Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on December 14, 1933 · Page 12
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 12

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 14, 1933
Page 12
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TWELVE MASON ClTY GLOBE-GAZETTE UECEMBER 14 1933 ANSWERS GIVEN ON CERTIFICATES Crib Must Be Described and Dimensions Given, Says Ray Murray. DES MOINES, Deer. 14. (SPI-- Ray Hurray, state secretary of agriculture, today announced the answers to numerous questions on proper execution of the farm warehouse certificates which have been submitted to his office. Secretary Murray obtained the information after conferences with officials of the commodity credit corporation in Omaha. An error on a corn loan form or warehouse certificate cannot be corrected by an affidavit by the bank, sealer or applicant. In describing the crib, after the word "size" in the warehouse certificate, the dimensions of the crib in width and length, or circumference and diameter, plus the average height of the corn should be given. County Is Recommended. Real estate mortgages need not be indicated as liens in filling, out the warehousing blanks until court action ha$ been started on them. In that case, it would be necessary to j list them as liens. · The amount of the note may be made in even dollars and cents or in the actual amount available on the corn pledged. The year that the note was given should be indicated on the back of the warehouse certificate under the first indorsement. The notary public need not state the county in which he holds his commission unless papers are to be financed by a local bank. It is recommended, however, that all notaries do indicate the county. All notes and corn papers received at the commodity credit corporation offices before 2 p. m. in Omaha will be taken care of the DEFENDANT AT TRIAL COMMUNICATION WELDING LIKELY Proposed Move Seen as Not as Radical as First Indicated. WASHINGTON, Dec. 14. LT-The proposed welding; of national communication facilities into a sin- ·| gle, integrated system appeared to administration officials today to call for fewer epochal changes than the significance of such a step would indicate. As a report suggesting consolidation under federal supervision, made to President Roosevelt by an interdepartmental committee, was stud- iad carefully in interested administration quarters, there was no denial that such action would, encounter formidable obstacles. ~ But attention was directed toward a virtual monopoly already existing in telephony and to previous careful consideration of unification by Mrs. Slay Hanson, charged in the- "torch slaying" of her husband at Bocltford, HI., is shown as she appears at her trial. (Associated Press Photo). some of the powerful companies in other communication fields. Anti-Trust Laws. Anti-trust laws prevent an absolute monopoly at present in telephony, radio and telegraphy, but have not stopped a concentration. Competition has been preserved, yet there has been a distinct interweaving of facilities. American Telephone and Telegraph company dominates telephonic communication, controlling with its investment of some $-1,000,000,000 all but a small percentage of the nearly 20,000,000 telephones in the country. Western Union and Postal Telegraph occupy almost alone the domain of telegraphy. Radio Corporation of America, with its subsidiaries, is outstanding in the one remaining medium. Communication Fields. Linking the three communication fields into a semblance of unity even now are these factors. Lease of telephone wires to telegraph companies and the radio corporation and lease of telegraph wires to the latter. Whether this community of interests might be used as a basis for bringing all three systems into one governmental supervised service will not be determined until the interdepartmental committee's report has been- carefully scrutinized by Chairman -Dill (D.-Wash.) of the senate and Chairman Rayburn (D.- Tex.) of the house interstate committees. These committees would handle any measure looking toward a communication merger. | Monopoly 'Preferable. j The interdepartmental committee has not yet made final recommendations, but leans toward the view that a monopoly under strict government regulation is preferable to outright government ownership of communications or continuation of present conditions. That legislation demanding a communication unification will be proposed in the impending session of congress is taken for granted. Whether it will hava administration backing is the question. Fire Destroys Auto. SWEA CITY, Dec. 14.--Fire Tuesday night destroyed the car owned by Prank Bauer, wrestler, on a highway near S«-ea City. NO COMPROMISE ON INCOME TAX Treasury Will Go to Law to Collect From Charles E. Mitchell. WASHINGTON, Doc. 14. A_ Acting- Secretary Morgenthau said today he had declined a compromise in the income tax case against Charles E. Mitchell, former head of the National City bank, and "will proceed with the ordinary legal processes and collect the tax," Morgan volunteered only the following brief announcement to newsmen: ^ "I have decided it is in the public interest to proceed with the ordinary legal processes and collect the tax." Mitchell was acquitted in criminal proceedings regarding his income tax returns but the government has a civil case to collect taxes it claims are due. Morgenthau said the treasury had been aaked to settle the case but had declined. Mrs. Exey of Decorah to Be Buried Saturday DECORAH, Dec. 14.