The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on October 15, 1913 · Page 6
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 15, 1913
Page 6
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i I I Si S! l! 1! i! si li I! li O! I i I! 5, I s j S| »lN© «tf$B Itlldd Hlff its QW "yrsscrs* V-'eek sale and every buyer v. ill receive special value? f«~ Ms Ao^*~v Vf»nsv^r^u-v i\t:ek L* a -iste for laakliuj new fiitrsdships as veil ^- reaeRb-ijThe old. We .have endeavored t« sake «»::«=-stt»ra iarn" -wji x v * trt?~ thai t~ ····ill ^-- your share o!" tlie sp-eadid Ltsrj*aias v--e saali n=- e «-~1*----' s n5~K : -!--v We*-k. It -.'-ill be ursfiiubie for every !»:» aad ·/Obs^^-Twho needs -a'S LIT or OVESCLCAT ic CGSHJ tc this --de. Xo Hitler :'ivv ?«y/ the price K we artKiraalc-e l* give .ssiisiri'-uon--v-e aont kctp ::r.V Oliver U^d ci" clothes. Tlie sta*u.iri! ^r tl nds,^^rLjcb;i:'i5sajtS^Co^ ]*j.jj,. ajtj v. Y., Stiiucais Society Irusd y? N- X-? Styuj 1'ui^ itfuasi o* H^rfn^-rc- ''"*"t s*" s n«Lrd of!le:k-t is po£ 1 rayed In these fabrics, Correct otic acd lil^h cQ'^tiuioris;?. At Iftcse truly exceptional lev/ «.iietrs it will pjv *eci (·_» fca:. .« Sl'IT er OVEKCOAT. Igjlggf It I- V.-IIEI v: Is '-^ -tims -( 2 t - ·**- ·* Funny how that "morning grouch" vanishes \vhen 3-011 sit dovrn at the table and find ii heaping plate of Aunt Jemima's pancakes before vou. just aides away like that pile ct cakes. -- _ _ ** .M ff i~v S I* · 1? * J ir -- * . , . ? \ 1l.**3 IS ··».-1 : --' ' " I " :-£e ° : sr - c " a ; - GO^ -"- i'l^C S, K2.-Q GOLD PIECE : t nd ^1.00 Bill given away to |Si? i : iU"u" v^iic i,sv the isost gacds daring: Fui-mcrs- \Vee!^Stt! by S iv ; .^. r j; c --..i- J3 -o« a:? - o-^h re«!st:e-r vhh every purchase, .-isx iGr tr.t-ui ai:u «,"T-«" ih'-v '"* "vi:ur*K«v :.(!e-noun. OCTOBER lc- -'^o- aU the customers are^uiM 10 :i pnye'for c^h rsjrfsJcr ackefe.-For SS.GO^ve^vt a«^iy |JS ' P PiKCS of D1XNERWAES: Tor -I«.0;= samc-thir,| in j^\\SLiii: ior ;.»"o,r.'-M -: 00 ^jiKitflliins: in SOGEUS" SitVSKWARE; for $:!O.OU 10 -HO 00 we" -iCcuu:^ WATCHES, LIMBESLLAS a£id DKES3 SUIT CASES. ALSO, For the Largest Hen Egg-OSE PAIR OF ^ ' . *s. - · , c si-sues Very .: . '-.-^- v - "" I Try Aunt Jcsabaa's tomorroxr. They'ra-% to-3BJ?ke. -You can stir 'cm up while thc-'baccn's fr/iai*. And how the folks v.-ill enjoy them! ^ ij . , j ..-.-:! v -- ;,.-,. : ; .,i»r con-; -».- :-.- ·.-»- '-· ' "'' ·"·"" -:-«! treat- in cfcs fcri^ht rel pack- - as^e. Fuuriv Atir;t Jesskna Rag Dolls -for . bs Idediel-- See tie top for details. SHOES Cur Use of Shoes Is bigger and {/"tier ihiiS c-ivj-. Every pair of .**k-n~=. V.'omc-n's :intt Children's Shwes :ire offered «i greatly reciac- eil prices, including- all iho standard makes--Eudicc-t, Johiison Co.. the Crav/iJjrd. Sunset shoe, Toisrisi and Vihittan's shoes. Ali guaranteed to jjivc" satirlaeiion la every v.av or pew p:'ir. FREE A WATCH given away free by pait-h-isiaji Boys' Suiis from $o.GO up. Waitis gauraatced for one year by the maker. Handkerchiefs Men's 5 and 10 cent white Handkerchiefs--sale. 2c. u^is E. PCI JBaJro. GETTYSBURG B t.'ettvbnrii, P.