The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 26, 1954 · Page 14
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 14

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, February 26, 1954
Page 14
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14 ,F*b. tt. 1754 Mum CHjr Cl»tM-jiiIL«, Ma MB CHy, U Grain Market · x # - f Holds Firm CHICAGO W) -- A few contracts stood out with sharp gains in a generally firm grain market Friday. · The 1954 crop soybean contracts punched out new seasonal peaks on gains which extended to around 5 cents time. March- yheat; also was strong, gaining.mqre than 2 cents at" one time. Other wheat ; deliveries, old crop soybeans and the feed grain were firm.' ·; W he a t · closed %-2% higher, March 1 §2.19 7 /s, corn Vs to 1 ceni · higher, March $1.50 a /i, oats % to 1 cent higher, March 75%-Vi, rye i'/4-l% higher, March $1.18'Xi-%, soybeans 2 1 /j-7 a /4 higher, March S3.3GW-$3.36, and lard 15 cents lower to 20 cents a hundred pounds higher, March $1G.90-$1G.85. CHICAGO G R A I N CLOSE CHICAGO LI':--Final grains Friday: 1'rev. Close High WHEAT Mar May ..... July Sept. Deo COUNT Mar. ..... M a y July Sept Dec. . OATS Blur. May J u l y Sept. HYE M a r May July Sept. . : . . . SOYBEANS M a r M»y ..... J u l y Sept Nov 2. 1 7! '4 S.I 7'A 2.3U4 1.5T}» t.5l l.fUVi J.lS'.s I.IG'/i 1.17 l.W't l.SM',1 .'.·.si '/i 1.17'.= 'J.23 S.I I :t.Ws 2.8'K'i S.ll'i'.'i l-.WVi l.S'i'/i l.lfi'.i I. IX',-: i.-; or, Close .·.'."-'0V 1 .SO-li l.SSVi 1.51V: LIB' .75?'! .r^H .73'. s Mason City Grain At 12:30 p.m. Friday Oats 75c Corn, No. 2 $1.32 Soybeans $3.10 C H I C A G O CASH C H A I N (Friday's M a r k e t ) CHICAGO {.f.--Cash wheat: Nune. Corn: No. ^ yelloiv l.SulWiG; No. S l.ftiVi-rri: No. 4 1.52%; No. r, L i n V i ; s a m p l e (trade l.lft 1 ,-.; No. 3 w h i l e l.BIi 1 ,-:. Oats: No. ! heavy while SO-SO'/i; Xo. J w h i l e 7S',~. Soybeans none. Barley n o m i n a l : Malting- l.'JO-R;: feed · Field seed per 100 Ibs. n u m l n a l : White clover tU.2,^-73; red top 37.tH)-, r .8.00; · tstke 17.00-18.00i t i m o t h y ·JJ.SO-lS.ROi red clover ,?7.IIO-'!R.OO. Stock Market in Advance NEW YORK Wr-The stock mar ket advanced Friday with aircraEls a. strong feature. General Electric was the out standing individual performer with a new high at lOO'/i up 3 3 A on a proposed three-for-one stock split Trading came to an estimated 1,900,000 shares. HOUSING OFF A BIT Homes started in'January slip 8* under year ago. 100 lUniAt OF EACH YEAH DalrcU.S. Bur. el labor Slrtlirici Mom. Xata Chicago Hog Mart Active CHICAGO (.-ft--Hogs gained 25 cents in a moderately active trade Friday, helped by fairly small receipts totaling 4,000 salable head. The trade had expected 5,000. 1,'SDA--Salable hugs l.OOU; moderately a c t i v e : steady lo s~t hleher on butchers am) t'5-50 higher «H sou's; mo*t IXO-?3(J Ib. butchers 'i5.75-'itl.vii; one load choice ~'JO Ih. 20.10; mostly :ir,u-U()(l Ib. sows 21.00~ slid; Rood clearance. Salable c a t t l e ROD; calves 200; steady on I classes and represented grides; a loail of prime 1,'.',0 Ib. steers liS.UO; c o m m e r c i a l to Ion- choice stetrs and yearlings 16.00- ·fi.'tfi; a f e w commercial to loir good heifers IS.Iiu-'H.OO; utility and commercial cows .ll.uO.ii.uo. Salable; slieep BOO; S l a u g h t e r l a m b s a n d sheep steady w i t h Thursday: a few loads and lots Rood to prime nooleil slaughter l a m b s 10:: Ih. down 'M.50-23.30. E S T I M A T K I ) L I V E S T O C K KECE1PTS (Friday's M a r k e t ) CHICAGO MV-USDA--Estimated salable livestock receipts for Saturday arc lidl) hogs: ^00 cattle and 100 sheep. Local Livestock HOGS -- (Phone 400.1) The follou-ln^ prices were bid and paid at l(l::i(i a.m. for good to choice liojfs rte- ivercd a I our p l a n t In Mason Oily. This m a r k e t Is s u b j e c t to change. MASON C1TV--For Friday Steady. ood llirhl lights llifl-!7fl S'M SS ood Unlit lights -... 170-180 S2l!2r, Cood light l i g h t s 1BO-19D S'J.'i 25 loud lifrhl lights . - - . . . - iood m e d i u m w e i g h t s .. lond xncillum weights .. Iood medium w e i g h t s .... ,, medium w e i g h t s ...... 