The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 1, 1934 · Page 17
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 17

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 1, 1934
Page 17
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Page 17 article text (OCR)

MARCH 1 1934 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE SEVENTEEN Lake Cornelia State Park Is Proposed as Group Visits Capital CLARION, March 1.--A committee of seven members of the Clarion Commercial club drove to Des Moines Tuesday to discuss with I. T. Bode, state game warden, the possibility of converting Lake Cor- nelia, situated seven miles northeast of here, into a state park. Among other improvements, the building of a dam or a well on the White Fox creek, to raise the lake's level, was discussed. The committee included George L. Kyaeth, president, F. J. McCoy, C. E. Shupe, George Linebarger, T. T. Roosevelt, R. P. Conn and Walter Schuenhoff. Gulistan was the most famous work of the Persian poet Sadi." $58,100 in Farm Loans. NEW HAMPTON, March 1.-The Chickasaw county farmers borrowed $58,100 from the Federal Land bank at Omaha during February to refinance farm mortgages. There were 13 loans, the largest being ?9,000 on 320 acres. After 18 years of litigation, Mrs. Stephana Potter of Sonoma, Cal, has won a court fight for a ?1,000 tax refund. GREATER SELECTION -GREATER SAVINGS Veadabteb- R I T E - W A Y FOOD STORES Our close cooperative relation with some of the nation's largest canneries is unquestionably the greatest advantage of our Rite-Way membership. This guarantees us uniform fine quality, bottom prices and a sure source of supply. That is why we can offer a Canned Food Sale of major proportions NOW, when there is a country-wide shortage. Buy For Winter and Early Spring! MASON CITY DIVISION Special Values for FRIDAY SATURDAY, MARCH 2 3 ASPARAGUS BEANS Cut wax California Tips or Green Fancy Evergreen Whole Grain Golden Bantam LIMA BEANS CORN CORN PE A Q Fancy I Jj/lJ Sweet Wrinkled PUMPKIN MS* SAUERKRAUT SL C; HOMINY iSS, . SPINACH Thorouswy Cleaned TOMATOES Hanfd No. 1 Can No. 2 Cans No. 2 Can No. 2 Can No. 2 Can No. 2 Can No. 2V- Can No. 2'i Can No. 2 Can PER 3 6 CAN CANS CANS 15c 43c 83c 15c 43c 83c lOc 27c 51c lOc 27c 51c 15c 43c 83c 15c 43c 85c lOc 29c 55c 15c 43c 83c lOc 27c 49c 15c 43c 79c 12c 33c 63c PORK BEANS With Rich Tomato Sauce No. 2J Can HC 3 Cans 2SC 6 Cans f%5C Other Grocery Values! Crackers All Crisp Sodas 2-lb. Box Baking Powder Health Club Large 12-oz. Can ~ / O FELS-NAPTHA SOAP Yellow Naphtha Bars tfuiito. ALL Jack Sprat Brand I'EK CAN 3 CANS Blenheims PEACHES California . PINEAPPLE pS iSf . FRUITS FOR SALAD GRAPEFRUIT No. an Can No. 2 1 ,;; Can $To. 2U- Can 23c 59c $1.14 23c 59c $1.14 23c 65c $1.23 5 Fruits No. 1 1Q C C - t 1 f t 9 Assorted Can l^t JJL ·fU.Ui. Only the Hearts No. 2 Can 15c 41c 75c CannedlMi ALL JACK SPRAT BRAND UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED RED SALMON SHRIMP Wetor SARDINES Fancy Alaska Sockeye Dry Pack Pound Tall Can, Each No. 1 Can Each Mayflower Brand Mustard, or Tomato Sauce "\(\f 1UC SANI-FLUSH 1 CAN MELO FREE lar .4 Great New Radio Program! "Riteway Musical Reveries^ Station WOC-WHO Sunday Evening-, 6:00-6:30 P. M. Peanut Butter SSt Fresh Ground 25c 3 package A " P°P U 1" flavors and 1 package all Chocolasc pudding Pov.-dcr for (Strong. Durable, Regular value IDC ) ami a .i Ib. pkg. E Grocer Japan Tea, Value 25c B'oth for R Grocer Coffee f $S*TM?L . . Chocolate Cream Coffee £%£, RITE-WAY FOOD STORES BUY NOW! WHERE PLANE FELL 300 PRESENT AT WORTH SESSION Young Democrats Listen to Address by Bringhoff of Grafton. I GRAFTON, March, 1.