The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on December 14, 1933 · Page 22
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 22

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 14, 1933
Page 22
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TWENTY-TWO MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE DECEMBER Id 1933 N, C, S, CO ACHES " CHOOSE STARS Name All-Conference Team for Past Football Card; _ Clarion Places Five. EAGLE GROVE, Dec. 14. -- The Official all- conference team was se- lectefl by the coaches of the North Central Six conference. Honorary certificates signed by the six coaches will be awarded the mem- tiers of the team. The coaches of the atfx conference schools are: Kennedy, Clarion; Pete Wcstra, Mikt Eagle Grove; Glenn Gordon, Hampton; W. H. Rockey, Webster City; E. L. Garbett, Humboldt and Ken Mercer, Algona. ~" Clarion, conference champions, gaced five men on the first team, Eagle Grove placed four and Hampton two. On the second team Clarion placed five men, Eagle Grove and Webster City three each, and Humboldt and Hampton one each. Algona failed to place a man on either the first or second team. There were no outstanding ends ta the conference this year and the center nerth on the conference team was hotly contested by three men. The coaches, however, were unanimous in their choice of three outstanding players; Hill, Eagle Grove and Morris, Clarion, tackles and TVilcox of Eagle Grove, fullback. · The final standings of the North Centra] Six conference: - iv. i.. Clarion 5 o Xaglo Gravo ' i I Hampton 2 2 Webster City 1 ! Humboldt 1 , 4 Tel. .333 .300 .000 ALL-NORTH CENTRAL SIX CON FEBENCE TEAMS !,' First Team. £NIS: Krelner, Hampton; Kennedy, C'lurlnn TACKI/ES: Hilt, EaBlo Grove; Morrli, Clnr . ion. GUARDS: Xnkebnrt, Enffle Drove; .Mosher " Clarion. CENTEn: Unfor, Clarion. (JUABTERMACK: Scantlc'ljiiIT, Hampton. HALFBACKS: Snllirc, Eajle Grove; Butler, Clarion. 7ULL13ACK: IVJIcox. Eogle Grove. Secontl Team. ElfDSl Tollman, Clarion; Bransffaard, Hum- · bold!. TACKLES: Najilo. Clarion; Klmter, Eacle Grove. BVAttDS: Mffrs, JVcIdter CJI}',- AfeChlftuid, ~ Clarion. CENTBBS: McComjell, U'ebstcr City; tange- '· tnpdc, Eagle «rovc, QUARTERBACK: Fisher, Eagle Grove. HALFBACKS: Sliarp, Clarion; WesSer, · Clarion. VGIXBArKS: Sheliom, VfeDstcr City; Towle, -f Jlnmpton. Honorable Mention. XNDS: Kooecky, Uncle Grove; Blair, neb- Bier City; -Manalt, Hampton; B. 1'ost, AlKona; Xcwsome, HumUnlclt; Bnlter, Engle Grove: Brandrapt, Webster Clly; Mnrkcn, " Hampton. TACKLES: 1). Fost, Alunim; UeKchmlill, "~ Humboiat; Halvcrson, Webster City. GUARDS: Bradford Encle Grove; Weeu- 1 man, Webster City; Hilton, Ahjona. CENTERS: Mnncke, Hampton; Miller, Al" gonn. QUARTERBACKS: Torgerson, Ilnnibotdt; WtttOTon, Clarion. HALFBACKS: MJIley, Enjle Grove; Bnins, · Alcoim; Miller, Webster City; rick, Hamp~ inn; Sellstnmi, Algonn. COLONEL JOHN LOOKS AT ELI GRID PICTURE (Continued From Sports rage) good coach, develops that tremendously important thing in the boys h. handles. They profit by it all their lives. Fulling Coach Popular. "Strangely enough, but understandable enough 1 , an unsuccessful coach is always the most popular coach with his players. He has been unsuccessful because he has been lenient with them, has not taken them to task for their mistakes. He hasn't taken the harder road, teaching discipline. "The second thing they must learn is to fight for an objective, and if they fail, to come back the next year fighting harder. That's a trait to develop in college, in football, that means something after graduation. When Yale football players today say they play for fun and not to win, they're zigzagging around. They have no objective. They'll regret lateV that they learned to do anythingr that way. "A Lot of Years." "A lot of years ago at Yale they gave me a jersey. " 'Here's your blue Jersey," they said. 'It means a great deal. At Yale we've got a book of football that goes far back. There are brilliant pages in it, and we thumb them over all our lives. There are pages in there that are not so good. We hurry over them. Here is a fresh page in that book and it's yours, to write in brilliantly, or poorly.' "When I went out there to play end they said; " 'That's Bud Hinkey's end. Play it the way he'd want it played." Tradition Handed Down. "Left guard was the guard Pudge Heffelfinger played, and Gordon Brown. It was a tradition handed down a famous line. When you were finally named to play a position like that, it was the first great trust imposed in you all your life. Living up to that trust built something you find only in men. "When I go down to Yale now and see a boy playing left end, he's playing Hinkey's end, my end. It's difficult to understand, hare! to explain, hut if he makes a bad play, slip-shod block, misses a tackle, I fee! bad inside. "What will Yale do about it? I dont know. Nobody knows yet. But t's not a question of winning* and osing. It's a. battle between the old Yale that never knew it was lick- HOGS STRONG AT START BUT REACT LATER GRAIN MARKET CLOSES LOWER Notable Setbacks Occur in Prices After Display of Strength Earlier. CHICAGO, Dec. 14. UP)--Notable setbacks of grain markets took j Turkeys, No. 1 Produce MASON CITY, Dec. 14.-Cash Quotations by E. G. Morse Eggs (current receipts) 12c Heavy hens, 4Va Ibs. and over... 7c J-Jght hsna 5c Springs (heavy breeds) 7c Springs, (Leghorn breeds) 5c Old cocks (Heavy t 4c Ducks 4c Geese . 