The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 12, 1931 · Page 8
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 8

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 12, 1931
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

\ 8 MASON CITY GLOflE-GAZETTE "T T \ ~T -l-^T^ Tr-r\-m. T - r ^ y - * ^ ~ v ^ r - . - ^ . -- * . · ~ ~ " -- .^____ FEBRUARY 12 EJ 1931 VALENTINES OFFERPOPULAR MOTIFFORFEBRU ARY HOSTESS TT7* A A 777^T~VTrtT7i T\1-1T -r-s~* -n ,,_=_ ~ " ~ . - *-xv-/ JEANETTE BEYER PREPARES PARTY Globe-Gazette Cooking Expert Suggests Culinary Valentine For Holiday Affairs. TEANETTE BEYER sends a Valentine to all her Globe-Gazette readers J in this Table Talk which is devoted to refreshments for a Valentine velope Cye to the ' future will remember that hearts Jime b e SeaSOnal b °° m t a ^ apri " E When there wi » reHqUtests h * ve been raade f ° r the liver recipes which Miss red to send on receipt of a stamped, self-addressed en- From the times when we had a box in "our room" and drew names so that everyone would get a Valentine, early February was lived with a-'great deal of pleasure and anticipation. Tho I've passed the red cardboard and lace paper stage, I'm still interested in valentines but now--culinary ones. Until the fourteenth, valentine colors and decorations are entirely right. _ Of course the color scheme must be red, or'pink and white, and there should be a liberal sprinkling of hearts. Once begin thinking about it and you'll find planning meals with a color scheme is as interesting as planning- them with a flavor scheme. As suggestions for party refreshments, bridge luncheons, teas, company dinners or valentine surprises for one's own family, here are some foods and combinations which will offer bits of the right color. Doubtless other red and white combinations will occur to you. Valentino Appetizers. 1. Tomato bouillon, or white cream soup with a dash of paprika, or a spoon of pimiento cream, being whipped cream in which a few sieved pimientos are folded. Or the soup may have tiny beet or pimiento hearts floating in it. oring or with grenadine syrup poured over. 4. Canapes made from bread cut in heart shapes and decorated with pimtento. 5. Celery stuffed with' cream cheese and sprinkled with paprika. 6. Shrimp or crab cocktail. Shrimp or Cr.ib Cocktail. 1 cup tomato catsup 1 tsp. Worchcster Sauce 2 tsp. grated horseradish 2 tbsp. lemon juice 1 cup whipped cream 0 Vi Ib. shrimps or crab Add seasonings to catsup and set aside to chill. Clean, drain and dry shelled shrimps, or flake crab meat Let chill also. Just before serving- fold catsup mixture into whipped cream, add shrimps and put into chilled cocktail cups. Do not whin cream too stiff, and don't put mixture together tco soon or it will curdle. 7. Paprika crackers can be served with any cocktail, sow or salad to, give valentine color Yhev are made by simply buttering salt 2. Tomato cocktail. 3. A cherry cocktail or any fruit cocktail colored with vegetable col- Is Your Davenport a Moth Hatchery? x. ffi ^Hs,pSA?* 1 irffi6 N r^as^ which is guaranteed for a period of FIVE YEARS. · PARTIAL PRICE LIST 2;piece Suite (1 davenport, l chair) $12 50 'Jf apiece Suite (1 aavenport, 2 chairs) ..'.'.'. '^ i 5 ' 0 o Davenport ' g ' ,, p' r .' '· 5.00 mrS '... 8.50 MACKET'S 401-403 First Street S.W. Phone 782 IOWA'S MOST SANITARY FURNITUIIE SHOP KATED BY STATE INSPECTOR SPRING DRESSE: Flat Crepes, Chiffons and Prints. All New Spring Colors £ HARMING frocks copied and adapted from newly arrived imports and the new fashions that the best New York designers have to offer. Flat crepe, chiffon, georgette and gay- ly patterned prints in ncAv spring colors. Sizes 14 to 48. to the nth degree .. group specially priced Hi NORTH Valentine Main Dishes. 1- Baked ham. .2. Ham Timbals which are made of mmced cooked ham, put in a custard, baited in srapll cups and served with a rich sauce. 3. Ham Mousse. Ham Mousse. 