The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on October 17, 1913 · Page 5
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, October 17, 1913
Page 5
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laves Your Back in Pumping P UMPING is unnecessary^ work for you. j There's no getting around it, you can't get away from it--it's true. The more you look into this gasoline engine question, the more you study it and find out what an engine must have to do your work right, the more you'll be convinced that the Olds is the engine for you. Some day when yon're down our tray let cs show yon the Olds Engine; let as help you to get an enjjjrse that you'll be glad you got. If you can't find time to come and see us. ask us to come and see you or send you a free cataJog of Olds Engines. We're here to serve yox; give us the chance. S. X. BOWERS, Farm Implements and Gasoline Engines, Biglerville, Pa.; FAKMf-RS, TAKE NOTICE ; I have for sale the Fearless Manure Spreader, the oply; spreader with a circular beater. Spreads twice its own width'- and from i^4 to 2 ft beyo id the w'.ieels with less worry on tte~ team. You only need drive half as far to-get your load on", · While the ordinary sprea ier throws manure on a narrow strip 1 behind the spreader. If you want a spreader, come to see hot? ; they work and examine it yourself before you buy. I have them here on my farm and will be glad to show how they \vcrk. j Write for catalogue. Can get any machinery in the Walter I A. Wood line, on'short notice. W. C. WEILE, Biglerville, S. 3. : Moving Pictures For Farmers. Until suitable moving pictures can le developed the- srereoptieon will fur- uisu a very interesting entertainment for an hour in the jrrause. Such an evening Is rei'orK*! in an Ohio grange, wneu the following, aruons otaer. slides Mere shown: Lousfc How's ""Vitlajje BlacksmithTM (six slides;: "The Bridge" (four slides): "The JJattle Hymn of the BepuMic," suns by the grange froai the slides; ~Th,e 1 Bdeimwlence Bali" (sis slides); iSews of Cliicaxo's stockyards. -Jjo -ali 'about fifty pictures were which !uaIt a decided chansre froai any program the grange had evor had presented. We joss the idea (which is by no means a netv one) along with t5u» susjxestioa that those granges that have never had such a. program try sr. Travels Going Abroad. Jerome D'Tracers, the national amateur go!t cuattiiiioii. has asisioui'c-ed his intention of vis-tin:; En^aiid next year In. another try for the coveted amateur title of the British Isles. Tvro or three years ago the Upper Moctelair \vizard made an attempt to win foreign honors and. like nearly all the other Americans, failed. HANOVER OPERA HOUSE Saturday,Oct.l8 3fat'ue - and Xlght 2.SO :.:» The 3fnsieal Triumph Two Continents of Farmers' Day Premiums Plate of best York Imperial Apples (not less than six), Pair shoes. I Glass of best Preserves, lady's 14 K gold filled watch guard. TEN PER CENT REDUCTION on all goods sold that day. C. B. KITZMILLER 0NtY@a ATTHEXASINQ.N.Y; C- Mi -- SJ - ?*.-$0. .2o L fc. riigbaST.SO 31. T5. SO, -25 £ Seats OK sale for both p"rf^~r aiices ci ? Sm:tK caid len'f'.r.s Drag Store. Thursday f Oc'acer JB. 9 a. m. f Cleaner and Presses HUDSON Six 54, $2250 What Do You Know About Any Motor Car Save the One You Own ? TUST think of the cars you haVe ridden In during the past year;-and have you I driven any other car than the one you own? Not one automobile owner .in a J hundred rides a dozen times a season in any other car than his own. Under such conditions, with a limited knowledge of other "cars, it is natural that every motorist is apt to think his is the best car built. the jus; as powerful as a six--or a coe-cyEader