Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 14, 1937 · Page 11
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 11

Mason City, Iowa
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Thursday, January 14, 1937
Page 11
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MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, JANUARY 14 · 1937 ELEVEN MASON CITY PLAYS FORT DODGE TEAMS n OUT of the PRESSBOX By Al Mitchell DO YOU KNOW? 1--Who was b a s e b a 11's Mighty Mite? 2--Who was the first heavyweight boxing champion o£ the world u n d o r Marquis of Queensbury rules? 3--When, was the forward pass sanctioned in football? The United States will not win the Davis cup . . . Dorothy Hound of England can beat Alice Marble of the U. S. any time they step on to the same court . . . and playing tennis for fun is not as tough as making shots for money before a motion picture camera. Those are a few opinions by · Fred Perry of England, once the world's No. 1 player and now a professional, while sitting over a luncheon table in New York.. DAVIS CUP TEAM MUST AVIN SINGLES MATCHES What about the Davis cup situation? "America won't win it," he pointed out. "The secret of cup competition is two good singles players. When I was an amateur. England had a pair of them in Bunny Austin and myself. 1 always figured Bunny was good for two victories and he figured the same for mo. So we never had any trouble. "But what about you fellows over here? You have a good doubles team in Mako and Budge. But Budge is also a singles man . . . and he must account for two victories if you are to win. That isn't enough guarantee. You need another singles man. And, under the present system, I don't see where you arc going to get one." , , * * =,-. In that case, Perry was asked, what is England going to do? "We have plenty oE young players," the dark-haired Briton replied. "Austin \vill move up to the ^number one spot. And we are continually developing young players 1 over . there . . . stars you never hear of. When Austin and I had the job, the youngsters couldn't possibly crack into competition. But they were playing along . . . waiting for a break like they now have. With me out of the way, there will be a terrific struggle for that other post. YOUNGSTERS CARTED ALL OVER COUNTRY "Over here, the youngsters can't work that way. Once they get to be good tournament players, they are carted all over the country and exploited. They don't have a chance to come along slowly. And they never become top Davis cup material." Speaking about the situation in the' women's ranks, Ferry said Miss Round, England's top player, could beat the American champion Alice Marble, easily. He also said that Kay Stammers could turn the trick. "Miss Stammers," he said, "was . unfortunate last year at · Forest Hills. She had to meet the defending champion, Helen Jacobs, and ]ost. Helen had a bad day in the finals and bowed to Miss Marble." 4 * NOW YOU KNOW HOW GOPHERS WIN 'Efll If you've been wondering why Minnesota produces national championship football teams . . . take a look at these figures. Modestly, Frank McCormick didn't tell much about this job when he appeared in Mason City at a service club banquet not long ago . . .but he's the head o£ an athletic program which brings 9,000 men into competition. * ~ i Of that total, nearly 2,1100 .were candidates for freshman and varsity teams . . . 1,274 freshmen and 728 varsity candidates, to be exact. More than 400 freshmen reported for football .last autumn, while 223 came out to varsity drill . . . 56 made the grade, 44 played in a collegiate game, 40 won letters. DID YOU KNOW? 1--Miller Huggins, manager of the New York Yankees from 1918 to 1929, was the Mighty Mile of baseball. 