The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 16, 1937 · Page 12
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 12

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 16, 1937
Page 12
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^ TWELVE MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, JANUARY 16 · 1937 Hog Markets HOGS UNCHANGED TO DIME LOWER TOP omo,35 i EQUALS FRIDAY Nothing Is Done in Other Branches of Livestock Trade at Chicago. CHICAGO, .{/P)--Although hog receipts were smaller than expected, buyers were indifferent in Saturday's short s e s s i o n and prices were unchanged to 10 cents lower. Top of $10.35 matched Friday's · closing peak. Nothing was done in other branches of the trade. Sheep and cattle receipts expanded this week, accounting to some extent for the declines that took place in most classes offered in these markets, but hog volume was around 25,000 head below the previous, week though slightly larger than 'the . corresponding week a year ago. Decline for Week. Despite this contraction in-hog receipts, the market declined 25 to 40 cents during the week, partly in sympathy with falling wholesale pork quotations. Choice and prime steers selling at $13.50 upward advanced 25 to : 40 cents during the week, to a new 12 months' peak ot 514.40. Other grades oE cattle, however, predominated in the market, and these lost 25 to 50 cents, closing dull. Though stockers and feeders were scarce finishers did not support this market late. Fat Lambs Drop. Fat lambs more .than lost early week gains and closed 10 to 15 cents net lower. Sheep, however, advanced around 50 cents. The early lamb top of $11, highest since July, gave way to a closing peak of S10.GO. A disturbing influence in most branches of the livestock trade was the backtracking of whole- ·=ale fresh meat quotations. Fresh pork loins, which led this reaction from recent high levels, closed at a 16 to 18Vi cents a pound range compared with ll'/z ' t o 21 Vi a week ago. . . 425-550 Ibs. M I D W E S T H O G S "Hog prices at midwest markets SaU \VATKRI.OO~HoRs oc lower. Good to choice HO-150 IU=. 97.10S17.-HI; 150-1CO Ibs, $?.70gr'; 1 GO- 170 Ibs. $8.3.i(Jt8.6Jl 1.0-1BO Ib.* S9.10tii9.40; 18U-200 Ibs. S9. 2QO-:t25 Hid. S9.CU«i3,9Q; 325-350 Ib SiD,70; packing sows 275-350 3bS. 8.45; 3')0-425 Ibs. §9 58.83-9.15. CEDAR RAI'IOS -- Good hogs HO to InO lbu 57.55rn.85; 150 to 160 Ibs. 58.05'i! IJ.oa; 160 to 170 Ibs.- S8.5oft8.8o; HO 10 180 Ibs. $9.13^9.45; 18U to 200 Ibs. $9.45ti9/15; 200 to 325 Ibs. $9.60fr.3.90; 323 to 350 Ibs. §9.4n '; good packers 275 to 350 Iba. $D.15f{' 9.4S; 350 10 425 Ibs. $9^9.30; 425 to 500 ibs. $8.85^9.15; 500 to 550 Ibs. $8.70ft9. OTTUMWA-- Hogs 5c lower. 140 to 130 Ibs. $1,55^7.85; 150 to 160 Ibs. $8.05f£ 8.35; IGO to 170 Ibs. $8.55T t 8.5; 170 to 180 Ibs. 59.15ffJO.45; 18(1 1o 200 Ibs. $9-4Qfi,9.70; 200 to 325 Ibs. $3.fiOS! i'9.90; 325 to 350 Ibs. 5E.45«/9,75; 350 io 400 Ibs. $9.25*f9.j packers 275 to 3nO Ibs. $9.10«10.40; 350 to 425 Ibs. $flfl9.30; 425 to 530 Ibs. A U S T I N -- Hogs me choice 180 to 200 Ibs. lower; good to 2QO Ib.s". £9.70^10: 290 io ,125 Ibs. SfMi O.flO; 32S to Sot! [hs. $9.50^ 9.RO; packing sows fjood 273 to f.50 Ibs. $a.75fi 9.4". S O U T « ST. TAin, L I V E S T O C K . ( S a t u r d a y M a r k e t ) SOUTH ST. PAUL. (.-!'--U. S. depart' (tient of agriculture-CATTLE 900; compared with Friday o. last \vcck medium slaughter steers ver dull late Friday, around 5Qc lower; bid oH more, clearance incomplete; strictly Kood and choice crades steady to 25c low er; common slecrs got some replacemen attpport; she stock 25-50e lower; bull steady Io liac lower; stockcrs and fccoer steady to easier; plain and tow medium slaughter steers or yearlings SG^ 8; mt d i u m and Rood fed kinds $8.50ffi. 10.50: te strictly good and choice $10/75 rJJl2.25 b u l k fed heifers ?G,50^8.50; very goo yearltnss to $5.75; incduuii and ^ood fe cows 53.ri0^6.15: plain butchers down t S4.75; 3ow cullers and cutlers must I S4.25 down; eood stocker or feeder steer $6.75^7,30; b u l k Jowcr grade stockcr S4.T5'ti;fi.50; catves 300. vealers mostl steady for week; good and choice $9.50C 11.50; few seleels Sl'-i," full and commo throw outs a round S3 Gil. HOGS 1.5CQ, mostly 5-10c lower ilia Friday with IGO to ISO tl)S. 15-2SC or mar lower than best time; piss tending lowei good and choice 200 to 300 Ibs. SlOCflO.l- top IGO to 200 Ibs. S9.fiOftlO: 130 10 16 Ib.?. $9?7.9.GO; li^Jitcr kilJor pigs down S7.50 and below; good sows SQ.nOrJID.G average cost Friday §10.03: weight 20H. S1IKEP l.UOO. compared with Friday last week slaughter lambs steady to 2,' lov/er; slaughter cwcs 23-oOc higher; feed Local Livestock MASON CITY--For Saturday ^ - JStTM !TMS:TMS KJO-170 S 5.20- B.5D 170-180 S 8.85- 9.15 1BU-200 S 9.35- 9.6J ·»00-' J "0 5 2.60- 990 5-n.MH S 9.60- 0.00 S 0.60- 9.30 S 9.GO- 5.SO ^·bule^SilS IS3j:iS Good heavy Good packing sows ;"-J^| Good heavy sows .. , -}^?-J^ Good big heavy sows 42a-=po Good big heavy sows 500-5,10 S 3.15- 9.45 S 8.M- 9.25 . . 8.55- B.S5 (The bove is a l (or good and ° So truck hog market In'pffcTfa'iorlhorf .ind ior.