The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on August 8, 1935 · Page 18
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 18

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 8, 1935
Page 18
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Page 18 article text (OCR)

EIGHTEEN MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, AUGUST 8 1935 Special Friday Only Potatoes 19c NEW pk. B ·· Apples 95c 8 POUNDS TM W Oranges 1 DOZEN · Cabbage 1 c ea . LGE. HEAD .. · CANTALOUPES 5 C eac h T.ARRR SIZE W %f """* Earl's Fruit Market 1603 SOUTH -FEDERAL AVE. PHONE 1138 ITALIAN CABINET MEMBER KILLED Razza, Minister of Public Works, Dies instantly in Plane Crash. ROME, Aug. 8. (JP--The ministry of propaganda announced tonight that Luigi Razza, minister of public works of Italy, was killed instantly last night to an airplane accident near Cairo. Razza was on his way by airplane yesterday to Eritrea to conduct an inspection of the public works under construction there by expeditionary forces of Italy along the frontier of Ethiopia. The ministry said Razza was traveling in an Italian commercial airplare with three other passengers and a crew of four when the ship suddenly nose dived eight miles outside of Cairo. A government spokesman said there were no further details of the crash known. Real Estate Transfers . . . IS BETTER BREAD First Nat't. Bank of M. C. to George H. Sauerberg, $1.00, QCD S. 119.72 ft of L 12 in sub of L 2 in B "H", in N. M. C, 8-6-35. Freeman, H. F. and wife and D. E. Kenyon and wife to Sophie Slosson 51.00, L 31 in R. S. Young's sub of B 7 in Sirrijie's Add to Old Clear Lake, 6-14-35. Fellows, Roy L. and wife to W. H. O'Brien 51.00, L 7 in B 16 of R. S. Young's sub of Lots 3, 6, 9 and 10 and all that part of lots 1 and 2 lying S and W of Center of Lime Creek in sub of NW 11-96-20. 6-1835. O'Brien, W. H. to Roy L. Fellows $1.00 E. 40 ft. in width of L 2 in srab of L 13 in sub of NE of NW 1096-20, 6-1S-35. Shepard, Hugh H. and wife to Christine M. Larson $1.00 L 2 and 37 in B 8 in Ventura Heights, 8-635. Larson, Christine M. to Hugh H. Shepard $1.00, L 27 in B 3 in Ventura Heights. 8-6-35. Give them a little more time and those Alaska pioneers will be petitioning congress for a central heating plant.--Wichita Eagle. BUTTER GOES BY TRUCK TO RIVER Spread of 28 Cents on Rail Freight Rates Found Too High for Creamery. A spread of 28 cents a hundred on freight rates between Mason City and the Mississippi river caused the Iowa State Brand Creameries, Inc., this week to start shipping butter, bound for eastern markets, by truck to Dubuque. The butter rate from Mason City to New York is .$1.13. From Mississippi river points to New York the rate is 85 cents, leaving a 28 cent spread. R. O. Storvick, manager of the Iowa State Brand Creameries, Inc.. found truckers willing to transport butter to Dubuque at considerable less than 28 cents. From Dubuque to New York shipment is made by rail. Theodore \V. Karges, superintendent of schools at Everly, visited Wednesday with his brother, Evron M. Karges, 319 Second street northeast. He will receive an M. A. degree Aug. 22 at the State University of Iowa. He has completed a thesis on rural education in Buena Vista county. Cattle Fly Spray SPRAYERS, large assortment at 17c to 98c BARGAIN Price Per Gallon, in your container ... HENRY FIELD STORE 119 