The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on October 18, 1913 · Page 3
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 18, 1913
Page 3
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BAER'S VARIETY STORE NEW STORE Buehler's Drug Store Old Stand 9 Chamber£bujg St. Gettysburg Pa. Grand Opening Saturday Oct. 18 Complete line of Women'?, Misses' suits, Skirts, Dresses, Waists, Millinery, Gent's*Furnishings and etc. Come in and look us over. We feel sure we can please you. Our goods are right. Our prices are ritfnt. No trouble to us to sho\v gocds All of our goods are marked in plain figures. We pledge the square deal. FARMER'S DAY PRIZE Any fady bringing 1 peck largest onions will be given a trimmed haL Medical Advertising. AVOID SERIOUS CONSEQUENCES Never neglect a cold or cough- Dangerous lung and bronchial diseases could be an. oided if tae little colds, sore throats, etc., were checked in time. Prompt relief and permanent freedom from lung affections is afforded all those who regularly use Bear'* Emulsion FOR COUGHS, COLDS, BRONCHITIS AND WEAK LUNGS BEAR'S EMULSION is a natural product developed scientifically to strengthen the lungs,'soothe and heal the irritated tissues and tone up the entire svstem. It prevents the development of consumption germs--and actually promotes digestion and assimilation. Money re| funded if it does not benefit you. Recommended and sold by all good druggists everywiiere. $1.00 the bottle--Six for $5.00 Write for free booklet of valuable information about your health--sent free--or get a copy at your druggist's when you ge: Emulsion. SULZtR O'JSTED: NOT DISQUALIFIED 1 Mariin H. 6ip Sworn in as j Governor of New York, DR. JOHN D. BEAR Elkton, Va. BDILTY ON THREE CHARGES Deoosed Governor, Who !s Nc; Barred From Holding Office In Future, De- · clares He W:!l Continue Fight. i I Albany. X. Y.. Oct. !.-- \Vis!:asa S'Jl- | '' : cr uv losscr is go% "mor oi ihe .-.t^te · · ^f Xew York. Tise bi?.h court 01 ins J · :»csena:eut, by a \cte 01 42 to 12, re- ·aovcd hiai frora crSce. Seaaiyr Wenue · and Jud^p OttHec encased th Second Annual Stock Sale Second Annual Sale of Registered and Grade Horses. High Grade Shorthorn Cows. Registered Duroc--Jersey Hogs. The undersigned in order to make room for young stock which he is raising; will offer at public sale at his farm on the Carlisle Road 3 miles from Gettysburg and 2 miles from Table Rock, formerly the -John H. Gillilar.d farm, on WEDNESDAY. NOVEMBER 5th, at 12 o'clock he following Horses: 1 black mare, 5 years old. sound and all ·ight, good worker and driver aitd in foal to my Belgian stallion. 2 grade colts coming 2 years old. good and growthy and will make nice horses. 1 Registered Belgian stud colt.. 1 year old last June, a fine one. Cows. 17 high grade shorthorn cows, a number wn.h calves oy their sides. Others forward springers and the balance have been "fresh, a short time and are giving a good fio'w of milk. Hogs. 75 head of Duroc--Jersey Hogs Consisting of sows and pigs, breed sows, old and young boars ·_nd shoats. all registered or can be Goats. 2 nanny goats Terms: On sums of $10 or cash over that amount 10 months vith approved security payable at the Citizens Trust Co. 3 per cent, off for cash. No goods to be removed until conditions are compiled with. Sale Positive. » JOS. B. TWINING. Albert Slaybaugh, Auctioneer. » HORSES FOR SALE | ^^fc ^^k 2 Carload of Range Horses will be sold at the g Q Stock yards in HANOVER, on WEDNESDAY, « · OCTOBER 22nd. ^ * On THl^SDY OCTOBER 23 g| A carload of Range mares, with colt§ by their ^ side, will be sold at Ernmiisburg. 