« haul hoss.l CATTI.I: Choice to prime steers ..... Good lo choice steers Tair to good steers Low Krado steers Choice to prime yearlings ·· Good to clioicc yearlings ... Fail- to' good j-earlinss Common lo fair yearlings .. 1 CrOOd lo choice heifers Fair to good liciicrs ........ Common to fair ncifcrs .... Choice to prime cows ....... Good to choice cows y.tir to good cows Fair to Rood cutters Common to fair cutters Fair to good canners Common to [aiv canners .... Inferior canners · - - · Good to choice bulls Fair lo good bulls Common to (air bulb ' Inferior lieht bulls - - · · · · · · ; C=lvts. Ed. 10 choice 130-19 ing iambs 25c higher; week's top Ea s 310,50; cJosing bulk good to choic s l a u g h t e r lambs SlOW lO.Ctii; common an m e d i u m grades 57.503 0.25; medium choice ewes S4ii5.75; good to choice feed itig lambs S8.75 t 9.60. 5 5,50- 1.50 S 4.011- 5.»0 S 9.nO-lU.5l! S 7.50- 9.00 $ 5.50- 7.50 5 4.00- 5.50 5 7.00- 9.00 S f.00- 7.00 S 3.50- S.OO S 5.5U- 0.25 $ 4.50- S.50 S 4.00- 4.SO S 3.50- 4.00 S 3.00- '.'.50 S '2.75- 3.00 S 2.50- 2.15 S 2.00- '2.25 $ 4.75- D.SP S 4.50- 4.75 S 4.00- 4.50 $ 3.50- 4.00 S 8.50- 9.50 SIOUX CITV LIVESTOCK. Salurilny Market) SIOUX CITY. (ITi--U. S. department o agriculture-CATTLE 400: Cor the week: Choice an prime beef steers and yearlincs scarci littie changed: niosl stiort feds 25c lowei common and m e d i u m light weights 23 50c down: heifers mainly 2oc lower cows steady to weak: stockers and feed ers scarce, f i r m : prime long yearling SI.1.74: heavy beeves S13.60: sales ahov S]2 limited: liberal showing short ted SRfflll: load ]ols medium to good heifer 850 Ibs. down S7.75ftD: few S9.50: but beef cows S4.75^[1.2.1; few S6.50fii7: mos cutler grades S3.75r,7.4.oO: scattered salt Kood and choice stocker steers S7^F~ "" load choice 535 Ib. \veighls SB. HOGS 1.500; pood to choice bntcher 200 Ibs. - u p steady with Friday's iai trade; lighter weights dull, weak to 2a lower; top .59.05: bulk 200 to 230 11 butchers S9.7559.8.T: IGO to 190 Ib. lich' S0.25fr~9.6o; 140 lo 160 Ib. tight lights $8.5 IJ9.25: sows S3.50. S H E E P con: Saturday's trade nominal] steady; for the -week: Lambs weak lo 15 ]ower;J ewes sleady to lOc higher: week top fat woolcd lambs $10.50; late bul S0.851TM0.10; some, f a l l shorn S9.25: loa lots 100 Ib. Nebraskas fat ewes S3,60; other medium lo choice loads 53.50^.1.50; few ears GO to to Ib. feeders, S8.75r t |8.[l,i: small lots ' u p to S9.25: mlsed fals and feeders Kl to 70 Ibs. S9.10. DOLLARS PER WEEK 30 AVERAGE WEEKLY EARNINGS OF INDUSTRIAL PLANT WAGE EARNERS COUPUTtO BY fUTLONM. INDUSTRIAL CONFERtNCt B04RO FROM REPOTS Of IUNU. FACTUR1N5 PUNTS I H 24 INDUSTRIES T H R O U G H O U T THE U N I T E S STATES THE MJUSEB O F » P L » N T S B E P K E 5 E N T E O »T THE EtIO OF 1950 W«5 ft*. E M P L O Y I N G ASCUT e3«,QCO W-tGC C A H N E R S . toR 84O.OOO WISE E A 3 N E H 5 IN 1923) DOLLARS f£R WEEK 30 15 BEEF TOPS AT DECKER FIGHT 'owa Select Wins Three as Beeves Get Best Score in Keg Contests. Baby Beef, winning tlivcc games oy default, shot the highest total, 2,503 pins, in the Decker bowling league Thursday night, and shared honors with Iowa Select, also a three game winner. Moron's 573 series and 222 sm- WHEAT PRICES FINISH HIGHER Market Responsive in Part to Prospective German Buying in Canada. CHICAGO, (fP) -- Wheat averaged higher Saturday at the last, responsive at least in part to prospective liberal takings of Canadian wheat by Germany. Estimates too were current tha' the world carryover of wheat at the end of this season will be only about 300,000,000 bushels.. This contrasts with an average of more than 700,000,000 bushels, and is the smallest since 1925. At the close, wheat was \\ cent off to ij cent up, compared with Friday's finish,/May, Sl.32% to $1.32ii; July, $1.15% to Sl.lSii;, corn at '/a cent decline to an equal' advance, May, new, $1.11 to $1.11U, July, new, Sl.06% 'to Sl.OSTs: oats, Is to % cent down, and provisions varying from 12 cents setback to a gain of two cents. Stock List T.1VKSTOCK FORECAST CHICAGO. I.-T"!--Unofficial estimated rpiots of livestock for, Monday: HngF. .000: cattle. 15.000: sheep. 15.000; hoes II next week. 110.000. CHICAGO CASH GRAIN". (.Saturday Market) CHICAGO, '/Py--Cash wheat, no sales reported. Corn, No. 4 mixed S1.0B 3 Ari71.10; No. 4 yellow sl.OO'.iJil.ll; No, 5 yellow $1.0541: 1.08W; No. 4 white $l.l2ftl.l3ti; No. 5 white $1.09; sample grade Sl.Oi^i l.oSVa. Oats. N'o. 2 white afi'.-jc; No. ' 3 w h i t e 5l\'4'ii3j :t ,4c: sample -grade ;13^ic. Soybeans, No. 2 yellow SI.G1. outride Barley feed 80ep$I n o m i n a l ; n i a l t i n g 51^1.42 nominal. Timothy seed SR^iG.25 c\vt; new So-TSQ 6 c\vt. · Clover seed 52n.nofl.33.5n cu-t. Lard, tierces S13.35; loose S12.62; bellies SIC.aO. NEW vonic STOCKS. ( S a t u r d a y Filial QuoUtioi Al Cti *i Dye 2m Am Can IliH'i Am Sm A: ReC 96 Am Sufi Ret 54'.:; A T T 1B3 1 /. Am Tob B 35',4 Am Wat Wks 2B?i Anaconda ."iJV'i 75'.i 32 « = « 23'. s) Ml 15 13V. 32 .\ T S F A u b u r n A u t o Aviat Corp B O Barnsdalt 3'1 Bcndix Aviat Beth Stl Borg Warner Can D G Ale C G W 2i C M St P r 2 l n C R I P 2',b Chrysler 12:1^ Col G E 19-!