The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 12, 1931 · Page 15
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 15

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 12, 1931
Page 15
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Page 15 article text (OCR)

12 Qggg 1.931 IOWAN RECALLS FACTS OF ABE Mrs. Gardner Says Lincoln Appeared in Parade as Railsplitter. i no;TM!" ' .wt^u-n^. in a cam- i Paign speech at Atlanta, III ,,,,« !! e was also something of the ; gallant about this awkward? serious raped man, an attribute that still · yTM ss . * t h r i l to Mrs. Gardner as £». r . elQtes now he helped her mount ner horse. 1 »J? r lo ? e days a Political campaign embodied more ballyhoo than a modern heavyweight championship fi^ht ana Lincoln took advantage of Tiis humble background in as (rood an Jffi l8lns program as TMy« ^ Was Splitting Kails, rtTM *TM P arade Preceding 'his art- dress, Mrs, Gardner relates, Lincoln rode m a {loat drawn b e ^ ..tu ° r £ e3 .' True to his nickname as The Railsplitter from Illinois," he stood in the middle of the float tin rails* hlcltory shirt and a P ut - Whcn he addressed his audience *,be made a great impression thru iOSiis humor, his mannerisms, his ser- ·.yf/t|iousness and his deep convictions ... v according to Mrs. Gardner; who Lincoln Advised Spanking for Dan Winget, Clinton President Never Too Busy to* Hear Plea of Boy or MASON CITY GI.OHE GAZETTE Sad Mother. 'Inrftv. os'T.. ~ ""'"· row seat uiont, ' with 35 other young people who hac ,,,! come in a body from her commuu ) TT^ IOrsc Bccl »TM Frig^ned. , t When the speech. was over the -. \ party prepared to go home. Mrs ·_ ,_ uardners horse became frightened · i at banners fluttering in the wind ' al !t WaS ira P° ssible to mount him ;. ! Lincoln, observing her predica: j ment, came over and held tho /,' horse's bit with one.Band while ho . i; extended the other to aid her in [ri*,_ Mounting. Then he shook her hand and said goodby, leaving a thrilled }: . young miss safe in the saddle I 1 VILE MAN WHO WENT VJ OUT TO WOO LOSES COURT'S DECISION I LOS ANGELRS, Feb. 12. (#-"He used my car to hunt for deer " "laid Mrs. Gertrude Schuman. "But Jvhat he bagged was more liko dear' " resumed the angry woman. His hunting horn was never heard beyond the crowded section. His weapon was a snappy word likf ^Bound in my direction?' 1 -/"No antlers grace our fire placate elks don't even greet him, am) ic jwould race .for each 'dear" if ace in WTich-a-smile was.fleeting." , Judge Scott looked down with thotful frown upon the Nimrod Schuman. He said, "I fear your typo of deer was much, oh, much to human." "Your ijood -wife's plea for thi? decree I'll grant with spirit willinc, IbecaiiKo the 'deer' you ventured near were eager for a 'killing.'" His ·words had force, and spelled divorce and ended Schuman's 'hunting.' " *) There was no plea for custody of I my baby bunting. JOO Clergymen Will Gather at Waverly WAVERI.Y, Feb. 12. (INS) -[Approximately 100 clergymen of tho L -Methodist Episcopal church in the Rubuque and -Waterloo districts of ?e Upper Iowa conference Are jieetlng this week in Waverly for tie annual spring joint conference. Egr. Joseph Beach, president o£ West jjChina Union university, and Dr. E. '5Guy Cutshall, president of Lift /School of Theology, are among the speakers. The Rev. Gilbert J. Chalice is superintendent of the Dubuqii 1 district and the Rev. F. C. Wilzi" rman of the Waterloo district. CLINTON, Feb. 12. (!P1-- Th heavy responsibilities of directing nation thru the trying days of th Civil war did not prevent Presiden Lincoln from taking an occnsiona hour off to listen to the plea of . saddened mother or a lonely boy. Dan Winget, 80 year old Clinto; resident, tells the. story of his vlsi to the white house during thesi days. At the age of 14, Danny, then a Irummer boy for the First Kansas regiment, followed a detachment of soldiers from Fort Leavenworth vhcre his father, Gen. D. P Winget was commandant, to Washington because he wished to get to the firing me. - ° When he reached the capital, he vas a homesick, broke and hungry oy. but still intent on joining the i-my. He went to see Secretary of War Stanton, whom he described s "big, burly and cross as a bear," Considered Too Small. Stanton thot him too small for a soldier and opined that "we'd better shoot you for leaving your post aa a drummer boy for the First Kansas regiment." It was a frightened lad who a few hours later mustered up sufficient ·courage to go to the white house He was met at the door by an old Negro servant who hesitated about admitting him until a deep voice from an inner room sounded "Jet him hi." He entered and saw Lincoln "bit- as a telegraph pole." Seated at the end of a table was a small woman, ner head bowed down, soba sliakino- her as she pleaded for the life of her 17 year old son who was sir tenced to death for falling aslee while on sentry duty. "I took the seat Mr. Lincoln in dicated, nervously fingering m cap," Winget related. "After a fe; silent turns past his desk and th woman, he paused, laid a large nan on her shaking shoulder and said: Would Uestoro Sou. " 'Little mother, your boy will b estored to you.' "I can still see the Joy that radl ited from that harassed mother a she brokenly thanked Mr. Lincol or saving her son. I con still se he misty look in the saddened eye I tho president." Ie told the president his story Th' president remained silent until h( var. fimsned then wrote a note an old tho young drummer boy to take it to Stanton. Y "I didn't like Stanton so'I snealten