210-i.TiO i-'riibft iso-'JOO S'M.M UOO-3'iO S25.SO 2';0-u'3n 13.7. 10 2::0-84[| S^.l.S ood m e d i u m weights ood m e d i u m weights ·ocd m e d i u m weights ood m e d i u m weights ...... iood m e d i u m weights ...... '.ood medium weights ...... 'ool m e d i u m weights ...... Oood meitium weights ...... "iood inedliim w e i g h t s ...... T«ood m e d i u m weights ^ood m e d i u m weights Tood sows .................. ood S'H.70 2110-S^O S'M. 10 ^a-'lQ J'.'f.IO ^80-^90 $';:i.RO riitO-SOO :il)0-310 S'JB.SO 310-U2D S'J^.H .fiO-fliil) S^ S:(0-:ilO S22.S .'ltf)-^.'l 5','3.00 :l."0-MO J'.'t.'O 27U-MO S'iH.OO sows .................. :!OU-3SO S^'.'.B )ood sows .................. :;::o-3Bo 52'i. Oood jsotrs .................. ."SO-IOft fSl.aO pod sows .................. 100-150 S21.00 ood sows .................. 'ISO-nOO SM.oO CATTI.K -- {Phone 10711 MASON CITY-- For Friday rime clcen rime heifers . ............... . S11.Ofl-2S.OU hoice steers ....... .......... S3:!. 00-2.1.00 holce hellers ......... , ...... S31.00-M.OO Iood steers ................... S18.00-SO.SO food heifera ................... S17.. r il)-20.00 Commercial steers heifers .. SI 1. 00-15.00 Utility steers heifers ....... S !).00-11.M Commercial oows ............. S 11. 00-111. 00 Jtilltj Cows ............. ...... $ U.ftO-ll.O Bulls .................... . . . . . s n . 0 f l - l l . 3 f l Banner* »n cutters ........... 1 s.flO-in.Oi New York Stocks By The Associated Press ( F i n a l Quotations F r i d a y ) AlliedCh 11% lowalllG 30% AlliedStrs 42Vi KanCPL 33% AmCan 37^8 Kennecott G9!4 AmCrysS 23'/4 KresgeSS 32 l /s AmHome 4T'/Li Msiytag 18V'« AmRadl5V4 MontWard G1V, AmSmelt 2914 NashKelv 14'/4 AmSugar 55 Na ID airy 62 3 /i · AmTT 1G2T'8 NatGyps 2416 A m T o b G t NYCent24--!H AmWool 17 3 /i ParaPicl 78% Anaconda 32Vi PenneyJC 78^1 ArmourS-':? PaRR 17V« Alchison 100 PepsiCola 15'/2 BeatFds 41^ PhillPet 59 BendixAv 66^1 RadioCp 25T BethStl 54!' s Safeway 4lVa BoeingAir 58% SearsRoeb GO^i CaseJI 15% SinclairOil 37% Chrysler 59^ SoconyV 38',-! ConEdis 42-VB SouPac 40'/« CornProd 72=k StdBrands 2Kss CurtissWr 85s StdOillnd 76V8 Deere 28% StdOilNJ 78 : !:i DuPont lOSVi Studcbaker lO'/s ElAutoL 42% SwiftCo 43 1 /, GcnEleclOG-aK SylvElPd 34'/^ Gen Foods 57V2 TexasCo G4Vi GenMot 63'4 UnionPac 114',i GenPCm 51 UnitAirL 23'/* Goodrich 84 UnitAirc 52-H Goodyear 59 USGypsm 129W GtWestS20 USRubber31Vi Homestakc 35-1's USSteel 40% IHCcnt 86'/i IntHarv 30% JntTT 15Vi InterstPw WestUTcl 42/, WilsonCo 8!i Woohvorth 43% Mason City Produce (Quotations by E. G. Morse) At 10 a.m. Friday Eggs, No. 1 39 C Eggs, No. 2 35c Eggs, No. 3 30 C Hens, heavy b r e e d s , 5 !fas. over 20c Old Cocks 12c Judge Beardmore to Be in Osage OS AGE--District Judge T. A Beardmore, Charles City, will cm panel a grand jury at a regular session of the District Court in Osage Monday. District Judge M H. Kepler, Norlhwood, was to pro side but will be unable to be on hand for the session. NEW CAFE OPENS ·GLENVILLE, Minn.--Mrs. Gile Crane has opened a new cafe here (It is .located in the E.,H. JVillia ·db'building and will be "know M th«'-;Glenville Cafe. ·· Midwest Livestock ( F R I D A Y ' S P R I C E S ) A l b e r t A u s t i n , 'rend ooil liulchcrn SO-160 Ibs. ... 00-170 Ibs. 0-180 KO-lflO Lea Steailr Minn. Steady Iba. Ibs 25.00 00-200 Ibs SJ.2.% Ibs XS.SO UI-U20 Ihs 2.V50 Ibs 2.), II) JO-240 His. .. 23.M Ihs. Ibs. Ibs. 11)5. «0-'i!IO Ihs. lha. 00-:i 10 Id-S'iU W-'iCU (iO-'ill) io-;ino His. Ihs. Ibs. Ibs. 23.00 M l . TO 21.10 2S.80 23.50 25.50 ·-·5.30 2.1.1)0 lil.10 a 1. 10 food I'ackiiif Saws 70-.10U Ibs. .. ____ iOO-:WO Ihs. .. ____ WO-'.ifiO Ibs. .. ____ Ibs. . ..... Ibs ....... Ibs. ...... Ibs. . ..... 'it. 00 :00-t.0 SO-500 1)0-530 ai.»o 2I.OU ·:o.oo 2-:. oo ' · 3 1. 70 21.011 20.50 20.00 Watcr- iuo Steady S3. 50 'J5.30 ^5.50 as.uo 21.70 21.40 21.10 2:i. 80 'M. SO 2-'.00 21.70 2:s.oo iisisi 22.01! 21.51! IMI.50 SOUTH ST. P A U L LIVESTOCK ( F r i d a y ' s M a r k e t ) : C s t t l e 2,500. Calves 1.100. M a r k e t s t e a d y . verafc choice s l a u g h t e r steers 2t.OO. Inw choice 2S.OO. High Bonrt and low cholec steers anil yearlings . 