The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on October 17, 1913 · Page 3
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, October 17, 1913
Page 3
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SECOND ANNUAL FARMERS' DAY SATURDAY, OCTOBER 18, 1913 G;I A L A T T R A C T I O N S .««..r JLVt ft « i \^f x~\ Ji »..« Prof. Bristol's Horse and Pony Show Morning and afternoon performances on Centre Square. Band Concerts on the Streets morning and afternoon. Three good bands will be on hand. Big Automobile Parade in the afternoon. Special prizes have been offered for handsomely decorated cars and fantastic outfits. Pole Climbing sack and three legged races, pie eating contests and other like events all day long. Exhibits of Fruits vegetables, pastry, cakes, fancy work, and other things from morning until evening. Study the list of miscellaneous prizes and see all the fua that is in store for those who come to Gettysburg Saturday. Special apple show on the Square with prizes offered by the Board of Trade- Captain Pembroke and Mr. Effingham By JULIUS M'BRIDE N1S1LS Medical Advertising. Captain George Pembroke of STOPPED UP music Parade by College students headed by their band early in the afternoon. List of Premiums Offered by Gettysburg Business People FRUITS - | CAXXED FRUIT. PRESERVES AXD PICKLES For best display three barrels of apples: first prize, §15.00: second prize. : For best quart jar of peaches: first prize, white wool blankets: second SlO.GO. Gettysburg Board of Trade. " " j prize. Marseilaise quilt. Dougherty andHartlev. For the best and largest variety cf apples, one plate of each variety ex-;' For best glass of apple butte'r. ooen to farmers only: ladies' silk shirt hibited by s. single Acams County grov.-er: first prize. 85 silk waist; second : -waist. Hub Underselling" Store, prize. 81.50 pair of men's gloves. G. W. Weaver and Son.- ' For best glass of grape jelly, osen to town people onlv: ladies" trimmed For best plate Staymen VTInesap apples: first prize. 30 x 72. Axminster hat. Hub Underselling Store.' rag or 15 per cent on on any 9 x 12 ft. rag: second prize,'carpe-: sweeper or 10 · For best jar of cucumber Dickies: :ZM Eastman kodak. Huber's Drug per cent off on any 9 x 12 rug. G. W. Weaver and Son. · Store. For best piate Grimes Golden apples: first prize, men's or ladies' wool; For nicest glass of apple jellv: anv pair of ladies" shoes in the store. sweatei ; second prize, men's or ladies' silk umbrella. G. W. Weaver ana Son.' Haines" Shoe Store- For best peck Grimes Golden apples: 50 gallons Sherwin VTiIi;ams'! For best jar of pickles: pair of -54.00 Selz Roval Blue la dies', shoes. Kav- lime sulphur. Gettysburg Department Store. _ ' mond and Jdvers. For'besr plate of Pound "apples: xvhhe spread. G_.v.\ Snangler. _. · _ ; For glass cf the best Dreserves: ladies' 14 kc. gold iiiled watch guard- C. For best displaj", largest variety of apples one of each variety. So.OO mnn.. B. Kitzmiller. ~ ", Dougherty and Hartley. - _ ; For best looking jar of cherries: orize to town comnetitors S7.00 mesh For finest half peck display of apples pair of Walk Over shoes. 31. £-- \ b2g:^iniilar prize "to country ccrncetitcrs. Penrose Mvers. Eckert. . _· . For best jar of sErawbcrrv preserves: 16 x 20 Domait. John A Slumner. For the best half dozen Staymen T\ inesap apples: pair of SS.OO tronsers.: For best two pound samnle of dried aunles: jardiniere. Peonle's Cash J. D. Lippy. - , Store. For'best basket of apples, any variety: one dozen S5.00 photographs. W. - For best two pound saninle of dried cherries: roasrer. People's Cash Store. H. Tipton. For Snest display of Smoke House apples: S5.00 gold piece. Miss For plate of the Snesc peaches: Sve ?