0 FORBES and FORNEY S FAMOUS BABCOCK LADDERS Full assortment no** in stock, consisunjr on- Straight ladders, extension ladders, step ladders and special fruit ladders. Every'piece'of^tliis \i ell T known brand is rua-le from secon I growth spruce with niD2s of ash or elm. H. P. MARK, AKENDTSVJLLE The popular annual Excursion by the Salem U. B. Church will be run Thusrday Oct. 23,1913. Special train will leave Fairfield at 6.45: Gettysburg 7.15: New Oxford 7.37: Hanover 7.53; stopping at all intermediate stations. Train from East Berlin will connect. No stops made below Hanover. Returning leaves Hillen Station, Baltimore, 7 o'clock. COMMITTEE. I have just received a Standard Automatic Milk Separator which can be seen at Biglerville now machine is guaranteed to separate 750 pounds of milk per hour, and as soon as I have sufficient number installed I v.-ill buy trie Cream at Tegular price for creamery butter. J. W. Pettis --C? a LliJUl "|LJ Hey, Skinnay; 6ver! Come Effective June 15, 1918. THE WESTERN iARILAlD SAIL!AT 8:05 A. M. Dafly Except Sunday for Baltimore, HanoTsr, York and la- termediate Points. 10:35 A. 31. Daily for Hagerstown. WaTnesboro, Chambersbur^Han- cock, Cumberland, Eliins and Points West. j 12:55 P. 31. for York and Intermediate j Points 5:50 P- M. Daily for Baltimore, Han- 6:58 P. M. Daily except Sunday for B and H. Division "Points to Highfield, also Hagersto^m, Waynes- bcro, Ghambersrcirg, Shippens- faurg and HancockyPittsburgb sad all points "West. Only. The proposition :o disqualify Sulzer - Trorii c-ver again h-jSiKag a rlace of " : ionyr or iras* l:i the- state was voted i"iO\vn uuaaicsously. '.\i;h the extep'-ion that Judge CisUen as-a-a excused him" self from recording his vote. " Prlcr to the- vote on his clisqi-alifica- ' :;on and removal the !a«r. :o:tr arucles of tae sKi-ieachnie-i": charges, fhe, six. i titled ia his lavor. i. Martin H. G?y*in. o: Albany, the aci- \ ing governor, became go-, ernor; Rob' ert F. Wagner, of Xew York, niaj ?rity leader of tbe senate, became lieut^a- am Erovomor. Given was svrorn in, Judge Culler: administering the oa:h of office. Xo official notice of removal was given Ss:!zer. A recorj of the decision of the f--r,n was filed with tae secretary of state, thus coicplins with all the logai recr.ursaieats 10 remove the governor. Pale and haggard. Si-.lzer sat in the rxecutive mansion awaiting impatiently the vote of the high court which stripped from hini the robes of his «5ce of governor and made him Wils L:ara Su!zer. private citizen. | He has announced to friends that ! ~the fight has just begun," and de! «::a:e3 h^ w; : ? continue the battle for vindication, carrying his cause before the people, who he believes are still with him despite the verdict given by :he impeachment court- After the proceedings jlr. Suizer would see only a few personal friends. ' Friends who were with him wheu he · received the news of the verdict said that he appeared to be relieved that the suspense was over--ilrs. Salzer, who has been hysterical at times in the last week, was also said to have brightened perceptibly. E-.erythiag at the executive mansion Is in readiness for the Sulzer's departure. They will leave Albany on Sunday afternoon not to return. Their immediate destination, it was said, would be some quiet hotel, probably in the Aoirondacks. for a. few days. I V.'here they will make their future I home they have not decided, but Mrs. i Suizer insists that it shall be within j an hour's ride of Xew York. The court's disposition of the ar- ticlc^ of -impeachment follows: Article 1--Charging the governor ivun making a talse statement-of carn- pa ; jni r,ece : pts and payments; guilty, «£·: not guilty. IS. Article 2--Charging him with per- jurv in swearing that the statement was true: guilty. S9: not guilty. IS. ArtiUc 2--Charging him with bribing witnesses to withhold testimony from the Frawley committee; not guilty by unanimous vote. Article 4--Charging him with "practicing deceit ana fraud and using threats and menaces"' to suppress testimony "esiscd by the Frawley commit', ee: gu'lt}. 