The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on October 16, 1913 · Page 3
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 16, 1913
Page 3
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HANOVER OPERA HOUSE Saturday, Oct. 18 Matinee an I Xi;ht 2.30 *jy* The Musical Triumph of ^wBrmiir-: THE UNDERSTUDY By LOUISE B. CUMMIXGS A trala of cars stopped at a station. I A young niaa came aboard aud looked .bout for an eiapty seat. There v,-as *· zut oae vacant, cud Ise sat down in it a. itai.dso^u;!y dressed, middle used latSy, \\Uo moved aside to caaSce I \ tliiie the isosiuo-i of certain articles of "You are very kicd,*" said the j October TQ. 3 c "Not at aH." replied tLe lady. "I 2.12 sjaijfly not especially selfish." "IE is a case o£ st-'.ialiress that 11 ci-uses me to a^fee- this journey," re- I'. "I-idcedr* said i!. c laCy is a tone ["· tlust seemed to iurUe i'ortlier eoa- "-\Vs. 3Jy sister Is an actress. Siie ! L::s bec-n ait UKd^rstudy for liie leal- !::ij lady at tbe tiieatcr \\U!i whicli ' fc^e is eacuectei My s!s:c-r Las a | . mitral tal-.-^E -or the k:i.d of actiss J , required In As j.-art ar.I bceasre ua- ! ; i!«.rin:-Jy f-^r it, Loping sLe raigbt ;--"t ati o:/|/wt:is:ity to j-Iay it .Hid c:-ke . u. hit iti :t. She has aSr«:«ly Cone so ' ii j,-riva:e it*-atrix.!s. iiut ti:f-- leading · I lady not Lvea obiiaed to SYC over : the pars to her understudy once dur- Adir.:r.istnitor- to si-!e cf \aluabk-1 '-!-= t^« whole-Uc.e ^e has teen the real estate and oersonal nrocerzy, on | ua-Jer^tcJy. I dida": insli iz-^ss to go Friday, the- Z-1-.a isty of Octooer. il'i:;.! on tae s^gc% an-J iio\v tbat s'.ie has le- the undersijTKeJ, Zii"::si^:rator cf i come discouragr-d by Iier Iocs v/a*t 1 ive up try-as ADMINISTRATORS SALE scribed bituats :n Freedom set an f-nca?e=:enc at n r:cc- paiary. Township. Acarr.5 County, Jf? , "djoia- I Tie lady listened to this with coning lands of Georgs Reevtr. George \V. | siCerajjls rncerest and at tiie end said: -Jacobs, Elija Bcyc's heirs. Sarr.uel i -Von dl-Ja't say \vitli v.-hat theater Buhrman. Luther Reevc-r, Sanisei y\'. i vour g^ter is ccanected.'" Stoops and Waiter Spongier, con^in- ' " ing- one hundred a: J thirty-three acres. more or less. Improved with a v.vo- ( story frame ti-welling- house. large} e=!v ae" , it «oe,c t caticr. I am avcco bank barn, wagon sned. iraplenien: ' with a number of rLeatrical persoas shed, lar^e corn crib, and ether hull I- j acd know tasc Etizabetii T'.vIi.iEg is ings. This fem:, known as the Jchn 3. j uridertrndy lor the !eai:a:r lady at the TVelkert farm, is in good sta:^ of cjltl- } x^tiona!, v.-Jio nZays under tbe \ - ation. ivith good fe'-.eliig. supply of | running- -.vater at, the bam aid and churches. There are ten cr twelve | ter acres of good =av.- mi!! timber en the j study in a di^erent iisai; from tiie way tract. theatrical persons see it. They eon-At the same date =.nd r-!ace the un-' siJer an understudy sorae oae v.-oo is name Ile'en ?*adsworth. bat who is 1 e _"~" j realiy Miss StaKforth. I'sa g'ati you :e of this case of your sis- 3 tii^ me' tcTM of an uncier- told two feet !on?. g-ood Srjdebaker --ajro*: mention what I tare ssio. and bed. tvith two and cnc-rsif inc:i tread, set: of breechbands. three sets of front gears, se: of sinele harness- collars, bridles, halters. Victor chop- "I do know her and, I Thought, rery well,, but from tvbat you say I have not known her as well as I supposed. I sliali suggest to her to give yoar sis- tools, "two harrows, hay fork, rope s.rA · !.;e r in would be on!y about a sixth of twenty feet long-, single, ^double ar.d | triple "crees. log. breast and co-.v chains. J enterprise sausage grinder and staffer. | youa^ uaaa, cross"cut savr. axes. mawl. wedges, i "if jr j^ ar large lawn mower, forks, rakes, mad-j y/ OIJ r dock, crow-bar, pozatoe? by the bushel: · ...