The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 11, 1931 · Page 15
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 15

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 11, 1931
Page 15
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,% il 16^ KEELER FILES TAX PETITION A s k s Redetermitlation o f Amount on B. C. Keeler Estate. By RADFORD E. MOBLEY Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON, Feb. 11--Fred B. -Keeler of Mason City has filed a petition with ,y the United States board of tax appeals asking for a redeterrnination ,of estate tax assessed against the estate of B. C. Keeler, of which he is the heir, the board announced here today. The amount of tax in controversy 3s $3,142. Keeler claimed in his petition that the commissioner of internal revenue had failed to allow certain deductions, resulting in an assessment considerably in excess of the just amount, it was learnd. Jessie Lobb Granted Divorce by Kelley Jessie Lobb was granted a divorce from Edward Lobb by Judge C. H. Kelley in the district court Tuesday afternoon. Cruel and inhuman treat- men were alleged by the plaintiff as the grounds for the separation. Alimony of 530 a month and settlement of property owned jointly by the contesting parties were contained in a stipulation filed with the petition and approved by the judge. Mrs. Lobb testified she and her husband were married at Albert Lea in 1921. . MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE ENDS 2 YEARS OF "INDIGESTION" IN SURPRISING WAY Boy Scouts at Dows Plan Father and Son Banquet DOWS, Feb. ll.--The Boy Scouts, troop 51, are planning a father, and son banquet to be held Tuesday eve- 'ning, Feb. 24. There's good news for all stomach sufferers in the sensation beine created by a simple discovery, due ii j ff"°, k ' ea ?y vav it relieves so- called indigestion," and its symn- i° m , s ° f gas, bloating, belching, ieadaches, nausea, heartburn, etc. . "Pape's Diapepsin," as it is called^ is eaten like candy--and is just as - harmless. No narcotics "or pain- Mlers in it. Althing habit-forming No sooner swallowed than pain stops; normal digestion is restored. Thousands are so enthusiastic over the results they are securing that they simply have to tell their experiences to help others. Here's wtmt attractive Miss Irma Linn, 1004 East Washington St.. Des Moines, Iowa, "I am not at all nervous now and flo not suffer any more from gas. headaches, heartburn or that heavy feeling evea. alter the heartiest meal A eat radishes, pastries or anythine __«riss.yitho)iL .discomfort. *..«"t pr'I sure owe «Tlot to the friend who cot me started on Pape's Diapepsin. It ended my two years' suffering from indigestion m a surprising way." All druggists sell Pape's Diapepsin; cr write Pane's Diapepsin," Wheell ing, W. Va., for a FREE sample box. Stewart Gets Honorary Degree. IOWA CITY, Feb. 11.--George W. Stewart, head of the University of Iowa's department of physics. Wednesday morning was granted the honorary degree of doctor of science by the University of Pittsburgh. Chemist Added to Faculty. IOWA CITY, Feb. .11.--Courses in organic chemistry will be taught during the University of Iowa's summer session' by Dr. J. B. Culbertson of Cornell college, it is announced by Prof. Edward Barlow head of the department. MODERATE RUN STEADIES HOGTPRICES LIGHT ACTIVITY IN CATTLE TRADE Backache Leg Pains ''"uwt^alcX^yiaS 101 ,? 011 * A T1i-inl*.l · _ .' Steady Prices Asked for Sheep With Small Receipts Sufficient. CHICAGO, Feb. 11. (m--H o s prices were steadied by a run of 2i,000 which about balanced the apparent needs of the trade. Packers received 5,000 hogs on thru bills and 5,000 stale ones were carried over unsold from Tuesday's m a r k e t Eastern demand was moderately active but orders were not extensive during the early forenoon. Sales o£ 150-180 Ib. ho?s at 58.00 to 59.10 ·were fully steady with the average of the previous day, but bids on weightier classes were somewhat easier. Light activity was reported i cattle alleys on a fresh supply o 7,500 matured cattle and 2,00 calves. No pressure was exertei upon any of the buying agencies an while packers received no direct con signments they felt the utmost con fidehce that they would be able tf secure whatever they needed out o the open market without price a'd vances. One of the major killing- house received 664 lambs direct from Omaha, but others were withou killing: material. The run of 18,000 was regarded as sufficient for al trade needs, but eastern buyers die not reveal the extent of their orders during their initial cruise of the sheep sheds. Steady prices were asked. Hogs closed 10-20C lower. Callle finished acllve and