43: not guilty. 1-L Article" 3--Charging that he dissuaded r-tderick L. Colweil from testify- inc him before the Frawley in- \-est:£aiins committee; not guilty: Article ·'·--Charging that he committed larcery in speculating with funds contributed to bis campaign; not cuii;~: vote unanimous. Artirac 7--Charging that he bartered tiis political influence: not guilty; vote WILLIAM SULZER. Deposed as Governor of New York by Impeachment Court. 11 DIE Wflffl AIRSHIPEXPLODES Berfiran DirigiDe fook Fire Willie Up 300 Fest : ONLY ONE FOUND ILIYE JH2. by A K.--r:eas Press Association. tbe prosecutor aad the jury; bailiff. "They called !*, the high court of Ira oeachment. but history will call i t i New F::er, Carrying Military ani Naval S Officers, Crashes to Earth a Mass ' of F' I Berlin. Oct. IS.--The newest and i largest or the Zeppehn war airships, i the LrlL, was destroyed sa mid-air by aa explosion As! except one of the twenty-eight Euiitary asj naval inea on board, ia- ela«!:ag the engine admiralty trial L-;ard, aero killed. Shortly after the disaster to the naiy aviation niea came news that three srnsy oiScers belonging to the ijyaig corps were killed in aeroplane a*-ciiion*s. The disaster to the L-II. occurred just above the aia.p street of the city of JoLa-jnistha! while- the big dirigible. Z'Hj feet long, was making a trial trip preliminary to its acceptance as the ·iagshiy or the new German aerial S na*. y. The shattered hulk of the air- the ship, a mass of blazing canvass and crumpled alusnin'inj. dropped 900 feet into the public highway. Hundreds cf persons, who had heen lav." a flagrant abuse of constitu a disgiaee to our civilization; and the verdict overturned the safeguards o: liberty and the precedents of three centuries. The judgment will not stand the test of time. Tne future historian will do me Justice, and posterity will reverse the Snuirsgs of the court. high ce-irt of infamy.' The'watching the Sight from parks and trial was a human shambles; a libel! housetops, rushed to the scene. There- was nothing to be done except to take out the bodies of the victims from the mass of twisted wreckage. Lieutenant Baron von Bleul. cf the Queen A-igusia Grenadier Guards, who was making the trip as a guest, was the only survivor of the wreck. He was badly injured, and his condition is critical. Many of the bodies were so burned aad mangled as to be unrecos- nizable. The dirigible, just before she left the balloon hall, at Jchannisthal, took on board her regular naval crew and a number of officers. She headed for Berlin, a short distance away, in a. light wind. About a dozen aviators were circling the aerodrome at the time in aeroplanes. Everything was apparently in goon order cr. the airship. She was gradually getting up speed when suddenly an explosion was heard by those on the ground, evidently in one ot the motors in the centre gondola. A flash shot out and the next instant the entire ship was afire and plunging downward. Every inch of canvass covering and the balloonets disappeared in a moment. A second and more violent explosion was then heard, the fire having reached the gasoline tanks filled with about two tons of liquid fuel. Before the echoes of the explosion had died down the wreck of the most, modern of Germany's dirigibles lay a Skming mass "There :s a. higher court than Murphy's--the court of public opinion. I appeal from Murphy's court of politi cal passion to the calmer judgment o: the future, ana