! Box 110. j ties. Carranza and the president continues though the text of the messages is kept carefully secret. This body adopted a reso ed by "the committee oa prayer i which found that it was without ( mittea soIu-Jon sub- jWashinger, presiamg. ner. pastor. ~j" Chas. Gard-! Ch2mbersb ' jr »-~ adverfcise TM ent jurisdiction, to a proposing changes the church. Tne -committee also recommended delav IE c-oasiderir.s the memorial the diocese of California refer- specificaUy to a change in tne Ayer's Sarsapar ilia Oldest, Safest, Strongest, Best- Standard family .medicine. No alcohol. Sold for 60 years. Ask Your Doctor. ixy'i-n:Ti»-»' Threaten Diaz's Life. Havana, Oct. IS---Placards threatening to assassinate General Felix Diaz if lie should come ashore were posted, throughout the city. The steamer Cor- cavado. on which he is a passenger, will arrive toaay. VlCTiM OF HUNTER rora rin nrOB( as xo require . two-thirds vo.e to in*a.= j the change. The proposed amendment | has massed the house of deputies and j awaits action by tr°e house of bishops. ! The house of deputies voted for the introduction of "Se minutes ol prayerful silence" in tie observance of Good Vrjrav at 3 D- m., iiiersour of the death of Christ. The suggestion originates ·ith the diocese of Pittsburgh. The chancc-I ; ors ct the various dioceses orga-ize;: and elected: President, -Judge Charles Andrews, western Xew York: vice president, Gideon C. \Vilson. southern Ohio: secretary, George F. Henry. Io%va. SALEM U- B. ict sines, resolutions j Sunday School, 9:00 a. m.; Divine ·s in the lesa* title oi 1 v/orship". 10:00 a. m., Rev. William Quigley vnll preach the sermon. Chas. Gardner, pastor. YORK SPRINGS 31. E. York Springs: Sunday School, 9:00: sermon. 10:00: Epworth League, 7:30. ---a-3 oae«uoi. ---u-^ ^-. ^ consid- Rock Chapel: Sunday School 1:50; ered -he coxrolcee recommended, un- j sermon. 2:30. Hanterstown: Sunday, til disposkicn had been made of the School. 1:30: sermon. 7:30. Ltitner rt. proposal to amend the constitution so | ^cQarvev. ^astor. AREXDTSYILLE REFORMED The Rev. Alford Kelley. representing the Anti-Saloon League, of Pennsylvania, will preach at Benders at 10 a. m_: at Arer.dtsxille at 2 p. m.: acd ac Biarlerville ax 7:00 p. m. CHURCH OF THE BRETKRtlV Sunday School. 9:30: preaching at 10:30 and 7:00 by Rev. B. C- Tvitniore. of Hanover. Friends Grove: Sunday School. 9:30: preaching 10:30. Mam- yra^burg: preaching 10:00. ST. PAUL'S A. M. E. ZIOX Woman's Day. The 11 a. m. service will be a prayer and song sen-ice con- Tae fall apples H'.ce the Snow acu J Wealth-.- will :'.!iswer t!:e purpose for i nM~-lr.-i ana oat-n-^: unti! weH hito the I J niiit-r if tbe perfet-r fruit wbeu fully wrappea r! Uhout bniisius aud put in a coal cei- WE have for sale a choice lot of nursery stock in ail leading varieties, propagated from bearing trees, Boyer Brothers. Arendtsville, Pa.--advertisement Young Man Found Dead on Mountain ~With Face Full of Shot. Huniingoon. Pa.. Oct. IS.--Roy Garner ?nfi Clarence Goodman went out hnntins on Short mountain. BecoTHiig separated. Goodman was unable to "find Garner and was conv ne'Ie:: to come home without him. As Garner had not returnee the next ircTirnET Gcocman and Earl Fonst, _ ^ ^ -_ em'^iover. went in search of him. ismic distsrbar.ces indicate tna. =^rt- Tb-v tonnd his bo-lv in a clearing. Iy- ling changes are taUng piace m tne -*-* 1 '"-. _ _ . . _ 1 _ _ . - _ " _ . . «f=S --·, n »^*-»OCTT r»T i Ct^, OCEAN BED ATPANAIVIA SINKS Subsidence Discovered Following Re-|m. At S p. m. special music by_rhe cent Seismic Tremors. | choir. A" cordial welcome co all. W. O- Tjastor. IIS eal folds Running Cease, Dull Headache Goes. Trv "EIv's Cream Balm." Gel a small, bottle anyway. Just to swollen membrane which lines the nose, head and throat; clears the air nassages; stops jiasty discharges and a i*ee:ing of cleansing, soothing relief comes immediately. Don't layjawake to-night s'cruggling trv it--Apply s. little in neetliess. car? rrhnl sore throat will be gone. . . . . - .