The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on October 15, 1913 · Page 5
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 15, 1913
Page 5
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Adyettising, Bjnwwer certainly .tops Zaffiigiuur. Nodonbtaboatitwhat- irfll sorely be satisfied. fl. 5 t«M ^r-t» j -- -^ Made Strong and Well by VinoL When we tell vou that Vinol is * i - * ? . « _ *i _ _i_ Your Feet the i best remedy in our whole stocik for making' weak, puny, ailing children j strong, robust and rosy "we -are only j telling you what has been proved" by 1 hundreds of mothers. 1 J. L_ Pickling, Macoa, Ga^ says: C I "My child was very thin and delicate, QrilS'JKO appetite, nervous, and lid 'not js'eep well. Doctors did no£ -help Jier. O f s Vinol was recommended and the r-oni" Iii.- I change after a fair trial -was -wonder- works won- S fal - she _ sleeps soundly all nlgfci. has splendid appetke and has gained in every mother knew do for delicate child-1 rijjitiotliu heartof ilicjJ^" , . - , , - , , . , . ,\ x»rn. in a few Lour? the i vfa at Vriol djd for this liOle girl ; !iar.l core i- loo*w»«l an«l ;»r w»*l ao for every weak ana ailing! separate*! from ihe roe.! c: ' uld Because sickly children need the; .Out fmzs the corn Tot is !ett vj.urf-.tS.Jy J strengthening cod liver elements and -. ^A a uiark U-ft. 1".=.- only ruisjain"'1 the toaie iron that Vino! contains--; ,Jfaan5j£^,Corn Extractor, rvM-iciism.^! J t* 821 IS wlr J Vlno! tuflds them up i fers au«5 .-=oll in 25c bottles--ami! quietly and gives them a fine, healthy | j color. It is pleasant to ta£e and we | 1 guarantee that the results" vjll satisfy j ___ | yqa--money hack if they do Jjot. Peo- · pie's Drug Store, Gettysburg, ga.. ! P. nS.--If you have Eczema try our i Saxo Salve. We guarantee it. CAPTAIN INCH. Commander of Burned Volturno Was Last Person to Leave Ship. ! IHOEBTA SPIES :R IN i£X10: JBJSSJfiG GJRL DROWNED fisrr.e Hcilrran Bei : ev«rl ".o Have Com- re:tteo S-jic"rf~- A»"Vo" a. !*:». O t 15 --""'" b -tly of Miss Man:;* Ileiiaian. v.-h^ ci'appeared f"jni the konip of her i.i"it. ?i,rs Aiiel Jiellmsn. in tbis *.:-. earl? jssc 1'iiday Proclaims «· People's Drug Store. fljfoniei Soothes, Purifies Heals Catarrh ills "When you have that choked and j stuffed up feeling in tae morning-, crusts in the nose, raising of mucn^, droppings in the throat and offensive breath, you are Affected \viih catarrh. Immediate steps should be taken to , stop the disease or it will become chronic and serious. By all means use Hyomei. Money re- fanded by People's Drug Store if not'f. satisfied. It is a medicated air treat- j ment that does not urug or derange i the stomach, but is brethed in through 1 the Hvomei inhaler that comes with ' every "$1.00 Outfit- It effectively de- s'croyes the catarrh germs and quickly soothes and heals the irritated mucous membrane of the nose and throat- Get a complete outfit now and be i cured of catarrh. ! Just "Try It. A curiosity jn arjihsneric bos recently been iv«jr5:«^l cut !y a British :is- rr«n!ner in snscrer to tbe question. \Vi«:u '.· tin- largest unraber that can i»e es;»rt«M»fl with three dibits? Tils' :iii-!««'r is 0* B (tbe ninety-ninth j:mv«-r of i;uei. TJ:«- Cjniri- wbich JbSs represents Is so ills t!uir It j-c n-src!=onie- Jf ir were priim-! in f«!l it would fill thirty-three volumes «,-f KtO j-ages each of 6ne type. Tbe first nreutVTeljrbt figures are 42§,J24.773.17j.747,i^.038.9ST.115.9,ana ihe h:st two are S3. In between these are 2G9.tX)3.070 Sgures. If you don't believe it try it and see. --Saturday Evening Post. 'SETS ASIfiE C9fcT«TUTi93 Declares ESccUon VO! Cc He«d Oct. 2j i and Ke WHI Report Jo !_e2--!=tiv3 Jat.ed by a nervous breakdown. Fro-n the apsearame «* the body, Miss He;lcian -eared from tb« Hamilton stc^i Jjr:flc;c D:IJ ia;it!.'(l :n threo f°et of \vat^r. Sfty fo"t ?j»! r.v_ One leg lYas broken an-I t£ere were irrany contusions. The finder^ iviJi receive a reward of £590 offered by her aunt. The vouag woman's suicide Is be- Jieved ' o ^ d;|e , o :ap!lnc v. o y a ln _ · ! Body Then Chosen. OH. C'c;. 