* Conuv Son 4 Cons Edison 4(i'A Cons Oil Il5',i Cont Can fiil',* Cont Oil Del 44'A Corn Protl 7it',a Curliss Wright 7-li Deere 120 TJccre pf 30','* DuPont de N ISO Gen Elee lil Gcti Foods 12 Gcti i\rot CS Gillette Goodyear Hudson Mot 111 Cent 2S '.i Int Harv 1117 Int Nick Cnn M t T T I.Wi Johns Manv 154'.-j Lib O F Gt Maytag McK Hob Mid Cont Pet Monl Ward Nut Biscuit Nat Casll R 32?a Nat Dairy Pr 2o"« Nat Distill 28»i Nat Pow 5: LI 14V N Y Cent 44',« Nor Pac 30 U 3U',a 32','. 21 . Oliver Farm Packard Mot Parani Fix Penney Pcnn R n Phillips Pet Radio ' Key Tob' B Sears Roeb Shell Union Soe V a c u u m Sou Pac Stand Brands S O Calif. S O Ind S O N J Stewart Warn Sludcbakcr Swift Tex Corp Tex Gnl£ Sltl Tlmk Roll B Un Carbide Un. Pac U n i t A i r Unit Corp Unit Drug U S Ind Alco :10V« U S Rubber 5Hi U S Steel 841fl Warner Fire It 3 .'* West Un Tel 73 West Ei *.- M 154'* Woolworth G l ^ i ll'.i 26 Vt 102 43 515k SliVo 471' cn 40 ', i 72 14?' BLOODHOUNDS B/ v/ALTER s. M A S T E R M A N _;le were marks. Players-K a u f m a n Dosen Xewman Wolske ... Handicap TOTAL 1'INS the best individual BADY BEEF 1st 2nd 3rd Tntal II.-, J-Jli 12-1 Jin i:tii ·i- H3 ,'uii 112 18t 10.1 157 1'i-i liVI ir.n IV- li 47 3'il 43-J :i3G -,-,:i 1.7 CHAPTER 51 A sleep and a bath at the Abbey restored Selden, and when he came down to find that Sylvia had been successful and that the maids had rather shamefacedly returned, and were busy putting things in order, he smiled with satisfaction. They gathered in the study which had witnessed such grim scenes, and waited for the arrival of Hutchins from Grinfold with James. The twins were being made much of in the servants' hall, when Hutchins arrived with his prisoner. He was short in his manner, and was not too pleased at the instruction he had received from Selden The butler lifted his gaze from ] the table and stared at Selden, who ~ laughed softly. » "No James--not the alibi that | accounts for one's absence from , the scene of the crime, but the fact that you had been with Sir Henry '· for a long period of years, cover- J ing the time when this mysterious ', fortune appears on the scene, which I think any man of average J intelligence would know must r, have some connection with the crime. Now, James was deep in Sir Henry's confidence, wrote all his letters and even signed his name. I found that out. Sir Henry h a d g i v e n written authority for him to do to the family lawyer, Col- CHICAGO STOCKS. ( S a t u r d a y F i n a l q u o t a t i o n s ) Cities Service .VAlNorthwcst Ba: Keilmarm Brc ' KM I Quaker Oats K a t z Drue I S H l R n l h Pack W M I n n n Switch O l i l S w i f t I Util i: Ind I Z e n i t h Libby McNeil Midwest Corp 15 Nat Standard 30 | 'Mason City Grain LAMBS Lambs, qd. to choice 70-90 S B.25- 3.5 S t ' S r ^ l ^ K l ^ « E rsrv *: · TM: 5 o i» SSffiS^S^ixSt" Yearlings, cuils Native ewes, good to-choice Culls; =WM Bucks , · Wclhcrs, 2.year olds .. Wethers, old Buck lambs $1 lows. S 2.00- 2.5 2.00- S l.OD- 1.5 S 1.00- 1M $ 5.0U- 6:0 t 3.00- 5.0 market«. Miscellaneous NEW VOHK SUGAIt. (Saturday Market) NEW YORK. (A'} -- Haw sugar advanced points to a.BDc. Futures, No. 3 contracts lay, July and September 2.Q4c; No. -1 oiilract IMay l.lOVic; September 1.22'^c. Retined was unchanged at 5.0(!c [or line raiuilnlcd. MASON CITY--For Saturday o. 3 yellow shelled corn . .$1.05 o. 4 yellow shelled corn ..§1.03 ar corn 98c Vhite oats, No. 3 49 1 Barley 60-90c Soybeans, No. 'i yellow ....$1.50 GOVr.RN"MeNT -BONUS. (Saturday Q u o l a t l o n s ) NEW YORK, ilPi -- U. S. government jonds closed: Treasury 4Vis 11-32 120.30. Treasury -Is 44-34 114.25. Treasury 3 3 ,ns 4H-43 June, blank. Treasury 3^'ds 43-47, blank. Treasury 3V.S 40-49 1CI8.18. Treasury 3s 51-55 106.25. Bond Market S A T U R D A Y G R A I N C1.OSI:. CHICAGO, I,T,-- HtRli .. 1.15»« .. 1.12 . l.OfiVn UH'.i C H I C A G O LIVESTOCK ( S a t u r d a y M a r k e t ) dlUCAGO, IX-l--U. S. department of aS lfOGS Ur ironi. inclueline -i. onl direct; weak- to lOc lower than Friday's aver- :ior.- few loads awl several small lots 4od and choice 1BO-250 Ibs. S10.20f, 10,30; fop SIO.M; fiood 340 Ib. butchers AIO.IJI: medium to good lishl lishtsSS2.-iJiO.aO; shippers took 500; estimated holdover 1,000; compared week ago:- General mar, ket; 25-40 ° lower, sows mostly " CATTLE 100; calves ioo; compared Friday last week: Choice and prime steers 2S-4[lc liiEher. most such cattle selling at SI3 50 upward; top S14.40: new luglv on crop and for last 12 months: m e d i u m weights made peak price; best yearlings' S H ^ - 1 371 Ibs 514.25; l.44fi Ibs. reached SKUtf; 1,51)3 Ibs, $13.05; 1.B55 Ibs. S'2; other sradcs predominated ana sold Jn- r,0c lower: close dull at decline; replacement cattle scarce, but finishers did not support late market-, country trade a 56 S.a a f f a i r . ' wi«i H a l f fat feeders up to S3 05; medium u r a d c belters 2a-5nc lower- ntlicr gratlcs steady: top ono Ib. h c i r - ers 512; cows strong to 25c hither; bulls ar.d vcalers slcaly. Slf£i:P 3,500. including: 3.000 d i r e c t ; for week ending Friday 10,000 clirccls; compared Frtrtay last week; Fat lamlis clos- inc mostly 10-ISc lower, having first lost early gains; yearlings! little changed; sheep around r.Oc higher: week's lamb top $11, equal to July peak levels; closing top .