^.^ -f7t-*-» ^-^rria^* n frtzc: r\~ r~f\r\tl f^mrn ^*^ 1 ^ "--»- t of tliat," said tac not tiizat'eiii "I_ never tiiousa ; ia. i it is a poor one." ysus Twinin:: tvas very mncii , ., - - , !._-_*,_-,__ .. .u^ his re2coi2nter and whet also nfteen acres 01 cooa corn in = : . . ,, , , . . . _ _ ,,_ ^-_«. shock, and other arl'^es too nuir.eroas ! IE P»^LM. xue .aay dia not sa_. ,n.. to mention. All the is s^e would secure a'.s sister u:e oppor- one in December and one in January. The sale will begin at 10 o'clock. A. ?»!., at v/hich time the real estate will be offered, and the terms and conditions will be n^ade known bv J. LUTHER SCOTT. Adaiiriistrator. Also a't the same time and place there will be sold one good cow. o;,e heifer will be fresh the last of Oc_to- j ter. two yearling balls, two yearnng! heifers, two calves -J mo. ..hs r '-'J- sixteen head of fine sheep, fifteen ewes and one buck, seven far hogs, two nne brood sows with pigs four weeks old, also some household goods, eigh'c gallon swing churn, chairs, thirty yards of ingrain carpet, washing machine, cook pots. HARGARET IL CARBAUGH. Also at the same time and place 3 goed mils cowj. one w:ll be fresn by time of sale, one in December and the third in Janoarv. " W. W. SCOTT C. W. FAIR -GETTTSBUKG BASKETS -jgainst raising any hopes in his sister tnat niigac not be r^alizvd. Tw;a;i:g arrived la the city in the morning, and the same er-n:ng wora was sent to tbe manager Helen Wacsworth tcJ. "taken a co:«3 and her voice aau become so hzsky tbat she wonld. not be able to p'ay her part :hat night. 3£is3 Twining, vrao ex- pet-te'I at the end of Tne week to go liCine with "ji*;;- brother, was aopeft.: iliat her going might act now be nec- ·isary. S'ae Lar^Iy dtd herteZf justice, 'oeing rigitaieJ at assuming so important c ro!e- Bat Helen vVadsworth sent worfi caat she v,-ou:tl dor.bticss be confined to ber roonj fur several cnys ani per- Iiaps longer, so tbe anJerstudy kad :nore opporSsnity- On the second nfglit she clifi her best. tnr.k::.g a. pro- nonnced liir, wcicls tvas n?.^inta:neii In tae ou-er r.erformances. Tbea Helen Wadswortb. retcrneil to ner work. On tie 3as; night ihnt E'izsbetlJ Twin:ng plcyec the 7ir!njipa! part, aft- ar being cn":c-J before tae cnrtsin vita- with Helen Wadsworth and bring ber brota- Prices at {he Gettysbiir^ warehonse cor-{ agpin snd again, she found r.n irvit? rectal daily by C. Milton Wolf, Jr-, Sue- j don in her dressinc: room to s*.ip wit cessor ti J. Geo. Wolfs Sons Co. Per Be* · er. who. tie hostess bad heard, was -*C with her. Tbe two were ciiven to the :iotel where tbe actress was stcppisS- -2Ct:as to find her w:tli her throat wrapped in flanneis. But she r.dfaac- Per !i cd to meet tliem with BO signs of ill- "- New Dry Wheat - NewEar Corn » Rye _ x Oats. .--- fe "· ,,.-,. p RIGES I wr: Badger Dairy Feed 1 Coarse Spring Bran ............... Hand Packed Bran ................ ' '* Corn and O^ts Cliop ............... i.-*-~ Shoemaker ?iock Food .............. 1 .-ic Wliite Jfiddlinirs ............... 1-te -Red Midfllsngs .................. '-50 TimothjHay ..................... !( 0 Rye Cliop .......................... 1 · TM Baled Straw ........................ ''4 Plaster ................. %7.5'* per t^n. Cement ................. -jl.Jn per b')li Per bV.. Fiotrr. ..'. ...................... 5*4 "' Western Flour ................ 