The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on October 15, 1913 · Page 3
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 15, 1913
Page 3
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SECOND ANWJAL FARMERS' DAY SATURDAY, OCTOBER 18,1913 S P E C I A L A T T R A C T I O N S Tl ;*;« · -'.'-I ...PREE TO ALL.... Prof. Bristol's Horse "and 'Pony Show Morning: and afterjjppn performances on Centre Square. Baftdi; Concerts on the Streets morning and afternoon. Three good bands will be on hand. Political Advertisin At Once! Clogged Head Colds Effective June 15, 1913. IflSWESTEBHMAEILAflJfiAILWAI 8:05 A. M. Daily Except Sunday for Baltimore, Hanover, York and Intermediate Points. 10:35 A. M. Daily for Hagerstown, Waynesboro, Charnbersbnrgjaan- ] cock, Cumberland, Ellrins and [ ! io.=:c tP^T fn-Vnrfr mr-A Tn*«»-m«M(t^ I Breathe Freelv! Clears Stuffed-up. la-1 dissolves bv the heat of the nostrils; ,12.05^^.^0. York and intermediate s fianicd Vost ; ?nd Head and stops | penetrates and heals the inflamed, Catarrhal Discharge- Cures Dull j swollen membrane which lines the ,, ,, ,, ,- ~ -, , ~ , f -o \ Headache. j nose, head and throat; clears the air 6:58 P. M. Daily except Sunday for B ' ! , - . . , . . bbnh VanisI Points : 5:50 P. 5L Dailv for Baltimore, Han- i forB i and H. Division Points to High- j T ry "Ely's Cream Balm." field, also Hagerstown, Waynes- j (j%.r a siiali bottle anvxvav, just to \ conies inirnediately. bcro, Chambersburg, SMppens-'try it--Aapiy a little :r the nostrils j Don't lay av.-ake to-night struggling berg: and Eaacock,Pittsburgh and ^acy instant Jy your clogged nose and {for breath", with head stuned: nostrils all points "West. : s-.oDaed-uD.air uassages of the Sunday Only. s v.-r.i~epenf YOU ~ will " 7:13 New Osfora, Hanover, " · - · ' · - - - - ·- Baltimore and .intercsediate ; fa0na " j T - j- * T - i = ~ ;: '- such misery- no\v: Get the small 1 P;A vour faith--just once over, and Intermediate ronus. :;. o: .j e o f '·£'.,·' s Cream Barm" at a n y j C r e a r j Bains" and your ccid or 520: ; drug: store. This sv/eet, fnigrant Lalmi \vili surely,disappear. -,.-.-· , ^^t^2 iio^tr tlii^i i lor ultras.;;. »iiii ut^ax. ^t.wj.^u. »-.'~;ia.u^ es of the head j closed, hawking and blowing. Catarrh. breathe freely; lor a cold, v.-hh its Tanning nose,; foyl ; - : -E:v's GETTYSBURG MARKETS ;uuH2!m!imM!!!m!HHHHmu:;ui:um:iuim:H!i:uin:K:i;tmiim Bio Automobile Parade \j in the afternoon. Special prizes have been offered for handsomely decorated cars and fantastic outfits. Pole Climbing sack and three legged races, pie eating contests and other like events ail day long. Exhibits of Fruits vegetables, pastry, cakes, fancy work, and other things from morning until evening. ; Xew Isy Wheat Com-- Per · Oats .- SKTAIL PRICES r Da-ry Feed* :rl:;j; lirau Hand i'aekoi Uran ': Com and O;U5 Chop * ^ho^iiiskt-r ^wek Fool Study the list of miscellaneous prizes and see all the fun that is Ln store for those who come to Gettysburg Saturday- Special apple shov.- onlhe Square with prizes offered by the Board of Trade. Parade by College students headed by their band early In the afternoon. , List of Premiums Offered by Gettysburg Business People CAXXED FRUIT, PRESERVES AND PICKLES J Timcthv K*y ..................... i-J 1 == 5 Rye CLop ......... - ................ l.TO : = siravr ........................ CO [ = ................. S7.-S',' per ton. · = per b':!! i ~ Per i/:.5. ! = Corn jpiar Com, Oats. My STANLEY STEAMER ' fj j \Vterern'Fiour""'.I'.'..'."'."". ".'.^!M;S | will be run to the Hagerstown and [Frederick Fairs. | ! Per in I = AVSHKavc- the Square u:i:iy ar 7.:V. Tuc=:ay 10 FH-iav. Ch:iijits = ! \VLeat ? L '*};i Miodeniti.'