The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 20, 1936 · Page 13
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 13

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 20, 1936
Page 13
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Page 13 article text (OCR)

MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, FEBRUARY 20 1936 : Candidacy for Supreme ;' Court Is Announced by ; ; ; Judge Hays, Knoxville "_ KNOXVILLE. fl)--District Judprc : Norman R. Hays of Knoxville Thursr'iy announced his candidacy { for the republican nomination for ,' justice of the state supreme court. The fifth judicial district bar indorsed his candidacy, be said. He has been on the district court bench for the past four years and previously served four years as county attorney for Marion county. A World war veteran, he has been active in American Legion circles over the stale. He is a graduate of Grinnell college and of the Harvard law school. His father was the late Judge L. N. Hays. Ill With Mumps. SEXTON -- Aileen and Harold Martinek are ill with the mumps. Harold is seriously ill. Bonds for Stacyville Sewer Project Bought STACYVILLE--Bonds for lh c SLacyvillc sewage project were sold Monday night to the Polk Peterson company of DCS Moines. Bonds sold tor $16,600 at 3i per cent with a premium of $2S5. Robert Scott of Albert Lea will put in the disposal plant and Dan Christiansen of Cedar Eapids the sewer. STRETCH YOUR FOOD DOLLARS FRIDAY and SATURDAY, FEB. 21-22 PORK and BEANS P. and G. SOAP . PINEAPPLE CHERRIES CORN FLAKES Mayflower Broken Slices · Mayflower Red Sour Pitted Boston Style ' 2 No. 303 Without Tomato Sauce tall cans \ 5 Giant · « · · · bars No. 2'/ z can No 10 can 2 large 19c Jack Sprat Oven toasted crispness » HOMINY Jack Sprat Lye BEANS Jack Sprat Limas |Q i yc MORTON'S SALT Free Running or Iodized 2 Packages .Tack Sprat .large Quick or Regular · · 1'1'g- Jack Sprat, Quick or Regular Beans . . . . . A 19c Navies, Choice Hand Picked Pancake Flour . . s iy b 19c Jack Sprat, Seir-rising- Extract *,,? 19c Jack Sprat, Lemon or Vanilla Cherries . . . .^u."* 19c Mayflower, Red Maraschinos Peanut Butter . « «*· j«r 19c Jack Sprat Marshmallows l lb ,,ug" n " nv Campfirc Salt . . . . ] LlM9c Jack Sprat SALMON Red- Rose 1 Ib. can SHRIMP Jack Sprat-- Wet or Dry No. 1 can SARDINES ud 3eed Oil 19c Cottage Brand Packed in Cotton Seed Oil a cans Mail 4 Carton Tops From JACK SPRAT GELATIN DESSERT and I5c (to cover mailing expense) to Western Grocer Mills, Marshalltown, Iowa JACK SPRAT Jack Sprat 4 8 flavors pkgs. BUY and SAVE CATSUP . . ".,S 19e Jack Sprat--Wonderful Flavor SANI-FLUSH - I9c Cleans Closet Drains CANDY . . -" 19c Chocolate Caramels COFFEE . . \£ 19c Good Cheer--Quality at Low Cost CORN £T ;cr . . 2 ^, 3 19c TOMATOES sn;;; r '^ i9c SAUER KRAUTS, 3 ^r- 4 19c DC Af^fJpC Jfirk £[fr-t y*. -Vi 1 Q/o · C/\Vrf 1 C C J Halves or Slices can · 5^C GSNGERALE . ^W... 19c 'ti "Q' HORSE SHOE GROCERY, 219 N. Federal - - - A. W.KITTO, 402 Seventh St. S. E. ....... THOMPSON-DEAN CO., 121 North Federal - - BARRETT BROS. CO., 20 Second Street N. E. - - - CARLGRUPP, 1339 North Federal ....... W. S. LAWRENCE, 402 Twelfth Street N. W. - - S. P. SHAPIRO, 523 North Pennsylvania ..... SNYDER'S RITE- WAY FOOD STORE, 616 S. Federal