The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on October 17, 1913 · Page 4
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Friday, October 17, 1913
Page 4
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*J»*WTM THE GETTYSBURG TIMES Published Daily Ex«pt Sunday . Secretary and Treasurer. PHIUP R- BIKLE. Editor SUBSCRIPTION Served by carrier in Get^burgfor 25 cent* p«r moath. ·uiw. jwriiv i . utsj^e of Gettysburg for 25 cent« per month. 3ATES Single copies to aoa-gubscrtbers. 2 cents. receive THE TIMES by mail you can find the date up to theliBk.*ddress label on your paper. The date will be changed ten d»y* after; your money is received at The Times Umce. B»t*r*d Anrost 15, 1»04, at Gettysburg, Pa., as second-claw matter, nmder CoBgress_March 3. 1879. .. PHOKE UNITED PHONE (Me* a Northwest corner of Centre Sqiiare, Gettysburg, *K1S PAPER REPRESENTED FOR ADVERTlSifiG BY TK£ GENERAL OFFICES NEW YORK AND CHICAGO Wkmtmds. One cent per word each insertion. Two cents a word if guaramted pospoi. Resolution* of respect, poetry and memonamm OM ce^t """ ' TO OUK READERS . - - Th« Gettysburg Times takes absolutely no pare in polftics, being neutral on all S concern which gives the same news to Republican, Democratic, Prohibition, or Socialist papers and -which is stncdy non-partisan. Our *dvertisine columns are open to all candidates of all TM KO TRESPASSING All persons areVarned'no!: to trespass on the premises of the undersigned -with dog. gun or trap for the purpose of taking game in any manner; norforSshmg.orin ?ny way injuring or destroying property. All persons violating the laws of the commonwealth with regard to trespassing on lands of the undersigner will be dealt with under the provisions of the Acr of April 14, 3905. William Allison. Sam"!- Waiters farm, Hamikonban township- John D. Eiley, R. 12. Gettysburg, Pa. Cumberland Township. _ Mrs. J. E. Hughes. Cumberland Township. D- B. Wineman, Cumberland Township. Frank Mumper, R- 1. Gettysburg. Pa. C. J- Deardorif, Orrtanna, Pa. , Charles Wagaman (Dr. W. H. O'Neal Farm) Highland Township. F. L. Elme," Butler Township. Biglerville, Pa. C. B. Shank, Srraban Township, R- 7, Gettysburg, Pa. J. H. Kuhn (J. F. Kuhn Farm) R- 2, Gettysburg, Pa, Mt- Joy Twp. Jacob Frommeyer. Straban Township. George E. Herman. R. 6. Gettysburg. Pa. Butler Township. George C. Shealer. Stxabaa Township. Mrs. Mary J. Weikerr. R. 2. Gettysburg, Cumberland Township. J. H. Ee^ Box 50.. R- 2. Biglen-iUe. Mrs. Matilda L. Codori. Cumberland TownsMp. Samnel Sobinson. R- 1, Gettysburg, Pa., Cumberland Township. J. L. Toot. Straban Township. D- L. Jacobs. E. 1. Biglerville. Pa. Butler Township. Joseph B. Twining. E. 12. Gettysburg. Pa. Edward A. Scon. R. 4. Gettysburg, Freedom Township. J. D. Brown. Highland Township. ^ K. F. Biddle, Me. Pleasant Township. E. S. Gettysburg. D. J EeHe. xt 12. Gettysburg. Pa., Cumberland Township. L-eo Frommeysr. Mt. Pleasant; Township. Marfin Winter. Cumberland Township and Gettysburg- W. T. ilehrJbg, Springs Dam Farm. Cumberland Tovmship. Eobert K. Major, Straban Townsoip. JQ!III W. McEhenny Farni R- 7. Gettysburg, Straban Toroiship. Cosrles F. Rebert. Seven Stars, Pa. G. W. FJdon. Bendersviile. Pa. George D. Thomas. Chambersbarg Pike. Robert Hamer ; Greenmoant, Pa- Harry E. Shriver. BntJer Towr.ship, B- 6, Gettysburg. JosepL. A. All^-ii. Butler Township, R. 6, Gettysburg- William Coshun, Straban Township. Elias Wolford. Mt. Pleasanc Townssip. H. G. Warren. MenaUen Tovrnsnip. C- H. Rnmmeil on C. L. Osborne farm, Menallea townsMp. WHS. 51. Bigrham's Sons. Freedoni Township. Wm- M. Bigham's Sons, Liberry Township. Jacob F. Peters. Tyrone Tc-smship R. 3. Bigleriille, Pa. Charles Essicfc ar.d sisters, Butler Township, R. 5. Gertysbiir-. J. C. Coulson. Butler Township. A. S. WMsler, Mt. Pleasant Tovrr=hip, R-10. 