$10.60. late bulk S10.25ffilO.50 but ·week's bulk native and fed western offerings of most representative weights S1025C? 10.15; BO-94 Ib. fall shorn lambs SOE9.SO: yearlings within approximately same price spread; choice slaughter ewes 124 Ibs. down £6.10, highest since May; other ewes closing around S3fi6 mostly, ·with some downward to £4.50 and under early in week. (No representative sales.! , Dead Animals OF''AUU KINDS REMOVED Mason City Rendering Co. We -P»v Than* Call* Ttinnr. lO NEW YORK, JV)--Most bonds pursued steady ualv as trading lapcrcd at ill week-end Saturday. A' rally in United States treasury i: sues lost momentum and some went ini reverse for small losses. The 2*is of 195 dropped 4-32nds at one time. Buyers c o n t i n u e d to nibble at second grade rails and power shares on the whole were inclined to improve their position. Small Eains were recorded for American .ind Foreign Power 5s. Chicago and North Western 4^s. Detroit Edison 4Viss p Grcal Northern 4s, Illinois Central 4=!is, North American 5s and Southern Pacific 4!'js. Studebakcr Gs were up more than 2 points at one time. % Foreign b o n d s bobbed about unevenly on small ripples of buying and selling. Bond men still had cars turned toward Washington for d e f i n i t e word on the federal reserve's intentions toward reserve requirements for member banks of Ihc system. Tiicrc was a widespread feeling in investment circles t h a t action on reserve requirements, which has been expected early this year, would Rive Ihc next cue to u n d e r l y i n g money conditions and the Irend of interest rates. VHEAT-- lay uly Sept CORN-May now ... May old : oly new ... J u l y old .... Sept OATS-May luly Sept SOYBEANS-May July RYE-Mav July '.. Sept.- BARLEY-May -, LARD-Jan Mar May J u l y 13.9- Sept 11.15 BELLIES-Jan. May July 1 . 1 4 ' B 1.11 1.10'A i.oa Close UISI 1.15'. 1.11' 1.11 1.08', 1.04 1.021 1,111' .92' Supplementary List of Stock Quotations Sunplicil by LAMSON BROTHERS AND CO., Mason City OKicc in Bagley-Beck Bids- Telephone No. 7. Total Sales D O W JONi;S AVKItAOr.S Intls. Hails lOo.n 55.98 Bntlcr Bros CHICAGO STOCKS 14 Harsh Fields 21','a Lockheed Nias II Pow 1 7 b Nil-Bc-Pond 4B Pennroad Cp 5 Un Gas Co 12;i Un L fc P Co 10-li Util P LI Co -Hi 20'i 1. \VF.S IMF. N'T TRUSTS m- Tile A.v-iOrlalrfl Press Bid nnd ashed Saturday Corp Tr Sh 13.3(1 1.1.37 1.1.fin 13, no 14.02 in.45 13.72 13.9.1 14.15 1(1.30 IR.if.i 17.27 OUAI.V. Saliird»y Market)- ; MINNEAPOLIS. l/Pj--Wheat 63 cars, ^ac lower; N'o. I heavy dark nortiicrn spring GO Ibs. SLSGffil.Ba; No. 1 dark northern 53 Ibs. 51.55Sil.64: 58 Ibs. Sl.rvii* I.C,i; f a n c y No. 1 hard Montana 14 per cent nrotcin Sl.4GfM.48; CTadc of No. I dark hard or No. 1 hard Montana winter 51.407i 1.42; No. 1 hard amber durnm SL54 irl.fia; No. 1 red durum S1.33. Corn No. 3 yellow Sl.l6f5I.lB; unchanged. O.lts No, 3 white S2»ifl54'.ic. Cord Corp NEW Y O R K CURB Am G El 4714 F Mo ot Ene. Am Cyana B / 34A Hi Walk Co S Pow Co 2^ Ark N Gas A lOli Asoe G St. Kl A 4V* Can Ind Aik T.i Dist Cor Scag 27 Eiyler Elee W* El Bd Sh 27-% NEW Y O R K STOCKS Alas Juneau 147iv Hudson Mot Allegheny 4 l /a Am For P 12 Am C SUK Co 3U H Am C F Co G2?« An; Pow ^ Li 4?'i Am R'B Ulills 33','n Am R t S Co 2(i Amcr Tob Co W* Armour rft Co !·:« As Dry Goods 20 n * All Hef :|2!« B a l d w i n Loco 10 Brigg.s Mf Co 27'a Bcndix 2U Budd Mfa Co 14 Byers AM Co 2F) Caterpillar Tr 04 Cer de Pas T\\'i Giles Ohio (id C G W pfd !.- CMSP S: P pfd rvV, Coca Cola C 1281 '. Com Solvents l!)^ji Cont Motor 3U Cr of Wheat .17 Curt-Wr Co A 21'. Dist Cor Scag 27 Doug Airc 74"s Eastman 17a El Auto Lite STOCKS MAKE GENERAL GAIN U. S. Steel Shows Way in ' Advance of Fractions to 2 Points. NEW YORK, (/P)--With U. S. Steel pointing the way, selective advances o£ fractions to 2 points were spread over Saturday's stock market. ' A wide assortment o£ new post- depression highs were registered in the active two hour proceedings that kept the ticker tape racing at frequent intervals.- Selling to lighten commitments for the week-end was in evidence, however, and many issues were unable to make progress. Transfers were around 1,500,000 shares. Chrysler Pushes Ahead. While Chrysler pushed ahead with other favorites. Genera! Motors failed to get out in front. The out-turn of hew cars by the latter will be greatly restricted pending .conclusion of the strike conference which starts next week. Bonds, on the whole, marked time. Commodities were mixed. Among prominent share gainers, aside from the major steel stock, were Bethlehem, Crucible, Republic, J. 1. Case, International Harvester, Minneapolis-Moline, North American, Electric Power and Light, El Paso Natural Gas, American and Foreign Power, Seaboard Oil, Westinghouse, Genera! Electric, Goodyear, Goodrich, U. S. Rubber, Union Pacific, Southern Pacific, Delaware and