The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 26, 1954 · Page 16
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 16

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, February 26, 1954
Page 16
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Page 16 article text (OCR)

Clokc-Gnett*. M*um City, Women Set Date 6f Golf Tourney NORTHWOOD -- Mrs. James L. Taylor, -chairman of the Norlh- wood Golf and Country Club women's division, announced Northwood's annual ladies' day golf invitational date as July 14. Golf clubs from nearby towns have already been asked to attend this annual event. Ancient Rome kept standard Weights and measures for the empire in one of its temples. NEWSREEL By MORRIS COOPER Ed Mumnv, voted television's outstanding personality, has interviewed many of the world's famous people on his "Person to Person" telecast. Here are some behind the scenes comments. by his technical staff on how the celebrities acted. Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt, lor two hours before her appearance on the program, worked quietly at the mail on her desk--her normal evening chore -- unperturbed by the cameramen buzzing around her . . . Maj. Gen. William Dean's uniform was not technically correct for the show. One jacket pocket was unflappcd to hold a tiny wireless microphone . . . Joe Louis still retains a good habit from his training days. In all the confusion, he just lay down for a quick catnap before the show. . Eva Gabor's favorite color is .pink, even in flowers and in the pencils she used to doodle with while waiting . : . Richard Rodgers confessed that his favorite song, of all his many hits, is "Bewitched, . Bothered and Bewildered." Mrs. Rodgers, however, prefers "You'll Never Walk Alone. Tallulah Bankhcad waved goodbye to everyone until they were out of sight. It's a Bankhead tradition . . . And British Ambassador Sir Roger Makins broke out beer for the crew after his appearance. You'll feel like breaking out the champagne, no less, when you see the bright, clear pictures you can get on a Westinghouse TV set installed in your living room by our expert technicians. You can be sure ot Service after the sale to keep that picture bright and steady,, at MASON CITY R A D I O TELEVISION, 219 North Federal Ave. Phone: 2310. Varieties' Time Comes Around Again The fifth annual production of the "Darktown Varieties," the Holy FaniiJy Athletic Association's musical comedy attraction for the year, is ready for the opening Sunday at the Mason City High School Auditorium. This year's edition 'is based on the theme that "It's a Wishing WorJd." Featured in the show are 10 production numbers building a story about a boy who has one desire--to become an actor. Jack Johnson carries the juvenile lead. "Memory Lane" features Mrs. Robert Gettman, Tom Walters, Elgene Kurtz, Harry Ross and Mary Beth Sartor. Supporting the leads are Mrs. Jack Venechuck, Kathy Doyle, Ida Turner, Alice Fitzgerald, Marlene Becker ami Mary Lou Quintero. Featured in Specialties "Coupla Swells" features George Lindahl and JoAnn Nolterickc in a song and dance routine. "Stranger in Paradise" features James Grcll and Ann Good, supported by Maurice Hickey, Tom Joynt, Jerry Cahill, Tom Brunson and James McGowan. "Louisa" features Paul McAuley and Elgene Kurtz, supported by the dancing and singing of Jerry Allstot, Darryl Murray, Tom Brunson, Jerry Cahill, Tom Joynt and Robert Mallsbury, Dixie Austin, Kathy Murray, Sue Wormhoudt, Margie