The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on October 17, 1913 · Page 6
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, October 17, 1913
Page 6
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The ioie-«vas: j S 7:13 New Oxford, Hanover, York.« Artie-e 1--Ch^r^iag the governor | . 4 Baltimore and intermediate st=- j v-iia making a :aJ5e statement oi cam-j jyj| X : tions. ? , over, and Intermediate LC SALE PUBLIC OF U'MP.KIi AND \\OOD j jury in s?.-ear!:.g that ihe statement 1 j »vas true; guilt;.. 2I; aot guilty, IS. j » Article 3--ChargJug him with brib-j v.-ituesses to withhold testimony i Mexican JMalor isstiss Decree El3Cii0BS.~ i When you are "just ready "to drop", waen you-feel so weak that vou cas hardly drag yourself about--and ~be= cause you have not slept well, yoa get -ap as tired-out next morning as \vhea you went to bed, you need help. Miss I.ea Dumas -writes from Ma- ipne, X. Y., saying:,^'was ia a badly ttlejofvy5nof'»5t *-*·"-* "·'·· "--" than ail the ot j took.'' j If the careworn, run-down women, t Despite "Situation That May Demand s the pale, sickly children and feeble ' r. * - - * - o_-- * «/;t«, _ { o l d folks around here would follow- j Drastic Act.on, Pres.oent Wilson Re-1 Miss Dun ,, as example, they, loo, would ! fuses to Even Think cf lntervention.isooa_be able to say that' Vinol, our. {delicious cod liver and iron remedv, is :li£t \ had built them UD and uiade them Washington, Oct. IT--S uiade them creato? ceived at the state deiiartzueat- XeJsoa O'SSaugiicessy, the American ; charge d'affaires at Mexico City, sent : p a _ i to XVashlngioa the lexi of a decree is- s. guarantee of satisfaction. You get yoar money back if Vinol does not help "Se's Drug Store, Gettysburg, j ironi the Frawley committee; vote. J1OE j Tbo j::rnrs En '-"-· \ May Eaton, her hasbar-rt. j sued by the provisional president pre i scribing the regulations under which ! electioas for president, vice presides' : and members of congress v.-iii be he!J : one \veek from Sunday. . i This decree by Huerta !s regarded,! | in effect, as ais answer to the presi- 1 debt's note notifying: the Mexican ex- ; ecuiive that the United States govem- ] meat repudiates ia advance the results i of esy taecciORs which isay be held iii ·as*' of Mrs. j»-nn!« I ile^Ico under the present regtise. with the nsarder of j ff a ( j Huerta any indention of abar-- Admsra! Kaion. . S. For any ski ny skin trouble trv our Saxo Salve. We guarantee it. Photo by A:ner:eaa Press Association. PROTECT THf HEART RHEUMSTISI* KHEIJ3IA Purifies the Blood and Throws off Complicating Diseases ·' Weakening of the blood tissues by .:i\-l. Vs-;! 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It ".,,c.-- p.c-t taKu long to iili a book, ami each book means a of i'vn-r.iturc or pilvenvare or cut glass, or ar=y or.o of hundreds · "r^wl^-y conm:ittee; of trying to force i -figisiators to vote for ihe direct pri- [ marv blil. and uf f-orruptly influencing \ the p-ice ot stur-k exchange securities i by u-gisg the passage of bills and I tl-oa v,-izhara-.vlr.g his support, it Is I i belie-, eu that tlie evidence is sumcient i j t o warrant ccnvictlca. Will Take iwo-Tftirfls Vote fc tend Episcopal Laws, 1 thar his virtual disregard c£ the pres:-1 Drug Store. This letter will convince I cent's notice that it would be useless: you of its great value. 1 to hold the elections occasioned no! "I v.