2--James J. Corbett, who won the title by knocking out John L. Sullivan Sept. 7, 1802, was the first heavyweight boxing champion under Marquis of Queensbury rules. Sullivan never was champion \vith the gloves, but was undefeated under London Prize Ring rules, which specified bare knuckles. 3--The forward pass was sanctioned in 1906. John C. Bell of Pennsylvania and Paul J. DashicII of Navy were instrumental in its adoption. PREPS TO SCRAP ON LOCAL COURT IN LOOP CONTEST Local Game to Push One of Teams Into Basement of Big Four League. PROBABLE LINEUPS M A S O N CITV FORT D O D G E f i l U M S L E Y Coach BASTIAN Cooknon p .],,,,,, neither [· t . o n n a n rj Wood n M r K c n i y f; Tl.MI-:: 8 o'clock, F U l n A v ' V L A C K : M a s n n Cilv h l r l , l U i r i i l t t K : C i o r d o t i ' Mcrlei Tierijey .. K i e h MilUlcc . . M i l l s ml BIG FOUIl STANDINGS W a t e r l o o W e s l "/ ''l' J'oil'o W a l e r l o o Cast ·* n |'m l(l l''orl !,:,};, S .. '' J" M A S O N CITY n '.. ;,,; R E S U L T S LAST F R I D A Y !!,* " °° East ll » MASON CITV 1C. i \ a l e r l o o Wcsl 31; Forl U o d - e 23. F R I D A V G A M E S Fort Iloilee al MASON CITV U n t c r l o o Wcsl at Waterloo Easl Someone is going to be on the bottom of the pile Friday night in the Big Four conference--and it isn't going to be Mason City if the Mohawks can help it. They oppose D'ort Dodge, co-claimant to the basement apartment, in a single basketball game scheduled for the local court at 8 o'clock. The Mohawks, who played one of their best games at Austin, Minn., where they lost 28 to 24, and could have won if a little luck had come their way, will be called out in the same order Friday night. Bob Cookman and Capt: Everett Fletcher will be at forward, Howard Gorman plans to take the center position, and Wayne Wood will hold his job, along with Harold McKenzy. Coach J. A. "Judge" Grimsle'y announced also that Jack Wallace had been reinstated on the Mohawk squad. Fort Dodge's luck has been 'even poorer than the MohawKs' this basketball season. The Dodgers have lost to both Waterloo entrants in the Big Four race, to North Des Moines, and to Boone. Coach' Ralph Bastian has only two lettermen from last season's outfit, Chuck Matticc, who can play forward or guard, and George Rich, a reserve center of last year. While the Mohawks and Dodgers are battling here Friday night, Waterloo West will move in on Waterloo East to settle the scrap for first position in the conference. PREPS TRAVEL, TO MEET WITH CLARION COWBOYS PROBABLE MATCHES MASON CITV C L A R I O N llAIlKEIt Conch H U L A Decker, Johnson . f,', I). M c O l l o u g l L W a l t e r . . ! } , ! . . . . H e l l Molt 1115 Klrslcin I . c c u r i i l i l 1 1 5 o. Mcolloucli O. T h o m p s o n ll'.l - ' Caliccliia 13.1 J. Thompson 1 1.1 Anderson I .LI ..... Galins Itifi L c a k e Ilvy T I M E ; 8 o'clock, FRIDAV. PLACE: clarion h i p l i .school. R E F E R E E : Dave IMcCllskcy (I. S. T. C.) Mason City's undefeated wrestling team, without its husky state champion of last season, Tom Ru- meliote, will travel to Clarion Friday night to oppose the Cowboys in their own corral. Humeliotc, whose status is being investigated by 'the Iowa high school athletic board, will not be able to appear unless the board rules him eligible before (he meet. The action has been pending since the first of the year, with the board making no answer to repeated Mason City requests for an immediate ruling. Clarion has had but two dual matches in the early season, losing 19 to 15 to Valley Junction in (lie first and walloping the Iowa Training School of Eldora, 34 to 10, in the second. The Mohawks will be facing defending state champions in two divisions. Paul Bell won the 85 pound title last season and Maurice Morford was winner in the 135 pound class. Bell has moved up a division this season, while Mnr- ford is staying in the weight which brought him the title. . Morlord Armour . . . Sharp Camnhr.ll Evans Livermore Wins