21.OIWJ.St). . Choice l e l f e r s 2:.00. good 17.51) to 19.00. U l l l l l y mil c o m m e r c i a l cows 11.50 to 1:1.00. Can- ncrs and cutlers !).00 to 10.50. U t i l i t y »ml c o m m e r c i a l bulls i:i.50 to 15.50. Gonil anil choice vealers 1S.OO to 2fl.«0, high choice ami prime 2!!.00. few 27.00. Hogs 5,500. Harrows and gilts steady lo cents higher. Choice IHO to 250 pnuiul a r r o w j a n i l (tilts 25.00 to 2H.OO. choice me anil two hojjs 26.23 to 2C.SO, f e w 2(i.7j. Choice sows iO.flO to 2:1.00. Good and choke eetlcr plffs s t e a d y . 2fl.00-27.00. Sheep 1,:IOO. M a r k e t steady. Choice and p r i m e ivooied s l a u g h t e r l a m b s I0. nonnds down 22.50 to 2S.UO. Good and choice 101 pound wonlcd l a m h s w i t h m u d d y pelt* .'2,25. U t i l i t y amJ good H j h t w e i g h t n-ooted l a m b s 17.50-22.00. Good and choice feeding "lambs SI.33 to 21.7.V CHICAGO POTATOES I F r i d a y ' s M a r k e t ) CHICAGO IP^USDA--Potatoes: A r r i v a l s : nn Iracb :fOI3: total U.S. s h i p m e n t s 917; supplies moderate: d e m a n d slow: m a r k e t about steady; Colorado red McCtures 0; Idaho russets Minnesota-North Dakota nontlacs I.75-85: cobblers 1.40-45. Cord of Thanks WE WISH to express our sincere thanks to the neighbors and friends /or their lovely cards, flowers and food Itml was hroucht lo the home. We wish to thank Dr. C. O. Adams, Dr. V. W. Runt and nurses at the Park Hospital and Mrs. Pool at the Pool Nursing home, for their maay acts ol kindness. Mrs. Kattie Carl 'The Lawrence Garl Family Mr. and Mrs. Billy Sproulc Jerry Gurl The Earl Schulte Family 1T WISH to lhank all those who rc- mcmbcrcd me wlih flowers and cards during my stay at the Mercy Hospital and after my return home. These kindnesses are very much appreciated. Mrs. F. F. J'otlcr Cemeteries A3 QUIT business and going away. Ot- terlng lor sale choice lot in Lutheran Section Memorial Park Ccmc- tery. Write Box S-24. Globe-Gazette. Moniimentt, Ztc. v 83 MASON C I T Y Monument Works. Hom- owned and rcllablo since 1885. See our larifc dl.iplay of finished monumenLi and all granites including Montcllo. Mark every grave. We del. anywhere. 150 10th St. S.W. Ph. 392. SAVE USE A GLOJ GA2£TT£ AD mm 3800 Funeral Directors ftlASOA' CITY MAJOK FUNEUAL HOME. 511. 20D 2nd N.E. Phone McAULIiY Ic SON Funeral Homo. A Distinguished. Dignified Funeral Service. 8 S. Adams. Phone 651. I'ATTiSHSON'-JAMES NEW CHAPEL 2nd and S. Pennsylvania Mason City Phone 1140 Licensed in Minnesota and Iowa COLONIAL FUNERAL HOME. "The Home of Thoughtful Service." 126 3rd St. N.E. Phone 1505. CLEAR LAKE WARD F U N E H A L HOME, CLEAR LAKE. Ambulance Service. Day Phone B. Night Phono 7. Personals Alcoholism New Modern Scientific Therapy -- 7 to' 10 days Hospitalization for men women. All former-Treatments stilJ being used. Write for Free Booklet MURRAY INSTITUTE 620 South 10th Street Minneapolis, Minn. AT009-1 Lost, Found --·~~l-~~~**-r**-~**^+^VW* m LOST--Gold locket with pictures. Howard. Call 29!)0. Money to Loan Real Estate and Income TAXES often fall due when you ARE least prepared to pay them. A low- Cost Personal Loan PAYABLE over 12 months will solve your tax problems. THE FIRST NATIONAL BANKLOAN DEPARTMENT WELCOMES YOUR INQUIRY LOANS $25 TO $300 Prompt Confidential Service Phone 412 SECURITY LOAN CO. Rm. 321 - 1st Nail. Bank B!dg. CASH LOANS $20 - $300 Loans made for most any purpose on just your promise to pay. Anyone may apply. Service is Cast. No endorsers' needed. Loans also made on car or furniture. Clean up those old bills with a loan from HFC. HOUSEHOLD FINANCE CORP. ?'