The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on October 16, 1913 · Page 5
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 16, 1913
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

M*j9zm£9^93£9^m/j^^^ * - '·**. · GREEN TRADING STAMPS _ Secure Merdaaa- disc of great worth- fulness -- something useful for "the home that yon might not otherwise be able to afford. We give Double Stamps Saturday morning. .. . HATS TRIMMED FREE OF CHARGE THE HUB UNDERSELLING STORE. Tae Greatest Triza- Kvd Hat sr«d :-Iilli- n?ry Iscuse in Afea.:; O»-, Shewljj;: rnorc IVinrjctl and U'«- irhr-rrxd !!=::,. selling more He's and seUJKg th«*s:» at Jess than half other's C» o f» I Specials for Farmers' In , and CI APPAREL irens New low priced for New Garments with New Features a-plenty. New Materials, New Colors, New Trimmings. New! New!! New!!! Everything about them fresh and new. You will be surprised at the grand values for the money. A Remarkable Suit and Coat for the Fashionable i I \ i i I ft I i i I ·, S9:98 This Suit Is exactly like the picture ;made of itll wool serge, with Coat Cut in 38 inch length and satin lined throughout. The skirt is one of the new draped models; colors, navv and black. $15 quality for 9.98 S7:5O This picture telte the story. A fine black plush coat. 52 inches long, srmall shawl collar, cuffs, collar and bottom *; of coat are trimmed with a good quality cansal- lined throughout -with black mercerized fining: all sizes §10 quality for S7.50. OTHER SUITS and COATS S20 Bedford Cord and Serge Suits. S14.98. SIS Bedford Cord and Serge Suits, §12.98. S18 Plush and Astrakhan Coats $12.98. Three Quarter and Full length Coats. $12 Full Length Coat $7.98 A nobby Coat of Zibeline In Black, Navy- Brown and Gray, also In Caracul. All sizes. Other Coats from S4.9S up. Girk Fall Coats Regular $4.00 Coats, Sizes 6 to 14, $2.98 S6 $10 Values Values $398 $5.98 School Dresses 95c Made of Galatea. Gingham and French percales in the Balkan. Russian and other new effects; sizes 6 to 14 years; 50 styles to select from and each a S1.50 v 75 cent Values 49 cents. A Notable One-day Sale of Hats on Farmers' Day. of Trimmed Hats. "Gems" of Styles In Our Collection It Is no exaggeration to say that equally smart, equally well-made Millinery cannot be purchased elsewhere for less than S6 and SS. The materials are those most in vogue and the shapes and effects are the most fashionable. $2.49, $2.98, $3.49. $3.98 Untrimmed Hats Hundreds of the most beautiful and fashionable shapes created by the most artistic milinery designers 53.00 §2.50 S2.00 Values Values Values 1.9S Sl-50 .98 Silk Plush Hats Soft or smart block shapes; all the best styles in all the best colors. S5 00 ..... - ........ Values ..... -. ....... S-3,-50 S4.00 ............ Values ............ S2.98 Children's Hats Ready-to-Wear Hats in Plush Felt and Cord. S3.00 ............. Values ............. S1.98 S2.00 $1.00 PRIZES FOR FARMERS' DAY. \ Silk Shirt Waist for the best glass of apple butter outside of Gettysburg; a Trimmed Hat for the best glass of grape jelly made in Gettysburg. .Medical Advertising u; TRAVELING LIBRARIES. far \Yarthj the Atiiution of V/isfa to I'rccr^t- the ; Never are a !-rti£h cr totnS fousid JH ^ ; public places, they iut: usually covered 5* [ SliEKipoo the" hair e-.cry i\vo v.-eeks O ! v.-;ih pure soap and v.ater. or a good ^ ' readv prepared shanipoo. r«V into the ^-aip. This e :ui:«;iit.jiuj ~»su i../3JJ*tiIsr.i^ hair tonic, X I v.-hieh People's Drus: itore sells in a 3* I Izrare 5-1 cent bottle. L Values ............... 98 Values ............... 