The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 26, 1954 · Page 12
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 12

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, February 26, 1954
Page 12
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Page 12 article text (OCR)

1 I F«b,,'U. 19S4 Mtian City Globe-Giictte, Mason Clly, I» t,' *±4 fll*}** ' ** "· · '"'-: : · ^» Here and Thereof Your Neighbors in Iowa and Minnesota ·« CHARLES CITY--The.Cedar Val ley .Hospital M o r day reported births'pf daughters to Mr. and Mrs Vernori Regan; Mr, and Mrs. Don aid Nockels ami Mr. and Mrs Walter H. Frietg Jr., all of Charles City. " , -GENEVA--Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Poling"are visiting with relatives In Mitchell, S. D., for a few days. BRADFORD--Edward Blanchard Is a patient, in the Veterans Hos pital at De§ Moines. ALEXANDER -- Mr.;and Mrs. Allen Rodemeyer and children of Tipton spent a few days with Mr. Rodemeyer's mother, Mrs. Bertha Rodemeyer. They all spent a day with Mrs. Nellie Yaw at Iowa Falls. GALT--Mr. and Mrs. Ralph LaBarr accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Gayle Paulson and family of Clarion to Des Moines where they visited in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph LaBarr Jr. ALEXANDER Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Beenen and son Billy en tertained a few relatives in honor of Robert Berninghousen who is home on a short leave from Chanute Field, 111. KENSETT--Mr. and Mrs. Ray Coe are enjoying a visit in the home of their son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Lucas at Glen Rock, Wyo., where Lucas is a member of the high school faculty. OSAGE--Miss Loras Mae Jellum, Junior high school English instructor in the Albert Lea, Minn., schools, was a recent guest at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Jellum, near usage. Accompanying her was Miss June Ast- lund, fourth grade instructor from Albert Lea. CHESTER -- The Carl Hauber family moved to Emmetsburg and the Merle Fish family are moving to Nashua. RAKE--Oscar Erdahl underwent a lonsillectomy at the Naeve Hospital in Albert Lea, Minn. KH P MOUTH KENSETT--Mr. and Mrs. Victor Nybratten, Argyle, Wis., are visiting relatives in this community thi week. ALTA VISTA--Mr. and Mrs. Carl White received word that their son Roland, stationed at Craig Air Force Base, Ala., has been promoted from airman third class to airman second class. SHEFFIELD--Mr. and Mrs. 0. J. Ward, Shreveport, La., are visiting at the home of the former's par ents, Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Ward. GENEVA--Mr. and Mrs. Hayes Patterson and daughter, Patty Lee, iave gone on a three weeks' vacation trip to California with headquarters at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Truman Elliott and family in San Diego. POPEJOY--Mr. and Mrs. Fenton Tibbs were given a farewell party )y members of (he Sunny Corner Club and their families. The Tibbs are moving on to a farm near Iowa "^alls. GALT -- Mr. and Mrs. F r a n k Schroder attended the 40th wedding anniversary of Mr. a n d Mrs. Charles Crabb in Swaledale, the occasion being planned by their daughter, Mrs. Don Finn. ALEXANDER -- Mr. a n d Mrs. llarence Smith met the Arlo Olson amily of Des Moines at the Dwight -little, home in Marshalltown for a fet-together. NORTHWOOD -- Mr. a h d Mrs. John S. Veenker will attend the "owa Pharmaceutical Association's r 5th annual meeting at Des Moines March 1 and 2. CHESTER -- Joe Armstrong has een a patient in Mercy Hospital, Iresco, following an accident. RUDD -- Mr. and Mrs. Charles .acour held open house recently in honor of their 40th wedding anni- 'ersary. OSAGE -- D a