alrong on welphty steers, other:, steady and sheep mostly 50c down. E«od I'll aleenTand pnVri-J 1 " 1 ""Drove leat- Ouly 60c It ea " Ky - or noaey back. ' at BRADY DRUG CO. IQuick Relief for Stomach Ills Dangerous to let a COLD hang on Stop it in a hurry with HILL'S GASCARA QUININE. Take two tiny tablets now, follow directions and IN A. DAY the four medicina agents compounded into each HILL'S tablet will break-up that cold, make you feel fine ... or druggist will refund your money. Avoid substitutes. DEMAND THE RED BOX HILL'S DO YOU NEED ' MONEY? Our personal loan department offers good service and reasonable terms. C. E. Brooks Co. 209^ 1st Natl. Bk. Bldg.. Ph. 280 LET US EXECUTE YOUR ORDERS for listed or unlisted SECURITIES on any Stoclc Exchange Investment Department FIRST. NATIONAL BANK ' Mason City QUICK RELIEF FROM CONSTIPATION That }s the joyful .cry of thous- tnds since Dr. Edwards produced Olive Tablets, the substitute for calomel. Dr. Edwards, a practicing physician- for 20 years, and calomel's old time enemy, discovered the formula for Olive Tablets while treating patients for chronic constipation and torpid livers. Olive Tablets do not contain calomel, just a healing, soothing vegetable laxative safe and picas- ant. No griping is the "keynote" of these little sugar-coated, olive-colored tablets. They help causa the bowels and liver to act normally. They never force them to unnatural action. If you have a "dark brown mouth" -- bad breath-- a dull, tfred Local Hogs MASON CITY, Feb. 21.--Best sorted light, 180 to 230 Ibs., $7.00 best medium weight butchers, 240 to 260 Ibs., 56.60, best heavy butchers, 270 to 300 Ibs., 56.30; best prime heavy butchers, 310 to 350 Ibs., 56.10; best packing sows, 300 to 350 Ibs. 55.60; best heavy sows, 360 to 400 Ibs., 55.40. ,,,,, KANSAS crrv LIVESTOCK. KANSAS CITY. Feb. 11. L3)--U. S department of agriculture-HOGS 5,500; 420 direct: slow, steady lo lOc lower on 230 Ibs. down; heavier weight ami; top J7.65 on assorted ISO-ISO Ibs. good and choice 140-180 Ihs. *7.35ffl7.65; 180-200 IDS. 57.3087.65; 200-230 Ibs. $T.25@T.60; 220-250 Ibs. 56.80®7.-I5; 250-290 ll3. J6,.-0 «(7; 230-350 Ibs. S6.25Si6.75; packing sows 275-500 Ibs. J5.50fJ6.15; stock piss, and ehofce 70-130 Ibs. $7f?i-7.50. CATTI.K 5,500; calye.i 1~,000; killing classes slow, weak; most early bids lower; stockers and feeders weak; steers, good and choice 600-SOO Ibs. $7.50;3u.25: 900-110.1 Ibs. 57.50WU.25; 1100-1.100 Ibs, S7.75® 11.25; 1300-1500 Ibs. $8«J11.25; common and medium 800 Ibs. up J5SJ8; heifers, good and cnolce 550-850 Ibs. 56.25W3.50: common and medium 550-850 Ibs. S4.25aiG.EO; cows. Rood and choice J4.50@6; common and m e d i u m S3.50ft'4,50; low cutter and cutler 32 50''V 3.50; vealers (milk Jed) medium lo choice 55,oOfi 3: . cull and common 53.50*05.50; stocker and feeder steers, good and choice (all weights) S6.50fi'S.75; common and medium (all weights) S4fl6.50, SHEfil- 1J.OOO; s l o w ; / . ,,,,.... early; most bids lower: best fed lambs held above $8.75. Lambs, good and choice 90 Ibs. down S8fi'8.75: m e d i u m SO Ibs. down » 7 f j S ; common, all weights 55.75SJ7: ewes, medium to choice 150 Iba, down $3.25't?4.75. LIVESTOCK FORECAST CHICAGO. Kcb. 11. i.iv- Official estimated receipts tomorrow: Cattle, 6,000; hogs 39,000: sheep, 17,000. WHEAT PRICES ON DOWNWARD PATH Denials of Russian Revolt Cause Reaction in Grain. CHICAGO, Feb. 11. UP)-- Reacting from bulges which had carried wheat week's up to 7 cents above last bottom prices, wheat today showed a general downward trend. Denials of a revolution in Russia gave an advantage to bears nnri on in \nlt v f e l K l l l S J 44?? b . O U , 1 J-A - ,. " -lcrtlS, Ulm faO SHEEP; slow; 'very little done f 0 0 am indications of rain tomorrow ·' -- "· · ' m domestic drought territory. Talk of a probable larger movement of corn from which the interior was an additional bearish factor. LIVESTOCK FORECAST CHICAGO. Feb. 11.--Estimated receipts of hogs, 40,000; cattle. 7.000; sheep, 11000 Market Notes BY TICKER TAPE Representative Sales CHICAGO, Feb. 11. i.-n--Representative sales selected by the U. a. department of agriculture-- CATTLE. Steers-- Heifers-- 30 677 e no 712 8.01) 923 7.-1 1417 1314 910 2218 137li 1159 1341 ·1018 971 1124 1201 1201 1003 012 11.25 10.50 10.50 10.25 9.35 B.25 9.00 S.75 8.35 8.UI1 7.75 7.50 7.30 6.£11 28 22 30 Cows 10 20 13 11 primary receipts us totaled 923 1213 820 1012 691 S.T 4.5 3.7 3.1! Native Lambs-- feeling--sick headache--torpid liver--constipation, you should find quick, sure and pleasant results from one or two of Dr Edwards Olive Tablets. Thousands take them every night to keep right. Try them. 15c, 30c, GOc. CHICAGO LIVESTOCK CHICAGO, Feb. II. /p-- Uniled States epartment of agriculture -HOGS 24.000: 5.000 direct: alow; early ales steady to lOc lower some bids oft more: 140-200 Ibs. S7.90Jf8.10: top SS.10; 210-280 Ibs. S6.90-jI7.S5: pigs S7.2flTO7.85r packing sows I6.00®0.35; light llpht. good and choice 140-160 Ibs. S7.90ff8.10- light weight 160-200 Its. i7.80ff8.10.