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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Thursday, October 16, 1913
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES. VoL XL No. 299. Gettysburg, Pa, Thursday, October 16th, 1913. Price Two Celt*. FARMERS D1Y PREMIUM! For lady bringing finest bouquet of flowers- pair i£ Queen Quality*' Shoes. For man bringing finest half peck display apples--pair "Walk-Over" Shoes. For father whoes sons total weight is the most, a "Lamson and Hubbard" Hat (Scales will be provided and weighing must be done at the store.) HcKert's Store "On The Square" ^ KILLED DEER ON THE OPENING DAY Hunters 60 out on Opening Day for Squirrels and Pheasants and Kill! Fine Large Buck. Officers Fail to j · Capture Guilty Persons. ADVANCEMENT FOR COLLEGE President Granville Outlines Plans for Futher Development New Buildings and Addition to Prep. Must Bo Forward. I The illegal killing of a fine two j The further development of Gettvs- pronged buck marked the opening day ' burg College and the addition, in the of the hunting season in Adams Coun- : very near future, of much needed im- ty. Though local officers and State Po- I provements have been outlined bv Jice scoured the region near Omanna, President Granville ar'i will be pre- in which the carcass was found, there j sented at the mid-winter meeting of t is no trace of the guilty party. The I the Board of Trustees in Harrisburg i deer was donated to the County Home. I the latter part of December. ! Shortly before noon on Wednesday | A library building, a Y. M. C. A. ^ residents of the section above Orrtan- i building, a new gymnasium and dor- } na came upon the warm carcass of the · mitory are greatly needed, bat the ab- j buck, a well formed animal which j solute necessities at this time are de- THE BIUGEST AND BEST HOR'^E, PONY AND MCLE EXHIBITION IN \ weighed about 125 pounds. The en- | dared to be a science hall to take care THE WORLD j trails had been removed and the per- ' cf genera! science work, a machine 15 BEAUTIFUL COLLEGE EDUCATED ANIMALS 15 sons concerned in the ki!Un -£ * vere evi -1 sh °P located wesc of * he heating P ia vio- * KH v · i t u .- c- - · r, n - , dently making all preparations for its! on the railroad, for the engineer- tlegant Stage Equipment and Paraphernalia. Special Car Required. ,,. . !,,», ,- . , 1 · . * . ° -«-- "-f *· - ^ - j removal when tney heard some one ap-1 courses, and the erection of ! preaching and retired. The location of; building for the Preparatory the find was on the read from Orr- I ment facing Carlisle street WALTER'S THEATRE GREATEST OF ALL POPULAR-PRICE VAUDEVILLE ATTRACTIONS BRISTOL'S E Q U I N E WONDERS Fhe People Tra\ el with the Owing to" thebi-; jump Prof. Bristol will not arrive until 0.5S- There will be no street parade today. Show starts G.-85 Admission Children 5c. Adults lOc. The usual pictures wiil be run with this feature act. P H O T O P L A Y On account of the late arrival of rf-els we are unable to announce nitely (he subjects but we expect the following: defi- THE YELLOW STREAK VitagraphTM ., . _ ,. c ., F Thompson and Chiei 01 Police Shealer WHAT THE DOCTOR ORDERED Kalena Comedy went up in an automobile and watched With Ruth Holland " ! unEi ! ten o'clock: for the hunters. No THE CONCRETE INDUSTRY Kalem one appeared and they returned home ON THB BROAD STAIR WAY Edison RELIEF CORPS a main Depart- and so tanna to the Mont Alto Sanitarium j placed that the present building (Sti and about one-fourth of a mile to the ·· vens Hall) will become a rear additic side of the public highway. From Xagle's Store word was immediately telephoned to Sheriff Thompson and the supposition was that some time during the night the bring the Preparatory Department up- people who had killed the deer would t to-date so that it can success!ullv corn- return for it. Accordingly Sheriff · pete with similar schools in