4c lOc place late today following a moder- | ate show of strength earlier. Weakness of corn became a decided bearish factor, with considerable stop loss selling in advance. Large receipts of corn at northwestern markets attracted attention, together with reports that farmers in Minnesota and South Dakota were reluctant about accepting the government loan policy as to corn. Wheat closed nervous, H@ ] A under yesterday's finish, Dec. 81%, off, Dec. oats down to Merchants Quotations May S40s@9i; corn 45, May up, and provisions unchanged to a rise of 12 cents. C1UCACO CASH GKAIX CHICAGO. Dec. 14. (.TV- Wheat--No. 2 red spring, 83^4; No. 2 hard, BG. CornNo. 2 yellow, 43?i to 50; No. 5 yellow, 48; No. 6 yellow, 4S!1; No, 1 wnlte, 49',i; No. 2 Tvhlte, SO to SO'/i; new com, No. 2 mixed, 49 to 49 (i; No. 3 mlied, 4T=i to 48Vj; No. 4 mixed. 4711 to 48; No. 2 yellow. 49 to 40y,; No. 3 yellow. 47*4 to 4S16; Ko. 4 yellow, 47 to 47=i; No. 5 yellow, 4014 to 48%; No. 0 yellow. 42',4 to 46?i ; No. 2 white, «'/, to 491,4; No. 2 white, 36 to 3S'A: No. 3 white. 35% to 3514; No 4 white, 34£ to 31 ?i; sample grade, 31 V=. No rye. Barley--43 to TO. Tfmothy seed --55.50 to S5 a cwt. Clover seed--511 to 513.85 a cwt. Lardj 34.80; IOO36 lard, 54T5; bellies, MasonCityCrain MASON CITY, Dec. 14.-Barley 28-lOc No. 2 yelloiv old shelled corn..34o No. 3 yellow old shelled corn. ..33c No. 3 new yellow ear corn 31c White oats. No. 3, 30 Ibs. or better Eggs, cash 17-19c* Eggs, in trade 2Q-21C* Butter, Plymouth 27c Butter, Clear Lake Butter, BroohfieW Butter, State Brand ; 27c Butter, Dairy Maid 26c Home Grown Potatoes, pedt...25c ·EDITOR'S NOTE--These representative quotations were obtained by calling several downtown giocery stores. Leghorn hens 7c; Rock coloreil 0»g10Hc: Leg- CHICAGO rOULTKV CHICAGO. Dec. H. UI'-- Poultry, live, 51 trucks, turkeys firm, balance easier; hens 8H©10c; springs lOSSll horn chickens 7c; roosters 6c; hen turko'3 16c, yotmt toms 15c, old ioms lie; Wo. -, lOc; ducks 73'Oc; geese DC. Dressed tuckeya firm; young hens anil toms 18c; old hens 15c, 2, lie. CIUCAGU I'HODUCE CHICAGO. Dec. 14. 1.71-- Butter, 12.27J, Weak; creamery specials (93 gcorej 16V, S 17c; extras (92) 16o; extra firsts (90-91 15c; firsts (88-80) S7 13" 15c. EBBS. seconda (SG(centralized carlotsj 3,070, weak; extra firsts 193VjC. fresii grnilcd firsts 17c; current receipts 15c. rnonucz: PCTUHES CHICAGO. Dec. li. (.!»-- Egg fl-'t!ir£S, closed: Refrigerator standards. Jan., 13,s; refrleerator Rtandnrds. Jan., 13^ to 13^: fresh graded firsts, Feb., 14?i. Butter Futures--Storage standards, Pte, 15; storage standards, Jan., l \ s ; storage standards, Feb., 15%. 'E1V YOltK I'OVII-TRV VOKK, Dec. 1-1. Liv--Live poultry, steady. Broilers, express, 7 to 16: turkeys, freight anil express. 12 to 17; other freight and express unchanged. TOP FOR EARLY SALES AT $3.45 Bids in Later Market at Chicago Around $3.35 and Below. CHICAGO, Dec. 14. (.-T 3 )--The hog market started strongly today, but quickly wavered and fell back into lower ground. A few early sales were strong with Wednesday's average with the top at $3.45, but later bids were around 53.35 and below. Receipts were fairly heavy and somewhat exceeded advance estimates. Packers had only 7,000 on direct billing, but were not so keen to buy at the prevailing prices as they were yesterday when prices were started at $3.25 and $3.30. Few sales were made up to noon. Supplies at the leading outside markets were also rather heavy, but prices held up well. Most sales were steady to 10 cents higher, al- Hog Markets IOWA H O G S Hog prices at Iowa markets Thursday; WATERLOO-- prime Hogs ISO to 2CO Ibs. $2.00^2.00; 2GO to 2HO IhS. $2.50£ 2.80; to 325 Ibs, S2.-iO-it2.70; 325 to D5Q Ib3, 1/2.55; ffoml packers $23U.3D. -2 1 400; 120 to 1GO J!«s. . . 1 6 0 t o 300 Ibs. J-.35t! 2.SO; 3 0 0 to -100 Ibs. 52.25'S I 2.55; good packers $1.75 rVj.2,20. OTTUMWA--Up 5 to 10 cents; 1-10 to 160 Ibs. 51.55; 160 10 180 Ibs, 52.55; ISO 10 1200 Ibs, S2.SO; 200 to 2-10 Ibs. S3; 210 to HGO Ibs. S3^ 260 to 260 !bs. 52-80; 280 to 310 Ibs. $2.70; 310 to 350 Iba. $2.55; over 350 Ibs. $2.201} 2.50; prickers under 350 Ibs. ' packers over packers 350 to 450 Ibs. S1.70ii2; - - - " - 1.80; t h i n 500 SI. ID am) clou-n. C'EOAll HA I 1 1 US--Prime hogd ISO to 2011 11)5. i'^.Gril 200 to 260 Ibs. S2.7.V, 260 to 1^30 Ibs. ?2.f),=i: 2SO to 'MO Ibs. 52.5r»; :iUO to 3'JO Ibs. 32.-is; 320 to lilO His, S2.30; good packers steady. Corn--Unchanged. COMIHXED HOG ItCCKIl'TS DF.S MO1NES, net. 11. (,Tv- (U. S. department of nyriculture)--Combined iios receipts at 22 concentration yards anil 7 j i u c k l n g plants Incutctl En Interior Iowa «ml southern Minnesota for the 2-1 hour period ended at S:00 n, m. 800 a year , ith 33,300 today were 21,800, ween ago and 37,- though trade was generally slow. wcichta. Cattle trade hod a mixed tone. Mostly strong to 10 cents higher, spots 15 cents higher tbnn early trnile; loading considerably heavier than recently. Quotations follow: Llsht Lights, 140-1GO !bs., Rood ntld choice, S2.25 to S2.75; llyht ~ i Ibs.. good and choice, 52.60 Light steers and yearlings were fully steady with one load topping at 56.75. Heavier cattle were plentifully supplied and ranged weak, most o£ them selling at 55.50 down to $3.25. Sheep were rather active and fat lambs were strong to 25 cents higher, chiefly because of curtailed receipts. Most early bids were around §7 and 57.25 with best lots held towards 57.50. Aged sheep were under pressure of heavier supplies and were slow and weak. ed, and a new Yale care." that doesn't WRESTLING CARD --.