1 cup diced ham 10 blanched almonds Juice of i£ lemon ' 1 heart celery U tsp. paprika Mi tsp. salt l l /i tbsp. gelatin ·..1 cup ham stock 1 ,cup heavy cream 4; tbsp. mayonnaise Vs tsp. Worcestershire 1 small pimento 1 small green pepper thru" m» hl J m ' · ° eiery and almond thru meat grinder. Add seasonings Dissolve gelatin in hot ham stofk crfni aTrt'^, CffS beater and . when na°se, pcppeTand^mi*" 11 may ° n nipped cream and mold. 4. Creamed minced ham. been whipped. Place in refrigerator tray or out your window and freeze Turn on lettuce and serve with mayonnaise. Valentine Desserts. 1. Strawberry Bavarian cream 2 Cherry sponge. 3. Peppermint par- fa:t. 4. Opsn cherry or cranberry tarts. 5. Frosteci cream puffs. 6 Whipped cream and maraschino cherries in pastry cup. 7. Pink frosted cakes. 8. Cakes and cookies decorated like valentines with red icing put thru a pastry tube, the names of the persons written on them. Cakes iced with sentimental hearts. Soft Sugar Cookies. 3 : Si cups sugar 2 eggs 3 cup shortening. Vi tsp. soda 4 cups flour 4 tsp. baking powder , 1 tsp. salt 1 tsp. vanilla Nutmeg-, raisins Mix the usual cake method creaming the buter and sugar, adding well beaten eggs and the dry ingredients sifted together. The soda should be dissolved in a speck of hot water. Mix the cookies in the evening and let stand over night in a cool place. Roll out about /, inch thick and cut, putting raisins in center of each. The dough will be very soft and hard to handle, but adding- more flour destroys the lovely texture. One can drop them it they can't be rolled, i CAMERA SEES SUBDUED CLARA 3 cups milk rTMfr "£ S I f ° 0 D TM Cook the butter and mushrooms three rumutes Add the flour, hea? add m ?v £ Sm ° 0th ' SeaEon and add milk, then cooked ham. Serve ' TM n slices and stamp out with round or heart shaped cutter. Carefully r °! SSi e ^,%J enters bni - h over with 6 ChW 6r aU , d Cris P in the oven b- Chicken and ham salad '· "inccss potatoes which ire mashed potatoees with strips of ,,? miento all thru them. P P '~ 8. Noodle ring with creamed ham Noodle King. 2 tbsp. butter 1 cup mill; *= tsp. E a!t Vs tsp. pepper Few grains cayenno /2 tsp. table sauce % tsp. paprika 2 -3 cup noodles 2 c SS3 2 tbsp. flour 1 cup cheese Melt butter, add flour and food Ch=CSe ' P ut h r " food chopper and the s^onings. SLir until cheese melts, add noodlls cooked and cut In squares, egg yolks fceaten until n-ht. and fold InVhVtes beaten until stiff. Pour into a rin- mold which has bean well " - - -- z- ---· \J L JJ u L- v,' il L Ki If] Jl moderate oven until firm. Turn out on chop plate, fill center with creamed ham and surround with asparagus tips drained, cut in small pieces and heat with peas. Garnish with parsley and paprika. ValciiliiiB Sandwiches. I- Heart sandwiches with minced ism filling. 2. Heart sandwiches with red jpllv .illing.' 1 _ 3. Heart sandwiches with pepper Popper r1:im. 1 small can pimientos ' % cup sugar Vi cup vinegar Put pimiontos thru the food chopper. Put in saucepan, add sugar and vinegar and stir until sugar is dissolved. Boil gently to 220 degrees F. or until mixture is the consistency of jam. Pour in small sterilized glasses and when cool cover with meltsd parafTin. Vulentlnn Sulr-ils. 1. Chor:-v salad. Fill cavities o' cherries with r.-jts. Ar:-?.nTC in no^tr of lettuce lowcs, serve with cr,rup bo ; 'ed clr=r^=in?. 2. Valntine E.i'r.-'. I.!;!" h":a' molds \vil.h little c?.n-|y h-a r ;i al- Telatine to which cho-ry ii-i^ ),«· been adde: 1 . Serve on Icttu?^. 3. Beet he-.-ts on lstlur:c"lc.T/c« I'-nS ni«!:!c:d beets. 4. A vnlcntinue srlnd is t-i.a-1-' o r-gs of rir.op.p-!« Irjny-.icd to V^r" hearts with sta'.:: O F ccc';c I i-;p-ri- gus pulled thm center hols to represent an arrow. 5. Pink mayonnaise ran bo made y adding papriki to plain niavon- naiss or several tablesrioons of tomato cp.tsu:\" 6. Helen's'raw cranberry sn!a;I 7. Fresh tomato, or jellied tomato salac', 8. A froz-.n -ala-V Fi-ozcn Valentino Snlatl .Vs Ib. cream ch2ese. -y, C ur chopped green pepeprs. « cub chipped pimento, ',-i tea;poon pap- nka; ',f, teaspoon salt. 1 tablespoon lemon juice. }4 cup heavy cream whipped. Cream cheese with a fork, ad;l other ingredients in order --iven Fold in t!:c cream lart which" has I Cherry Ice Box CJaUe 2 dozen lady fingers 1 pint whipping cream 6 eggs 1|4 cups sugar 1 small bottle maraschino cherries S macaroons 1 tbsp. maraschino juice 2 tbsp. gelatine. '/i cup cold water % cup boiling water Butter a spring form and cover bottom