the .11) will become a rear addition to it. This is to provide a kitchen and a dining hall as well as a new recitation and dormitory rooms. The idea is to Tonight the show will be °iven for the benefit of the WOMEN'S of the G. A. R. territory. The cost of all these improvements will not be less th^n §125.000 and ground should be broken for at least The trip j some of these additions not later than according to the pre- AUTUMN HUNTING bringing with them the deer. was made in the Sheriffs automobile, i the fall of 1914. As soon as Mr. Thompson received ! sent Dlans. wora of the affair from Xagle's Store ! As the Physics Department would i he notified the State Game Cornmis- j be housed in the new science building | sion at Harrisbarg of the occurrence | it is proposed to give the quarters now * and they instructed him to donate the i occupied by this department in Glat! carcass to the Councv Home. This was over-coats ,,,,,,,, ,,,- _ - rr- c- r -- lias begun 'now. but the man who is | done thls morning. Tne State Police at ~ £ o n t h e mountain were _ _ * , - - . » For new stvles m suits and lias begun 'no fortnnate enough to be a patron of The · ~^or£ on te mountan were also nQII: Itty Shop knows that he need not seek! structed bv the State Game Commis- anj farther. Our handsome and elegant | s i on ^ ge l on he ^^ ajjd th taoncs are awaiting your choice and ·=ryles are np-to-tue-ininnte and fi, and finish your outfit in a we will manner at can only be done when you have it xnade by Wai M. Selligmau, Cash Tailor. There Are many coniincing arguments ihat might be presented as to the superiority of Lippy Made Clothes hat we know of none so conclusive as the refined appearance of the clothes themselves. There is beauty in every line and quality in every stitch and Sore. J. D. Lippy Tailor We have a special fine line of the Anderson rain coats endeavor to apprehend the persons implicated. T-ie deer was hit with two loads or number six shot, both loads striking the animal in the left side. The condition of the woods showed that the deer had been dragged about two hundred yards before the "sportsmen" abandoned it. MUCH BUSINESS OF THE SYNOD Boards Elected and Other Business Transacted fay West Pennsylvania Lutheran Symd. Memorial Services for Four Ministers. WILL TAKE CARE WITH SHAN HON Chinese Secret Societies in Trouble on Account of Hop Lee's Testimony. Wili be Dangerous to Takej Son Across Country. Hearing reports of the work of the past year and mapping out the plans j for the coming twelve months continue j to occupy the time of the ministers and j lavmen here in attendance on the ses- ! To deliver So Ho Ban Hon, Hop Lee's son who was smuggled into the LETTERS FROM COUNTY TOWNS Correspondents send in Many Hens of Interesting News] from their Respective Towns. Personals and Many Brief Items. YORK SPRINGS York Springs--H. H. Hershey pur- sions of the Lutheran vania Synod. On Wednesday the following were elected as members of the Educational Committee for a term of three years, United States several years ago, [ chased the Robert Haar farm about a to the immigration authorities at mile below York Springs on Saturday San Francisco for deportation is an for S1535. The trace contains 100 acres. West Pennsy:- | unwelcome as well as a risky task to! C. G. Hershey, accompanied fay be handed some deputy United States · Messrs. Roberts, Coates, Poole and marshal within the next two weeks. . Smith, all of Pittsburgh, motored to Both the father and son in confess- [ this place and spent the week-end with ing to the smuggling have violated the. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Hershey. Rev. J. B. Baker, Gettysburg; Rex-. J. | rules of the society of smugglers and ! Mr. and Mrs. I. W. Pearson and Mr. in so doing made public certain secrets and Mrs. H. B. Pearson, left Sunday which may mean the elimination of ; morning for Bloomsburs:. where they GET LICENSES Adams County Couple Take Out License on Fair Week. felter Hall to the new engineering department. It may be possible to move :he present Chemical Laboratory down to the railroad tracks back of the steam plan's and utilize it as the main part of the machine shop. In that case the present; site of the Chemical Laboratory could be utilized for the new Science Hall. President Gram-tile has received the following letter from President Sparks of Pennsylvania State College: "Let me compliment Pennsylvania College on the foot ball team she sent here last Saturday. Not only was the low score a credit against a larger institution, but the conduct of the men was a matter of pride. I chanced to be very near the players during a part of the game and the absence of profanitv - J. Hill, Littlestown; and William E. j Reddig, of Shippensburg. j These trustees were chosen to the! Tressler Orphans' Home at Loys-i ville, Dr. O. C- Roth, Chaznfaersburg; George E. Keff, Esq., York; Alvin R. Nissly, Hanover. Four ministers of the Synod have died during the past year and memorial services were held on Wednesday EiAernoon. Rev. George W. Nicely, of Hanover, read the obituary of Dr. Charles M. Stock; Rev. Albert Bell, of York, the obituary of Rev. E. Lenhart; Rev. H. B. Stock, of Carlisle, the obituary of Rev. A. H. Sherts, of Chambersburg; and Rev. S. E. Smith, of Idaville, the obituary of Rev. William S. Poor, of Penbrooke. In the evening there was a special laymen's service in the main auditor- | ium and addresses were made fay C. H. Kutz, of Carlisle, and P. A. Elsesser. of York. Af terwarjLa_sociaL iour wa s_ spent in the basement of the church where there were short speeches and refreshments were served. This morning the Synod heard the report of Gettysburg College from Dr. Granville who told of past successes and future plans and then the Minis- terium went into executive session. The ordination services will be held this evening and the sermon will be preached by Rev. George X. Laufrer, of Xewville. whose subject will be Furnished ComDletelv."' zn d freedom ; foul Among the twenty four couples securing licenses to wed in Hagerstown i _·!__;-,_. ,, j ^ j ·- __r , _ . . ! Paying, and the good beanni? of vour on «ednescSav was one xrom Adams j ,,_,_ _ - .-, r" ,, ,, ',,, , T--, - TT team so llr 'pressea me that I Countv, Guy Albert Keller, or Me- ,, .,,.. ,, , . , ., : T - . . - - , « · - ·«- . ' JU| -V oonnd to commend them Knigntstown. and Miss Marv Anna SOUVENIRS FOR EVERYBODY Day Sat. Oet. 18th SPECIAL PRICES on almost everything Double trading stamps on Cash purchases Premiums $5.00 Ladies Hand Bag for qt Largest LimaJBeans 5.00 Brass Jardinier for qt smallest '* Be sure and stop at the well known People's Drag Stot*e LARGEST PRACTICE IN ADAMS COUNTY. THE UP-TO-DATE VETERINARIAN, QUICK SERVICE. BELL AND LOCAL TELEPHONES. DAY AND NIGHT CALLS DR-E. D. HUDSON, CORNER THIRD AND HANOVER STREETS, GETTYSBURG, PA. OLDFASHIOND MOLASSES TAFFY j "··* ;Carbaug-h, of Tiliie. The number of j Fair Week weddings in the Maryland i town is increasing every year. } Sheriff Snively, Constable Rowland and a number of deputies rounded up the largest and toughest looking crowd--16 in all--ever gathered on the fair ground's Tuesday night. All s j were given a hearing, who recommit- H ! ted them :for a further hearing- on Sat- 5 j urday. H | Among the oldest visitors to the Ha= j gerstown Fair this year is Joseph R_ = ' Winter, better known as Indian Dick, of Chambersburg, who lacss 5«st two years of being- a century old. Mr. Win_ ter, who is a descendant of the Ococo- H j peake Tribe of Indians., despite his sr I many years, is as straight as an ar= ! row and has a distinguished appear- H j ance. which is more marked by long-, S j white hair about his dark-skinned face. | i | | RUTTER--DOUGHERTY Gen. C. Bow Dougherty's Daughter Is Wedded. | Miss Marion Dougherty, youngest