The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on December 14, 1933 · Page 14
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 14

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 14, 1933
Page 14
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Page 14 article text (OCR)

FOURTEEN MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE DECEMBER 14 1933 O'NEAL RENAMED BY FARM BUREAU Roosevelt Has Support of Group; Profiteering in NRA Attacked. -CHICAGO, Dec. 14. (ff)--Edward O'Neal, Florence, Ala., who as head of the American Farm Bureau federation went before the annual convention and urged a policy in support of President Roosevelt, will continue In power for at least another year. His re-election as president was one of the closing acts of the convention yesterday and followed the consideration of more than a score of resolutions, covering a wide variety of topics. The delegates previously had given approval to the president's plan for agriculture recovery and his monetary plan but had attacked "profiteering" under the NRA. , The charges of profiteering were contained in a resolution that complained that the prices of agricultural products had not advanced on a parity with other industries. Other o f f i c e r s re-elected are Charles E. Hearst, Cedar Falls, Iowa, vice president, and five members of the board of directors: George M. Putnam, Concord, N. H.; C. R. White, Ionia, N. Y.; Earl C. IN THE RADIO WORLD THUHSDAY, DEC. 14 (Central Hiaudftrd Time) "olt: All programs ta key and basic chains or groups thereof unless specified; coast to coast (c to c) designation Includes all available stations. ( Programs subject to chance. P. M. NBC-WEAK NETWORK ivlag v,'csh wfl wilt w/br wrc wgy ivben iv ta p Wcsh Vfll wl 11 wf b r wrc wgy wb en Tvcae wtam \vwj waai; IMfdKCflt: kstl wma; wen ivoc-ivho wow wdaf wkbf "0RTHlVESr AND CANADIAN----Wtraj wiba kstp ivebc wday ktyr crct cfCf SOUTH--wrva wptf wwnc wJs wjax wfla- ifsun wlod wsin wmc wsb wapl 'wjdx wsmb Jfvoa fl'ky w/aa. wbap kprc vroal ictba KtJw wsoc -FOUNTAIN--koa kdyl kglr kghl J'ACIFIO COAST--kgo kfJ fegw komo hhq ^irf ktar kgu .;$:JtO--John B. Kennedy--to c. S:15--SIzzlers Male Trio--basic, : (:00--Mountaineers--weaf onfy. G:15--Billy Bachelor's Sketch. G:30--Lum and Abner--cast onJy. C:45--The Goldbergs, Serial Act, 7:00--Rudy Vallee's Hour--C to c. 8:00--The Showboat Hour--also c. 9:00--Whltcman's Show--c to c, 10:00--Viola FhHo, Songs--basic. .10:15--Meroff Orch.--east; I*um and AbLifir --midwest repeat. 10:30--Enrlc Madrlguera, Orch. 11:00--Ralph Klrbcrey, B'aritone. lt:05--Cab Galloway'a Orc.i. 4.1:30--Jack Denny and Orch. CBS-WAHO NETWORK 11ASI:--East: \vabc wade woYto wcao waab \vnric wgr wkbw wkrc whk cklw wdrc wcau \vip wjaa wean wlb\ wapd wjsv; Mldtveat: ·wbbm wfbm · kmbc knrox wo-wo v?hRS EAST AND CANADA--wpg.whp \vlbw- wbec wlbz wfca wore wJcc cfrb ckac D1XT--wgst wsfa. wbre WQBIU wdod Jclra tvrec Tftec ffdsu wtoc fcr'd wrr Jctrh ktea vaeo homa wdbo ·""odx wbt wdae wblg wtar ivdbj wwva w-mbg wfljs MII\VEST--wcah w^l wmt wmbd wtaq wtsn ^%-ibw kfh kfab wkbn wcco wabt MOUNTAIN--kvor kJz koh ksl COAST--khj koln kgb kfrc kol Ufpy Hvt Itfbk kmj kwg ke'rn kdb kgmb 5:30--Edith Murray, Songs--basic; Jack Armatrong--midwest rpt. 5U5--Little Italy, Sketch-- east! Sltunp Ad- ventures--midwest rpt. C;00--Myrt and Marga--Mst only; Louis Pan!co orch.-^-mldweat. 6:15--Just Plain BW--wat; 'Texas Kangeta --west* smith Orth.--midwest. C:3--Mildred Ballty--basic; Buck. Rogers --midwest rpt, G;45--Boakc CftTter, Talk--baalt; Between the E'ookends--west. TMS=v5£ r 5'Tm.rT"^^'; C ^ ^ \ building:. 10 men,;?2,200. caa Orch.--midwest. · 8:00--3towkoaW Orch.--alao c. s:iri--Koslelaneti Orch.--c Vo t 8:15--Myetery Guild--c to c. 9:00--Glen Gray OTCh.--« to 0. 0:30--CBS Broadcast--c to c. 0:43--The Harlem Serenade--basic; Myrt and Marge--west rpt. 10:15--Phil Regan. Tenor--to c. 10:30--lahtHn Junta Orch,--banlc. 