3Irs Gestia A. Black. R. 1. Biglervilie, Pa- George Herring', Higiiland Townsiup. W. F, Kerbsz. Orrtaiina R. 1. O. B. Sharretts. Cuniberlasd Townsriip, R. 2. Gettysburg. Pa. G. E. Stallsmith, Straban Township, R. 0. Gettysburg. Pa. Jona Dick, HoSacker Farm. Strabsr. To-.rnshjp. Gilbert Rudisill, Cumberland Township. Gettysburg Route 1. J. E-. Jacobs, Eugene S. Kelly farzn, Cumberland Township. J. Qayton Rider. 3lT. Joy Tofmship. Gettysbnrg R. 1- Charses Fidler. (W. E. Golden fam i- R- 1- Biglerville. Sutler T-srp F. B. T\visden. Gettysburg Poultry Farm. Cumberland Township- John H. Eckert, Straban towr.ship. Gettysburg-. R- S. Otis Walter. (Conrad Walter Farm) R. 1. Tillie, Franklin ToTmsh E- F- S'rausbaugh, Orrtanr^. U-1. Albert Hollingsr. Cumberland t«-s--"2sr;:p. Ge'tr5-Hbnrg, R. 6- Dsardor? Brothers. Tillie. Pa. Frank-In Township. E, P. Garreuson. Butler Township- John ana Frank Garrettson. Mer.a-er. Tov.--=h:p. R- H. Black, R. 2. Gectysburr. Car .bcrlar.d Tovrr.ship. Mrs. Daniel Miller. Cuir/Deriarsd Tcv.n=h:p. Gettysburg Route G. D. S. Reynolds. Stra"""ar. Townsr.sp Gettysb"rc Route ?. W. A. B.-hair.. Cuir.berlar-d Towi-"i:p. Gctt;..=burg:. R. G. John Grosco=:t. R. 7. Gettysburg-. St-a^-a- Tu-.v^ship. GarSc-ld Jacob?. R. I". Get^ysou'-s?. r.ear Barlow. Dorsey Deardorff, Hiprhiard Township, (?-irs~ H. B. Moyer Farrn,'. H. S. Mertz. Hanr.Hton To".vr.shi:;- (Campel! and Mover Farra). Jaines L. Bijrharr.. Freeooin To-.vr.ship, G£itysiv.rg. Pa. Lcvi Cram. Mer.allen Township. Mrs. Andrew R. 1. Aspcrs- Mer,a1!cr. TownEnip. L, H. Meals, CiiTrjberlar.c To'.vnshirs. R. 5 Ge^r.-sburg. C. W. Black (5. Carr.2 Farrr; i R. 2. Gettysburg. Mt. -Joj- T-s Win. H. Johns, Cumberland -owr.shfp ard Gettysburg- George W. Wolf, R. 3. Gettysburg. C-rr.benar.d Township. Edmcnd tittle: (Jor.'- B:oc"'-cr Far^- i. Cjrrberigr.d Toivr-ship. Harris Cook, Mer.a'.ier. To vr.-r.ip. Walter C. Sr.yder. R. 12. Gett"ou-:r. Pa . Cumbc-riard Twp. Bayly Farm. Vincent Redding. R. S. Gcttjs-j-rs:, Si" To.vr-Fhip. Edward Redding- R. 9. Gettysburg. .StraLar Tov.r^hip, A. J- Smith Far:-,. Additdona! names, 50 cents for entire season. LAND SURVIVORS OF MED SHIP Sqdiitz Arrives in PMIaflel- pMa Witii 56. DIES IN S'"niDE PACT WHITE CHURCH White Church--There will he Sunday Schqpl-at this^place^ on Sunday morning at 9 o'clock. ~~ Rev. T, J.-T3arkiey and wife spent ALL ABE I . _ were Ellis' words, accordins j Had Ken and Women Separated Fronij ^ Ber|Qg Woman Cuts T «..-«at and Husband Shoots Himself, But May Live. Chicago. Oct. 7.--A man and women erere found, the woman dead, with her-_ throat cut, and the man shot three' Sunday with^ L- U- Collins and wife. I times and apparently dying, in. a room j The funeratof Eli Eitzer, which was 5 in a hotel here. ' held at this place ca Tuesday morn- They were registered as Mr. and I j ag ^ ras largely attended by relatives Mrs. William E. Ellis, of CJicianaii,' and friends ^ Ohio. The death of the woman, appar j ' T he feimera- through this section entlv was instantaneous. - i ... . . . . - j - * t El'iis was able to speak when the [are getting their, things ready to take room was entered, it was said by Man- to town on Saturday for Farmers ager Bering, of the hotel. I Day. "\Ve decided to die. - She "cut her j Moses Benner has treated his house. I throat. I shot myself and stuck my-: t o a CO at of paint, self in the throat with a penknife," i Mr. and