Boutclle, Marsha Hansen, Chardctte Billman and Torn HuCf- stetter. "Sittin' on Top oC Hie World 1 features Joe Simon. Singing Number "When Love Goes Wrong" consists of. a trio, George Lindahl, Paul McAuley and James Maxcy singing, "We Cover Every Age," with their three lady friends portrayed by Freda Plonsky, Lou Chambers and Margie Boutelle. In the sequence Dorothy Wilson and Tom Pattee sing "When Love Goes Wrong" with Carlos Melendez and Gary Nolterieke assisting with "I Guess I'll' Have to Change My Plans." "Rhapsody in Blue" features Jerry Burneson at the piano playing the original George Gershwin score, assisted by the chorus and ballet. "Angel Child" features Mary Beth Sartor and Harry Ross. "I'm G o'n n a Live Forever" brings back Don Helbling to the "Darktown Varieties" cast. "Cantor Memories" features George Lindahl- singing a medley of songs and dancing. Chorus members for the "Varie- lies" arc Karen McCauley, Mary Ellen Johnson, Julia Vega, Syl Vega, Rosin McDaid, Kay McDaitl, Cannel McDaid, Barbara True, Mrs. George Dwan, Gene Holt, Jack Vcnechuk; Gene Kramer, Tom Joynt, Maurice Hickey, Bob Mallsbury, James McGowan, Bob Brunson, Helmer Kapplinger, Don Helbling, Wallace Smith, Ann Maskarina, Michaela Lannon, Virginia Courchanc, Loraletla Austin, Janice Budzius, Mary Winger and Mary Kay Wiltgcn. Waltzcrs for the "Varieties" are Virginia Vala, Sarannc Ryan, Jane White, Given Keefe, Janice Somers, Jean Jacobson, Pat Lannon, Marilyn Lang, Mary Ann Lucien, Nancy Fortune, Joseph Shechy, Dale Sanders, Patrick Allison, Danny Sinnott, Michael Sinnott, Dick Wiltgen, Robert Nolterieke and Bernard Baier. Orchestra members are Bobby Griggs, Charles Biisch, William Nicholas, Frank Bickford, Earl Cau'ley, Wayne Pringle, Richard Dean, Allen Dean, Mrs. Mabel Keiso, Mrs. Robert Shultz, Peter Erlendson and Donald Diehl. S E R V E SUPPER ALEXANDER -- T h e ladies of the · Reformed Church will serve the supper for the youth rally to be held at the Reformed Church Tuesday evening for five Reformed churches in this area. The largest known asteroid, Ceres is 480 miles in diameter. Globe-Gazette photo SHOW TIME FOR "VARIETIES"--It's show time again for the "Darktown Varieties," fifth annual production of the Holy Family Athletic Association, to be presented at the High School Auulilorium Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, with a matinee Simdiiy. Curtain time is 8:15 p. m.; matinee 2:80 p. ID. TEiis is the ' cast assembled for dress rehearsal. Town, Country Quiz Slated for Plymouth School PLYMOUTH--The Future Farmers of America chapter will' sponsor a Town and Country Quiz Wednesday at 8 p.m. in the school a u d i t o r i u m here. Clay Rusk, WHO radio announcer, will serve as ciuiztnaster. A home talent sliow \vill follow the quiz program. Contestants from tlie town include Mrs. Dorothy Fzriedline, Mrs. Harriet Mikkalson, Herman Hansen and Laurel Helm- Those from the country will lie IvXrs. Gertrude Fromm, Dorothy tExmchis, Dan MacArthur and Ed CSaehock. CALLS FROM JAPAN G A R N E R -- M n Richard Kaduce received a telephone communication from her son, Ricbard Kaduce, in Yokaha-Tna, Japan. After a few days of rest he will return to his company in Korea. PEc. Kaduce has be-en in Korea since J u n e 1953. BUYS B U S I N E S S HAMPTON--J. R. Stover, implement dealer at Swaledale, has purchased the J. I. Case f a r m machinery and implement dealership from Dclos Mott and will operate his business in both places. His