_ocnd box of candy. John Strat. \ For f rest and mosclffind xrorkS'wS^ifii^Sb hat. Mrs. D. J. Riele. For nnest plate 01 pears: any pair ex ., Ties s shoes m the store, ; For oret tiesc hand made cushion ton: $2.00 hat. Mrs. D. -J. Pdele. Shoe Store. : -For best disolay of grapes: S10 suit pattern, lady's or gentleman's. -John W. Brehm. - - - - For plate of the best York Imtieria! apples, not less than six, pair of shoes. C.'B. Kitzmiller. For best plate of York Imperial apples: 16 size Elgin watch. C- A- Blocher. For best plate of York Stripe apples: solid gold ring. C.-»A. Blocher. For best piate of Rome Beauty apples: pine, box of tobacco and bunch of pipe cleaners., E. S. Jt aber. _ For plate of two largest Grin-es Golden apples: Sl.OO. Ambrogi irrni'c Co. For plate of four best Jonathan apples: Sl.OO- Ambrogi Fruit Co. _ For best plate of York Imperial apples: year's subscription *-o- '"The .trait Grower and Farm Magazine". The Book Store. For Snesc pate of pears: selection of any Bible in the Store- The Book Store. For best plate of Baldwin apples: dash lantern- Gettysburg Supply House. For best plate of .eJeiier pears exhibited ar Landau's drug store: 82:50. Gettvsburg Ligh't Co. VEGETABLES For the peck of the best turnips: first prize, S3.00; second prize, one years subscription- Star and Sentinel. For the half peel: of the nicest country onions: dozen half gallon Economy fruit jars. X- I- 5linter. _^ For three largest Irish potatoes: -So.OO coat sweater. Jtunkhocser and Sachs. For largest pumpkin, open only to boys: nrst prize. Sl.OO Boy Scout tnife: second prize. 50 cent Bov Scout knife. Gettysburg Department Store. For best half bushel of Irish potatoes: first 5 A horse blanket; second. i For best piece of crochet work made of D. M. C. Cotton: first prize, colored jsilk petticoat: second, silk fan. G. W. Weaver and Son. ior best piece of embroidery on colored linen: first prize, table cover with silk: second prize, lace collar and euir set. G. W. Weaver and Son. For best hand embroidered centerpiece: S2.00 fancv feather. Miss Anna tool grinder. Gettysburg Department Store. SentineT. For largest turnip: -52.00 worth of groceries- JL S. Yohe. For peck of "the largest onions: trimirjed_hat. Baer's Variety Store. For quart of the smallest lima beans: S5-00 brass - jardiniere. People's Drug Store. For quart of the largest lima beans: -35.00 ladies' hand bag. People's Drugstore. _ Jtror basket of the finest tomatoes: S5.X0 Eastman kodak, iiuber's Drug Store- For largest pumpkin: box of fifty 5 cent Plantation cigars. George Faber. For finest bunch of celery: SS.OO nair of trousers. Will 31. chair. C. ar best old coverlet: 83.50 parlor stand. C. S. Mumuer and Co. For quilt having the largest number of Batches: 83.50 rocking S. Mumper and Co. i: or the best hand made doily : S2.50- Gettysburg Railway Companv. _ GRAINS .tor best e|ght ears_cf pop com:.year's subscription to anv dailv newspaper. P. W. Stallsmith- For three largest ears of corn: S3.00 hat. Funkho'user and Sachs. For "tallest staik of com: ?3.00 in cash. Gettysburg Compiler. jt or tha nnest peck of wheat: first prize. 85 gold piece: second Drize. three years' subscription. Star and Sentinel. ' ' For largest ear of com: pair of S3.50 Radclige shoes. 0. H. Lestz. i^or peck of the finest rye: year's subscription. The Gettysburg Times. Jror peck of the finest oats: year's subscription. Adams Couniy News. FLOWERS For the Snest bunch of \-eliow or pink chrysanthemums: S4.00 plume. jliss Anna Hoilebaugn. For the Snest display of Sowers: S2.50 in cash. C- B. Hartman. _ For the prettiest bouquet of ffowers: pair of Queen Qualitv shoes. M. £. i--ckert- For the Snest bench of six chrysanthemums: §3.00 plume. Hiss Anna Reck. BUTTER AND EGGS ; second cond prize. For best roil of batter, not over four pounds: S5.00 parlor rocker. H. B. Bender. urssin. nnier. For the largest