daughter of Major General and Mrs. C. Bow Dougherty, was wedded Wednesday evening to Mr. James May Rutter, of New York, in St. Stephen's Church j Wilkes-Barre, by Hev. Henry L. Jones, ! the rector. j The bride has been a frequent visit- am in to you. Long may Gettysbjrg set such an example to show critics of athletics that men can play a good hard game of root ball without ceasing to be true American gentlemen." LOSES FOUR FINGERS . B Albert Dillman Has Serious Accident in Planing Mill. every member of the society now in.' spent several days with Dr. Raymond the United States. Pearson. Revenge for giving away the secrets Mr. and Mrs. Blaine Beamer spent may be aimed at the son. For this' Sunday with William Hartman and reason the United States marshal's ! wife, of near Arendtsville. deputy must move westward with his j Mrs. Q. W. Hershey and Miss Edna prisoner cautiously and with no person | Hershey have returned home from, knowing his route outside of himself j York. and the United States inspectors and j Quincy W. Hershey has gone to Salt marshals' who will be on the watch at Lake City where he will be sales man- every station to prevent any attempt ager for the Westinghouse Electrical to kidnap the prisoner. Co.. of Pittsburgk. The young Chinaman, who is a son Mrs. Bailey, of Seven Valleys, and of Hop Lee. was arrested by Deputy j Mrs. Baugher and daughter, of York, United States Marshal J. W. Snyder,' were recent guests of Rev. and Mrs. of Harrisburg. and Officer Emmons. of Paul Gladfelter. Gettysburg, about nve weeks ago. i C. W. Gardner, C. T. Lerew, Dr. E. Evidence secured by Charles V. Mallet. W. Cashman, R. J. Hantz, Thomas G. a United States inspector, showed that' Xeely, John Gibb, H. R. Plank, Harry So Ho Dan Hon, alias Dan Horn, alias Plank, Glenn Gardner and J. Harvey Soo Hoo Din Horn, through the aid of Xeely visited the large Stover apple «i soriftYy of smugglers in San Francis- j orchard at Bendersville one day re- co, and at a great expense to Hop Lee. cently. The trip was made through the the father, was admitted to the United courtesy of Mr. Gardner and Mr. Le- States through misrepresentations. i rew who hauled the party up in their Following a hearing at Gettysburg autos. four weeks ago papers were sent to j F. P. Starry, of Atlanta, Ga., is Washington. D. C., and now notice has spending a few days with his parents, been received to deport So Ho Dan Mr. and Mrs. D. F. Starrv. Hon. Rev. Paul Gladfelter and William G- Albert are at Gettysburg this week attending the sessions of the West Pennsylvania Synod. David Shetron and wife, Charles KARMANY--HEXDRICKS Miss Ethel Hendricks and Geor| Karmany Were Married. ;e W. Albert Dillman. of South Washington street, met vnth a very painful and serious accident on Wednesday afternoon at three o'clock when he had the misfortune to get his left hand in a jointer at the planing mill of G. W. Stallsmith on Franklin street. All four fingers were cut off a'c the palm of the hand- Mr. DiHman. who has been working at the mil! for a number of years, was always a careful workman and the accident Wednesday is attributed to the fact that the piece of i^ood with which he was working was thin and very hard, necessitating its being held very tightly against the knives of the machine. The injured man was taken home immediately after the accident and the disabled member was dressed. The wedding of George W. Karmany and Miss Ethel Hendricks both of Hummelstown toot place Wednesday afternoon at 1:30 o'clock at the home of the bride's brother. W. Homer Hendricks. at Palmerton. Mr. Karmany graduated froia Gettysburg College in 1907. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. D. Burt Smith, pastor of the Zion Lutheran church, of Hummelstown. The bride is a daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Hendricks and for 3. number of years was a teacher in ihe public schools of Hummelstown- The bridegroom is a son of Mr. and Mrs. William Karmany and is a member of the firm of Karmany oc Son, who conduct an undertaking and furniture business. After a wedding trip which will include a visit to Northern and Western cities. Mr. and Mrs. Karmar.y will reside in Hummelstown. GIRARD BOYS Almond Taffy, -40 cents Ib., Butternut Tafty, 50 cents To.. Peannt Tafiy, 20 or to Gettysburg during National cents Ib., Daily at. Vsnut Brittle, 10 cents 3b.. Ice Cream Taffies, 10 cents ib.-- Fresh GETTYSBURG CANDY KITCHEN RUNKPECKMAN'S REALTY REPORT FOR SALE--60 acres located 1-8 mile from R. R. Station, Penn Loam Guard encampments. 50 Parke stamps with every purchase this week. Miller, the Grocer.--advertisement $1.00 Cash 1 THE Boston Lyrics will open this year's entertainment course at Bigler- Soil, fine fruit land and well located for the profitable raising of fruit, there is ^ii. nr . pHrlaxr ^-^^0- A^«K Q ,- -i- an 8 room, brick house, slate roof, front and rear porch wklmvash house at- !! lle ° n F f day * en ' n S October I/, tached, wood shed, chicken house, wagon shed, bank barn 40 x 60, buildings i -* lan y S ood s eafcs still on the chart are all good but need some paint. If this place is sold soon we can give pos- j Thomas Brothers' Hall.--advertise- session this fall and $4400, will buy it. j ment 1 72 acres, near store, post office, mill, school and church, 50 acres clear j balance \voodland and pasture, land is rolling and is red loam, buildings prac- | ^TT^ , 77! 7T ~, m tically new, 4 room frame house, metal roof, barn, wagon shed, chicken house, j 1 , ^ snow at the Photoplay Theatre hog pen, corn crib, well of water on back porch of house, some fruit three to-night, Thursday, will be for the years old. A- mighty nice farm for $2250. /.'UNK PECKMAN, Real Estate, Masonic Building, Gettysburg;, Penna. benefit of the Woman's Relief Corps of the G. A. R. -- advertisement 1 NOTICE: due to running out of :ans and being overstocked with apples we cannot receive any more apples until next Tuesday morning at our Biglervilie plant. Masselman Canning Co.--advertisement l WE have for saie a choice lot of nursery stock in all leading varieties, propagated from bearing trees, Boyer Brothers, Arendts\i!ie, Pa,--advertisement 50 Parke stamps with every ourchase this week. Miller the Grocer.--advertisement $1.00 Cash 1 ALL members of Battleheld Council 717 0. of I. A. are urged to attend meeting Oct. 20, 7 p. m. Refreshments will be served. Committee.--advertisement 1 Pupils from Noted Institution to Visit the Battlefield. THE ROAD ARGUMENT Local Interest in Failure to Pay over Automobile Licenses. Bcsler, wife and three children, Miss Annie Spealman and Miss Albright, all Much interest has arisen locally in f .- ,. . . - . . _ , , 101 Carlisle, spent sunc-av with the areument over the legahtv of the; . c , . . . " , _, ,. _ i A. Snealman ana wue- use of automobile license monev lor James j Miss Zula Myers, of Mechanicsburg, the work of the State Highway ,,=- fe ^ Qf Q ^ partment. jfamilv. Auditor General A. W. Powell on! ^r- "V- T j - -. ^ ,, . , , _ . , \ ,, I W. S. Lory and jtamflv have \V ednesday nled an answer to the · mandamus proceeding brought against j him to show cause'why he should not make payment to the Highway Department of money received from the automobile license and alleges that the suit cannot stand because automobiles are srill being licensed under the acts of 1909 and 1911 and that the act of 1913. under which the requisition was \ drawn, does not become effective until ,, ? , . ' ' , , , ., . \ roofing and makine improvements to .tor tms reason he says tnat there is _-_ v ,«TM,t T*^I^*^ i. _, and moved Dilisburg. Rev. L. M. Gardner left this week ', for Newport, Tenr,.. where he will spend a month with his son, George , Gardner and familv. JMcSHERRYSTOWN McSherrys'town -- Miss Nellie Coyle at St. Agnes Hospital, Baltimore, I