The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 12, 1931 · Page 14
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 14

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 12, 1931
Page 14
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Page 14 article text (OCR)

14 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE Had Pimples So Badly Did Not Want to Be Seen. Cuticura H,ealed. "I had pimples all over my body so*adly that I did not want to be seen by any one. They were large and red. but not very hard. The pimple* festered and then would break, and itched and burned so that I could not sleep half of the time. My clothing rubbed them and made them very sore. 'I had the trouble for two long years. "I read an advertisement for Cuticura Soap and Ointment and sent for a free sample of each. I purchased more, and inside of two weeks I was completely healed, after using one cake of Cuticura Soap and one box of Cuticura Ointment.". (Signed) Miss Dovie Irelan, 325 N. 3rd St, Decatur, Ini ·SMp2SGtatment2Sana We. Talcum 2Sc. Sold everywhere. Sample e»ch free. Address: "CQlicur.L.bofttoritJ.Dtpt.H. MMm. Mu«. M I At Last the Best in W O R K C L O T H E S need cost no more! Wear These Moleskin Work Pants and Save! Superb quality . . '. the Iclnd that «tand up under hardest wear ... in black »nd whi.le rtriped moleskin. The price remains surprisingly low, even though the fabrics and .Vorkmanihip are better than ever I Price a Year Ago: £1.93. America Works in "Pay Day" Overalls And They Cost £1.29 a Year Ago! $f «f 4* · Boys' Size* J..JL9 85C Better "Pay Day" Work Sbirts More Wear at Smaller Costl Record Savings! Play Suits for Boys Not In ytars have thrifty parents b«n able to tog active boys in oae-piece cover-alls at this low price! In plain blue and striped denims of enduring strength. Epochal Valt**! Men's Shirts ot Broadcloth Plain* and Fancies at Stupendous Savings 98' Work Socks Our "Big Mac" Sock:; for extra service. New price-- - 15o pr. Men's Cotton Union Suits A serviceable garment with long sleeves, ankle length. Formerly 98c, now-- Our Big Mac Work Shirts Made of sturdy, fancy madras, coat style. A real value at our new low price- - 59s Elk is a great favorite for work shoes because it is. Bturdy, soft and comfort- ablej This shoe has the smooth mocqasin vamp, leather sole and heel. New pride-$2.49 Arch-Support The'"steel shank in thesn black elk work shoes means foot comfort all the day Ions' Leather welt sole. Now JC PENNEY CO D E P A R T M E N T AMERICA HONORS ITS 'HONEST ABE' THRUOUT NATION Springfield Where Great Man Lies Buried Center of Observance. SPRINGFIELD, II!., Feb. 12. UP) --One .hundred and twenty-two years ago today a boy was born 1n the backwoods of Kentucky. No particular importance was attached to his coming, but today, the anniversary of his birth an entire nation paid tribute to the memory of the most famous backwoods rail splitter of them all. In the schools, memorial halls, and other places thruout the length and breadth of the country, Americans talked again of "Honest Abe" and listened as others extolled the virtues of America's Civil war president. Springfield, focal point for exercises honoring Abraham Lincoln's memory because he lies buried here, heard' him described as a world figure who had "taught lessons which mankind, whether east or west, must take to heart." Return to Ideals. The speaker was Katsuji De- buchi, the Japanese ambassador, who pleaded last night for a return to the ideals of Abraham Lincoln. "The nations," said the. ambassador, "are now becoming more and more interdependent. We can conceive of few problems, which tho apparently domestic and generally so called, do not produce direct or indirect effect upon all nations. Today Lincoln's idealism cries for rescue as it did when Lincoln saw in America a house divided against itself." Gov. W. If. Brucker of Michigan, speaker before the Midday Luncheon club, read in public for the first time the letter from an 11 year old New York girl which influenced the emancipator to grow a beard. The letter, written by Grace Bedell of Westfield, N. Y., follows., in part: Beads Child's Letter. "Westfield, Chautauqua County New York. .October 15, 1860. . "Hon. Abraham Lincoln, Dear Sir: "My father has just come home from the fair and brot home your ilcture. I am a little girl only 11 ·ears old, but want you should be ·resident of the United States very much. So I hope you won't think me rery bold to write such a great man four brothers and art .of them "will vote -for you anyway. If you .will let your whiskers ;row I will try and get the rest of Jieni to vote for you, You would ook a great deal better for your *nce is so thin. All the'ladies like GIVES DROUGHT AID Bebe Daniels, above, has been among the leaders In Hollywood, In getting film folk to co-operate with the Red Cross in raising six carloads of foodstuffs for drought sufferers in middle western states. their husbands