-c", End such misers- nov.-I Get the small PuV your faith-just once-m E,j s bonl- of "Elv-s Cream Balm- at any Cream Balm ' an(i your cold or catarrh store. This sweet, fragrant balm will surely disappear. Panama. Oct. is.--Reports received j Cooper, p here from the center of the recent se- OTI the part, of another EDWARD A. BAKER i:':n;cr. venom the police are trym fin 1. to BA8N AND 79 COWS BURN Combustion !n Aifaifa Mows Caused 515 Blaze. '.Vest Chester. Pa ; Oct. IS.-- A ]arn rn Tl.c -j']"-acre farm of John ·:hart of the United States meiu. pn"'i: ; s"?e;s in 1904, now shows a. denth of -" » · ! feet, indicating vast subsidence has taken place. tnat a T.CT. :s. at jlorstt-in, r.ostroye-I by fire, near Frazer. was . TV-- lc^= 2? estiTJiated at more that; Sift.r.'-'. S»venty-n : ne cows perished. e-jfu cno va - i"a at SI" ·- The origin of ;e fire :s s?. : -l to have been sponta- r.^or? roii'iTits = on in tbe alfalfa nao«-s. 7\Ir. Lct^is -s president of the Academy o: the F»ne Arts, of Pr.rsafielphia. z coast ot i-o= M{; pleasant Township Resident Died vicinity of tne f ^ ffis Homc Edward A. Baker died October 11 at his home in Mt- Pleasant township from a' complication of diseases aged 44 vears, two months and five days. He is survived by his wife, -who was Alverta Bittie before marriage, and one daughter. Miss Ruth R- Baker, and also by one brotner. Maurice Baker, of Mt. -Joy township, and three Destitute Mother Uses Last Quarter sisters. Mrs. Cora Bair. of 3It. Joy Fcr Gss to End Lives. j township; 3Iiss Flora Baker, of York. Cheif-n. :.Ia.=s.. Oct. IS.--"Despondent j a m j -jj rs Edith Lowe, of Westminster, from disca=« and aunger. Mrs. r. J. i ^ Johns-n -:-^r-1 her last 25 cent piece j " ^ fmeR a was held from his lale " ito i~.*p -'-? :n f -ter at her nonie acre, nd. oppp.:-." ^ve jets, died wi KILLS HERSELF AND CHILDREN FURNITURE lcr The funeral was held from a: j-Tr 1 home in 3It- Pleasant township Taes! dav morning- Interment at Mt. Carmel of riberc'ilosis 1 cemetery. Littlcstown, Rev. Irvin Lau Dog Adopts Kittens. Xc7r Sh-iron. X. -I- Oct. IS.--A do:; "i^lrn-in^; l"~ -Tchn Haney has adopted -. JrcA^ !;i7icns by forcible mean::R pi-rfer-nf" '-" -er otvn rap3. and is .,,.,-- 7,7:7- iv -\^ stiTinse letter. Lately t"-,o --aster r.^ked tnat the dog was r.'=" t "; n- .'?· joung and was showing -"=11.- r; 1-e.:i- ;ca'oi]-^ of ins cat. Re- rop.tly I". 1 ' c"~ has driven tae mother cat from her ;sed and taken possession. i; a ="r ; T^r:-;ir!. Neighbors fojind the mother Fiu.r.s in a chair, wirh her head bov 4 f«: oicr a -volume of Brownin--"s T.OSIT:--. GENERAL ftlABKEtS PHILAI'F.M'HTA -- FLOUTl weak; cane and Svs -'.inter -':'·'... ^^S^S.O' 1 ; city mills, «=idcrab7e po - ' " r " aR( j j ev Lindaman officiating. Feterita. a new forage plant lately introduced into this conntry from the Critisb Sudan by UJe department of cjrricultiirc and bcloticSi^ to tbe putnir cane and Kaffir com family, sires coa- ·oiaise as a crop that will Chr:stmas " For Life Savers. \Vnshsnzt-m. Oct. IS.-- Two check? ;"T S"'"" each were received by the !;fe s-av:r.