family will remain at Swaledale. McNeal R u n s Again for Iowa House Seat BELMOND -- Clark McNeal of Belmond, who for the past two sessions of the state General Assembly has been Wright County representative, announced this week that he will be a candidate for a third term. McNeal has gained rapid prominence in the Legislature, both as a figure in the Republican parly and as an accomplished lawmaker. He has been a key figure in the passage of a number of major bills. C O M M U N I T Y P L A T E MILADY PATTERN 95 BEST SILVER Regular 79.75 SAVE 40% 49 50 PIECE SET . . . . TERMS B L A N C H A R D ' S 12 East- State Scouts, Cubs Hold Meeting With Parents PLYMOUTH--Boy Scouts, Cubs and Explorers held a joint meeting with their parents *«wd the troop committee, with a pollack supper starting the meeting. Scoutmaster Paul Mcany called on Mrs. Charles Yek'ge, den mother for the Plymouth pack, to put on a rope throwing demonstration by Don McCotirt. Jr., Harry llawken- son, Gaylord Ycgge and Danny Godfrey. The troop charter was then represented to the cornmiltcemen by Don Webb of Clear Lake, camp director of Winnebago Council. The troop and committeomen also received an award for 100 per cent membership to Boys Life Magazine and for an increase in the troop. R. D. Shoop of Mason CHy gave a talk on conservation, stressing tree planting on waste land. The Plymouth Scout troop will assist In the "Plant Iowa" program. Two explorers, Paul Mcany Jr., and Bob Valley wore admitted to the troop and presented with the explorer insignia. Jerry Hodsoa was presented with the senior patrol leaders insignia and llarluu Wyborncy, patrol leaders' insignia and office. The scouts presented the induction ceremony and pledged two now scouts, Paul Miller and Donnie Goetschius as tenderfoot scouts. Don Webb gave a slide piclure ol camping and a talk on scout camping, stressing the Camporee to be held May 27 and the summer -camp at Camp Roosevelt. RETURN FROM TRIP LiVERMORE -- Mr. and Mrs. Clctus Ihmdterinark, ncwlywcds, returned from a two weeks' wedding trip, and the bride has resumed her teaching in the school here. Mrs. Himdtcrmark is the former Ruby Tendal!, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. LcRoy Tcndall of Clarion, and CIolus is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hundlennark of Livermorc. 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Secretary Toast of the Town Victory at Sea Behind the Bruise The Web Madam Gambles WCCO-TV, No. 4 Lamp Unto My Feet This Is the Life ·leadline Nexvsreel lopnlong Cassidy Jedric Adams Soul's Harbor Front Row Center Art Linkletter Cowboy G-Men ^arnar of the Jungle Juvenile Jury Cedric 's Music Mart Omnibus You Are There Life with Father Private Secretary Toast of 'the Town G.E. Theater Behind the : Badgo Favorite Story Masterpiece Theater HI-N r oles WOI-TV, No. 5 Test Pattern frontiers of Faitli \merican Inventory Faith In Action Youth Takes A Stand Man of tlie Week This Is The Life Adventure Omnibus You Are There Wild Bill Hickock Mr. Peepers Toast of the Town Fied Waring Death Valley Days Private Secretary What's My Line Sunday News Pride of the Family Martin Kane MONDAY, MARCH 1 9:00 0 :3Q Tfl-flfl i\i ,\Hj 10:30 11:00 3.1 : 30 1 r , f l n .i;uu 12; 30 1 -iin !UU 1.