to vote for you and then you would be president." Saw Little Girl. "As a result of this letter from the little girl, Lincoln stopped at Westfield on a campaign train after the beard had been grown, and calling for the little girl, lifted her up and kissed her, drawing 1 her attention to the fact he had taken her advice," the governor said. Lincoln kept the original of this letter thruout the Civil war. When he died it disappeared. Later it was obtained by George Dodero of Royal Oak, Mich., an attorney, from Mrs. Robert Lincoln at Manchester, Vt. Dodero was introduced to the governor's audience. FEBRUARY 12 1931 vhiskers and they would tease f You Are Charmed by Corned Beef and Cabbage Corned bee f and cabbage (or some other food you like) may disagree with, you, causing a distressing, gassy feeling,, GOUT stomach or indigestion. For almost immediate relief, cat two or three Turns --often one Turn is enough. Delicious; sweetens thebreath. Get a handy roll todny at any drug store-only 10 cents. At Mason City's THEATERS Muscular-Rheumatic Aches and Pains TP\UAW them out with a "counter^irritant." Distressing muscular lumbago, soreness and stiffness--generally respond pleasantly to good old Mus- terolc ; Doctors call it a "counter-irritant, ' because it gets action and is not just a salve. Musterole helps brine soreness arid pain to the surface, and thus Rives natural relief. You can feel how its warming action penetrates and stimulates blood circulation. But do not stop with one application. Apply this sooth- inn, rcqling, healing ointment generously to the affected area once every hour for five hours. Used by millions for over 20 years. Recommended by many doctors and nurses. Keep Musterolehandy; jars and tubes. To Mothers--Mitsterola is also made in milder form for babies v and small children. Ask for Children's Muster ale. One of the most successful and brilliant stage comedies of the past decade, "The Queen's Husband," by Robert E. Sherwood, has found its way into Hollywood studios and has emerged as a notable talking pic-, ture. The production, now titled "The Royal Bed," is playing at the; CecfJ theater thru Friday with Lowell Sherman heading a remarkable cast. The play remains the same sophisticated, satirical comedy that pleased Broadway audiences for months. The leading role is a tailor-made part for Sherman's talents. But the splendor of Sher- wofad's mythical kingdom of the North sea, limited hertofore by the stage, is actually produced in the film, one of the most elaborate productions Radio Pictures has ever released. T^he interior "sets," representing a fairyland richness of-gold, silver, alabaster and marble, were constructed In the huge studio sound stage, and include a king's office and,corridor, a glittering mammoth b?.ll room, the queen's and princess' boudoirs, the council chamber and others, equally luxurious. --o-"Scandal Sheet' will continue nt the Palace theater thru Friday. This time George Bancroft is the two- fisted managing editor'of a tabloid newspaper. He is a man feared b# all society for his code is a code o'f "yellow journalism." We see him in an atmosphere charged with the electric busy-ness of high-tension news-gathering. Presses roar, newsboys shriek the latest "scoops." Reporters slick-talk their way into places where they are not wanted. Civic loaders protest. Prldeful citizens are ruined in a one-edition blast from the newsprint trumpet of this Bancroftian terror who barks his withering commands, and never relents. Poor and rich alike are caught in the path of the news Juggernaut. "If it's news, print it," says Bancroft, "no matter whom' it may hurt." But with all his bluster, all his hardness, he has one weak spot. It is his charming wife. He loves her with a fervor that is almost childlike. He has implicit faith in her. Then comes the incident which brings his brutal credo to the test. His wife falls in love with the town's biggest banker. 'Emerald green eyelids, ciirmiim lips and rouged throats! Try this beauty combination some time and get an accurate picture of what an old-time moving picture actress looked like ; before the cameras. Winifred Harris, who has spent 13 years of her life playing moving picture roles, remembers when screen playing required the most outlandish kind of makeup to favoi the cameras. But those days have passed, and Mrs. Harris, who is seen with Miriam Hopkins, Charles Starrett, Carole Lombard and Frank Morgan in "Fast and Loose,' 1 now playing at the Strand, finds things much changed. "Now we do not make up the eyelids, we use brown lipstick and bear the burdens .of our double chins as best we may. The cameras won't lie for us any more, and the change ia due to tha fact that, while in the old type film red photographed black, it now comes out a very light gray, and is therefore useless for makeup purposes. Only the eyellshes arc made up or headed In the same way as formerly." --o--. "Tho leatherneck," which