15.--Copias of a - · i'rovs«yual FALLS 200 FEET AND LIVES "·congress and anu' 1 froi^ lime to tin:.-" i crec? because of ic ! gress. Loose Coal st Bottom of Centralia Mine Prevents Death In Plunge. Centralia, Pa., Oa. 15.--Fred Clappin, engineer on a mine locomotive az the ContSnenta! colliery, stepped from his engine, lost his footing and plunged 20u feet down a ehure to a counter · iss::ci I PrcsiSeni liueria JB ! as 'J*c:a:or ever M---\:t:o *. ere re_-c-ivel : ai the s^aw? departs.:::· as:d ts/ij^iilerc 1 I at ice cabinet sieeilu-j a.t :ii.- \Vhiw j Hojse. j Haerta declares -as; eadM t r s j pro- · vision of the cons-.i'^r. which gangway, v.-here he lodged in loose ftoci arr'M r o a:esibers of · CO al from the sirippings. rzces shut he wi!lj Rescuers hurried into the mine, ex- ?*·::·,, execu.ive de^p^^ng ;o fi n( j jj^g mangled form sa d!?so!'j'i3D of con-, tji e 'pocket of the chuie. They found · him crawling through a heading. He Hacrta's decree, Causi Oct. 11, sas was considerably cut. and bruised, in part: j "In v-ew of ice fir E that the cli-n-.- j ber 01 deputies -nd c; gres- o~ the Union have been [ et! and jiih^biiitstet! ;o periorm PfiOTfCT THE HEART EROM RHEOMATISM RHEUMA Purifies the Blood Throws off Complicating Diseases i Weakening of the blood tissues by i continued attacks of Rheumatism af- '· fects the heart and produces complications which result fatally. RHEUilA, puts the blood in condition to ward off other diseases and eradicates Rheu- j matic conditions from the whole system. Recommended for all forms of Rheumatism. 50 cents at People's Drug Store. This letter will convince you of its great"valae. "1 was" so crippled with Sciatic Rheumatism I could not walk. Doctors could do nothing for me. After talcing three bottles of EHEU1IA, the Rheumatism had entlrelv left me."'-Guy Torley, 129 Summit Ave.. St- Paul. Minn. The Unknown Quantity. "I'll bet she will." began the rash you tii. "Don't." interrupted his older and wiser companion. "Don't bet that she will ever do anything. You can nerer tell what a woman will do." . "Bur," protested the young man. "I was .going- to bet that she would do the unexpected." "Dot't." repeated the elder eamest- Jy. "pyen that is no safe bet"-Jodge. LADIES earn $2.2-5 dozen making plain neckwear. Home business. Experience unnecessary. Mail dime for pattern, instructions. Needlecraft. 945 Altoona. Pa- The Original New Zealanders. The original New Zealanders were known as the most ferocious cannibals and the most warlike savages. They were big. gaunt fellows, of immense muscular force and grent sagacity. These savage !New Zealaaders. though they ate their enemies, interred their own dead, and they believed that the third fifty after jnrial tbe heart separated itself from the corpse and was carried to the clouds fay an attenfent spirit. Unf.-eezable. "Can any one name a liquid that doesn't freeze?" asked the teacher. There was a moment's silence, says tbe Berliner Illustrirte Zeltnng. Then an excited little voice in the rear of the room answered eagerly. "Plesse- teacher, hot water!"* SPECIAL SALE For Farmers' Day *£~! BOMB THROWERS LURE FARMER FROM HOME yjsa, us tit** «.-» ·» TZ-^'-JC*^ v» _rj£M? v_ i-*i · *^4 : -- I other prrbO=s WHS ilooused He reports ! Oirt. 11, this year. 1 have seen dc to 1 rtecree taat articie ! f the constitutional j exe^rpaon £rpm arrest and judicial ac-1 lion, '.rfcich the citizens, which form the tAveaty-sisih congress of the Un ion, enjoyed In view of their funcuons, .is hereby repealed, and consequently they are subject to the jurisdiction of the -tribunals corresponding to the case in *he event tnat they are guiSty of any crime or offense."' In a decree under Jute of Oct. 10 Huerta declares that "ua;-! tbe people that 510 persons v.-ere sav.*!. irhile revised estlniales of ihe rr-izsber Ce*jul is p!ac-nl si IX. The sol-z survivor on boarfi the Car- tsssilz. tells a terrible story of panic, cov.