Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on August 8, 1935 · Page 16
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 16

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 8, 1935
Page 16
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SIXTEEN MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, AUGUST 8 1935 VENETIAN SCENE IS QUITE CHILLY Actors" Ardor Cools Along Canals Built for Palace Film. Thoughts ol moonlit nights and drifting gondolas on the canals of Venice may spell romance to the world, but as far aa Hollywood is concerned, it's just a plain matter of red flannels. How could one, asks Hollywood, look romantically entranced at three o'clock in the morning with one's teeth chattering? How could a beautiful girl get that love-struck look if she were shivering with goose pimples? Red flannels are'a necessary factor in romance and love in Venice according to the movie makers. Out at Warner Bros, studios they filmed a picture titled "Broadway Gondolier," which reunited Dick Powell and Joan Bloadell, the popular stars of "Gold Diggers of 1933" under the direction of Lloyd Bacon. A two weeks schedule was allotted for the Venetian sequence. In the picture, which will open at the Palace on Friday, there are winding canals, gondolas, balconies and terraces. There are cafes, cabarets, picturesque bridges and colorful touches of the famous old canal city. It is a moonlit night in summer--on the screen. Funeral Services for Howard Held at Elma ELMA, Aug. 8.--Funeral services for A. Q. (Frenchy) Howard were held Thursday morning at 10 o'clock at the Dinsmore BrandmiU residence. Mr. Howard, formerly linotype operator for the Mason City Globe-Gazette, died Tuesday night at Independence. Mr. Howard suffered a nervous breakdown two years ago from which he never recovered. He was the son of Mrs. Maude Howard and the late Frank Howard, one-time democratic candidate for congress. Besides his mother, Mr. Howard is survived by his wife, two brothers, Wesley and Kowley of Elma, and one sister, Millicent, of St. Paul. DIAMOND BROS. Beef Tender Ib. 17c Bacon Squares . Ib. 21 c Lamb Roast Ib. 15c |j Sliced, Cellophane DO COll Wrapped Ib. 32c STEAK, Round or Sirloin Ib. 23c Wieners . Veal Roast · · Milk Fed 2 * Ibs. Ib. 35c 14c Bologn Hocks Home Smoked Small · . Ib. . Ib. 15c 15c PORK LOIN ENDS to Roast . . Butter Ib. 25c Brown Sugar » ibs. 21c Candy Bars 4 for lOc Fancy Rice Ibs. 22c Raisins Seedless 4 Ibs. 25c Peaches Choice 2 Ibs. 2?c Sugar Wafers 2 Ibs. 25c If V M l I* Or Homin l' IVraUT 3 No. 21/2 ca 25c D. B. Lye 4 cans 25c Washboards^ 39c Rolled Oats 32/2 Ib bag: 85c Corn Flakes f large i boxes 25c Salad Dressing jar 19c Dill Pickles " L jar 15c Fruit Nectar IQc Oil Sardines 25c Pure Olive Oil b6ot «e 21c Wheat Shreddetl 2 boxes 23c Crackels Qua " er 3 boxes 25c JJ Cedar Lake r etaS 4 No. 2 cans 25c Ivory Flakes 3 lOc boxes · 25c P. G. Soap 10 bars 33c 6 bars 25c Brooms (ff00dvalue) each 35c FRENCH MUSTARD, Quart lOc CREAMCHEESE, Wisconsin's Best!b.19c 2 for 2 for 2 for 2 for PEACHES In No. 2V 2 Cans "ROYAL CHEF" "PEERESS" * APRICOTS In No. 21/2 Cans "OLYMPIC" BRAND "SUN KURED" 25c We 79c 39c NO. 10 CANNED GOOi Bartlett Pears "Ruby" Catsup Tomatoes or Spinach, 2 No. 21/2 cans GUNPOWDER TEA Finest Quality Quart Jar CANDY -- Fancy Chocolates 5-pound box ' DS 31r ^r 49c S9r "J9 e 29c 36c 9Rr PORK BEANS Or Red Kidney Beans esnslSc : WATBB»EELONS, Texas Watsons, finest quality, half or whole, Ib. .. 2c Grapefruit Fancy 6 for · 25c Cabbage 10 Ibs. IOc Apricots b crate basket . 55c Apples Duchess 25c perVck 19c Ked or Blue 14 crate bskt. 55c Prunes Fancy Large (40-50's) 3 Ibs. . 