could be; for that setter. But, nothing short of six: cylinders, through any icsign 'hat engineers have ever conceived, will produce the smoothness and 5ezib2ity_ How to Determine Sis-Cylinder Difference OJ course, all Sixes are not equally smooth. Design ticans much. To be sure to get the very finest impression of what a S : K means, drive a HUDSON Six 54. Go to any HUDSON dealer. If you drive, have ti?m let you take the wheel, and over any road, through the maze of city traffic, over the rough roads, up hill and cbwr;. you will see why it is possible to do 300 miles in a day with safety aad comfort. New Features in HUDSON Sis 54 True streamline body--the handsomest car you ever saw. Highcs! standard of HUDSON design and construction The very .best we know in beauty and feush. Left-side drive. Right-hand control. Entrance to driver's seat from either side. Electrically self- cranked and electri; lighted. Fully equipped with every necessary detail, $2250. It is like "the man %vhc daans thsf afe to^ best--yet WEO never goes to any other to-sn. Remember the old Second Reader story abou*- the pigs that thought they knew the, ·world until they got out of the pea and ciknixKl the hiil? Now Let's Make a Good Examination of Six-Cylinder Cars If you have aever driven a Six- you can kner« nothing of therr smoothness. Thenjan-whoneversaw-an electric lamp coaid easily be persuaded tobeiicvethatakerbscnelampwas just as good. YouTl never know the difference except "by actual csperience. Riding in a Sis v,-ill convey some of the sensation. You'll get that feeling of 3ying. "S"ou"ii not experience any vibration. The motor -ft HI purr--almost- noiselessly--and because there is a constant power impulse being imparted to rhe rear -wheels- the grind and growl of the rear axle will not be heard, But, -when you take the wheel, you get an entirely new sensation in motoring. 1z Is net high power that accounts for it. Four-cylinder motors can be irade i TAFFETAS COME AND TAFFETAS GO, BUT THEY ALWAYS LINGER NEAR ATtrnsoon dresses are more- elaborate each day. Tile skirts are Cracd. and many o* the oo'ltces show a two-toned eECecc bro^s:ht about by arv ·and-3rl'oass of ffgnrec net or lace and the ov-:-rb!oi;se either c" chifion. or ihe matf-rlai of ihe skirt. One of ths most nopular materials lor thf-se early autumn afternoon dresses is taffetas, a =oii. supple Tuaiity that Sends itseii fzs:l\- and gracefully to drapery. The prints: laffttas are especially effective. On* extremely smart ciress o? r»-h:~'i 772' is almost an exact counter- v.-as in a dull, dark blue iaXfeta. \vi:h a queer conventionalized des:j::i is a very soft rose color. The und'sr- faiouse v.-os of patterned net. The drapery ;n front was caught with an odd looking- ornament of rose colored en- araeL 7-726 is another draped model ifcat would be excellent for satin. Crepe Je china or Canton crepe. Canton crepe is one o£ the newer crepes and a most graceful cimjjins stuSL Xo. 772S---sizes £2 to 42. Xo. 7725--sizes 34 to 42. Each pattern 15 cents. Beautiful Glass Service, Set Is \ours For Only 50 B. T. Babbitt's Trademarks Every home should have this Xucut Gfcss Service sel- E-.erjbedy who has st-ta it is delighted"»ith the 11 pretts' pieccs. A1I you need do is save 50 Babbitt trademarks--there's one on every Babbitt product--and because there are so tnanv dailv uses for Babbitt's %osi will soon have this set ;a YOU if O\V.X HOME. and Bab- todav. \ your bitL's When ;.ou have 50 trademarks, take them to Your Grocer or tiie next nearest one Three Famous Babbitt Products East, West, Xorth and South--these d helps have made paths of cleanliness. Babbitt's Cleanser at 5c is half the usual