The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on October 16, 1913 · Page 6
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 16, 1913
Page 6
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AKWKil«a*Ea-T«. raWOTMWMIfc--"tan* ma Advertising Cherry Pectoral r Away back in 1S41. Old enough to re- Smsniber those days? Sail used for | coughs and colds- Sold fcr 7O years. | Asv Yota- Doctor- i^sT^isin* PRINCE ARTHUR. Ks Wedded Duchess cf Fife " Before Royalty in London. ENVOYS TAKE UP Effective June 15, 1913. T~^, :ore Old i ·'· SiaFid 9 Chambersbug.Si. Gettysburg 5?:l6 A- _.L Dally Except Sunday for] ,- Ba.hime.ri?, JJsaover, York auci In- » tornnyJiate Points. " | !'.i::jf A. ii. DJiily for Hagerstowo, j WavnesL-oro. Cumberland, sad P- -tuts ".Vest. :G Grand Opening Saturday Oct. 18 Comi.h-to Hne ~,i U'.-:^ Dresses, \Vnssis. Mislinery. Misses' 5 nits. Skirts, and I Com-:: in ond look us ov-r. e ;!irc \ve plt:3.;c you. Our j^o rs^bt. No zrouble to ·~oods arj2 ir.arkr-cl in c ri^lit. shmv "j- OiJr price--; odp. All of our iin figures. We pledge the FARMER'S DAY PRIZE Any iady bringing 1 peck largest onions will be given a trimmed Kat. M. r or York and Intermediate ; PC'SBlS ! 5:50 I'- iL Daily for Baltimore, Han- · 0:58 P. M. Daily except Sunday for B ) and II. Division Points to High- · * field, also iiiigrerstowE, Wayces- j bore, Caambersburg, Shippens- b««rg and Hai:cock,Pittsbnrgh aad : «li points \Vesfc. ! Sunday Only. i 7:13 Xexr Oxford, Hanover, York.! Baltimore and intermediate st£- ". tions. \ ever, and Intermediate Points. REGISTER'S NOTICE | I !T.-.ti.-c Is herx-!y niven to nil li^atc-c-? ; · ;-.: 1 «.tl;cr sv-r-oiis fonwrneii ihat llie a-i- ; ' «»::stsir:i!:on A«-««n«s ht-tvin after enter-;. · f! v.:!I ":«- presents.--! :st an Orphans Court · · r.f \ii:ii:-s t'ltiiniy. Pa., for i-onfinnation ! ' ami aJI=.w:u»«v, ;n Monday, October 20th j . ]:·!::. m !y.:i«i o'tioi-k A. ivf. of -:i5.l «.!:ty.; i \"*. Thi Fir-'t an«l Final aecounc of: 1 Kih\i:i i'. 1-V-her. luhnJui^tnuior of tlic-5 «»f Sanih Ann Fisher, late o f j oH":!. Auaui? County. P:i. j ... «... « iniats in Ihmm BHJCOB-!»- *«« : ' cciiveniion fer on Oictatorsfiip. Episcopalians Also Denounce Russian Ritual Murder-Trial. :e\r Tort, Oct. 1'j. -- The ritual murder trial at Kiev, -Jlussta, was eon- I d?a:r»el ia"» resolution adopted by the house of "deputies, the joint clerical 'i lay body of the Protestant Episco- at the., tritaslal general 5 AND, * Tiie committee oa prayer boo£ of I" the hotse of deputies reported favor.| ably os. a proposal ,10 amend the third I coiet-i ia *he Good Friday service by S r-||Y QUIDQ %«flTr 5 ociiuias the words "all Hebrews; m- L H i cnsHl l i U l L jsdels, Turks and heretics" from the j general prayer for Cons-deration cf te committee's re| President I New.. I Will Not Be Recognized by V. S. ? prayer be offered lor -the aaeK-at Hei 1 biews aud -H atheists." j \Yashiastoa, Oct. 10.