somewhat improved. Benjamin Eline is s repainting, re- no money in hand with which to make payment if he was empowered to do so. It is further seated by the Auditor General that the clause of the automobile license act making the revenue the National Hotel recently purchased of P. P. McSherry. Lewis -J- Cramer has purchased a fine grey horse of John Yantis. Mrs. Sadie Smith is erecting new I steps at the veranda and repainting- theretrom payable to the Hi S hwav her residence. DeDartment for road ·work is contrarv ! T- T r- r - . - , rnr . . , ,, : A - v. Groft is erecting a to the ace oz i909, known as the Speci- l a . his residencs . nc Appropriations act. This is the The vard at the Union point upon wnicn tne suit wili hinge. veranda GEORGE REXROTH On Friday nfty students of Girard College will come to Gettysburg to see the battlefield. They will arrive in ^ special train over the Reading at 1:20 and will stop at the Eagle Hotel. D. Montfort Melchoir. a former Gettvs- burgian, will have charge of the party which will return to Philadelphia on Saturdav. MARION KIME Son of George R. Kime Died on Wednesday Morning. Marion Kime. son of Georsre R. Kime, died at his home at Goodyear on Wednesday morning at 1:30 from tuberculosis aged about 16 year?. Funeral Sunday afternoon at one o'clock, with interment at Goodvear. Young Man of Biglerviile Tuberculosis. Died from George Rexroth died at six this morning- in Bigierville from tuberculosis at the age of 23 years. He leaves his mother, Mrs. I. D. Knouse. his wife and a daughter four years of age. At two o'clock Saturday afternoon there will be a short service at the; house and services at 3 o'clock at the, church at Wenksville- Friends will j Gave kindly take this as notice of the funer- j al arrangements. ! Hotel pre- ssnts a beautiful appearance, in the blending of the many colors of foliage and the tasteful arrangement of the plants. The pavement at the property of the estate of the late Mrs. Catharine o'clock," K? ""^k is being relaid. The Livelsperger residence on Ridge Avenue is completed and is a fine home. Pius I. Wagaman was the contractor and Newman Brothers did the ! TALKED TO BOYS in High School on Abroad. Travels SPECIAL for Farmers' Day: boys' 50 cent leather gloves. 3-5 cents: mens' 50 cent leather gloves. 40 cents; men's 75 and Sl.OO gloves. 60 cents. Gettysburg Department Store.--advertisement 1 JUST received 30 new suits, up to the minute in style and tailoring. Special prices from $12.50 to S20.00. Many with Skinner's satin lining. G. W. Weaver and Son.--advertisement 1 50 Parke Stamps with every Sl.OO purchase this week. Miller the Cash Grocer.--advertisement 1 FOR Farmers' Day Gettysburg Supply House will sell fodder twine at 7 cents per pound.--advertisement 1 Rev. G. R. Bemhard, of Carlisle, a business visitor at the Hoffman on Tuesday, spending the night -with J. U. Settle, of Seven Stars. Ori Wednesday morning he gave the Gettysburg High School students a very interesting- talk on his travels abroad. ANNUAL excursion to Baltimore: the Washington Camp. No. 414. P. 0. S. of A., will run an excursion to Baltimore or. Saturday, Nov. 1st, 191-3. Train leaves Gettysburg 7:15 a. m., returning, Hillen Station 11:30 p. m.-- advertisement 1 50 Parke Stamps with every Sl.OO purchase this week. Miller the Cash j Grocer.--advertisement 1 SPECIAL bargains in heating stoves and ranges. Before buying be sure and see them. T. J. Winebtenner. --advertisement I JUST received this week a number j of new tailored s-it*. All sizes up to 43. All colors, varrety of styles. Special values S12.50, $15.00. $16.50 ^nd $20.00. G. W. Weaver and Son.-advertisement 1 LOST: six inch folding key. Reward Times Office.--advertisement 1 SEE advertisement of Mrs. Minerva (Trimmer's sale of household goods on [another page.--advertisement 1 1EWSP4PERS nFWSPAPFRI

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