/! N. Fed. Ave.. 2nd fl. Phone 1101 Need Cash? Sec Tom Mitchell NORTH IOWA FINANCE S20.00 -- $300.00 119^ No. Fed. Ph. 3540 Mason City, la. SEE us about financing your new car. United Home Bank fc Trust Co. StilJ Only 4%Why Pay More? On farm land loans -- 35 year term Cash dividends paid to you yearly, cuts your net cost to below 4"ji. You have privilege to pay any part or In full at any time, from any kind of Income, stopping Interest. No charge for such privilege. Sec Federal Land Bank Association at IK 2nd St. N.E., Mason City, Phone 1114, W. F. (Bill) W a h r e r . Sccr-Treaa. (The Co-op- Way)! Seech,JFeecls SEE US FOR YOUR FERTILIZER NEEDS Make the Rood earth Better with Tobacco based V-C Fertilizer We linvc a limited supply of 33^ AMMONIUM NITRATE We are dealers for SWIFT'S SPECIALIZED CROP MAKERS EASTMAN'S CLEAR LAKE GRAIN CO. 300 BALES of s t r a w , 30c a hale. Ph. 282-R3. FOIt SALE 1,000 Bushel Ames No. 2 Oats Suitable for seed. 600 Bushels Neniaha Oats flTrr. Germination ·?J.t5 bu. -- Bin run. H A R R Y FOUSTE Uockforil -- Ph. 53F82 FEEDING potatoes. s.i per ton bulk. S. Kennedy ami Sons, Clear Lake. SEED oats, recommended new varieties--Certified and Select Bonham, Branch, Nemaha. Cherokee. Jlo O- 205. Tri-State Seed Co.. Clear Lake, Highway 106 next to Sale Barn. AMES and Ben'c.i ,ats for sale 34 Ihs. test wt. 97% Kcrm. Everett Johnson, Rockford, la. Ph. 25FB2. Business Opportunities 18 FOR SALE--Small grocery, now doing an exceptionally good business. Owner leaving town and will sell on good terms. Investigate now. Call Oleson Realtors, Phone 211. GROCERY AND MEATS For Sale Suburban with good mod. 6 rm. house. Gas heat, good volume, money maker for husband and wife. Ueas. rent $3,700 will handle. TREU GROCERY Clear Lake/ Iowa Male Help Wanted 20 WANTED-Hlred man for farm work Must be good with machinery, experienced and references. Write Box K-24, Globe-Gazette. WANTED -- Married man for farm work by Apr. 1 or before. House on separate farm. Write Box A-26 Globe- Gazette. WANTED--Middle aged night, clerk, some bookkeeping required. Sec Mrs. Charles Hockatlay Monday eve Park Hotel, Clear Lake. Mole Help Wonted 20 RELIABLE Truck Driver for feed business in. Mason City area. Experience with farm trade desirable. WRITE BOX F-25 GLOBE-GAZETTE. Dept. Head Wanted for BUILDING MATERIAL DEPT. Must have knowledge of various types of building materials, good wages plus commission, employee discount. Montgomery Ward OPENING FOR a service operator on an established route allering security, guaranteed salary, p a i d s'acntion, life insurance, pension plan, i f . y o u are between the ages of 25 and 45, married, own your car, live in or around Mason City. References required, we train. Write about yourself for persona! interview to Box R-24. Globe-Gazette. LINOTYPE MAN for model 32 machine. KooU \vrkR. cond., modern Plant, need at once. Contact Hussell L. Hart, Mitchell Co. Press. Osagc, W A N T E D -- W o m a n for It. hswk. and companion to elderly lady. Moderate salary. Write Box 11-28 Globe-Gazelle. E X P E K . WAITRESS wanted. Day shift. Black and While Cafe. WANTED--Kitchen help. Night work only. Must be clean, neat and reliable. Good wages. Apply in person. Country House. Due To Expansion We have two permanent positions open for clerical personnel at our new plant in Mason City with the following qualifications: Age 25-35, typing and general office experience. Prefer someone with experience in and who enjoys keeping accurate records. 40 hr. week, paid vacations, retirement plan, group insurance, n e w office, pleasant working conditions. Call or write-Allied Mills, Inc., OF IOWA Mason City, Iowa Waitress Wanted Full or part time, good pay, pleasant working conditions. Apply in Person WITKE'S CAFE 'Clear Lake WANTED--Day dish washer and night salad girl. Apply in person to Coffee Cup Cafe. 28 2nd N.E. WANTED--Waitress. N o S u n d a y work. Maxlne's Sandwich Shop. WANT lady to care for children in our home while mother works. Call 3289-LW between 7 and 9 p.m. WANTED--Middle aged housekeeper in modern farm home for 1 adult. Write Bo.v A-2S, Globe-Gazette. Salesmen 25 SALESMAN WITH CAR (or we will furnish) To travel established Iowa terr. with nonfood line for Super Markets. Good salary, plus. Write references, etc. to Box J-26 Globe-Gazette. Services Offered 27 WALL WASHING and painting. Ph. 5877R or 4263UI. COOK -- Experienced, male, wants full or part time work. Write Box G-25, Globe-Gazette. A S H E S , ' R U B B I S H and light hauling. Call Bill 2524W. SEWING machine repairing and rebuilding--all makes, parts and supplies. Mason City Appliance Store ,211 S. Fed. Ph. 1103. FULLER BRUSH Products. Floyd Fousek. Phone 6214-R. WANTED--Ash ana rubbish