-as so crippled with Sciatic ! e-~rpn=» fi fact, it is considered aa j Eheumatism I could not walk. Doc! ouite coasisieat with, his previous actsi^f? could do nothing for me. After ! j men: having refused to recoga'.ze uirn;p a ^j^ y " - -» - ! an;! having prevented" hiia frnTMi ob- { talains the financial assistance he soj niuc-h needs. | That th:s is a ~sn3St critical period; in the ilexicaa situation is admitted R i m I fintt l f A l i f t i t f % on ail sides It is conceded that thej A l i l j I fin]/ VnilUP j present tension may be abniptly end- fillII LUUIV I UUIlll HAVE DARK HAIR Xe- vorit oc- IT --in am^adment i ed by a definite diplomatic rapture at ;o "£h2 coast-aition oi the Protestant) any lime. Iluerta's -Jigiculties in main-. Very scon *«e final vote will be dis- { £ p i se o5pJ church, which will make taining his supremacy :n the Mexican | i posed" of. vrillia- Sulzer wit! then be ! impcss'iUe a»v change ia tie aanse of j canitaijire increasins_g£Hv. while at linctifipd that T O ilartiii H. Glynn be- j ,-ng churcb. or in the system under | the same tia^e the United Smtes is evi- con:erc-nce. |i Eager au-iltors of the ranged \; galleries iV.:sil out that the prediction themselves on one side or tae ether of of several v c-ek= ago "as Chief Judge -ae controversv ever changing the Cu-icn goes, so goes the court," -K v.-ror.g. ."ufige C'lllen was amon the name o^" the c---- rch- Self-styiea progressives hurled across ere meeting place condemaa- i -"ighiee:! vrho though-, the gcvamor j shoril.l ^e acquitted--not because he | Iiad bC""E p:vT£d guiltless, buz or the : rc-ascs tl-:i" lie should not have been | in::,-eac5--''! *cr conduct that took place | 'iefcre he entered office. Judge Cullen I -ook the same stand a? to article 1. In j again rals.r.r his voice lor acquittal ou | o: - lis c-oavenrlcn | ar'icle 4. be said: | jj r _ iianaiag took no part in the dis- j "rsr better that the assembly. _if it cr . ss | o - t hat succeeded his · introdac- v.-:sc. tliould present ne^ articles j cioil CI - r ae amendment and his speech Ncfacdy can TeH when you Darken Bray.. Faded Hair with Sage Tea. Grandmother kept her hair beautifully darkened, glossy and abundant 'with s. brew of Sage Tea and Sulphur. Whenever her hair fell out or took on that dnil. faded or streaked agpear- aneertKis srnlple mixture was applied with -vvonderful effect. By asking- at any drug store for "Wyeth's Sage and crisis will be passed, as hare ciders m I simple mixture can be depended ripon the Mexican situation, without any to restore natural color and beauty to serious thought of conflict. ^ __ _ Nevertheless, the president is deter- eions of the cOEservative element in j mined that United States warships the church. Those -he "ere styled as shall remain on guard in Mexican v.a- ·rere classed ters the same as heretofore, nor.--ms- jiue of those ! standing jrfo:csf5 frc-i Huerta to the crary. _ _ _ _ -~Q reelisical move of changing the resented "the 7a'ea7r having" the hands! nan leships at tae end-of-the month conservatives by sonse " as radicals by others. Soro ·who "a\-ored the Diiroo?es of the i contrary. amendzaest opposed it because they ·0'\ "Tif-::u-»er». h i .ii£3it~aiid the state should ! :,, :·=- 10 il:e expense of another trial I -i.e.:: liiat a precedent saoul-l :\ -.(.- set for vhat seems a violation of I j ill' 'r'''i.~ry principles of justice."' [ i r r \«2-= n;T-.-er.c that 'vTilliam Sulzer i ] ~.-.\~ "?-i ;r~- ".-snv-ction on tae charges i j ir...-.,,iuti: l.i this article trhen he sai-J i i : . - I*un'.--r. V-". Peck: "And cio as f j Is support oi ;t. HA2ANDG" :!GPE FOR AYiATOH - ; 11 Fr:e~ds Fee! Sure Jewell Fell Into the Sea rind Was Drowned. X···-.· ~.\ .- , Oct. 17.--Seekers by land · Albert J. Je~.-e!I. the a:r- . i::~sht.-l in the :i'icned*hope. ccnvinced that he ii:itl .