-J. j^^^^^^^^j^i^^^^^^^^^^gg^a^^^^^^^^^ 3 ^ ^^ Only tLe best lamp oil can give you the bright, clear Same you should, nave. ·s jr "I amny Favorite Oil No odor No soot EHEE-- 2CO p2£e beck chaot ofl WAYESLY OIL WORKS CO., Fittsbcrsls, ?a- ·« GASOLB-^3 1UBRICASIS PUBLIC SALE OP CEEAGEE'S 311L.L- OX FRIDAY. OCTOBER 17rh. 1913.- Tne anders.s-ned. bj" rimie of an or- | der of the Orphans" Coarp of "Adaias I County, -vi!! sell z.z Public Sale, the J "ing described Real Esrate. viz: f Xo. 1- A TRACT OF LAXD in Sira- | ban Txnvnship. Adsms Cocnry. lying- along- the pui»!-c road leading from Xeiv" Chester to Hampton, about ^ . U. S. Pat. OK A Kav, hide Whip given to each purchased of a SA Horse Blanket or a Plush Robe. *----**~ -- c . . terns, DIetz Driving Lamps and Neverout Driving- Lamps. n Fi-e.-h Cnrrrnecd. Aunt -Jenvlinn'? Bucl:v.-her.t and. Pancake Fluiir. New Cuc'rovhfcat Flour in bulk. "ern^ell Tvi^ple S;rrcp In, "^ g.-.llcn and 1 gnllon cans. 3Iv ^.'ifc's Slar.-e Syrop. i^i J - plr.t^. pints, am! quarts. Ct.':«:en?ed ^Ilncenieat. :a iv.ils and packages . l*ci"z Saner Krani bv th; ziieasure. r^rviier nair, In c^i:. lOe. Pr_- .;ier Gnkecl Bears :n cons. 5c. L tjrht H^;-o Soap. 7 for 2-3e. Pvhv Prim Cleanser. 0 boxes for 20c. PUBLIC SALE OF LUMBER AXD AVOOD Ou TGirsday, O_iober 21. Ii«i:J. ... . . ._ The undersisnetl v.iil st"I«.n tl«e A!c-x m-Ie northeast of Xev.- Chester, ccr»- ! Jlnrfic-s uir:n, iiovr ov.i:el by V.'.D. Jaool= t:.Ini" ! g 55 Acre v£ land. This is the ' hi Heading rov. nsiiio. on rott-i Icr.dm2 j prouert3" weli kr,ovv-n for manj- years from Htidlersbnnr to Elainpion. tli_- toll- j as Creagars 3IiiI. Tne improvements : ousnir luii:'.er aii-I vrooI. lK_ : rjr sii ih-^j are a Brick Gris'c ilill trith roller pro- J 3t:indinjr and iio\vn tuiii'-.-r on t!" 1 place: ; cess, a Sav.- ^lili in ne«r repair. 2 rsro-' zS.OiO fees of Board 3 nnd Seintnnir. 2:-:4. i story Brick Dwelling Houses, large 1 Si.4, 4x4-. full ease. J.U k-ngtlis_uii to -·· JanK Can. Frame Stable ; House and all necessary ou j At the ssr-e lime and plac_ ,,. ; _ dersignecl tv-iU also sell: ! asers, -In»s. wunks and ~a\v ilcat. Th _ Xo. 2. A TRACT OF "S"OODLAXD-! nirbc TO remove the d::-.:·-«: is ai\curoj sir-jaie in'-e Township, adjoining' April J, 1'Mo. Sa5^ to SHJ^JJI at 1 o'dotk 'ands of Cia-eice Wiand and others ly- i I'.?.!. St3 iaj= f-redic .n .ill -naisOfSS :ui«[ ·r.y- along the puMie road leadsns: fro'm f o\er. nocc^'btin.; trucn viih appro-.oi Xtvr C"esLer 10 Five Points and con- steurirr. ^ ;ulningr 8 acres and 128 perches. T - A. TA^ 1 . -Si-1 Sale 'to 6eg5n at 1:30 o'clock. P. 51. on Tract Xo. I, ·\\hen rerais Trill be made knoiva bv -EAERY I.. SXTDER. Trustee. 