Mrs. Webster Snyder and to Man-; V/ives snd Husbands ard A?any Chit 5 «j made a faiJare of basines 1 ? in Csn- . ; daughter, Delta, spent Sunday Mr. and Mrs. C-t with dren Without parents. Philadelphia. Oct. IT. -- The Kortt - * ^ v . . - » - i i i-i Quits a number frgnjihis place at- i cmuati, «e saiu. i «:e: wsiu uusi-- ~ , , . , , «ness reverses and my wife and I d^jteadea the lor* fair last wee*. to. end it alt Mrs. Carrie Butt, of- East Berlin, is Gerssaa Uoyd line sieaaishia Seydlitz j "She killed herself and I shot aiy- j visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. first to rescue any 01 the iaipcri'ec passengers of the 5H-iated Volturno 1 arri\ed at Philadelphia with fift-sia \ or' the survivors o ftht disaster iu mid OCC2 i Fur an self. When I found that the bullets :3!ses Benner, for several days. had not killed me I cut myse!f'oa the j r apd of McSherr\-s- PERSONAL NOTES AND BRIEF ITEMS Paragraphs of Mews Telling ·! the HappeiM§s m aod atari Ttwp People Vhifai Hece and Those Soiournibg Elsewhere. Mrs. \Y. H. Wilt, of Uttlestown, is spending the week-end with her daughter, 3Irs. William Chritzman, on Charnbersburg street- Rev. S- W. Herman, of Harrisburg, has returned home after spending Thursday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. O. F- Benner, of York street- Charles T. Hess, of HagerstQwn, was a town visitor on Thursday. JTosepb. Fritchey, of Wbodbury, Kew wrist and throat. 1 aai scrry I missed | to . vn spent Sunday with Jacob Myers Jersey, is spending several days at his out in niy attempt." f - - " - *- ·£«-?.. "How could you stand it to watch. hour before ie steame. vour wife km herself?- Elite was ask-! wanes vionej nas nau a n, Sej dl-tz hove in s-gM ia the Delaware ia by Dr. Eiseastadt. who dressed his = niili erected and piping laid, the pi~r was throaa-d with aa eagei wniinils " , ' Collins doing the work. Dallas Plank Charles Worlev has had new wind L. U. I -?__._ 1 ^^ TWO FIRE CHIEF Twehe-Year-Old Kliss isils of Scranton. Pa.. Oct. I..--rire Chief John L. Decker, thirty-five years old. is coafif-ed v n tb» co-incy jai'. zollo^-i charges of two young schoolgirls that he contributed to the ; r del:nQ.uency. Ethel Davis, tv, elve years old. whose dresses scarcely reached below her Unees. sat with bo«ea head and told how she had been attacked by Decker five tinses. once in tic private room ia the hose bouse of the boraagb of Dunmore. crowd, ready to \\elccme her ere* and passengers, as \ve!I as the surviv ors. Inside the police lines v.ere iaimi officials and representatives o! the Lraniasn line, who had made prep arations to take care of the homeless and destitute survhors. | On the shore end o: the pier, ant in tlie street beond was jacked £ erowd of 3MO persons, who had friends or relatives on the ship- All usual regulations would be ses aside. Commissioner of Imraigratior Rogers said, and :he survivors who wished to proceed direct "o their des tlnaticns would be allowed to do so The ofacers of the s:ea:nsh:p line w ere cropared to advance money and trans corral ioa to trie survi\ors. A party of immigration officers froxr Gloucester boarded the Seydiitz fur ther down the river and Ih^ me-Iica. examination of the imrcisrsnrs was the only regulation adhered to in coaaec j [ tioa wzta tneir Ia2d::iS- The sailors and ten of the passes ^ers were placed en a train and takei.: directly to Xew York. The other sur j vivors were placed en trains whici: will take them to their desana- ions ;i the western part of this state, in Oak) Indiana and o-ber states All were sup plied with clothing, food and money. The Seydiitz had nineteen men pas sengers, six women passengers anc --cf the Vo!tu~o 01 board. Besides these survivors thert were fifteen members of the bumei vessel's crew among those saved b; the Seydlitr. All of the passenger sur vivors were of the steerage or irnnii grant class. The sole exception was J rsan who traveled Srst class. Hardly any of the survivors are re lated to each other. Amen? t'ne mei are husbands and fathers whose wives and children were savp.