The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 26, 1954 · Page 3
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 3

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, February 26, 1954
Page 3
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LIFE MAGAZINE FINDS: Charles City Business Good Despite Factory Layoffs To present the story about the* debate going on over the country' as to whether a real "recession" had begun or merely a seasonal letdown in business a n d ' I n d u s t r y Life Magazine this week selected Charles City as a good place to examine the question, The maga/ine, which devoted four pages to pictures am) copy on , the story, pointed out that Charles City's main plant, the Oliver Corporation, which makes farm machinery, is affected both by the drop in f a r m commodity prices and whatever trends there arc in manufacturing throughout t h c country, "in the l a s t . 15 months Oliver has laid off 800 of its 1,800 em- ployes," said Life. "But even in Charles City the people were divided, some claiming t h a t business had never been better," Behind In Rent As typical of those who were laid off Life selected BilJ Brandt. Brandt, who is 32, married and has three children, started looking for other work right away and in the intervening 10 months has held a succession of temporary jobs, but at publication time was out of a job and behind foiir months in his rent. At a union meeting attended by Brandt .the United Electric Workers voted a message to Secretary of Agriculture Benson endorsing "at least full parity for farmers to encourage increased tractor sales." eel out by Life was that "while Bill Brandt wondered about his own future, many Charles City businessmen had no doubts whatever about the soundness of the town's economy and its future. Bank deposits arc still higher than the 1952 level, partly because Charles City is a farm market town and Iowa farmers, while not as well off as in other years, are still relatively prosperous. S e v e r a l small concerns in the town are doing better than ever." Life quoted a grocer as stating, "I've been surprised t h a t we don't feel the unemployment more. My business is r u n n i n g about the same as last year." Easy Days Over A jeweler said, "We won't kid ourselves; the easy days are over. You have to have whnt people want at the right price. So far as I'm concerned, business is fine and increasing." A furniture dealer reported his February clearance sale was the most successful in four years. While finding these evidences of the resiliency of the economy in Charles City despite a large factory layoff, Life reasoned this way: Good as business is, no one could ignore unemployment or the unemployed. While the problem might not sccrn grave now, it could become far worse. Last week Charles City business dealers discussed how to raise money for new factories and how to attract other industries to the area and Bill One of the amazing things point-Brandt's union petitioned Iowa's governor to call a special legislature session to increase state unemployment benefits." County Sued for $4,391 A breach of Contract suit against the Ccrro Gordo County board of supervisors was filed Thursday in the office of the Clerk of District Court. ^ The Gordon Construction Company is asking $4,391, the amount it claims would have been profit had not a $13,971.22 contract for construction of Lateral 3 in Drainage District 120 been eliminated. It said the contract, entered into on Marc|i 19, 1052, . called for awarding of both sections of the proposed construction in the drainage district. It .further alleged thai, the board, acting at the request of certain property owners, adopted a resolution on June IB, 1952, calling for abandonment of the construction in the one ueclion. It said the contract called for full construction, that elimination of any part of the construction was a breach of contract as set up in terms of the original agreement. blanket under the porch. The department also answered a call from Dwaine Hanson, 823 12th N. E. Hanson's radio had shorted. Melba Riha Badly Bitten by Dog Melba Riha, 14, daughter or Mr;-.. Viola A. Riha, 932 Carolina N. E., was bitten by a clog Thursday tfhii'e babysitting. She required stitches in her !cft thumb and forearm at the Mercy Hospital. The owners of BIG "NEWS BY RbV) CROSS--This soldier at a Korean outpost smilo? as he rms^-Y -ut cigars. The Red Cross field director has traveled man, miles to tell him that he is a father of a boy. .The Red Cross handles an "average of 11,-' BOO overseas messages of all types each month. : M . ^ Farhilies of Sen/icemen Are Helped The American Red C rosy 'has long been the official commuiuca- iV.