25c Tomato, Pea or Bean JELLO ICE CREAM POWDER, GRAPE-NUT FLAKES, SUGAR CANDY, (Jelly Filled) per Ib.-. PLYMOUTH ROCK GELATINE, (Pink, or White) 2 pkgs HERSHEY'S BAKING CHOCOLATE, 1/2 Ib bar Mason Jars peTaoren . · Blue Barrel Laundry 9Oap K giant bars . . Macaroni^ 3 ^. . ,. 15c .. 19c .. IOc 25c 12c 78c 23c 25c FANCY PEABERRY COFFEE, 1 Ib. pkg. 14c; 3 Ib. pkg. . REPUTATION BRAND COFFEE 1 Ib. pkg. 16c; 3 Ib. pkg.. . FANCY WHITE TUNA, (Breast o' Chicken) 2 -- 7 BLUE CROSS T1SS"E, 6 1000 Sheet Rolls RAINWATER CRYSTALS Large box * . . . . Miico-Mait r,rr Fountain Pen and Eversharp FREE i^_.Sl Golden Barley fviair large can . . 39c ' 46c z. cans 35c 23e 18c . 39c Pencil Set . 37c High Quality FEED at Special Prices, In 100 Ib. Bags Scratch Grains $2.05 Wheat Shorts $ 1 . 5 9 Pure Bran $1.25 Chick Starter $2.13 Growing Mash $ 1 . 7 9 Egg Mash $ 1 . 7 7 No Corn $ 1 . 8 7 Fine Chick Feed $1.93 Coarse Chick Feed. . $1.65 PLANS PROGRAM OF IRISH PICNIC Cartersville to Hear Talk by Ray Murray Aug. 15 at Celebration. ROCKFORD, Aug. 8.--Plans are completed for the second annual "Irish Picnic" sponsored by St. John's Catholic church at Cartersville Thursday, Aug. 15. The program as scheduled is: Street sports, 1 p. m., 50 yard dash for boys under 12; 50 yard dash for girls under 12; 100 yard dash for all; sack race, women's slipper kicking contest; 1:30 p. m., marimbaphone concert, featuring popular Irish airs by Mrs. Ellsworth Bates, 2 p. m., address of the day by Ray Murray, state secretary of agriculture; 2:30 p. m., ball game between Rockwell Independents and Dougherty Shamrocks; spring chicken supper from 4 p. m. until all are served; 8:30 p. m. Open air pavilion dance with music furnished by the "Melody Sweethearts." Graveling of Road Starts. HAMPTON, Aug. 8.--Graveling of 1.2 miles of road from Hansell south to highway -o was started yesterday under the direction of the state highway commission by the Sears construction company of Clear Lake. This Is a P. W. A. project and 20 men are employed. Enormous Colonies of Passenger Pigeons Once Were Reported in Iowa IOWA CITY, Aug. 8.--Enormous colonies of passenger pigeons once made their homes in Iowa. Their roosts and nesting areas were anywhere from a few miles to 50 miles in extent and located mostly in the larger hardwood forests of the middle west. Single trees have been found supporting more than 100 nests. The story of the life and destruction of the passenger pigeon is told by E. D. Nauman in "The Palimpsest." The passenger pigeon was about the size of our domestic pigeon, bu: it was longer and very graceful in form, and was most handsome in coloration. In the sunshine the feathers of its head, neck and back showed about all the colors of the rainbow. The specimens in museums give but a meager impression of the appearance of the live bird. The passenger pigeon inhabited the timbered area of eastern North America. However, when nuts, acorns and the seeds of trees, which constituted their natural food, became scarce, they made excursions into fields of grain; and, by reason of their immense numbers, they did considerable damage to farm crops. Pioneers saw them passing over United Fruit Co. 33 East State Street PHONE 749 FREE DELIVERY CHERRIES--APRICOTS For Canning CHERRIES, 1A (Sturgeon Bay) qt. 1UC 16 quart crate $1.49 E. OHIO POTATOES 15 Ib. peck APRICOTS, fancy No. 1 quality, 15 Ib. bag PEACHES, California Elberta, crate P i P 1 » Watermelon on Ice Monarch Finer Foods Monarch BLACK TEA, Ib Orange Pekoe, !