-.MASON CITY ARMORY, 8:30 One Hour Main Event · Joe Dusek, Omaha, Nebr., 215, vs. »ack Ha«Ser, Kansas City, Mo., 21G. '" 30 Minute Semhvlndup May July Halas Refuses Share in Grid Series Cash CHICAGO, Dec. 14. UP)--George Halas coached the Chicago Bears to a place in the national professional football league championship playoff, but he refuses to accept a share of the players cut In the "world j[ ay series" money. BELLIES-The Bears last night voted to split their share 26 ways, including a share for Halas. The copch, however, turned it down because he is president and majority stockholder of the club. . I WHEAT-The New York Giants will battle Dec. the Bears Sunday at Wrigley field May for the title. ' ---- WHEA-'r-- Dec. ....... -May July CORN-Dec May July OATS-Dec May July HYE-Dec May July TIICBSDAV CHAIN CLOSE CHICAGO. Dec. 14. I.W-- crrr FHODUCE KANSAS CITV. Dec. H. UV-ESES, 10. OMier produce unchanged. High .5 .33% . .SC?i . .si;; .35VI -3T!1 5 .81-1 .S-t 'A M 'A - .45 -f.ltt .02 a 4.30 4.77 5.15 1.SO 5.12 THUKSUAY CHAIN OVEN CHICAGO. Dec. 14. (,T1-- Opcn Today Close Yesterday NEW VOKK PRODUCE NEW YORK. Dec. n. u--Butter--12,- 275, weak. Creamery, higher thtm extra. lfl$i to 20; extra (92 score. 19; first (8781 score), 161£ to 18'^; seconds, 15 to 16; centralized (30 score), 17»i to IS; packing stock, current make, No. 3, 12 to 12^; Js'o. 2. 11 to iiy.. Eggs--9,670. unsettled. Mlxerl clore. FPD- clal packs or Ejections from fresh receipts, 5.1 lo 25; standards and commercial standards, 21 to 22; firsts, 16'£ to IS: refrigerators, special packs, 17 to IT'/i: standards, 36 to 16^: firsts, l-t',4 to 15^; seconds, 14 to 1 4 U ; mediums, 13 to 1-1; tllr- tlea, 13 to 14; checks, 12i». Other mixed colors, unquoted. Mason City Hog Market good and choice, $2. SO to S3. 15; 220-25Q Ibs.. Kood and choice, $2.50 to $3-15; heavy weights, 250-290 Ibs.. i;ood and c h f c e . $2.65 to S3.15; 290-350 Ibs,, ^ood anjt choice, ?2.4(l to S3; packing sows, 275-350 los., Kt"»J, 52.20 lo $2.55: 3f0-4?a Ibs., pood. to to S2.2y. 425-530 Ibs., yood, Market Notes By XICJItEK TAPE .. Hans Graber, German Oak, 220,1 rp . T 1 A Vs. Mike Brendel, heavyweight | [ QrOIltO FUCK AC6 111 Champion of Austria. 80 Minute Opener Bob Jessen, Austin, Minn., 218, ?3. Frank Topaa, Minneapolis, 220. Captain Shaffer, announcer. Babe Ruth Forgotten CORN-Dec. May July OATS-Dec. May July RY£ 'Ace" Bailey, 31 year old Toronto I J^ hockey player, clung tenaciously to j j u iy life today as the best men medical I BARLEY-science has to offer worked to mend his fractured skull. Bailey was felled to the ice of the . Dec Boston Garden during Tuesday j Jan ; Hospital With Injury BOSTON, Dec. 14. /P) -- Irvin .37 it .35% BELLVES-- Dec Jan 4. IT, 4.72 6.02 4.37 5.12 in CHICAGO, . _ . ,, . . "forgotten man" of "baseball today Toronto Maple Leafs and the Cos- appeared to be none other than Babe I ton Bruina. Ruth. Dr. Martin Crotty, physician for n In all the rumors and reports fly-1 the Boston club, said it was Bailey's Ing around not a word had been 3U perb physical condition that was Tnentioned about the man who mttde I ^^g chief liope. tite homerun famous, and kept it ffiat way. , -,When his aging legs began to letU vystal Lake LeglOn to tim down last season, the Bambino i T i i 01 XT c l immediately was mentioned as a Hold onOOt [Next OUtlday candidate for managerial posts at CRYSTAL, LAKE, Dec 14.--The Boston or Chicago Lew Fonseca is American Legion-will hold a trap r . ^ 0 _, wmic M . ta , still manager of the White Sox, Enco t Sunday near the stockyards. No . 3, 35 to SGVJ nominal, however, and Stanley Harris got the T hey w ^ u have turkeys, geese and Boston job, ' Ruth still belonged to the Yan- Jtees as the major league meeting aieared its close today, and there "Was need for haste it he was to become involved in the current bargaining. _ Close . Ago .15 Vi .17 "A .33% .Si 14 4.12 4.00 4.10 MASON CITY, Dec. 14.--Steiidy to 10 cents higher on local hogs. Best sorted lights 200-240 $2.90 Best medium weight butchers 2-10-260 $2.90 Best heavy butchers 2GO-300 $2.70 Best prime heavy butchers 300-350 S2.50 Best packing sows, smooth 300-350 Best heavy sows smooth 52.30 350-400 $2.20 Light lights fair to good (140, 160; 180) $2.20, $2.40, 52.60 liATVSAS CITV GRAIN KANSAS CITY, Dec. 14. (AV-Wheal-- ·14 cars; tt cent higher to 1 cent lows Ko. 2, dark liart, 2; No. 3, 80!4 to 8 No. 2 hard, 80V;; No. 3, T0y* to 81U; N 2 red, 82; No. 3, 80'A to 81. Com--5 cars; % cent higher to *£. cenl lower; No. 2 wlilte, 45U: No, 3. 43 lo ·!! silnnt; No, 2 yellow, -UH to 45%; No. 3 to 44H: No. 2 mixeilf 44 to 44'.