hauling, neasonable. Ph. 3421-J or 3I21-W. ASH, rubbish and light hauling. Reasonable. Ph. 3125-R. ROOFING and siding application. Ph. 5503LJ. Jim Hansen. FOR washings and Ironings, also cur tains call S333-W. Experienced Paperhanging Painting, Wall and Window Washing L V. Dorr 1G20 South Shore Drive Clear Lake, Iowa -- Ph. 753-R Radiators-Clean, Repair, Recore 1 DAY SERVICE BEELINE Garage 25 - 2nd S.W. Ph. 1411 Complete Butchering AND Processing Service For Home Freezers or Lockers FREEZER SUPPLIES Watkins Lockers Lockers For Rent 711'S. Fed. phone %8 NEXT TO YOU Who is most interested In jour motor? WE ARE Because our future business depends on your satisfaction of the service rendered by us. PETERSON'S ELECTRIC . MOTOR SERVICE 308 S. Delaware . Phone 1139 SS.PTIC tanks and cesspools cleaned. Year aruund service. Reas. Ph. »76, Mason Clly. Glenn Marshall, Services Offered 27 CATTLE de-hornine use rack saw-pull artery. Ph. 49U Plymouth. For Repairing and Replacing Call Kelroys441 GuUsrs and Downspouts CAKPENTEU. cabinet work wanted. Earl Amnn. Ph. 5:.58J. Rooms tor Rent 32 SLPG. rm. for 1 or i girls. 319 3rd St. N.W. Ph. 3905-W. PLEASANT room for I or 2 girls. Close In. liot soft water. Ph. 4270-W. N'ICIi; RM. for girl, close in. 115 N. Adams. Ph. 1586W. RM., gas heal, hot soft water, close in. Gents preferred. Ph. 3849. PLEASANT sleeping room. 310 1st S.E. Ph. 1975. CLEAN, turn. slpg. rm. Lge. closet, city heat. llOV-i N. Ked. Ph. 29t«\V. Apts. for Rent 33 For Rent APARTMENTS Attractive 3 rm. api. Parly turn. Private bath. 1 rm. 1- kitchenette, furn., private bath and entrance. 415 N. MADISON 3 Il.M. furn. apt., pri. b a t h , wkg. epic. iMar. 1st. Ph. 1310J. 2 OK 3 11M. partly f u r n . apt. 221 - 8th S. t,. MOD. 3 rm. apt. Adults. 414 East State. NICE 5 rm. imfurn. apt. Avail. Mar. 10. Ph. 1685. CLOSE IN, 3 tins., unfurn. Ulil and wash, privileges. 120 - 2nd S.W. FOH RENT--Furn. 3 rm. basejnenl apt. Mi bath. Util. and washing privileges. $45 month. 814 N. Fed CLEAN FUnN. 3 rm. apt. Utlls. furn. For cple. G03 N. Adams. Ph. 2231. 1ST fir. mod. apt., low rates, close in. Ph. 889-R3, Clear Lake. 3 RM. unfurn. apt. UtUs. furn. Ph. 5110-n. 502 S. Van Buren. 3 ROOM furn. apt. Pri. ent. and bath. Couple only. 415 5th N.W. 3 RMS. unfurn. with garage. Heat, water furn. Pri. cnt., share bath Ph. 3730-W. 3 ROOM unfurn. npt. Clean. Close in. Ph. 3258-W mornings. FUHN. large clean 2 rm. front apt Utils paid. 308 N. Adams. FOR RENT--Afod. clean u n f u r n . apt. Entire upstairs. Immed. poss. Pri. bain. 726 llth St. N.E. 3 ROOM unfurn. apt; Sleam heat and wutcr furn., 2st floor. Ph. B18S-J 121 6th St. S.W. 4 ROOMS, private bath and entrance, downstairs. Ph. 1009W. FOR RENT--2 large unfurn. rms Adults. Close in. Ph. 2020-LW a f t e r 7 call 4205-W. FOR RENT--3 room furnished aparf ment at 211 2nd SI. S.W. ' 2 ROOM partly furnished apartment. Bi Tate Real Estate ALWAYS HAS APARTMENTS FOR RENT PHONE 35 J. B. Youngblood Son Nites Sundays 4411 - 4880W - 2GG7 COZY, small unfurnished apartment Private ent. Ph. 5622-J or 12B5. FOR RENT 3 Rm. Furn. Apt. Plus private b a t h , private entrance, all utilities furnished at only $75 per month. CALL 264 BEFORE 6 P.M. 2 ROOM furn. apt. with hath, pri. entrance. Ph. 5854-W. Houses for Rent 1 34 FOR RENT -- Two bedroom house. Forest Park. Excel, cond. Write Box F-2i Globe-Gazette. FOR RENT--I rm. house located 1713 N. Penn. Partly mod. $30 month! "K. R82. . ' ; MOD. COAIPL. furn. lo maple, 2 bedroom home, gas heat. Low rent. Ask about it. Ph.- 999, Clear Lake. House Trailers A34 FOR SALE--1949 Colonial 30-t o o t house trailer. Good. cond. Dunne Reese, 3 ml. S.W. of Forest City, la THAILER house for aale. 22x8. Ph S419-W. N. IOWA'S largest distributor of new and used mobile homes. Steven's Trailer Sales, 1 blk. N. Jet. 18 and 107. Clear Lake. Ph. 1112-W or 1112,1. NKW anrt used house trailers. We trade for anything. Terms. South Broadway Trailer Sales, South on Highway 63, Albert Lea, Minnesota. INTRODUCING FOR 1954 The greatest value in low price trailers -- The all new 27 ft. NASHUA Birch int., Island bed, fully equipped, all metal. -- $2350 Sec It on Display Now Stevens Trailer Sales CLEAR LAKE, IA. Houses for Sole 35 NEAT AND CLEAN Modern 2 bedroom home In N.W. Excellent condition. Gas heat. Ideal lo cation for Cement Co. or Decker employee, ask to see this. BECK BROS. GO. Phone 134 -- Even. 5735W WB H A V E some partly mod. homes fur $BOO down. Call us. C. Jl. Hrov/n. Phs. 847 and 2374. BARGAIN--5 rm. house, partly mod., 14 yrs. old. Has water, elr.t. and gas. Garage.' $5,000. April 1st poss. Call A. T. Clouse *r Son, 20 1st S.E. FOR SALE--t rm. mod. and bath. Upstairs not finished. 