^ channel between men in serv- ioi. and their families at home when serious illness or trouble involves either. Occasionally the Red Cross has the pleasanter job of notifying srr'yj^cmcn of.good such as 3 rifc'.-v h:uiy at h'-.yiij, Thft.r: v,'·;.:s in;iy be sen'. the Fee* '.'run's t";o!d director whci ever th'.: livrvlceman is bc"ond the reach of regular com : .:.;:\$r. chanrieis, This is ;i part rf Ihe Err Home Service prti^rum \V:i).'!t ;: ! ;o inckidev assistance to si : ^.'ic'^.itii and their families .'with prubiems, brought on by the servicemen's nb-- sence from liis home and assistance} to veterans ami their families applying for government benefits such as disabilil · ·%WHcnEulion, hospitiilization a r v1 · p*-:.ul benefits. Cerro Cord'- ! - m i y C!iaj:lor i American Rr-. : i'..··'t:,y H ^ . i s f j ' . a n , average of '···.·" ;.·.·:,·;!(!.';! ;i :(mnlh and this sen ?;''·· ' · · · .."uivvr'^i f.s.v thfi contributioni Cerro Cord fund 'Assessor Is Important/ Sqys Zuver i The inside story on the tasks and problems of a city assessor was narrated by Bert Zuver, city assessor of Des Moines, 'at Kiwanis Club Thursday at the Hotel Hanford. .The speaker, who is vice president of the National Association of Assessing Officers, was introduced by Bob Iscnsce, program c h a i r m a n for February. "It takes a lot of money to run a c o m m u n i t y and the job of the assessor is to see thai each person pays his fair share," the speaker declared. "It takes a lot of study and a lot of work to determine the value of each person's visibir wesilh for tax purposes. Vaiuc is a r,ialter of opinion; it is what you arc willing to pay." The assessor is second, in importance in local government, Zuv- cr said, and must have the confidence of the people who elect him. He will try to do as the electors wish and maintain a fair evaluation of al! property, he added. "The assessor has one of the most difficult jobs in the community," Zuver noted. "The last 10 · e a r s have brought more progress in the job of the assessor than ever before in my lifetime." A renewal of the charter of Troop 3, Boy Scouts of America, was presented to Dr. Van Hunt, who accepted on behalf of the Boy Scouts Committee. The members include Art Phclps, AI Ewing, Mel Paulson, Charles Swift, Ted Weaver, Dick Wolfe, MiUon Raizes and Art Fischbeck, Chairman. Dale Cory Defaults in $3,675 Suit A default judgment in the amount of $3,C75 was made agai.-ist Dale Cory Thursday by District Judge William Butler. Cory was found to be in default LOTS OF ATTENTION--Miss Mary Casey gets lots of attention from a _ _ _ _,,,.. City beauticians who are celebrating National Beauty Week. Their celebration involved visiting each of the city's nursing homes and cutting and trimming hair for 70 invalid and bedfast women. Those who gave their services as representatives of the Mason City unit of the National Hairdressers and .Cosmetologists Association were (left to right) Elaine Phillips, Evelyn Boiler, Ida McEiroy, Delores Evanoff, Giennis Hutchensen Shirley Wilhite and Lois Warren in addition to four not pictured, Gerald Raisch Mary'John- son, Dorothy Curtis and Lucille Nielsen. Our Savior's Plans Lenten Season Series The board of deacons and pastor of Our Savior's Lutheran Church, 2502 Jefferson S. W., are planning a special series of meetings to usher in the Lenten Season. The Rev. George Strum of Zir·:.. Lutheran Church of Clear Lai'. and the Rev. ,T. Endcrson will ex- Feb. 26, 1954 Mason City Globe-Oaietle, MatfO CHj. U. for non-appearance in' court in an action brought by Thelma Frost, executrix of the estate of .Ezra B. Cory, against Cory and his'wlfe. Mrs. Frost, 606'/i East State, alleged that Cory and his wife had failed to repay a $3,800 loan made to them by Ezra B. Cory on Sept. ic, 1947.: The Corys live at 1001 Elm Drive. tion of the Lord's Supper and a ~..« ....^ **v,y. u. jjnuwtOLMI \in CA- uuii ui me L/oru s ouppcr anu af change pulpits for the two services message by Pastor Enderson "In on Sunday morning at 8:30 a. m. Christ, I Live, and 11 a. m. Evening services from Sunday through Wednesday will carry the theme: "To Glory in Christ." Sunday at 8 p. m., Pastor Strum will speak on "Living By the Law." Monday at 8 p. m. the Hey. T.en.-n Spaulding will speak on "Christ FulfilHnt' .he Law." T-;.v.-,.Jiiy at 8 p. m. the Rev. 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