£; blU- ',, 45; No. 3, 44'/i. Unseaaonaljly ^,-nrm weather which a f f e c t ed coal shipments adversely and tho aftermath of the Thanksgiving hoHday currihLned to slow up the movement of. revenue freight loadings in Ihe week ended Dec. o. Based on reports of 22 carriers, less than a. third of the S3,022 car loss experienced In the preceding week was recouptul. Indl- itlons ore that loadings expanded a little cr 25,000 cars to a total around 321.000 gainst 493,425 cars loaded a week earlier, gain oE 5.1 per cent. EXPECTED TO EQUAL 1032 The (istlmMe indicates that f l R u r D H for be correspondIDR weeK last year will he ap- troxlmately equaled, txmdlngs In that ivfick otalcd 21,216 cars. At the outside the figures could only he fiqueezed to show o. gain of about 1 per wnt to Indicate a total of 526.000 cars. The recovery from the hoIUIay week was slowed up very materially by the relatively warm weather which cut clown coal trattle considerably. The "coalers" almost without exception reported handlings constd smaller thnn a year ORO. The cohl snnp during the current week Is expected to rectify the situation. For that reason Uie decline 1n the com parlson with the average of the two preceding weeks Is not conaidertd as aeilous. Average loadings for the two weeks cndcU Dec. 2 were around 538,000 cars which contrasted with the indicated total for Iho most recent \ve*k of Si,000 cars, represents a decline of 3.3 per cent. The post-holiday lap In receipts from distant points was an unfavorable factor affecting handlinpa during the early days or last week. Hayfield Indies Win in Cage Contest at Woden THAYFIELD, Dec. 14.--The Hay- lield Independents handed Woden its first defeat in five starts at Wo- dpn last night, turning in a 35 to 16 basketball victory. The contest was the first on the Hayfield schedule. ' Forest City Independents will be the local opposition next Tuesday at Hayfield. WRESTLING CARD By THE ASSOCIATED FHESS W VOillt -- Panl Boeachj 205. New York, TiEW VOillt »»d fn3 Ornbmelcr, 303, irnrlan, Iowa, drew, I:08:H (stopped by M p. m. carTcw. , CLEVELAND--J M MnleewJex. Uti ca, N. T., defeated Io Numa, fe'cnHIc (one fall c^ch, Mnlcewlci avcnrded third after inler- Jrrence by Kama's second). ST, IXUIfi--Etl (Stronger) I-ewls, 2M, Olenddle, Car., threw Mayes Mcl-aln, 225, J'oor, Okln.. 33:20. FIITLA DELPHI A--Gas SonnenbcrK. 205, ZtofiUm, nnd Ernie Dusek, 2U, Boston, drew, 28:40 (both fell out of rtnpr nnd counted ·at). · HARTFOHD, Conn.--Jim BTOWnlng, 235, MUnouri. defeated Jim Cllnstock, S62, OJtla- liomn, two fitmlEht falls. NEWATlK, N, J.-^Toc Snvoldl, 200» threw teor K e ManUh, 2011, 27:01. HOLVOKE, Mass.--Ed Don Oeorne, S18, Arfrated Casey Kaxanjlnn, 210, two out of three (ftIT*. ·CUTCACiO--Jim T-ondo*, 335. tlircw liny fteele, 3JO, Cnll/ornJa, J:08:*». ducka for the shoot. Clarksville Takes Two Contests at Home Court CLARKSVILE, Dec. 14.--Clarksville scored a sweep of two basketball games against Plalnfield here, the first high school team winning 20 to 12, the junior high team 27 to 8. Rudd High School Wins 22 to 18 in Overtime RUDD, Dec. 14.--The Rudd high school cagcrs defeated Marble Rock by 22 to 18 here, also winning a second team contest by 32 to 23. One overtime period was necessary to decide the first team contest. Roger Fincli made all but five of his team's points in the regular contest,.scoring 17, while Paul Braham played a stellar game at guard. Maloy looked best for Marble Rock, getting eight points. John Freitag Head of Creamery at Kensett KENSETT, Dec. 14.--John Freitag again heads the Kensett creamery for the next year. Hilmar Gaarder is secretary, A. M. Barth, treasurer. The following. new directors were elected: Albert Brunsvold, Theodore Jenson, Edwin FOBS and Bermie Brunsvold. R. M. Hall of Northwood gave a talk at the meeting and the Kensett community club served oyster stew at noon. OMAIIA ORAIX OMAHA, Dec. 34. iiT\--Wheat hard No. ' Com. yellow No, 2, JlifeCMZc; No, 3, B'ASMZc: mixed No. 2, 4i»tc. Oat.-j, no tratllnff. MINNEAPOLIS ORAI.V MINNEAPOLIS, Doc. 14. (,T--Wheat. 115 cars, 91 a year ago, VL cent lower tn ^ cent hifiher. Cash: No. 1 northern- flOMfii S3 x ic: No. 1 dark northern Sl- protein 81 1 )! ^Si 3 ^c; 13 protein 12 protein SlTiGi8-l-yiC; Ko. 1 Onrk hard Montana 14 per cent protein 813! ^837! c; to arrive 81-y ( tfiS3^ c; No. J amber durum DS'.ic^TSl.OO 1 !; No, 2 amlxir durum 05!iI'- 09%c; No. 1 red durum 76=4 CT77VSC; Doc. 77%c; May 80*1C; July 80«r. Corn, No. 3 yellow 42!4fi-13c. Outs, No. 3 white 32;«®33'.4c. 1'ENNSV ROAU SHOWS GAIN Pennsylvania railroad loaded 50.037 cars on line tor a gain oc 4,6 per cent over the similar week lost year, hut received sllRhlly fewer cara from connections. Total handlings were 77.040 cars against "2,145 a week earlier and 15,318 n. year earlier. New York Central londcd 37,001 cars on lino nRalnst 31.403 in the 1032 week, a cntn of 7.S ner cent, find received R fen- more cars Irom connections than a year rigo. Tola! handlings of 74.070 cars were 3.S per cent above the SO.Sfil handled laat year, NorfolJc nnd Western loaded 32,267 cars on Hne nKalnat 13,Pfi3 a year earlier, hrlnp- ing total loading to 15.300 aRQlnst 17,^07. CHICAGO LIVESTOCK CHICAGO, Dec. 14. LTj--(U. S. department of agriculture)--UOGS--33,000, including 7,000 direct; n few early Hales strong, most Interests bidding f to 10 cents or more lower; top. S3.-15; hlda mainly S3.3S uo\vn; pigs, $2.25 to S2.75; packing sows, S2.3Q to 52.60; light light, good find citialce, 140160 ibs., 52.60 to 53.30: lleht weight, loo. 200 Ibs., S3.10 to 53.-10; medium \selght, 200-250 Ibs., S3.25 to S3.4D; heavy wcielit, 250-350 Ibs., J3 to J3.