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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Wednesday, October 15, 1913
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES. VoL XL No. 298. Gettysburg, Pa, Wednesday, October 15th, Price Two Ceata. J 4-f i ou mm i For lady bringing finest bouquet of flowers-pair "Queen Quality" Shoes. For man bringing finest half peck display apples--pair "Walk-Over" Shoes. For father whoes sons total weight is the most, a "Lamson and Hubbard" Hat (Scales will be provided and weighing must be done at the store.) Hckeri's Store "On The Square" WILL RECOMMEND $7500 APPARATUS Joint Committee of Town Council and Fire Company Agree to Recommend the Purchase of Up-to- date Fire Fighting Appaiatus. WALTER'S THEATRE 4 REELS TONIGHT THAXUOL'SER RELIANCE FOR TUE MAX SUE LOVED Tellinjj of the thrilling courting of a ranchman' THE \V\GER. Reliance Any chiU of the slums raised with your child will turn out as^-.ell is the keynote of this absorbingly interesting drama. OXE OF THE FINEST Majestic Lamar Johnstone and Ann Drtw are surely worth seeing in this picture. A ROSE OF MEXICO American 4 Reels tonight 4 Reels Show Starts 0.45 Admission 5c. to all. COMING October 10, 17. IS. I'roi Bristols Horse and Pony show, carrying bis specli! car with 17 Poni«. 2 hnruau horse and a trick mule, a special attraction. P H O T O P L A Y A $7500 combination automobile water and chemical fire fighting ap- LOCAL HUNTERS HOUSE OUT FOR GAME Squirrel and Pheasant Season Opens with Twelve Hundred Hunters 3 Licenses Issued in this County. Halt the Trespassers. Hunters by the score v.-ent forth with their guns and ammunition this paratus is to be the recommendation of morning to hunt the active squirrel the joint committee of town council I a^d the elusive pheasaat. Adams and fire company at the next meeting · Count:.- has issued over twelve hun- of the town's governing body. Losing I ored licenses at $1.00 each to the nlm- no time after its appointment the com- j rods of the county and a goodly pro- mittee got down to work and elimin- j portion of this number went to the ated all the other machines proposed.; woods early this morning. LaFrance i Squirrels are reported plentiful heard ing last I niade after sport of an Sour or ESSAXAY SELIG L.ubin Comedy UBI X THE HIDEEX BAXK ROLL He has Front a Ihely night and when he reaches home, he puts his bans roll in his shoes . A tramp picks them up and there is a lively time neit morning. iX MARY MARRIED Lubin Comedy married, but the cops out an end to it- Essanay The boys plan a joke on her after rlie L THE HEART OF A GAMBLER ana at: some very satisfactory returns were j _ .*· -- f -- hour or two in the woods. Pheasants are scarce as is The automobile recommended has j usual and * his variety of hunting sufficient power to throw five hundred \ confined to just a few portions of the gallons of water a minute and carries | mountains in the western part of this a forty gallon triple compound tank. ] county though other adjoining coun- so that all the advantages of a small j " es report a number of the birds, chemical apparatus and a big water! The rabbit season comes in on Xov- pamp are combined. The truck Is built i ember first and until that time to ca"rry seven men and is ncted out | a Httle for which the local hunter may xe ^; spend his time. Rabbits will be very AND $15 TAKEN Mrs. Ida Miller Moves from Gettysburg only to Have House Entered Two Nights in Succession and Money Stolen. SYNOD REPORTS HANDSOME GIFTS Mrs. Ida S. Miller who, with her son. lived in Gettysburg until about three weeks ago, was visited at ner new home in Hanover on Saturday and Sunday nights by a burglar who Contributions to Various Branches of Church Activity are Very Large. Several Thousand More than in Year Preceding. cured $15 in cash from the poc: the son and a boarder by the name Sanders- Mrs. Miller, who is a widow, was spending several days in York, and Receipts of $41,727, an increase of S5528.TO over the preceding year, were reported by Rev. Albert Bell, treasurer of the West Pennsylvania Synod, in «- j session in St. James Church, in his an- of 'nua! report which shows large contri- of butions to the various departments of the work of the Lutheran church. Among the other contributions of LETTERS FROM COUNTY TOWNS Correspondents sead in Many (teas of Interesting Kewsjfrem their Respective Towns. Personals and Many Brief Items. ARENDTSVILLE Arendtsville -- Messrs. Marion and Edgar McDannel near this place raised over 1000 bushels of potatoes this season and Samuel Dunlap, of near \Venksville. raised 777 bushels from three and one half acres. C. S. Rice, one of our orchardists. showed your correspondent a twig 12 this Synod during the past year were j inches long that bore six large perfect the following: to Home Missions, j apples. They were the York Imperial S6974.16: to Foreign Missions, $6047.