WILLSON GROCERY, 404 Fifteenth Street N. W. CHICAGO MEAT and GROCEKY, 626 S. Jackson - Phone 209 Phone 754 Phone 217 Phone 43 Phone 420 Phone 2137 Phone 2187 Phone 1800 Phone 241 Phone 996 HERBERT HOOVER IS MYSTERY MAN Nominal Head of Republican Party Not Active Like Landon, Borah. EUIXOU'S NOTE: This is the fourth of a series on the 1'JSG presidential campaign, its issues and personalities. By UICHARD HIPPELHEUSER Assoeiatcd Press Staff Writer NEW YORK, UP)--The position of Herbert Hocver in the republican party has mystified even many of the republicans themselves. The former president, only living republican occupant of the white, is ( h e nominal brad, of his parly. In tecent months he has made several trips across the continent and has conferred with G. O. P. leaders in many ,«tatOs. Ho hns made a detailed criticism of the Roosevelt new deal in a series of major speeches. Yet. there is none of the surface activity in his behalf comparable with the activity in behalf of Gov. Alf. M. Landon or Senator William E. Borah Or Col. Frank Knox. Words Scanned Carefully. His words have been scanned carefully in a search for his possible intentions or hopes in '36. In the political conversations common to everyone, this question constantly arises: What is Hoover going to do? From Palo Alto there has come, as yet, no answer. One possible answer is given privately by prominent party leaders who have conferred witli the former' president. They say he will sit back and wait. Mr. Hoover is in a. peculiar position so far as delegates arc concerned. To Keep on Speaking. Suppose he did try to obtain instructed delegations. If he waged a hard fight, he would go into Ohio, as he did in 1928. But the state committee in Ohio has declared aguitiyt h i m . His iiHlivc state. Iowa, is lieins asked lo send a delegation behind a favorite .son. Senator Dickinson. His chance, if he desires the nomination, is believed by his friends to lie in continuing his speaking campaign, discussing the issues, striving to create a sentiment that might surge toward him in a deadlocked convention. $10,000 Increase in Year's 'Business for Lyle Creamery Shown LYLE, Minn.--The Lyle Farmers Co-operative creamery held its yearly meeting Tuesday and elected, Nels Robertson, president; Pete Anderson, vice president; Herman Austinson, secretary and Andrew Jacobson, treasurer. The following were eicctrd ilirwitors: Elmer Konthlio. Kmil Schwanke. H. Myhrc. Robert Riclc is the buttcrmaker. The total buttcrfat made during the year was 313,-182 pounds and the average price paid a pound was 31 'i cents. The creamery did $10,00 more of business in 1935 than in the previous year, due to the increase in price and more pounds of butterfat. The poultry and egg business which has been in operation a little more than a year did a big business also, having bought 55,096'i pounds of poultry and purchased 71,461 dozens of cg'gs. Due to the extreme cold and blocked roads not a very large crowd was present. School Is Closed. GOLDFIELD--The coal shortage here the past several weeks has caused the local board of education to dismiss school this week to conserve the coal supply. The local school has considerable coal on hand but due to both dealers being out ot fuel, a number of families have been procuring small amounts from th e school's supply. Sheffield School Closed. SHEFFIELD--The Sheffield public school is closed this week due to the coal shortage. GROCERS MEATS,FRUITS.VEGETABLES 10 INDST.N.I. PHONES 41 44 *#£#£#£* W£ Dll/Yf** ORANGES, Good Size, dozen . 