-10; packing sows, meillum and £00(1, 275-550 Ibs., Sa.lfi to 52.75; plfis, Rood nnd choice, 100-130 Ibg., $2.25 to S2.S5. CATTLE-- 0.000; ca\ves, 2,500; steers and yearlings, very uneven; few loads strictly good and choice light nnd tone yenrliny.i as well as bl£ wclylit steers, rully atoatly; but all others Including Inbctween trade Usnt heifers very slow, weak; 5G.75 paid for strictly choice 1.027 lb. yearling steers: few loads. SG to S1.75; shipper demand narrow oo rank and file steers selling at 55.50 lawn; several loads 1,400 to l.fiOO lb. aver, $3.75 lo 54.25; cows, stronR; hulls and vealecs, steady; slaughter cattle and veaiera: steere, pood an[l choice, 550-000 Ibs.. 55 to 57; DOO-1100 Ibs., 55 to Sfi.75; 1100-1300 Vba., 51.25 to 50.35; 1300-1HOO ., 53.50 to S5.75: common and medium, 550-1300 Ihs.. S2.7.'i to S"i; hctfcrs. Rood all'] choice, 550-750 Ibs.. So to 57; common and medium, S2.7S to $5; cow.s, Kood, 52.75 S3,7o; common and medium. 52 lo S2. low cutter and cutter, SI.35 to 52; bulls {yearlings excluded), good (been. S2.7;i $3.25; cutter, common and medium, 52 to S3; vealera, £0°d and chotce. Si to 55.70 medium, S3 to 54; cull nnd common, 52.50 to $3; slocker and feeder cattle: steers cooi and choice. noo-io. r o Jsx.. S3.7. 1 ) t $5.25; common nnd medium. S2.75 to 54. SlIKW--12,000; rat lambr, rather active strong to 2.1 cents hghcr; around 57 t S7.25; best held lownrdK S7.r.O: aR.:cl shcc u n d e r pressure of increased n u m b e r s as ye little done; feeding lambs, f i r m ; slauR sheep nnd lambs, lambs, 00 Ibs down. i;tod nnd chlce. so.75 to S7.-10: common and medium. 55 to 57; ewes. 00-150 Ibs.. pood and choice. 52.25 to 53.50: all weights, iommon and medium, $1.50 to 52.75; feeding amba. 50-75 Ibs., Rood anil choice, 55.SO to 50.10. JOVN^AS CITV I.lVKSiTOt:iC KANSAS CITY, Dec. 14. r.-v,--- (U. B. department of agriculture)--HUGS--1.000; 210 direct closing fairly active to alt interests: stronp to mostly 1(J cents higher than Wednesday's average; ton. 53.25; freely choice 190-200 Jhs.i good and choice, 1-10-160 Ihs., 52.G5 to S3.10: 1GO-1SO ibs.. S3 to 53.20: 1SO-200 Ibs.. S3.10 to S3.25; 200-220 Ibs., to J3.1 J 5; 220-2,10 Ibs., 53.15 lo S3,2.-»; 250-290 Ib.i., S3.10 to 53.20: 290-350 Ibs.. S3 to 53.15; pnclclnu KOWS, 275-5jO Ibs., $2.15 to S2.C5; stock pigs, ood ana choice, 70130 Ibs., $2 to 52.50. C A T T f. K -- 3.000; calves, 500: killing classes generally rteady; mostly a 1C[1 fitter run; quality improved; stockers nnd reed- erg, steady; early top Ions year'ings, 55.GO; some held higher; sters, i;°ol and cholc, iHO-900 lufr.. 54.S5 to Sfi.25: 1100-1100 Ibs., :4.:10 to 35.85: 1100-1300 Ibs.. ?3.bT. to i5.60; 1300-1500 Ibs.. sr].3r, to 51.75; com- Move Higher at Start but Encounter Some Selling Near Close. NEW YORK, Dec. 14. (/P)--Stocks moved uniformly higher during the early hours today but scattered selling in the late afternoon gave the list a spotty appearance. Allied Chemical and Auburn were pillars of strength, each showing a 4 point advance. U. S. Smelting, American Can and American Smelting were firm. U. S. Steel and New York Central ruled about steady, but American Telephone and American Tobacco E were somewhat heavy. Transfers approximated 1,500,000 shares. Despite the unchanged gold price the dollar dropped rather sharply in foreign exchange dealings. Sterling rallied about 6 cents and the French franc gained more than 10 of a cent. At the same time, wheat and the other cereals were just about steady and cotton showed no especial exurberance. Silver and Rubber improved. Bonds were quiet and mildly mixed. A lew equity specialties showec pronounced strength, but genera gains ranged from fractions to around 2 points. The volume was little greater than that of the pre vious session. Curb Market NEW YORIC, Dec. 14, I.T^~Quiet firni ness prevailed on tlie carb market toilay Offerings dried »; and prices of most iemi ers improved. In some cases to tht cxtc of a couple of points. Trading however was dull. G n f n s were mont uromincnt [n imUistrtala especially metal issfues. A l u m i n u m AmeKoa advanced nearly 2 points on It Initial t r a n s a c t i o n . tlliliUea cenerally rnndc Stock List Mr ed tleghany I Ch . Dye Am Can Vm for I* Am Pow 1,1 Am SI Fdrs \m Sugar T ^ T Am Tot B Am Wnt V.'ha Anaconda. Vtchiffon N'FAV VORK STOCKS :· The Associated Pn\s«f 101 'Jj Johns Many 3*i Kcnnctott 150 Kresge S S f i Jg My B y^ Loews 7 Loose WLUs 1 2l*i Lorlllard 52'i: Maytag L 1 5 « i McKess fi Rob 71! U Mid Cont Pot W'.fc M K T 14 ii Mo Pac Mont Ward Morrell Aviation Corp B O tlix Av Beth Steel Bardens ·'org U'nrn lurr Add Canada Dry ;n Pac Case Ches Ohio £ N W C CJt W c c.t w pf b; C M St P I CMStPP pf C R 1 P Chrysler J Col G E : Cmwlth Sou Conll Can Contl IRS Contl Mot Corn Prod Curtis U'r Deera pi 5.-J-H 2DVi 57 7 ^ 3 i) 8VJ 3 33 2 1 » i 20 r* I G ' i 27 Vj I 3 » f c 7: % El Pow Lt Fox Film A Kreeport b! anS ·1 ren Am Tr.ans 3,'!=; Gen El 10*1 Gen Motors a i u Cll'lette 97; Gobel R-'i Gold Dust l-l Goodyear i;^ Grah Paige 2';1 Gt Xor pf Gt West Sug Gris a run 21 f ,5 blan! III Cont Int Han- Tnt Nick Cnn t T T 3S Natl Blac 48H K«t Cash R A 1T-\ Kat Dairy 13 N a t , Distill ^ri'i N a t ' P o w Lt 9's K Y Cent 3(5 H N Y N H H IT'.i Mo Amcr Ifi'.l No Pacific 2*^ Oliver Farm 4 U Q]iv Farm yf blank Packard 4 1 ^ Penlck Ford GO 1 , Penney Penn Phillips Pet Proc Cam -lOltr PuV man 51 R C A 7H" E K O blank Rem llnnil 7Vj Ttep Steel Rey TOL E Roy Dutch blank Senrs Roeb -iSi; Shell U S' Skelly 9 i Socony Vac 2l" J ,k St Brands ^3 St O E St Oil Cal St Oil K J Stew \Varn Stone Web Studebkcr Tex Corp Tox ulf Snl Tina Iloll R Un Carl* Un Pacific United Air Unit Corp II S Hid AT fil-, u s n«h IR-: tr S steel 47=: Warner Plot i" West El M f g -10 31 17 !7 1M-r 33'.; mon and mdium, flSO Ibs. up. S2.7.J ti $.