Two Long Cage Games as Algona Hoopers Lose ALGONA -- Livermore high school scored a pah- of one-point basketball victories, both of them in overtime periods, over Algona high here Tuesday evening. The visitors won 33 to 32 in the first team contest, while the reserves took a 19 to 18 decision. Algona led at the half, 14 to 11, in the main game, but the score was tied at 28-28 when the fourth period ended, and was knotted at 31-31 when one overtime session closed. Neiman kept Algona in the game with 17 points, while Olson led Livermore with 13. The reserve teams were tied, 16-16, at the end o£ the regular game. County Cage Contest Moved Up by One Day NEW HAMPTON--The Chickasaw county high school basketball tournament has been moved up a day, and will be played Jan. 2729, so that it can be completed be- for the New Hampton high school game wtih Roosevelt of Cedar Rapids on Jan. 30. Nashua's reserves and Ionia will open the tournament with Alta Vista meeting Frederictcsbufg in the second fiamo. Lawler and New Hampton's reserves drew byes, BE-GAZETTE Cleaners, Bakers Still Deadlocked in League On Cyclone Team John Kirstein of Clarion is one of the several North lowii wrestlers will] Itnva Stale college's squad. Kirstein · won a minor letter last season, com- pelins in the 135 pound class, and has been holding a regular berth this year. ATLAS GROCERS TOP KEG TEAMS City Club Pushes Leaders in Denison Bowling League; Bnckmen Win Trio, Still at the head of the league, in spite of a triple loss to Pabst Blue Ribbon, Atlas Meat and Grocery tops the Denison club bowling circuit. Schmidt's City Club is pushing the Grocers hard for first place, after winning three from Mason City Hardware, while Mason City Brick and Tile also improved its percentage in last week's games, winning three from People's Gas and Electric No. 1. Denison Club won three for People's Gas and Electric No. '2. John Cordle of Mason City Hardware rolled a 222 single and 564 series to top the individuals. V l a y c r s -J. Fjilstad . . I!. V a n c e ... U. l ) y c r W. Feivins .. ' H a n d i c a p ". TOTAL M. C. B. ami T. CO. l . l l ' t:«i lti\ rn l:i:t l i t 1711 n;:t HK7 H'UJ CM n i l r. G. anrt I!. NO. I rlaycrs -- 1st ^inl Doc ................. Ifcnclcr.-ion ........ .. I'M II!) iterRut .............. UK 11:1 i.otcrbour .......... utr, i n Ooc . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . I l l ) t i l l I.aga?sc ............. H o c ................. 1111 I l l l Collotnn ............ H a n d i c a p . . . . . . . . . H I S I S C H M I D T ' S CITV CI.L' Pliyers-- Isl :!nil C u n n i n g h a m I \lt m U y h n i k a r . . . . . . . . . . . l.'i.l ] ; t l Z a j i r c k lir; I I I No/-icka 1:11 ic;r D e l l 1 7 1 175 H a n d i c a p ,. H'i K'l »- M A S O X CITV Playcr.s-- Cookman Doc T o m n k i n s Doc J. CorJle Handicap TOTAL .'·nil I2» 1.11 I l l l Mil l n.i i:!i; t i n no mil ';n:i 31 .11 vm K: i Players-Lawrence . Garland .. T o i n b y . . . Oivlcr Hanson -H a l l Handicap TOTAL ... A T L A S MEAT a n i l Players-- 1st ·iiii ·vji -178 l(i:i :i!Mi Total | Hi llii ami Uifi Tolal ,"0!J Tolal I-'ill fill I in: Total 117 -MO I!H M l :!nil :lrd T o l a l IT I I.TO I I I 1:11 ll.s i'i« IKK 1:17 1.17 I3S 1-17 II! I Il« I.VJ 7:1 7:t 7:; XI!) 7 7 ! )la Corille W a l s l i I l n r n H a n d i c a p T O T A L . . . D CMS ON C1.UR P l a y e r s -- 1M ;_nd 3rd M e l i o w n !i:i lu'i l | n I I . C o o k m a n HI I,l;l M K Doe 1 III | ID MCI Doe I l l ) nil I l l l i r a n r i i c a n .11 r,| ,%| 'ilDK Tolal :MK ·I Oil ·IK I,'II TOTAL 1'Iaycrs- O h e c Slevcns . . Kammer.ily noe 7MX 71 TI7 P. G. and E. N'O. 2 1st 2nd 3rd Tolal !f l-tf, fl ( ; . { | ) IT-1 I I I ! 