price. "Best Soap" has been BEST for years. "1776"' Soap Powder is (he original v. ashing pO'.vder. Order ihem All Today '' To obiain either pattern illustrated fill I out tnis coupon and inclose 15 cents to ·· s:nn:ps or coin. Be sure to state number ' oi paue-r. and size, measuring- over the 'I fullest part of the bust for dimensions, j Address Pattern Department. No Size « Name - h Address - lj O0 0000*05 THE GAME LfCKS THE GANDERA. gamecock strutted on the green As an old ganger, sassy as the dickens, K:5se-f! ;ike a 5nake Antl cursed the other chickens- · iThen at s. socd oM mother hen He cast a nastj epithet rtalsetl his great vvti^ as if to strike And backed :t ~:th a. murderous threat That gamecock pranced risht tip to him And cr:ed: "Toa lo-x- ao^n mongrel cur, If j o--i don't qu:e-i apologize _i fid take bacK every nasty slur "I"I tnrow your featners to the tvmd; IM spread yo.:r biood upon the grass; Til "»acn you ar.4 :. our brutish kind To insult ladies wl.ea they pass"' vVitn :r^it the gander rushed at him, But the s^mes spur pierced his thick i hund'er. : »n(l suany nwiitrrnsen i"SO On , ^«t.^.,u 1£ . iis tlie hencoop. This lett \ IO bis :trre.~t. * | Many Socks rrire poor fertiiity in the i early season because they are kept «;·- j tier conditions. April and j May are best for fertility because the i fovrls ;ire -nt en the mx-und- esercis- | inj: in tlsc fresh air. feeding on greeas. i ·vvoiins and bucs Xature has ranch to do with success in poultry culture ; ::ud it's a 'T\ise :iuy"' who keeps on j the riirbt slcle of her. j We have knoivn freight station eni- i ployees wh' ^ot aU the grain for their j fo-nls from the spiSied grain in tht- j cni*. "Us-e Xo Hooks" seems to have , little eGTe- 1 on the nvensse freiiriit neck. And e feJl J«;.Tf: upon the grass, A L'oooy Vo-a.. Fhoiiid a man stand idly by \\~hea corr-tur Jcaiers tvonen- slur. ^liovc a ·K-om.-'n to e~.dure .··Kjits from such a lov," dotvn car? v^: Ke si.-':5il ial:e a strangle hold i~j "i 1 :e nasty fi»;;ow_"s neck \r.'l Tiiiis a good ri^i.t uppercut i-ake cf his ja~ a -onj ; .lete -vrreck. C. iL BAKSITZ. j their ·shipment-- f irnisa and crrit a-| coruingiy. A "=ack or half a sack losr 'near-; m.ifh in the long r;in. and tin- i oniy rray out is simply to refuse thf j \vh"le shipment if pnrt of it is lost or Xi;S!OS FROM \Thi5e a!I Amcrifans are sruck o-. the re-1. vrhire :ind bin**. \-f*ry fc\v tak- ro bh;e chk-koiis. T\-|iile '.vltb tlie Enjr I iish It is dmcicnt. and tlscv are ;risri j listing son:e llnc T:moty n::ht aionu : -ORHHSPONOH,TS j TM« ^ ^cSS',^^ °Z£ ^','i rc-Tiody for scab i t1 _ k tt) bTOH , thc!n ni{bout ,, tacfe :in r arid"-. sulphur omtrnent and repeat «Pl:k-:ii:- -.·- :::··::! r,:tes djsappear. Q. \Vi:::r CM you consider the best mide'Li feciling? A. Appetite. Q- \V;:.«t i\t yon think o* oar ponltry :onr::;:: :·::;. ho^r Don't yon think near rcewnrk. X. .1. As ino-^t of ilu- j footiigbt belles bill and coo and lovej dove so perfectly on the stace om- w^ou'd think their tn!e:ifs better firt; v ) theta for pigeons than The humrtruii! qnack :ind rooster business. :!;cy n:::ke a speclnity of advertise- | Always inspect corn closely whethci A. ^Vhuc i-'-roc journals do not "whole or~rrackcu. Ml«3y com i. =; -on:e ::n i the s-,-:tcii; the. Jarse majority d*. the Asae-X'an poultry jonr- aai-s IVJSUT the b^t and most numerous in the vrorl-J A^ most of tnein are 50 cents per yenr. tL:-- JOTT rate requires frennent chaise of n-ortaliry amons fov--ls and sets about the ame on their system as ptomaine poison. An unusKnl sight rras witnessed re centlv nt Georcet«!