--No ivply ".vas| lu. presenting the resolution regard- I received at the state dsj^niseat frous | | C g t ^ e Kiev trial. Rev.. Dr. William ! the Mexican government to either of»jj_ jiaaning, rector of Trinity church, j the couimusjcations sent to Presideat: xe-.v .York, said: ! Heer;a irons Yv'ashtagtcn. '. "KeUre-.vs :n this city are deeply I II was Intimated thitt ibis gover-i- j ajovesl by this, matter. Hebrew bretii- . ment is no longer expecting a reply to · rea 5, aV e asked me to bring before this the sentl- itiou sigaed I v-ere .takc-a by Mr. G'Siiaus--ess/ to,- i a giigjajjti by tj e archbishop of Caa! he^d off a response. ^ | terbury and by many bishops, clergy ' It is know:: tha^on Tuesday ' G e| aa( j jj.yj.ien of the church." ! Mexican c-ablaei basiea 5:se3f v.-iih | » z-*^-^, i^b i-j *s-^» i,^t,i =: «..* ^,_-. £ *--vT----» r -- - - ·--- -- j t;_i. izti*" 2ixsru iti*r »JLJ tji m^ u | either of these noies. and it ss bnite I , convention a protest, voicing j that this Hes :n the fact tb-it s!?p.s. m .-. sis f-ontaineii ia a pc-titi Y he resolution said: -\ Ve caj j upoa the arc hbishops. ! drafting a re:;I- to the first note iroa; j I WasUlngtca iv-Karains thp safety of \ 05,55,0113 and other members of the Holy jBC-es.1 an j Orthodox Eastern Church Ot Russia to ~£ ' tne d-y«t!c-s. vhi-h was -ironouE S Mesico City as of siuernperato !an- Advance faforniatlon was re- make formal pronouncement that the charges of so-called 'ritual murders' | cesvetl In "VTasinn;j:on tUa: :i-:s roniy j are W jtso:£t foundation or justification · ^« Tfl mm 1THOR as to be a very sharp retort KS the o«-» \\~a\i3n-t: Administrator of the cs- |taie«-i John F. Low. hitc of Fasriicidl ^ ? on to sa «pe-c that m:iny ! K.TOV, Adni.u. CWy, Pa. .'.ecM. I 5:ir a j l:W. The First an-irusal account o_i C-1 ' L.on102, Ot-;. I 1 ;.--Kemari-able sim- irerr.onial charae- of Priaee Arthur ; pHcity for i ivyal ceremonial charae- "United States. With the visit to the Mexican foreign office by Charge O"Shaugh:ie?sy. · however, the preparation of the rep!y in the teachings and practice of the =_.. -. -* "** -.:iri5 5si s..::«e sections of the corn bc-it. s of uie of the royal family I and court olT:c:a;=, and the jewels worn \ ! by the ladie?. the ceremony Itself had tiuse of the spectacular. The wed- iag gifts ar..- valued at $750,000. £2*£*-s53 |S "S? S^^iCfeJa.0 ii. religion ot Israel. "We remind them that in the early tlays of Christianity similar charges were made by ignorance and supersii- '-nly coasc-d. \Vaat passed is not i .; on as:i : nsc " our owa mos t holy reil- beins made pabiic in Washington, b u t « It has beea plainly indicated that this! government no longer expects H-.ic-rta jrtrr T i l l III tl»I I to make any response to either cf the DC | if UC T U AW W[[ I notes sens Mm ftwni T\'ashing:oa. It| ULLlLf L 1 I f r t l l If ILL. is thought -possible that a reply may be seat later. Much slgaincajice Is attached to the nieetins 01 the diplomatic corps in "Mexico C:ty upon the call of the Spanish ialnis:er. dean of that body since the retirement of Kenry I-ane \\"i!son-_ All the members of the diplomatic | corps are in. accord v.-Kh President |- TTiusoa so far as their attitude in re-j 'i · gard to the imprisoned deputies is coa-1 cerned. j The greatest perplcrfty is aumiued j by hlsa otf.rials as to v.-hat is go!n?i to happen next in Mexico. It is not| NOT BE EXTBADITED [if is Said Members of Grand jury Yfsifed Him. Concord, 1\. H.. Oct. 16.