The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 20, 1936 · Page 2
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 2

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 20, 1936
Page 2
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TWO MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, FEBRUARY 20 1936 the reported discovery of his son. He said he had "never given up hope" in the eight and a half years that Paul has been missing. After his first reaction of joy at the news brought out of the jungle by Alfred Harred, Redfern turned to thoughts of freeing his son from the Indians. "We are ready to have him back at any cost," he said, "crippled or sound, as long as he's alive, that is what matters. Have Brazil's Permission. "We have the permission of the Brazilian government to go ahead now if he Is on Brazilian territory. "I do not know whether they would send troops to free him, but the Brazilian boundary commission is now working in that territory and we have been assured its co-opera tion. "The United States government through the department of state lias been most co-operative, and i. he should be on the territory o some other nation, his release coul be sought through the state de partment." U. S. ORDERS CHECK ON STATEMENT BY HARRED WASHINGTON, IJPl--The state department Thursday cabled etructions to the American consu at Trinidad, British West Indies, to investigate the statement by Alfred Harred at Georgetown, British Guiana, that he had seen and talked to Paul Redfern, missing American aviator. The department acted on the basis of Associated Press report quoting Harred as saying Redfern was held captive in the jungle fastness of Guiana by an Indian tribe. It asked the consul at Trinidad the nearest place of American rep. resentation, to seek further infor mation from Harred, whose story was the first report that any out sider had actually contacted the missing flyer. AZANA CABINET FORMED IN SPAIN Orders for Freedom of Al. Political Prisoners Go Forth. MADRID, (jP--Spain's veteran leftist leader, Manuel Azana, liquidated Thursday the government crisis arising from last Sunday's Four of Freighter Crew Drowned When Small Boat Capsize; WILMINGTON, UP--Four of th crew of the American freighte Chippewa were drowned Thursda when a small boat in which the were returning to their ship from shore leave at Southport capsized They were William Creech, South port; M. Straham, seaman; P Casey, seaman, and M. Coklin, oiler Search was being made for th bodies by a crew lost from coas guard stations. An overloaded loat was ascribe as cause of the accident. The Chippewa, out of New York was anchored in midstream a Southport, taking on cargo fo Florida. APPEAL RULING ON CHAIN LEVY Burlington Company Charges Iowa Tax on Stores Not Constitutional. DES MOINES, UP)--The Benne: Tea company of Burlington Thurs day appealed to the state supreme court from a Polk county distric court decision holding the Iowa chain store tax law constitutional. The decision from which appeal ii taken was handed down by Distric' Judge F. S. Shankland Nov. 21 1935. The company had charged th' state law was unconstitutional as a violation of the "due process of law' provision of the constitution. It hai asked an injunction preventing thi state board of assessment and re view from collecting the tax. In appealing to the supreme cour the company filed a 771 page ab stract which contained exhibits, in come statements and district cour testimony of experts in the case. A three judge federal court in an action brought by some 20 firms ha., held the gross receipts section of th law, under which most of the tax i due, unconsitutional but upheld the occupational tax section. Tht attorney general's office subsequently announced it would appeal the federal court decision. No Damage Reported in Light Earthquak general election, completing formation of a new cabinet while freedom orders went forth for political prisoners. Azana, who was the first premier of the present Spanish republic, succeeded in lining up left-republican government Wednesday .night,, less than four hours after-hei was. encharged · with; the. _.task,^Jjy___President v Niceto, ^Ic'aUL .pareritly was^not felt^in other -lm-_ 2ani8ra.' : . ~~~ v -~"'' · '. perial VEl^ey'.townS; a. ctTetk showca. EL CENTRO, Cal., (/D-- A light arthquake shook El Centro at 2:28 a. m. Thursday, but no damage was eported. Resembling a heavy jar, the quake asted only a.- second or two. It ap- DEATH CHAIR IS SHOWN TO BRUNO Leibowitz Refuses to Aid Defense as Hauptmann Sticks to Story. By FAT AIcGKADY (Conyrijtht, 1930, by The Associated Tress) TRENTON, N. J., (.P)--The electric chair in which Bruno Richard Hauptmann has been doomed to die the week of March 30 was shown to him in a dramatic episode in the death house Wednesday, it was learned Thursday. Hauptmann peered into thu death chamber during- the interview with Samuel S. Leibowitz. New York attorney, and C. Lloyd Fisher, chief counsel. "Hauptmann was like a. caged animal," said a person who was present at the interview. "He continually grasped the bars of his cell with white, clenched fists, and thrust his face between the bars. Remove Wire Screen. "During- the interview Leibowitz insisted that a wire screen be re moved from behind Hauptmann's cell. When this was done, Hauptmann could reach through the bars and touch the green door leading to the execution chamber and by extending- his hand could look through the ItttJe peephole in the door. "Leibowitz opened the peephole and Hauptmann looked through. He stared at the electric chair for a minute and blanched. He shivered