- medium weight 200-250 Ibs. S7.OOrQ-8.00: heavy weight 250-350 Ibs. $8.50517.15: packing BOWB mod- lum and good 275-500 Ibs. S5.85ffi6.35; slaughter PIES, good and choice 100-130 Ibs. 90 [36 .55 GO 30 20 0 48 49 2 2 17 14 83 89 S2 SS 87 92 79 94 77 99 95 85 107 60 Fed Westerns-455 811 270 80 B50 85 220 01 460 38 Fat Ewes-- Heavy-64 34 . . CATTLE 7.500: calves 2.000; fed atccra and yearlings about steady; market more active than on previous days; light heifer and mixed y e a r l i n g s strong and butcher stock Blow, about steady; bulls strong; vealers 25 @50c lower; best fed yearlings S10.50; weighty Eteers held h i g h e r : s l a u g h t e r cattle and vealers. steers, good and choice 600-900 101. I8.50em.75: 900-1100 Ibs. J8.75W 11 751100-1300 Ibs. S8.75g.ll.75; 1300-1500 Ibs! 58.75511.75;- common and medium 600-1300 TM .".75©B.OOT heifers, good and choice 550-850 Ibs. J6.00®10,00; common and mcd- low . vealers. milk fed, . 00: cow "' B0 °* nnd choice S4.50 0; common and medium S3. 50(54. 50; cutter and cutter S2.75S23.75; bulls «? c ^ r )l" E3 exclude1 Bood and choice (beef) S4.75SJ6.00; cutter to medium S3.75.W4 75- fed, good and choice SS.50S' «-50«r«-50i cull and common stocker and feeder cattle steers Bood and choice 500-1050 Ibs. 57.00® 8.75; I common and medium S5.00ff?7 00 VOS "EEF 18.000; fat lambs 25-35c lower; very little done; sheep weak; feeders tending lower; good to choice fat lambs 5 8 7 5 of y ^. top ID ' 25; fat °"' es S3.iOfH.SO. Slaughter sheep and Iambs: Lambs, 90 Ibs tS^V-Sl" 0 * and cholc! S8- 2 5i?9.50; medium n^' f8 - JS: 91 ~ 100 lbl - medium to choice 37ljrn.40: all weights, common S6?i7 25' ewes, 90-150 Iba., medium to choice S3.25fi' 4.7u; all weights, cull and common S25i 3.75'" 1113 ' 6 °-75 "«·· Kood and choice Health Better Than Riches "Before I was married, my mother and sister and I did all the farming work on a 6^-acrc farm for eleven years. I married a farmer and now in addition to my housework and the care of my children 1 help him with the outside work on our farm. After my last child was born,. I began to suffer as many women do. Our family doctor gave me medicine but no rc- ults. One day he Told'me to try i-ydia E. Pintham's Vegetable Compound. I did and new.'I am a new woman and I know that good health is better than riches. "--Mrs. Clyde 7. Shaman, K. fi, Uckdale, Pennsylvania. SIOUX CITY* LIVESTOCK. '· SIOUX CITY. Feb. 11. un--u. S. department of agriculture-CATTLE 2.000, calves 303; beef steers and yearlings slow, about steady: other clnssej little changed: load good 1,215 Ib. beeves J0.25; early h u l k short feds S7.25ti8.25- load good 850 Ib. fed heifers S7; moat beef cows $3.T51f4.50; majority medium bulls $1 ©4.25; practical vealer top S8.50; medium lo good light stackers up to 57.25. HOGS 18,000, 400 billed thru; fairly active lo shippers for 160-210 Ib, bulchers- steady lo lOc lower; olher weights dull; packing sows steady: -160-210 Ib. weights largely $7.15;E7.35; top 57.40; packing sows mostly 55.65SO; few slaughter pigs to shippers $6.75; stock pigs salable 57 d o w n . SHEEP 800. very little done; load fell clipped lambs 58.15; packers bidding sharii- ly lower for wooled lambs of S8.50 down, generally asking $3.83 and better; other classes u n c h a n g e d ; fat ewes salable down; desirable feeding lambs 57.75. 347 307 289 274 251 254 " 210 239 232 223 214 205 9.25 9.15 B.10 9.00 8.8,-) H.75 S.75 8.65 8.50 S.25 7.75 7.SO 7.00 HOGS. · Llghtg-- 84 03 58 60 65 37 fl IS 33 10 3 12S 1.10 T53 16Y ISO 6.45 3.5.1 6.75 8.85 6.".'. 7.05 7.2S 7.10 7.55 7.05 32 41 17 38 197 189 182 175 166 161 Lights-155 147 142 136 8.15 6,10 8.00 8. 8.2.) 4.50 4.25 4.00 3.75 3.'50 T.90 S.OO 8.00 8.10 S.OO 8.10 7.00 8.30 7.55 tow hard and No. 1 northern aprlnc' 79V c- r · " ' " " d W a T O M c ; No. 2 mixed 79c Corn No. 3 mixed (extra dry) 63c- No mixed 6 2 W 6 2 M c ; No. 5 mixed GOvTc : NO' yellow CSSISBKc; No. 3 ytll'w 62'4SS65t/c «,V 5 » E "° W 61 *"-Mc; No. 5 yelW - whlle "HJ.68C: No. 3 w · ilye-- No sales. Timothy seed S Clover Beetl S14i Lard $8.12; t $10.75; belllu 510.50. MASON CITY GRAIN Barley MASON CITY ' Feb - "oats ...;;;;;;; ij Shelled corn, No. 4 .'.' GrainFutures CORN--' Mar. old. new. , old . . . WEDNESDAY GRAIN CLOSE CHICAGO, Feb. 11, May Hog Markets By THE ASSOCIATED PHE5S =' Hog prices at Iowa markets Wednesday CEDAR RAPIDS-- Prime hogs: Medium S6.50ft6.70: heavies J6.10®6.30; IlKht* S6 Su 8'7: packers $5. 