*A ; Ju 2 . (\rt ;uu 2:30 3:00 3:30 4:00 4 :30 5:01) 5 '30 e!bo 6:30 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 :o : oo in t it\ .iu: ju H, f\r\ luu Johnny Western News, Weather Serial The Big Picture Favorite Story I Love Lucy Red liullons Ford Theater I Led Three Lives Photo Final Bob Crosby Show VVuin. wltn a Past Robert Q. Lewis Search, Tomorrow R u t h Anne's Sell. Ilopalong casldy Captain Video Doug Edwards The Big Picture Linklelter £ Kids I Love Lucy Masquerade Party Studio One Chronoscope Arthur Godfrey Time Strike It Rich Valiant Lady Search for Tomorrow News at Noon Garry Moore Show Double or Nothing Art Linkietler The Big Payoff Bob Crosby Around the Town Hollywood Playhouse Range Rider Bob DeHaven Show Cedric Adams News Doug Edwards News Burns and Allen Arthur Godfrey I Love Lucy Red Buttons Studio One Racket Squad Night News Medallion Theater Ding Dong School Betty White Show TV School Tlmo Strike It Rich Valiant Lady Search .for Tomorrow The Service Wagon Garry Moore Double or Nothing House Party The Big Payoff Bob Crosby Talent Patrol Robert Q. Lewis College Teleclass Howdy Doody Magic Window Televisit Captain Video Doug Edwards News flic Teen Show Voice of Firestone f I.ove Lucy Farm Facts Studio One Ten O'clock News C'ocirse of Events Name's the Same TUESDAY, MARCH 2 9:00 9*30 10 "00 n .firt ;uu 12 ;OQ 1 :00 3:30 2:00 2:30 3:00 3:30 4:00 4:30 5:00 5:30 6:00 6:30 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 i j! i-LL Johnny Western News, Weather Bishop Fulton Sheen Unexpected Danny Thomas Show U.S. Steel Hour Craig Kennedy Photo Final Tower Matinee Meat Magic Worn, with a Past Robert Q. Lewis Search, Tomorrow Ruth Anne's Sch. Trail of Terror Captain Video Doug Edwards Bishop Sheen Red Skelton Badge 714 Ford Theater Rabies Control Sec It Now Hi-way 13 Arthur Godfrey Time Strike It Bich Valiant Lady Search for Tomorrow News at Noon Garry Moore 'Show Art Linkletter The Big Payoff Bob Crosby Around the Town Hollywood Playhouse Superman Bob DeHaven Show Cedric Adams News Dong Edwards News Bishop P. J. Sheen Red Skelton Brotherhood Week Suspense Danger rjberace Minneapolis Wrestling Night News Sports Roundup IJing Dong School Hetty White Show TV Schooltime Strike It Rich Valiant Lady Search for Tomorrow The Service Wagon Carry Moore Garry Moore World Report The Big Payoff I'o'v Crosby Your Home flour nohert Q. Lewis Telcclass: Philosophy Howdy Doody Magic Window Tclcvlsit Zaplain Video Doug Edwards News Life Is Worth Living- Re:! Skeleton Make Room, Daddy Music from Campus Danger See It Now Ten O'clock News Mr. and Mrs. North Rocky King WEDNESDAY, MARCH 3 9:00 f:30 10:00 '10:30 '11:00 .11:30 13:00 12:30 liM ·:00 TV Flicker! 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Itawhiiie Romance Captain Video Doug Kdwards Godfrey, Friends Strike it nich f've Cot a Secret B. nibbon Bouts The Big Playback Wrestling WCCO-TV, No. 4 Hollywood Playhouse School Time Cisco Kid Hob DcHaven Show Cedric Adams News Doug Edwards News Arthur Godfrey Strike It Rich I've Got a Secret International Boxing What's My Urns Night News WOI-TV, No. 5 Robert Q. Lewis Telcclass: Literature Howdy Doody Magic Window Tclevtsit Captain Video News: Doug LCdwardi Arthur Godfrey I Led Three Lives I've Got A Secret Challenge Mr. .McNutlcy Ten O'clock News Letter to Lorctta THURSDAY, MARCH 4 . 