The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 6, 1934 ツキ Page 10
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 10

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 6, 1934
Page 10
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Page 10 article text (OCR)

TEN MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE MARCH 6 テつキ 1934 Shoes Step Forward to Smartness Vamps Longer, Insteps Higher, Heels Lower for New Season. There is a new deal ahead fo; Shoes and for feet! Variety is enter Ing the footwear world and women will have the fun of changing from one type of shoe to another. This experts inform us,, is very good fo: the well-being of the feet Schiaparelli started it! For an entire season that famous lady whose taste' is unerring has been wearing very flat heeled shoes, no only for daytime, but for evening as well. This is a radical change and while it may not prove a pop ular evening fashion, it is decidedly a smart one, and one that is fun to wear. The heels on these sandali are about one inch high . . ,'anfl some are even heeless! This vogue for low heels may be traced to the popularity and comfort of the beach sandal. Many smart women have been going heelless for several seasons on the beach and it was from this that the fashion has gained impetus. The low heel looks well.and not extreme in sport shoes. They make much use of cord and tassels as trimming. In the afternoon and evening picture this fashion becomes more fanciful Braidings, lacings, ties and clasps serve to hold the shoes on the feet Toeless Sandals. In the evening and formal afternoon picture, no shoe has the importance of the toeless sandal. It Dead Doctor Heals Stomach Ailments A ireird story is told of a well- known specialist reaching from the grave to curb stomach suffering. Years ago this doctor created a prescription for stomach ulcers, acid stomach, gas pains, heartburn, indigestion, bloating, belching, and other symptoms when caused lay eicess acid. Then the good doctor died. But his name brought fame after death as one nser told another of his wonderful prescription. In the past six years, 54,169 grateful persons have written letters telling of their recoveries. This prescription is now known to hundreds ef thousands as the TTdga Treatment. All stomach sufferers may have a free sample by writing to Udga, Suite B, Foot-Schnlie BIdg, St. Paul, Minn. The seven-day trial box of Udga Tablets ii sold under a money- back guarantee ef satisfaction by Mlchfttl Drag Co., Ford Hopkins Co. Mid other cood has sprung from a high fashion to a decidedly prominent position. It had its beginning as a beach sandal where the sight of toes made no startling effect. From the beach it entered the boudoir where women of fashion wore it with pajamas and tea gowns. Here it was right at home and decidedly smart. During the winter months it invaded the ballroom and the theater, .until the toeless sandal is predicted to be the most popular of spring formal slippers. The popular acceptance of tweeds as a sportswear and street fashion has led to a group of shoe very casual in apearancc and decidedly comfortable. They 'are made of sturdy leathers, strong but not too heavy, both grained and smooth. They are seen in oxfords, in ghillie types, in tailored straps and spectator type pumps. They are at their best in brown and are most popular in that color for the tawny tweeds are the decided leaders in the fashion story. Navy Blue Important. The navy blue shoe has become in the past few seasons the inevitable complement of the navy costume. They are right not only with the matching outfit, but with beiges, greys and the lighter blues. They look well with prints that take blue for a key color, and they hold as definite a place in the shoe wardrobe as the black or brown shoe. Perforations and Mesh. When one wants a shoe for afternoon this season, the best bet' is a kid or calfskin, made a little softer and very much more dressy by myriad perforations, or fanciful Inserts of mesh. There are many shoes of this type, almost classic now for they have been repeated with success season after season. They fit a definite need between the sports shoe and the evening slipper and are certain to enjoy just as much popularity this year as last. There is some indication of patent leather but with the wide choice it is not expected to reach great popularity The boulevard and higher heels are most in demand in this type of shoe. LITTLE BROWN CHURCH SCENE OF MARRIAGES NASHUA, March 6.