10 if 5. 50. · ES -- ai700: E t ^dy; prlmo' lights prime mediums 56 45-0-6 D-v ; good packers S3 j 7.J5; hCaV ' M 'A-- lOc lower; 120-150 Ibs S4 90 130-170 Ibs. S6.30; 170-220 Ibs. S6 85- 220- 2«0 Ibs. S6.60; 200-300 Ibs. S6.30: 300-350 Ibs. SS: over 350 Ibs. J5.70; good packers 55.50: f a i r packers S4.50. WATERLOO-- Prime /hoga S8.70S7; mediums S6.20B6.70; heavies 5S.80Sf6.20; packers 55.10'ff5.60. · COMBINED HOG RECEIl'TS. DES MOINES. Feb. 11. I,T--U. 3. department of agriculture-Combined hog receipts at 24 concentration yards and 7 packing plants located in inferior Iowa and southern Minnesota for the 24 hour period ended at 10 a. m. today were 22,1)00 compared with 23.700 a, week ago. Steady to lOc lower, mostly steady to weak, trading rather alow; bulk of 170230 Ibs. J0.85ff7.25: a few choice 170-190 Ibs. up to 57.35 and 57.40; 240-280 Ibs mostly Sfi.20ff-8.75; big weight butchers d o w n lo Sfl and occasionally below. Quotations for good and choice: Light lights. 140-1GO Ibs. C6.80ff'7.40; light weights. lliO-180 Ibs. S6.90W 7.40; 180-200 Ibs. S0.05ff7.40: medium weights. 200-20 Ibs. S6.80W7.30: 220-2SO Ibs. {G.45rft7,lO; heavy weights. 250-290 Ibs. 56.20^6.75; 2DO- 350 Ihs. ?5.00tfl6.45. Good packing sows. 275-350 Ibs. S5.50ffi 5.00; 350-425 Ibs. 55.40^5.70; 425-550 Ills. 5505.50. ydia E.'PfnklHm M»d Co. Lvnn. Mi, WE SPECIALIZE IN REPAIRING ELECTRIC MOTORS trouble with your motor, call us for prompt service ELECTRIC 306 Second S. W. COMPANY Phone 977 SOUTH ST. 1'A.UI. LIVESTOCK. SOUTH ST. PAUL. Feb. 11. (.T)--U. S. department of agriculture-CATTLE 2.000; slow with the general t e n - dency weak to lower; best matured steers here held around J8.75: few sales early Sfl.73 fi-8; cows largely $4.50 down; bulcher heifers $5t?6: a ffiw lo 57.50 and above; cul- lers $2.25f?3; bulls weak, mostly J3.ftOtii 3,75: a few heavier to 54; feeders and stockers finding narrow bullel. Calves 3,Son; vealeru strong' to spots 50c higher; good grades largely 58.50; choice mostly 510.SO; closely sorted offerings to $11. HOfiS 16.000; few early sales and most bids 20-25c lower; sorted 150-200 Ib." weights S7.25®7.40; bidding mostly S6.75ii7.25 on 200-240 Ib. averages; largely S8.25i76.75 on 240-325 Ib. weights; sows mostly S5.,'iOfi 5.75; best ptRfi S3; average cost Tuesday 57.04. weight 232. SIIEKT 4,500: packers bidding 25-soc lower on fat lambs as sellers holding for steady prices; practically no early sales. HOC. FUTURES. CHICAGO. Feb. 11. (.--pi--HOK futures Heavy packing sows offered at $7 for delivery in March, April and May: Orado Offrrrd LIGHTS-March (1st half delivery . . . 8 . 6 0 March (2nd half delivery) . .8.55 April '. May MEDIUMS-- Mnrcb . .-. s.25 A p r i l May HKAVIES-- Slarcil 7.20 Hiil 8.30 8.40 8.75 S.7.H 7.SO 8.0') s.oo May July Sept WHEAT-Mar. old. . . , new... o l d . . . . new, ,. July Sept OATS-Mar. old... . new. ., May old. ... new. .. July RYE-Mar. old n e w . . . May old.... n e w . , . July ..' LARD-Mar. May July BELLIES-May July .... High .'66 ". .6854 -GO -60% .63 ·8414 .71 -33% .337, -34 H .3411 .33% . .40 - -41 !t - -«% . .42 . 8.2S . 8.55 . 8.67 .10.75 .10.85 Low .fin ·6511 .6714 .68 If, .6SVi ·681i .79 M .79% ·82% .83% .69 ?i .60% .33-rf, .33% .3311 .33-51 .33 IS .39% · « W .42 .4114 8.12 8.22 8.37 Close .65 .65 ii .67% ' .68Vi .OS ',4 .6878 · 79H ·79T» .82 Ji .84 .70 .69=4 .33% .34 .34 V. .33% .3914 .39 S, .'·ii a 8.12 8.22 ,8.37 10.70 10.85 The present world depression has worked Into its latter stages and prosperity lies ahead, according to T. B. Macauley, head !i ik i Assurance company of Can- ana, the largest Insurance company In Canada and the largest In the BrllLih empire writins ordinary l i f e Insurance, addresstnc the a n n u a l meeting of the company Natural processes are working toward recovery n n d w m brmi , , t at)olU ,,, ,,,,,, COUJ . 5e of time, he said, referring to the accumulation of savings, tho consequent low I n t e r est rates and the pressure upon the banks to seek oullels for funds as Ihe Inevitable process of .such conslrucllve factors. in regard to the stock m a r k e t , Mr. Mac- 16, 1030. Corporations can look^fo'nvard'^lo improved earnings, he slated. They have 'accumulated raw materials at low prices, the shelves of customers are comparatively neither they nor their customers! have jaree Inventories to liquidate, nnd with the grad- Is good 1 TM Cl pur:haslnE I 10 TM" 'heir outlook Tfl.VNAtiK REPORT IS BULL A M M U N I T I O N H was apparent thai the market Tuesday was responding to technical conditions more t h a n a n y t h i n g else altbo several favorcb'e straws In the news did