North Federal Ave. Phone -370 The Prize Winners of MiGk-A-Gram Puzzle Number Six Are as Follows: FIRST PRIZE Mrs. P. W. Collins, 103 Thirteenth Street N. E. SECOND PRIZE Jake Frank, 1701 North Pennsylvania Ave. THIRD PRIZE Mrs. W. J. Homrig, 910 North Washington Ave. P A S T E U R I Z E D MIIK,CREAM,BUTTER fcCOTTAGECHEKE 810-14 NO.DEIAWARE mEPHONE-646 They called her "Weary Winnie* · . · - ... . UNTIL SHE DISCOVERED THIS NEW SAFE WAY TO END WASHDAY FATIGUE LOOK! SHE S ALMOST OH! SO THAT'S 1 WINNIE JONES. I NEVER SAW HER. BEFORE-SHE EVER SO OUT ANYWHERE? FAGOED OUT ALREADY! POORGIRL-SHES CHARMIN6, BUTSHE SLAVES HER LIFE AWAY AT HOME! BET'CHA THIS BIS WASH" WILL LAY HER. UP ALL WEEK! WAIT! I'LL TAKE IT AN» PAY YOU WINNIE.TOUT'S MY PET'NO-SCRUB* GRANULATED SOAP. OH JOHN NY, THAT'S NOT THE SOAP I WANTED. TAKE IT RIGHT BUCK AND- BUT IT'S YOUR BIRTH- PAY, DEAR- ' OUT TO THE... FRED, ITJUST SEEMS YOU'LL NEVER UNDERSTAND WHAT IT IS TO DO A BIG PAY'S WASH. WHAT! you USE I THOSE HflRSH'NO- SCRUB'SOVS EVEN ON YOUR SHEER I PRINT DRESSES? BUTOCTOOL IS DIFFERENT -MADE BY THE IVORV PEOPLE, IT'S ABSOLUTELY SRPE- AND SOAKSOifT DIRT IN .'. HERE-*TRY SOME IN YOURTUB! IS MINUTES LATER. AND LOOK! I'VEWflSHED THIS PRINT DRESS scones OFTIMES- AREN'TTHECOLO_RS FRESH'AND BRIGHT ?' IT'S MARVELOUS! JUST 'SOAKING- AND THOSE SHEETS ARE BHKDCS WHITER. THAN' WHEN I SCRUBBED THEM! / JUSTTHINK--THAT WHOLE BIS WASH ON I / -AND I HAVEN'T TOUCHED* WASHBOARD. NOW- LET'S PRIMP UP, ANt HAVE THE BOYS TAKE US TO THflT BIG DANCE TONIOHT. SAY, YOU FELLOWS CAN'T IOETA DANCE WITH MY OWN WIFE HOW AMAZING SOAP WORKS TO END SCRUBBBNG, BOW And Why It Won't Fade Even Sheerest Cotton Prints T TNLIKE other "no-scrub" granulated soaps, vJ OXYDOL -works on an utterly new principle. ' It is the result of a patented process which makes mild, gentle soap michjasler acting--a. formula which makes it 2 to 4 times whiter washing. Just 15 minutes' soaking to the t u b f u l . . . no scrubbing, no .boiling... and white clothes come so white it will amaze you! Yet OXTDOL is safe and mild. So safe, that by comparison, it makes old-type "no-scrub" soaps seem harsh, hard on colors, unfit for hands. Even sheerest cotton prints, soaked through 100 consecutive washings in OXYDOL suds, come out A T THE BEAUTY SHOP EVER.YONE'5 TALKING ABOUT HOW MUCH TIME ANO WORK IT SAVES SO VOUVE DISCOVERED ITS ALMOSTA MIRACLE! SUCH A MILD SOAP-AND YET IT SOAKS CLOTHES WHITE SO FASTI brilliant, fresh, and like new. With OXYDOL you get thick, suds instantly--even in hardest ·water. Suds that go to work on grease, dirt, stains; 2 to 3 times faster than less modern soaps. White clothes come 4 to 5 shades whiter, by actual . Tintometer tests. No wonder women by thousands are quitting bars, flakes, chips, and old-type "no-scrub" soaps for this remarkable new invention. OXYDOL is economical, too. One package often does ticicc the work--gives twice the suds--lasts twice as long as old-fashioned bars, flakes, or chips. Get OXYDOL from your dealer today. BOOTIMES IN SUDS 19 30 23 IS 27 I 32 Ife 2S 1--Flings B--Beats 9--Qualified 10--Connect 11--A navigable channel marker 12--Relax 14--Surmise 16--By way of IV--To chew and ·swallow IS--Theme 20--River in s. w. Wales ACROSS 24--Nave- of a wheel 26--A sphere 27--Winding .80--A trader 32--Unaccompanied 33--Not one 34--Mohammedan hour of prayer 35--Winner of