--About I 300 attended the meeting of the Democrats Club of Worth Arrow on this map indicates the location of the snow-covered pass 20 miles cast of Salt Lake City,- where eight persons died in the crash of :i transport piano cnroutc from Salt Lake City to Cheyenne. ORCHARD VOTES TO ERECT GYM Special Election on School Project Is Carried by 135 to 23. ORCHARD, March 1.--A favorable vote, carried by a margin o£ 135 to 23, was cast for the Orchard gymnasium project in an special election held here Wednesday. Members of the local board acting in connection with the project are Peter Behrns, president; John Evans, secretary; and Clarence Grifleson, Walter AVetter, Howard Lack and Lancey Lewis. The project will be promoted through CWA funds, the remainder being supplied by a bond issue. county held here. G. H. Bringhoff of Grafton gave a historical review of the accomplishments of the democratic party. William Connors of Mealy gave an instructive talk on election laws of Iowa and the functioning of the American government. Four announced their intention to run for county offices: Waller Wagner of Grafton and Art Mclsbcrry of Grafton announced themselves for county sheriff, A. .1. Leverison of Bristol township for county supervisor and Wesley Kurd of Manly for county recorder. I Entertainment was furnished by the Grafton band and Lclancl Nack, xylophone soloist. The next meeting of the club will be held at Joice, March 20. 63,907,290 Fish Put in , Iowa Waters in Year DES MOINES, March 1. (.-ft--A total of 63,907,290 fish were placed in public fishing waters during 1933, the Iowa Fish and Game commission announced. Of this number 61,451,599 were fry; 1,779,217 fingerling; 72,839 yearling and 603.642 adults. All the fish were placed in public fishing waters and nursery ponds and consisted of pike, yellow perch, rainbow trout, brown trout, brook trout, black bass, crappic, sunfish, pickerel, catfish, small mouthed bass and bullheads. IDEAL GROCERY 226 SOUTH FEDERAL WE DELIVER PHONE 53H BUTTER pound 27c EGGS Fresh doz. 29c MILK 3 for 17c SALMON Ked Boy 2 for 35c 10 Ibs. ORANGES... 39c SPAGHETTI, 3 Ibs... 25c CLEANSER, 5 f o r . . . 25c PEAS. 3 cans 25c Kellogg's ALL BRAN 13c COFFEE pound 19c FLOUR GuuraiitL'cU $1.69 BROOMS each 29c CRACKERS 2 pounds 17c LEMONS, fancy, do/. 29c Pumpkin, fey., 2'/2 can lOc Tru-Blu F L O U R . . . §1.85 SALT, 2-lbs., fancy 5c MELO 5c Kropman Grocery 19 Ninth St. N. E. We Deliver HOME OWNED STOKE OF QUALITY FOODS Specials for Friday and Saturday SUGAR, 10 Ibs 45c EGGS, per dozen loc POTATOES, peck 23c TUNA FISH, 2 cans 29c BRING IN YOUR, SOAP COUPONS, WE HEDEEM THEM KELLOGG'S ALL-BRAN, 2 pkgs 25c FLOUR, Peter Pan. 24 1 / Ibs 96c 49 Ibs.. : $1-72 POST BRAN, 3 packages 29c ICE CREAM, pint 15c; quart 29c We Pay 15c in Trade for Eags GRUPFS FOOD MARKET PHONE 420 1339 N. FEDERAL NOW IS THE TIME YOU WILL ENJOY CORN BEEF COOKED WITH NEW CABBAGE AND CARROTS- TRY SOME! CORNED BEEF * 0 f cl Ib. 12i/ 2 c CABBAGE, New Crop Ib. 5c CHUCK ROAST, 1 01 LAMB ROAST. OA pound l"2t pound A.UC SMOKED HAMS T.tu Ib. 12V 2 c GROUND BEEF, Od ,, PORK SAUSAGE, OJ- 2 pounds JC 2 pounds faJv FLORIDA ORANGES. .8-lb. bag 39c COFFEE, Choc. Oft - CORN, Whole 1 fa Cream, Ib «·'*· Kernel, squat can 1VV. CRACKERS 2-lb. caddy 19c . TRY AT OUR RISK · .69 If it does not please you in every respect return the label and we will ,-, y-v T T T- refund the full purchase price or 0 U U JL exchange it for any other variety. LAST CHANCE I rvnrr TOWN CRIER FLOUR 1 1 r r K r r 5 - lb - { ^ with each $ I I ^ 1 l\lJLj21''2-lo. sack al ^ I « I tl STERLING GROCERIES AND MEAT MARKETS FRIDAY -- SATURDAY -- MONDAY WE DELIVER $1.00 ORDERS U i ; KESEItVE THE KltiHT TO LIMIT MEAT DEPARTMENT MEATS THAT ARE A TREAT Decker's Rolled Rib Roasts, Ib 17c Deckers Beef Boil. Ib 7c Decker's Short Steaks, Ib 17c Decker's Pot Roasts, Ib 1 Oc Sterling Minced Ham, Ib 1 "·: Sterling Vcul Roasts, Ib I2e Sterling Veal Steaks, Ib '... 1 ~c Sterling Smoked Hams, Ib 13c Sterling Ham Butts. 