--Represeii- tati-ves of Harry K. Tha-w predicted that a secret conference which they in his rooms would have a markr .even Iraown vchether K-.ierta :r.tends tc e{1 el - ect on t ij e extradition proceedings. Tocee strangers, said to be mem- an Americas FOR A Rav.irkle Whip given to each purchased of a 5A Horse Blanket or a Plush Robe. ,. T A 25c -sack of Dominion Dalrv Cleanser given irce WITH every §i purchase. Don-iinion Cleanser is vastly superior to any soap and instantly purifies even,- utensil used about the dairy- Special prices on Diets Cold Blast Lanterns. Dietz Driving Lamps and Neverout Driving Lamps. in wore ihe.r ias~.oua jewels. Tee eba^ai glittered with diamonds an?! pearls, and almost every woman i:resc-n: -.vcre a tiara and necklace of bulcii; V2lt:e. Kinz George gave away the bride. while zl:- r.-iacess royal, mother Of the bsiuo. siis^urtec her at. the aitan The sro.o.ii's supporters were his fath- or, the Dnlre of Ccaaaught, and the Pr:r.. e o: "-'ates. __ | T;-e ar":':ishop of Canteranry coa- j ji^fcd !::·· marriage service, assisted I by the Ijl.-hor. of l.ondon and Canon, j :i- j ;)r'2?U, wro are dean an'1 with tlif- laws of Mexico by changing the details o? ships. It was made p!a!a that the "Washington government was determined tc nave na~2l representation ready for any eventuality, and some observers thought the nesc step toward a culmination ot-the sicuaiioa might be forced : - ' , ?,r/.; Ijua t,: tha Chapel Royal. D ; :: ir.s rb.c ceremony" the xing and j ·' ; "c'-n r.-::p!ed gilded chairs on a m:. .-:! :;:1. directiy facing the altar s:id ciosc itchind-- uie-farlde a.aci bride- ii i BALLOON WINS over that point. There is greater antiety in administration circles no-- than at any t!tr.e since the arrival of .John L.i:;d_ -Presl- dsnt T.'iison's special envoy. In Mexico. It is feared, because of acts in "Washington, aad Mexico City, that a positive rupture may prove tsnavozd S able. President "Wilson followed up h!,- sharp note of r»ionday. vcaich pract; cally demanded that the lives of the imprisoned deputies be safeguarded 5j Huerta. and v.-hich Foreign Minister 7\Ioheno declared to be '"intemperate," -vTsth a second note. It v.'as much more severe in its terms and notiSed the Fresh Cornmeal. Aunt Jeniinia's Buckwheat and Pancake Flour. New Buckwheat Flour in bulk. ^laple Syrup in l-c«uart. 3 .i gallon and 1 gallon cans. 31y Wife's Ivlaple Sj-rap. in ' ^ pints, pints, and quarts. Coiiflensed Mincemeat. In pails and packages . Heinz Sauer Kraut by the measure. Premier Clams in cans, lOc. _ *Premier Baked Beans in cans, oc. Light House Soap, 7 cakes for 25e. Fairy Soap. lOc size. 4 cakes for 2oc. Poilv Prim Cleanser. 3 boxes for 20c. Mexican government that any new ad j j^aajng O f the second floor. !a Victor in Flight For the Jar^sn GcrsJon Sennet: Cup. I'a-;-. r-r. J6.--Tbe American bal- TM ,,- - ,, - * - t rir»T f\n Of*" "r» Icio C.j.:.r-r-.-ir-vas olr.ciai'.v ueclarea uu " J - J X - "^ " of tbe international bal- "" ll;e ^ lted ^tate^goveriimenc. l! if- 11 rac-.- '.or the ·James Gordon Ben-j aides, were seat for by Thav.% aad they interrogated the visitors. It is believed that it Governor Fel- Eer is coa'v"inced that Jerome misrepresented natters regarding the return- :ng of the indictment, the governor would refuse to grant the extradition papers and Tha-.v will oe set free. TWO DIE I N _ B U R H I K S _ H Q M E iKother Eaves One. Fattier Two, But Others Smother. Locust Gap, Pa.. Oct. IK.