. Couifortabk- Sr;iu- for twt-Ive. H ;2J1 Make arrangements by phcne or in person with = C, A. Stoner | Gettysburg, Pa. = -511 i -- rtbv irivf» to all ie-jsuf-es | = 4- Vv'est High Street v^v.^-^-..^, r°^co?"t^K^"^Sr l t-K- \ i!HU:!IHKH!niIt!llHH!Hl«IIHIHHIHMHi:ill«IHiaHIIHHin!i!IHHHIHI».«!HllHIlJIKHIlilUniHH!lII«S tt-reti will LH- {-refuted at a:i Orphan's | Court of A-la::;-; County. Pa., for ecnfir-j . ., j mation ar.u allowance-. S:«unlay ^ovc-us- ; j ber Sth lit!:), ar 10.30 A.M. of sakl ay. j I X". 1:5'.'. First anii Finn! account of j "i II. J. SneerusKer, Executor of the Will | ; of S. M. Sisiiih. late of Me. Pleasant · For best displav three b a r r e l s p p : nrst prize, S15-00; second prize, j ^"arEtv O r ap p] cs . CE e plate of each variety ex-{'" For best glass'of apple butter, open to farmers only: ladles' silk shi ~ T ~ ~ - , _ single Adams Coan^-^v^V arst prize, S5 silk waist: second j ^ ais ^ fub t r^emng^tore ^ ^^ ^^ i/nze, SI.oQ uair of men s gloves- G-W. vTeaver ana Son. _ ; ^ ~ - T- -"-In.-^^nVA " rug oSo^er STfl'rS^S^'^t'L^^S j ^l^lS 1 ^ 1 !.^^ pickles: S3.00 Eastman kodak. Huber's Drug | s of apple ;el!y: any pair of ladies' shoes in_ ladies" TTi ""¥£ ^"o£ ^^MS- 11 "^^ S* -****-- ? £ir ° f ?4 '°° Sd2 R °^ BlueJadi^sh^Rav^ Hme FSt£ G. W. Spacer,, _ ! ^^gl^ofthe best preserves: ladies' 14 kt. gold filled .at For best display, largest variety of apples one or each vanecy. bo-Qj mu^., u. Doughertv and Hartley. _ , ' For finest half peck display of apples pair oz v\ alK Over shoes. -\i- iC«0000'*OWOO^«KKMOWvViWWQ^ ^' -«s3 Our special attractions and our prizes on pa^me^'s C*sy ^ cherries . prize to , | undersigned residing' in Menailen | | CT O f f^ I'fri ^1 \/ ich guard. C. j To-nrr.ship, all persons indebted to saia r| A^Ct V \-5-J- ^4-C4-Jf i Esta'ce are requested to make imme- j o · f.-- j-lrt "i. \ - - * . . -. T - r 9 samole of orieci iilsta'ce are request^ .competitors S/.OO mesuj^j^e payment, and those having r=. x ciiiu=c-*Iyei^. '_ ! claims "Will present them for settle- es- 1C x 9 0 Dortrait. John A iltunper. | jpent, to i""apnles: jardiniere. People's Cashj H. ELIZABETH TAYLOR. ' Administratrix. C "' 6 ^ the best naif dozen Stavmea Winesap apples: pair of §8-00 trousers. 1 _ For best two pound J " D ^ P Ee^t basket of apples, any variety: one dozen '^0 photographs. W., ^^g^?^^ S^|°- C ' S ' DUX $Sney. finest display of Sm okeHo S se apples: §5.00 goid-piece. Miss E^ajfo^ ' _ _ ,, . . ! GETTYSB^^Iy House ^iil For plate of the finest reaches: nve pound box of candy. John Strat- _ ^ ! For finest niate of Dears: any pair cf »,. iien r s shoes in the s,-.ore.-Jiaines | r* ': * I .t .ardware pany. ** * " Fo«- Dlate of uvo largest Grimes Golden apples: -Sl.OO. Amorogi Fmi'c Co. Fo- elate of four best Jonathan apples: Sl-OU. Amfarogi ir ruic Co. _ ' " _s. xable cover and Son. er. Miss Anna jc yi ucst* Licm.\i ciii^-- v/i*^t*-- v*^t ^ita.«ii.i---- ^-"-w*--· - ·--· ,, rk Imperial anples: 16 size Eigin -D- T- ~ * Jtor oest oia covenet: «o.oy unnui- =LC.IIU- -- ·-- -.-^."^w- ^--- . . Fo- best Blate-of York Stripe apples: solid gold ring. C. A. Biocher. , , For qnflt ha-rir.g the largest number of patches: Sb.oO rocKing chair. C. , For best pjate of; Rome Beauty apples: pipe., box of tobacco and bunco 01 5. Mtnnper and^Co.^^^ ^^ ^^ _ ^ _ o Gen _ abarg Ra-j-^av Company. " GRAINS " * . _ : r o- ci£i.e u^ i^u! uc =^ ..VH^^^^ ,^.,.-- -----.