hen eg-g: one pair of good shoes. Lewis E. Kirs ror the dozen largest eggs: 82.00 -worth of groceries. G. S. Hill MISCELLANEOUS .he person bringing in the largest load of people: -58.00. To the oldest m the wagon: -51.00. To the youngest child'on'the wagon: -51.00. A. H. sh nK about coni- Ao in on Butt, restaurant. For largest Irish potato: paid of S4.GO Ralston shoes. O- H. Lestz. For largest sweet potato: pair of S4.00 Selz Rovsi Blue shoes. R* and Myers. Ra-vmond For biggest head of cabbage: single barrel shot gun. Adams County Hardware Co. For boy or girl bringirig in the largest number of potatoes in a quart jar: $1.00 cash. "Gettysburg Supply House. ~, , For*the nicest bushel of potatoes: first §1.25: second prize Si.OO. Emory Forrest. For--largest head of cabbage: three pounds of Parke's 35 "cent coffee. P. A. Miller. · For nicest bushel of potatoes: S3.00 in cash. Gettysburg Gas Co. CAKES, FIES, BREAD, ETC." For best piate of rolls: dozen cans of peas. N. L. Minter. For|faest cake baked in Gettysburg, $10 set of furs: for best cake baked outside ef Gettysburg gift set-evfHrs.-F-«Ekhouser and Sachs- Foribest loaf cf ,falrda|d:|^Qftz^ Universal bread maker; second prize, * decorated salad bowf. ' ~ Foiibest sponge cak^: first prize, mandolin; second prize, music roll. e yards cf em- embroidery. To first boy climbing greased pole in Centre Square, envelope containing cr.oney. Gettysburg i-ive and Ten Cent Score. For finest driving team: plush robe. C. C. Bream. To ire two boys winning 3 legged race: 82.00 in cash. P. W. Stallsmith. To the boy winning bag race: Sl.OO, P. W. Stalisir.ith. io the man whose sons' combined weight is the heaviest: Lam-op and Hubbard hat, M. K. Eckert. For the quaintest old dress: §3.00 ladies' hat. Miss Anna Reck. To the person purchasing the most merchandise during the week- firs* P^V^ 5 3° U - ?iece: second ' s2 5 , 0 So^ piece: third, §1 bill, Lewis E. Kirssin. For tne Dest water color, oil or pencil drawing or painting, bv native of che cour.ty: one dozen SG.OO photographs. W. H. Tioton." For the man selling and" delivering within thirty davs the most calves- S2.50 ir. cash. C. B. Hartman. nette Rhinehart For finest plate of fat cakes: $4.00 sweater. Will M. Seligmsr.. For bes'fc pan of baked beans: carving set. Adams County "Hardware Co. For best sponge cake: first prize, Rayo lamp; second prize, bed room lamp. Gettysburg Supply Rouse. For best chocolate cake: six pound can cf Educator crackers. P. A. Miller. . . . . , For the most comical coantrv rider: punch bowl set. Trimmer's Five and Ten Cent Store. plicr.nouss with another iover. but she cuiinraiud silence "n tbe subject, and lie could see no evidence of the slightest nualni of conscience at her dishonorable COIl'lUCE. FemiT'ike. of course, knew tvbere he con 1*1 Snd Miss Collins in London, bur he aslcefi for her address and when be rei-eivcd it put it carefully In his rHX-kfcU'ook. \Vhen they separated it was ui!l«n-"t»ocl tn:it he shoiiiu call the evening of his arrival- The final part i;:^ to-i'-c p':ice on the un;er deck behind ". ero;:t winil fupuel. where there was no t-ne t'» see. Po exuberant vvas the c:!!'e-; be recefvc-'J that be went iw.-'.y ns diii^hte'l with bis success as 'Juy K:!!:!"!i:::;i as !:e was enraged at lise ir^-.-iLiEeut --f Gt'orge rembroke. -TOTS"" n'-c (Jsr»Jpo«Rt cie tomorrow ever.::;^--" she «.i:d. "will you'-" 7 "Ctri.-sir.iy not. VVhy do you (Joubl "You n;e:: ::re FO uncertain. I have kn:«wn you c-:;!y ten days. It seems th;:t my hapi-iness : too Intense to be re::!. ! :rjn.: be drcanain~." "I nssnre you mine surpasses it." "TTfi!. then. j:oot:by. I shall expect you c-"r:y." MJJ;^ Collins v.-as to cro to London --irh her r'C":'e. wh:le Penibroke -went alone O:: the w:iy :t seeraed to him thi:i he !).:·! been caught In a wh!rlw5n«l that h::l t;:n)c3 him not only ca:i2;l'_'!C-'y ronnfl. but ur-5de do^vn. Wh.