--Mrs. Alfred Exey, 48, died Wednesday at her residence on Day street, after being in poor health for several months. Funeral services wi'l be held Saturday at the Willis and Ness funeral home, and at the Big Canoe church, with burial in the adjoining cemetery. Mrs. Exey was born In, Norway. Her husband survives, also two sons and a daughter. Fire Damage Small. CORWITH--Fire from a defective flue caused a small amount of damage at the John Wilhite homo south* east of Corwith Tuesday afternoon. The Corwith fire truck was called but the blaze was extinguished before it arrived. For sufferers from itching, burning; affections, eczema, pimples, rasbcs, red, rough skin, sore, itching, burning feet, cbafings, chap- pings, cuts, burns and all forms of disfiguring blotches, may be found by anointing with Cuttcara Ointment. It quickly soothes and Boon heale. Price23c and 50c. Proprietors: Potter Drug Chemical Corp,, Maldca, Mass. WOULD REDUCE TRADE BARRIERS Debate Proposal Offered by U. S. at Pan-American Conference. same day providing the papers are correct. Must Have Hoof. Corn in outside cribs can be sealed If there are no floors to the cribs providing- the crib is satisfactory as Jar as a roof and sides are concerned and providing 18 inches is deducted from the height of the corn. She following- is the proper way to file warehouse receipts: The name of the applicant should appear as mortgagor or assignor and the name of the person to whom assigned as assignee. In this way the name of the owner appears in the index as the person who has procured the loan and the name of the assignee appears as the owner of the certificate. If a local bank was financing the loan it would be considered as the assignee, but i£ it wag sent to the commodity credit corporation that organization would be considered as the assignee, Mr. Murray explained. ·In no case should the certificate be ^indexed to the secretary of agriculture, Mr. Murray said. Has Release Effect. The present warehouse law does not provide for a specific method of releasing certificates, he said, the statute reading "In case of reassignment of the certificate to the person to whom issued the recorder MONTEVIDEO, Dec. 14. . United States proposal to reduce tariff and trade barriers between American nations was up for debate today at the Pan-American conference. Secretary of State Cordell Hull presented the proposal yesterday in a resolution calling for adoption of a policy of bilateral reciprocity and commercial treaties. Arg-entiue and Mexican representatives on the special economic committee to which the resolution was Dresented immediately expressed enthusiastic indorsement. But delegates from several other nations, later voiced reluctance to fall in line. Briefly, Mr. Hull proposed that the governments pledge themselves to a program of reducing high trade barriers through bilateral pacts and, at the earliest possible date, to ask other nations of the world to join in subscribing to a gradual scaling down of tariffs and other barriers. Rites Conducted for 2 Members of Pioneer West Union Families WEST UNION, Dec. 14.--Two West Union residents, both from early families In this community, died Tuesday and services were held this afternoon. Mark Howe, shall copy such assignment on the I son of Mr. and Mrs. Simon Howe, duplicate and deliver the same to died Tuesday noon/in a Rochester, the original owner and enter upon I Minn., hospital and Mrs. John the index book 'reassigned to orig-1 Blunt, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. inal owner,'" William Kent, died Tuseday night Such reassignment to the original I at her home in West Union. ( owner has the practical effect of a I ^ Fi Howe, about 45, is survived release, Mr. Murray declared. Ord- I Dv Mra ' Howe, his brother, Fletcher inary release forms for releasing | o£ Spencer. Mrs. Joe Hobson and chattel mortgages, If properly word- Mrs - Gould Morgan of Emmets- ed and executed by the proper par- ^urg -Archie Howe in the south ties, should be effectual to release w . eslev Howe of Beloit. Wis., and and satisfy the lien which is evi- Glen Howe o£ Oregon. The funera danced by th.e warehouse certificate waa nela at the Methodist church also 1 conducted by the Rev. E. I. Selden Additional legal interpretations L. M 5 3 ' BI int's parents the William are being prepared in Washington £f nts ' , came to Fa y e «e county 1 et the present time, Mr. Murray \l he f* rlv ^ays and she spent all o Ea i d - " h e r life, more than 60 years, in thi vicinity. She is survived by Mr Hitler used to be a cartoonist but B1 unt, her brothers, A. N. Kent, he dropped the "ist."--Davenport and H ' A - K ent, both of West Un- Times. l° n . ber sisters, Mrs. Gertrude Shaw of Boise, Idaho, and Miss Cora Kent of Chicago. The funeral of Mrs. Blunt was held at the Presbyterian church, in charge of the Rev. George DeF. Fisher. Mrs. Kinney Funeral Conducted in Belmond CLARION, Dec. 14.--Funeral services for Mrs. Eugene Kinney of Belmond, were held Tuesday at Belmond, with the Rev. Mr. Anderson, pastor of the Congregational church, In charge. Mrs. Kinney died in Clarion at the home of'her daughter, Mrs. D. L. Na^le, where she had spent the past five weeks. ' Mrs.- Kinney was born June 10, 1856, In North Adams. N. Y., and was married to Eugene C. Kinney in Whitewater, Wis., Oct. 9, 1873. Surviving are her husband, one daughter, Mrs. D. L. Nagle of Clarion, and two grandsons, Eugene Nag-le and Kay Nagle, both of Clarion. Mr. and Mrs. Kinney moved to Wright county in 1884, moving to Belmond in 1893. where they have continued to make their home. Mrs. Kinney was prominent in civic and social affairs in Belmond dur- 'ng her life there. PLATES (Lifelike Teeth) FREE! 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Thirty Chickasaw county men commenced work this morning on the state highway at Lawler to rip- rap the bridge. Twenty men are employed by the CWA on the rock crushing project at Chickasaw. THE STGRS WiTH THE TRILLIUM SILK LINGERIE $250 to $825 Just the kind of a gift a woman likes to receive from a man--or anyone else for that matter. Lovely French crepe and satin with embroidery, applique and lace trimming-. This group includes dance sets, panties, teddies, slips, gowns and pajamas. Lorraine Pajamas and Gowns $1-98 Luxurious quality rayon that feels like glove silk. Made with great care and styled right. One-piece models in plain tea rose and blue shades or in two tones. Another clever number is an ensemble pajama (with jacket) at 52.25. MERKEL'S- FIRST FLOOR Satinette Pattern Pyralin TOILET SETS $4.98 A simple but effective design in gold enriched by touches of black. Grace and simplicity are the features of Satin- ette. Other du Pont Pyralin sets at $7.98 to 512.50. 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