-- ^nJice. heroism acd srfC sacrifice durias the rescue of lie Jmnn^rants by tee "in- rescue WANTS DIOCESES PUT INTO SYNOD j is Critically Wounded and Wife and Suitor is Held. elect new magistrates shall take Episcopal eooimissiQD Urges S over the law-making powers that ihs nt should count oa all the necessarv faculties zo face the siuia- ilonirose. Pa., Oct. 14. -- Jerome Rose, owner of one ot the most prosperous farms in the northern part of Susquehanna county, was called into his yard at midnight and two dynamite bombs were hurled at him. · Both of the bombs exploded, and j one inliic:ed injuries which probably j will result in the death of Rose. His wife. Mrs. Clara Rose, and Leon Creation of Preiiaces, ca! order of tilings :n the sliortest possible time, as is its purpose, since Oct. 20 has been set as a date for tbe election of deputies and senators, Vic- N-e-ar York. Oct. 15 -- A radical toriano Kr.erta. consutucionl presi- cbanze in ihe methods of soverniag 1 ^^ ad interim, has seen fit 10 aecrec rho Pmresranr F.n^f-onal r h n r r o in Iflese articles of decree; the Protestant Epi America -- by grouping the various fiio- "Article 1--The juuic4ai power or the lion and to re-esiabiish tie const!tu- Granger, of Montrose. who was sai I 10 have been a frequent caller at the Rose homestead in the absence of Mr. Rose, were arrested. j A man rapped at the front door of] the Rose home, and when Mr. Rose i opened the door he was informed th?.: j an old friend of his wanted to see h i m ; ceses into provinces or synods, accord- · federation shall continue in Us fuse- ing to the method that has long pre- "J°2s within the limits set by the. con-: L i _ _ __ _ _ -- - ! r-r-»r»--- I,-v*-4 »·*!" --"Su-* i*ann r»1 ?·* ·»"/·! mo nof T*JiC* I »!· ing to tie :EC!EOS! teat iias long prevailed in* the Eaziish church, was proposed '· convention. The proposal cazae in the form of a report of a joint commission appointed at the -last triennial convention. Its consideration promised to de\-e!op one of the liveliest debates of the convention. Many of the low church delegates opposed the change. 02 the ground that it was a step jn the direction of archbishops ana '"an American pope." The reporx provides for eight provinces or synods, in ~hich the various out at the road gate. j Ir. Rose walked down the path with j the stranger, and when he was near; him. ai « the bomb fell on the grass ar.d e~-i be oo?e~ed the time absohnely necessary for the re-establishment of legislative power. In the meantime the executive lakes nnoa himself the powers granted by the constitution in the dioceses aad missionary- districts or - sfe e Gse °f lhem *? sobemaccion the church shall be grouped according Snancc an* war only for genera-ly aco which he may ceem expedient ror the public well "Article "Articie 2--The executive power o! picdeti. The corscussion knocked Sir. the Union conserves the powers con-| Rose down, and as he regained his fe^c fe~c«I upon him by the constitution] he staggered twoard two persons,; and assumes furthermore the depart-1 whose shadows he saw in the dark. ent? of issain? decrees which shall As he did so another bomb wn-? thrown. He ducked his head, ana a~ j it passed him he heard the fuse hiss-] inz. The second bomb exploded before r it touched the ground. This tore gre wounds in his chest and face. ripp=-1! 3--The executive of iJiej I will, sell S iy, half hour strike., clocks for ?I.iS; ?l.nO alarms 49 cents. Sale to start at 2 o'clock. to tbeir geosraphical location- Each cf these provinces would be governed by a council composed of two houses. A; the head would be a president, and in general the method of administration would be similar to that now in ferce for the entire body of the church j ^ CTeans °~ t h i s dccr ee as soon as this| aforementioned fiepartmenfs and will cne leg op°n snd so severely injure-!; £13 face that if he recovers h.e prob-1 ably wili lose ths sight of one eye. T"f° persons v.ho threw the bombs ran down the rrRil. escaping in a carriage. PJVO PATIENTS BURN and Jemeler. as exercised at the triennial coavea- TTnscn will rpn-ier an account to the legislative power of the use which he! makes of ibe powers which he assumes] Fire In Maryland Sanitarium Injure:- b y s .i is is r ~_^_, BAER'S VARIETY STORE NEW STORE Buehler's Drug Store Old I Stand 9 Chambersbxig St. Gettysburg Pa. i Grand Opening Saturday Oct. 18 Complete line of Women's,* Misses' suits, Skirts, Dresses, Waists, Millinery, Gent's Furnishings and etc. Gome in and look us over.