1 1 0 ·"" V4S ISS 1 1 1 M i l 110 I I I ) ·ISO 60 01) (10 180 '·i -0.1 677 3011 nun lln nil Doc J i t ) 1-10 110 H a n d i c a p .... '·" T O T A L RESTOCKING During the past two years the Iowa conservation commission released to the wild 5,(ME game birds and animals. These were procured by purchase, donation or were transplanted. The state docs not opcrale a game farm. North Iowa to See Long List of Loop Tests Many Schools Double Up as Conferences Run Full Friday Schedule. BASKETBALL STANDINGS T1VI.V RtVt.'K C'O.N'FEHENCt; W I, Pet. I IV 1, I'd. Plymouth l n l,»(»;HoeJi(orl ^ ^ .riiiu Itulil n I .»:i;i|Milcl.i-n L :\ .':',« M ' b l e Il'k ^ ^ ..IDUJN. Spr'gs I \ .'iUO TUliSDAY RESULT R o c k f o r d 111; Nora Springs 8. SEVEN EAGLES C O N F E R E N C E W L Pet. | W I, Pel. G o o d e l l -I « l.tllllllC'al L a k e I a .3X1 Klcminc :i n l.UUOJU'oden J a ,'M\\ Kannwha ^ ·; .riUUj l l a y f i c l i l U 3 .UUII FI11IIAV nKSULT GUI,,It'll US; Kanau-ha 17. One ot the busiest week-ends of the basketball season, with many teams doubling up on games bc- eause of last week's cancellations, and the majority of North Iowa's conferences playing full schedules, is on tap this Friday. The North Iowa sports schedule, witli contests scheduled for Friday evening unless otherwise noted, is as follows: UASICETBALL J u n i o r College M A S O N CITY at I'ort notice Webster City nt L l l s w o r t l i ( l o i v a I'alb) M a r s h i l l l o i v n at Uoonc Cherokee at T r i n i t y (Sioux C i t y ) U s l h c r v i l l e at N c l t l c l t m ( S l o n x Falls) Kmmct.sburg; at S h e l d o n Concortlta (SI. P a u l ) at W a l d o r f (Forest City) L e u o v ( l l o p k i n t o i i ) at W a u k o i i High. School I'ort Dodge at M A S O N CITY ( B i s l-'our) UOI.Y 1 AJI11A' at O. L. V. A. ( W a t e r - loo) ( S u n . ) H O L Y FAMILY at S a c r e d Heart 'Wate r l o o ) ( S u n . ) J O 1 I A W K S at SI. A u g u s t i n e ' s ( A i i b t i a , M i n n . ) (Snii.) W a t e r l o o Cast at W a t e r l o o West ( B i f f F o u r ) ^clltlolld at C l e a r Lake ( N O llcmbcck at i:l.h,,.. Charles, City at Cctlnr i alls NaMma at Charles Cily (.XI.'II :.-iiU.) W c b s l c r City at H a m i l t o n ( N C i Alcona at Iowa Falls f N l l i G r e e n e at A l l i s o n ( I J C SI. Cecilia's ( A l c o n a l at W e s l e y A c b l c y at Teachers' I l i f h (Cedar Falls) R o w a n at A l e x a n d e r (tig) Alta V i s t a at Inilia C o r w i l h at llouc (I1V) Livermore at L t i v c r i i e ( B V ) Nortlnvoocl at llrill N I ) l l u l f a t o Center a t Lake M i l l s ( M ) Scjicca at Hurt t l t i m o n t nt C l a r k s v i l l c f H C ) C r c s c o - a t West U n i o n (.vtil) Clarion at I l i l n i u o l d t (,VC) llccorah at N'cvv Haml'tnn ( N ' K I ) Cherokee at fcsthervillc ( L a k e s ) ICasle ' i i o v c at r i o i d f i o l i l rinnictsburg at S h e l d o n ( L a k e s ) Feuton at L o i t e r o c k Colwcll al F l o y d l l a u I o n l i M v n at F e r t i l e G o o d c l l a t K l c n i l l l c (.SH) d a r n e r at Forest City ( N i l O r a l t o u at Koclt Falls ( T l i u r s . ) l l i i n s c l l a t H a m p t o n f i r E r l s ) IVodcit a l K a n a w h a ( H K ) Hinlil at Kcnsctl lilcslcr. M i n n . , al W e l l s . Minn. Lime Springs al W y k o I I S p e n c e r al S p i r i t Latcc (Lakes) Sihley al S l o r i n Lake (Lakes) I . i i I n n e r a l C h a n i l l l b : L i t t l e Cedar al O r c h a r d I t i c c v i L I c a l . U c l n l i r e Nashua at M a r l i l e Itock 1 - t y m m i t h at Nora Spring* ( T R ) ( b e ) . Osacc at SI. Ansear O c l w c i n a t W a v c r l y ( N I ^ I ) A l d o n al I'opejoy Shell Iloek at Parkcrshurir ( I I C ) T h o m p s o n a l R a k e f l i p ) ( S a t . ) K n c k f o r d a l S h e f f i e l d T i l o n k a al Lcdyarrt WRESTLING Hig-li Sclion! iMASON* CITY al 'Clarion KajrJe G r o v e at Perry l n \ v a Falls al l i l d o r a D a v c n p o r l at Cresco TOP CLUBS SET TO BATTLE FOR HALFWAY TITLE Will Meet in Final ,Gamc of First Round on Next Week's Program, StilNn