v i d Longnecker, Irafton, underwent treatment at he Mitchell County Memorial Hospital. CORWITH -- Mr. and Mrs. Joe Kouba visited at the home of her sister, Mrs. Winnie Downing, in Marshalltown. Mrs. Lucille Johno n of Correctionville returned home with them. MANLY -- Henry Mannens, who underwent surgery at Mason City, is able to be about town again, and expects soon to be on duty at his store. GOODELL--The Rev. and Mrs. Park E. Miller spent the forepart of the week at St. James, Minn., visiting in the home of the lattcr's brother, J. P. Jamison. NASHUA--Hal Hanson, former \ rural mail carrier, who has been ill, was taken to a hospital at Iowa City where he had been several weeks ago. LELAND--Mr. and Mrs. Marvel Thorson-and Marlene'jyerit to Kiester this week to visit Ke'ith Braund, 14, son o f - M r . and Mrs. Chester Braund, .who 'has returned homq from St. Mary's Hospital in Rochester where he underwent "surgery to relieve, a brain injury suffered when he fell from a horse. Keith Is making a slow recovery. GARNER -- Word has been received here that Mr. and Mrs. William Lemke of Garner have arrived at Lakeland, Fla., where they met Mr. and Mrs. George Melins of Elkton, Mich. The Lemkes and Melins will spend a month or more vacationing in Florida. · STACYV1LLE - Called home by he illness of their mother, Mrs. .da Brown, were Mr. and Mrs 5 aul Kietges of Lincoln, Neb. Waler Brown of Spring Grove, 111., and Mr. and Mrs. Gus Newhaus of Mason City. . CRYSTAL LAKE -- P v t. G a r y Voiding, who is stationed at Fort Leonard Wood, Mo., is enjoying a hrce-day pass with his sister, Mrs. Van Nielsen, and family here and lis parents, Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Voiding, at Gleuville, Minn. CARPENTER -- Eugene Cooper, ;on of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Cooper, s spending a 10-day leave at home Mowing his Navy boot training at San Diego, Calif. He will be sta- '.ioned at Astoria, Ore., on his re;urn. CORWITH -- Newt Draheim of DCS Moines, son-in-law of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Johnson, passed his bar :xamination in Des Moines rc- icntly. FERTILE--A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Earl Miller Saturday at Mercy Hospital, Mason City. CORWITH--Air. and Mrs. Richard Youngwirth accompanied, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Kreps, of Wesley on a vacation trip to New Mexico. KANAWHA--Mr. and Mrs. Gene Larson and family have moved to ~:hapin where Mr. Larson will manage a Wood-Wheeler Lumber Co. ff Freshen your tesie Chew Wrigley's Spearmint Gum. · Enjoy lively spearmint flavor. Cools your mouth - sweetens breath. Get a few packages today. *** « costs so i so good! D A I L Y C R O S S W O R D ACROSS 1. Put through a. sieve 5. Thick slice 9. Proprietor 10. Hourly 12. Rice field 13. Fiber from agave plant 1-1. Malt drink 15. Tiny 1C. Indefinite article 17. Solid figures having G faces 81. Obtained 22. One-spot card 23. Permit 26. Jabs 28. Neighborly gathering for work 29. A dandy 30. Not acquitted 36. River (Chin.) 27. Flow 38. Fuss 39. Weird 41. Arrange in a line 43. Cuts 4-1. Trunks of trees (Bot.) 45. Examination 46. Foreman DOWN 1. Marshy meadow 2. Pointer 3. Nourished 4. Attempt 5. Recoiled 6. One who fails to win 7. Skill 8. Remainder 9. Brightly colored fish 11. Parts of cameras 15. Damp IS. Time gone by 19. la what manner 20. Tree 23. Mistreats 24. 