- We feel sure we can ' plesse -you. Our goods are right. Our prices are i : right. No trouble to us to show goods. All of our :: goods are marked in plain figures. We pledge the square deal. FARMER'S DAY PRIZE % Any lady bringing 1 peck largest onions will be ] given a trimmed hat. tion. j 3Iore chaDlains. with additional as- the sencunrr Four Others Scriously. Md.. Oct. 15.--Two w-v The United States will not oppose jj, cn -p- erc burned to death, a third WRS sistants and betier equipment, are needed in the army and navy, accord- ins to tbe report of a special commission appointed at the last convention to take np ;he matter of army and navy chaplains. The report recommended that congress be asked to remedy tic. situation. CANADA FIRM AGAJNST JAPS British Columbia's Premier Puts It Up ico. a German wp.rship to ^Mexican water? on the gronnd of vio so severely injured that he had to Is 3 taken to a hospital, arid three othe:~ lation of the Monroe Doctrine, i h l s j received serious burns "hen the was the assertion of state department · Edsewood sanitarium, at Gorans, war officials on receipt cf advices that i h e j Destroyed by fire- German fore^n had decided to] send a craiscr i'« ^Mexico. It was 2urr.;;tcd at the state depart ment that this government espf-ctc Great Britain ?:s-1 pcr'yJJy France to send crni=^ r " ' n lend aid to their ci!i- ;ens ai:i".s^ tec trouble etpecicd thronghc:;l th» clsctiori period in ?.IeT- to Sir Edward Grsy. Oct. 15.--Sir Richard ilc- Crrue. premier cf Bntisa Columbia, hat imposed on Sir Edward Grey, the British secretary of state for foreign affairs, ihe task of reconciling Great Britain's pro-Japanese proclivities with British Colnmlia*s determination to enforce its decision to exclude Asiatics from J?^ territory. The -Japanese government has been insistently protesilnc: against tbe attitude iaSen up in Canada, especially cweHIns; on tie Japanese being debarred from cyttisg timber and being excluded from the Ssheries. The obje't of Sir Richard's visit to Lor.dors was to Impress upon the foreign oSSce ;hc fact that British Colnm- bia's detcrniisa-ioa is irrevocavle antl to obtain the support of the Imperial scverniiient for Its action. Ofnci-.l a:-. alcated thnt ~hosc sa:" : '-P from Mexico City in^ Merican deputies, fot ilm Amcr-faTj govern Twelve oiher patients were rc?c;ic! j will; nifncni'y by afi«»n'Iants of tne in-: sf:'i:t:on. Tc^ dead 'w-T'.ers are ?-Irr. · 5rrauss ann ?.fis? Ida YpTiey. .T-arri fcrTr the Urc siarted cannot be learned, j ei5t had n:aac- representation;, were still in jail, in no derv,i«:rs « received scccr.iins to Hi2«rt?. statenrent tnat the Jiitcd: NaKed Cress to Girl's Home, j Gsrneid, X. -T.. Oct. 15.-- Foll^v.-'n-. j 5i!?s At:na Sofia's ref«=r.i to we-i hirr. ! Vsnccnso Xenchia nn.5ied a cro= drapefl sa crepe, on rlie noor of th Solla home here. The garl dec2?,rrd , , ·was a si=n of a vendetta threatening j death. Kenchia v»-as arrested. MAHLQN N, HAINES Better known as HAINES The Shoe Wizard The Great 9Sc to $1.98 Shoe Man This young man with the wonderful business ability ^ric and nerve goes into any shoe market buys from i to a thousand cases of shoes EO get the Prices and turns the shoes over to the customers, saving them from ;oc to $2.00 oa a pair of shoes. Go into any of the twelve fast growing stores and see the wonderful shoes for 98c to $1.S8. Gettysburg and Adams Co. are fortunate in having one of these Stores. Address Carlisle St. Gettysburg, Hanover, York, Carlisle. Frederick Md. are other nearby stores. DAY at The Oldest Drug Store In town $5.00 Eastman Kodak for basket of finest tomatoes. 