much lo extend the advance. Pew had looked for a n y t h i n g like n gain of 188,755 tons In the unfilled busl- ne 33 of the United stales steel corporation In January and the announcement, comlnc, v,hen it did. only served to tncouracc the bulls lo push Ihelr opernllons more aggressively. Many traders which went short In tilt morning pitched to the long side follown| the announcement Political uprisings generally arc regarded as cad news but the one rumored underway m Kussla was Interpreted na bullish. At 'east the grain market responded with advancing prices and to a certain extent the same thing was true of the %tock market. The rumor lucked official confirmation and I in some quarters was regarded as unfoun ea. copper stocks responded to the advar, of I, cent a pound for the'metal. The a ncmncemcnt came somewhat of a jurprl and caused no small volume of short cove KAYON AIVANCE IUIK TO DURA NT criv "harp advance in Industrial Hayon / ,,, '. f , · ^- D u r n n t who has long bee Interested In the stock. A big short Intere had been built up in the stock due to Ih severe competition In the rayon Indus! and covering f r o m this source undoubted Played an Important part in th 0 rise "li company has not yet Issued Ik annual , f n °,u . Ut , °"' cl[ " advices several months a E 1930 on th 2 SC S9 * B '""' 0 earnetl Mij?S!££»VvifS .r^ikr ^^vi 2 · ^ l vrn In of Ihe Fox Film KOX Vil.5t TO SHOW 514,690,000 FIHl VBAR The annual slatement ", ° ?." the atock outstanding. In Its equity m Loews. Inc th» p , 0 "T equal t n B h ° in 1929. the net income after al a , mclltuci1 to 89.469.000. B H t o c k t h c n " K , n ° tE!i due °" rcf " ndcd ' b u t «"·" fora this wm take r ' u « · " wni lake has not been disclosed LAMSON BROTHERS GRAIN LETTER GRAIN MARKET REVIEW CHAIN or-E.v CHICAGO. Feb. 11. Close Close 5Tr. Ago. CORN-Mar. o l d . . . new. . May old n e w . . July Sepl WHEAT-Mar. old. .. n e w . , May old. .. new.. July Sepl OATS--. Mar old Holiday now Holiday May old Holiday new Holiday R U - H0llltay Mar. old Holiday new Holiday May old Holiday ..Holiday . .Holiday .Holiday . .Holiday . -Holiday ..Holiday ..Holiday . .Holiday . .Holiday ..Holiday . .Holiday ..Holiday OMAHA LIVESTOCK. OMAHA, Feb. 11. (,p--U. s. d n p n r t m c n l of agriculture-- IIOOS 25.000, 275 dlrecl: slow, early sales llmlled to weights 230 Ibs. . ana down at steady to lOc lower prices: talking unevenly lower on liberal supplies of heavier weights; top 57.50 on sorted 160-180 Ib lights; bulk 160-210 Ib. weights S7.257.40; 210-233 Ib. butchers S7«7.25; packing sows S5.75W5 85; average cost Tuesday S6.05. weight 248. CATTLE S.aoo; led alcers and yearlings (flow, weak to 25c lower; other killing classes steady w i t h some strength on better srade cows; stackers and feeders scarce, steady: fed steers and yearlings $7{J9- one oad 1.339 Ibs. weighty ulcers $0.75: some held higher; heifers $5.505?6.75: bulk beef ows J l « 5 ; choice lots $5,5038.25: cutter I craites $3fr3.75: medium bulls J3.75W4 25- heavy beef bulls J4W4.25; practical lop voaler.i S8: stockers and .feeders S6 50SV7.50 SHEBP 20,000; Iambs opening weak lo 2rc lower to shippers; packers t a l k i n g crealer declines; sheep strong; feeders s l e n d y ; early :'.lia fed wooled Iambs 92 I b s . and down lo shippers !S.60f?8.R5; packer bldn J8,3,',-i« 8.50; ewe lop 54.65; recillne lambs d o w n ward frnTM $8; m i x e d , fat and feeding lambs up lo 58.25. MISCELLANEOUS new. . July LARD-Mar May July BKI.LIKS-- July .'!.'.'!'! .Holiday -.Holiday ..Holiday . .Holiday . .Holiday ..Holiday . .Holiday Yes'd'y. .67 .S3 . .6!«; .70*, .79 ^ .80 .82:i .81 .84 .72 .34 li .34'i -34 Vi .35 -4214 .44 .43 MINNEAPOLIS Ft.OUR MINNEAPOLIS. Feb. 11. !,n--Flour, unchanged. Shipments 33.213. Bran 15.50; slandard middlings S14.00ft 14.50. 1'OTATO SIAmCET CEIICAGO. Feb. 11. (.11--Uniled Slales department of agriculture-' Potatoes. 77; on track 170; lotal U. 8. shipments 703; about steady; trading rather stow; sacked per cwt.. Wisconsin round whites 51.35^-1.40; fancy shade higher; un- rtrnded SI. 1501.25; Minnesota round whites Sl.15Jjl.30T Idaho russets No. 1. $1.05j7 1.75. occasional car higher; No. 2, $1.30{? 1.35; few S2.40; Colorado McClures branded $1.851j'1.95. HAY MAHKKT. CHICAGO. Veb. 11. l.l-i--II; receipts 24 cars. -y, unchanged. NEW YORK SUGAH. NEW YORK, Feb. 11. l,n--Haw sugar unchanged at 3.33c asked and no sales reported: raw futures 2 to 3 polnta higher- refined unchanged at 4.SOc for fine granulated. TOI.KI1O SEEDS. TOLEDO. Feb. 11. (.T)--Seed unchanged. Will Take Academy Test. CHARLES CITY, Feb. ll._ James Gueffroy, son of Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Gueffroy, received a letter from Congressman J. N. Haugen stating- he will be notified to take a physical examination for entrance to the naval academy at An- napolfs. He was second highest on the list of candidates that took the examination here a few weeks ago. The highest boy was above entrance age. Open Today. .0574-% .08% .0814 .84 .84 .33% .33% -34 li .33% .39*; .40 .41 S.25 8.5,". 