Hudson, Loew's, Pullman, Newport Industries, U. S. Leather and American Hide and Leather. In Narrow Area. In a narrow area were Packard, Studebakcr, Electric Auto- Lite, United Aircraft, American Telephone, Consolidated Edison Standard Oil of New Jersey, American Can, duPont, Johns-Man vilie, New York Central, Paramount, Montgomery Ward an'' Sears Roebuck. Lower most of the time wcr Kennccott, Texas corporation, and Douglas Aircraft. ^^^ Cnlilr K a n u t e Somcr* flroh S c h m E f t t I t i t g n d u * . ..... G r n h Handicap .. TOTAL PINS Pliiyrrs-- l l n n s e n Melsh Moss l)oc H a n d i c a p TOTAL TINS IOWA SELECT 1st 'Jnil :rrl ToCal I'M 131 1'Nl 1'ili !ll 1111 iv: :·:» ·m Ml) 2in mil 1l 3nil 3rtl Tolal 1 1 1 I.V^ I Kl 'Ml! 1:111 117 :KT «1 i:r, that handcuffs were not necessary, onel Graham would not barricade and that Hutchins might bring | i,( s house against James, who had James alone. He was further' 1:15 i.-? S'i J'laj^rs -- Solbcr; . . . H r c c n . n u t U o m f t y .... l u k c r Ui.sli-nn . . linn [llcnp OTA!, 1'INS r i s y r r s -- 'ho^ersoix lailMii ... Isl :!ml 3rd Til:il I I S l;;r 117 ]*·; I'! II iifi ·in :!IU' :it K O K N KIST Ul ^nil :tnl TntHl 2011 l!i!l Mil SIX 1 1 7 1 1 3 :!ll I'll S'l m; Mi) o 1 :; .'... I l!J 168 11:1 43^ is.-; H a n d i c a p OTAL P I N S I'laycT-s-- ' c l c r s n n i u c k Ceu'man .. . l i l l e r Grc.h l a n d i c a p rOTAL TINS P l a y e r s -I c a n y .... lall ·anlliis ... l o u l a h a n yke.s Ilai.ilicni) TALL COIt.V 1st ;.'inl ;tr-l Tfilal !·;:! i n s 1711 ic:i j3:t i in n;r, ln:l i::i; rui ll'j ll:: 4-:^: ;ir.7 E C O N O M V :inl Tillal c.'i I K S tliX I.', I I-ZK i:ln 1 1 7 I I I !i!l !t!l !l!l -J!t7 fl!l (i!) ^ 'U) -JI17 I X I nr, ml i.'l 1 tfi I IK nu ruffled when Selden shook James' hand and bade him be seated ut the table, round which they had drawn up their chairs. There was an atmosphere of eager expectancy, and all eyes were fastened on Selden, who carried in liis hand a budget of papers. "Now, James," he said briskly, "are you going to tell us the whole story'-'" "No, sjr," the butler answered sullenly with a wooden face. "It would be much belter and simpler," the detective said coaxingly. "I have been arrested for murder," James said, "and you made no effort to release me. If you know anything, you ,had better speak" ^ There was an unconscious dignity about the man, and they felt that nothing could move him. Hutchins moved restlessly. "I'd better take him back to GrinfoW. I always felt that this was a mis- lake. "Wait, Hutchins. I had hoped to have James" slory first, bul, as he won'l speak, I must tell you what I have done in this case, and then perhaps he will have no hesitation. "I want to make two matters clear to you all," Selden began. "You have at present nothing but my bare word that the murderers of Sir Henry Severinge, and the would-be assassins of the children, are the persons I claim them to nodded. He alone Hides and Furs Viuutallu Furnished by W a l l Inc., 3UH FiUh Sired SoulhwesL HOIiStSHPES icj ' 53.50 "GREEN BEEF HIDES Up 10 25 Ibs 11 c 25 lo 4.3 Ibs Hlic More Uian CO Ibs. 6^c jll tildes 7 c ·Cured hides hall cent more a pound. (On above prices a cenl hJshcr io wholesale dealers In wholesale lots.l be." Hulchins knew what accusation Selden had made against Hucks and the woman who had called herselt Mrs. Thornton. James had been kept in entire ignorance of the events of the night before. "The second point is one that I know has rankled in your minds, all of you. If I knew anything, why did I not confide the information to you, and save you grave anxiety and a good deal of puzzlement? There again I hope to but I can tell you that the absolute free access at all times, and Sir Henry would hardly have kept a man of whom he was in deadly peril as his confidant and friend. Nor would James be inclined to risk his neck when he knew that Sir Henry was leaving everything to him; in fact made out the will himself." James gave a gasp of astonishment, and lie licked his dry lips. Selden continued: "Yes, Mr. Livingstone told me that the same writing had always been used in all the letters he had received, and he had concluded that Sir Henry had paralysis or some impediment which prevented him from writing, and which he wished unknown. "But James 'played an important part in this business. On the night of the murder he was rung up by Sir Henry on his private wire, and came to see him in this very room. · What took place I don't know, but ^ James placed the candelstick in ', Lady Sevcringe's bedroom for some reason." He cast an inquir- ' ing look at the butler, who re- j mained silent. x "AH right, then.; perhaps he will ' tell us later. But James stood to J benefit by the will, and in fact in- f heriteS an enormous sum, and yet -· stayed on here as butler, and was ' trying to do everything he could , for Lady Severinge and the chil- : dren. And don't forget, James · was not in any fear of personal violence. "There could be only one ex- · planation to my mind, however · bizarre that appeared--that the money did not belong either to Sir Henry or James.'