- j variety. 113; to Church Extension, $6309.36: to j Mrs. Aaron Freed reports a red beet her 15-year-old son and a boarder by the name of Sanders, from Gettysburg, were in Hanover at the time. It is said that when the son, who j the Board of Education, $4788.23; to · that weighs seven pounds, works at the Hanover Dyeing estab-1 Ministerial Education. $4899; to the j The road between this town and Big- lishment, returned home about mid- j Pastor's Fund. S11SS-15; to the Loys-: lerviHe is lined with loads of apples night Saturday he found a man up-iville Orphans" Home, $5346.15; to the going to the Biglerville canning fac- stairs, in his bedroom. The boy ran j Deaconess Board, $1679.38; to the out of the house and did not return!Home for the Aged, $509.31; to the there any more that night. On Sunday night Tabitha Home, S925.99. Included in the business of the Syn- with all the necessary lanterns, and equipment usually belonging such apparatus. The council asked at its lasr meet- i 10 ! plentiful, it is said, and with the season not opening until late in the Fall 3 P orE should be ver ' S ood »!* the ing that some definite recommenda- | hunters. ' The enactment.of tion be made so that the exact purpose could be presented to the people of | een5e Iaw has done *» town when the time came to ask for!-"6 prejudice agains t e hunters' li- ro ^-^ the so-called sportsmen who invade the woods, or- A gold miner, out of food, sends his daugbt :r to the general store, and here shi- s helped by a {rambler, whom in later years L; helped by the miner. PUT TO THE TEbT " Selie The conniry asrl IB foccd sicking- in a eLunh bv the great \oeal instructor and ;· ta' en to the citv. NOTE. Tbe show tomorrow nSghr. a Relief Corp of £be G- A. R. Tbursdav. will be for the benefit of th AUTUMN HUNTING For new styles in suits and over-coats ha? begun now, but the man who is fortnnate enough toifoe a patron 'of The Quality Shop knows that he need not seek any further. Our handsome and elegant Librics are awaitlnc yonr choice and our ^ryles are up-to-the-aiiante and we will fit and finish yoar oucSt in a manner at can only be done when you hare it made by WillMSelligman, Cash Tailor. subscriptions. The joint committee has concurred in the plan of council that j chards and fields one half of the cost should be made by \ residents, tearing down fences, tramp- of A s County popular subscription and the other by {«=ff vegetation and injuring trees., and the borough funds. This will give S3750 to be raised by each and the fire company has alreadv voted S500 toward the popular subscription list. A rime of six months, after the au- i in S his experiences said, In one year I had the member of those forbidding hunt~ m S OE their Premises is larger this r than ever before- One well known r of ^ coun *' ln ^scass- forty young by careless tomobile engine is received, is given in , which complete payment is to be' trees severely damaged made. A month's test is allowed before i hunters wnfle the tops were shot on the borough's final acceptance and the i :nan - v older ones - Ifc 15 J er ? eiscourCg- terms, as outlined by the representa- ', ln S and l ^ noE aUw J U3t SRV one to tiveofthe American LaFrance Fire hnnt on m " Iand -'' ! Another fanner referred to the cus- insrru- There Are many convincing anrsments thai might be presented as to the superiority Of Lippy Made Clothes bat we know of none so cnndnshe as the refined appearance of the clothes themselves. There is beanty in every line and quality in every stitch and fibre. J. D. Lippy Tailor We have a special fine line of the Anderson rain coats Engine Companv. of Elmira. were considered very liberal. I com of some boaters carrying It is expected that the town council i menES wlth Trmck TO cat will take final action on the proposi- j TOVen TM K fences to lee themselves tion at their regular November meet- j tnrongh ~ nd tnelr dogs ^ ^ollow with; n _ \ out waste of time. Damage of no small . j amount has been chalked up by many farmers as the result of the carelessness of hunters and it is small wonder _ ! thac so manv debar the Troop' j. the son. and the boarder, Sanders. slept in the house, when they say about S15 in cash was taken from their ckets. A suit case was broken open and the bureau drawers ransacked. Both say they heard nothing during the night- Mrs. Miller