8.67 10.65 10.80 MINNEAPOLIS, Feb. 11. (.pi--Wheat-- i cars; holiday a year" ago. Market He lower .TM* 10 ?', 1 , rorlllern an « N°- i dark northern 12. 13, 14 and 15 por cent 73^fi7Tii,- No-^^^rk^hard Montana 14 per cent and 73f(7Gc; No. 2 amber durum 704T74C; No I red durum esc; May 78'/ H c- July 73?lc Corn--No. 3 yellow 5 6 ) J r 5 f l i r . c Oats--No. .1 while 29}; ©ao'.ic" Barley--31^550. Rye--No. 1. SSVjiifWAc Flax--No. 1. S1.SO',1®1.50!J. KANSAS CITV GRAIN. KANSAS CITY, Feb. 11. (.10--Wheat--107 cars; u n c h a n g e d ; No. 2 dark hard 70c; No. GSVjtTctMc; Ho.-2 red nominally 72!''4j73!'-c : No. 3 nominally 71 til72c.- .-«·",.·., Corn--65 cars: down I-iflv-c- No 2 wh[t« nominally 59{?80c: No. 3, 57"4«?58'/.c· No" 2 yellow flOc; No. 3, 56®58?lc- No 2 mlxeti nominally-!tafrS7e; No. 3. S4',i«55y.c. Oats--7 ears; down Uc- ' No "* ' w h i l e nominally 35fl35'.ic; No. 3. 3f, c . mostly to the Orient There j- .* -^^·yssst~ s' hc " 1 , ls , IIller ' ; t o k "P values down. ' mraerlilltc t-equlremenls were being m nt, v A r e e n t l " B »"* Auslrallan move? e,ull Z Pe h115 b C e n -"^"Pointing. This resilUcd apparently | n ,,,,,,,, covering to which sources the foreign b u y i n g of yes- h a h e e n ""rtl-uted. Recent hl e «IT Vf ' f r ^ c ?""«ry offered corn more froely today. Bookings to a r r i v e were 175000 of which 100.000 was from terminals. Book- Ings for the past two days were appro-l- malely 350.000 bushels, n large Jan of which went to industries direct, shipping sales were rather disappointing and cast prices were lower. Tha technical position corn had been weakened as n result of tile recent s h a r p advance and selling today was heirvy, with the market taking its cue frori wheat. Would wllhhold purchases u n l l l lenl of Ihe movement Is k n o w n . due f / i t ^ l i c lower. BULLS IN POWER FOR FOURTH DAY Statistics Showing Strength of Basic Business Are Factor. NEW YORK, Feb. 11. X--Wall street revelled in an old-fashioned bull market in shares for the fourth successive trading session today. The mid-week business statistics were largely negative in their implications but the fact that they showed basic industries still able to offer strong resistance to depression was enough to maintain the carnival spirit among speculators. That spirit did not require much in the way of positive developments, since it represented primarily a revulsion from the morbid frame of mind inherited from the drastic adjustments of the final months of 1930. The share market encountered a wave of profit taking in the first half hour, and again in the early afternoon, but trading turned dull on declines, and swelled to new record volume for the new year as the market advanced. Coppers and nonferrous metals were strong in response to firmer metal prices. Chile Copper surged up 6 points, and American Smelting, Phelps Dodge and Granby gained 2. Among, the volatile specialties Case and Columbian Carbon sold up about 9 points. Auburn dropped 10',4, recovered, and was then given a rest. Utilities and pivotal industrials were strong. Shares making extreme gains of 2 to 4 points included American Can, American Telephone, American and Foreign Power, U. S. Steel, Westinghouse Electric, Johns Manville, and Consolidated Gas. General Motors moved narrowly but Chrysler got tip a point. Credit continued abundant, with outside call money still at one per cent, indicating that the upward movement in shares had not required much in the way of borrowings, perhaps because much of it! has been short covering. STOCK LIST 28 Lehlgh Port c 18 Ligg t My B 88 Ji Loew's 55U Loose Wiles 5111 Lorlllard 14 ~ Louis O . B A 31 Vt 40 li NEW YORK STOCKS. NEW YORK. Feb. Final Quolatlons. Air Reduc 101V4 Kroger Allegheny. 