-i ny boats fron other ships or perished. There an women who became separated iron husbands or brothers and do not knov the fate of their loved ones. The six teea little children have hardly a fath er or mother aboard- Another side o the picture is furnished by a -Rornai whose six children we-e picked off tr wounds. -I shot myself first." declared Ellis.; has had one erected also. Mrs. Ellis had been shot twice under] The farmers through this the left arm. sectioa are all about through sowing wheat ' EH-s is a member cf the firm of G.'. and are busy with their corn. S. Ellis . Son, dealers ia harness and | -^-^ __ saddlery at Cincinnati. BONNEAUVILLE Bonneauville -- Mr. and Mrs. Harry { Hartlaub spent Sunday at the home of i Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Hartlaub. i Mr. and Mrs. Pius Wagaman spent : Sunday at the home of his brother, Aj L. Wagaraan." - j John Hartlaub speril Sunday with . ,, ... . | Bernard Wagaman. OlSGliSSlBR Of G2Hf$FfH2 L8W] Lewis Warner and Emory Warner wife, of Double Pipe Creek, Md.. U, S. AfiO JAPAN LAND home on East Middle street. Miss Anna Crapster, of Taneytown, visited friends in Gettysburg to-day. Dr. T. J. Barkley went, this morning to Lancaster to attend a meeting of the board of Home Missions. Has Been Sbandensd. | spent Sunday at the home of John ' Bixler. ! Those who spent Sunday last with CHURCH NOTICES YORK SPRINGS M. E. York Springs: Sunday School, 9:00; sermon. 10:00; Epworth League, 7:30. Rock Chapel: Sunday School, 1:30; sermon. 2:30. Huntetstown: Sunday- School. 1:30; sermon, 7:30. Luther W. McGarvey, pastor. ARENDTSVILLE REFORMED The Rev. Alford Kelley, representing ths Anti-Saloon League, of Pennsylvania, xvill preach at Benders at 10_a. in.; at Arendtsviile at 2 p. m.; and at Biglerville at 7:30 p. m. Carrie ! CHURCH OF THE BRETHREN* {01 Washington. Oct. 17.--Argumen'a-j -£, e Misses Jeffcoat were Miss tive discussion of the Galifor: land law controversy has caily abandoned by the 1 °' T le^aer;t t iSricJSS to in \ Clarence Jeffcoat made a business j School, 9:30; preaching 10:30. ' libation's :ii o£c:al Quarters, is that;trip to the mountains last Sunday. boih zGvemments have r-oaclmied that' Mr. and Mrs. S. G. Smith and 'cwo it is useless- for ir.era to argue the mat-j daughters. Marie and Bemadette, ter further on the basis of inierr-reia- S p en - Sunday night with John tins ot the provisions of the American- Japanese treaty of 1911. en winch the Japanese based their protest against the California act aimed -o prevent Japanese from owning farm lands in that state. Tee legal phases of the controversy have been discussed exhaustively in the exchange of notes in the iast five nd fanl jj v ' FOOT BALL Muhlcnberg and Gettysburg_srill Put up Lively Battle on Saturday. A thrill is promised those who go to months. The arguments of each side \ Nixon Field on Saturday. The have been m^t with rebuttals from the feated team from Muhlenberg is out other s:de. with the. net result that the to keep its record clear; Gettysburg is matter stands exactly where ic did at, Determined to put a crimp in thac am- Mummasburg: preaching 10:00. SALEM U. B. Sunday School, 9:00 a. m.; Divine Gen-1 Worship, 10:00 a_ m-, Rev. William Quigley will preach the sermon. J. Chas. Gardner, pastor. GETTYSBURG U. B. Sunday School, 9:30 a, m.; Junior Christian Endeavor meeting. 