The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 12, 1931 · Page 2
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 2

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 12, 1931
Page 2
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Page 2 article text (OCR)

MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZBrrB FEBRUARY 12 1931 MASTERS'BOOK IS NOT POPULAR : . . (Continued From Page 1). popular heroes--"Not only Lincoln in the North," he says, "but Lee and Jackson thruout Dixie. ; -"When the confederate forces were..victorious at Bull Run," continued-the senator, "to whom was it that the whole south gave fhanke? To the Almighty? No, no, the praise all went to Lee and Jack- son.vAnd from that day the tide turned slowly but surely in favor of the-northern armies. "I don't say it wouldn't have happened anyway, but I do'say that the thanks went to human power and in the supreme test it failed. In my mind it raises the question, "Was It a lesson? 1 Therefore, I sympathy with an attempt to counteract the deification of a mundane character whomsover he may be. * * » "AS FOR Lincoln," brot up as I ** was, in the post-war atmosphere of the south, I naturally be' lleved once that he was the most colossal murderer in our annals and have de. clared as much I am . broader minded and I see 1 was mistaken Nevertheless, his p e r sonality is ·largely fictitious and it serves good end to ex 'pose such fictions --not that one alone, blit all o: them. "Fictionizing a character fosters hero worship, anc Edgar Ice Masters I am against that." * * " O N THE contrary, Lincoln is no fiction, answers Senator Arthur Capper of Kansas, a deep student of the history of the emancipator's period. · "The past has its mythological personalities undoubtedly," he agrees, "and perhaps there is a tendency to create new ones--maybe justifiably, maybe not--I am uncertain. "While I surely am friendly to 'the uncovering of historic facts I see nothing 1 to be gained by distorting them for the mere purposes of -professional iconoclasm. Moreover, I mi skeptical that it can be done I'uccessfully in the case of Abraham .incoln. * * * '·II7ASHINGTON, himself, should W be an easy target, for the reason that he lived longer ago and definite information concerning him a unavailable in such convincing corroborative quantity. 'But Lincoln is almost of our own time. He was, also, so near to the eople that he was known by great lumbers on too intimate abasia to make it believe that contemporary estimates of him all were mistaken. A picture representing him as, cold and unfeeling clashes with his own words. as left by him in actual writing--not · merely reported at second hand. 'No one is likely to accept this new estimate, for it is controverted oy an overwhelming weight of indisputable evidence.." CLINTON, SEATTLE VIE FOR RECORD IN HICCOUGH CONTEST SEATTLE, Feb. 12. )--A. record is a record--particularly If you've hiccoughed three weeks to get it. And R. E. Watts, of Clinton, Iowa, with 12 days of constant hiccough- 'ing to his credit, baa yet to beat Mrs. Ailene Weatherby of this city, who says she hiccoughed continu ously for three weeks last year. Mrs. Weatherby ended a.five day period of hiccoughing last night. Physicians halted the seigo by what they called "the usual methods" after Seattle residents had showered them with "sure-cure' suggestions. ·» Wilbur Named President of Club at Iowa Falls IQWJfc FALLS, Feb. 12--At the Annual meeting of the Community club, the following businessmen were elected directors for three years: B. R. Brown, C. E. Burton and S. Skirven. C. W. Peterson was elected director for two years to take the place caused by the death of H. E. Clark. The new board organized by electing the following officers: President, F. P. Wilbur, and vice president, W. W. Johnson. E. O. Ellsworth and Chris Klemme were, re-elected treasurer and secretary. STUDY CHARGES AGAINST FRATS 79 Students Taken in U of Michigan Liquor Raids. ANN ARBOR, Mich., Feb. 12. (JB --University and county authorities were preparing today to determine what disciplinary action should ba taken against 79 University of Michigan students, members of five Greek letter fraternities in whose houses quantities of liquor were seized in a series of surprise raids yesterday. The committee on student affairs of the university senate has been summoned for a meeting this after; noon to consider the matter, .while the students are to appear in justice court tomorrow to learn what formal charges, if any, are to be preferred against them. County Brosecutor Albert Rapp said last night he had been too busy with student bootlegging cases to give careful thot to the fraternity house raids, but that he believed no more serious charges than disorderly conduct would be preferred. Prosecutor Rapp said his office was more concerned with apprehending the bootleggers who had furnished the liquor found in tha fraternity houses and seized in previous raids about the campus. Arrest of one alleged bootlegger, Joseph Looney, and a young companion, Shirley O'Toole, precipitated yesterday's raids. West Union Man Is Renamed to State Board of Control DES MOINES, Feb. 12. UP--The Iowa senate today confirmed the appointment of E. H. Felton of New Virginia to the board of control, succeeding A. M. McColl of Woodward. Two reappointments made by Gov. Dan Turner received favorable action. George Simpson of West Union was renamed to the board of parole and A. B. Funk of Des Molnes was reappointed industrial commissioner. 