11:00--Oizlo Nelson and Htcry Busae Orcn. --c to c. 11:30--Abe Lytnnn Orch--e to c. NnC-WJZ NETWORK C--Esi: wiz wbz-whal T\-ham hdk wlw wsyr TiTna].* RUdweatl wcl Smith, Detroit, 211; R. W Blackburn, Thermal, Gal., and M. L. Noon, Jackson, Mich. Two new directors, G. F. Holslnger, McGaheys- vlile, Va., and Murray D, Lincoln, Columbus, Ohio, also were named. IOWA GETS 3.000 MORE tWA JOBS (Continued fro'm page 1) up a few new positions already and more are expected each day. A substantial part of the 4,000 Jobs for women workers are included in the state total. Projects in North Iowa approved were: Cerro Gordo County--Excavation of pit 75 ft. by 150 ft. at Mason City waterworks, pumping plant for underground storage of coal and other materials, $4,000, labor cost, 40 men. 800 man hours. Allnmakec county -- Waterville, blasting for rock bluffs to raise and widen out road bed inside corporation of Waterville, labor cost $1,000, 10 men, 2,000 man hours. Leveling and grading of fair grounds and digging water ditch, labor cost $3,000, material furnished by government ?120, total CWA grant 53,120, 20 men, 600 man hours. Putting in guard rail and posts in Waterville, labor cost 5250, four men, 500 man hours. Wlnncljago county--Primary road, state 9, 15, 105, load, haul and rake off oversize gravel for surfacing road No. 15 north, Lake Mills, and 105 east of Lake Mill3 and for shoulders on all pavements in count}' earth work, daylighting curve on road No. 15, one mile north of Lake Mills, labor cost $6,650, materials furnished by government ?2,100, total CWA grant ?8,750, 50 men, 13,500 man hours, Scarville, repair streets, labor coat $450, three men, 900 man hours. Rake, taking 2,200 feet 8-inch drain tile and relaying trench with 12-inch drain tile and graveling streets in town of Rake. Labor cost J900, six men, 1,800 man hours. Forest City, grading and graveling streets, labor coat ?3,575, materials furnished by government 5357.50. total CWA grant ?3,B50.50, 25 men, 6,875 man hours. Palo Alto county--Graveling secondary roads, labor cost 53,000, 20 men, 6,000 man hours. Koasuth county--Repairing on roads and bridges, clearing ditches, labor cost J2.760, 23 men, 5,520 man ours. Cerro Gordo county--Excavation of pit 75 feet by 150 feet at Mason 3ity waterworks, pumping plant for underground storage of coal · and other materials, $4,000 labor cost, 40 men, 800 man hours. FranUHn county--Hampton, repairing courthouse and memorial hall, 10 men, ?2,300.50. . Hauling and placing drain tile on road along east side, 10 men, S945. Kossuth county--Whittemore, repairing streets, graveling: streets, repairing gutters, repair firehouae, eight men, $1,500. Hancock county-- Crystal Lake, grading and graveling streets in Crystal Lake and excavating town Gen. Jose Felix Estlgarribiu. commanded tho Paraguayan forces vvhicH wore victorious over Bolivian troops In the latest outbreaks along the Gran Chaco front in South America. 0\B8oclat«d Press Photo). hall 'basement, 16 men, $2,640. Kanawha, water main, repairing pipe and tile fracture in storm sewer, repair work on schools, 14 men, $2,249.50. Butier county--Remove brush and rock from highways, 25 men, $3,750. Clay county--Spencer, painting and redecorating Lincoln school ulldlng:, 10 men, $2,200. . Gravel, resurfacing secondary 1 School age from 5 to 6 years. The house also passed the Hook- McFarlane bill providing that banks segregate cemetery trust funds and that no bank shall use such funds in its operation unless replaced by U. S. bonds. Another bill by Hook was approved by the house. It would permit sale of land acuired by the state in foreclosure proceedings in four instead of two years. Opposed by Patterson. At the outset of today's session in the senate opposition was voiced by Senator George Paterson to continuation of work in committee of the whole. The upper house voted to work In this way, however, and then heard Louis Cook, former chairman of the state