/ 2 Ib. 33c Monarch COFFEE, Ib 3 Ib. box 69c 25c Monarch PURE PRESERVES, Raspberry or .Strawberry, quart 39c Monarch GRAPEFRUIT JUICE, 3 No. 2 cans Monarch GELATINE 6 pkgs Monarch RED SALMON Ib. can 2Sc 25c Monarch PURE JELLY, 8 oz. .. 15c Monarch BABY FOOD 3 cans 25c Monarch SHRIMP, Jumbo can 16c Monarch RIPE OLIVES, extra large 22e; Jumbo 27c; 16 oz. Colossal , 32c MIRACLE WHIP SALAD DRESSING, quart 32c MILK, Northfield, 4 tall cans GOLDEN CORN, \ n No. 2 can lUC Silk Tissue T. PAPER (1000 sheets) 6 rolls 25c HILEX or CLOROX, quart ... 21c Van Camp's PORK and BEANS, 3 large cans 25c GARDEN PEAS, No. 2 can IOc HERSHEY CHOC. SYRUP 16 oz. can Libby's RED SALMON, Ib 21c MRS. BARCLAY'S BREAD, crusty and well baked Never Fails to Please VACUUM PACKED, POUND CAN 101 South Federal Ave. PHONE 824 FREE DELIVERY Iowa In huge flocks all day long. The flocks were frequently so dense they obscured the sun like passing clouds. At night they settled down in the trees along the streams to roost. When destruction came, however, it came by the hand of the white man, and in a hundred different ways. The great forests were mostly destroyed; the pigeons enticed into open fields by food and netted by thousands; their nests were robbed; they were shot, clubbed, and trapped in every conceivable way. At every migration their numbers became smaller, until about 1880 Nauman saw the last of them. The final known survivor died in the Cincinnati zoological gardens in 1914. No one will ever again sec a live passenger pigeon. Leaves for Santa Monica. ROCKFORD, Aug. 8.--Emmet Ayres, who has been here the past week assisting his father, Fred Ayres, in the installation of a new feed grinder at the city mill, left for Santa Monica, Cal., where he' has employment for the coming year. Mrs. Ayres and Miss Esther Ayres left a few weeks ago. Daughter Is Born. BELMOND --Born to Mr. and Mrs. Ed Morton, Tuesday, a girl. This is their fourth child and third girl. "HEALTH COMBINATION" T combine a wholesome diet wJtli my exercises. For diet is the tiling that counts... and Shredded Wheat is packed fuH of health and energy." Shredded Wheat is 100% whole wheat... supplies a natural balance of the vital health elements in their most delicious and digestible form. HEAT Ask for the'package showing Ate pkttirc of Niagara Falls and the red N.B.C Uncob Sol !r NAnONAL BISCUIT COMPANY "Oneeda Bakers" USE GLOBE-GAZETTE WANT ADS--IT PAYS PIGGLY WICGLY Prices Effective Friday and Saturday, A u g u s t 9-10 1935 Is a Figgly Waggly Year! Lost year demonstrated that more and more people were sold on the ease and time-saving as well as the economy and quality of shopping the Piggly Wiggly Way, So many new customers have come in already this year, we are convinced that "1935 is a Piggly Wiggly year!" WE DELIVER $2.00 P H O N E 1591 PROMPT D E L I V E R I E S AT ORDERS "FREE" WE PAY CASH FOR EGGS 9 and 1 1 a. m.--Z and 4 p. m. Palmer's Carton Ib. Bag Blocks 43c J Dozen . . . . . . . Caps 21 c Dozen Shredded Pkgs. Morton's Sunshine Pound in Cello. . . . Sunshine Pkg. Pkg. Or Ginger Snaps Lbs. in Cello . Folger's Pound ?*! 2 Pound Tin. . . . 56c Pure Cider Gallon Marshmallow Pound in Cello "Pard" or "Red Heart" Cans . . J . £ . T . » » « . Booth's Large "300" Sise, Dozen California Happy Vale 3 Quart Jar Long Shred Pound Van Camp's Medium 5c Large Libby's I No. 21/2 Cans Jersey Cream Pound Bag . . Giant Bars "So-Called Gallon Fruit Libby's Crushed Pineapple Apricots Sour Pitted Cherries . . Peaches Heinz Large 14 ox. Bottle Libby's 1/4 Size Tins . . , Big 4 Laundry Bars Pwd. or Brown Lb. Cello Bag . . . .

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