-Jt ?;:o-jj(! he -lo? Accept the sH^ht upon hi::i ;is Pembroke and give to the ecstasy experienced by E:nr.=!:.-:ni. or. a* Pembroke, hurl back :he Irtvfc she nn'i 3av!she«l on Efnncr- hnm? lie was not 'iKite sure whether he iva-s :J ji'tC!! or r.n accepted lover. When he went to see her In London he hn-l r.oj mnile UT- his nr.r.d what course he TTO::!! pursue. When shead- v.nnced t» receive 3:s:n his heart fluttered. TlJroTTin^ hf-r arms about him, she looked up lnf his face with a glad sm:2e and s.");l: i- Ob. Geor~e, dearest George, how happy i n:n to be wlih you again T* "Georcrer" "Yes. Geor S e." "You kmow"-- ''Your personating another to win me {igaia was just too lovely for anything-."" '·But--but how did you know?" "StupMI I recognized you long before you saw me at all." what a donkey I have; We Cook like head j for breath, whh hsad stuifec; nostrils free!y; closed, hawking and blowing. Catarrh By j or a cold, v.-ith iVs running nose, IOL.I or, mucous cropping into the throat, and * --- ~~ --v-.^. : raw drvizess is distressing* but r»i;*v but. naduig further, saw mat tne or-1 End 3Uch miser . now . G ^ * he sma!1 , needle3 ^ * e ^ -» J " L tru - iler was Siaiierauve that the oiScer re-, boitia 01 -Ely's Cream Balm" at any j Pat Your faith Just once In "Ely's pure at once, am), since a summer sail-1 drug store. This sweet, fragrar.i ba!ni| Cream" Balm" and year cold or catarrh ed from Montreal the eveuiiig lie re-[dissolves b^ ihe hear, of the nostrils; j wi!! surely disappear. ,-eived it. he would sail -.\iiii L_-r. j Xow. this was all a. tissue of «iecep- I -=----- -- ---- rrr--. _:-- : : =r · Eion, Pembroke, ten years before a j younii ik-uteuuut, hat! met Mis Col-) Has, A ;drl of seventh-en, in ting b.ui ilirted \vitli her, but the two had drifted apart. After he came to Canada he opened a correspondence \\ her that lud to an e:r-;uj-x-iii-.!!£. In- 5teul of saill:;^ iron. Montreal lie pur- ·jOse-JS jioing across from .New Yorir "iiiu in tus sanje srca--ii-r as !!· slancx-e. Having jirow:i t«-:s year-j o! ler and raised a full bearJ. he did not believe she would recognize him. ile would endeavor to win her under another name, then confess that he was 1'eni- broke himself. This was a pretty scheme--that is. if he succeeded in winning the £ir! away from bimself- \Vheu the shin sailed in which Miss Collins was to go to England. Captain Pembroke In mufti, under the name of Guy KfBuguani, was on board. lie was a hant!?ome fellow, of an aristocratic bearing and quite a lady tiller. lie dU not recognize Miss Collins, who had considerably changed, but succeeded in securing some one to point her oat to him. An introduction was secured, and the captain and his fiancee were- soon sitting next each other on deck i:i sreamer chairs engaged in a desperate liirtation. The word flirtation is generally used in connection with wonien. and we do not associate it -with persons on tbe lee sule of middle a-ze. Cut both Pembroke and MK CoKins were flirts. The n::rbt before reaching port while sieamia-r up the channel the captain irave Miss Collins a fictitious account of himself, stating that he was related^ t" b. duUe: that he had an income of £S.f!C J " a year antl was going home to stand for pnr'.Iamenfc. Ilaviuir thus prepared the way. he told her th::t the moment he saw her on the day they sailed he knew that she was destined to have a marked effect upon his subsequent life and he had since realized that he was madly in love w:tl) her. Then he offered her his heart and hand. She hid her face on his bosom and whispered "Yes." 1' was shocked. It was not that «IL- had won the lady from himself. lut that she should show so little sense ;-f Lonor in thus deserting -ve :r:an