11 Al Che . Dye 16S Allls Chal Mfg 35H Am Can 117 Yi Am Car Fiiy 33 Am Com! Al 11 »i Am Por Pow 37 % Mack A m mil 22 Math Alkali Am Loco 26 1 A Am Pow A L 02^1 Am Had St San 18^ Am noil Mill 29'i Am Sm Ref 18^1 Am Steel Fdrs 27V- Am Bug Ref 51W A T T 194% Am Tob B 114 VI Am Wat Wks 63»; Anaconda 37 It Andes Cop 17 - -- - 2VS 107% May D E Maytag McK Rob Max Sea Oil Mid Cont Oil M K T Mo Pac Mont Ward Arm of 111 B Atchison All Ret A u b u r n Aviation Corp B t O Barnsdall A Bendlx Av Beth St Borden Borg Warn BrtBgs B u r r Add Cal Hecla Can Dry Can Pac Case Cerro de Pasco Chcs o Chic Gt W Chic Ot W pfd C N W C R I 4 p Chrysler Coca Cola Col Fuel Ir Col G E C M St P C M St P pfd Col -Grapho Com! Solv Comwlth So ConRoIeum Consol Gas Contl Can Contt Ins Contl Mot .Corn Prod 181K -Hi 82 H 59V, 30% 9Ti 35 43 -T; 118 27 ·15 'i 7 VI 24 41 5914 19H 163 27 W 40'/I SV, 14 10',* S'.i 95 M 52 !i 50 V, H Curb Market NMV YORK, Feb. 11. (.Tl-The utilities uildenly cam!, to life on the curb m a r k e t oday. quickly catching up with other groups d . Preceded, them In the current Sluggishness of the Power and Light Hoid- ng company shares had been noticeable urine Ihe rally, but they made up for lost me when operators for the advance touk lem i n . hand after a steady opening. Ad- ances of one to three points among the .dcrs were numerous. Electric Bond anil hare woa boosted more than 2 points to bove 50. ' United Light "A"," American and ForelKn ower warrants. American Superpower t W d l c West Utnlties. United corporation ·arrants and Commonwealth Edison gained ne lr two points, while American Gas and ·leclric and American Light and Traction tilled mare than 3. Profit-taking- w e n l forward quietly In oth- r sccllons of tho market, but selling was ght. Driver Harris, Mead Johnson. Aluin- itm and Technicolor, recenl strong spots, iactetl a point or so. Deere firmed and ticrc was some buying In Noranda. Oils were quiet. -International Superpower, the investment trust classification, climbed i publication of. Ihe 1030 earnings stale- em which placed the Block's Dec. 31 asset aliie at $31.24. Call money renewed at-2 per cenl. Cudnhy Curllss \Vr Deere pfd Drug Inc Du Pont Eastman El Pow I, Erie Flsk Fox Film A Frceport Tex Oenl El Gen Foods Gen Motors Gen Pub Ser Gillette Gobel Gold Dust Ooodrlch Goodyear \ Grah Paige Granby G N R Pfd G N R o elf at \v sugar Grig Grun Halm Houston Hudson Hupp III Cent Ind Ref I n t Comb Enir Inll Har Int Nick Can I T T Johns Manv Kelvlnntor Kennecolt Kresge 2114 70 94 i; 17011 3G ' 40!', 4 S 22 Uli, 87 ·1% 314 B414 1014 72 - ' Mot Wheel Nash Nut Bis Nat Ch Reg- A Nat Dairy Nat Lean Nat Pow I Nat Tea n Y Central N Y N H No Am No Pac Oliver F (new) Otis St Pac G i B Packard Pan Am Pet B Para Pub Pathe Penick Ford Penn Phil Pet Pills Fl Proc SV Gam Pub Serv N J Pullman Radio K O Reading Rem Rand rteo Hep Stl Rey Tob B Hoy Dutch St L San F Sears R Shell U Simmons Sinclair Skelly . So Pac So Pr Bug 50 Rail Stand Brds St o E 51 Oil Cal SI OJI N J St Oil N Y Stew Warn Stone Web . Stude Superior Oil Tex Corp Vex Gulf Sul Tim Roll B Union Carb Un Pac Unit Airc Unit CI B Unit Corp Unit G A; E J S Iml Ale U S Rub U S Smelt U S Steel Ut 26 33-X 1414 16 2514 2 lit .IS 16 li 34 Sl.-ji 45-il 128 W .1711. 19 12614 SSli 82 VS 58 ·Hi 14 it ·IS 10',i 34 44 'A 61 S. 14 li 30 70V, 8311 551!, 9714' 16',', 45 V. 42 55 «1 50 ','. 1214 10 108 li 13 li 61 16% 707, 49-; say, Slit 51 63 K. 202 W 31 ?,i 5 sats 30 li 63% 14 21 147 V/n b.ish Ward Bak A V-':;rn Plx W Mary T.-QSI A i r West E R f g Willys Ov U'oolworth Lgt A 27(i 1 60-Ji 18 17 It 34% Boil 5% 62-.1 Beatrice Cream Cent Pub Ser A Cllles Service 19 Conl Chic clfs Kcxlcr Co C.r Lakes Alrc Grigsby-Grunow Insult Ul Inv Kell Switch Llbby McNeil 26-,i Yell' Tr r ,,, r , 27 "i Youns S * W CHICAGO STOCKS. CHICAGO.- Hcb. 11. ,.,.,_ 7014 Majestic H'hotd 3), '"" Mid-West Utll 24?; Wnt Stand nni; Std Dreiltlng Su-ift Co S w i f t Inll U S Gypsum U t l l i Ind Zenltli BVi 10 21.1 4 Wi 5'.. 12 M 2414 !'-, 30 35 Bond Market LIverpoo 10.60 11.30 OMAHA OHAIN. OMAHA, Feb. 11. I.TT--Whenl--Dark hard °- vZ° V i c : har " No - J - W W f f T O c : No. 2. cBJIc: northern spring No. -3 and mixed No. 3, 68VK Com--White No. 3. 53Vic: No. 4. f,SH c yellow No. 3. iMVSiftSJSc: No. 4, 52'im-i5c- mixed Jfo, 3, 3tffss^ei No. 1. 52ff54',i.c Oats-White No. .1, 31-Xc; No. 4 41 \c HIDES MASON CITY, Feb. 11.-Cash Quotations by E. G. Morse. EGGS Eggs (current receipts) irji POULTRY Spring chickens, heavy breed general run '14, Stags _'_"" Leghorns, spring Heavy hens, 4 ','· Ibs. Lisrht hens . . f ~ [ Old cocks, heavy Ducks " Geese · · · · · Merchants quotatfons. Eggs, in trade Eggs, cash Butter, Plymouth '." Butter, Clear -Lake .. . " Butter. State Branri. Sutter. dairy Potatoes 40c and 50o 'a ..,12c ..lie ...13o ...lOc ... 8c ,'.'. 