(.50: L Miscellaneous IncJustrles to rnaki leircrs, good anil choice. fiSO-900 \bs.. $1.35 ' inchidcd Unit SB; common and medium, 550-900 Mia., !2.flO lo Sl-S'j cows. pood. 52.40 to S:t: ommoij and medium, ?1.75 to 52.10; Jo\v utter and Putter, SI to $1.75; venters milk fed), medium to choice, $3 to 53.50; ull and common. S2 to S3; stockcr nnd eeder steer.?, pood nnd choice (all weights*. .1.3:5 to SI,85; common ana medium (all ·eights). $2 to 33.7.1. SUKKI 1 -- 0,000; SCO rlirect nnd thrmi S h; ambs, 10 in 15 cents lower: odd lots alieep nout steady; early top red Cnmbs, Sil.Sii; imbs, good and choice ( x ) . 90 Ibs, down, 0.35 to S*J.8r; common und medium. 90 is. down, 53,50 'o Sfi.35: yearling \vcth- FS, medium to choice. 00-110 Jbs., S-J to 5. Go; ewe P. good nnd chlce, 90-150 Ibs., (x--Quotations based on ewes nnd e the rs.) S I O U X i'JTV LIVESTOCK SIOUX CITY, Dee. J-i. I.T)--(U. S, tlc- irtmynt ol asrlcullure -- CATT1A1--3,000; nu K» sic era nnd ycavllngs, uneven. let- r prndc light weights, f i r m ; others stearty o easy; fat K]IG ntock l i t t l e c h n n g c d r stock- and feeder?. Ju!l, w t n k I c u r clioicc 1,- JOi) lb. 3*earlfnff*. 5ii-S;: cliofcc medium vclght bcavcs held tibovo $1.75: bulk salable around i-t lo Sl-Tfl; sitorL feds predom- natinc; Inarl lots ROQI] 700 lb. heifers, 5fl' 'ew §5.25; mst cws $1. ( JQ to 52.3"»; low :utter.; and cutters mnlnly ?l.H5 to SI.60; best ILpht utockcrs quoted above S 1.30. OfiS--12.rjOO; Iiilly steady; top, S3.0»; early hulk 1RO-320 Ui. weights, $2.90 to $3; i«bt iiRht.T, s.anit to sows, 52.25 to ·2-50: feeder P!L;S, S2.3r tlovrn. RIIKh3l*--a,fiCO I rm early nctfon packers lalkirifj lower for (at lamhs. held fully itcndy: otber C!HSE?S nnchringetl; prickers Indicating around Sfi,75 for fed woolci) .nmts, held nrur.d S7' f e e d i n g lambs sal- ible mainly Sn.75 to S^; bulk Od laniba to packers Intc Wednesday S6.GO (o ?C-Sr; top, $(.9. LIVESTOCK FORKCAST CII1CAOO. Doc. M. i.i'f--Offlclril n l c i l receipt3 Friday: Cattle, l.oOO; Sfl.OOO: sheep, H.OQO. Representative Sales CIIIC'AGU, Dec. 11. t.V--(U, S. department of a g r i c u l t u r e -- R e p r e s e n t a t i v e ."a Heavy- Miscellaneous POTATO MARKET CHICAGO, Dec. 14. LTV--U. S. department of agriculture-Potatoes 81, on track 235, total U. S. shipments 434; dull, supplies moderate, demand and trading very slow; sucked fi*r cwt.: U. R. No. 1, Wisconsin round whites 51,25^1-30, few f i n e quality $1.35; Minnesota round ·whites $1.25; Idaho mssels few Elites J1.60??1.65. MINNEAPOLIS FLOUR MINNEAPOLIS Dec. 14. t/7-(--Fiour 10 cents lower. Carload lota, family patents* $7.0!S37.15 a barrel In 98 pound cotton sacks Shipments 17,870. Pure bran ?13S 13.50; standard middlings XE\V YORK HUOAIt YORK, Dec. 14. ((TV--Raw suftar, quiet today and no sales reported. Futures, 1 to 2 poSnU helow the previous ctose. Re- fineri unchanged n£ for fine pranci- TOLEDO SEEPS TOLEDO, Etc. H. IW--Seeds unchanged. New Hampton Pastor Heard at Alta Vista ALTA VISTA, Dee. 14.--The annual Father and Son luncheon and gathering was held hero Monday night in the Odd Fellows hnll under the auspices of the Alta Vista Commercial club. A large crowd was in attendance. E. J. Weber pro- sided as toastmaster at the program. The Rev. A. F. Karsten led community singing. The Rev. H. O. Thompson spoke briefly as representative of the fathers and Herman Alt responded for the sons. A vocal solo was given by Miss Aletha Tietjen. The Rev. William Engelke of New Hampton was guest speaker and delivered a talk on "The Responsibilities of Fathers and Sons." Wesley May Add Teacher in "New Deal" Proposal WESLEY, Dec. 14.--Supt. K. R. Rowley announced that through the "New Deal" the government will hire an additional teacher for adult school work if there are enough persons locally interested in studying school subjects. The purpose of this work Is to relieve unemployment among teachers and also to give further educational opportunities to anyone interested. SOUTH ST. I'Atrij LIVESTOCK SOUTH BT. PAUL. DSC. 1-1. (,T--(U. S. department ot agriculture--CATTLE--2.000; beet ateers nnd yenrltnys opening f i i l £ y steady spots higher, aa much as 25 ceuta up from week's li\v time; welRlily beeves ;loiv; she stock Hlo-.v, about steady; hulls KC.irce, f u l t y steady; stockera and feeders Uttle changed; two loads choice urourul 1,100 led steer.-r, 55-60; most other ted stcera and yearUnjrs iluo lo QUalHy and weight ellRihle around $5.25 down to 54; ]iKbt yearllnga in medium (Jesh, S3.50 to s-l.TiO; medium to Rood yearling heifers, S2.2r tt» 54.75; common and medium cou-s, $US5 to 52.35; some totter lots up lo S2.75; low cutter.i ftml cutters. Si to SI.75; medium to Kood bulls, $2.25 to §2.75; odd lots com- mem and medium stockcr s t o ^ r s , S2 lo S3: calves, 2,300; f u l l y Htencly; K«od to choleu, 53.SO to SI.SO; bu'k around S-t. HOGS--12.000; c r e n l n p alow, Et SOS 2SO 2111 2Z.T 20'i Steers -- 21 107S 27 SIR 3fl 117.S HOGS I J K h t a - -- :i.2r. o:t t :i.:ut so i 3.35 72 a 3,3ii :!,-) 1 :i.yo ^r." J i 3. .10 32 1 It'io ccj Shoe Machinery, which re- ~eiltly voled a special dividend oC $2.;iO: ilicr-vin \vllllams, D I s l l l l e r a - S e a H n i m s , and LRjerjcan Cyanamfc: "B." Swift and corn- any was barely steady, oils showed lit- lo change. Bond Market NK\V YORK. Dec. 11. I.TJ--Bond prices j l d w i t h i n u n a r r o w ran^c today to the ac- inpanlmcnt of rather JisJit iradJil^. U. E. government issuey were slightly rrcgular. Som« oC the Liberties had small a, and most of the treasury issues were ncEiangcd to S-S^ntls of a. jmint lo\s'er. Ttic corporate division was a?n.ln enliv- ned by nctlve hldtlinj;: tor lonns ot the ommunlcatlon.i companies. Thu Imyjni; movement In this itronp started yesterday oward A unification, of telegraph nnd telu- mne services undei federal supervision. Firm spots In the rail and imtnstrJa] .;roup5 resulted from immoderate gains in uch ismics .is aiKttWikec S's, iMissourt Pa.