.' . The silence in the room was oppressive--the people round the · table hardly dared to breathe.. Sylvia was sitting close to Jack Reid, and' he had grasped her~ liand in his, for she was trembling . as much with expectation as with Mink M u s K r a t ..... Weasel ( w h i t e and rjrown! fled Fox UicaVi'J Raccoon ( h e a v y ordinary) Clvcl Cat Skunk lavsrage prime] Sliclltly higher and largo lots. FURS Ex. Lge. Lge. S14.00 S112.50 SH.OO SU.50 1.75 1.55 1.45 1.20 .70 G.OO 7.51) .40' C.50 .35 .no 5.00 5,50 .30 1.75 1.50 1.10. 1.10 prices (or wholesale WOOL M A R K E T (Sulurrlay Ilcvicw) BOSTON, (jE' -- U. S, department of ag- r i c u l l u sleady_ though ·IS'.' Corp Tr Kb A A Motl Corp Tr Sh Acctnn Ser . . Corp Tr Accum Scr Mod Dividend Sh Maryland Fund Nationwide Sec Nation-.vido Sec Vtc Nor Amer Tr Sh Nor Amcr Tr Sh 1035 .. Quarterly Inc Sh Selected Am Sh. Inc .... Super Corp Am Tr A .. U S El L P A U S Et I, P B . U E El L te P VIC 3.12 3. no 3.0H 4.DI 2. If, 11.46 5.01 2.32 20."fl n.4i .. 18.15 .. 13,07 .. 4.30 .. 2I.:i75 21.B74 .. 3.50 3.60 .. 1.23 1.37 MINNEAPOLIS FLOUR I 1 ,Saturday MarkfLJ MINNEAPOLIS. (VPJ--Flour carload lots, per barrel in 38 Ib. cotton socks. Family patents unchanged 57.G5tfi7.85. Standard patents unchanged $7.45fti;7.65. Shipments 23,292. Pure bran $34«J.33,50. Standard middlings A Tennessee woman, 80, years old, has never seen an automobile. Which may be the reason she is 80 years old.--Florence (A!a.) Hcr- KA.VSAS CITY r.RAl.V. ( S a t u r d a y M a r k e t * KANSAS CITV. f,11 -- Wheat 54 rors. uo- :iiangcd to 2 cltnvcr; No. 2 dark hard n o m i n a l l y $1.3G(y 1.42; No, ,t nominii3ly SI. 32i,i 1.3V.i; No. 2 hard n o m i n a l l y $I.5GE ; .42; No. 3 nominally Sl.32^ I.n7',i; No. 2 rcti n o m m a l l v SI.^7{Ttl,39; No. 3 nominally Sl.35',i«l L37. ' Corn, 13 c*ir$, unrhanecd t« \tc lower; No. 2 wiiitc nominally S1.23',ift l.2\\' t ; N'o. 3, SL21'.b; No. 2 yellow nominally El P 2,i'. Hupp Motors Indus! n a y o n Lambert Co LoriJlarcl Mack Truck "Mathie.? -'\1^' W* Minn. Mol Im 15','n M 1C T -,·-.* Mo Pac \\~\n Molar Prod 3lP!i No Amer .14lit No .-\rner A v i l. r ^n Olis Steel Co ll^a O\vin III Gl 155 Packard Mnl 11',-i Park Uta Cop 5 Plymouth 2;i':i, Proc Ft · Cam P S of N J Pullman Pure Oil Co Pill-It" Bak'v '1'P'i n K O fl'i Rem R a n d 2.-,Tn Heo Motors liVs Simmnns Co' 4fl 50 Cnl Edison .'12',' Sperry Corp 22?i 51 O E 13'A Ti Wa As Oil Cl 52 U ti!Pi Public Utility and Industrial Stocks , i Quoted by A. ni. SCHANKE CO. Telephone 1300. fltiiscm City Erie R R Co liiH* F'm- Ti i- nu .W, Fosl-Whceler 52V; Frecporl Tc:e' "O 1 ,'* CIcn Ar Trans 77 Glulclcu Co 47'/4 Gold Dust 13 U .* G r a h a m P.tige ^1* Gt Nor pfd 41!i U S Ind Alch .W« U S Smeller 91 Ulil P .t I, A 4»i V a n a d i u m 32-ti Un G fc Imp H.'i AVarren Bros Wc.stern llni Yellow Trk Y'gs S T No. 3. O'/i; r{o. . . . . 2 mixed n o m i n a l l y SI-lB'if l . I D ; No. 3 nom- i n a l l y $1.17(51.18. Oat. 1 :, 1 car. unchanged to '.ac lower: No. 2 white nomin.ljly $859Vic; No. 3 nominally Se'.itVfafHfic, Curb Market NEW YORK. I/FI--The main trend of stocks was upward in more active dealings on the c u r b exchange Saturday. Utilities pushed abend for further gain. 1 ;, with Electric Bond and Share, United Has, Niagara Hudson and American Light and Traction up fractionally to a b o u t a point. Mining shares rallied to show fresh strength. Ncwinonl. Sunshine a n d PJonrer Gold sold moderately higher. In a t h i n market A l u m i n u m . Ltd,, dropped 5 point. 1 ; but most i n d u s t r i a l s followed tile u t i l i t i e s npwarrl. HOG RECKiriS. DES MOINES. lifj--U. S. d e p a r t m e n t ol a g r i c u l t u r e -Combined hoc receipts at 22 concentration i'arcts and 0 packing pl.ints located In interior Iowa and s o u t h e r n Minnesota for tiie 2*4 liour period ended al II a. m. Satu r d a y u-crc lfi.. r »rm compared w i t h 31.00(1 a week ,-IRO and 27.0011 a year a^o. Steady to Iflc lo\vcr, mostly oc o f f : t r a d e u n d e r t o n e fairly aclivc: weck-cnrl loading i n d i c a t e d much lighter than ns.ROO week aRo. Quotations follow--Good and choice: L i R h l - l i c h l s 140 to 1OT lus, S7.aOSO.Rfl: HRhl w e i g h t s IfiO to Iflo Ibs. S8.5,Ht9.60; ISO lo 200 Ibs. $9.50S 0.90; m e d i u m WClfihls 200 to 220 Ibs. $9.753 10.15: 220 lo 250 !bs. S9.7fi'(i 10.1.1; heavy wcifihls 250 to 230 Ibs. S9.75S 10.15; 290 to 350 ill!. SO.GOfi 10.15; RiSS 100 lo 140 Ibs.. none. Good: Packinp sows 275 to 350 Ibs. $9.25® 9.70: 350 to 425 Ibs. S9.15ft3.5c: 425 to .150 Ibs. S9{9.30. The above quotations arc based on b u l k transactions. Lonu haul shipments showing excessive wei'Bht shrinkage and hoRs excessively filled usually sell respectively somewhat above and below prices I ouotcd. Hofgs bought on tile basis of shipping point weights are also excluded from q u o t a t i o n s . Bid and a-skcd S a t u r d a y : Cent St £1 fi pet pfd IS25 ] a r l 10 Cenl St Kl 7 pet pfd l$25 p a r ) 11 Cent St r A: L 7 pet nid , .. HHj Champliii Hef la 7 pet nld .. 1110 Creamery Package com 21 Hearst Cons A Wi Gco A ITormel A pfd 1114 Geo A llormcl com 2t',-i Inlerslatc Power li pet pfn , , Ifi Inlfcrstalc Power 7 pel pfu . . 