Nohel literature prize 1923 (slang) 28--Form of verb 15--Kind of tree "to be" 18--Pertaining to 24--Employ a list or table 25--Prickly pears 19--Sham 27--Japanese 20--Seat of Onl- coins verslty of 28--Slimy mud Illinois !S--Dispatched 21--River in s. e. 31--Chance Russia Antwtr to previout puzzle 21--Masculine 36--Comb on name fowl's head 22--Male red deer DOWN 1--Hebrew measures 2--Almost 3--Spill 4--A storm ·5--Completed 6--Nerve of a leaf 7--Not level S--Grave 10--Righteous 13--Nothing T Adams Seeks New Trial in Case Jury Awarded $2,250 Damages. Jurge T. A. Beardmore Thursday afternoon heard attorneys argue a motion for new trial in the $15,000 slander action brought by Mrs. Nellie Brady against Asa Adams. In the trial of the case about a year ago a jury awarded Mrs. Brady $375 actual and $375 exemplary damages on each of thre" counts, a total of ?2,250. Among the allegedly slanderous statements made by Mr. Adams with reference to Mrs. Brady wan one to the effect that if Mrs. Brady would stay away from the cash register in the drug store operated at that tiinie by Mrs. Brady's husband, the late Charles F. Brady, the latter would have been able to pay the rent on the building when it came due. Mr. Adams was also alleged to have called Mrs. Brady a "crook." The Bradys formerly operated the drug store now under Mr. Adams' management, 'at First street and North Federal avenue. F. A. Ontjes, who with Jay Lorenz acted as counsel for the defense during the trial, filed a motion 70 pages in length asking for a new trial. J. E. E. Markley presented the motion with Mr. Ontjes befoje Judge Beardmore. The firm of- Senneff. Bliss and Senneff represented Mrs. Brady at the trial and also appeared in court for her Thursday. Highways Picketed by Dairy Farmers Near Canton, Ohio CANTON, Ohio, Aug. 8. CW--Despite the vigilance of several deputy sheriffs, numerous dairy farmers of Stark county picketed highways near here today! determined to prevent wholesale dealers from importing milk into this city. The sheriff's office said it was trying- to keep the highways open, taut that about 50 pickets were on duty. The pickets represent several hundred of Stark county's 1,200 milk producers who have refused fince Monday to deliver milk to dealers because they are dissatisfied with a price of 52 for 100 pounds. Although both sides describe the situation as "aggravation," no reports of serious violence have been received, and no arrests have been made. Boy Chokes to Death on Kernel of Corn WAUKON, Aug. 8. UP--Little Francis Michael Sadler, 2 year old son of Mikt Sadler, Harpers Ferry farmer, wanted to help his sisters shell corn tor the chickens. He put a kernel In bis mouth and choked to death before medical aid arrived. Two Cities in Iowa Listed by Credit Men DES MOINES. Aug. 8. (.«-The National Association of Credit Men listed two Iowa cities in the category of favorable sales and collections for July. They were Davenport and Sioux City. GLY-CAS TONED ENTIRE SYSTEM Kidney Trouble, Lumbago Had Crippled Iowa Man for Years; Foods Would Not Digest Properly--Gly-Cas Amazing. "Other medicines do not even compare with this .new 'Gly-Cas,' said Mr. E. J. Jorgenson, 308 Twenty- fourth St., Council Bluffs, Iowa. "I had been badly constipated for years, my stomach being disordered, ME. E. J. JOKGENSON foods soured, heartburned and so short of