Knots COMMERCIAL LEAGUE B A S K E T B A L L S T A N D I N G S ( F i r s t R o u n d ) W. 1.. a r h a l l i n d S v i l t ...... I n amond !JrrHl .......... I II Com Country I'abst Decker's H a m i l t o n ' s I :l . DIA. Bit i;, vi)--: Ic llcruentr t I iDucKiiK'S-- 17 ' l.anc r M - D o u . i l l l e L a c y I Hoycr c t l u r n s s A I i n n K V I A T I O N S : Nt, N n r l l i Iowa conlftrcncc; Nr.I, N'ortllCflsl I o w a c o n f e r e n c e ; NC, North C e n t r a l c n n r c r e i i c r ; IIC. B n l J o r c o m i t y c o n f c r c n r e ; » R , boys' niirt cifl*' i l o n b l c h c a r i c r : T!V, Ttonnc Valley c o n f e r e n c e : SI*. Seven Eajrlo.s conlcr- encc; T R , Twin ' R i v e r e n n r c r c n c c . FOX HUNT SET Rockwell Club Plans Event for Jan. 21; W,l Use Clubs, Teams. The Rockwell Rod and Gun club will hold a "no gun" fox hunt on Thursday, Jan. 21, it has been announced by President R. H. Pohle, starting at 10 o'clock. Four captains will lead teams toward the center of each section of land to be included in the hunt. The club's game area will be hunled first, and visitors have been invited to join the h u n t and inspect the area. The club will serve a noon lunch. Marble Rock Ace Has Lead in T-R Tussles MARBLE ROCK--Him-ichscn of Marble Roclc, with a 10-point average in four games, leads the Twin River basketball conference pointgetters so far this season, Supt. I. D. Larson announced Thursday. Chehpck of Plymouth, with 11 points in a single contest, is not listed with the high scorers. Player-I l i n r l c l i i e n I'a C r o i v r l l . . ( i a l r i . . . . . . Inrli .i inn . . . . . l.olir Scliool . . M a r b l e nock . . M i l r l i r l l . . . . . . . .Horl* lord ..Marble Jlork ..RMllll ..Nora S t i r l n i ; * ..noi-kfonl . . . . H u l l . I . . M a r t i l e l l n r k ..Nora Springs t\ I II H C a r r u l l f I II ll;Siu-]l I ( I n n ; H a i i i i : L c :t I l ( I . i r i [ : i c i n n c :i u l : l M , u l l e ii n i;woirc f l. l ;{j ii l r:i V e t . 1.001) i.u/m ..lot) i'OTALS III 'f h'jTOTAI.S [ t u n n i n g ^corc hy i j u a r l c r s : I H . V M O N I ) I I U E A I I .1 I D E C K E R ' S U l-'rcc Ihroivs missed: n i a i n a n Decker's 7, Three Possible Deals Add to Dying Hot Stove Flame Mungo, Newsom Headed for* New Flannel, Say Boys in Know on Majors. 1IAR.-SW11T--:;ii {HAMILTON'S--in IK n I[ r -j o O j o t s i ft » l | W c » e l s f I IS II l i | T l T A l , S I! \ :; store by i i L i a r i r r s : M A I t S I I A L L - S W I I - ' T . . . 1 1 2 1 -'f. :m H A M I L T O N ' S 1 1 111 Hi Tree Iliron-s mis.sctl: Marshall and S w i r l ·i; J l u m i l l o n ' s 3. I'AIJST-- I I lirouwcr Malhiasou Jtyan f S u l e c f Connelly H a w k s B Cortlie R M a r t i n c ICPKN CTKY--:!l Tracy r llarr g 15 H (1 I n I l . l o h i i M i n t I II ^ O l T h u r t l c t 0 II llAndorson c I II Illvrncicl s 1 " 111 Paul (T ·i .-.[TOTALS TOTALS x T e c h n i c a l f o u l . llunning score by quarters: PA11ST -1 I! CORN C O U N T R Y 11 Free throws missed: 1'alist 1: Corn Country r. It's going to talce the last game of the first round in Mason City's Commercial basketball league to break the lie that exists for firsl place and decide the half-season title. That was plain to see Thursday, as Marshall and Swift and Diamond Bread still shared the top notch of the league standings. Both teams won their fourth aamcs in the city circuit Wednesday night, the Bakers dropping Jacob E. Decker and Sons overboard by 23 to 17, while the Cleaners romped away to a 3G to 1G decision over an ill-fated Kami lion squad. Com Country Second. Corn Country Butter moved up to second place at the same lime, beating Pabst Blue Ribbon 21 to 14. The Cleaners and Bakers, only teams with a chance at the half- season title, will meet in the windup game of the three scheduled for next Wednesday night. Diamond Bread had too