1:30 p. m.; Senior Christian Sndeavor meet- inir, 6:00 p. m.; preaching 7:00 p. m. by Rev. William Quigley, of York. The Srst Quarterly Conference will be held Wednesday. October Z2nd, Dr. "ft'. H. Washinger. presiding. J- Chas- Gardie outset. The d.iscsjs?!on. ; t is inderstood. will ' bition. There will be something doing · :aer - psstor. "aencelorth ceater upon the~.Tapanese . . sai ot a new every minute. The things lively from band will keep j start, to finish. Sunday School, 9 J.5 a, no.; church- Have you ever seen the famous "lane service, 10:30 a. m-, subject, shaU~fae guaranteed the righi; of victorr'? Follow the parade at 1:4-j Reckoning-":_ church/service 7 p. m. burning snip by a, boat frcm the Dev onian and taken to London. Every one of the survivors is ii good physical condition. Xo cae o there was burned and none sufferet am but temporary injury :a makim their escape to the succoring boats. So much cannot be said for the oS cers and men who manned the Seyd ^ ^ _ -v~-, -. V _ W * -J *J.i-»Vi iJJ.N_». -- -- ·-- - -- Manrare-t ^e'ser. qa-jgnt. r or _Wn- Utz ^_ resc . le boats . One of ihe offtcen :a=i Seiser. to:.: of vu--ssmg the Mnler _ has a crn sned. hand, receive i other attarlts ana being subjectel to the same irpit:r-ni at the hands of ker at ·various t.nie= within the last I I Tne £.··?= te^tlfie-l that w'^cn the j mo'hcr of me cf -h"in ~ei; tT Decker« to e-cp.'aJn his acts'vns he cave them j each ?I -~ ~-o 50 to Wai 102. N. T.. J -vhe-c they -were caj T "re-: by z-e po-j ] V.c f - aad s°r.i bac-. home. j ? Dor!«- .---niTaitted to prison I He v.?_s s'-s*»erccvi r.v Burgess GiU=- ·. Miller, has a. crushed hand, receives whea^ his cutter was thrown agaias the Voltumo by a huge wave- Captain Hagenmyer said the Se-djit: seat out seven boats, one of which wai the first to reach the burning ship, another the last to leave. \v-re Jcinc TVS Ea~* Ora- =e. X. c" r rdd:r«s ai:*:i^ Gcldtrs Weddings. -T . Oct. IT. -- A sola r=a.\- irr four was ! i o]c-, r a^ ri £-nr.ultaneri :sl trith baacs i str^i' '.""I : " "Vire rao'e han v^ay J a^ro?s t^.c- ' oti' The rja-tir rpants ! - 2r^ Mr. and . "rs. Targes MIHIkoa, o' East ~ira~-re. v\-\ Mr air! Mrs. An\ _ . . . . ·,- ^ ~f-\~ 'J?- TO '-, ix^r.=a.- C.ty. ·ri 3'e s of Gr:°f. e r.--. IT. r.e" -°~a-ise her ' g:r. -e the j ' » -ill WEATHER EVERYWHERE. lez ctateE at 8 p. ta. Weather. RUBE MAROJARD SETTLES' Giants' Pitcher Gives World Serie- Money to Wife's Ex-Husband. Xew York. Oct. 17.--Thai Rnhe Ma qnarcl did not hold his check ff S2254-7S very long was disclosed i: the supreme court, when a notice o discontinuance was filed iu the §50.00! suit brought against Marnuard by Jo s'eph Kane, a theatrical manager, fo alienating tne affections of Kane's for mer wife, known on the stage as Bios sora Seeley. Kane got a divorce from his wife a the same time that he sned the^ Gian-.s pi-cher for winning her affections Marqaard E/aTied her late~Marquard filed an answer denyin that he had alienated Mrs. Kane's af fections. and alleged tbat when he ine Blossos: Sccley she had no affeciio for h«»r "nKs:"a-;5. The case was on th calendar for trial shortly, but Ma: iu?.r£ agreed to turn over h:s share o the world's penes money to settle *'case and Kar.e accepted the oifer. of owning Isnti in inis country. ; and get the IhrilL Admission fifty i The direct issue raised by Japan in i cents.