- o^t to sea by me ·'.rstd. i.izo the '.vater acd fras · - was last seen 10»t* feet abu.ti i"·:-·-...^re. L. I., aeacins for the OJJOR ."..ii',-r. " If Jv-.v,i --11 into the sea there is a he was picked WARDEN VMfJTS PROBE Resents Cr:t:c:sr.-. cf Fedarai Prisoner as a --Living He',!." Indianapolis. Oct. 17.--W. H- Xoyer. '·-·arosn or the federal prison at At- { the six rcoaths" period granted by congress expired. -^111 be a literal observance cf tae will of the Mexican government vri-zch ·will not cost the I7a:red States anything in dignity or in the safety of its interests- FGROGgERSr-IN DANGER Mexico City Dispatch Tei!s cf Anti- ArnericaR Demonetratrcn. New York. Oct. 17.--"A dispatch from the nsir and is splendid for dandruff, dry. itchy scalp and falling hair. A well-known downtown druggist says everybody uses Wyeth's Sage^anfi Sulphur, because it darkens so - naturally and evenly 'chat nobody can tell at has been applied--it's so easy to use, too. You simply dampen a sponge ,or soft brush and dra\v it through your hair, takir.g one strand at a time. By morning the gray hair disappears; after another application or TWO, it is restored 'to'its natural color and looks glossy, soft and abundant. prison, vrno -.vas released from the federal authorities ianta, Ga-. v.-io was eiiaractenzed as i unofficial sources received.,here from -unnt" bv Juliaa Haivtho.-iie and Dr. Mexico City says: ^~" - - - ' -The sitEatir. oi foreigners here is befcisins critical. A^isob of students started a rlct y ae^cuncin? Americans and asl other foreigners. Tae mob v.-ss cutduad in n hrlef eacoanter Tcitb the police, l;'u further trouble is look- at Washington, ceniaadiss an investi- gstion cf the- charges. Mr. Mover :s in Indianapolis atr :nf the convention of ths American ssoclttlon. 'iTi anSTrer to n:y referred to ziic- At'an- Prison sky last ttro^criiics. vra ra trison s- 2. "iiving n 11," is 'coses n.nd -Kuerta's supporters are deserting him. and the dictator ana h?s caainer see for yo'irsslf." " ilcyer saic!. aro ta"«:ins precautions to guard against assassination. A Spanish wo- TEACHERS-SETBEADYTO VOTE man has been arrested on a charge of i attempting t5 - poison^ Seser Aiaape. Worsen In Institute Applaud Statement j cf Superintendent Scnasffer. FotisvsKe, Pa.. Oec. IT.--'"Get ready to vote." s" : :l State Ssperinter.deut of boat or tramp steamer Education N. C. Schaeiier. addressing :~:(i and vnthout r-«--.-.-f- % d filinsrs Give No S:gn. -;.!es. Oct. 17. -- Rescuers v.-cr-: In the -srecked UBI- vor?al o".'.-e-y. despite the fact thai l.scro %vi-r - M, signs o: any of the en; i~n~, t,i :.;:- -.s being alive. The bodies ft i.::x--hr,-^ have ben recovered and 371 are ?." I :n tie mine. Pi edicts Drop In 3eef. Onia-.n. Xt... Oct. 17.--"A drop in ;!c \~i~.i- ..·. !)eef is coming very qaick- 'y.~ ?a\# Mr. Howe, -western manager |j Tor the . % .rr;.o-.:r Packing company. He ·s there i~ an overproduction in Ar- ^r.:r-a ai: shipments from that country v.-.ll s.,;r-ly cause prices in America is drop. Hero-Robber Pardoned. \Va?h ! ns'on, Oct. 17. -- President Wilhou ( ,,':inir.te« the sentence oi Richanl r. Xeal,. holder of the king's al and other insignia of bravery i in ; the Transvaal war, serving a life ten[ | for rubbing a pcstoffiee and rail- j ! rp,id sta'ion at CluilEgton, "V. 1907. FOR SALE: several choice building lots f.-ontintr on South street. Apply George P, Black, --advertisement ninfsier cf the interior. "Because of the proclamation of Huerta that h? has taken over the duties of ccr.gre.