board of assessment and review, who discussed general aspects of ·the tax problem. Senators whose names were attached to the Farm Bureau bill in the senate in addition to the five sponsors of the gross tax bill were Husted, Nelson, Wenner, Elthon, Coykendall, Stevens, Booth, Baldwin and Stanley. Approve Willis B1U. Approval was given by the house for the Willis bill making permanent the transfer o£ 516,358 of funds In the Washington consolidated school district in Dallas county. A call of the house will be on when that body considers the report o£ the committee on highways to Indefinitely postpone the measure to permit refunding of the primary road bonds. The call filed at the desk today was signed by Representatives H-iCreery, McFarlane, Gallagher, Fuelling, Lichty and Doran. TAKE STOCK OF WINTER'S TOLL North America and Europe Feel Heavy Gales and Cold Wave. (By The Associated Press) Both Europe and North America took stock Thursday of the havoc wrought by the elements. A northeast gale continued to whip the English coastline. Five additional deaths were reported, making 14 fatalities In all. Nine of those who perished died when a. cargo steamer was wrecked oft the coast of East Suffolk. The cold wave caused 11 deaths in France. The French rivers were beginning- to freeze. Airman Is AUsslng. Traffic across the English channel was canceled due to 70 mile an hour winds, and trans-Atlantic shipping was greatly delayed. One trans-channel airman was missing. In the United States the wintry like weather that began earlier In the. week held Its grip Wednesday, particularly in the east, where snow was predicted for Thursday. S Die in Cleveland. Three deaths in Cleveland and two in Baltimore attributed to the weather helped to swell the list of more than 50 previously reported dead. California had its share of unusual weather. Los Angreles was recovering from the effects of floods, while heavy seas pounded the coastline near San Francisco. A temporary trestle of 1,100 feet on the Golden Gate bridge project was washed away, at a loss estimated by officials at $100,000. Waves Wash Up Bodies. LONDON, Dec. 14. UP)--Waves washed, up four bodies on the Suffolk coast today and their identification by coastguardsmen showed that the British steamer Culmore of 469 tons had gone down yester- dr^. apparently with its full crew of nine men. Lifesavers tried yesterday to reach the ship before she sank, but when they arrived at the reported position she had disappeared and, until today, they did not know even her name. London experienced the coldest morning of the winter with a temperature of 27 degrees fahrenheit as icy winds from Germany and Russia swept the country and bitter weather continued over most of the continent. Concert Given by Osage High School Musicians OSAGE, Dec. 14.--The first concert of the instrumental and voice departments of Osasfe high school was given at the Seminary gymnasium last evening. Bruce Lybarger presented the orchestra in numbers by Berlioz and Haydn and a group of two violins and piano by V. Moret and Haydn, the performers being Doris Allison, Gertrude Dodge aud Doris Dieterich. Miss Ruth Uraper presented six solo numbers, Candace Arsers, Arnold Warren, Midge Owen, Jack Conldin, Lois Taylor and Ann Goplerud, a mixed chorus jiving the Pilgrim Chorus and « Handel number and Jeanctte iVors- lund with girls' sextet, a French carol. The 1933 bean crop in California, has been vnlued at 512,000,000. , GIRLS AID CHRISTMAS FUND {Continued from page 11 REPORT UPHOLDS HIGHWAY BOARD (Continued from page X) commission had not accepted the low big for snow fencing revealed that the low bidder had not complied with instructions to bidders, the report said. The low bid was submitted by the Fullerton. Lumber company, %vhich failed to provide samples of its snow fencing os required in the advertisement for bids. Investments of T. J. O'Donaell of Dubuque, former commission member, were scrutinized by O'Connor's aides, he revealed in the report. The inquiry resulted from a T. TM Pear J - Murra y , ixl Fear- G,, s t », ^, ^ i TI-». I - . «..