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FERTILE --Mrs. Ella Zobel returned home after ^spending 10 days In- Mercy Hospital, Mason City, following major surgery. MESERVEY -- C 1 e o a Presholt and Mends, Bob Alt and Ted Yoder of Le Mars, visited recently at the parental L. Mycr home.» BRISTOW--Mrs. Anna McKinney suffered a stroke and was taken to the Lutheran Hospital at Hampton. WESLEY--Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Ackerson were honored at a surprise party by 40 relatives on their 40th wedding anniversary : ALEXANDER -- Miss S h a r'o n Meints, a student nurse at Mercy Hospital in Des Moines, spent a few days here with the Jerry Beenen family. RAKE--Mrs. Richard Espeland and daughter Trudy of Easton, Minn, arrived this week for an in- definte stay at the Mrs. Celia Espeland home. Her husband, Pfc. Richard Espeland, is stationed at Ft. Lewis, Wash. AfoAH NUMSKULL PLEASE-- YOU'RE MY EYES / NOAH ~ \S A MAN WHO DOES A LOT OF REFLECTING BRIGHT-r--- OR OUST BALD ? HELEM c. BOND KEMPTOM , PA. NOAH --- DO you PAY YOUR wAra? BILL. 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HO- fROU Yht A^1 or 25 -fa 65 Try and Stop Me ·By BENNETT CERF- TT ISN T ONLY Composer Richard Rodgers' fantastic strin" J- of top tune hits which has his competitors running 'round m circles; i t s the speed with which he writes them He is reputed to have completed the entire score of "Oklahoma" in six days, dashed off "Bali Hai," one of the big numbers in "South Pacific," on the back of a menu while ealing lunch, etc. His famous collaborator, Oscar Hammerstein, asked how he worked with Dick, explained, "I just hand him a lyric and--get out of the way," * » * Mama Jolic Gabor, speaking of herself and her three glamorous daughters--Zsa Zsa, Eva marriages--and nine divorces" She adds ' T rin-t «! Copyright, i ? 3fc by Ecnnclt Ccrf. Distributed by King Fcnlure* Syndicate. BLONDIE By CHIC YOUNG IMPOSSIBLE! Tf NOBODY'S } OU COULDN'T / G01N0 TO I'M NOT SEUJNQ ANYTHING --I'M ONLY TAKING ORDERS FOR THIS NEW-TYPE PARSNIP PEELER SUPPOSE I WANTED TO BUY THAT ONE RI6HT NOW I GOT THE BEST OF THAT 6LJy AGAIN J LAST WEEK HE TRIED TO ME WAmNS A MONTH FOP A NEW OLIVE-PIT EXTRACTOR WHATEVER YOU'RE SELLING,*-., DON'T GET. DELIVERY B R I C K B R A D F O R D By PAUL NORRIS MARY WORTH THE SPACE. PLATFORM BECOMES ALMOST BURIED BY SmCE RETICLES THE CUBICLE IN WHICH BRICK IS SEALED PLUMMETS BACK TOWARD THE SPACE PLATFORM.. AND PLUNGES THROUGH A COSMIC WE CANT CON7T?CX- MAGNETIC FIELD. By KEN ALLEN WELL!--IT'S ALMOST WEI TOR. L^ NEVER FORGET,MARSHA, THAT DISTRUST CAN DRIVE A HUSBAND TO--THE VERY BEHAVIOR HE'S ACCUSED OF.' OUR LAST FLOOR SHOW I MUST IF A WIFE YELLS "WOLF" I CAM CALL MY HOTEL PRESIDENT LOCATE. VIC AND FLIT ABOUT ON TOO OFTEN,HE.RMAN MAY DECIDE HE IS ONE.! FRIEND IN MIAMI, VIC- -TO TALK. ABOUT . BOOKING YOU!-. 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C THE DOCTORS AT CARV1LLB SAID \ YOUR HANSEN'S DISEASE IS DEFINITELY ARRESTED.' VOU NEEDN'T BE- AFRAID AN? MORE JIM .' VOU CAN'T INFECT ANYONE ELSE .' 11 \4*s i ·····--. .. » ^n-V v-^4* . ,, . . - » * u. '2-36 PID YOU A DIDWT^ ^-- HAFTA (KMOW YOU V/AKE'UP MY HOR5E/\ HAD YOUR MISTER? .P HORSE -^ IW YOUR t IW YOUR ROOM/ ETTA KET i I ALWAYS GET THE u - BE5T ACCOMMODATIOW5 HOPE YOU'VE HORSE/ h BOTri WAD f HORSE,//] SOMEREST/ fl BECAUSE YOU'VE f GET GOWG ? WHERE? THATS TOP SECRET- FOR THE MOMEWT/ by R. B. FULLER OF COURSE YOU D1DWT KNOW IT, 5IR OAKY, BUT I'M YOUF? HEW B055/ FRIEK'DOF '--s MINE DID.' I'VE GOT SPIES/ SHE TOLD ME, SO DONT TRYTO FIB VOUE WAY SUSE YOU HAD 'A DATE WITH A GUY LASr NIGHT.'- AND I DONTMEAN ME/ SCORCHY SMITH A FINE TRICkr.'QouBLE- CGOSSING RIGHT BEFORE WE'RE TO BE MARGIED/ A ALL BIGHT.' KIND YOU'RE TH IN K. IN G By PAUL ROBINSON I DIDNT HAVE A DATE.'' I TOLD DEBBY TO TELL VOU I DO.' I WAN FED TO FIND · IF YOU TRUSTED ME, NO WOHPER COULPU'T 5ES THE OF THE « . · · - : · A\ -i ifrntABiB';'I-1 By AJ. HOLLINGSWORTH

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