Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 12, 1931 · Page 4
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 4

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 12, 1931
Page 4
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MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE FEBRUARY 12 1931 DUGANFUNERAL i TO BE SATURDAY 'Railway Employe Dies at Hospital; Services : at Church. Thomas Dugan, about 50 years "old, Central 'Heights, died Thursday morning at a local hospital from ,pneumonia. He was admitted to the hospital Wednesday evening. : Mr. Dugan, an employe of the Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul -railroad, was a member of the ·brotherhood of railway trainmen. He was also a member of St. Jo- T seph's Catholic church. Selatives who survive Mr. Dugan are his wife, a daughter, Lita, at ·home; two Bisters, Mrs. Margaret ·Devanna, Toledo, Ohio, and Mrs. John Schoch, Canton, Ohio; three brothers,_JBern, Mason City, John, and Mike, Toledo, Text of Pope's Speech at Vatican City Radio Station .Inauguration Ohio. Funeral services will he at St. Joseph's 'church Saturda5' morning. .The JSev. P. S. O'Connor will be in charge. Burial will be at St. Jo- sephls cemetery. The body is now at the Meyer funeral home. Carrier Boys Gather forY.M.CA.Party Forty-eight Globe-Gazette carrier boys gathered at the Y. M. C. A. Wednesday night for their semimonthly party. Golf,, swimming and movies were .enjoyed. The regular meeting was followed by the serving of refreshments by I. W. Hill: .strom and.Lee.DeWiggins. FOP Hair and Scalp I fflo bottlo corrects scalp Irrlta- *ons; a Propen Geimlcfde. aelteately perfumed; Bnfe for adults and children. World's largest seller at Urqggla ta. Barbere. Heap ty Parlor* Twice the Help I '·ny things people-take for constipa- '. aon do only half as much for them as . Gas carets would do. For Cascarets are made from cascara, which any doctor will tell you acts not only on ' the lower bowel but the upper one as well. And it actually strengthens Che musdes'of the bowels. So the quick, pleasant relief Cascare*3 bring' when you're bilious, dizzy, headachy and constipated, is lasting relitfl Take a candy Cascaret tonight and see "how that coated tongue clears u p j how · your breath is sweetened; eyes are brightened and your entire system is strengthened. 20 million boxes used yearly is proof of their popularity! · VATICAN CITY, Feb. 12. (IP)-The text of 'the pope's speech at th inauguration of the Vatican Cit; radio station follows: "To all creation: "We, being thru the high design of God, successors of the prince o the apostles of Him that in whos doctrine and preaching is destine thru divine command for all people and for every creature, and bein able for the first time to ava ourselves of Matconl's admirabl invention here, we'spealc first to al things and to all men, speaking t them here and as follows with th words themselves of holy scripture "'Hear, oh heavens, that which shall say, and listen, oh earth, t the words of my mouth. "Glory to God." '"Listen all people, lend your ea all you who inhabit the globe united toward the same end. Bot the rich and the poor. Hear, oh is lands, and listen oh distant peo pies.' ; "To God--and let this be our firs word, glory »to God on high an peace on earth to men of good wil "Glory to God who gives in mi days such power to men of makin their words arrive even to the cor fines of the earth: And peace o earth where we are representative of that divine Jesus, the Redeemer whose coming announced peace peace to the far and peace to th near, pacifying in the flood of th cross both the things that are o earth as well as those in the skies To Catholics. "To Catholics--In speaking, then to men, the apostle commands us t do good to all but especially to th servants of the faith. We mus therefore address our first word to them, to. all those who, makin part of the family and fold of th Lord which is the Catholic church call us with the sweet name o father. To fathers and to sons w speak, to the sheep and to th lambs, to all those whom the Shep herd and supreme king Jesus Chris has confided to us in order to nour ish them and guide them. "To the hierarchy--You, we say our brethren, cardinals of the Holy Roman church, patriarchs, archbishops, bishops, prelates and priests, distributed in the different grades of the hierarchy, the principal object of our dally tallts and at the same time the auxiliaries and jartakers of our labors: We pray ind beg that each or you remain aithful to that vocation in which he was called, and that each one of you walk worthily of the vocation to which you have been called. Prince of Shepherds. "Nourish the flock of God which is amongst you, forming with, all your heart your flock so that when' the Prince of Shepherds appears you will, rp.ceivjMthe, incorruptible crown of ^"" "Meanwhile the God of peace who had resurrected from death the great pastor of the sheep in the blood of the eternal testament, our Lord Jesus Christ, guides you toward every good so that you may fulfill his will, accomplishing in yourselves that which will be pleasing in his sight by means of Jesus Christ "To the religious--And now we apeak to you, oh sons and daughters of our predelictiou who, emulating the best examples and seconding not only the precepts but also the desires and counsels of the Divine King and His spouse, in fidelity to your most holy vows and in the religious discipline of all your 'life, perfume with virgin fragrance the church of God, illuminate it with your contemplations, uphold it with prayers, enrich it with science and doctrine, cultivate and enlarge ever Colds Lodge in 3 Spots "Pope's" covers all You must do three things to check a cold. 