--The Rev. William Kent officiated at the marriages of Lillian Grieder and Floyd Senner, both of Belle Plaine; Helen McDaniels and Clifford Hilmer, both of Waterloo; Ella Rubbee and Her- sert C. Holman, both of Marshall;own; Alice Hansen and Archie E. Howard, both of Marshalltown; Winifred Horn and Dale Langmaid. both of Marsha!!town; Ruby Jones and Harold McGhee, both of Worthington, Minn. HCADLET-LARSOIT CLARION, March 6.--Marriage icense was issued Saturday to Howard C. Hoadley, 24, Kanawha, and 'ulia Larson, 21, Clarion. Spring Time is the Right Time to Step Out In a New Fur Jackette! For a real Spring Opening see our fashion highlights in Furs for 1934-35 High in Quality Moderate in Price MarjhallSiuift I CLEANERS A FURRIERS J NOW Is the Time to Dress up Your Home With New Furnishings oss Will Save You Money The annual Spring Opening . . . and here we are at our NEW location, 212 South Federal, first door north of Buehler's . . . ready to show you new furniture, rugs テつキand stoves. We now have larger quarters and you'll find our stock much larger, too. And don't you forget, Joe Goss will SAVE you money. Don't buy furniture, a rug or a stove until you visit here. YOUU 00 BETTER AT THE 212 South Federal--Next Door North of Buehler's WIND-BLOWN THE WIND bloweth where it lis- teth, and so does fashion. This year coats and hats are blown either forward or backward, but they must be going someway. Frances Franscham Weds Reuben Moore DUMONT, March 6.--Miss Frances Franscham, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Franscham was married at the United Brethren parsonage at Webster City, to Reuben Moore, son of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert VIoore of Hansell by the pastor, the .Rev. Mr. Church. They were attended by Mr. and Mrs. Ches- ;er Nelson of Webster City, cousins of the bride. A wedding dinner was served at the Brewer home by two aunts of the bride, Mrs. Harvey Brewer and Mrs. Wes Miller. The couple will be at home on the Mott farm, five miles west of town m No. 10. Mrs. Moore has been assistant in the local postoffice for he past year and both Mr. and Mrs. doore were graduates; of the Hansell high school. --*-NELSON-ELSON HAMPTON, March 6.--Miss June Nelson and Merton Elson were married Saturday afternoon at the parsonage of the Church of Christ, by the minister, the Rev. C. S. Kleckner. The bride was an employe of the Northwestern Bell Telephone company here. The bridegroom, a son of Mr. and Mrs. V. V. Elson, came here with his parents about three years ago. --DISAPPEAR IN 24-48 HOURS テつキ Clear up your skin ID 24-48 hours with Fimtex. physician's famous scientific formula- Results guaranteed or your money back. Get ex at your druggist's today. IS YOUR IN SHAPE? Every once in so often it's wise to stop in and see the new Stetsons. From sturdy sport shoes to formal pumps, every Sfetson is designed to fit into an elegant wardrobe. For Stetson shoes are not only beautiful -- they are beautifully made. They give smart feminine feet the support essential to poise and comfort. Stetsons keep their shape. Will you come in and see them soon? 14 E. State St, Where Shoes Are Really Fitted Influences in Fashion Are Varied Many Sources. Furnish Inspiration for Stylists in Designing. Giving one's wardrobe a beauty treatment is a pleasant chore that every woman faces in this jubilant season of the year. And this spring ushers in as tempting an array of new styles as the fashion-wise woman has ever glimpsed. The recognition of Russia by the United States had far-reaching importance in diplomatic and commercial circles--but it also had a meaning all its own in the world of fashion. For behold the vivid Russian ballet color combinations in this spring's silks and woolens! Among these vivid peasant hues (which suggest the colors in the costumes and settings of the Russian ballets) are chocolate brown, "Le Beau Danube" often combined with pale flesh pink, silvery gray with brilliant turquoise or pinky violet, and a combination of "poison green" with kelly green. Russian Peasant. Many. of the newest silk prints have discovered the charm of the Russian peasant type of motif. You'll see allover florals reproduced from old peasant yarn embroideries, in those gay harmonies of primitive colors that are typical of Russian art. Some of these lively prints when made up in dresses further suggest a Russian influence by means of tunics, high necklines, and often a bit of gold embroidery. It's getting so that a dress simply can't go out alone without its own matching or harmonizing jacket or coat. And it looks as if