- I f i c 5's. Southern Pacific 4 l , !J s. Standard OH ot New York 4 1 ,i'^, ^ T1 «l Potigc trothers ~'s. Tho ftre)yn dupartment also had an un- vcn trcutl. V. S. nOM (LOT,VTH.NS KW Y O R K , Dec. 11. U'.w-t'nited States government bonds c'osccl: L-lberty H ^ ' K , 100.5. Liberty First 4 V l ' s , 101.\. Liberty Fourth iM's. 101.17. Treasury -iv^s, 17-52, icfi.l-l. Treasury -I's, -II-54. lOa,-J. Treasury -1^'s, 40-43, June, 99.J5. Treasury IHVa, Ifi-lO, OR. Treasury 3's, fll-M, 54,23. UAV MAUT\I:T - CHICAflO, Pec. 14. (.·!')--liny, o cars; timothy $11^15; timothy clover lljjht mixed T j i r i ; timothy clover medium mixed S10 1 " 1.1; timothy clover h«iivy nilxeil SD^J 11: timothy srass Upht mlxcil SllKi'M: timothy Krass heavy mixed $S.f»0'i 13; clover SS.50 111; mixed hay £B.SOiii-13; ah'alf.i 501? i: nple and tlircsheu li.iy SG^ 0; marsh hay SS'i 11; out rvml wlicnt straw $7.50^'S.DO rye straw SlO-50^ 11.RO. M I N ' K E A P O L I S , Dec. First North STOCltS H. .L'»-- S atrontj b'liter Wednesday's S3.90 to £1; cnrly to[t. S.1,ft. r ),' for sorted IftO-lEiO Ibs., ljulk better 1GO-250 Ibfl,. to packers, $3; heavier luilch- ers down lo S2.75 or below; hulk packing 52.25 tn J2.50; better 130-150 Ife., $2.50 to 52.00; killer pips. S2,2f to S'J.riO nbovo; average cost Wednesday, S2.S7; Hbt. 212 Mis. IIKEI'-- .1,000; 750 through; Hulable. supply Include. 1 ! six loads ted lambs, balance mostly natives and Da k o l a s ; n o t h i n g dona sar'y; packers talking 2S cents lower or ifi.rtO upward.! for fat iainba; sellera nskmg steady to strons lo $G.7T» or above. OMAHA I.TVKSTOCK OMAIJA, Dec. 11. (.^j--iU. S. ttaparl- ment of aRrlcalture)--HOGS--10,000; fnir- ly active, mftlnly to shippers; major packers Inactive; strong to 10 cents nifiher ihan Wiitlnosday'a average; early bulk lSQ*2fiQ Ibs, ^3 ta 53.05; m-iny held hlphar; heavier welfihta flohl; 1-50-180 Iba., S2.7f\ lo $3; few Plfis, $2.25 to $2.10; HI\VM. 52.35 to $12.00; iiVRra^c co-^t Wedncfiday, $2.61; v;cJgl)t, 23B. CATTI.K--8,500; cAlves. 300; fe,i «i«rs nnd yearlln^a, 5^.2.") to 5r»-25; few \uat\x ycnrllnRa up to $A.S!i; hfllfera, 51 to few lots, s.T.25 to S5.75; beef cnw.i, $1.00 to $2.25; oild head, $2.fiO (o $3; cutlet prudes, $1.2 to ^1.75; medium bulls. 52,IT to 52.3.5; jirncticni top ve.ticrs, $ t odd . h t n d , SIfl-'.KC'-- 3,500, including 2, tflfl d i r e c t ; salnb'ft fiupjUy prtictlcally e n t i r e l y iambs; mn^tly killers ; iambi and yc low, enrly hlrts. J, r to 25 Sower; , . sheep nnt feeder.', steady; early hMa fe] xvoolCfl Inmbs, $r.r.O to 5B.fl5; best held above 5rt.75; flortci! n a t i v e lambs u p 51-ftO; f;ood pradea fed yearlJn^s, VI ; light ewes pliable up to JG.DO, 1.102 1 r.O.t 4 flil 3.75 Cows-G J21S TO J l l i lub 1.50 ni o i Fi'd 20U 190 230 HIDES, WOOL, FURS Quotations Furnished by \Volf Bros., Inc., SOS Fifth Street Southwest. HIDES Horsehidca $2.25. Cured beef hides Gc Green tecf hides DC WOOL No. 1 clean b r i g h t - . . . Scmibriglit .. Rejects .. Mink . .. Skunk . Civet . .. Red fox Opossum FURS 2 Ic lb. ..23e lb 19c lb .. .S2.50-SG .50C-S1.10 ...15c-30c ..¥2.50-55 ...25c-50c \VOOI. MARKET BOSTON. Dec. 11. 1.1;--(II. S. d e p a r t m e n t of a g r i c u l t u r e ) -- A few bouses arc KmtliK a Ulllc more huslrt'i-s in t e r r i t o r y vvodls. Uraded Fr^nc'.i combing tVI's ami f i n e r t.T- r l l n r y ivonls aw b r l n : ; l n « 61 to S3 crntn. scoured b.i?l.i, j.rices bciaj; inclioed lo ific lilRli pldo or lltli raiif;-?. French c o m b i n e Sfl's, Oil's, \-. blood t e r r i t o r y wool has been sold at s l i g h t l y above So cents, s c o u r c i l Ijn Cl-Hhlnc SB's. ·; nw.'l lemon' *'"' been movnl at !h^ hi^h side ol' the rn '5-77 cents, .icourcd IjJisly. Lamson Brothers Market Letter GIIACN T.KTTKII CHICAGO. Dec. 11.--WHEAT--The eml markets developed an easy undertone toiia. r a mnlemt*; u p t u r n curly which wa tnl on the better performance of slock an,t the firmness in sterling. _ l n wh-JAt, lmcss hecamc more nppnrent In lat iJIng when scattered selling appe which tincovnred t:Lops. Thero was tin to ncrount for tl»c late sellinn and it wa attributed 1.1 part (o belated UqtiUInLInn E)ccomljer, Kxpr-rt.i of 7UO.OCO husiiei.'? Mnn unas wore reported. Rroamlmll estimate port a tile Burplua of \ in A r g e n t i n e a ^l.OOI.Ono tram the tie\v cvrp \vhloli el] above (hi export qiintiv u n d o r the In let-national Wheat Accord, :onsciuentli slilemhln pralii ^vMJ havn to be linld hac in t h a t country an it eaniint lie export CORN*--Corn vrcnkcne} with wlicat in lat transaction.!. h'tipporL \ v h f c h was rafrly [luring t h o niorninc rllsappcaroil and sto orders ^vcrc im cove rod on the dollar dec! In near the rlose. Con/lie t i n g r^ pur is were n cpivcfl nM tfi the nttittiriA of r.