Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 1, 1934 · Page 15
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 15

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 1, 1934
Page 15
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MARCH 1 11931 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE FIFTEEN DERN AND HOUSE GROUP IN BREAK Ww Chief Head Opposed to Any Wide Expansion of Army Aviation. WASHINGTON, March 1. UP)-Secretary Dern smacked a "beyond any sane estimate" label today across congressional plans for a wide expansion of army aviation. The war department and its one time traditional ally, the house military affairs committee, thereupon broke off friendly relations. The committee promptly prepared a comeback of its own. Dern singled out for attack two bills introduced by Chairman McSwain, one of which would give the army 4,384 new planes. In a statement to the committee he termed them "one sided," "partisan," and "even prompted by self interest." First of Two Bills. "The first of these two bills," he said, "would provide an air force so ·far beyond any sane estimate of our CutRateGrocery PRICES BELOW GOOD AT BOTH STORES FOR FRIDAY, SATURDAY AND MONDAY 30 E. State St.--Phone 112-113 508 1st. St. S. 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BUSH SO East State Street defensive needs, and so costly, that its passage could be construed by the world only an evidence of ardent militarism, or immediate war." McSwaln forthwith Invited the war secretary to come up and tell his committee about it He added: "The committee has several times requested Secretary Dern to appear before it ana explain his attitude, but he has never come. We are still ready to have him appear at his convenience." All Possible Pressure. McSwain said he would apply all possible pressure to have the house adopt today a resolution to authorize a committee Investigation of all army procurement methods. The committee would hire special investigators. The atmosphere between the war department and the house group has been strained for weeks. Committee members stated publicly that the department was violating the will of congress by purchasing airplanes without competitive bidding. One committeeman added openly that because of a subcommittee investigation, the members were "persona non grata" with much of the army general staff. Private committee talk of holding up the army appropriation bill for a while was j heard. Grand Jury Probe. Meanwhile, a grand jury investigation into army contracts decided to run Into its fourth consecutive week after new but undisclosed evidence was placed before it. Lobbyist offers of millions and whispers of pending indictments have gone un- dented. Secretary Dern took opportunity today to crack back at a recent criticism by Representative McFarlane (D., Tex.), that this country's best military planes were worse than those of most other powers. "Belgium could beat the TJ nitc cJ States in an air combat," said the Texan. "The performance of our airplanes equals, and in some instances exceed those of any other military airplanes in the world," replied Dern today. Only One Arm. The war secretary's argument to the committee was that aviation is only one arm of a. "well balanced land defense force." Dearn also repeated an attack made public yesterday against the second bill to provide a separate budget and separate promotion list for the air corps. While as "unsound" as the plane expansion proposal, he said, it has the additional deficit of tearing down vital elements of the balanced framework of defense." * "These two bills," he asserted, "contain other definite proposals so fundamentally unsound as to jeopardize the safety of our country in any serious war. Defeat and Disaster. They voilate principles so basic to sound national defense organization and system as to risk defeat and disaster in warl They sacrifice and ignore sound national defense preparedness as a whole, for the special aggrandizement of a special group. "The military airplane is a valuable weapon, but it had too many limitations to enable it to be decisive, .alone. It can only act when in the air. On the ground it is helpless. "It requires an extensive, complicated, and extremely vulnerable ground organization which comprises about 80 per cent of total personnel . . . to sustain the airplane in but limited ventures into the air, during which it is capable of spectacular, but momentary j achievement.' 