-nra. Del., when :i tfcenj to rake ou ranch advertising to i tnrkey buzzard tried to i-teal nn o'«l oalce a profit- | hen's chicks nn«l the n:otlitr hen in:ul" Q. After nsnuing oa plotred ground ! good by lickin" the buzzanl to n fnir ;nst ppnris I i-.otlcod some of ray hens I z3e. Tnrkey buzzards seldom atiafi, cot ?kk and q::it eating for several j anytflii:?; nlsre. bnt tlse tooper bawl. '7,:ys. ".Vhct «o yon snnpose was the CTiri^c? A. Yo«r bens likely got too ainny enrt;jriorni5. These worms are oily, nnd a quantity like yonr hens picketl np caused iiwllgestion. and great borned o~3 are the pouitr; de~ns of the air. The quioK uevc-lopment of a scaly log . is well sfcown \vben one sets a hen ! with a moderate amount of the nasr} Q. I a::; after a larger pigeon than j SC r5iff on her triJbys. In three week- nriety that is pretty,, thick bur I i'ie Ilonjor. a vn ! hardy, prolific and popalar. yo;i ;uiv;5e? A. Carr.eanx. Many claim t'l^se are nrsore proli"5e tiian the Homer. Tliey are certainly fine and are mak- ! ing more friends right along. bunches of the chalky acensinln- "Wlisch dO'ltion Trill appear, the pnrnsires brced- in? so rapidly in the heat, dark an-J quiet of the nest. For sale by 5. G...BIGHAM, Biglerville, Pa. 1 |r I- FEATHERS AND EGGSHELLS. Oresou apples s«3d in the eastern states last winter at 25 cents per dozen, and California V.'hite Leghorn eggs'; ] r^^Q RTQ aj ] fcj u g 3 o f young men ?oM h^her by the crate in Pennsylva-'j who underestimate the value of a nip nrd Xew Tork than much of the j strons an 4 vigorous physical coi.-ritu- rastcra packed slock. Xow, what have j ^j, ag an aid in nc hieving success our eastern farmers to say about that? « Jn Iife and because they undere?ti- A'oy (Pa.) fancier had a rooster j m ate it, squander this native resource stolen, and lie at once advertised that, the rooster was sick and would makej 1 any one sick who ate him. Behold,! that same night the sick rooster wasj returned! Well, yes, advertising does] pay and then some. ' A ihicf stole six hens from a Lan-j iTi=:?r f.uirier, but carelessly dropped a ^a-'tiSifl -from .his best · giri--tromj and endowment -wantonly and shamefully. Ticiousness and licentiousness, as -well as intemperance in other lines are the usual channels through which this best asset a young man has i* wasted. If he plays the game he unisi perforce pay the price There i* f getting around it. ur special attractions and Day ; | our prizes on Saturday Get I8thl, 913. Adams County Hardware Company. 46OQte4ootti4x}#cyrt*-y^^ ost Farmers Do not object to their neighbors and friends hunting on their land or to any others who have due regard for their property, but all farmers do object to the hunter who tramples dcwn grain, tears down fences and does damage. The surest way to protect yourself is to placard your property. Cardboard trespass signs 5 cents each, 6 for 2$c; muslin signs loc each, 5 for 250. And in order to keep undesirable hunters from coming out to your land and possibly disregard such signs, the best thing you could do would be to place your name in our trespass list. Fift\- cents for the entire season. The Gettysburg Times SPECIAL SALE For Farmers' Day PCI! S day. half hour ~trike. clocks for alarms 41 cents. Sale to siar: at. 2 o'clock. ; ?i.-«' N: -ke ' I Watchmaker and Jeujeler- Gettysburg Auto Tire Repair Shop 42 W. HIGH STREET TUHEs A SPECIALTY With modern steam equipment, T urn ^r-jvir" i to -io s^nera! repair work o'it". s"cuon=; an-1 retreading. If the Is^lo h n t I-m^r th=m tlvj U'o it cia ic repa'rcd. Satisfaction t^iarantet-d. TWELVE PASSENGER AUTOMOBILE FOR HIRE, Rd'aVic ar.d Try it. Tours and BattleaoUl trip' a specialty United Phone 117 X · C. A.SrON£fc, prop EWSPAPER

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