--Raymond" an'1 ilichael Heffron. fifteen aad eleven years oid, respectively, were smothered to death in their home T7hm lire" partly dJstre»yed, the hoose. Five others narrowly escaped death. Thomas Heffros, his wife and five children were asleep when the fire started. He awoke first aad found the second noor full of smoke ascending from the first 3oor. As he leaped from bed a sheet of Sams swept the B! t::- minisiratiOK set up as a result of elec not be recognized t^ooai rices loor A beautiful Souvenir PIatej?iven free vdth every cash purchase of $1 vA-.rth of jroods ;-n our Second i-loor. V\"e iiViVe a lot of beautiful jjlas\vare. Imitation Cut and Colonial .pr.t- tv-rn.-. at a big- reduction in price. Kitchen Utensils, We have a fall line of Asujr.inum and Agateware. All guaranteed and dependable goods. jVear Evor cast aluminuiri tea kettle. Regular price S3./5. Special price for l-armors" Day S2.50. DON'T FORGET to ask for "3 H" Green Trading Stamps. Free with jt^rchase?. It doos rj^t take long to fill a book, and each book means a k=;'bk ji-e^o r,f furniture or silverware ur cut ijlass. or any one of hundreds beautiful premiums. All do.-;;; as tc- its victory ^ras set r.t !csi v. I:--n it ~.vas learned that the Aus'::~.~ '. nllonn. Frar.I:furt, had land- BrSttany. Xext year's HUNTING SEASON OPENS Mrs. HeSron a-K-oke as her husbsnd uttered a warning cry. bile he grabbed two ehildrea and pinngea through the Same? to the street, his "wife dropped .her daughter. ?. r :nifred. from the esc- osa floor to the sidewalk. The child's Regular IDC. Washing Blue Farmers' Day price 50. " i o Cent Popular Music Farmers' Day price 50. " 5oc. Ladies' Hand Bags Farmers' Day price J cxr. " 25c, Boys' Tool Chest Farmers Day price i o c. 1 5 cent Coal Scuttles Farmers' Day price roc 5 Cent Pack Envelopes Farmers* Day price'- ' 3 Packs 5c. 25 Cent Leather School Bags Farmers' Day price ioc. 5 Cent can Light House- Cleanser Farmers' Day prfce j for 25c. 5 cent box Light House Powder Farmers' Day price " " tt 5 cent cake Light House Soap Lawful to K:!i Squirrels. Quail, Phsas- ar:n -- 2S broken. ants and Grouse Until Nov. 30. Harrisbtarg. Pa.. Oct. 16.--The real . · hfrV. -:r, Jin-'ruited States, fall hisnting season or-saed is Pena- xntral France ~:-~iw;\- In the! f ihe TCnslish channel The; ^:g::ie'l Southampton \Ved- enator 5_cdce Abie to Walk. ?;-o.. Oct. 3v. -- So rapidly i3= c" Senator Henry Cabot e r--- rere3 from the r-£"ec-ts of :.--ra- r -)n for gastric ulcer that h-3 ouail anv5 woodcock. The seasons for several of these varieties of game were changed bj the last lesislature. The season for Chinese. Mongolian, ring-necked an,-l r:iffeo pheasants runs Before her husband could re-enter jhe fiaroing bnsiding or she could rench the other children they were smothsred to death. Mrs. KeSron escaped down the burning stairway- Forfeits 53000 Bond. Xew York. Oct. 16.--David Lamar, toe "'-Vali street manipulator under ia- dii'tntent. for impersonating congressmen arsd others, failed to appear before -Tudge Hunt in the federal district His bond of §3000 rrc~ Oct. 15 10 Xov. SO! both days be-j «nrz for pleading His ing IncSaded. Sqtiirrels. fox, gray oi| ^as dec-.ared lorfei.ea. GENERAL MARKETS :l?.tk. ir-sy be Killed for the same pe-| -sod. six of the combined kinds beinc v--fi=: a"-!' 1 ;i walk from one room to an-j allowed in one day. ihe -K-OCGCOC'K: sea- otr.