much of lead over Decker's Wednesday night, and a nine-point rally in the closing quarter, led by Harry Rholl w i t h a pair of buckets, fell short. Only Mickey MacDonald scored for the Bakers in the last period, but they bad held a margin of 21 to 8 as the third session closed. Cleaners Romp Away. The two giants of the league, Leo "Pat" Hyan and Ccd Connelly, pushed in five field goals each to help Marshall and Swift run up score of 36 to 16 in the second game of the program. Pabst Blue Ribbon and Corn Country Butter put on a poinl-for- point battle n the Wednesday windup, matching counters until Hie score stood at G-G in the second period. Bud Johnson and George Paul put on a 10-point scoring sprint from there, and the Blue Ribbons failed to count again until Ray Barr poked in a setup to end the third period. Each team B.V SII FEDEll NEW YORK, (fft--Reports of Ihrcc possible baseball player deals went the rounds Thursday thereby saving this especially dull hot stove season from taking a dive into its own cracker barrel for want of 'Something to talk about. The trade talk, such as it is, revived the talk that: 1--Van Lingle Mungo will go from the Brooklyn Dodgers to the Chicago Cubs pitching staff. 2--Buck Newsom is headed away from Washington, toward Detroit. 3--The Giants will land a catcher from Cincinnati. For a while it looked as if the Boston Red Sox might lure Moose Soltcrs from St. Louis or Joe Vos- mik from Cleveland. However, Tom Yawkey put the damper on such gohigs-oii by explaining he has learned the "for sale" sign vas definitely in mothballs so far is these two are concerned. Like Water Faucet. The Mungo-lo-Chicago rumors lave been turned on and off like ii faucet almost since last season wound up. Recently there was .alk the Cubs would get him, Brooklyn's classy third baseman, Joe Stripp, and Pitcher Paul Derringer of the Reds in some sort of throe-cornered trading. This, however, turned out to be too big a proposition for Chicago to swing. But Manager Charlie Grimm feels the addition of the temperamental fircballcr may mean a pennant next fal, and says he's still trying to land Mungo. Ever since Newsom let off steam against, the Senators in the public prints some weeks ago, he is said to be persona non grah with Washington Big-Wigs. Tha was the starting point for report: he would do his pitching some whore else this year. Young Purdue Ace Has Top Spot on List Gets Nearly Thud of High Mark for Last Season in Three Contests. By EARL HILLIGAN CHICAGO, (fP) -- Racing away o a great start, Jewell Young, peedy forward, leads Big Ten asketball scorers with 51 points n three games, almost a third of lie total which gave Bob Kcssier iC the Boilermakers individual coring honors last season. If Young maintains his hot )ace, especially in collecting free brows, he stands a fine chance if passing Kessler's total of 160 Joints in 12 games, of which 122 vcre on field goals. Young scored 3 points for the undefeated Boilermakers in 14 attempts from the ree throw line. He scored 19 field joals. Young isn't Hie only ncc free firowcr o n the B o i l e r m a k e r iquad. Gene Anderson bagged six Joints on six trys, while Johnny lines made 10 in 13 attempts. Ken Gunning, sharp shooting In- liana forward, is in second place with 37 points scored on 16 field goals and five free throws. He nissed but one free throw. Harry Combes, fast passing Illinois guard and forward, who has been playing sensationally, holds third position with 35 points on 14 field goals and seven free throws. In fourth place is Mike McMichael of Northwestern, who has 34 points on 13 field goals and eight charily shots. The small, fast Illinois team has Cocltranc Turned Down. Mickey Cochrane put in a bic TROJANS GO ON ROAD TO SCRAP JAYSEE GAGERS First Opponent of College Rank to Be Played on First Cage Trip. PROBABLE LINEUPS MASON' C I T V FORT I 1 O P R K S U T H E R L A N D . . C o a c h M ' K I N S T K Y Lanr · r IlruiiitcnkiUil L'shtr K Tocltl S»e" c ,),,,,,, ""I « Shrllcrrn S h c L - k l r r c; n n n a l u i c T I . M i : : S o ' r l o r k . K l t l l l A V I'l.Ari:.