27c GRAPEFRUIT,each . . . . 5c Powdered SUGAR 3 Pounds m SLICED BACON, Bulk, Ib 35c FANCY BEEF POT ROAST, pound Brite-lze Cleanser 3 Cons A WORK PCtEANS EVERYTHING BRING YOUR COUPON We Are Exclusive Distributors for BERKSHIRE PURE PORK SAUSAGE, II PYNASEPTIC TOILET 5c SOAP, bar . . P. and G. SOAP, 5 Giant Bars. . . . 19c Try Mrs. Osborn's HOME-MADE BREAD and Mrs. Rogers' HOME-MADE PIES, CAKES, ROLLS and DOUGHNUTS THOMPSON · DEAN For Friday and Saturday COFFEE, Ib 29c Folger's, Hills, Batavia ORANGES Fancy Sunkist, gg Dozen 33 GRAPEFRUIT Fancy Seedless 80's, 5 for «|£ 64's, 4 for J Corn Flakes, Jack Sprat, 2 f or. . 19c Pineapple, No. 2Vi, Broken Slice 19c P. and G. Soap, 5 for 19c Marshmallows, Ifa.. . . 19c Sani-Flush I9c MRS. GLANVILLE'S HOME-MADE BREAD MRS. ROGERS' HOME-MADE PIES, CAKES, COOKIES, ROLLS, COFFEE CAKES, DOUGHNUTS QUALITY MEATS Fancy Corn Fed -| OM Beef Roasts, Ib ·©%' Fancy Larrib, Veal, Cold Meats Jones' Sausage Fresh Kilied Chickens FROZEN STRAWBERRIES DANDY POPCORN 2 Ibs. 25c Free Delivery COSTS MORE 49 Ibs. $2.45 --WORTH IT) \w *+^ «· *+ · w H Sterling Groceries || wand Meat Markets : jg No. 1 - No. 2 - No. 3 - No. 4 fflf f^ FRIDAY -- SATURDAY W HH Right to Limit We Deliver $1.00 Orders jjfe MEAT DEPARTMENT LADIES, SURPRISE YOUR HUSBAND WITH ONE OF THOSE FINE STEAKS OR ROASTS FROM THE STERLING MARKETS Real Lamb Legs, Ib. 20c T-Bone Sfeak. Ib 18c Loin Lamb Chops, Ib. 20c Lamb Shoulder, Ib. . 15c Bacon Squares, Ib. . ZOc Sliced Bacon, Vz Ib 17c Baby Beef Liver, Ib 20c Oysters -- Chickens -- · Olivized D Sirloin Steak, Ib 18c Round Steak, Ib 20c Beef Short Ribs, Ib lOc Beef Chuck Roast, Ib 16c Beef Rump Roast, Ib 14c ill Pickles, 2 for 5c * CRISCO, EH* 1 SUGAR, Beet, A* £Q *£ % 3-pound "n D7« 1 100 pounds . v4O7 $jtj Wft Folger's Coffee, Ib 29c ^* Folger's Coffee, 2 Ibs. 56c 8 Nash Coffee, Ib. . 29c Pineapple, Ige. 2Vz can 19c ^ Olivized Pickles, jar. . . 22c 8 Grape Jam, jar lOc Pineapple Juice, can. . lOc $· Brooms, extra good . . . 49c ^jjp Monarch Breakfast WP Coffee, Ib 19c Butter-Nut Coffee, Ib. 29c g5 Chocolate Cream £g Coffee, Ib 29c Jjj? Sweet Pickles, quart. . . 25c rPff Libby's Olives, jar. ... 25c ~j~ Girsgy Mix (Ginger- Jjijt, bread) pkg. 15c pIlL Rose Milk, Tall Cans, 13= 4 for 29c ** Libby's Tomato Juice, ^g 3 for 25c WH? MOTHER'S COCOA, « £ - i RED PITTED CHERRIES, JQr 2-pound can A^w B Large No 10 can , . - . JJy ^» FRUIT DEPARTMENT FRUIT IS VERY HEALTHFUL -- EAT MORE OF IT! Lettuce, large heads 5c Bananas. Rioe. 4 Sbs 25c Grapefruit 8 for 25c New Cabbage, Fancy, Ib. . . . 5c Idaho Russetts, U. S. No. 1, bag . . . 42c Potatoes, good, peck 27c Winesap Apples, bushel. . $1.75 Celery, large stalks 15c Oranges, large, dozen 29c Wsnesap Apples, Fancy, 5 Ibs. . 25c Delicious Apples, Fancy, 3 for lOc Potatoes, Good, TOO Ibs.. . $1.55 Grapefruit, Giant, each . . . . 5c PEANUT BUTTER, -53- 1 MATCHES, Large Boxes, « g- Large jar J | 6 for ... 