- ---- 0 ^.. . For best eight ears of pop com: year's subscription to any daily ne^s- | Fo'-baseplate of York imperial apDies: year's subscription to "me iraiE paper . p. w. Stalismith. ,, G-ovrer and Farm Magazine". The Book Store. _ ,, , For three largest ears of com: S3.00 hat irunshonser ar.a i For feest pate of pears: selccaon of any Bible in tne Score. Tne Book - - - - --- -- ' - " ^TM--, L0i Fo- best plate of Baldwin apples: dash lantern. Gettysburg Supply House. For best plate of KieSer pears exhibited at Landau's drag store: §2:ou. Gettysburg Light Co. VEGETABLES For.the peck of the best turnips: first prize, S3-00: second prize, one years s.ub c crionch.""Star and Sentinel. , - ^ , _ -For the half peck of the nicest country onions: dozen nail galion t-conomj ^mit jars- X. L- 5linter. _, , . For three largest; Irish potatoes: S5.00 coat sweater, runknouser ana For largest pumpkin, open onlv to boys: first prize. Si.OO Boy Scout Vnife- eecond prize, 50 cent Bov Scout knife. Gettysburg Department Store. Fo~^ best half bushel of Irish potatoes: first 5 A norse blanket:--secona. tool grinder. Gefcysburg Department Store. For biggest squash: S2.00 in cash. Gettysburg Coiapuer. ' For largest pumpkin: S5.00 silk vest. J- D. Lippy- ,, . For largest red beeis: three years subscription. Star and bentinei- For iargest tumia: ?2.00 tvorth of groceries. 31- S- Yohe. For neck of "che largest onions: trimmed hat. Baers variety Store. For quart of the smallest lima beans: §5.00 brass jardiniere, Peopie s rug ..ore. ^ __^ largg _ t Iima beaR5: 35 0 0 ladies' hand bag. People's prize, three j vears' sabscriction. Star and Serfdnel- _ _ _ For large'st ear of corn: pair of SS.oO Eadciiffejhoes- U. a.. FCP" p°ckrof Tbs fciest-rve: vear's sabseriation. 'iae Get^ysourg -U; For Deck of the finest oats:" vear's subscription. Adams County 2S.-ev.-s. FLOWERS For the finest bunch of yellow or pink chrysanthemums: S4.00 plume. , Ess Anna Hollebaugh. . i For the finest displav of Sobers: S2.50 in casn- C- B- Hartman. _ For the DrettiesTc bouquet of Sowers: pair of Queen Quality shoes, i*. iv. | ~ ~- ^ ~ 1 V For the finest bunch of sLx chrysanthemums: S3.00 plume. 3Hss Anna j of the finest tomatoes: S5.00 Eastman kodak. Huber's Drug r For largest pumpkin: box of fiftv 5 cent Plantation cigars. George Faber. For f nesr bunch of celerj-: SS.CO nair of trousers. Will li. bei'.gman. For lareest Irish DOtato: caid of S4.00 Ralston shoes. O. H. l-estz. For largest s^eef potato:' pair of -$4.00 Selz Royal Blue shoes. Raymond aT1 FoYhiggest head of cabbage: single barrel shot gun. Adams Couifty Hard~e Co For bov or girl bringing in the largest number of potatoes in a quart jar: S1.00 cash-'Gettysburg Supply House. - . . -,,,,,_For the nicest bushel of potatoes: nrst S1.2o; second prize 1.00. £,mo,.v For largest head of cabbage: three ponads of Parke's 35 cent coffee. ?. A. For nices* bushel of Botatoes: S3.00 In cash. Gettysburg Gas Co. CAKES, FIES, BREAD, ETC. For best plate of rolls: dozen cans of peas. N. L- Miiiter. T ' For best cake baked in Gettysburg:. S10 set of inrs; ; for oest cake basced outside of Gettysborg §10 set of furs. Funkhouser and Sachs, For best loaf of bread: first prize. Universal bread maker; second pnze. dccorated salad bowl- ' - n " For best sponge cake: first prize, mandolin; secona prize, music roll. Suan^ier's" 3Iasic House. ., , _ ^ib the country girl or lady baking the largest pretzel: silver mesn oag. J. BUTTER AND EGGS ^ ,, . , For best roll of butter: first prize: large sack of Pnlsbury nonr; second j nrize, quart of larsre olives- Gettysburg Department Store. . For best roll of batter: first prize. 82.00 worth of groceries: second prize, 51.00 worth of irroceries- i. Tvi. Reynolds. _ _ . 