- I'nrl Dniljc liljl, «rli(iol l t i ; r i : i l i : i : : . l l i k i - K e n n e d y ( D r a k e ) Mason Cily junior college's Trojans arc going to play another learn of jaysee cugcrs at last- weather, and other things permitting. The local team has to go out oE town to find an opponent, though, and will appear at Fort Dodge Friday night to battle the Big Dodgers. The same Trojan squad which started against Carleton college's freshmen, and went through the entire opening period without finding the basket, will bo ready to go again Friday night. While the Trojans have been having so-so luck with independent and college freshman teams, the Big Dodgers have been finding their path fairly tough against jaysee opposition. They lost to Lenox of Hopkinton, 21 to 20; lost to Northwestern of Orange City, 42 to 34; walloped Crestoii .17 to 18; nipped Boone, 26 to 25, and lost to Emmetsburg, 35 to 20. The Dodgers are small this season, much like the Trojans, and include four lettermen in their meup. Waldcmar Olson, Glen pinharney, Bill Todd and Chuck Ullespie. Olson is a center, Todd guard, and the other veterans re forwards. three men the conference "first ten" scorers group. They are Combes, Capt. Bob Ricgel, center and Lou Boudreau, sophomore forward. The leaders, conference gameonly: for him at the big league meeting last month, and even though h was turned down then, the Tigei pilot is still anxious to have a 17-game winner like Ncwsom around. And "Old Fox" Clark G r i f f i t h of Inc Nats isn't one to say no sale to an attractive offer. The Giants are in dire need of j another catcher. They can't expect Gus Mnncuso to do again the workhorse act of last season. The Reds have a corner on the catching market at the moment, with Ernie Lombard!, Spud Davis and Gilly Campbell on hand. Bill Terry has been buzzing around Cincinnati like a bee around honey, but the Reds want more than he will put up. They have their eyes particularly on Outfielder Hank Lcibcr, but Terry needs Hank for 1937. If ft rim ] i:: i :i Yoinic, Purdue ... G l l n n i l l r , Indiana Comlic-i. I l l l i i n i s :l I I 7 M r ^ f i c l i a e l . Nor'xv'crn :i C! K Kixmey, N'iicHn.-,fti . . :( II r ItiCRct. I l l i n o i s :l 7 J t I l o i i d r c a i t . I l l i n o i s . . . ;t ! .1 S l c n T i c n s . lou-a :i 5 !l ~ l i r e . I n d i a n a :! fi fi Trenhle, Nnrlhivc.sfcm :i I II ·; Ii i' Cerro Gordo Club Is Winner in Meet With Cresco Rifle Experts scored three period. times in the final Ledyard High Takes Grant Girls' Scrap LEDYARD -- Ledyard h i g h school's girls defeated G r a n t township, 37 to -1, in a local basketball game, the first team getting a 21 to 1 lead at the half, while the second squad scored 16 points in the last session. Drew Lloyd and Gabel were high scor- Bililr.) 'Thompson H a n d i c a p 1'laj nrs -- S l l l l l t l N Doe ·Hoe i n i i. i .1 i .-, Y Plans for Doubles Court Tourney Start A Y. M. C. A. membership handball tournament, for doubles teams, will open at the local court the week of Jan. 25, it was announced Thursday by Physical Director Herb Tcmplin. Players w i l l choose their own partners and compete against every other team in the division. Division winners w i l l meet in a playoff scries for the championship. LEAGUE BATTLE Has High Total, Takes Trio of Games in Play Over Local Hardwood. . Floriinol Beaut;- Shop, three victories over Coca with Cola. and a 1^690 total, led the bowling teams in the Women's league Wednesday night. Lyons won two games from D. K. Lundbcrg and company. Ella Woisnak for 453 for the best series and 179 for the high single. H K A D T V S l l l l l 1 1st -Jnil :trt\ -- 11:1 mi i:i'i 11 r. . - . , . . . .1:111 .IH:( ,»7l COCA COLA 1*1 -!nd :ird :CIH tur, 11.1 Illl) inn nil inn mo 1,1:1; .11)1 r t a y u r s -W o i s n a k . . D o u g h e r t y Slenlian . . . not I7K inn is I II) inn it :lrd Total rj:i -ir.ii 1:1:1 :M^ TOTAI 5(11 B:K IT.