707 N. Del. $4500.00 Fully modern one bedroom home In the S.K. Section. Full basement. Gas heat. 2 lots. IN THE HIGHLANDS 5 room modern .bungalow. Excellent basement. Gis heit. Garage. Beautiful yard: with shade «nd fruit trees. Garden space. On paved street. Close to school. Immediate postecslon-- 111.300.00. ; : · ; ; . , · , .W. L. Patton Co. 1M E. StaU St. PHONE 790 Houses for Sale JEFFERSON SCHOOL - · . f Try and beat this one! 3 bedrooms, nice dining area In kitchen, double garage. Only $11,600. Don't wait and be sorry. VERN McDONOUGH Realty Co. -- Ph. 531 Even. 447, 5041, 4S74-W C. R. BROWN Realtor IT'S NEW Located Midland lists. Lovely 2 bedroom bungalow, just being finished. Full basement, gas forced air heat, 30 gal. auto, hot water heater, water softener, large kitchen with lots of clipboard space. $950 down. GI. Total price 59,500. ROOSEVELT SCHOOL is only 3 blocks from this dandy 5 room bungalow, full bitsement. gas heat and garage, will GI. Priced »t $9,500. ABOVE THE AVERAGE Lovely 3 bedroom bungalow with a beautiful kitchen, carpeted living room, ceramic tile bath, playroom in basement. 'J car garage, N.E. location. We will arrange convenient financing. Call for an appointment now to see this outstanding ho:nt. Priced at $13,750. C. R. BROWN Realtor Ph. 847 and 2374 We can finance that 2 bedroom bungalow, N.W., dandy kitchen, lull basement, garago and only S6,750. Might consider as little as $500 or $600 down. Also another one close to Monre school. Living room, dinlnc room, kitchen, 2 bedrooms, uas heat, double garage, on paving. Price reduced to 58,500. Better take a look at that 4 acres at Kensett on 65 tlook for our sign). Large house, could rent out part of it, plenty of ground to raise chickens, pigs or cows. Also l o t , school. N.W.. close to lliover For appointment call GUILD 807 or 738 FOH SAL12--Any size or style home erected NOW on your foundation 01 basement home. Money saving prices. Competent planning sen-ice. Financing. Standard construction, not prefab. Best dry lumber. Free del. 100 miles. Visit Fanning Supply Co., Watervllle, Minn. Open 8-3. (No Sundays). 3 BEDROOMS, double garage. 15 lots. 51.7 6th S.W. Oleson Realtors JUST A THOUGHT This brand new brick home might meet your every need. Fireplace In picture windowed living room. 3 bedrooms, spacious kitchen w l l h t d i n e t t space, swell basement, located on North Polk. Price $12.200. 4156 5411 1397 OLESONS LOOKING for a good buy? Well see this large 5 room bungalow in the Roosevelt district. Spacious kitchen, plus full size dining room, forced air gas heat, 1 extra lot and garage for $7.950. 1597 5411 4156 JUST LISTED! This dandy 3 bedroom all modern home In the S.E. part. Close to St. Joseph and Garfleld schools. Large living rm.. dlnins rm., nice kitchen, full basement, gas neat, a buy at 59,250. 541L 1597 413S 211 Oleson Realtors Excellent 5 year old 2 bedrm. bungalow in N. VV. Will CI or FHA. Priced to move. Fine 2 bedrm. modern bungalow In the N.E., near school and on bus line. A bargain. See this one. J. RUSSELL CURHIER IOWANNA REAL ESTATE 12 First St. S.E. Phone 26-JO HERE'S AN EVEN DOZEN TO CHOOSE FROM a bedrm., gas heat. Central Heights 2 bedrm., Midland Heights 3 bedrm., close In 2 apt. house, close in 2 bedrm., E. location 2 bedrm., N.W., near new . 3 bedrm.. Midland Heights 2 bedrm., N.E. (terms) 3 bedrm., N.E., near:new .. 3 bedrm., N.E. $ 4,750 'S 8,'ISO $ 8,500 S 8.900 $ 8,900 S 9,500 S 9,500 511,500 SUJOO $12,650 J13.950 SK500 "2 bcdrm., brceieway, double 3 bedrm., S.E. "A Honey" ., VERN McDONOUGH Realty Co, Phone 531. Eves. 447. 