on her return from York Monday evening, became very servous over the affair, and an officer was instructed to keep watch at place during the evening. Suspicions seem to rest on a person who is being watched. tory and the rairoad station- Joseph E. Wierman, one of our veterans, is confined to his bed by illness. Mr. and Mrs. John F. Bushey at- this place. Rev. T. C. Hesson. wife and daughter. Lillian, C- L- Criswell and wife, GIVEN OFFICES Adams County Pupils Elected to Xor- mal School Offices. At the Cumberland Valley State Normal School the Press Club has organized and elected the following officers: Herbert W. Meckiey, son of Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Meckiey. of near Ab- bortstown. president: John L. Stock. in. I son of Mr. and Mrs. U. -J. Stock, who z near Xew Oxford, vice president; HAGERSTOWN FAIR . _, _ _ . Annual Show Begins. Cavalry Th^re. Big Poultry Show. yini.iiuiiiniiiuTiiiinuiHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiHiniiiiiiiiuiiiaiiitinHiiiHiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiii niiimiiniii «unt I SOUVENIRS I | FOR EVERYBODY | 1 Farmers Day Sat. Oct. 18th | | SPECIAL PRICES on almost everything | 1 - Double trading stamps on Cash purchases = | Premiums | $5.00 Ladies Hand Bag for qt Largest LimaJBeans | 5.00 Brass Jardinier for qt smallest '* " = Be sure and stop at the -well known = People's Drag Store | The fifty-eighth annual exhibition of the Ilagerstown Interstate Fair and Horse Show opened Tuesday morning. The onening was preceded bv a pa- ! rade, headed by the Wayne and Silver- | snowl1 * hem ine Bands. Entries in the various departments are "well filled and in many instances [ exceed prevons records. In the poultry j department there are nearly 10.000 entries---the largest number in the history of the fair. One of the feature attractions is a troop of the Eleventh United States Cavalry, which arrived at noon Tuesday and ·vrenc into camp on the grounds- The troop -vdli give daily drills in the race track inclosnre. The machinery and farm implement exhibits are among the greatest ever ! shown there- many aebar trie sportsmen i irom their land. In many instances i permission, when asked, is granted if the parties are known. The wearing of the license tag makes identification easy and trespassers will have little consideration INTENTION William Stock. Formerly of this Place. Makes Ambitions Claim. QUARTERLY CONFERENCE Wfll be Held in Idaville Xext Sunday. October 19. The third quarterly conference for Idaville Mission of the United Evangelical church will be held ia Idaville i Charch over Sunday, October 19. THATS ALL RIGHT. I want you to know that I am still determined to get your Business, I have both telephones, and will split the air to beat the clock in my automobile to save your SICK STOCK. Day or Mght cajLJDR. HUDSON^ OLDFASHIQ^D MOLASSES TAFFY Almond Taf4jO}cenl£^5iiB\jUernui Taffy, 50 cents Jb., Peanat Taffy,-20 j "itf Brittter-iO cents lb,. Ice. Cream Taffies, 70 cents ib.--Fresh r «., *,- o - " I saves £reraenc trios to the dnnro Preacmng on Satarcav evening at I ,, , - , " , , - . _ _ ,, _, _ _ , , ~ ,, _ , . , . i tne lignt dust that remains is :30. Rev. B. JU Moor, ot Eziola, v--:ll i , " f . ^, ,.. i. .11. i - ,-. -, ,,, ,, , grade fertilizer tnat reaailv be the speaker 01 the day. The tioly 15 Communion will be administered at' iancy P nce - William Stock, of York, a brother of Jacob and -John Stock, of Gettysburg, who for the past three years has been working on a new form of street cleaning machine, has at last perfected a ·working model and will exhibit it to a group of Baltimore capitalists in that city on Monday. Mr. Stock employs an entirely new- principle in his machine. Instead of stirring up great quantities of dust as most of the machines novr in use do, his appliance gathers the dirt by suction and deposits it in a barrel shaped container. The action of the machine generates an electrical current that is bronght to play on tue accumulated dirt, and in the form of an intense heat and the rubbish is burned as fast as ic is gathered. This feature and a high brings a Miss Margaret Lerew. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Lerew. near Oxford, recording secretary: Miss Alma Fiscel, of Xew Oxford, assistant recording secretary; Edgar R. Lower. son of Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Lower, of near Biglervilie. reporter to che Principal. The birthday of James Whitcomb Riley, was celebrated on October 7. The following Adams Countians took part in the exercises; P. Earle Herting, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Hert- ir.g. of near Bigierviile, iliss Alma Fiscel. Xew Oxford: Miss Mary Spangler. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Spangler. of Getcysburg. Miss Grace L. Byers, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George G Byers, of Fairneld. Messrs- Herbert W. Meck- iey and John L. Stock are members of the Xomial Societv Glee Club. od on Tuesday was action pledging Bended the State Sabbath School con- the moral and financial support of the' vention held at Williamsport last body to its officers who, ic is said, may ! ^'eek. Mr. Bushey was a delegate from be sued for damages, by Rev. John Erler. of Seven Valleys. Rev. Mr. Erler was some time ago elected pastor o? the Lutheran charge at Seven Val- Reynolds R. Criswell, wife and daugh- leys but Rev. G. M. Diffenderfer, prc-i ter Mildred, spent last Saturday in sident of the Synod now in session Harrisburg. J Clyde H. Lady who is engaged in teaching mathematics in the West Chester Normal School spent Saturday and Sunday in the home of his tion. He is still living ac Seven Valleys' Parents, Mr. and Mrs. Hiram C. Lady, though no longer pastor of the charge. m this P Iace The officers of the Synod were all re-elected, president. Rev. G. M. Diffenderfer. Carlisle: secretary. Rev. U. E. Apple. Red Lion; treasurer. Rev. Albert Bell. York; statistical secretary, Rev. W. I. Redcay, Hanover. The various branches of church work were presented by their representatives at the different sessions now in the | here, refused to recognize his letters of dismissal from the New York Synod on account of reflections on Mr. Erler's character which had gained circula- j Miss Celia Arendt, Calvin G. Lady, 'A. F. Trostel, and his son, Harry Trostel. spent several days at the York fair last week. ! Mrs. Jacob Klepper is visfting her , daughter, Mrs. Joseph JenkinSj in Lititz, Lancaster County. Mrs. Alfred Levan and little son, Roy, of Fayetteville, paid a short visit- with her friend, Mrs. H. L. Trostle, of this ulace. REPORTING CASES 3IRS. KATHERLNE GROSS and on Tuesday evening Rev. Clinton E- "Walker, of York, addressed the audience in the main auditorium on j '·Deaconess Work"'. Rev. Mr. Walker j took the place of Rev. A. B. Van Orm- State p reTents H og Cholera Epidemics er. of Shippensburg, who was prevent- ^ Providing Sernm. I from being present- _ J Routine business was again taken Efficient methods of the State Live- up at this morning's session. j stock Sanitary Board officers in stamp- This evening there will be a lay- i n g oct widespread epidemics of hog men's meeting with addresses by C. H-1 cholera have resulted in the last few Kutz. city editor of the Carlisle Even-' years in the reporting of more cases ing Sentinel, and P. A. Elsesser, of York. EDDIE PLANK'S FOURTH Each Member of World's Champions Draws Down -S3.243.94. Midway Woman Dies from an Attack of Acute Indigestion. Mrs. Katherine Gross died suddenly at 3:30 o'clock Tuesday morning, at the noire of her daughter, Mrs. Mary Robinson, at Midway. The cause of death was acute indigestion. She was asred 90 years, 5 months and 23 days- Mrs. Gross was in_her usual good health and partook of a hearty dinner, Idaville at 10:00 a. jn., ar.d on the Ridge at 2:30 p ro. All are invited to be present. A. L. Burket, pastor. COMING ON SATURDAY Sir Alfred Cordington and Party Come here on Saturday. to Daily at/ GETTYSBURG CANDY KITCHEN RUNKPECKMAN'S REALTY REPORT FORSVLE--129 Acres, 5 miles from Gettysburg, S acres oak timber, 500 peach TT7.x-rr .TM - *trees fenced £ 7 fields, good pasture, good fences,red loam soil, 2 wells and cistern FOR RENT: two communicating, public road on two side? of farm, 7 room brick house with halls, large yard, bank furnished rooms, accessible to bath, barn 90x46- hog pen and other buildings, buildings in good couditon, it 13 IK j Board if desired. Apply at Times office. Distinguished visitors to arrive at Gettysburg on Saturday will be Liea- The inventor claims that"the value of the ash is so great that a corporation could afford to buy machines and clean the streets of a city without any cost to them. after which she received the a v tack of indigestion, which resulted in her death. two Officially the 1913 world's series is at an end. The curtain was rung down when John E- Bruce, secretary of the National Commission, handed checks to the members of the "world's champion Athletics who appeared- The 1 checks were for S3.243.94 each, and there were 25 of them. This was the; of the disease than ever in the history of the State. Gettysburg reported a. number of cases within the past month. Prior to the discovery of the