and sighed and lost his voice momentarily, ' but no tears came to his eyes." It was after this interview that Leibowitz announced his withdrawal from the case in an announcement indicating- he believed the condemned man was guilty. Understands Clearly, "Hauptmann understands very clearly that his last card has been played and he has lost," Leibowitz said. Leibowitz and Fisher told Hauptmann, according to reliable source, that there was no new evidence and : ov. Harold G. Hoffman had told them he would not grant Hauptmann another reprieve. "The scene in the deathhouse ·vas worse than anything I have ver seen, in any electrocution hamber," this source ssiS. "Leibovitz and Fisher were deeply af- ected. "Leibowitz did most of the qucs- :oning- and never raised his voice bove a conversational tone. It had an hypnotic effect on the prisoner. Flaws Pointed Out. "There was no bulldozing Haupt- AT LAST IVE FOUND THE BEST WAY TO GET CLOTHES SNOWY WHftTS THE MATTER, DEAR? ...YOU LOOK. BLUE I FORGOT WHAT THE WASHING MACHINE SALESMAN TOLD / ME ABOUT RINSO-AND 1 I USED A DIFFERENT SOAP. THIS SHIRT ISN'TJ AS WHITE AS I EXPECTED /YES... 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How those rich suds speed up dishwashing. AMERICA'S B/GGEST-SELIING PACKAGE SOAP defense counsel, who is remaining in that capacity, Leibowitz said: "Lloyd Fisher has been more than co-operative. We've brought home to Bruno Richard Hauptmann at the death house in unmistakable language the plight which confronts him. No New Evidence. "He understands that at the present moment there is not available that newly discovered evidence which the law demands before any court of this state will grant him a new trial. "Both Mr. Fisher and I have told him there is little further any lawyer can do for him." Fisher, who has fought to save Hauptmann in the expressed belief that he is innocent, said: "It must be admitted that the outlook is dark." He added, though, that he and Judge Frederick A. Pope, another defense attorney, are hopeful something will develop out of their investigation, and said "under any circumstances we shall continue to do our utmost in our client's behalf. Only 6 Weeks Away. With hig execution only six weeks away Hauptmann has 'these possibilities on which to hang his dying hopes. That Gov. Harold G. Hoffman, who granted him a 30 day reprieve and ordered tne New Jersey state police to reopen their investigation, will sign a second reprieve. That he will call another session of the court of pardons, the body which rejected Hauptmann's appeal for clemency on January 11. That new evidence will be discovered. . ointing out the numerous flaws Hauptmann's defense, he gave he prisoner every opportunity to ell the truth if he had not already one so. "Hauptmann said, 'Dot handwrit- ng is the worstest thing against me.' "He was inclined to dismiss all bases of the kidnap evidence gainst him with a shrug, vemark- ng 'Dot's not so.' "He discussed more avidly, how- ver. the extortion evidence, the andwriting and the money, but he id not change his story on them or my other phases of the case one it." Tears Up Paper. "Leibowitz tore several sheets of aper into 100 pieces and asked -lauptmann to write numbers on hree of them. Hauptmann wrote he numbers 2, 40 and 80 on three iieces and Leibowitz then mixed hem with the others. "He then ased Hauptmann to try o draw out of a hat the pieces on vhich he had written. Hauptmann drew out three blanks. 'That's how much chance there s of finding three persons in this ouutry who would misspell the ame words the same way,' Leibovitz said." The source continued: "Just be- ore the lawyers left, Hauptmann, vho had lost and regained his com- )osure repeatedly throughout the nterview, appealed to Leibowitz to ome back. 'Leibowitz did not say that he vould. Peers After Them. "As the lawyers departed, Haupt- ,ann peered after them. One won- ered what his expression meant as he guards prepared to readjust he screen in his cell, shutting off is view of the retiring counsel. "As the lawyers put on their oats and .walked to the door of the eath house, Leibowitz adjusted his ie, wiped his 'dripping forehead, nd said to Fisher: 'Telling that nan that he had to die was the ardest job I've ever done.' " Hauptmann's date of execution ·as set yesterday for the week of larch 30. Drops Out of Case. The New York attorney who had onsented to aid Hauptmann if the onvicted .kidnap-slayer of Col. harlcs A. Lindbergh's first born on "tell the whole truth," \vith- rew from the case Wednesday ght. In the eight days that Leibowitz ad investigated the case, he had ubjected Hauptmann to several eriods of questioning so intensive hat at least once the convicted an broke into tears. But although Hauptmann stead- astly refused to confess any part the crime. Leibowitz in severing connection with the case, ascrted: Must Tell All. "His only salvation as matters .and now lies in his making a can breast of whatever guilty part e may have had in the crime." 