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MASON CITY - IN DAY'S NEWS The Earl · of Bessborough, otherwise Vere Brabazon Ponsonby, above, has been appointed governor general of Canada, succeeding Lord \Villingdon, who has been named viceroy of India. The earl is the ninth of his line, created in 1789. He served In Franco during the World war. Teachers' College Debaters Heard in Eagle Grove School CEDAR FALLS, Feb. 12.--Four men's debate teams of Iowa State Teachers college, see action this week against a quartet of collegiate foes, it has been announced by W. A. Brindley, debate coach and professor of public speaking, at the state school. Roger Ranney, Cedar Falls, and Thorrell Fest, Audubon, opened this week's schedule in an argument with Morningside college speakers at Eagle Grove high school Wednesday afternoon. Robert Ebel and Robert Huntoon, both of Waterloo, clash with debaters from Coe college before the Presbyterian Men's club of Oelwein there Wednesday evening. Dubuque university appears twice on the schedule, at Dubuque at S p. m., Friday, and at Cedar Falls at 7 p. m., the same day. Herbert Hoemann of Adair, and Harvey Lindberg. Cedar Falls, will meet one of the Dubuque teams on their own ground; while Clesson Azeltine, Cedar Falls, and Lawrence Schoe- phoerster, Sumner, will receive another Dubuque team at Cedar Falls. All debates will be on the question, "Resolved:. That -the 'nations should, adopt a policy of free trade." Fischbeck Speaks to Lions at Manly MANLY, Feb. 12.--R. W. Fischbeck, Mason City, gave the principal address at the meeting of the Lions club here last night. He spoke on "Life Insurance," starting with he history of this form of investment in England and United States. The first life insurance recorded in the United States, he said, was in 1759 when a relief movement 'or Presbyterian ministers and their wives was started. The first active ife insurance charter in the Unitec States was granted In 1835. In commenting on the present he sak 518,500,000,000 was written last year. Only 19 years ago, he pointed the total in force was only $18,000,000,000. The United States he said, with 6 per cent of th world's population and 35 per cent of the world's wealth, has 70 per cent of all life insurance. LIVESTOCK MEN HEARTHOMPSON Co-OrdSnated Sales System, Predicted at Local Meeting. A co-ordinated system of sales hat will cover the entire state or even the nation was predicted as a development of the future by S. H. Thompson, Ames, livestock market- ng specialist, before about 20C men at the annual meeting of the North Iowa Livestock Marketing as- temporarily, sociation at the Y. M. C. A. Thursday afternoon. "If I am not mistaken the coning year will see an increase in business in your association of several times that of last year because you are working on a foundation which has been quite firmly cemented for years," Mr. Thompson told the association. The difference in net returns from two hypothetical associations, A and B, assuming the quality of the hogs shipped to be the same, was discussed by Mr. Thompson. Tha two conditions which caused the difference were time and market place. The time element is controlled by the seasons and -by fluctuation over briefer periods, according to Mr. Thompson. A list of the amounts of business done by the various members of the association from Aug. 1 to Feb. I j was given as part of the report of R. M. Hall, Clear Lake. The list! follows: Approximate Town No. of Cars Clear Lake 98 Randall, Short and the speaker. Twenty-three members were absent or did not vote. Upon request of Representative J. N. Johnson of Marion county, the Elliott-Johnson bill setting: the date for the special election on the issuance of 5100,000,000 in primary road bonds for June 16 was made a special order of business for 9:45 a. m. Friday. Question Dropped. Efforts to table the measure repealing the expense account act of 1929 were made in the house but after an hour's acrimonious debate arid a deluge'of motions and counter motions, the question was dropped College Exempt Contest at Cedar Falls Starts CEDAR FALLS, Feb. 12.--Student speakers at the Iowa state teachers college will enter the first round in the annual extemporaneous speaking contest here Thursday and Friday, it has been announced by F. W. Lambertson, professor of English, who is in charge of this year's contest. North lowans entered are Ralph Mortensen, Spencer; Millard Berry, Joice; Frank Church, Kensett. The bill came up when the committee on the compensation of public officers reported it without recommendation. Representative Leonard Simmer of Wapello moved that the bill be re-referred to the judiciary committee. " Representative S. R. Torgeson of Worth county moved that the bill be placed on the calendar for immediate consideration. The house defeated the Torgesou motion 39 to 62 and the Simmer mo- Valentine Masquerade DANCE Saturday Night, Feb. 14 Mason City ARMORY CASH PRIZES tion to re-refer 46 to 58. Before