^ service from t~o annamea Tvon^en .n Xe-v York city, who ask :io ^'-r^y ';e isea as Christmas jr.fts for "o :r ir:^n1= along the coast."' · v- w ^ f n t en years these sae tvo- . rrn - rr ,^c anr.',:sriy contributed a r.::icnnt. Xo. -2 new, Ka\:nsui=conrintKtl our Stove t«=in^S3 fxi lUMHint oinot jiavms room to hau'lle we are now tumins ali onr time and efforts to the farnknre bu-'iaess both modern and .inti-r-ie. Ac ilii= time vie are wtll stocked have one of ti.e i^est lots of awb that vce have ha-t for s^n-e tiii:--;. This xreek we are ^i\ing special prices all over the honse- Bny now and save a -.rood discount for yoorteif. Charles S, Mumper Co. 1 ;- .-teady, at Tj^Syc. per Poi'T-TRY. I/.vc steady; aens. 3l-1 rco?;' -=, IJtrlSe. Drcs?cd _ ··hoc ftv, 1= ^"c.: old roosters. 13^TMc. BUTTETt st f adv; fancy creamery, r. - c-- ]·. E^OS steady: selected, 33c.; near" j yie:«l well under the conditions prcvniiiiic: in the semiarid southwest- As mrowa west of the Mississippi river tlis ;ood drought some in- icn proof other crops alongside were consumed- However, the new crop is ia the probationary period, and it would be -well to try it on a small scale first TREES FOR SALE \ I have good Peach and 2,000 Apple trees ready ^ for planting that, I will sell at reasonable prices in ^ small or large lots. | G. E. Spangler | ^^ iike m Two c.irlo-:ds of c'.over Feed, were fhij.ju-d the other Iny from AlLany, Ore to \YHcm'siti bnjers. tbe value of the"hb! bciu? $21,000. Some t^n-n-r- in tlJt? vicinity of Albany real- iwt fi-i:i ?4.ftOO to $0,000 for their , ;ui'K of t:o\er seed. Not the len«-t 01 ndvnr.tagcs Lu giv- ·r.c; hofTs r-Ifiitr of range on pasture is Hint tbo uinnnrial products aie fully utiii7C(l by t!ie soil instead ot belncr '..irtrcly waled. a.-, is often the case in Jry lot feeing in cramped quarters. Commander Brand Ends Life. - 0 ]-r.e-;.-r, Corn., Oct. IS. -- Com- ndcr Oar. c A. Brand. U. S. X., re., mff : cojnnjitted suicide by shooting in some woods a quarter of a inIe from his borne. His act was caused, it .... .r.''.c\c-a. :y :!~.ncss ru account of \ = m n nc rf:ircd from tne navy tnre- ic-ars C20. l!e_i^J±±v ·-·»»*« ° 1rt Not the least satisfaction that comes with the first bard fro«t is I**' 13 *-; the havoc vrhJch it works on the crab :rra^. which the nftor loous niiio!) ns if it had !»ei-n hit with u stuffi-d club or. more accurately, sculd- td in a vat of bot water. Produce Markets. lOc S1 CA.TTT.E ^OH-: beeves. sr..S!)@;f..=;5: Texas steers. ?·' SO'T.S'*: stocker? and ·"eedc-rs. 3'.2".fi 7.^5; cows and heifers, S3.5K; S ""; ca'ves, ST^^'-^o. SHEEP ?:«ac!y; na'ives, $"-S5®S:. !·-. Sj^fl: iambs, native, §.'.«o \v:h a Hi tie pains much of the seec for next years garden can be \vi:hjn the nest two or three TI)K i=: true of the radish and if tluy have been allowed to seftl. "tlie sweet pens, string .s, toisi.-itncs, summer and Ilubbard encumbers, etc. k-ltnce co to PriSo -ind self conceit arc traits that ma- often be carried to a disagreeable extreme, but n well balanced stock of j self respect is a trait which should be j studiously cultivated by every young i man nnd young woman who entertains j serious hopes of getting anywhere or | being anybody in the world., If one ! has Jittle or no regard for the worth and sncredncss of his own personality it is more than likely that there will be a failure to develop traits whicb will command the respect ot one's fel lows. vTbeii a boy or girt sets nn adequate conception of the possibilities that lie open to Mm, if lie only applies himself industriously, there is immediately created an atmosphere in bis life tbat will go a long ^ay toward guaranteeing success. FIVE CARLOADS O f CATTLE at GETTYSBURG wpk unload at Gettysburg^Monday evenin^October 20,py^cnl0ads of cattle, three carloads weighing from 600 to 850 Ibs; the other two carloads lighter cattle, containing some Holstem. Wil be in Gettysburg Tuesday at the Washington House stable. E. W. SCHRIVER J JEWS PA PER I ^WSPAPER!

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