'I want no further part in any f the. case," Lcibowilz said. .. "I cannot see how I can serve the ntercsts of justice by any further anticipation," Concerning C. Lloyd Fisher, chief ITALIAN TROOPS RENEW ADVANCE Activities Appear Greater in Europe in Revival of Triple Entente. By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Another advance by the Italian armies in northern Ethiopia was indicated Thursday by Marshal pietro Badoglio, commander of the Italian forces in east Africa. He reported tersely to Rome: "The first army corps has renewed its advance southward." Italian activities appeared greater in the diplomatic arena of Europe \i-ith Premier Mussolini of Italy and Reichsfuehrer Hitler of Germany making overtures toward the revival of the pre-war triple entente of Germany, Italy and Austria. Diplomatic quarters indicated that an understanding between Italy and Germany might be used to balance off France's "ring of steel" around Germaiiy an4_tne' league of , nations' _saiii;|lQns"agamst t GEN, MITCHELL IS DEAD AT 57 Critic of War Department Succumbs to Flu and Heart Ailment. NEW YORK. c.m--Brig. Gen. William "Billy" Mitchell, 57, died late Wednesday in Doctor's hospital here after a long illness of influenza and h e a r t affliction. He had b e e n in the hospital since Jan. 28. His o p e n conflict - with superiors on w a r department aviation policy resulted in his court- m a r t i a l i n 1925 and he was suspended from the service for 5 MITCHELL years. He resigned his commission in 1926 and continued his criticism of the war department from the lecture platform. Dr. Samuel W. Lambert. Jr.. who attended Mitchell during his illnass, said the death had come suddenly and unexpectedly. He said the general apparently had been improving during the past week and was believed in no immediate danger. Dr. Lambert was with him at the time of his death. General Mitchell was known as "the bad boy of aviation" to higher governmental forces because of bis open criticisms of the war and navy departments. His suspension sentence was upheld by President Coolidge but was modified by allowance of half pay. But Mitchell, not wishing to be held in such status, resigned his commission January 29, 1926, and announced he would go on lecture tour to show that the United States had inadequate air defenses. The son of u. S. Senator John Ledrum and Harriet Danforth Mitchell, Mitchell rose from a volunteer in the first Wisconsin infantry in 1S98 to command of the entire air forces in the Amercan expeditionary forces. He was the first American officer to fly over the lines in the World xvar and in the St. Mihiet offensive, late in 1918, he commanded the largest aerial concentration in the history of the world. Freight Jumps Tracks. ROCKWELL CITY, (.¥)--A temporary traffic tieup on the Milwaukee railroad resulted when six cars of,: a · 'freight train jumped. the tracks 2 miles south of here. ' ' · ; J936 COLLATOR *· i P proved by every possible factory, laboratory and home test--approved by more than half a million enthusiastic owners--now improved in beauty, flexible interior arrangement, convenience features, operating efficiency--the 1936 Norge has every right to be called "The Greatest Norge of All Time." We ask you to see this new Norge. Inspect it carefully. Note its many improvements and refinements. Compare it with any refrigerator you ever saw or hoped to see. Ask about prices and terms" f You'll agree with us that not even Norge--· famous for big values --has ever offered such a sensational value as this one. Prove it to yourself. Visit the Norge dealer near you and see the 1936 Norge. THE R O L L A T O R COMPRESSOR... ·mooth, easy, rolling p o w e r i n s t e a d o f hurried back-and-forth action. Result--more cold for the current used and mechanism that is almost everlasting. Only Norgc has the Rollatcr. Downstairs Phone 143 BROWN DEFENSE MOTION DENIED County Attorney Declares Slaying of lowan Cold Blooded Murder. SIDNEY, (.'B--County Attorney Harold Martin Thursday told the jury trying Charles Brown, Phelps, Mo., laborer charged with slaying W. J. Mawhor, Riverton, Iowa, farmer, that "it was nothing but cold blooded murder." Martin made his plea for first degree murder conviction, after the court denied a defense motion for a directed verdict. He said the state had proved Brown showed his intent to kill the farmer when he borrowed a gun and that the only "point of dispute in the whole case is whether Mawhor was coming at Brown when he shot." Denies "Honor Motive." The county attornej- also denied Brown had an "honor motive." "You've hoard a lot about Mawhor's reputation," he told the jurors. Conceding his reputation was what has been said, what has that to - do with it? He kissed her (Brown's daughter) once, tried to kiss her again. But he apologized and gave her $25 for a new coat. What more could a man do?" Brown testified Wednesday he shot Mawhor after quarreling with him concerning advances he said his daughter, Ruby, 18, claimed the farmer made to her while she was employed at the Mawhor home. Attempting Blackmail. The county attorney charged Brown "really was attempting to blackmail Mawhor," explaining that OLD KING COLE IS A MERRY OLD SOUl NOW THAT HE EATS ROAST BEEF... HE HAS HIS TUMS IF HEARTBURN COMES ... , THEY GIVE HIM QUICK WMfl the daughter told her father that Mawhor said "I wouldn't have my wife know it for a thousand dollars." Defense Attorney Hickman told the jury the only eye witnesses both declared Mawhor was "advancing on Brown when he was shot. "Who," he continued, "can estimate the value of a kiss, especially when a married man takes advantage of a young girl. Brown did not go to see Mawhor with murder in his heart, but to present toe legitimate claim of a minor." Client Not Informed. Hickman also declared his client was not informed of his constitutional rights when he made a statement concerning the slaying presented by the prosecution. The case was expected to go to the jury late Thursday. The defense rested Thursday after putting the defendant on the witness stand and calling witnesses to testify to Brown's good character and to bring out that he surrendered himself promptly after the shooting. 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