504i, 4174-W " GREEN THUMB -Wanl nrick: --Want Fireplace? --Want Carpet? --Want To Sleep Upstairs? -Want S.E. Location? -Want Attached Garage? --Want 2 Bedroom-i? --Want Exceptional Construction? -Want Lovely Garden? --Want Construction Of 1038? WE WANT YOU! H U R R Y TO PEARCES on PHONE 83 For Sale NEW 2 BEDROOM HOME Contemporary design, featuring plastic tile bath, tile floors, gas heat, completely decorated. Attached garage with enclosed breezeway and concrete drive. This home Is designed for 3rd bedroom and can be purchased with FHA or GI financing. Priced at FHA approval, jli.soo Carrying maximum FHA commitment. G. E. PLATTS AND SON Builders of Modern Homes Phone 1394 during office hours -- 4878W after hour*. As You'd Like It Made to order--Kitchen, neat 2 BR bungalow, garage attached, splendid basement. Large lot fenced. U4 blocks to Harding School. Gas furnace. OnJy $12,000. If you like It we'll cut the price to JI0.700 for a quick deal. Romey Realty Co. F/fONE 1336 . FOR SALK--7 rm. house, partly mod . Outside needs repair worlc. 3 rms inside remodeled. $1,700, Ph. 236, flora Springs, FOR SALE--I room modern house, screened porch. 3 yru. old. nice location S. of Maple Crest Motel on Highway 65. Ph. as, N'or* Springs. DUPLEX 4 room apt. down to live in and 3 rooms and bath up that will make th«: payment*. Price under Jl0,000 to aell this week.. I hav« Z-r3 B.R.: bungalows, *_ij B R. buncalows with finished attic, «11 will G.I, loan. CHISM REALTOR Basement of 1314 W. Stale Ph. 2116 --Eves. 52M Houses for Sole 35 WILLOWBROOK Two bedrooms with den. Large llvlnic room \ylth fireplace. Cowl size bed- roomn. Attached karate of course. Kitchen with dinette. Less than »20,- 000. Now Is the lime to buy. Forest Park Three bedroom bungalow, about 25 (t. living room. 2 large bedroom*, b*-\u- tlful sun porch. Best location, liath and a halt. Roosevelt Area Three bedroom, two story, large lot, living room, dining room, den, breakfast room. Nice basement, modern litrcc, kitchen. St. Joe Area First floor, two bedrooms, living room, dining room, cute modern kitchen and bath. Second Iloor--Two Urge bedrooms, dandy lot In fine location. Priced now to sell. Ranch Style, $8 ; 450 On 19th S.E. -- Vaved doublo lot. breeteway, beautiful lot around a two bedroom hame. Large living room and large kitchen. This is a new low price and we are kind ol In a hurry to aell. School Teachers' Delight This cute little ranchcttc home, completely furnished to be sold on your own terms -- We'll give you the economy and privacy of life you will like. Monthly payments leas than the rent you are now paylne. Romey Realty Co. PHONE 1335 Lots for Sale 36 LOT In Wlllowbrook. .Ph. 3527-J or 107. Reasonable Farms for Sale 39 NICE level all tillable BO. «; ml. of! paving. No bldjfs. $155. A snap. Romey Realty Co. Ph. 1336. SMALL FARM BARGAIN 60 A. -- Near Little Brown Church. Good 3 bedrm. house, running w a t e r , electricity. Near new barn of cement blocks with frame loft. 200 bushels corn and some hay goes with place. May be bought with livestock ancj machinery or farm only. Will pay for itself while you work out. Possession immediately. V. V. Prudhon, Ph. 4U3 or O. A. Lohrke, Ph. 6301 Nashua, Iowa Machinery 41 FOR SALE 1 - M. Diesel Farmall With 2 way hydraulic system. Guaranteed with only 2587 hrs. at -- $2,000 1 - G Farmali 254 cultivator, C220 planter, with fertilizer attachment, C295 - 2-14 inch plow. Guaranteed, all for-$1,000 TONDE SON Britt, Iowa Stock Liquidation Sale In order to complete liquidation of Farm Equipment 6 Supply Co., we are selling the items listed below at unbelievably low prices. 1016 A.C. "C" i- cult. Has slarter, lltes and hj-d. 1937 A.C. "\VC" high left cult. 1936 F-20 I cult. I.H.C. reg. i cult. Fuller bale loader. Wisconsin 21 H.p. engine. W.C. engine, complete. Various plow* and cultivators. 1935 PONTIAC Coupe. H. t It. 1!M7 OLDS ^ dr. R., H. t hyd. NEW A.C. EQUIPMENT No. 5 VA motor. No. 3 WD semi-mounted motor. 7 ft. tandem disc. C.A. 2 row cultivator. C.A. 2-14 plow. NEW HOLLAND EQUIPMENT N.JI. forage harvester. N.H. forage blower. N.H. mower, semi-mounted. RIISC. EQUIPMENT 2^-2-8 ft. tank and waterer. Snowco combine loaders. CAN BE SEEN AT OUR OLD ADDRESS -- 2101 SO. FED. FARM EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLY 2401 South Federal Ferguson Tractor -- $700 -runs like new. 2-14 in. plows. 