suits would be spring's most ubiquitous costume this year! There's altogether a loos-ar feeling about the cut of the suit coats in the newest models. Some have an ample flare just below a nipped-in waistline, illustrating the popular new wind-blown silhouet that you are hearing so much about. Collars, too, often have sail revers in fur or fabric, or ribbon ties (and sometimes gay plaid taffetas are used for such trimming.) The long-coated suits often adopt the tuxedo version of the revers theme; and there is Augustaber- nard's fetching rippled collar on many of the smart new suit coats. You'll find loose "kimono-cut" suits of knuckle-length, boxy little jackets of knee-length, with that youthful, new-looking front fullness. In suits or daytime ensembles you'll often find "companion" fabrics usvi with dashing effect. Sometimes, for nstauce, the jacket is checked and the skirt in monotone. Or the coat may be a heavier version of the ight-weight material that is used for the skirt or frock. Then often (especially in the knit fabric ensembles) you'll find the same colors, but in different materials--or matching patterns in a reversed color scheme. A New Femininity. Not only in the diaphanous new evening gowns of picturesque sil- uoret but in sports and afternoon irocks as well you'll find a charming new spirit of femininity holds sway. Spring's new models owe much of their feminine seductiveness to .ovely fabrics. 'Swish" is, in fact, the Paris password for chic, as an intriguing rustle is invariably heard wherever smart women gather. Taffeta is staging an important revival, especially in youthful plaids, checks or striped designs. Failles and such old-fashioned fabrics as challis mixtures, alpacas and surahs play leading roles in this revival of quaint materials. There are more sheers and dainty chiffons than you've seen in.many a spring. And how well they lend their gracious softness to the floating feeling that is so essential a phase of the new evening silhouette --which boasts trailing scarfs and sash ends, winglike panels which float the shoulders, trains, flounces and ingenious drapes. This graceful floating aspect of the new frocks is airily reminiscent of the summer breezes themselves. Colors, too, have gone utterly feminine for evening wear (although brilliant emerald, magenta and sapphire blue are also to be seen). But the majority of lacy net, chiffon and organza creations are in such misty shades as almond green, grayed blue, pearly pink, amethyst quartz, foggy gray, or in delicately patterned prints of pastel hues. __テつキ:テつキ-- Adult Adolescent All Too Commonly Present in Class of Parents By BROOKE PETERS CHURCH Mr. Thompson was a bully. He was the kind of a man who loved to tease animals, not brutally, but enough to cause them discomfort, to pull small girls' pigtails, to roughhouse little toddlers till they cried. A big, powerful man, he took great pride in his physical strength, though quite unconscious of its effect on other people. As was to be expected, he married a rather quiet and delicate woman, and they produced a family of three children, all of them quite normal, and of average physique and intelligence. The youthful habit of exhibiting sheer strength which in most boys is over by 18, and seldom lasts after marriage, did not follow the usual course in the case of Mr. Thompson. No doubt he loved his children. When one of them was hurt or ill he was all sympthy, and expressed far more emotion than did his wife. But when they were well he teased and bullied them outrageously, and when, they whimpered and cried, walked off in a huff to sulk: "Sof- ties, every one of them s Can't stand a little fun." He had, furthermore, an ungovernable temper, and when angry lost control of himself and struck the children unmercifuly. The children came to hate their father, and in time to despise him as an irresponsible bully whom'it was best to avoid. His wife, like everyone else, ACROSS テつサ--Not hard i--A color 7 -- A spiritual power I I -- T h e irolden-thmsh I J--Head of a newspaDi'f i -- A Gernifin composer IS--Inclined to one side 17--Prefix meaninc two 18--Gills (ahbr i 21)--An exclamation 21 -- A Chinese coin 2!