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There is nothing like kin cmergen- cies,- and nothing better for everyday use. For a sudden attack of colic, or for the gentle relief of constipation; to allay a feverish spell, or to soothe a fretful baby that can't sleep. This pure vegetable preparation is always ready to case an ailing- -oiingster. It is just as harmless .'n he recipe on the wrapper reads. If you see Chas. H. Fie teller's signature, itisgeniune Castoria. It is harmless to the smallest infant; doctors will tell you so. You can tell from the formula on the wrapper hoiv mild it is, and how good for.little systems. But continue with Castoria until a child is grown. POPE PIUS XI so much more with your ministry of the word and with the works o tho apostolate. Find Consolation. ; "Partakers therefore in one vo cation truly heavenly and angelic so much more precious is the treas ure that you bring as the greate degree of diligence you use in con serving it, not only to render cer tain your vocation and election bu also because the heat of the Kin and your spouse might find in you as in servants completely faithfii and devoted, some consolation an reparation for the infinite offense and negligences with which me: return his ineffable love. "To missionaries--Now our word turn toward you, oh sons and daugh ters very dear in Christ, whp in th missions pray and work to propa gate the holy faith of Jesus Chris and to extend His kingdom. Like the first apostles of the church you also, In perils, necessities and trib ulations,' create with great patience an example for ail. Labor for Good. "Like them you also are the Glory of God;' you who in labors, often in chains and in'blood, flght- ng even unto death the good and Treat battle of faith and of suffer- ng, and confessing generously your aith, gain your souls and sow the eed of future Christians. "We salute you, oh strong sellers of Christ. But together with ou we salute the native priests and ood catechists, principal fruits and ow colleagues and helpers of your aborg. "To all faithful--our heart turns oward you, to all who are faithful itizena ot our episcopal city and of 11 the world; toward you eapecial- y who, like the first believers, the men and women of whom the apos- le makes high praise, even tho be- onging to the laity, in the aposto- ate collaborate with us and with ur venerable brothers, the bishops, and with the priests, to you, oh peo- le of good and sheep of His pas- ure, you elect of the race, regal riesthood, holy nation, peoples ained by God. Let Modesty Rule "Let your modesty, so well known o all men, ana all that which is :rue, all that which is pure, all :hat which is just, all that which is lalntly, all that which is loveable and of good fame, every virtue and every laudable discipline, form the object of your thots and be your works so that God may be glorified in everything and in everyone. "To infidels and dissidents--also to you our thots and our words turn as many of you are far from faith and from the unity of Christ. For you every day we offer prayers to God and the Lord of all, earnestly asking that He with H!s light illuminate you and guide you and unite you to the sheep which hear His voice, and that there be only one fold and one shepherd. · "To governors--and since we are debtonp to all, we speak first to those who govern that they command in justice and in charity, toward utility and edification, and not toward ruin, always remembering that there is no power if not frorr God, and that to God they must render rigorous count. Obey Superiors "To subjects--to subjects, then we say, that they should obey thoir superiors, riot as toward men, but as toward God, knowing that he who resists legitimate authority resists the dispositions of God, and that he who in this way resists prepares damnation for himself. "To the rich--we speak to rich and to poor in this way: To the rich Tells How To Get Rid of Stubborn Torturing ECZEMA Don't waste time with makeshifts --it, takes something powerful to put Eczsma out of business--and Emerald Oi) Is a concentrated, powerful antiseptic--it's effective-it does t h e - w o r k and a generous bottle costs but 85 cents. It will stop the itching promptly and in a short time rid you of bothersome fiery eczema or you can get your money back from Huxtable Drug Co., Michael Drug Co., or any other good druggist. Note: Baing such an effective antiseptic remedy, Moore's Emerald Oil is much used and with splendid ·esults for broken Varicose Veins, ^kin Blemishes, Itching Skin, 'imples, Acne and Psoriasis. Remember also that Athletes Foot s caused by germs which germi- idal Emerald Oil kills, then the aching of feet and toes stops and eet are healthy again. Complete irections with each hottle. we say that they must consider themselves as ministers of Divine Providence and depositaries and dis pensers of their goods,- to whom Jesus Christ Himself recommendei the poor, and from whom the Divine Judge, then, will demand more because they nave received more and they must remember always the divine word, 'woe unto you, oh rich.' "To the poor--we exhort, then in the Lord, the poor who recall to us the poverty of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Remembering Hif examples and His promises they should not abandon the gathering of spiritual riches, rendered so much more easily to them, and tho attempting insofar as is legal to better their state, with good and upright heart let them make themselves agreeable to the Lord and let them never extend their hands toward iniquity." Avoid All Strife "To workmen and employers-we earnestly beg of workmen and of employers than, avoiding- ever; hostile contest and mutual strife joined In fraternal and friendly al llance. They exchange on the one hand the means and direction an( On the other hand the work anc ability, and, not asking excep what is just, and not denying wha. is just, let them strive in tranqutlitj and order, not so much for the bene fit of the one but for the good.o all. "To the afflicted and persecuted --last in execution, but first in ou attention and in our affections, ou word goes out to you, to all of yo. who are in infirmity and in sorrow in tribulation and adversity, espec inlly to you who suffer such terri ble things from the enemies of God and of human society. "While we offer for you ou prayers and as much as we can also our assistance, while xve recom mend you to the charity of all wi speak to you on the part of Chris; whom we represent 'come to me al you are weary and afflicted and I will restore you.' "There remains only the imparting, with all our hearts, of the apostolic benediction to the city and to the world, and to all those who live in it, which we do in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost." Rendezvous, New Confectionery, Is on North Federal Everything was in readiness 'hursday afternoon for the opening t the Rendezvous confectionery and uncheonet, 123 North Federal av- nue, on Thursday evening, at T 'clock. New booths, a new modern oda foundtam,: large mirrors in the ear and artis'ttc decorations 'eom- )ine to make the confectionery at- ractive. A feature of the confec- ionery, designed especially for serv- ng parties, is the balcony at the ear of the luneheonet. The confec- ionery Is operated by James Banos, T rank Montrichas and Tom Gian- .kopolous. Valentine Party Will Be Given by Elks at Club Plans are being 1 made for the Valentine party to be given for Elks and their families at the clubroomH Friday evening. Bridge will be played from 8 o'clock on with Dr. and Mrs. Steve A. O'Brien and Dr. and Mrs. H. D. Fallows in charge. Dancing will begin at 9 o'clock and Bob S chaffer's club orchestra will play. A Dutch lunch will bd served in the dining room. Special guests of the evening will be the cast of the Elks minstrel show. Gage and Goodman Talk at Sioux City E. S. Gage and Frank C. Goodman of Mason .City were speakers on the program .of the eleventh annual banquet of the Sioux City Rod and Reel club Tuesday night in Sioux City. Mr. Gage is secretary of the state organization and Mr. Goodman is treasurer. Senator-Elect W. J. Bulow of South Dakota gave the principal address, which was heard by 350 after the serving of the venison dinner. He expressed praise for the proposed program of the Izaak Walton league to conserve natural, resources. He said the league would serve future generations to' the fullest measure by preservation of lakea, streams, woodlands and beauty spots. Two reels of motion picture? showing hunting and fishing activities of members of the Sioux City Rod and Reel club were shown. St. James Brotherhood Program Is Presented The St. James Lutheran Brotherhood met Wednesday evening with Emll Rachut presiding. The following program was given: Piano- solo, "Sweet By and By," by the Rev. O. Mall; talk On "Things We Can Not Do," the Rev. Mr. Mall. H. Wandrey, poems, "The Junk Box" and "The Past and the Present;" O. Casper, low German read- Ing; W. F. Beilfuss, jokes; E. Rach- ut, "The Calf-Path;" Ralph Wandrey and Kenneth Moore, "Queer, Isn't it?" and vocal duet, 'Neapoli- tian Nights," by Mrs. O. Govlg and Anzonetta Tobslng. Returns to Latimer. LATIMER--Fred Madaen, Sr., returned to his homo at Latimer, after visiting about 10 days at Gowrio with his son, George Madsen ami wife. FIRE PREVENTION GROUP MEETS "Municipal Salvage Man," Talkie, to Be Brot Here Soon. A year around fire prevention program was