for an-jther. Lie expected that The above shows one of many huge OV^-ILS in which (JrajrC-Ni: «oo-L Is nsvcn a second balcin"--inoni 12 to 1C iiours. A delicious wholesome food that is perfectly baked in the sporless kitchen of Postumville--ready to serve direct from tie package -- made from choice whole wheat and malted barley. Medical investigation has found the outer ccat of these grains to be rich in ^ "phosphates' 5 which go to make up body and nerve tissues. In making Grape-Nuts the \vhol° grains are used, including the outer coat of the wheat with its content of natural Phos_ phate of Potash-so essential for the well-balanced nourishment of muscle, brain aud nerves. Hosts of active, thinking people who enjoy their Grape- Xt'.ts and cream for breakfast every mr-rning and keep well and happy, know L «*« s a iteason i housands visit the Grape-Nuts factories each year and watch the interesting processes. You are most welcone! giS^^ FURNITURE S{ ITaiing tliscr.nrinned our Sf-ve business on account of not having =| room to hamli" we - sre now tnruinir ali our time and eiTorts to tbe i nirr.itur,' business ":olh :no icrn anj antifjue. At this ti-ne v.e are well g .-l-y-fced have one «f tl:c- bcsi lots of «ro«is tSiat we have hail for =o:ue a tinie. 3 TI - i - - - - T - i, - s; Tins week we are sivsng ?; c.-;;xl i.rii-"- :iil over U:e i:ouse. Buy now 3j and save a sp-Mxl i!s.--uiiitr for yr.jir^-I:. 1 Charles S. Mumper Co. i i For best plate of fudge: case of corn. Leo K. Miller. , ,, For the finest cake baked with Kako: $3.00 worth cf groceries. 'G. S. jband. Misses Chritzman. Diller. POULTRY For ihe finest dressed chicken: $3.50 carpet sweeper. II. B. Benrler. ^ For the largest family of children from the country: five pour.d box of cnocolates. inmmer's Five and Ten Cent Store. To the boy or girl making the best drawing of a cow: pair of ice or roller :icates. Adams Countv Hardware Comnanv. ] For the smallest hat (not bonnet) ever worn by a lady: S3.50 feather ·'"Tid. Misses Chritzman. To the best lady singer and the best gentleman singer: S2.50 each. Walter s Tneatre. ..-. c . . ,, -· ,- , T T - r t ,,, , , i To the farmer bringing in the most dozens of eggs durins? the week: five For finest pair of geese: ton of pea coal. Mrs. J.-0, jBlooher.-.- . - . pound can of Parke's baking powder. P. A. Miller For^the nicest coop of chickens: first prize, .Sl/Zo"; second" prize §1.00. \ To the farmer purchasing the mos't goods during the week: 25 pounds of i v T *·*« TJ "XfilTnv. " *-*w vi Emory JPorrest. variety: $1.00. J. 0. G.'Weaner, Agent, American Express Company. t sugar. Leo H. Miller. For-best pen of Black Minorca pullets: $2.00. For best rockcrel, same For the prettiest girl baby under three years of age: one fourth barrel 1OTT7 " £ * * . ! I 111 _l II ! _ · \ A/ f\rtt*i s\t» A rmtft 1 A ·v^'trtit*! r%*\ ft It'**ii\'**fir*f* l^ft.t'^.-t «^rt*^*» 1 .n. F ft ^.-.-.-^ T T7 1 / · ! ^---^1 ^ J ~ v ^ "··--* » v» I of flour. J. E. Cleveland. been I Do yon know I've been half crazy as myself and in the seventh,: heaven as the other fellow." j '· "And just think. I have been loved by two different men at tbe same time.: " IS was delicious." FOR SALE: five thoroughbred bull i terriers. Hill Top Poultry Farm, F. G. j ' McCammon.--advertisement. o L. at The Oldest Drug Store In town ? $5.00 Eastman Kodak for basket of finest tomatoes, f 3.00 " -' " best jar of cucumber f pickles. | Special prices and Double stamps to every Cash I purchaser, . | A most select line of Drugs and dispensed by | 5 one with many years of experience is something worth your attention. Eastman Kodaks, Stationery, Medicine, Conkeys Remedies, Sporting Goobs, Soda and Ice Crearn. Huber's Drug Store J, H. HUBER, Druggiest KWSPAPERl

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