20 Iowa Electric Co O'A pet l)fd K Iowa Electric Co 7 pel p'd .. nil la Kl Lt Pow G pel pfd . . 70 la EH Ll Pow G'.i p u l pftl 72 la £1 I.t i: Pow 7 pel pfd . 7li Ta Power I^igbt 6 pel pfd 101 la Power Liglll 7 pet pfd 102 la Public Serv G pet pfd ... 99 la P u b l i c Scrv 6',-i pet pfd .. 101) I.i P u b l i c Sew 7 pet pfd. lot la South Util fi pet pfd 74 la South Ulil fi'.'j pet pfd 7.1 la Soulh U t i l T pet pfd 7n Minnesota P S: L fi pel pfd .. !14 Minnesota P fc L 7 pet pfd .. 100 Northern St Power fi pet pfci Si Korthcin St Power 7 pet pfd 30 N W Bell Tpl Sli pel pfd ... IBS M W Rt Portland Ccm com .. 25 R a t h Packing fi pet pfd 100 Raih Packing 7 pet pfd 100 Rath Packing com .11^ Sioux City C- Kl 7 pet pfd United Lt Rys fi pel pfd Unilcil Lt A Hys (i.36 pet pfd U n i t e d Ll Hys 7 pel pfd .. Wcslem Grocer pfd Wcslern Grocer com 07!j 8JHJ !MVi fl.7 15 12 in 20" j M'.i ICI7 74 7B in:i 101 1(11 102 ID:: K O ' 9fi 102 91! 101 100U c.-uYc called i 3H 101 B9 1 , .90 9r', 100 18 C H I C A G O POTATO KS. (S.lliinlay M a r k e t ! CHICAGO. (.·!';--U. S. d e p a r t m e n t of ag r i c u i t u r e -Potatoes, 70. on track 2flJ. lotal U. S shiptncnl.s 5a7; f i r m , slightly slronge undertone, supplies moderate, dcrnan moderate; sacked per cwt. Idaiio Kussc Biirb.inks U. S. No. 1. .53ft3JO; WailifiiR Ion Russet Burbanks U. s. No. l r S3,n5 combination grade $3,lQft3.l5: Colornd Red McClurcs U. S. No. 1, $3'M.25; Bus set Burbanks U. S. No. I, f a i r quslit S2.90: Wisconsin Hound Whites. U. S. No 1. $2.20'i2.n5; fi n c quality large 52.40: U S. commercial $202.1.5: Michigan Rus set Rural: U. S. No. 1. $2.1214^2.35. most ly around $2.;10. New stock, steady, bcttc feeling prevailing supplies light, deman moderate; streets sales, Florida bushe crate Bliss Triumphs U. S. No. I, §2.15' 2.23; partly graded S2; U. S. No. 2, SI,8 O M A H A f i R A f N . ( S a t u r d a y J l n r k c t ) - O M A H A . (,n-- No. 2 d a r k hnrd Sl.r.O'.i; No. 4. 51.35'/,; No.-!. S I . M O 1.34'.i; o. I hard SI.41'.i«? 1.42'.i. Corn. No. 3 yr-llow S I . 1 6 l i f i l . l R : No. 4, si. 17: No. s. s , i . i 7 i f i i . n i i . Oatr, No. 3 w h i l e .'ili'.bc. PHODUCE FUTURES. ( S a t u r d a y M a r k e P CHICAGO, JV) -- Butter futures, stor age standards closed J a n u a r y 32',ac; Fnt ruary 32'ic; March 2H$c. Egg futures closed: R e f r i g e r a t o r slanc 'j'/nc: fi-cs Fchrliar . Potatn f n t u r p « closrd: fdaho J a n u a r y SH.I7; March No. 1, $3.0.1; Man grade A 5.1. fi? ards January 19-y«c; October graded f i r s t s J a n u a r y 23!ic: limited outlet wa , cciycd for the restricted supply of do- cslic wool liiis week. Prices were very rm to higher, hut there was a great cal of resistance to the current prices domestic wool. Spot offerings of some inds of foreign wool were more numcr- IK than in recent weeks. Tile bull? of the sales of domestic wool as of the original bag fine territory ncs. Ohio fleeces were stronger on ales of 45(f?4Gc in the grease for fine iiic. 47/f40e lood. and n i f t i i blood. for staple combing Uc for conibing ?ii and Produce MASON CITY-- For Saturday Cash Quotations by E. G. Morse Cggs, current receipts 18c ~-Icavy hens, 5 Ibs. and over 13c Jnder 5 Ibs 9c Springs, 5 Ibs. and over \3c Springs, under 5 Ibs lOc jcghorn springs 7c Cocks . . 6c All No. 2 poultry 4 cents less Merchants Quotations :ggs, in trade lQ-20c* reassure you right away proof only came into my hands yesterday." The little party were very silent now, and their eyes were fixed intently on the young detective. "I am alraid I shall have to tell this in my own way, but you will not find it boring,' I can assure you. "When I arrived here, brought summarily from Scotland Yard by Colonel Graham, I had an absolutely open mind, and knew nothing beyond what he imparted to me on the journey. "You all know the actual facts, so that there is'no need to go through Iho'm again. I caref;\!ly recorded everything in my diary, which I have here. Here arc my conclusions, the end ot the first day's investigations. "The murder had been very carefully planned some time before. There was no qeustion of burglary or of a sudden attack by a stranger, Tor the murderer not only knew the house perfectly well, but all about the crypt, and what perhaps was the strangest thing of all, the fact that in that particular coffin there was only an urn, and no body. That was vitally important. It ruled out any chance visitor to the Abbey, and in a small village like Evendell strangers in the neighborhood would be soon noticed, far quicker than in London or a large town. There was one stranger, however, who had been noticed. I mean Jack Reid, and I made a note of (hat fact. But Tlcid had unconsciously ruled himself out." He smiled across at Jack as he the murderer never way. T took care of Sggs, cash 18-19C* Butter, Iowa State Brand ....41c Butter, Corn Country 39c Butter, Kenyan's 39c Sutler. Very Best 41c Butter, Brookfield 3Dc Potatoes, russets, peck 72c Potatoes, cobblers, peck 52c 'EDITOR'S NOTE--These representative