--advertisement. her reauest for a settlement by means j of a new treaty bas thus far been' avoided by this government. ~ j RALPH ROSE DIES OF TYPHOID, advertisement Wcrici's Greatest Shot Putter ancj METHODIST Sunday School at 9:30 a. m.: preach- j ing and observance, of Harvest Home, A lady roomer for t h e j a n f j Old Folks" Day at 10:30, subject "Ingratitude"; Epworth League at 6:15- A cordial invitation to all services. L- Dow Ott,-pastor. WANTED: ·inter. Apply 21 Baltimore streec.-- | c f sermon Olympic Hero Succumbs. villey fnrmer tbnt (lie- San Francisco. Cal.. Oct. li.--Ralpb; Kose. holder of ihe Obonpic and the! £ world's record for snot putting, died: E; here of typhoid fever, after a brief, be illness. Kose was a big. florid, fu!l-bloode 1 man, of the type typhoid finds rich soil- From -he Srst his battle against the ' was not encouraging to Ms physicians- For cighi years Rose was a plon weight maji in amateur ati prowess won hiic a place en the uslit one of tti'xe cbeiip New J E:!siand farms. »-i"bty :u-ros. for wbic't i be !..!'! ?T..riO(i or therenlioiits. Th*- 1 writer he::f. f« rh:it many of thesf ' far:!!-. :T«* ^i"'d l-irs:5U'^ :'t i^i" nr;''*^ t n«kt*ii fur i'.i»iu imt this pnrti-«!;i~ r fami h:i«; a liistini-iioii ih:it fow parcels | 9th_, 1913- of land lune It i.- twenty rods wide. | Whereas it has and the rtst of it i; 1 !-n?th. j'^t two j God in his all wise providence RESOLUTIONS Resolutions of respect adopted by the '^Excelsior Bible Class'' of Floor's Sunday School in rneznory of its teacher. John Ketterman._who_died October pleased Almighty to re- miles f f t!i5 I:ind i^ift stony or roush- from our midst by the Hand of .-,.! i ^')»d the purchase is ] Deat h our beloved teacher and worker doul-tips- ji!=:ifi:il!e. nnl there will \y. \ ^ our Simdav Scho ol for many years, fim American Olympic team that went] th* s ,rtr.,nt:,=e of f-w rums, provide - fa ^^ ^^ to Athens in 190*. aP.i he was sueces-f the OWJUT j-nts liw crops :n rows .n j sivel:»' a member of the Americans atj the richt d;re-ii"n 1908 aad Stocfeholra i n j p^^t ! e a=ne in n western [learned to love and honor, as a faith- ft -n f'Kr ·" -=!inp:n^Ti List 'ful leader ever ready to do his duty -; been productive of sat- -and one whose example we would all 7,nnflnn in 1908 and Stockholm m| 1912. always bringing hime first place, j -^n uniii last year, when he was beaten by j towii set McDonald (American), with a pnt| sprinc: that . .,nt:,=e of f-w rums. ,,r«r,de« - lhgrefor i Resolved tha _ ^ ^ death W6j as 3 ] .,,,..,_ h ^ vg lost a teadier w hom we all eight inch,e= short of Rose's own! isfactorv re'.-nifs nr.d mipbt well be j fa we ]i to follow: world's record of nfty-ou° feet flat foil fol!owed by other town-- Prizes jwere | Eeso]ved t ' na t as the sixteen-pound sbot. made at Trav ! offered to tli» i-r« nnd fdrls of ibe i , ^ eterna] ers Island. X. T, in 1S03. town for the be=t kept flower sarden i [jj c nentest lawn and the cU'anest ai- 1600 Goal Diggers Strike. ; j e y. The other day the judges went Wilkes-Barre, Pa^ Oct. 17.--There] jjj e rounds, or rtie roi:nd of tbe was * further curtailment of coal uro \ icvncnn innde the awards. A sirl i du feel our loss is therefore let us all bow in humble submission to the will of our Heavenly Father who doeth all things well, as a farther curtailment of coal pro j se fi?on. ar.d made the awards. A rfrl Kesolved thaTt we deeply sympathize jct'on in the Wyoming Valley when i won g^t for the best Sower bed. while i with the family of the deceased in this employes of the Seneca colliery} txro boys won tbe prizes for lawn and | their hour of deep afSiction and com of the Lehigh