3.00 " " J " best jar of cucumber pickles. Special prices and Double stamps to every Cash purchaser, A most select line of Drugs and dispensed by | ^ one with many years of experience is something | ·A- worth your attention. ^ "SSi ? Eastman Kodaks, Stationery, Medicine, Conkeys Remedies, Sporting GOODS, Soda and Ice Cream. · t S Huber's Drug Store J. H. HUBER, Druggiest Man iLoses Arm !s Cogwheels. Pottsviile, Pa_, Oct. 15.--John Collins narrowly escaped death when his right arm was torn off tip to the elbO"w in machinery. He was reaching over the lop of a guard on a set of cogwheels to pic!: «p a hook, nszng an old cement bag in protect his hand, when the cloth was caught and drew is hand mto The waeeis. Writes Upside Down. Hnntington. XV. Va., Oct. 15.--Russell Baker, eight years old. has been attending school here two years and writes all his figures and letters upside down. He also sings his high notes low and his low notes high. The lad is normal in every other respect. n-,u:rs wou:«J bs orcnghr to trial wasi Han ^ ed Himself In Cell 13 on Oct. 13. J ***** ceivcd w:-'j disaprojntnieat- . p^"..,^^., N -. .T.. Oct. IS.--James O ! I * "" ,," . - - -- - , *^ - I """"-Tl^ IJIPRTS Wi? J fiHQ.WrPR H Q 'ne co.snry jail here on Oct. 1". «=in i: ^^5 «^^*« HUERTA W!LL_AWSWER U. S. Prepsring Rcpiy to Representations lr. Ssralf cf Deputies. Mesif-o Ci**"- 51 ss., Oct. 55.--A sharp! note is Jieinz iira-^n np by F"re3i;3! Minister ?.i ~hc-.' in rf-ply to the re^r'' j sentstiins of J^-e UnUcd S^aSes for the! safely fi --,»^~;":'crs= of tbe chamber o i j depHties. wno wore arre c te'i at U;e co^amaud ;: Pro^is'cnal President Hserta. Cabinet ministers had their pridr bun at the tartness of the langsase of the American tnrpe J __^,,^_. : , ,. ..-- ... . --f-j--, . -- t --·--^j.^^yy^.'t^-.J ^«^s^35iysSJKS!2.2js£."-~i.c»i^S5S_i^'=J;^*A^^^-----·--^ and a heavy black shoestring. GENERAL MARKETS !l I c3 -- FT.OTJK rC.SO; c«tv " ! ^ rre!. $-"! 5 ; s; ^a;et; per HEAT firm; No, 2 rcfi, novv-. S91j CORN steady; Xo. 2 yellow, 73li ©SO'-. O^TS steadv; Xo. '- white. 4~-y The government has assured Presi- . . FOTATOSS steady, at 75§-SOc per bushel. old rooptorr. dent Wilson tnat the iaipnsoned d e p j tics shall co- tried by dae pmc^ss of la^H-. bet thrro is a* possibUHy of toeir tr'ais OCCST!"~ !-efore the date of t^^J s»^ « er \r-. election a forT.:clit cea-e. Tboy arei EGGS steady: chared v,i*:i inciting sedition an3 t?c soverjinrser.t rcfusss to liberate them en bail. . UJxTKY: I.iv« steady: hen«. l JL* UI\I^1 1 ^/^.^JL-i ^ t. Ha\snz ih^-'-n'iii"*--! r.a-S:.-- i":-;:3'? n a ··- -unt -*not having ' ro^ni to w.- ar- z.ov. t;:r:;;j^ "·! · i:r {:.i.- .-.IT! -j:T«ns to the * .have one *-l :':o 'x~: !o:.-f -·»:- we have ii.vl f-.r £···:.« ^ n.isi.'. ^ week we are ^i\nr.i: fpocial prices a!5 over Ihe I:o".se. Buy now and ^ i Charles S. Mumper Co. · by, 53'c.; western. 23c. Produce Markets. Rates Effective Dec. 1. Oct. 15.--The new ex press rates recently prescribes by the interstate commerce commission will become effeftive on Dee. 1 instead ot today. A reqest for extension by the . strong to loc. aigner: j beeves, $7.20 68.50: Texas steers. $7 S: storUers and feeders, §5.25'5 7.S5: cows and haifers, JC.eS'grS.TS; calx-es. tnar lused FOR SALE: five thoroughbred hull DONT forjjet the administrator's ,,... _ _ , . , _ i sale of Harry J. Carbaugh, Friday, terriers. lull Top Poultry Farm, F. G. Qct 24thj o / a]1 ^ J£al \^ ' McCammon.--advertisement. personal property.--advertisement FOH Farmers' Day Gettysburg Sup- : ply House will sell fodder twine at ~' cents per pound.--advertisement PICNIC and DANCE at Cool's Grove on SATURDAY OCTOB' R iSth. Oysters all styles Good Music Everybody Welcome SPAPFR NFWSPAPFK!

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