and sides, with lady fingers. Whip the cream, beat the whltea of eggs very stiff and mix. Beat the yolks well with the sugar. Arid the chopped cherries, crushed macaroons, the maraschino juice and the jelatine which has first been soaked n the cold water, then had the loiliag water added. Cool until it isgins to thicken and add to thft irst mixture of eggs and whipped ream. Pour over the lady fingers n the spring form. Allow this to tand for several hours in the ice ox. Decorate with cherries. This erves 12. Tho Eternal Question. Dear Jeanette Beyer: I am a reader of your column anelk wish you would give me the receipt how to make buckwheat pancakes with compressed yeast and also sour cream raisin pie. I thank you very much, --Mrs. J.'G. Mrs. fll.'s Buckwheat Pancakes. In the evening cover one slice of yeast bread with about one pint o£ boiling water. When well cooled stain one .yeast cake dissolved in colcl water, then add cold water to make a quart. Stir in enough buckwheat and white flour to make a thick batter, using three parts of buckwheat to two parts of white. Keep in a warm place until morning ami when ready to bake pour most of it into a basin. Add. one teaspoon salt and one teaspoon soda, one tablH- spoon sugar, all dissolved in boiling- water. Add' milk or water to make r, thin batter. For the next morning's bakinr. take one slice of yeast bread anil one cold pancake and cover with one pint of boiling water. When cool, add the liquid yeast saved from the first batter and thicken as before with three parts of buckwheat and two parts of white flour. Unlike many buckwheat cakes these are good right away, altho as they go on from morning to morning, the buckwheat flavor srrowa stronger and they are really more delicious. The batter wht-ii baked should be thinner than the usual griddle cakes. Never put back the prepared batter with the origin al as the sodf. will kill the yeast New York Fashion Shop Suggests BUY HER A DRESS FOR VALENTINE DAY , ike h ° r USUal self in this drc king how lonely the famous are. For This occasion we have assembled a beautiful · array of new spring dresses all at When He Comes Knocking at Her Door-- TTE SURE is carrying *··*· flowers from our famous floral shop. We offer you the most ornate St. Valentine's Day floral ideas ever yet. · And the (trices, by the way, arc clown thic year. WHY NOT SEND HER THIS (SPECIAL: CORSAGE 2* FLOWERPHONE 3782 Ifi FIKST ST. S. E. G.-G. WANT ADS. BRING RESULTS Plaids, stripes, bright crepes, youthful chiffons, c h i c jacket types. Sizes 14 to 44. in 100 individual styles. i Introducing our famous dollar hose, new spring shades, 42 gauge perfect chiffon-Service and semi-chiffon Greatest dollar value in the city, fully guaranteed. Friday and Saturday only PANORS 3 Pair for "A donkey discovered a mine that has paid $-13,000,000." And other donkeys have put 10 times as much into mines that have paid nothing. --Wortton Lender. ° Just made a special purchase at a great savings on 3'ents shock proof, jeweled In d;w:;v:ic;l f::s-:. A.-o JEWELRY CO. . "X. 15. A. BLDO. When Ice Cream was only served on state occasions. It was a luxury that most folks couldn't afford very often. but NOW-- Modern mothers serve it chily because it is so. economical, so palatable, and so nutritious . . . one quart of ICE CREAM. is richer in food value then any one of the following: 3% Ibs. Chicken ' ' I f t i b s . Beans ^ l!/ 2 Ibs. Beef Steak lfl.% lbs . Tomatoes NEW SPRING STYLES The beautiful new "Doris-Dell" and $7.00 "Grace-Arch" shoes are offered in this spring opening sale all at'None low price--$5.35. This is not a clearance sale, but a great op- 'porluntty to get exquiste new spring styles in a complete range of sizes AAA to D/ * -- » 'A Companionate Event! ... a that is the talk of the whole town $Mi, $1.S5 and $1.95 Grade at All Perfect In All the New 1931 Colors ,, _, . 2 Pairs for $1.80 The new twists, the smart dull chiffons, tlie super-twists and genuine grenadines. Real four- thread gauge stockings ft half price and less. All new and perfect v'th narrow French heels and silt slipper ioies; firs: qeiajirv, and all at one low price. 106 N. Federal Avc.

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