will be seen and heard at the Iowa theater Friday and Saturday, has an outstanding- cast headed by William Boyd. In addition to the popular star, Alan Hale and Robert Armstrong, both favorites among film fans, will be seen Jn featured roles. Diane Ellis, a comparative newcomer to the screen whose charm and classic beauty already have won her many admirers, has the leading feminine role. Fred Kohler fills an important heavy role, with Mitchell Lewis, stage and screen veteran, and Jimmy Aldine in other important characterizations. "The Leatherneck" is a story of three marines, and follows their fortunes in various far flung stations, where the "devil dogs" maintain law and order. --o-The many crime commissions attempting to curb the present epidemic of lawlessness in the United States are attacking the problem from two distinct angles. They are first attempting to do away with vicious social conditions which establish breeding places for criminals. And they are trying to give convicts a motive for good behavior while in prison and the hope ot some future happiness when they are released.' Columbia Pictures' "The Criminal Code" coming to the Cecil theater Saturday, Feb. 21, for seven days, presents a vivid picture of the breaking and mend- Ing of a youthful convict's soul. Charles City Wins Seconds Declamatory Cup at Rudd Contest RUDD, Feb. 12.--At the Floyd county seconds declamatory contest Charles City won the cup and Nora Springs was second. Charles City, Colwell, Floyd, Marble Rock, Nora Springs, Rockford and Rudd' competed. Mrs. H. M. Humphrey of Thurs. I O W A Thurs. ' G I L B E R T NIBLOS Production · vx. ·_"»«· r^iDLVJa rroouc/fon ----" . REDEMPTION ~ i2j«eJt.'DPKJc:tr Arw^ttFEr-j-i-kvinurt hi*m lOc 25c ALAN HALE . E-CONRADNAGU HEANOH BOARDMAN IF YOU LIKE DRAMA-YOU WILL LIKE THIS FRIDAY -- SATURDAY William Boyd ROBERT ARMSTRONG FRED KOHLER The LEATHERNECK' Mason City coached the Rudd contestants. Judges were Miss Frances Duhigg and Mesdames Cooders and Nyquist. Ottumwa Give's 800 Worlt. DES MOINES, Feb. 12. UF--In an interview, Mayor Edward Manning of Ottumwa said his city had furnished 800 men employment a day and a half a week by having them remove rock from the river and putting it on the streets, work on park improvements and do other public work. Each was paid $5- a week. "·);; Services Held for Former Osage Man OSAGE, Feb. 12.--The funeral service for John Weber, brother of Peter Weber of Osage, and a long time former resident of Lincoln township, Mitchell county, was held at Stewartville, Minn., Monrjay. He was found dead in bed at his home in Stewartville. Mr. Weber was born in the Rhine province, Germany, 72 years ago and came to this country with his parents in 18T6. MsfoHti NOW PLAYING! THRU FRIDAY Ah! . . . Fresh .. . Fast . .. and Frothy Comedy! ROW BED. From the pln3'-- "The Queen's Husband" Merry moments with a kins who refused to act his age when it come to love! Setting new stand-. ards In hilarious screen farce! WITH LOWELL SHERMAN MARY ASTOR 25c 'Till 5:30 F. M. S5c Thereafter Kiddies lOc Shows on This Picture' at 1-2:40.4:20-0-7:40- 9:20 THURSDAY -- FRIDAY Wake lip to what the young moderns are after! See how they got what thoy want! A foursome of fresh and .fervent youngsters t u r n high society . conventions 'topsyturvy for thrill -^-for love! . ' " . ' . · ' FAST -- FUNNY! STARTS SATURDAY· The Greatest Thriller of All-CHESTER MORRIS -- in -- ROl,AKD WEST'S "THE BAT WHISPERS" - DOUBLE FEATURE CONSTANCE BENNETT LEW AYRES "COMMON CLAY" And No. 3--Indians Aro Coming STARTS .SATURDAY Ambition Made Him Heartless! This gaunt, unbending guardian of the law . . . While love made his daughter a guileless jr'rl anil her tover » killer;' Stupendous Drama! · { The Criminal Code" WITH , America's Foremost Actor WALTER HUSTON | PHILLIPS HOLMES To Mr. and Mrs. Theater Goer: · I I T IS with unusual pleasure that we present to you and all North Iowa the sensational showing 1 of "THE CRIMINAL CODE." Its mighty entertainment of seething romance in the passion of a guileless girl for a youthful killer, a tormenting, profoundly-moving drama, will sweep you off your feet! IJ; must be seen. Spectacular! Sensational in an unforgettably poignant romance with stretches of terrific suspense. Critics everywhere are acclaiming it! MIGHTY ENTERTAINMENT! NOW PLAYING THRU FRIDAY George Bancroft fifi SCANDAL SHEET" With CLIVE BROOK KAY FRANCIS "THE · I FOUR BIG DAYS! CODE" With America's Foremost Actor Walter Huston PHILLIPS HOLMES Ho knows plenty --· and prints it; Even though it wrecks his oivn happiness! STARTS | 3:00 5:45 8:30 FRIDAY REQUEST DAY SEE TWO SHOWS FOR ONE PRICE STARTS 1:00 4:30 7:15 10:00 ^^*'T?-^*-W'W '£ CEGIfc STARTS SATURDAY BERT WHEELER ROBT. WOOLSEY In "THE CUCKOOS" A COMEDY IITT GEORGE T. BANCROFT \ 'SCANDAL SHEET" , DRAMA WITH / A SHOCK j PUNCH / ^Jlllll! sis STARTING SATURDAY JOE E. BROWN in "GOING WILD"

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