6.0- Per bu Wheat .......................... $1.00 Phelle-lOrn ..................... ...«« Com, ........ ; "5 New Oats 55 *W?ate-n Oats 55 IE WS P A PER fl R C H I V E ® ness and with an extended band for Mr. Twining. Slie was tie woman he had met on the train. 'Tennit me to thank yon." she sa;d. "for showing me that selSshness in myself that I have previously seen only in others." Elizabeth Twining soon after spent- sd an engagement for a leading part, and Helen Wadsworth took another tm- derstudy. FOR SALE: five thoroughbred bull terriers. Hill Top Poultry Farm, F. G. McCammon.--advertisement. Ready to check your parcels. Ready to show you every courtesy. Ready to show vou the finest line of SHOES ever seen in Gettysburg. */ */ J ^r Ready to sell you the best WORK SHOES ever manufactured at 2 a is . The SHOES that we are talking about are Sels SiiOCS. ihe only kind carrying a guarantee that leaves no doubt Every Selz Shoe has the mark of l! Honest Made* stamped upon them. They are stamped SELZ and with that stamp goes the guarantee. SELZ factories are the largest in the world and SELZ work shoes and honest dealing *__? ^^ made them so. Will you try a pair and notice the difference? '»" ·? - ---; - * xgr* 1 -^^^ - OUR PRIZES FOR FARMERS' DAY For largest Sweet Potato - Pair of $4.00 Selz Royal Blue Shoes For best Jar of Pickles - ^ Pair of $4.00 Selz Royal Blue Shoe; Souvenirs for Early Callers on Saturday,, a pair o: i**^" Street", Gettysburg, Pa. ··£s f -£~-± ^ % ft O Do not object to their neighbors and friends hunting on their land or to an}- others vrno have clue regard for their property, but all farmers do object to the hunter who tramples down grain, tears down fences and does damage. The surest v.-ay to protect yourself is to placard your property. Cardboard trespass signs 5 cents each. 6 for 25c: muslin signs ice each, 3 for ±5C. And in order to keep undesirable hunters from coming out to your land and possibly disregard such signs, t:ie best thing you could do \voukl be to place your name in our trespass list. Fifty cents for the entire season. The Gettysburg Times PUBLIC SALE |F UTui'.rn A N D AVoOD T j 0 ,,,.,:. r ,: ,,,, ,5 ,,: i: ., ]] ,,,, ;].,. A ;,, x ' !!!!!.- : i';::. :..-^ ..i\!.-! I-v W D- -'-' · i - i in !:.-a.'i!_' t--.,..-i..-.. i : s " r . v 3 i-.i''j:--; ^.·i"" ;-. t of i; '.-ir.:- ni.-i Sraii;!;r.^, U\4. j ""-;. : ^-. firl "L-i-. a)' ;-r.^ih-nj- i" -'· o; j3j. i:; t r - t i-.^i- 312 ' t-~ · » MUt 3Hir»-ii-| Our special attractions and our prizes on Farmer's Day TAWNKY. S iS:i/:^.^;-%t^ii Saturday Oct. I8thl,913. County ardware Company. . . I*. A. ^!;!^·^. Cvrk. o t ! Don't Know Thcy Havc Appendicitis; ^lany Gettysburg people who have - chronic appendicitis, which is not Uery painful, have doctored for years ' for'gas on the stoniacii. sour stomach I or constipation. II. C. Landau states jif these people will try A SINGLE ! DOSE of "simple buckthorn bark, clycerine, sic- as compounded in Adler-i-ka. the r?n'.edy which lie- rame famous by curiwg appendicitis, they will be su prised at the INSTANT! benefit. GraJ.of Oi--tics,29 Pomfcrt Sc^Carlisle. I t,,;; i v i n ; PRIVATE S-VLE Of t t v « h u r ' Tho J ^" h Kitr.nii!i r property on W. ~ I Middle sinY't. i-M-ry liie^lny j Two-t«-ry brVk hon-t-containing ten a t P e n r o s . « room* fuitabJe f»r ktvpinc boarder*, «aa Elvers' Jewslrj'throuffh l»»'j-i. s » » l w f l ! ··: water under Sf| " rf 'pirch and C-I--UTII uith hiit-r nndet kitdioll. ilooi -t:it)lf. For lull i»ifonn,iti-irs -ipply to Mr^. Kit/miller. I T CiiatnlHirsLurg it, or Geo' Store. W. II. M. Walter. SPAPFE

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