breath. Each meal I ate meant distress afterwards. Then to add to my already miserable condition my kidneys and bladder caused me constant trouble, and lumbago attacked me with such pains across my back. Finally I was persuaded to give Gly-Cas a trial." "My stomach and bowels have been regulated by this new remedy." he continued. "Never bothered with sour stomach, bloating or gas and am able to eat the foods I wish without any ill effects afterwards. My kidneys and bladder are regulated too and those awful back pains vanished. Gly-Cas action is truly remarkable--and worthy of a trial by all sufferers." Gly-Cas is sold by Michael Drug Company, 5 South Federal Ave., Mason City, Iowa. KROPMAN GROCERY 19 Ninth Street N. E. FREE DELIVERY Phone Early Home Owned Store of Quality Foods. THESE SPECIALS FOR FRIDAY AND SATURDAY Butter, Ib. Beejnrenderloin, Ib.. . . 30c Creom Cheese, Ib 19e Pure Lardjb 19c Shredded Wheat Biscuits, 2 large boxes. . . . . . 25c Sordines in Oil, 6 cans 29c Dressed Spring Chickens, Ib 22c We Fay 2c Over Market for Chickens of 2'/ 2 Ibs. and Over WE PAY 25C TO FARMERS FOR EGGS We Are Open Every Night Until 10 O'Clock. CUT RATE GROCERY SAVES YOU MONEY We lead in Price, We win with Quality;. In Trading with us you will always get the best goods, lowest prices, and courteous treatment. Same Prices at Both Stores FRL, SAT., MON. BHOOKFIEI.O OK CORN COUNTEV B U T T E R . . . lb.24c NONE BETTER FLOUR 49 lk s 1.98 Mr. Farmer: Buy your harvest orders here. We know u-e can save you money. VANILLA 8 Oz. Bottle 1C MINCED HAM, Ib. 15c Shoe Pol., white or bl., hot. 9c Cabbage, S largo heads ... lOc Red Rose Salmon, 1 Ib. can li)c 15c Salmon, 2 cans 25c Soap, SUa. 10 bars 25c WIENERS perlb. Jar Rubbers, 3 floz 10e Sardines, 1 Ib. tall can ... lOc Mackerel, 1 Ib. tall can .. l«c 25c French Dressing, jar 14c EGG NOODLES ts n*i f 1 1 small phR. I4c Ritz Crackers, , im ,,,,,,», Mac. or Spaghetti, 3 Ins. . 25c Oranges, Juicy, cloz- ISc, 23c, 3»r Bran Flakes, S pkgs 25c APRICOTS s. $1.05 NONE BETTKB Salad Dressing qts. 29c Guaranteed » 'IP the best or your money Kindly refunded RINSO, Coffee 'SS Harvest Cookies Ib. ISc Maraschino Cherries, Ige. lOc 25c Olive Oil, bottle IGc Daisy Fly Killers, each ... 18c Brooms, good ones 39c, 49c, 59c CANE SUGAR: With $2.00 Orders of Groceries at Rock Bottom Prices HONEY, Fr Fancy Napkins, 100 in pkg. lOc Mazolo, quart Sic lOc Pineapple, 3 cans 25c English Walnuts, 2 Ibs 35c PEANUT BUITEK, JAB lOc 19c 28c Ji'OSE BETTER Salad Dressing pints J9c Matches, 12 Penny Boxes .. 9c Best Peaberry Coffee, !b. 19c Toilet Paper, 4, 5, 6, 7 rolls 25c Gelatine, all flavors, pkg. 5c TABLE SALT 10 Ib. sack 25c K. C. Baking Powder .. 19c Tea Sittings, lu. pkg. lOc Nectar, all flavors, 3 tor 25e BEANS... VINEGAR . . gal. GREEN TEA Ib. Celery, Ige. bunches 5c and lOc Tomatoes, 2 cans 15c Tomatoes, qt. cans, per can 15c Cut Beets, qt. cans lOc Hominy or Kidney Beans .. 5c loc Spinach, 2 cans 25c Baked Beans, 5 tor 25c Libby's Fancy Beets, can .. Me Lima Beans, Ige. cans .... lOc Spaghetti, Ige. cans l(k Sauer Kraut, 3 cans Sac Hominy, qt. cans lOc Corn, Peas, can lOc Kidney Beans, Ig. lOc, 2 for 19c loc Corn, Peas, 2 cans .. 25c BUTTER NUT COFFEE !\' A Delirious Drink 30 £. State St. Phones 112-113 , 508 First St. S. W. Phono 114 !j Cut Rate Grocery |1

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