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 11 :00 11 :30 12:00 12:30 1:00 1:30 2:00 2:30 3:00 3:30 4:00 4:30 5:00 5:30 Si:00 6:30 7:00 7:30 B:00 fl:30 9: M 0:30 10:00 10:35 11 :00 Garry Moore News, Weather Serial Ail Star Theater Four-Star Playhouse Early Show TV Thenler Place the Face Photo Final Tower Matinee Worn, with a Past Robert Q. Lewis Search, Tomorrow Miss Ruth Anne Smilln' Ed Range Rider Captain Video Doug Edwards Gene Autry ·1 Star Playhouse Dangerous Assign. Life Begins at 80 Lincrace Place the Faco Fire Alarm Arthur Godfrey Time Strike It Rich Valiant Lady Search for Tomorrow ·News at Noon Garry Moore Show Art Linkletter The Hlg Payoff Bob Crosby ; Around the Town Hollywood Playhouse Gene Autry Boh Deliavcn Show Cedric Adams News Doug Edwards News Meet Mr. McNutley Four Star Playhouse Video Theater Big Town Philip Morris Playhs. Place the Face City Detective iS'isht News Sports Roundup Ding Dong School Betty White Show TV SchoolUmo Strike It aicll Valiant Lady Search for Tomorrow The Service Wagon Garry Moore ' * TBA Big Payoff What's Your TroubU Your Home Hour Robert Q. Lewis Teleclass: Philosophy Howdy Doody Magle Window Tclevlslt "aptaln Video Dfliig Edwards Ncvvt You Bet Your Life Down to Earth · Lux Video Theater' Kraft TV Theater Dragnet Ten O'clock Ncwi TBA Comedy Hour FRIDAY, MARCH 5 9:00 0:30 10:00 10: 30 11 :00 11:30 12 '00 ]2:30 1;00 1, 10 ;JLJ 2:00 O. 1f\ ·t* * jy 3:00 3:30 4:00 4:30 5:00 5:30 6:00 G:30 7:00 7:30 S:00 11:30 0:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 11:00 Johnny Western Sings Smilln' Ed News. Weather Serial Story Theater Early Show To Be Announced To Be Announced Photo Final Tower Matlnco Worn, with a Past Search, Tomorrow Ruth Anne's Sch. Devil Riders Film Captain Video Doug Edwards Tail's TV Talent Topper Ptayhse. or Stars Amoa 'n Andy My Friend Irma Person to Person Roeketship XM Jack Paar Show I'll Buy That Strike It Rich Valiant Lady Search for Tomorrow News at Noon Garry Moore Show Double or Nothing Art Linkletter The Big Payoff Bob Crosby Around the Town Hollywood Playhouse School Tlmo Terry and the Pirates Bob DcHaven Show Cedric Adiimn News Doug Edwards News Mnmn Topper Playhouse of Stars Our Miss Brooks My Friend Irma Person to Person The Web Night News Sports Roundup Ding Dong School Betty White Show TV Schooltlme Strike It Rich Valiant Lady Search for Tomorrow The Service Wagon Garry Mooro Double or Nothing House Party Big Payoff Bob Crosby Tho Big Piclure Robert Q. I,cwis Teleclass: Lltcratur. Howdy Doody Magic Window Tclevlslt Captain Video Doug Edward.i Nev» Ozzio and Harriet Topper Your Health Our .Miss Brooks Gillette Fights Ten O'clock News I Married Joan R. Montgomery 9:30 10:00 11:00 11:30 12:00 12:30 1 :30 2:00 2:30 3:00 3:30 4:00 4:30 5:00 5:30 6:30 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 0:00 3:30 10:00 19:30 n*fwi · vU Buckaroo Theater Schwcn's TV Parly Clxeo KM Gold Seal Program Sports III Lights .Johnny Western To I5c Announced To Be Announced Serial Thi.i )» the Ufa Theatr* Medallion Theater China Smith To Bo Announced Variety Theatre Pro Basketball TV Varieties Wild Horses Flanoona To Be Announced To Re Announced Jacklo Glcason Two for Money City Detective Medallion Theater Racket Squad Wrestling Laurel Hardy VVinky Dink You Contest Carnival Talent Hunt Tho Lone Ranger Rocky Joncir World of Aviation Movies for Kids Pro-Uuskctball Six Gun Theatre Cisco Kid Wild Bill Hlekok., Hopalong Cassidy Bent the Clock Jackie aieason Two for the Money Basketball Nljrlil Now.-, Spoils Itoundup · Western Film Pro Basketball Mr. Wliard Industry on Parada March of Time Strike It nich Cisco Kid Beat Thn Clock Jackie Glcason Show Two For The Money Burn* and Allen Medallion Theater Your Hit Psr»d» Wreitllne WOI-TV Film ThcaUr

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