-i 1.1(18 L Y O N S P l a j c r s -- I s l ^nd nrd Tnlal L e i r i t i a a i E M l Doe 101) Handicap r! 11.1 1(1(1 in 300 (1!) (13 20 511 5S7 Kill I'layrrs- M i r k . . . . G l . i n v i l l r . VnnH.1 Dnc H a n d i c a p TOTAI, . . . i forfeit. D I A M O N D nUTTF.R R R K A D Isl '.'nil ;inl I I K Tolal ·l in RECORD SCOKliS M e m b e r -.1. r. limits (i- I.'. A n i l r e U ' K 1C. II. I . h i i i c i i k a !:. l:. M c . S i r r e n y I- K. A l l s l n t Team Cresco The Cei'i'o Gordo Rifle club, inc., of Mason City defeated Crcsco Rifle club's rifle team by !W3 lo 900 in a postal match just completed. The course of fire was 10 shots prone and standing. This week, the local club's pistol team competes with Burlington, and next week, fires against Dubucine. The rifle squad meets Crcsco again next week, and Manchester the week following. The local club also has three rifle and six pistol teams entered i n National R i f l e association leagues, and the first of a series of 10 league matches will be fired next week also. Alta Vista Wins in Cage Test at Home ALTA VISTA--Alia Vista defeated Riceville high school's basketball team, 43 to 21 here, getting away to a 26 to 4 lead at the halL Joachim and Johann played outstanding ball for Alta Vista, while Burke led the visitors. The local junior high lost 10 to 4. Friday Alta Vista plays at Ionia in a conference game. Algona. Hoopers Take Win Over St. Mary's ALGONA--St. Cecelia's of Algona defeated St. Mary's of Emmetsburg, handing out a lacing to the tune of 35 to 12 to win its fifth contest in a row. The local team grabbed an early lead and kept it, Mollcnhoff and Barry scoring 11 points each. The home reserves also won, 1!) lo 9, with a fast-passing attack. Nelson scored 9 points. Leland Indies Take Court Tilt at Home LELAND--Lclnnd's independent basketball team won from- rtake Tuesday evening on the local floor is; i by a score of 50 to 24. Charlson was high scorer with 22 points and Ambroson bad 21. REFUGES Iowa operates 61 wildlife refuges, 25 of which are suitable for migratory waterfowl and 3G suited to upland game birds and animals. Cage Scores N I G H S C H O O L r.fverrnnrr X t - r f l ; Atfrnn,! .Ti-1X, St. (,'rrilin's ( A l ^ o n a ) 3,1: SI. I v T i i m r l s l j i i r t T ) r:. l,;iknta :»',-, H u r t IX. l.nly.inl "T; r.runt t ( g i r l v t . V l - M i l l fit ;t','; H:i v f i f l i l Ml. A l l * V i s f n I I I ' J L i r r t - i H r m l \ . T]i(iui]isfn H'J-ti!!; W c s l r y J'-'JH- Mat Results mr.H SCHOOL Alcon* 1:1. Ventura Defense Is Power in Cage Win VENTURA--Ventura's airtight defense held Hayfield to 1ft points, the local team winning 32 to in in a high school basketball game. The local grade school won 15 lo 0 in a preliminary contest. Swale- da lo plays here Friday night. Chickasaw Tutor Is Better, in Hospital NEW HAMPTON--L. H. Shillinglaw, New Hampton high school coach who was stricken with stomach hemorrhages on Jan. 2, is recovering. He is still in the hospital here. OTOrAUK NAMED AMES--Hugo Otopalik, lowrt State wrestling coach, said he ha;; been informed by Jeremiah Mahoney, president of the National Amateur Athletic Union, that ho has been appointed vice-chairman of the National A. A. U. wrestling committee. PRACTICE LIMITED TO PLATE WORK .11 FIRST ' STBKST S,B. - DES MOIHES MASON CITY I SIOUX CITY FRIDAY Fried Fresh Fish Dinner with IJrcad, Huttcr and Potatoes SATURDAY find SUNDAY Very Special Fried Chicken Dinner-French Fried Potatoes, compfctc ..10c 35c So. I-'cil.

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