1!) He Sterling Hamburger (all meat) 3 Ibs.... 25c SPECIAL DEMONSTRATION DECKER'S CANNED GOODS Decker's Vacuum Packed Frankfurters. Decker's Vacuum Packed Chili Con Carno Deckel's Vacuum Packed Mams Decker's Glass Tickled i'is's Feel, quarts Decker's Glass Pickled Pic's Feet. Pints FISH Salmon, Halibut, Haddock, Cod Fish. Farmer Herman Brown's Pen liaised Chickens. EGGS--If you like strictly fresh eggs, great big ones, white or brown--Direct From Fanners. ' BANANAS, fancy ripe, 6 Ibs. 25c FRUIT DEPARTMENT Lettuce. large, solid heads £2 Celery, large, fancy stalks lOc Grapefruit, large, seedless. 7 for 25c Oranges, Florida Seedless, 10 Ibs .'We Oranges, extra large, dozen .']5c Oranges, large, dozen 25c Oranges, good size, 2 dozen ;J5c Schoolboy Winesaps, basket $1.55 ' Radishes, Green Onions, Garlic, Peppers, Cauliflower, · Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Spinach, California Carrots, New Cabbage. CHEESE DEPARTMENT Fancy Brick Cheese. 2-lb. box 19c New "York Cheesehippy 1932, Ib -H)c Longhorn Cheese, Ib 1 i)c German Muenster, very mild, Ib 25c Danish Lappetite Cheese, pkg 15c Anova Sharp Cheese (For Welsh Rarebit) pkg 1()c Imported Goat Cheese, Ib 50c Saturday Pure Cream Cheese, Ib '' CRACKERS, 2 Ib. caddy 19c ^ Clear Lake Butter, Ib V Monarch Peanut Butter, large jar 25c Monarch Gelatine, 5 pkgs 25c Dean's Milk, tall cans. 4 for 25c Soaked Peas, large No. 2 can lOc Van Camps Tomato Soup, 5 cans . . . 25c Monarch Yacht CJirJ GoJden Bantam, can lOc Monarch Yacht Club Peas, large can 15c Ketchup, large bottles, 2 for 25c Pineapple. large 2 y 2 can 19c Monarch Kidney Beans, can 1 Oc PRUNES, Ige. No. 10 can 29c CWA WORKERS Prior to 1917 this country was pretty hard up; just on the verge of a panic and no money, but what did wo do'.' We entered the World war, put 4,000,000 under arms at a dollar a day, with board, and millions into the shipyards and munition plants at ten and fifteen dollars a day for about eighteen months. On top ot tlmt we loaned billions to the foreign countries. All this was done on future payment. This was not for construction but destruction. In about six years we had paid off about 20 billions of this debt. Now, wake up, great, big, powerful America, and put these men to work at a living w'age, regardless of the eost! This will be for construction, not destruction, and in ten years wo will make the cost back, plus a dividend, plus a united-United States. Sterling Coal Feed Co. \ou didn't notice this cold spell in your homes because you used the Famous Sterling Coal-:ill quality at low prices. LUKE 15. MILLER JACK MeCOLE, Mgr. FARMERS' DAY DINNER, ROCKWELL. IOWA Legion Hall, March 3. Dinner Starts J.J :30 A. M. Served bv Catholic Ladies' Guild. FARMERS' UNION MEETING, BUKCHINAL, IA. Friday Evening, March rjJLl.LX.1, 15UUUI1JUN/I.LI, lt\. NWKy.^ I 2 -- Everybody Welcome. ^T^T I -rz ,, . . . . n -.^§ Monarch Yacht Club Tuna. 2 cans ...... 25c Macaroni or Spaghetti. 5 pkgs ........... 25c Prunes, fancy, 3 Ibs ................... 25c Oxydol; giant size pkg ................ 4!)c Chipso, large pkgs.. 2 for ............. 20c I'- an( l G. Soap, 10 bars ............... 25c $ Banner Oats, Ige. pkgs., 2 for 25c | ___^____^___----n----^---Dill Pickles, quarts 17c , Libby's Red Salmon, tall cans lOc Sardines, 7 cans 2r,c ·frNA/^ Monarch Red Salmon, tall can 25c *1«£P Oval Sardines, large cans lOc MIRACLE WHIP, quarts 25c 'oilers' Coffee, Ib. can olc FoIJB;er's Coffee, 2-lb. can 39c Monarch Breakfast Coffee. Ib 1 !)c ^liss Coffee, Ib. can 25e Castle Tea, larire pkg 17c s All Bran ? American Lve. tall cans. 4 for 25c .Jersey Cream Flour. ·19-11). baji SI.59 Sugar, Beei. 100 Ibs S1.59 HEINZ SOU!' DEMONSTRATION (M*ravw jji. KAKMKK:--Kring us your eggs--.-ash or trade.V VSK PAKKINT. I'LA( i; HACK OF STORK.

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