-irmerd on t!: government limn hut offerings nt corn U L fw days vvvrts freer. Country ho oh Inns today were only* 27,000 h u s h e d , ' d u e Ihe .Icdln.i irt r u t LI res, Whll,; there w ort hills In the market f i i r rorn at U hoan). no r.a'os "t consequence were ul. scd. A tf-ehr.Ioal recovery won til seci Lie flue anil ihls mlf;ht ^ppc.^r If tlic «ve: nlpht new.t ami action of sincks 13 f a v o r a b l i I-f\erpool line Oi to 1 tent lower. i'Jcs .Service 'c.vter Co r Lahes Air ripsby-CJrunow at= Drufj Ihhjr .McNeil -W ut1lill«!t -W U 0 pld CAao STOCKS CHICAGO DL-U. 14. «.T li Natl Leathor l .Hi Nortluv Bancorp 4 iVi Quaker On.ta 11 IS ri Svdft A Co M " J 20'f, S w i f t Int; 2SK y Utility anr) Ind -. V; Zenith 3V1- IXVKSiTMENT TIUJSTS 1 and asked on Dec, 1-S: orji Tr Sh , 2.23 orp Tr Sh AA Mod . . . . 2.33 orp Tr Sti Aceum r.e.r . . 2.1'i orp Tr A c c u m Ser Hod .. 2.yy Ivcrsiricrf Tr Sh A Idem) Sh atlomvide Sec 3.JS utlonwi'-le Sec Vie 1.3'^ or Amer Tr Sh l.SS or Amer Tr Sh I9S3 .... 2.3r u a r t e r l y Inc Sh 1.33 elected Am Sh 2..V) elected Cum Sh «.7K elected Income Sh i'.\'- u p c r Corp Ar Tr A. 3.01 · .s F.I r- POW A , io" t S KL L ft f o w ' B . . . . . . 1.81 5 El L Tow B VIC .. . .70 3.M No Nu Supplementary List: of Stock Quotations Supplied by LAMSON BROTHERS AND CO. Mason City Office In Bag Icy- Reclc Building Telephone No. 7 NF.U'-VOItK CUR» QUOTATIONS \ m Gas . El 21 Sup Pow 254 Vrk N Gas A iy El Bd Sh 13 H ·*ord Mo of Enp fif-1 "ilay t Hud Ti% Pcnnronrl Corp S O Ind S O Ky United Cns Un I, P A C Avi C rp Iior-\Var Corp I C A G O STOCKS Cord Company NK\V VOIIK STOCKS Alaska J u n i k Mil Cor £= Fdy 26^ \m nun ^^ilB ifl^ R S CO 14AJ, Am S R Co 44 \ m T'b 72 ^ Vtlan Jief To U O ' l Ar Co R (III) -IU Baldwin I.o 12"; njxlHlf Oil A 0» : gRS Mf-? C' ID'.i Byora -V 3-t On Ii3 Comm Solvents 1C! Cont Oil iSy* Cudahy Mnc,t;:ng 30' t Curt Wrl Pfd r»; tU N o r t h Or« 10"i Kclvlnator Corp 111', mer Grou "3',-'i Lambert LIt| Carh Corp 2 y i j Mack Truck H7 MnUile Alkait 37 Jtex Scnb OH 3 I V - McK and Rohb f» l i Otis -Steel -1U J C Penney Co STiVj Pure Oil Co ]i c « Piic Scr 01' iV J 3fl K i m m n n s Co IT'i Sn Cal F'dl.'ion 1R^^ Tid Wat Oil Co »", U S 1ml Al G J 9 i TJtll P t L A !1 Union C- A linp 3. r i l ~ Warren Bros Co 11V: Wti r, t e rn Un ton r\ 7 " 1; North Am Av ,V,s LEGAL NOTICES O I I I C I N . V I , NOTICE . .19 i) fi 2S 10 lllil nn ( f .\Hfccif in-c Cent, Ht. Kl 7 pr. (S^Ti [iar Cent. Bt. P L 7 pf D. M. Gas 8 pf. Sr,0 rinr) . D. M. Onj 7 pf. (?."0 pnr . I n l e r i i t a t i j Pownr 7 pf Iowa KIOC. 7 r-r Io-.v.\ E l e c . fi »-l pf in. Klcc. U. *. Pow. 7 pf la. Klc.:. U. fs Vow. fi pf in. ivjw. i.t. 7 pf la. Tow, u. 7 pr ia. paw. M. r, pr ....... frnvii Put. Rcrvtci' 7 pf rAv ;i ptili. Service fi pt row a Koutn utii, 7 pf MM Estates T J t l l 7 pf .v. V.*. Kffii Tf.l a*,', p r Uni'.cd I.t. .": Uyn. 7 pf t.'nitcd I.t- Q KyjT. fl pf The army )s going to "cat American' 1 and can revive that song about the scarcity of. bananas. -Xo\v York Sun In tlif PKtrlrt Cmirt o( Fmvn In :im1 fr.r O r n i Gnnlo County. .lantmrj' Term, A.11. mi. M. Jlarrjet TIobinsDH, riaintl/f, Krtwrtnl J. P.ohlnson, Psr«!n.lnnt. To the Above Nwmril I t r f e n i l n n t : You are hereby n o t i f i e d that there is no\(on file In thn office of t h e C l e r k of Uie Diat r k t Court of Ccrro Conlo County. Iowa, the p e t i t i o n or the p l a i n t L T ( asking tlmr she lie Rrantcd a deernr of nhsolutc illvoice from you on t h e KroimtU of cruel and in- h u m a n tri-ntment e n i l n n R e r i n p her l i f e , an it he cause of your desertion and your failure to s u p p o r t her; ami alfo a^ltin^ for Ihc absolute custody Jind rontrot of her minor unn horn n* the I H H U C of said innrriage. anrl for suit money and temporary ami pc-rmnnrnt a l i m o n y ; ths parllntilftrs of \vli1ch are f u l l / set f o r t h in the petition nosv on file. A N D UN'VKSS yon a p p e a r thereto anrt defend on or before noon of t h e flfcoml day of [lie January, J9.11, Term of the Di.ttrtc'c Court In ant! for Cerro fjorrto County, Town, which ronvenc.s at tlie Court Houac in Mnsoa City, Iowa, on tho St] ( clfiy of Janiiar'.-. ]9:M. l e r n u t t will be entered Ag.ilnut you JiMlpinent p,ml ilti^roft rcn:lcrfi as prayoi! In frfM peminn, nnd ns provided by law. Dated this 5th day of December, A D. 1033. SEKNEFF, BLI8.1 and RENNBFJP 1 , Attorneys for Plaintiff. \ In thi District Court of Tow ft In nnd f..r Corrn (lurdn County, .tanimry Term, JJ13-I. Rleanor E l l j o t t , Plaintiff. "fS. Frr.nk c:. Kltloft, nefonilanl Ti» Frank 0. p:tllrU; You are not) fieri that (bete is T\n\v on fJlc In the office of the Clerk of thr njstrffll Court of the a brave rmmed County ftnii State, a petition of Eleanor ElHott, clnlmlng of you fi divorce. Now, unless you thereto and defend on or before noon of the aecond day of the January, 103-1. term or snli Court to lie liclil n.t the Court House In Mason Cily in p a i d C o u n t y , commencing rm the StU day of J.inuary, 1934, d e f a u l t \vlll br entered ni;nln£t ynu and J u d f i m e n t rendered t h e r e o n in ncuordancc with the prayer of Eaid peliilun. M. C. COHGHt-Ors'. A t t o r n e y for P l a i n t i f f . I

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