49 Tke HUB Underse Sto: Carlisle Street. "THE LADIES' SHOP" Q| ' ready prepared shanipoo. y. : Use Jfpri^aa Sage- every Js-.y. ~ "birjf thoroughly hi i .; ·Je-iSfliifai and" iavig Grange Scheme That Has Worked Out Successfui'y In Ohio. Tbf pr.mjre fai ?!·«;; library ;·* K f*-s- twre of educutk'u vrvrk in so:s:e ^tatf-s Yi'ho rh::t is «n»vy«r very r^'e O::r at- teiitwu tvas recently directed to swh a li!»rary scheme ia a county i:i Ohio wbere the -»ari"us jrraasr^ of tin? couu- iy bave foria^J :i ilbrary a«s"d.:tiOtt. ent of Iibrariaii's and the librarian of »fSi';h sruuire ibut OIYLS :s library. The libraries cost ?I2 eccU, asul oacta granze i:j ti!»* :i«wtatyu iias on-* iibrary in «t ~'.' ^·f-^-if^n .ill the tiiBo K :c'i jrrayge k;- conm I »f sss own library, can buy !e. I~ JTuaranteed to- r --'!3 b.Kk. i»ruvte«Hl tiiv* v-ili!^ t»f the i i.:;.ic!;;v abolish daatSniiT--to stop iiasr; M'-nsry -; !:»t :i!K"x-l t-» fa'! !o!«»w ?li. X " from falling sin ! " . scai? from itching or; It tlu- t:«ty of the Pi'ramn 10 l:eep «" of * WHftT GETTYSSURG i : WANTS TO KNOW K · The Answer Is Found in the State* * i twenl of a Gettysburj; Kesident. S I From week 10 week, from year to ·^ [y ear - there have been appearing in ® jthfcie columns statemeiita made by (B i neighbors, \vhich vre have a!! read A ; -.vith great Interest, ar.d many of us ® J'A'ith jjreat profit. EUE what we want 9 j to know Is, do they stand the greatest ^ jtest of al!--the test of time? Here is ? } conclusive, evidence on zhis poisi'i from 3 ia Gettysburg woman: Mrs." C. Gulp, 423 Washington S:.. Fall Skirts S2.50 New Fall Skirts Si.98 S4.00 New Fall Skirts $2.98 Black. Navy. Brown and-Faney Striped Skirts, also black and white checks; gathered back and belt. Many other skirts at an equal saving $2.50 Silk Waists $1.98 Of Messaline and Taffeta; an exceptionally good value. »re Gettysburg, Pa. turev i!!.!.s!j-=. It is the uuiy of ilie i»--» r oj!;.er *" 5re--«!jr l!se subject of H!»r-iri«.* i each ^rr:!!^e lit ih.- tvuiity. !r::-\ .s^.-.-t-j:isiy)!i if t!;-y will purchase a :I:r;!ry :«nw !»e« - ''S'!o isseinSKTS. cr. SH t-.^^ they ::re :s!r«M':y in the asM«:i:l- !K":. if t':(·· \\ll: .t'M uev.- l^xika. to il'eir libnsry. Csrv is safcen tint tlie-rc- !M- iso d;n.!!c:t«-- :i!!H.-:!'4 [he Inxiks. T5JJS serins to 5»« a icry fKE^ibie^v. ork- h:s !»-:""' f~ -"« -"!i:~» »'J »ave ibe beue- St ut i lie r'-:v!iu-4 of a !.:"irc- ismnlwr OE" ;s ai:n-ii: !·.«.- :ti :·- very s-i«bt ie. ami i" is 10 be comaiwided to L-t'S c-very.\ here. ® jhad 2.11 attack of kidr.e ® j Slier zfee measles and \vas I,:"e fences seSJoni prove a source of troubie when tLe ujen owning the l:ud on either side are willing; to be on the scuare and to treat the fellow oa the complaint other side as he \vou!d bave the fellow left with ".-ery \veak Iddneys. He a!so had backache and pains in his sides and whenever he lifted, he was in ci-stress. Doan's Kidney Pills vcere recommended and he gave them a trial. I never thought a medicine could give relief so quickly. We recommend Doan's Kidney Pills to anyone who is troubled \vith kidney complaint." For sale by all dealers. Price 50 y_ | cenrs. FosteV-Milbarn Co.. Buffalo. " N"ew York, sole agent for the Ucitec Scates. Reraember the r^.me--"Doan's-- and take no other. 8 9 ou tbe other s ; ( i e treat Medical Advertising:. BEGY S MUSTARINE ASTONISHES ALL Nothing: Speedier or Better to End Chest Colds, Sore Throat. Couphs, Lumbago. Stiff Xeck, Earache. Headache or Backache. Agony from Neuritis and Rheumatism Goes Ouicklv. i For 2o cents any dmsr^ist v.-ii! hand . ,... you a big box of BEGY'S MUSTAR- s uixa_tne -t.tte oi_ r,li/a IX E. He will recommend it: guarantee 01 the or-.