7c . .12c .. lOc . ..34c ..32c N E W YORK. Feb. 11. (..IT--Bonds were bject to irregular movemenls today, wltli veBlment obllgallonR of American' corpora- ons dominant. Convertibles and second de issues were active and maintained .1 rm trend. United States governments owed no change In their behavior aiid ere slightly lower. The greater activity In convertibles- and the buoyancy of some second grade Issues that have been neglected /or many months was regarded as encouraging. Some of Die second grade bonds selling far below pai are widely held by country banks. Allho affected by conditions In the money market they are more sensitive to business conditions than are premier Issues, and fluctuations are consequently wider in a depression. There was an Increase in the volume of new f i n a n c i n g today, the total being swelled to SH.000,000 thru two corporate Issues and c. municipal loan. SUPPLEMENTARY LIST OF STOCK QUOTATIONS Supplied by LAMSON BROTHERS AND CO Mason City Office in Bagley- Beck Building. Telephone No 7 Abl Po Am Bank Note NEW VORK STOCKS Pa Co 1014 Her., choc Co 01 W Indian Ref - Fdy 33 Ant Car Am Metal Am Sum Tob 94i Am Tob 114 Am Z L t- Sm S Arm Co B III 21i Assoc Dry Gds 20^ Baldwin Lo 24 (~ Br-Ba Col Co 13 ' Burr Add Much 30K Bush Terminal 25?; i o l v J n n t o r Corp 12 Lambert Co 52^- Llq Carb Corp 48 Louisiana Oil 4 1 - Malh A l k a l i 2 B " ^VcK and Robb 14ii Nev Cons Cop l ^ i i Oils Steel 14^; P.llhe Exchange i i" Plllabllry Flour Pure Oil Co Purity Bak Op 30 10 ^ 4n CLOSING I)ONU QUOTATIONS. NEW YORK, Feb. 11. tffi--United Stales Rovcrnmenl bands closed: L i b e r t y 31is 101.24. First 4 Vis 102.20. Fourth 4'As 103.22. Treasury 4v' t s 111.26. rnonncE KUTURKS. CHICAGO. Feb. 11. l,Ti--ERE futures closed: Fresh graded firsts, Feb. 15 1-Sc- sioraie packed firsts. A p r i l 1811 ST18T(.c. utler futures closed: Storage standards Marcii 23?;f?24c. Com Credit Com Solvents Cont Motors Cont Oil Cudahy Packlni Curt Wri pfd l-trst Natl sirs 471'. Plsk Rubber «; Genernl Mills 4G Am For P Co Am Gas El Am Sup Pow Ark Nat 10 "4 79", A 8Vi Assoc G 4 E A 21 Reo M^otors Schulte Re Sirs So Calif Edison Standard Brds Superior Oil Wabaah'Ry QUOTATIONS Hud B M S Humble Oil ( Iml Pipe Line : ^T iaR Hud i NI.Bam-Pond : peck CHICAGO PRODUCE CHICAGO. F«b. cara. 11 trucks: springs 25c; roosters .ise; luck., IJc: inuso Me. Butler .1.759: F i r m ; II. m-Poullry alive firmer; fowls J f l f f l D e turkey, ijc "'nreja -oc creamery extras . EITSS 6.807; easier; extra firsts tec- fresh ·radcd flrula 15c; ordinary firsts TM Quotntionx rurnlHhed by Wolf Bros 80S fifth street ao'utltwmt Horae 'hides ............ $1.75-52.00 Cured beef hides ........ Green beef hides ........ .. ?,r A Warsaw woman is seeking a divorce on the grounds that her husband has 11 sweethnnrts. She wants to sever relations with the magnetic Pole.-- Judge. NEW VORK PRODUCE. N K W YORK. Fell. 11. ni-- K-ss "7 9-| · Irm: mixed colors, regular packed, "closely selected extra firsts 17-V,«il8c: refrlBMator firsts 13Vi«14c: I S f f l l c Nearby and n;arby hj.-mery ivhit,-. el osell : MlecUrt extra 2 3 ^ 2 c : do. average extra 22 «'22'/»c; nearby wnll» mediums 20'i-ile- ' Butter, than cw f l r - l iss sloady. Creimcry hi-h'sac: ,:c;r.i r(12 ? cor-p -'-Sr - hrrll.-r.« / ill,-; lo t . *. K A N S A S f'T". r - h . I ' , (,-··!-- K Butlerlal, 17to22c. Other produce fro l r -r.r frcl-h; irai.,n. SCOUT SERVICE HELDATOSAGE Ralph Stanbery Speaks at Meeting of 3 Troops at Baptist Church. .OSAGE, Feb. II.-The union service of the Methodist Congregational and Bantist churches at the Baptist church was conducted by the Duranl J[otor l El.iler El ., El Bd Sh 19 Ford Mo of Can 24 Ford Mo of Enf; 18 Fox Theaters A s Hecla Mining r,. "IIOAOO STOCKS S O Ky Trans A i r T Uniled Gas Un L P A "'II P Si L Vacuum on i! 5 *? "ii 11 2m,i 12 by Boy Scouts with Ralph Stanbery of Mason City as speaker. Three scout troops with their scctitmas- ters, assistants and troop committeemen were present, together with an audience of about 300 was at "· r-rvi??. Scint-- n-i^r; -\,.-.,\ vrr Ott, Harry Conclin and Hugh Afott CASH .SALES -Flax to 156 i.i Creamery Station Is Closed. LUVERNE, Feb. ll.--The Ft Dodge creamery station, which has been managed for several years bv O. T. Garnant has been closed and Mr. Garnant will be given a station m another location. had chorge of their troops. Scout Executive was also preson;. respective Kenneth Natives Get Cops' Helmets. , T I - . r ' '^U, i.-Polir-R snlvcfl t| !( ; problem of ' "i--raT of their olrl hMmots when they 1^-ned Wrst / f-ieon nntivcs thsm before they could b- considered members of society §5.70 ROUND TRIP TO MINNEAPOLIS ST. PAUL On sale every day via Minneapolis and St. Louis railroad. Long return limit. Trains leave Mason City for the Twin Cities 3:07 a m daily and 11:25 a. m. except Sunday. Week-end tickets between all stations at one fare plus 25 cents for the round trip are on gale for . al! trains each Friday and Satur- ( day and for morning trains each ' Sunday. Phone 203 for further particulars. Travel via the M. St L. and ride in comfort.

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