voting on the Stiger- Mayne-Brown bill, a joint session was called for Lincoln memorial exercises. The members were addressed by former Senator A. ,L. Rule of Mason City, who extolled the life and works of Lincoln. Get Your Valentine Costume. Ready $5 will be given to the one wearing the prettiest Valentine costume. Get busy . . . make one . . . you might just us well try to ·win this S5. You have as good a chance as anyone. Start now. Also §5 for best man, $5 for best woman, $5 for best comedy mini, $5 for best comely woman. Also $5 grand prize. Get your costume ready. Think of the fun you'll have imd you muy win u prize , . . who knows ? ? ? Merle Sims orchestra of Albert I-ca. Everybody on dance floor masked until 10 p. i\i. Sponsored by American Legion. ADMISSION ALWAYS 25c Northwood . .72 Thompson 61 Dougherty ....60 Osage 33 Swea City 30 Graf ton 17 Mason City . . . . 16 Meservey 11 Lakota 8 Buffalo Center. 6 Hanlontown ... 5 Joice 2 Manly 1 Garner 1 Rockford 1 Britt 1 A report of the state convention in Des Moines was given by George Ficken. Reports of the secretary and treasurer, E. C. Flatness, were accepted by the organization. No. of Lbs. 1,569,989 1,146,84-1 970,430 952,650 627,760 477,647 276.705 263,183 173,055 127,110 105,950 88,875 36,980 19,190 18,840 17,840 15,060 IN THE RADIO WORLD By C. E. BUTTERFIEU) Associated Press Radio Editor · THKUSDAY Description ot tour thru Lincoln museum, Washington, WABC network at 4. Birthday party program, "Echoe of Lincoln," WEAF group at 8. Special Red Cross program speakers including Governor Harvej Parnell of Arkansas, donated by th Maxwell half hour, WJZ chain a: 8:30. President Hoover's Lincoln daj address to both the WEAF and thi WABC coast to coast chains. POPE GIVES HIS VOICE TO WORLD (Continued From Page 1). voice was plainly audible to radio isteners. Announced by Trumpets. For 20 minutes before his voice was heard the new radio station of .he Vatican was on the air. Prompt- iy ' at 10:30' came 'the fanfare ;of trumpets which"'signaled over seus and mountains the holy father's arrival at the station. While he .inspected it, from the power room to the automatic sender, radio listeners stood by thruout the United States and in other far lands. In New York and elsewhere in more than one Cath'olic church parishioners listened and waited before receiving sets placed beside altars. The only bar to good reception was an intermittent high-pitch whistle. Static was absent and there was no fading. At 10:41 an announcer from the Vatican City station announced that Pope Pius was about to transmit several morse characters, officially opening the station. They did not however, come thru to American listeners. Whistle Interferes. A moment later Marquis Gugli elmo Marconi, radio's great figure nd donor of the station to the vati an, introduced first in Italian anc hen in English his holiness th ope and said, "I pray you, holj ather, to make your voice hear ver all the world." After the pope v had spoke bout 10 minutes the whistle gre\ vorse interfering frequently wit lear audibility, but it died awa ust as he finished speaking. T isteners the disturbance had all th ndications of a heterodyne. The pope concluded h'is addres at 10:05 (CST). He had spoken for .2 minutes. From the microphone of the radio station he proceeded to the pontl- SLIGHTLY FACTORY BLEMISHED On your radio tonight. . . listen to Lorna Fantin, famous numerologist. She'll tell you how names and dates affect success in business, love or marriage. A real radio thrill. WMT and entire, Olumliln nntn-nrU at K: i*. M. C«ntro! Standard Tl/nn OLD GOLD Cl (B A RETTED . R A D I O P R O G R A M iical academy of science, to address ;he academy. The day was the ninth anniversay of hia papacy. BORNE ON THRONE VATICAN CITY, Feb. 12. UP)-All the color and splendor of the Holy See was summoned today to mark the ninth anniversary of the coronation of Pope Pius XI in a formal mass at the Sistine chapel of the Vatican and inauguration of the new Vatican City radio station. Surrounded by Swiss guards and borne aloft on his portable throne, Pope Pius entered the Sistine chapel, acclaimed on all sides, to attend the mass. The simple white cassock that the pope wears on other occasions today was covered with a rich, gold-embroidered and jewel-studded mantle of red. On the pope's head was the famous tiara, or triple crown, its gems glistening. His right hand, adorned with the "fisherman's ring," supposed to have belonged to St. Peter, was raised gently now and again in benediction of the cheering people below. AMENEMENTTO U PROBE PASSED W (CaMlnara From Pagu 1. to permit a court te§t of constitutional amendments before their submission to the voters. Opposing the measure were Representatives Beath, Kohler, Miller, TIRES Are Geing Fast at These Low Prices We have only a few of the following sizes left . . . so better hurry. Greatest values ever offered the motoring public. Just Look at 5OO-2O 6OO*21 Speedway, Regular . , , ---Pathfinder, O. S ........... All-Weather, 0. S. . . . ...... Pathfinder, Straight Sides All- Weathers ............ All-Weathers ............ All- Weathers ........ ---All-Weathers ............ All-Weathers ............ 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