2-16 in. plows. 1--Cultivator. 1--S ft. Tandem disc. 1--All Purpose Blade. 1--J.D. manure spreader. $25 takes it. Ferguson Sales, Service and Parts ChazerYs 1721 N. Fed. Ph. 450 New Idea Fertilizer SpreacJers 8 - 1 0 - 12 Ft. SWING-0-MATIC farm gates. It opens 4c closes automatically R. L DixsonCo. New Idea Farm Equip. Phone 1126 637 So. Fed. Machinery 41 FOR SALK--i unit Surfc milker. '2 yean old. Guaranteed A-l condition. M. W. Hnvltf, O«atfe. USED MACHINES 1--1949 FORD Tractor cultivator. 1--1947 B. Farmall P. Lift cultivator. ' 2--F-20 Farmalls P. Lift cultivator. 1--Case Model L tractor. 1--1944 New Holland 76 baler. 1--illC 61 combine, PTO. 1--IHC 62 combine wiA engine. Jindrich Sons, Inc. Swaledale, la. -- Ph. 5239i FARM 'TRAILERS Save now on Ward's popular all steel auto-guide Timken bearing farm wagon gear. Choice of 15 in. or 1G in. wheels Reg. Sale 3-4 ton capacity $120.00 $112.50 4-5 ton capacity 139.50 129.50 5-6 ton capacity 157.00 147.00 New style 125 bu. galvanized flare box, 2 in. flooring $127.50 Montgomery Ward FARM STOEE Livestock 42 FOR SALE--Ewes with lambs. Don Blnir. 3V4 W. on 12th St. FOR SALE. OH TRADE for cattle or hogs. H4 ton Ford truck with slock rack and grain box. '54 license. 1st PI. W. of Scott's Motel on llwy. AS. Hoy IfennaKlr. 1 P.B. Sp. P.C. boar, vae. Ho«er Kill, 3tt nil. W. Sugar Plant. 11 KAMP. SOWS. April farrow. 4 ml. S., 3 ml. E., W S. ol .Manon City. Otlo L. Slollenherg. FOR SALE--llnliieln springing hell- *r. W. J. Heed, 1 ml. So., AV4 E. of Rockwell. FOR SALE--Cow, fresh with heifer calf:. 1 Guernsey. Springer. 1st Pi. E. KGLO, So. nlde. DEALING In choice llol»teln Springers and Heifers, Ernest Sprung. Dexter. Minnesota. Phone 7-J-210. FOR SALE--1 4-p*n hot? house and I 2-psn hoi: house. Both A-l condition. Cllft Cooper. Manly, la. WANTED TO BUV--GUIs for Immediate or early M a r c h farrow. Must be good. D. W. McCraeady. Ph. 733-Jl. Osage. FOR SALE--Guernsey heUer. Will freshen »oon. Ph. 3982-J. FULL blooded S.P. Chln« bo«r for sale. Richard ' Bohniack, 3 ml. S.. 1 ml. E.. y t ml. S. of Nora Sprinn. FOR SALE--33 8 wiu. old pigs. 1 young grey gander. Ph. Fertile 415. Mrs. Reb* Smith, Ilanlonlown. la. FOR SALE--10 head hljfh grade Hol- ateln cows. 1st and 2nd calf. All In production, and rebred. T.B. and Dang* tested. Cliff Cooper, a ml. E. and 3 ml. North o( Manly. FOR SALE young Shorthorn uprlnglng cows, i choice brood »ow«, long lime v«ce. 1 f a r r o w e d , r«sl to farrow toon. S good ewes, to lamb last of March. G. W. KAFER W Mile South Rockwell Creamery FOR SALE-P.B. Angus bull.. Serviceable age. Waller Zuehlke, 3 ml. \V. of Mason City on Highway 106, 1 ml. South. FOR SALE--30 bred sows to itart farrowing April s. Kenneth Van Duier, Route 1, Mason City. Phone 564-J1. TOP quality Reg. An u -u» bull. 2 tn(. W. Menervuy. Carroll Morrl*. I'h 22742. Menervey. ' FOR SALE--Horned Hereford bulls, serviceable age. eligible to re»l»- ler. Joseph A. Skow. Wesley. la. IDogi, Bird«, Peft 43 CHIHUA71UA and terrier, 6 mo. old puppy. Ph. 2738. FOX trail hounds. Good fox trailer*. Also blond female cocker. B. W. II Broers, R-3. Mason City. S miles south and 1 west. POM. puppies. A.K.C. reg. Ernest Nclsen. Ph. 37721. Rowan, la. A.K.C. rcg. Irish Setter pups. 120814 Main. Ph. 1246-J, Clear Lake. Miscellaneous for Sal* 44 RUMMAGE SALE. Sat. t- Mon. Back door, 654 E. State. FOR SALE--House trailer and wide 2 wheel trailer. 1 ml. S.E. Floyd on 21 g. Edgar' Snyder. FOR SALE--U s c d window (aihei* complete with balances. Joseph Skow, Wesley. la. "°Mpn FOR SALE--Thayer twin baby hugey Like new. Ph. 5707.LW. MYSTICK TAPE in 13 beautiful colors . . . perfect for. decorating, repairing and sealing. 15c,up SHEPHERD'S PAINT WALLPAPER 27 - 29 1st S.E. Ph. 1362 BELTING Flat Rubber -- l" to 6" V-Belts -- 3/8" - W - 5/8" Round Leather Belt V-PuIlcys Single and Step Flat Pulleys We - Clipper - Lace - Belts C U R R I E S

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