the sober reSectioa 01 puiiie o "V.'hen I declined to obey the "orders' oC the "boss" about patronage: when I refused to to call oft Hennessy and prevent further investigations o graft, and finally when I set in motion the wheels of the machinery of the courts to bring the criminals to justice and to stop the looting of the state, then, and not until then, did Mr. Murphy threaten me with degradation and with removal from office. Frora thai day to this all that money, -11 that; power, all that influence can do to disgrace me. and destroy me. has been done. "Mr. Murphy ana the special interests, while antagonised, have won a temporary victory: hue the fight for reform and for honest government w go on. The farce of my trial will have a good effect is. the esc. it. has opened the eyes of the people to graft of inillicns of dollars annually: and it ·vis! hasten the adoption of the initiative and the re.~orena*:a; bring about the recali «*f pvrhlie of^ciais. including Ait:cie S -- Charging him with using his ofricia! position to influence the price of stocks in whicli he was interested : not guilty. judges a::v! decisions: and ·vrite upon the statute boots other reform?, especially a direct primary law, so that the voters, instead of the bosses, will noni'nate, as -veil as elect, all oPIcisIs to -riMIc office." "As to the gc\erner. I have been honest an-: faithf::! to my trust. Xo ia- :lucnce could c'.rurc! me :n the performance ot my duty but the dictates of my conscience. I ha-, e lost my office, but I have kept my sclf-respc't. I -.-ou ; -i rather lose the governorship -V so* 1 !: n governor SULZtR SCORES MURPHY Declares Impeach-nent Court Was Con- trosicd by Tammany. Albany. X. Y.. Oct. IS --William Sulzer in r.n " adtlre^s to the people," given out at the executive mansion, says: a poT.-jr. beyond the o: our electorate. 1 "By Mrtr.e o; prestnt cor.trol Sunday vniy. j _ . d - , . he people tbe com 7:13 New Oxford, Hanover,, York. j r '"^ . . ' __.= -, ^~* ; Baltimore and intermediate sis- i ! tions. over, and Intermediate Points. in my room on the , mii-.^oa they ga"e me. and I hand it 1 back to the:n--unt-ainmeled anl un- j sallied. j -'My trial, froin beginning to end, so . j f a r as the Tammanjizcd part of Ihe | l.-nnrr w?_-, f-onccrncl. was a farce--a! han I^^ · an =crvo Go i ana tnainnion: the state "n'l Uic sj-ec-al interests: iao peopif ~r,*l the bors: th? visible snd the in v-sibie government. "'Le: t:? indulge the hope that mj ioss of ire govprrsrirsbjp will be the scaii: Mi^'ortunes are often I'les-ings ia ing-,:"sj. If n»y undoing ')--- r.n arrocant an-j cornjpt and nes perate "boss" ?n^U be the humble means of forever destroying "bossism" n the statp of Xe-..- Yorli. I shall be '·cn:c-.t. ar-d fee! tna; I ha--c not struggled In vain for be tier things "" Mr. Sulscr con--:i"de? his state-men; :y saying that lie is $~!~."'"' in debt. : cs'des the cost of his defense, and that his only asset is Sll.'"'".» in fash. 70.0CO Volts Pass Through 3ody. Baliims-^ iTd . Oct. IS. -- FaII;n^ tn shut off the current before he mounted "· sriant tr^rs'fornter in the s'jb-ttation cf the Pennsylvania Wate- an-i for.ii.any. roa!. Htghlandiov.n. Waiter I.oe~he".. as"-: iweaty-- hree ynrs. v as 5nst-ntl l.:ll t-d when *·,?··» vo:ts of e3e«.'