~s. four judges of tae supreme court have resigned. It is re- the Schaylkili Co-.;nly leachers" Insti- ported thai Hnerta has O7derca their His audience of 150-'» persons, most I .f tvhom -n-ere -^romcr.. applauded. Dr. arre=t on a charge of sedition." FiHp-ncs" on Commission. ciris trao Sehaeffcr .snid t the voters of the future should be tsughz along -with the !oys to place a high regard on tae privileges of citi zeaship. be! TTashington. Oct. 17. -- Presides: .Progressives FsgSit »-or Recognition, Baltimore. Md., Get 17.--Action --as institatca in the circuit court :or Anne; er "Cvilson ana Secretary Garrison select en the folioTTing Fiiipincs to be mon bers of the Phiiiripine eo3mi~s:oa: Vi^toriso Maps, Jaime C. de Veyra, \"cen:e Tir.stre and Vicente Siagson. MI-O-NA QUICKLY ENDS INDIGESTION Do not continue to suffer"·wMh" heartburn, dizziness, after dinner distress, headache, biliousness, jiain in the bowels or soar and .gassy stomach. Get relief a'c once--buy to-day--a fifty ~cent box of Mi-o-na Tablets. They quickly and surely end indigestion and -stomach distress--are perfectly harmless^ There is no long -waiting for resells --no need to deprive yourself of -the food you like best but fear to take "because of stomach distress. Eat what you vra.nt at any time and take Mi-o-na Tablets. Do not suffer stomach distress another hour. It is not only needless bnt may be dangerous--many serious diseases have their origin in the stomach andrbowels. Begin using Ivli-o-na--now--at once. Money back if not satisfied. People's Drug Store. PUBLIC SALE FRIDAY, OCTOBER 31st. 1913. The undersigned "will have Public Sale at his residence in Cumberland township, one and a half mile,- from Gettysburg, "along the Fairfield road, the f oliovring personal property. ^ ~\ Three pair of mules -coining 2 years old, Tvell mated and ·nrfll make Mapa v-'sl5 be secretary of Sn'ance and s.i-.c c -. The fifth Filipino corssjission "be Rafr-el Palnia. -who since mules, 1 bay mare 5 years old,'work wherever hitcheC and feerless:of all objects, any troman can ^drive luer. also a good leader. 1 bay mare colt coming 3 years old. o head of milk . . . Chestnut Hunter Kanjs Fottsri^.e, ?a.. Oct. 17.--John Polny, Arundei cf--"«nty to compel Secretary j igos has been the cnly native on the of State Graham to certify the nOEsisa- j oonrr.ission. His resignaiion iras no* Son of candidates of -the Progressive j acce p£csj. party on the state ticket, so that their | names conid be included in the list of j candidates to be votbd For in the elec-: tson in Xcveinber. Fortified with a n j of .Heckscherville. while out hunting opinion from Attorney General "Poe, · chestnuts put the rope he was using he refuses to take the action demand- ] around his neck, tied one end to a ed by the Progressive candidates. i branch ot" the tree and jumped. His ___ | body ivas found a few hours later. Wilson Pardons Banker. Washington. Oct. 17. -- President Wilson pardoned Thomas P. Bowman, of Wah.neton, X. D.. serving five years in the Ananiosa, Iowa, reformatory for smbezzle-ment from the Citizen's National bank, jf Waapeton. Stole Trolley Wire; Tied Up Line. Suffem. X. Y., Oct. 17.--Service on "the Wan-en Power and Traction line ·was held up for several hours because thieves took 900 feet of the overhead trolley v»iro. DON'T forget the administrator's sale of Harry. 3. Carbaugli, Friday, Oct. 24th, of all his real es*tate and j ·DON'T forget Robert E. Diehl'f sale on March 3d, 1914. -- advertiso- personal property.--advertisement jmcnt on- notes security. "M " Miller, Clerk. FOR SALE Modern nine room house Heat and all conveniences. Lot 40x232 ft, Terms to suit purchaser, M J. B. Hamilton

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