--Offensive 25--Siiikenard 28--Combining form meaning solitary 29-- Belonging to another 32-- Ireland 33--A savage drum 35--.Suffix UKoii to form the noun plural 37--Compare point 3S--For the sake nf example (ab. 39--That is 4 1 -- A n official of Persia 2--Appearinp as if Knawetf 44--A Japanese statesman 45--Hijrht hand (abbr.) 46--Not out 47--To soak 48--A gaseous element 49--Distress signal 50--Pnwller as In capacitj DOWN 1--A small Italian coin 2 -- A n alloy of copper, zinc find 3--An expression of Impatience 1--To clrajr テつサ-- Regarding: S--To cause to explode with loud report ;~--A unit Of length n--Attorney (ahbr.) / 9 -- A masculine name ,10--One of Tennyson's heroes 12--Like a lecume 14--Oomamine two halogen atoms 19--Isoni'phelic lines 23--Ancer 24--Pottle for over 2fi-- Bilge of an object 27--Lot it he' eivcn (ahhr.) 30--Kounilu of any kind 31--An amorphous substance 34--Comes up to 36--To satisfy 41--In addition 43--Mineral 46--Exists Antwir to prcvioui panic., feared him, and did not even try to protect the .children from him, so adding to their sense of injury and resentment. Perhaps he could have been cured, had anyone had the courage to tell him the truth about himself, which was that he had never grown up, but was an example of the all too common adult adolescent. FINK'S SMART APPAREL NORTH IOWA'S FOREMOST FASHION STORE INVITES YOU TO SEE THE STUNNING DISPLAY OF SUITS J Quality Merchandise at Thrift Prices Within Reach of the Most Modest Purse Use Your Charge Account GN, P.E.O. Husbands Entertain Wives at Annual Dinner Party Members of Chapter GN, P. E. 0., were entertained Monday night at a banquet In St. John's parish hall by the members of BIL, composed of husbands of the chapter. Dr. L. B. Newcomer was the toastmaster. A response to the welcome to new members of BIL was given by Don W. Wieder. Dr. William H. Spence gave a "Toast to the Ladies" and Mrs. Jay Lorenz gave a toast, "To the BIL's." Mrs. Earl Smith, president of Chapter DZ, spoke, followed by a talk by Mrs. R. E. Brisbinc, president of Chapter GN, P. E. O. Lester Milligan introduced the program, which included solos by Don Kunz, numbers by a high school trio, consisting of Don Kunz, Russell Herseth and Roger Downing, with Jean Barclay playing the accompaniment and an original poem, "Cousin Oliver" by Mrs. J. H. Marston, with Mrs. L. S. Sanders, pianist. The general committee in charge was composed of J. A. VanNess, chairman, 'Dr. J. L. Pauley, Ira W. Stinson and L. S. Thompson, MR. AND MRS. WDLLFONG ENTERTAIN FOR COUPLE Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Willfong entertained at dinner at their home, 205 Twenty-second southwest, in honor of their son, Clifford Gilbert, and his bride. Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert are making their home at 1611 Washington avenue northwest. Elks Hold Contract Party at Clubrooms High score prizes went to Mrs. G. W. Cady and Sam Kicher at the contract bridge Monday evening at the Elks club. Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Boomhower and Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Finley acted as hosts for the evening. The next party will be Monday, March 19, with Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Davis, and Dr. and Mrs. H. D. Fallows. Surprised on Birthday. BRISTOW--Mr. and Mrs. William Bochmann were surprised Sunday ; evening when 60 relatives arrived on' their twenty-fifth wedding anniyer-. sary. ' Six out of every 10 persons have one leg shorter than the other, say scientists. They should let the politicians pull the other leg. for *' change.--Greenville Piedmont. THE NEW Spring Hats ARE HERE! Nev テつサtjlM - New colon - New Mew. A wonderful value at . . . テつキ $2.95 "QUALITY COUNTS" YOU CAN T KILL COLDS but you may Control them! Don't run risks -with so-called "cold-killing" remedies. It'l fO (SIJ to upset the system with unwise internal dosing. Play safe with your family's health! Reduce the number, dura- lion and dangers of colds by following Ticks Plan for better ^__ Control of Colds. Its worth has been clinically tested--and proved, fwl Details of the Plan are in each Vicfcs package, ]S1 To AVOID many colds --VICKS NOSE DROPS At that first nasal irritation or stuffiness, apply Vicks Nose Throat Drops, the amazing new aid in preventing many colds. To RELIEVE a cold --VICKS VAPORUB If テつサ cold has developed, apply VapoRub at bedtime. Ita poultice* vapor action--nil night long--give* soothing reliefl Avoids dosing. VICKS "*テつォ テつォテつサテつォmRCONTROL OF COLDS FUR JACQUETTES THE SMARTEST SPRING PROMEN- ADERS WILL WEAR ONE OF OUR JACQUETTES Now Showing Very Latest Styles! All Shades LAPIN SEAL MUSKRAt BROADTAIL NOW IS THE TIME to have your fur coat made into a jacket by Ben Benowitz, expert furrier, at the season's lowest prices. Estimates Gladly Given. BEN 8ENOWITZ S IN Phone 484 SHOP 15 So. Federal

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