-r* passed thronch nls baly. The current set hi? clo'hir.g on Sri" and he vras burned to death. oa the ground. The fire departments of all the neighboring suburbs, with detachments of the balloon corps, the pioneers and other troors were soon on the spot, but there was nothing left to save. The balloon lay in a great curve like a letter '"S," a mass of glowing wires and tangled girders. The cylinders*of the motors in the center gondola and one of the after propellers could be distinguished. Otherwise there was nothing to indicate that the debris was thai of Germany's proudest airship- Pioneers armed with axes hacked at the wreckage for two hours before they extricated the last of the bodies of the victims. The dead were borne upon stretchers to the balloon hall and a company of soldiers roped off the place to keep back the crowd. The six inmates of the center gon- cc-la had been blown through the sides of the car by the first explosion and their bodies fell a Quarter of a mile away from the wreck of the balloon, which was traveling at forty miles an hour when the accident happened. AH the others, except two. were apparent- lv killed by the explosion of the gasoline tan::. S.T.O. were probably dead before the wreckage reached the earth. The commanrtcr and members of the admiralty trial board were seated in the officers' gondola. After the fire started they were caged inside a network of red hot girders. Two of the crew were alive when rescuers reached the wreckage. One of them, however, fiicd 1-cf^re i9 w-- extricatol- The other. Lieuten? 1 't Baron VOE Ble"l. was desperately " · jured- Soth his ej es were burned o;" He urged the rescuer? to kill him. of a dee? - Preacher Hangs Sc!f 'n Stable. Laneaster, Pa., Oct. IS.--Kev. 3. S. Dausherty. f-jrmcrlj pastor oi United Brethren church at E conspiracy to [ ;o -^rn. combined sakide there v, hile the Square over "Stallsmith's ] Store" on second floor, every i . ·sir j j d. - £_ .r,--.-r I P~I t'r^d of b'»in- r oalurnnaieu J ^a'-ile H*v "\Ir. Daugheri- recently Wednesday afternoon from *·_£ l^';! , * ',: a «r. hounded: ! t'%, t^.mns-crrcd to Reading and oust me from office. ! am S'ad *; is all · despondent. !y hanging hirrseif in 12.30 to 8 o'clock, do fitting-, or I will call on j ing traduced, you in your home, at your convenience, j "The COUT j Tired cf being ha--n:e- anc hounded: i i; a ^ *)cen transicrrcd to Reading and j tired of irysus to do my dutj ana be- ^-33 prepar.n;: to leave for that place I _ -. _ - t ·- . ·: ~»,,5_-s.f3 T»-.-* 1* f A tj'i'v ? j erir""t ivf»ei when he enaen his i?fe. He is sur\ ivcd in every*-''"? [ by his widow and two children. Hold Postmaster For Theft. Lancaster. Pa. Oct. IS.--Abner -T Chinese Brigands Murder 300. Pekin, Oct. IS -- Chinese brigands r.n^er General Hwang Liang have murdered Ci" 1 ' 1 people in the province of Fo-kien. and burned two mission churches, believe"" to be the property of American missionary socicties. Atnerican tni^s'onaires from the district are still in Fnchow. where they took refuse d -rins the recent troubles- Governmsr.: troops s=n: against the brigands have not shown inuca activity. , Train Kills Schoolgirl. Auuubon. X. J- Oct. IS.--Marion AXXA C. MYERS. Xew Oxford, Pa i f Spircila C^rsetierre. PRIVATE SALE The Jacob Kitziuiller property on AV. Mi(Mi« «treet "VTetzler. postmaster at Willow Street. | -pj s h. seven years old. daughter of Mr. Two brick house containing ten the judgment. He was the judge aad store room? suitable for keeping boarders, %; through house, good well of water under ·cnvh and cistern with filti-r under kitfhen, pood °table. JTor lull information apjily to Mi'.' Kitzmiller, 15 Cliamlicrshurg «. or GIT.- Oct. -Mth M. Walter. DOXT forget the administrator's sale of Harry J. Carbaufrh, Friday, FOR SALE: five thoroughbred bull at aa unprotected grade crossing. FOR SALE: typewriter, practical g-ood as new, only S20, cost S10; ~ "?;,, i, is "r, E « a ,c s «»-· TM T °» r »» ! ^ F «TM" p - °- sjf. t-i ****.,. personal property.--advertisement j McCammon.--advertisement j 5-th, Cincinnati, 0.--· JEWS PA PER I NF/WSPAPFEJ

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