-' K£a 01 F.iiriit-1-i. j j t e V M si i, Xoticc :s hereby ri\t-:i that JLtitfr? A.iii,ini=tmt:on upon the 15. lle:d, late · ·idams County, Fenn'-yi-. ania.. dts ea=-d. -Just rub it on wherever yc-a have an t acts : present ».d.oot welay. Or his attorney, John D. Keith, Esg.. First National Bank ] Getr-sbunr, Penna r«-T.y au- j Callouses, Xe-araljrsa. Xeuritis. Head- · ache, earache and Toothache, it's ac- i r - i tion is little less than magical. Be j :l - | sure it'^ BEGY'S ilUSTARl.^ in the \ ' ve'Ioxv box. It's the orrginal. j MUSTASINE is for saie and rec- j omrnended in Gettysburg at all Drue- gists. MAHLON N, RAINES Better known as The Shoe Wizard The Great 98c to $1.9S Shoe Man This youagf IT-an \vith the wonderful business ability grit and nerve goes into any shoe market buys from i to a thousand cases of shoes to get the Prices and turns the shoes over to the customers, saving them from roc to $2.00 on a pair of shoes. Go into any of the twelve fast growing stores and see the \vonderful shoes for 98c to $1.98. Gettysburg and Adams Co. are fortunate in having one of these Stores. Address Carlisle St. Gettysburg. Hanover, York, Carlisle, Frederick I\Id. are other nearby stores. C44 CK HX«K^lXi«*«^^«^^c««^-o*e«o«e^^ ;RS DAY ipgtf^- '--- -- ^»_ GUIs BoSom ff-rffos; SoM Sreccfc isaiziitess; Safe W HAT'S the use of a repeating grin that throws the shells, smoke and gases in the way of your aim? Tliat s the question that started us -working on the Remington-UMC Boiiom Ejection Pump Gun--the only gun of its kind on the market, and usect by thousands of gunners all over the country. Solid Breech, Hammerless. Perfectly Balanced. Tnree Inbuilt Safety Devices--accidental discharge impossible. Simple Take-Down--a quarter turn of the barrel, without tools. th He tKc l ^ ia Rerninstoii-oMC -- she Rerniagtou Arms-Union Metallic Cartridge Co. 299 Bro-direy 9 New Tori at I he Oldest Drug Store in town $5.00 Eastman Kodak for basket of finest tomatoes. 3.00 " " " best jar of cucumber pickles. Special prices and Double stamps to every Cash^ purchaser, A most select line of Drugs and dispensed by i - j | one with mar-y years of experience is something · j ·w'ortii voxir attention. ^^ |! i | Eastman Kodaks, Stationery, Medicine, Conkeys 11 Re-nedies, Sporting Goobsj Soda and Ice Cream. Huber's Drug Store t J T "? T "*7 TTST"*F^ 1T^ * i_ . H. hUBER, Druggiest -^F^ i ·5" i! ! v , ^ 'Z\m -8i| » g,3 1 Don't Forget that on Farmers' Day Exceptional Bargains Await You at Every » Turn at · V. y»»»s»x«»x««X4.T£^«^«:^;»x»x*'»j!:*s:»s»^*K*K'.~: The popular annual Excursion by the Salem U. B. Church will be run Thasrday Oct. 23,1913. Special train will leave Fairfield at 6.45: Gettysburg 7,15: New Oxford 7.37: Hanover 7.53; stopping at all intermediate stations. Train from East Berlin will connect. No stops made belo\v Hanover. Returning leaves Hillea Station, Baltimore, 7 o'clock. COMMITTEE. JTTM I t i ^ ' £i ii NIT! J ^^ll A W J Ha'»ins li--oiJii:i?:--I room to haiuHe w«» ar^ !« fnrniuin- : '--~"-"---- :v/.3 - ra c-n a.c Ji o: not having inrninir n .551 1 .« m I ha\v or.c : t "'»,·=! lot- At ;hi~ {5i vc ia\c Th;= week we are ^i'-^^ =pocia] prices all over ihe house. BIT aii'l sa\e a £r""«i ii^".int for TO!:r^-'!:. Charles S k Mumper Co. I Ifesv; ^^ » «»0**W*«*« ! 1 ****^ FAMOUS BABCOCK LADDERS Fall assortment now in stock- CMi-istsnc of: Straight ladders, extension ladders, step ladders and special fruit ladders. Every'piece'oiTtliis well'known brand i- made from secon-l growtli spiucc with rungs of ash or dm. H. P. MARK, ARENDTSYFLLE SPECIAL SALE For Farmers' Day I will .-ell S day, half h-mr s-tnke. clock* for ? i - t alnrin- -!'" tents. \ to start at i oVi-x'k. :.i-i X Watehmaker and Jeuuelet-'. SPAPJtRl

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