a look at the note," continued Win- ·,et. He still has it in his possession =u'f»f V* °L a "S ular writing on r It said" house, stationery "Hadn't we better siank thi= drummer boy, Danny Winget an. send him back to Leavenwnrth? A. LINCOLN."' Spanking War, Expected. That was too much " WinJet went on. "I started to cry. So°hf took me by the hand and we wen out. I felt a lot safer, but I w?s still scared, figuring I wns due to get tint tanning. T-i'iPt' 1 I Clkin ' t He took me to -hfi Efcbett house, sent for Stanton and TM3 something to him. I got three days rations, clean. clothes, trans- nofti.t'on home and two weeks' furlough." And whan old Dr.n Winget recalled that story the other d?y he added: "Do you know, somehow I wish -ic had spanked me." Training schools for janitors are proposed. A course in thermometer reading i-hould be included --Sholbv- villc II«rn](l. No Grnds Are Arruigned. ATLANTIC, Feb. 12. (UP)--In the last 10 years no college graduate and only one high school graduate has appeared for reprimand before district judge-K. R. Cook. Cresco Club Makes Miss Meac! Honorary Member CRESCO, Feb. 12.-Since M . , Lauraine Mead, Cresco, was one of the originators and promoters of the Historical Society of Howard county in 1924 and was one of its charter members and its first vice president. It was voted unanimously to enroll her as an honorary life member. Ready to Go/ and happy, too because... a clear skin makes for popularity B ODILY VIGOR and natural skin freshness come from the same source--healthy red-blood- cells. When you tire easily or your skin is sallow and pale or broken out, common sense suggests thaF every possible step be taken to correct it. S.S.S. should be your safeguard. It restores the red-blood-cells to normal. The system tones up, skin eruptions and sallow complexion disappear. Your appetite picks up, your whole body is strengthened, invigorated! If your vitality and clear skin are slipping away from you try S.S.S. Get the large sizo bottle. At all drug stores. Builds Sturdy Health ©a.a.a, co. Health restored Mr». Florence Allen, Detroit, Mich., writes: "S.S.S. improved my appetite and restored my toil weight. I think it wonderful. My greatest surprise tea* that there could be anything tvhich could make me feel and look to much better in to ehort a time. Work is note a pleasure," The Greater Hudson Eight has a. larger motor. It is faster, rnore powerful, quicker in traffic, surprisingly economical It has individual new beauty--and Rare Riding Comfort Bodies are insulated against drumming and drafts. Headroom and leg-room are greater. Doora are wider. Perfect comfort in every scat--no crowding. These are a few of the quality features in this Greater Hudson Eight. LAPINER MOTOR CO chool Board Hears Fowler Charge DEWITT. Feb. 12. (UP)--Th Dewitt school board today met a trial board to consider whethe C. Fowler, superintendent o hr-'s. was fit to occupy that posi Aon. The board recently when on record in favor of today's public hearing- following- charg-cs that the ·superintendent was incompetent th:it he was not impartial in his school dealings, and that he usec jlangunge u n f i t t e d to his position Church Union Observed by Alexander Banquet J ALEXANDER, Feb. 12.--The j sixth annual banquet and program was held in the church basement in 'celebration of the meeting: of the , Congregational and Methodist (Churches. The united church has been prospering for the past five - pvears n t Alexander. Supper was .·.served followed by a program con- jj sisting of tallcs. music and singing il r w d etc., by representatives of the fferent branches of the church ivork. Founders Day Is Planned. ARMSTRONG, Feb. 12--The next f/P. T. A. meeting will be held Fob J17. It has been set aside as Founders day at which time all past pros- ts of the National Parent Teach- association are to be honored, ft'he following program will be Biven: Illustrated lecture on policing l|he month by W. A. Ortmeycr; vocal olo, Marion Johnson and music by women's quartet. There isn't any objection to ool- [Itige training except that it postpones a fellow's education four [ivears.--Nelson, B. C., News. X Coiatisiwe wl£h Their TI2E FAMOUS SfATTIwESSIIP CAST UNTIL SATURDAY NIGHT Many Housewives Have Purchased this Famous Health Equipmcn: at the astounding savings of Vz to % that prevail during this event. "Health Means Happiness" Triplicate Set Regular 519.90, Now 4 Qt. Sauce Pan Regular §8.fiO, Now . Special Bake Dish Regular .$5.10 Now .. . We Manufacture and Display ,, Complete I of Cast Aluminum C'oo!;-warc ALUMINUM Factory Expert in charge -A Demonstration remains until Sat. Ntghl, Buy out of Income on Purchases of $20.00 or more. Saves Time, Money and Fuel. ssjsss. low and how GOOD SCARS Sei/s So LOW SPECIAL PURCHASE Lamp 15 Artistically designed parchment shade with gilt lacing. Base is heavy iron with green glass ornament in center. Lamp is 55 inches high and ia complete with cord and plur These lamps are similar to cut S ' Junior Floor Lamp $ Complete Junior Floor Lamp !n the newest two-candle style. Shade ia of high grade parchment paper with colorful panels. Gilt imitation leather laced. Stem Is mottled jado green. Lamp stands 68 inches high. Shade is 15 Vi inches wide. For a $445 Did you know you could get them for so littlePRealRoli- ers, trained to sing, and iuch cheerful pets, too! ANOTHER SHIPMENT CAGE and 19 For Both There's a choice of three decorative color combinations--green and bronze, coral and black, ivory and brown- Song! 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