4?' m f " isB- Anct. P. A. 3IiUer. Clerk. Cleanet* and PRTTAT3 SALE As I intend to move from ± Ccunrv-. I vnli sell at Private Sale my oronerrv in Greenrroun;:. consisting- cf j 4%*acres of land, large irarceen room t house. src.ble. large enough 5 S for four horses, large shed, suitable i for automobile or carriages. OIH:_ Mtch- I en. ard inilk honse connected --.vith the dwelling, freli vvifh abur-cant supply o' m lost Farmers Do not_Dbject to their neighbors and friends .hunting on their land or to any others who have due regard for their property, but all farmers-do object to the hunter who "tramples down grain, tears down fences and does damage. The surest way to protect yourself is to placard ypuj property. Cardboard trespass signs 5 cents each. 6 for 250; muslin signs loc each. 3 for 25c. And in order to keep undesirable hunters from coming o.ut to your land and possibly disregard such signs, the best thing you could do vrould be to place your name in our trespass list. Fifty cents for the entire season. The Gettysburg Times W ^ m W W $j? i arcf an orchard of young apple, peach, i pear and plum tress, some of _^hich ! i are iusfc beginning- to bear. This pro- ·sishing! THE Gettysburg Supply Hou= | give big inducements on Farmers" \ splendid opporranity for one -sishi j Dav to anr one contracting for heat jlo carrj- on" the poukrs.-|as^cs3- r | ! pl^, barh rooms, or water systems : ^ ^ ^.. pr!va -^ p^pSf- ^ | tala. li- jj e O ff erec ? at Pjbhc Saie en Thursday, i FOR SALE NOTICE \ | or, tne farra. Call and let us ; i over.--advertisemen'c ] October 16th, at 2 o'clock- Tlirte ^ODO youa^ c-ow.-. One 23-^ h. p. Qnincy gasoline engine :n good working order. ^,-^ TT ,, ! TviH not pa-- ar.v debts contracti Call on CHARLES McCsTIRt. FT - - Foantaindal- 5 P. 0. Address R". FairSek!. i m? ^e. .j. L. TataeiL--advertss XOTICE I herebv sive notice that I -r -VJ ted by »,*.-,,««,!· iL-- advertisement ices A :-v :v,tifi;i S^.-vonlr Pla-e A-v-n free vr'ih e-erv- c?h pjrcha?o of SI ·. .: : ;_' ."'-^ :· r r: Soj'.r.-: IT or. v t h«^y u '-· ; ',i" 1 o-iUt""-.'! ^ki^-v.?:-c. I^"lr.tlv.n Cut nn-I C-jl ri:il pat- '«;·' -. ; t :i '; «; rc, : i',t: -: 1 I*-. ;^:ce. I%:;chcr. Urc-r : .--ls. \Ve a full line of Aii.':t~:.-..,!!_:·:.: A^.::^.-.;.---c. Ah jr::.5rantoev! i.-.c'. .iopondr.ble jrcod?. _^»Vv. .r i_-vr v-.-t ;.Io:r.I:.unt tea kettle. Regular price S3.7-3, Special price mr rj-r^cr?" D ti v £2.-3U. LOX'7 -* I ."r.r.-' ^ Vi fin . bo._. v.'c.iv or ci.t ^; i-acrr- Tree v/iih k. ar.u . i- "i ly».', moan^ a In the cold fall and blustering winter the Perfection Heater keeps your home warm and conifortable. Early in the morning it chases the chill in the bed-room and from the breakfast-room. At night it warms the spare-room for the unforeseen guest--gives warmth "where the ordinary heat does not go. at Night The Perfection Heater is the safest, most^ efficient and most economicaL heater you wiH find. Light, easy to handle, clean, durable and I at the same time ornamental See it at any dealer's, or write for descriptive circular.. The Atlantic Refining Company Pciladelplaa.

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