Valley company at Pitts; a Hey. Those who are familiar with j men j them to the protecting care of ton quit wort because some of the * l}] j s town state tbat the campaign re- j miners failed to pay the union treasury. their dues into f crrc i to resulted in a marked im- \ I provoment in its general appearance. '. Besides thi«:. the interest that was GENERAL MARKETS ; arou-f-d in thr~=e who took part in it. our Heavenly Father, Resolved that we present a copy ot these resolutions to the bereaved family and a copy to the Gettysburg Times nf: the habit of industry that j-» _ publication. PHILADELPHIA -- FLOUR dull: ! It belpo.-! Jo develop, was more than { (Signed) By His Glass. winter clear. S3.75@3.90; city jnills, I vrr-th the amount whic-h was spent in advertisement * fancy. $4.90S'5.25. j _, . " RYE FI-OUR QHiet, at $3.Wfi2-75 ] IT"^... ..... " " ---- ...... - --per barrel. I TREES FOR SALE 1 I have good Peach and 2,000 Apple trees ready § for planting that, I will sell at reasonable prices in 1 small or large lots. | G. E. Spangler SiiiiMiiiiuiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiimiaiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiniiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiniiv ill The Weather. Silver Palate For Boy. Scrauton. Pa, Oct. 17. -- Edwa vTo:fe. the nine-year-old son of Josep ·vWijfe, has b?s furnished with a pa ate by Dr. -lo'an Roe, of the Jefferson medical r-olk-gp. of Philadelphia. Doc ;ors say It --as one of t=ie most deli ca;o and nov?l operations and that t'ae boy T. .1: o-tsrow" aii trace of artificial" ity. V.*olfe v.-as born without a palate In the roof of tne boy's raot:th. on eac? s:-ip. was fr.-^rtel a silver thread. Thi; r-loso' the opening, forming a palate. TTHEAT firm: Xo. 2 r^d. new, steady; Xo. 2 yellow, 79@ _ COKX C?A.TS stead v; Xo. 2 white, 46%® 47c_; lower grades. K'^c. POTATOES steady; per bushel, o J POULTRY: Live steady: aens. 16c,; | old roosters, 12@13c_ Dressed firm: j choice fowls, 20x: old roosters. IS^c. i BTJTTER steady; fancy creamery,! S4c. per Ib. ,, __ s EGGS steady; selected, 33c.; near- { by, 30c.: western, 30c. ] COMING EVKNTS ^H Srh«-«JHl-d for Coming Oct. n--O/./.ert. n Produce Markets. j CHICAGO--HOGS 5c. to lOc. lower: ' bulk of sales, SS.10^8.60; light. $8.10 \ @8.75; mixed, $7.90®3.SO: heavy, $7.85 ' 8.90; rough. $7.S5'gS.Oo; pigs, $4.50 : i? 75. ' CA.TT1.E strong to loc. higher; ' ,50: Texas steers. $7 oig Fire In Shanghai, China. j London, Oct. 17.--A Central News dispatch from Shanghai says a greaS fire has been haging for five hours ir stockers and teerterSj § O.X.D@V.SO; a northern Fnburb of the cn.y. nair - «- OTr ' s and heifers, §3.6o@8.75; calves, i-.qr.are mile of which has been do, §7.50®31 50. " SHEEP steady to 15c. higher; native sheeprS3.90©5.10; yearlings. ?5@ 6; native lambs, $5.90@7.40. of which has been do htrojed. Ten thousand people hav« faeon made homeless. Brua Chapel. Oct. IS--Gettysburg's Farmers' Day. second annual " ' Nixon Field.' Oct. 31--^Annual Hallowe'en mers' Parade. Mum-' Oct. 21 Concert Miss DeYo and Mrf_ jNov. 7--Lecture. Dean Southwick. Bayly. Presbyterian church. | Brua Chapel. Coronanjri Oct. 2u--Foot, Ball. Mt. St. Clary's. Nov. 24-29--Bazaar.-Xavier Hall FIVE CARLOADS of CATTLE at GETTYSBURG I will unload at Gettysburg Monday evening, October 20, five carloads of cattle, three carloads weighing from 6.00. to 850 Ibs; the other two carloads lighter cattle, containing some Holstein. Will be in Gettysburg Tuesday at the Washington House stable. E. W. SCHRIVER SPAPFRf "SPAPERJ

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