discussed at a meeting of the fire prevention committee of the Chamber of Commerce at the Hotel Hanfbrd Thursday noon. . The committee decided to sponsor the presentation of the talking film, "The Municipal Salvage Man," which fte to he shown here within the next few days. It also was decided to carry on an educational campaign, calling attention to various means of reducing firo hazards. Finn in Receivership Owns $11.53 Balance CHICAGO, Feb. 12. UP)--A balance of $11.53 to the credit of the 52,500,000 Chicago Fidelity and Casualty company was reported by the state insurance department auditors. The firm, of which Darby A. Day is president, and the Darby A. Day Investment company, went into receivership Tuesday. Wittenberg Accepts Luverne Pastorate LUVERNE}, Feb. 12.--The Rev. L. Wittenberg of Mallard, accepted a call to the Zion Lutheran church, Luverne, to take the place of the Rev. P. Brauer, who accepted a call to the Lutheran Trinity church, Algona. The Rev. Mr. Wittenberg is 35 and has a wife and two small children. He will begin his work here the last of February. The Rev. Mr. Brauer will preach his farewell sermon Feb. 22. Ole Danielson Rites Are Held at Decorah DECORAH, Feb. 12.--The funeral of Ole Danielson, 88, Who died at his home on Heivley street Sunday, was held this afternoon with the Rev. Carl Losen officiating. Mr. Danielson was buried in Hauge's cemetery in Canoe township, where hig parents and grandparents are buried. Mr. Danielson was born in 1851 in Norway. He had been a resident of Winnieshiek county for 62 years. He N la survived by his wife, one son, two daughters and two sisters. Napier Students Raise $75. NAPIER, Feb. 12. (UP)--Students in Napier consolidated school, by sacrificing their pleasures, have raised ?75 which will be turned over to the Red Cross for relief work. Abstaining from amusements, and even the cancellation of a school valentine party, were part of the program of raising the money. Winners Announced in Corwith Declam Contest COTIWITH, Feb. 12.--The public .Tchool declamatory contest was held at the high school auditorium with the following results: Oratorical, Russell Ross,.first, and Ho Hatterscheid, second; dramatic, Doris Marriam, first, and Francis Smitb, second; humorous, Lucille Dally, first, and Lloyd Smith, second. The coach was Mrs. F. M. Humphrey from Mason City. Butler County Pastors Meet. DUMONT, Feb. 12.--The Butler county ministerial association met Monday at the Reformed church. There were 20 ministers in attendance. There were five talks on the use of hymns, scripture, offertory, prayer, and devotional period in public worship. The next meeting will be the second Monday in March at Aredale. Keg-rets Lack of Skating. SHELLSBURG, Feb. 12. (UP)-George Clemmons, 81, today bemoaned the lack of winter weather this .year which has deprived him of his winter sport, which is skating. Clemmons, a cousin of the late Mark Twain, has a pair of skates 76 years old. Hopes to Modify Licenses. DES MOINES, Feb. 12. ()--A bill to modify licenses now paid by Iowa motorists is under contemplation by Representative John T. Hansen of Scott county. He is planning to foster a measure which would permit licensing of motor vehicles to be made on the list price, rather than on .the original purchasa price. AUTO RUNS 59 MILES ON GALLON OF GAS Automobile engineers who worked for years in an effort to reduce gasoline consumption have found the solution in a marvelous invention that fits all cars. An actual test made by one of the engineers showed 59 miles on a gallon of gas. Thousands of car owners have already installed this new invention. They not only report amazing gas savings but are also surprised to find quicker pickup, instant .starting, smoother running motors and disappearance of carbon. The Whirlwind Mfg. Co., Dept. 1511-N, Station C, Milwaukee, Wise., for a limited time is offering a free device to those who will help introduce it. He also needs men everywhere to make over $100 weekly in their own territory taking care of local business. Write him at once for free sample and big money making offer.--Adv. SUNS LUCKIES are always kind to your throat The advice of yaw physidan is: Keep'' out of doors, in. the open air, breathe deeply; take plenty of exercise in the mellow sunshine, and have a periodic check-up an the health of jour body. 1 TUNE IN- . ThelMcky Strike ' Dance Orchestra, every Tuesday; Thursday and Saturday e v e n i n g over N. D. C. net- t forks. Everyone knows that sunshine mellows--that's why the "TOASHNG" process includes the use of the Ultra Violet Rays. LUCKY STRIKE --made of the finest tobaccos--the Cream of the Crop--THEN -""ITS TOASTED"- an extra,secret heating process. Harsh irritants present in all raw tobaccos are expelled by "TOASTING/' These irritants are sold to others. They are "Q* present in your LUCKY STRIKE. No wonder LUCKIES are always kind to your throat. i *' s Your Throat Protection -- against irritation --against cough T \ ©1531, Thi American Tobacco Co., Mfr*.

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