1 For best roll of butter, sot over four pounds: So.OO panor rocker. Jd. X. , Bender. . . For the largest hen egs^: one cair of good sP.oes- Levns t. ivirsain- For the dozen largest eggs: S2.00 worth of groceries- G- S- Diiler. MISCELLANEOUS * _ j To the person bringing in the largest load of people: SS.OO. io ine osaest | woman on the vv-agon: §1.00. To the youngest child on the wagon: Sl.OO. A. ±1. I 3ut"c. restaurant. - _ , · To the heaviest child under ens year of age: first prize, nve yards 01 em- . broiderv: second, three yards cf embroidery; third, two yards of embroidery. \ Gettysburg Five and Ten Cent Store. . . j To first boy climbing- greased pole in Centre Square, envelope containing money. Gettysburg r ive and Ten Cent Store. i For finest driving team: tlush robe- C- C. Bream. · . , ,, . , ! To the two bovs -winning 3 legged race: 82.00 in cash. P. ^ - btallsmun. · To the boy wif.ning bag race: Sl.OO. P. W. Stallsrr.ith. 1 To bov winninsr *5e eatins: contest: base ball and bat. P. \ - btallsmun. i For the boy bringing in the cag. with the largest number of live rats: ; 32.50. Fankhouser ar.d Sachs. . j To the man whose sons" combined weight is the Heaviest: lanason and i Hubhard hat. M. K. Eckert- ; For the quaintest old dress: SSiOO ladies" hat- Miss Anna ixec.-c. - - - , , - - , - - --T- - -R-eeii; ^ r3T JT VF t l l C tjUlilit-CiSl. \rl\2 UlC^OO. -J-J»W JC»Vi*t-0 »lt**~ .TA*.^.- _-^»...-- To the person purchasiBg the most merchandise during "the w« arize. ^5 gofd piece; second, S2.50 gold piece: third, SI bill. Lewis _ _ , For the best water color, oil or pencil drawing or painting, by native 01 , the county: one dozen S6.00 photographs. W. H. Tipton. j For the man selling and delivering within thirty days Yhe niost calves: | 32.50 in cash- C. 52.DU in casn- U- o- naruiiaii. _ * , , . i For the highest score in duck pins: gold mounted amber i-rencn onar. Dice and 25 box of 10 cent cigars. W. H. Kalbfieisch. __ -.-,,«! * * For the country baby under one year of age having tne most ceei-.n: S-01» j S :^FSfbest plate of ip^eSade^dy^o.qO bunch of aigrettes. Miss Ber- jdres^d|L JJ^^^^-^^^owi set. Trimmers Five and j nette Rbinehart. · ----- - -- -- - i« ^ , ^ - 1 '""^finSate of^^Wi^O sweater. Will M, S^^an. :? For bes't pan of baked beaiisricarnr^ set. Adams.County Hardware ^o. """ For best sponge caUe:'first'prize; Kayo lamp;.second prize, oed room .^i,- na^*-i==-h!TVcr Surmlv House. ' - ' Ten Cent Store. JL Vi. M^-'J*' "^i"^"!"*" laitip. Gettysburg Supply House. -o-- i^«^»- **^rt/*/\lorA r?*X(*~ SIX uent store. - , , For the largest family of children from the country: five pouna box of j elates- Trimmer's Five and Ten Cent Store- , . t To the boy or girl making the best drawing of a cow: pair 01 ice or roller ] worn by a lady: §3.50 feather j groceries Diiler." ~V- POULTRY For the finest dressed chicken: §3,50 carpet sweeper. H. B. Bender. For finest pair of geese: ton of pea coal. Mrs J O . Biocher. For the nicest coop of chickens: first prize, s?1.2o; second Em °For F beirpen of Black Minorca pullets: $2.00:-For best cockerel, same variety: §1.00. J. O. G. Weaner, Agent, American Express Company. tawspAPEnflRCHIVE® _TM i band. Misses ^nntzman. . I To the best lady singer and the best gentleman singer: s2.oO each. \\ alters Theatre. . · To the farmer bringing in the most dozens of eggs during tne week: five I pound can of Parke's baking powder. P. A. Miller. second "prize Sl.OO. I To the farmer purchasing the most goods during the week: -o pounds ot sugar. Leo H. Miller." For the prettiest girl baby under three years of age: one fourth barrel {of flour. J. E. Cleveland. SJEWSPAPERI

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