^r :-: ".:= residence at Xaiiant. A 1 son ;s the same. "Wor.dcoc-K and ruffed -ever, w;!", ?ass= be-fore tie fsnator f-r.a go oyt of doors. Silr HP f ii \VEATHER EVERYV/HERE. Observations cf United States --ca;.er bureaus taken at 8 p. in. yesterday follo'w: Tetnp. Weather. Albany Atlariti--- C:ty Boston --· Buffalo Chicago · Xew Orleans.... "Xevc Ycrk St. Louis Washington Cloudy. Clear. 56 50 58 72 S5 56 68 58 Clear. Cloudy. Clear. Cloudy. Clear. Clear, P. Cloudy. The Weather. Fair today and probably tomorrow: r.ortbwcst winds. rr.-,-,;se siay net be bought or sol::, ac -matter where Kliied. The quail sc-ason -s-ill begin Nov. i 't ir:d r«n KTii'.l Dee. 14. \vhsle the deei sea=0:1 begins Xov. 10 an-J lasts for 3 period of Siteea days. PHILADELPHIA -- FLOUR dnll; winter clear. S3.75£rC-SO; city mills, la:^v.,; Jr. '-.25. RVT3 FLOUR quiet, at S3.60@3.75 scr harrei. " WHEAT SJrsn; No. 2 red, new, S9@ SSV-c- · CORK steady; Xo. 2 yellow, 79@ 7S"4c. OATS steady; Xo- 2 white, 46% @ bushel, 75 ! A1 Shot :n Mistake For Squirrel. Bedford. ?a.. Oct. 1".--Mistaking thej ^ 57ay cap of Harry M. Diehl, a cigar f ~ POUI-TRT: Live steady: hens. ISe.; . - 2@l3c.. Dressed finn: -_. :c : : old roO sters. - are3ess htinter ironi r^bensbnrg ca«s-| BUTTlSli steady: fancy creamery, fed the nrsL accident 01" the season. A J Zic. nc-r !b. qiiantity of buckshot knocked DieW from the log trtiere he sat, badly Tvounrting him in the face and narrow- j ly niissiTig his eyes and causing pain- j ful ·wounds in tae upper part of his i 6ody. Foss tc Run as Independent. Bestow Oct. 16.--Governor Eugene ! N. FGSS. of Massachusetts, three times ' elected as a Democrat, filed nomina- . tion papers as an independent candi- ! date for re-electioa. E-CiGS steady: selected, 33e.; near- 3oc.: western. 30c. j ON Oct. 18th v.-ill have my opening DON'T forget the administrator's ! j of millinery goods and ask for con-'sale of Harry J. Carbaugh, Friday, j t i n u a n c e of your patronage. Mabel A. ! Oct. 24th, of all his real estate and Dcttcr, Bemicrsvilltv--advertisement personal property.--advertisement Produce Markets. CHICAGO--HOGS 5c. to lOc. lower; hnlk of sales, $S.10S?JS.60; light, S8.10 {S.75: mixed. S.90^iS.SO: heavy, $7.85 S S.90; rough. $7.85^8.05; pigs, $4150 7.75. CATTLE strong to Ioc. higher; beeves, S7.20g.9.HO: Texas steers, S7 @8: stockers and feeders, S5.25@7."S5; cows and heifers, $3.65@8.75: calves, 57.aOOll.50. SHEEP s'eafly to 15c". higher; native sheep. 53^@5JO; vearlmgs, f5' at I; native lambs, $5.90@7.40. BABY coach for . sale cheap. 144 j Chaml)ersburg s'treet---advertisement. ·j for 250. 25 cent Bottle Proxrde Farmers' day price ioc. 25 Cent Children's Heavy Weight U.nder- wear Farmers^ day psice ioc, 5 Cent Package Safety Matches Farmers' day price 3 packs for ioc. 15 cent Leather Palm and finger husking glove Farmers* day price TOC prl ia cent Doll Hammocks Farmers' day price 50. 10 cent Bonnets and Sweeping Caps Farmers' day price $c 5 cent Roll Toilet Paper Farmers' day price - 7 for 25C. Lots of other bargains on all counters. Watch for our pre- miusm. and don't forget to bring, the children along for a souvenir. All special go'ods on sale after-9 o'clock a. nu Trimmer s B flT«3 10 CENT ST - · _·-,,,,* ffcu-e bt. Opposite .^eurt House 'SPAPERJ

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