-"-.. «» Dubuque to Repreaen- chut, R. Krteger. P. Bruns. Ed Pear- ; Qustave Ale^ch, chairman of son and Mrs. G. Dieckmann, with v,mi«io rr mmittp Miss Ruth BueMer and Miss Dor- I th e nouae committee, othy Evans assisting with between music. Miss Pearl Rohr la the * · Invested In Mortgages. Investigation revealed that Mr. Mr Buhr ana Harry and Mrs. O'Donnell had Invested HOUSE BLOCKS kyw wenr kso wktf NORTHWEST roads in Clay county, 102 men, ?16,- I ^^TM" ar g in cna rge of the bust-1 563,720 in first mortgages between 830. | ness Arrangements. Popular prices Dec. 1. 1931, and Feb. 1, 1D33, the 25 cents for adults and 15 cents 1 report aald. for children--have been set for the I "The investigator visited Mr. O'- ticketa, which are on sale at tlio Donnell and aslced lilm if ho would D. K. Lundberg store. care to explain his source of income Under Full Steam-Now! for tho money which he invested,' With more than S50 added in a the report added. "Mr. O'Donnel j -a · i tv. ,, I single day, it is evident now that sa i,j ne W ould not care to furnial liquor bill Monday. Ho said the ex- ^ neE ^ oroT I unit y has waked to th'c the inveatigator with such informa pression of the memhera would-be ) ob]leation u £ on lt to guarantee Uon _ ^,__... !,, ,,,,,, section of the report ex (Continued From Paffe 1) kw* icwcr 'kon wren' wmag. helpful in aiding the liquor control a _ a f n g t a cheerless Christmas In any I *.nTm\litne» in mn\ro ' i t n rftnO!°t. find I _ . y-ui._. i._.«.^ T^'^ n.V.«Uv a kstp webc wday kfyr cm c/cf " ----- -'· CANADIAN--wtm] wlba committee to make rU report, and Uf aaon at home . Ita w holly a plainctl the .allegations of mi'scon pomtod out that the hill now hofore ql , ostlon now o£ how fast we can K K ^ l p ivcuu Dtlay nt}t *-.i-v v*^i l c ... . » · » , ,_ J k 1 I HHVWl*v/-.» «%*·· --- ·- -- . sotTH--wrva wpii wwnc «is wjax wiia-1 the committee would be subjected sp^nt for the remaining distance in definite time limitation,. I to many amendments before for- 1 mally presented to the house. Representative Hanson of Lyon i p a _ then moved' that the house begin Bring or 'send your contributions 5°30--orii songs oi church-e asl; singing study of the measure Monday, hut to the Christmas Cheer Fund, warn l:voo wky wfcji wbap kprc woal klba MOUNTAIN--koa kdyl kelr kghl IACIFIO COAST--kKO kfl kSW Romo !-.(ad ktar L.adj--repeat to wgn. 5:45--Lowell Thomas-- east; Orphan Anflle --repeat to mldweat. ' G:00--Amos 'n 1 Andy--east only. C:15--Three Musketeers--east. G:30--Cyrenna van Gordon--eaat. C:t5--Engineering Thrllls^lo c. 7:00--Stories of the Sea--east. 7:30--Health Adventure!, Talk. 7:4f--The Revellers' Quartet. R:00--De/ith Valley Bays, Play. 8:30--Wayne King's Orch. 5:00--Hands Across tne Border. 9:30--Schwab Concert Organ. 20:00--The* Three Scamps--east; Amoa Andy--repeat for \v«t. JO:!.;--Tho Poet Prince--also c. 10:30--William Bcottl and Orch. 11:00--Dunce MuaEc Program. 11:30--nunclne in Twin Cities. , n Osceo]a county road im it said that 'contracts for pavinTof » ? reloca- Juvenile Mason City ia doing Its ,, f rlmary $ ^^ the rt . It ' 3 up to the adult givers. _ had VQt( ^ bond ^ fm thp WQr before a vote could he taken, the members adjourned. The house passed the Hartman bill 86 to 10 which would place the burden of proof on administrators of heirs in inheritance actions. Under its provision the estate would have to prove that any securities disclosed arid which had not been listed for taxation prior to five years before death of the owner were obtained within five years of death. Defeat Gallagher Bill. By a vote of 46 to 54 the house defeated · the Gallagher bill which would have raised the minimum Glohe-Gazette, Mason City. 111 TONIGHT !!! Tune In on CAMEL CARAVAN Hear the new idea in Dance Rhythmsl GLEN GRAY AND