1 JV Father Coughlin vs. Representative John O'Connor The proposed bout between Father Coughlin and Representative John O'Connor has been called off. What a show that would have been. 1 was going to ask Jim Farley to promote the bout. You know Jim is quite a promoter. If Jim could sell Jackson day dinner tickets for $50 he could have sold tickets for this bout ot $100 a ticket, besides the radio rights. What a political fund that would make. Representative John O'Connor apologized to Father Coughlin and 1 admire him for it. We all say things in the heat of battle that we don't mean. Mr. O'Connor, 1 want you to answer the accusation brought against you by Father Coughlin. To date I have not noticed it. You and Representative Borland want the churches to get out of politics, some of the other leaders down there want the businessmen, bankers, labor unions, manufacturers and farmers to get out of politics. Just whom do you want in politics, only the professional politicians? From your record down in Washington, D. C., the last eight years 1 should think that you would want some outside advice. You speak of Father Coughlin destroying this form of government, you have more to fear from within, than from without. You also have more to fear when a few politicians with very little ability get into office, then get the swell head. P. S. -- When we Irish get into a fight, we put on a good one. LUKE B. MILLER, U. S. A. Nut Meats, Fresh, Ib. . 39c f 4$£ Hubbard's Energy Cereal, 5 Ibs. 35c § Hubbard's Wheat Cereal, 5 Ibs. 35c Hubbard's Cracked Wheat, 5 Ibs. 32c Hubbard's Buckwheat, 5 Ibs.... 35c Hubbard's Pancake Flour, 5 Ibs. 35c «vA,-5 Hubbard's Cake Flour, 5 Ibs 35c lOr Rice, Fancy, 4 Ibs 25c Igr' Bulk Cocoanut, Ib 19c pfe® Prunes, 3 Ibs 25c SJjiSi Macaroni 1 Ibsi 75c f^\ Pop Corn, 2 Ibs. . 19c 1j^ Yellow Cornmeol, 7 Ibs 25c 1$r Farina, 4 Ibs 25c MAJOR BOWES' AM You hove heard this wonderful program on S urday or Sunday and see them in person. Cher MONARCH F Diced Beets, can lOc B Peas and Carre Diced Carrots, can. . . . lOc § Salad Vegetab Hominy, can . . . . . . . lOc w Cut Green Bea Pecan Meats, Fresh, Ib 39c Libby's Kraut, 2'/2 con lOc +/*· Ketchup, Large, 2 for 25c nSRri Pumpkin, Large 2'/i can ]0c jWflfir Van Camp's Pork and Beans, can 5c -*··--?? Van Camp's Tomato Soup, can . . 6c c^$^ Libby's Dill Pickles, jar . . . 15c ^Mt, Libby's Roast Beef, can, . , ... 22c .lOB,. Libby's Corned Beef, can . . . . 22c rflv 1 Large Dreft, 1 Small Dreft, *{ all for 26c 'V®? iATEURS ON TOUR unday evenings -- go to Hie Cecil Theater SaN e and Sanborn Coffee, Ib. . . . . . , 25c INER FOODS ts, can . . 20c § Spinach, can ..,., 1 5c cs 1 5c H Golden Corn, can ..... 1 5c n* . _ . 1 Or a Swppt Pen«: rnn 1 Qr Spaghetti, can lOc H Cherries, can 1 5c Si Form House Pea. con 1 Or Red Kidney Beans. . . . lOc H Gelatine, pkg. 5c H Fruit Cocktail, can. . 19c OXYDOL, «n_ 1 JERSEY CREAM FLOUR, £ f g* Large Pkg Ji^C | 49 pounds i^la^Jr ST. JOSEPH TABERNACLE SOCIETY DANCE AND CARD PARTY FRIDAY NIGHT National Seal Flour, I Mother Hubbard Flour, 49 Ibs $1.69 1 49 Ibs $2.19 Oyster Shells, 100 Ibs. 69c 1 Stock Salt, 100 Ibs. . , 69c Hubbard's Egg Mash, 1 Hubbard's Concentrate, 100 Ibs. .. . . . $ 2 . 6 0 1 100 Ibs $2.95 Mr. Farmer: Bring us your eggs ~ cosh or trade - any of the 4 stores

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