serum used to vaccinate hogs brought in conz_ tact with diseased animals, there was no way of checking the spread of the '_ disease. At that time there was no in- I centive for owners or veterinarians to report cases of hog cholera. Reports s are now freely made because the. State livestock officials vaccinate the uncontaminated hogs "without cost to the owners and pay the expenses 01 serum and the work of the veter- f ourth world's series check that Eddie j nar j an Plank has received as a member of the j " The _ e are cases of hog . c - nolej ^ in Athletics; the fourth that Ira Thomas ha]f , he coun des of the Statei Adams has received, three of them with the ' Coantv j nc i u( j ed; but no b jg. epidemics. Athletics and one with Detroit- j Iri Lebanon an d Northumberland counties the worst outbreaks are now being TWO GAMES Unusual Plan of Foot Ball 3Ianagcrs of Rival Teams- subdued through the use of the serum. COMING EVENTS Gettysburg and Mt- St. Mary's will meet in two foot ball games this sea-| son. It seldom happens that any two i is survived by four sons and j teams meet twice in one year but each daughters--Jerome ar.d Joseph j college wished a contest on its own Happenings Schedaled in Gettysburg for Coming Weeks. Gross, of Philadelphia; Edward, of neld. The first game will be played 17--Concert. Mozart Company Brua Chapel. Oct. IS--Gettysburg's second annual ""aimers' Day. McSherrystown. and Ignatius, of Flat- here or, Saturday. October 2-5, ar.d two j Oc -_ 21-- Concert. Miss DeYo and Mr* bush: Mrs. Christian Boll, of York, j weeks later a return contest will be; Bayly. Presbyterian charch. ' and Mrs. Mary Robinson, with whomjvraged on Mt- St. Mary's field. The, OcI _ 2 5--Foot Ball. ed for the past ten years, game at Emmitsburg will be at the Xixon Field- 3It St. Mary's. FAST PICKING 0%er Three Thousand Bushels of pies Picked in One Day, AD- Twenty five men in the Stover Edge- tenant General Sir Alfred Cordington, j wood Orchards on Tuesday picked of the Royal Horse Guards, British 3330 bushels of apples. The picking Army, and party. Their headquarters - . _ _ _ _ will be at the Eagle Hotel- They recently assisted in the dedication of a monument at Braddock. r* trees, timber worth about $1500, chestnnt and oak, good running water through farm all springs, S room house with hall, good bank barn and other buildings. This is a good quality of land and will make an excellent frnit farm. 50 Parke stamps with every $1.00 purchase this week. Miller the Cash Pcnna.' Grocer.--advertisement 1 done by the bushel system and was well organized. Some of the men pick from 160 to 185 bushels per day. Funeralj Friday mO ming, at 9 o'clock, at St. Vincent's church, Midway. Rev. Father Murphy oinciaung. Interment on the family lot at Conewago. time of their big alumni reuniop. MARRIAGE LICENSES Permit to Wed Issued by the Courts. Cleric of of -JUST received this week a number of new tailored suits. All sizes up to 43. AH colors, variety of styles. Hager, o'f Yo"rkl and ^liss Pearl C. Special values $12.50, S15-00. §16-50 Qiinsier has is- license to D. Ralph Oct. 31--Annual Hallowe'en Mummers' Parade. Xov. 7--Lecture. Dean Southwick. Brua Chapel. JAMES W. CLINE Mr. Cline Died at Higfafield. Funeral at Fountaindale. and S20.00. G. W. Weaver and advertisement Son.- I have moved my place of business to the former Reading freight station, comer of Xorth Washington and Railroad streets. Albert HolHnger duce House.--advertisement 50 Parke stamps with -every purchase this week. Miller, the Grocer.--advertisement Pro- 1 §1.00 Cash 1 50 Parke Stamps with every purchase this week. Miller the Grocer.--advertisement $1.00 Cash 1 THE person who took the porch furniture from my home one night recently is known and will prevent trouble by returning the same nt once. Wm. McG. Tavrney.--advertisement · Plank, of Highland township. JUST received SO new suits, up to the minute in style and tailoring. Special prices from $12.50 to S20.00. Many with Skinner's satin lining. GW. Weaver and Son.--advertisement 1 TO-MORROW night at the Photoplay Theatre, show will be for the benefit of the Woman's Relief Corps, of the G. A. R. Admission 5 cents.-advertisement 1 James W. Cline, Highfield, died Tuesday morning at 7:30 o'clock, after a lingering illness from Blight's disease, aged 68 years and 7 months. Several children survive. Funeral. Thursday leaving the house at 9 a. m. Services in the church at Fountaindale, Interment at Fountain- dale. 50 Parke Stamps with every purchase this week. Miller the Grocer,--advertisement 11.00 Cash 1

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