HIS ORIGINAL CASA LOMA ORCHESTRA , Irene Tarfor "Kitinji" Sargtnt 9 P.M. Standard Time Every Tuesday and Thursday Coatt-to-CoMt WABC-CoIumbia Network *STARG 0M FOODS. ABOVE PA*.. RADIO TUBES TESTED FREE AT OUR STORE GRUNOW SUPER SERVICE Tho first real advances In electric refrigeration for tho norae. VANCE MUSIC CO. EVERYTHING IN MUSIC 121 North Federal Phono 7D8 lomem Tokio Does Not Plan to Return to t). S. TOKIO, Dec. 14. /P)--Katsuji De- buchl, who recently resigned as ambassador to Washington, came back to Tokio and announced that he did not intend to return to tbe United States. Immediately after hia'arrival, he had a conference with Foreign Minister Kokl Hlrota. Debuchl said President Roosevelt's preoccupation with domestic problems had precluded Japanese- American discussions at Washington on naval affairs and a possible arbitration treaty. 10 Million Pounds of Sugar Stored in Warehouse Is Burned MT. CLEMENS, Mich., Dec. 14. U--More than 10.000,000 pounds of sugar stored in a warehouse of the Mt. Clemens Sugar company was destroyed by fire of undetermined origin this morning. The Northeastern Sugar company of Bay City, which operates the plant announced the loss would approximate $500,000 on the stock of sugar nlone. The fire atlll was burning three hours after It was discovered and fire department officials said It probably would have to burn itself out within the three story brick storage building. had voted bonds for the work. Later court action resulted in stoppage of the work after the paving had been started. The route was changed further to overcome the objections. Tho report also contained affidavits from several surplus war materials assigned to the commission's use, care of commission owned automobiles, and the performance of private enterprises on state time. A "one eyed man" named Ben Ginsberg, said to be a Des Moines used auto parts dealer, figured in tho purchase of the war materials and commission supplies. Several signers of affidavits said he collected material from the commission storage sheds, some of it new or usable materials. The consideration was unknown to the signers of the affidavits. Mado In Spare Time. The .investigation of the use of state time for private enterprises revealed that a clerk had made an Ink drawing of a heater for a brood- sr house for a friend of ona of the employes. Those Involved said the drawing was made during spare time in tho office and that the person for whom It was done was a war veteran In poor health and poor finances. The work, It was said, was "a very simple, elementary thing" and occupied only a little spare time. A mechanic handling the servicing of the state owned automobiles signed an affidavit denying that the cars were not kept in good condition or that they were carelessly operated, causing rapid depredation. Dr. R. R. Moton, head of the Tuskegee Normal and Industrial Institute for negroes, In Alabama, has been invested with the title of president instead of principal by orders of the trustees. CANDLELIGHT CHOCOLATES BOWL- LOTION SIO.-LE DEBUTSET $4.98 TO JLET WATER-TALC-COM PACT IVORYCA f/(Otfft£X/0(f POVi GOUGE $2. SEVENTEEN INTRODUCTORY SET YARDLY ' S L A V E N DE R. EVENING IN P A R I S TALC and, COLOGNE SET PRINCESS PATK1NI1Y PACKAdE C O T V ' S ffOU6EK FACE R O G E T SCE NTED TO It. O AP cakl FS-E U OUST IN G P O W D E R MEUO GLO FAOALTONE EVERYDAY (N THE YEAR PARIS '-- BOUQUET /i5 EAUOECOLOdNE TOtlET WATER PETITE *-*- BOLD INVIMCJ. C/GAKS 2.5" DEBUT COM PACT, Jib. CATCH QUGH CUT MARVELOUS FACE PflWOCB,LIPSTICK EX^EPtfOWAt VALUES FIltED WITH BATH SALTS DEUCIOUS ASSORTMENT W i L L I A M S H01.1DAV P A C K A C E LUXUBT SHAVfMC COEAM, TAUJ, AOUA VELVA CUDEI? BBUSHLC60 SHAVINC, * CHOCOLATE. PEPPEBW1NTS GENUINE BRIAR PIPES* T* ASSORTED CMOGOLATI 1 POUND WOODBURYS SET OENUINEBADCER BRUSH 1MPERIAUIUC SH/\v;r»o LOTION FACIAL SOAP DENTAL CREAM 6 TOILET WATER

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