quotations were obtained by calling several grocery stores. spoke. CHICAGO rnonuci: CHICAGO. ' I.Vj-Pou'llry. live, n rare. Fleady: hens ,4'.a Ihs. tip lUc. less t h a n \\j Ills. ifU'jc; Leghorn lien*; 13c: sprinjrs, colored inc. W h i l e flock 17c. Plymouth Rock IHc; colored and White Rock broilers 20c, P l y m o u t h nock 2!c: Leghorn chlcke.u ]2e; roosters 12r, LeyJiorn roosters l i e ; t u r k e y s , hens IKc, youiiu loms 15e. otil 13c: Ni. 2 turkeys Lie; ducks 4 1 /? Ibs. up, w h i t e and colored I5c, small white nnd colored I2c: northern geese 14e, southern 13c: capons 7 Ibs. tip 20e, less t h a n 7 ]bs. IOC. Butter 7,7o:i, steady; creamery, specials (93 score* 34ft34Hc: extras (321 33',*jc; extra firsts (00-911 32Hfi33c; firsts (8880) 32ft32'^c; standards (00 ^centralized carlols) 33e. Eggs 7,004. steady: extra firsts local 23c. cars 23!Sc; fresh graded firsts local 22V2C, cars 23'/4c; current receipts 21','jc. NEW Y O R K PRODUCE (SalurcUy Market) NEW Y O R K . ((It--ERGS 27,231, steady; mixed colors, firsts ai'AfiaS'/ic: riirtics. No. 1. 23','c; rcfrieeralors, firsts 221'jc; other mixed colors unchanged, Butler (5,147. a b o u t steady: prices un- c h a n g e d : extra 132 ;,corei 3-Hac. Cheese I02.22H, steady to f i r m and u n - chsnccd. Live poultry n o m i n a l ; hy express, fowls. Lechorns I R c : o t h e r express and all freight prices unriuolcd. He had liimeslf suggested that the bloodhounds should be cm- ployed. Now what murderer in his senses would take all these very elaborate precautions to conceal the body, and then immediately suggest the means of discovery? "The Colonel I could not rule out, but his immetliate use of bloodhounds, his high-handed attitude, and his coming straight to Scotland Yard caused me to have doubts. Later, when I learnt of his terror o£ attack, which had existed for n long time, remember, I came to the conclusion, logically enough, that both he and Sir Henry were a f r a i d of someone, and that the fear must lie in the past. If that were so, then two facts emerged-- t h a t there was some discreditable secret hidden in their past live.?, or they would seek police protection and that they must know from whom the attack was likely to come. I don't mean actual names but someone who had a very deep grudge against both men. That is came that that. Now .iust think--Sir Henry went down that passage, unarmed and in paiannas, to his death; he, a man -who feared attack--would he go like this to keep an appointment or from idle curiosity? It came to me, and I am right--that he had been in the habit of going down lo the -chapel. Mrs. Thornton let that out to us, Hutchins. Then the murd_erer had probably, been waiting his chance for night after night until it came." i "But why that night particularly?" Reid asked, with a meaning that only Selden compre-. hended. "Ah. there we are touching on another and deeper matter, but I will come to that all in good time." (TO BE 'CONTINUED) Luverne High Gets to Top of Circuit L U V E R N E -- Luverne high chool remained the only unde- eated basketball team in the Boone Valley conference as Liver- " nore was handed ils first loss here "Yiday. The home,boys won 24 to 21, as DeRae Lichty made 12 )ot'nts. The reserves lost 34 to 24. clear enough?" "Very clear," Hutchins said casting an eye at James. "No, Hutchins," Selden said, answering the'look rather than thi words, "that is where you were wrong. Let's take our frient James. At first sight he satisfiec the conditions of knowing thi house and its secrets, and also thi past--don't forget that. But then was 'one obstacle that made mi dismiss James very clearly fron my suspects; James had a com plelc;a)ibi." 1 1 1 the narrative that brought the past up so vividly. ' . '.-.'·· ' "Such, then, was my position," Selden .went on without 'emotion,'* ' after calmly lighting his pipe fr'om-..i the fire with a spill. : «"' "The investigations must lie i n . v the past. Someone in the house ; must have been an accessory, if not the murderer, for how else ' could lie have access to the place at night?" "There might have been a secret way in," Hutchins said. Selden laughed. "There was, but ; ! 31 ·' ··· 't !· 'lave Cagers Win in Academy Court Fight WHITTEMORE--St. Matthews i of Clare defeated Presentation of j Whittemore in two games Friday, (i The boys won 25 to 15 and the !! girls 14 to 7. ( i Titonka Cagers Win in Pair of Tussles LliDYARD -- Titonka's basketball team defeated Lcdyard 31 to 23, Friday night, while the visiting seconds also won, 17 to 7. BEAVERS WIN. FAYETTE, (IP)--Led by Cuddy who scored 10 points, Buena Vista · college defeated Upper Iowa in an Iowa conference basketball game | here Friday night 29 to 27. The i score was close, but.Cuddy's field goals at the start of the second pe- ) riod gave the Beaver a winning margin. VETERAN DIES. WASHINGTON, (IP) -- E d d i e Foster, famous "hit and run" third baseman o£ the Washington baseball team from 1912 to 1319, died Friday night of injuries suffered in an automobile accident. He was 50 years old.

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