1 : Real Estate Transfers Ertl, Eve Lynne to Anna T. Furse $1, lot 13 blk 3 Beaver's Add Clear Lake, 2-17-34. Bloomfield, Ellis F. and wife to Bessie A. Bellows $1 all that part of £ NE 18-96-20 lying N of right of way C. II. . St. P. P. Ry. Co., 2-27-34. Bates, D. W., Receiver Cerro Gordo State Bank, Clear Lake, Iowa to C M. Hay den $750 W 50 A of W% SE 10; W% NE 15 ex rr r-ws and ex E 20 rods N of C. M. St. P. P. 'Ry all in 96-21; all that part of 4 SW 10 lying N of center line of public highway all in 96-21, 226-34. Young, Charles W. and wife to Bert Rule, $1.00 QCD, NW SW 2594-22. Feb. 3, 1934. Clegg, Herbert and wife, to A. H. Steinhoff, $1.00, QCD, By. SW 2996-22. Feb. 20, 1934. Cerro Gordo company to V. A. Omstead and Otto A. Satter $1, QCD S% lot 14 blk 1 Outlet Park Clear Lake, 3-14-32. Barnes, T. A. to Mrs. Leah E. Barnes $1 QCD lots 5, 6, 7 and 8 blk 1; lots 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 blk 29 all in Tenney's Add. Village of North Plymouth; also lot 2 in sub of NE SE 6-97-19; also lots 2 and 3 in sub of lot 1 in sub of NE SE 6-97-19; also parcel of land 3.76 chains in width and 7.5 chains in lenth E W in sub of SE NE 697-19 subject to life lease reserved by grantor 9-24-32. Remore, H. H., to George R. Ludeman, $1. Lot 4, block 3. East Park place addition, an addition to Mason City. Dec. 26, 1933. Andrew, L. A. and E. W. Clark, commissioner of insurance of the state of Iowa, ancillary receivers of the Royal Union Life Insurance company to the Lincoln National Life Ins. Co., $1 SW 11-97-20 1-2034. Furse, John, and wife, to Minnie E. Thomas, Sl.OO, L 8 Auditor's sub. of N% NE 17-96-21. Feb. 19, 1934. Rich, E. H., et al., trustees, to A. H. Steinhoff and wife, $1.00, EH SW 29-97-22. Feb. 20, 1934. Huffman, Mary, to Lucas Dcwey Huffman, $1.00, beginning at pt. 44 ft. E. of SW cor., L 5, B 2, W. D. Allen's Add., M. C., N. 66 ft, E. 44 ft., S. 66 ft., W. 44 ft. to beginning. Feb. 14, 19S1. HE LICKS WHITE HOUSE PLATES! This is Winks, 1'rcsident Roosevelt's setter pup, which has gone the way of other white house dogs by disgracing himself. Winks woke up hungry one morning recently and proceeded to the servants' dining room where bacon and eggs were laid out for 19 people, promptly Winks Ilcket off 12 plates--in the manner shown here. (Associated Press Photo). Will Klect Officers. SWALEDALE--The Baptist Mission circle will meet Friday with Mrs. Rosco Carr. Mrs. C. Lundt, leader, and Mrs. Willam ) Ergland and Mrs. J. Benson serving'. Election of officers will be at this tfme. Taken to Fonda. LONEROCK--Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Krueger, Chester Alme and Ersel Blanchard took the Rev. S. M. Gladstone to Fonda where he is assisting in evangelistic meetings there and will remain for a few weeks. The state of Oregon fixed salaries of $246 for the three supervisors of its state-operated liquor stores Managers of individual stores will receive a net of $132. Federal Packing Co. Phono 746 We Deliver $1.00 Orders 213 N. Federal Ave. -ft* IOC SPECIALS FOR FRIDAY, LARD, 100% A _ Pure Leaf, lb «7C CHICKENS, Fresh, Dressed, lb.... STEAK, Round. Sirloin, lb. ... BEEF ROAST. Good, lb BEEF RIBS, Lean, lb FRESH FISH lOc 6c SATURDAY and MONDAY GROUND BSKF, 1A pound 1U C STEAK, 1 r T-Bone, lb IOC PORK ROAST. Lean, lb FRESH HAM, 1 t half or whole, lb. l*tC SIDE PORK, O ,, Fresh, lb OC OF ALL KINDS lOc Chicago Meat Mkt. PHONE 996 626 SOUTH JACKSON White Front Grocery 211 North Federal Ave, PHONE 1588 WE DELIVER EGGS, fresh country, 2 dozen _. _29c l OXYDOL, 2 packages 13c BLUE BARREL SOAP, 5 bars _ _23c PORK and BEANS, Van Camps __ 5c RED KIDNEY BEANS, Jack Sprat, 3 for 20c BISQUICK 32c KELLOGG'S ALL-BRAN, 2 pkgs 23c WHEATIES, 2 for _.23c FOLGERS COFFEE, lb. ...32c PEANUT BUTTER, 2 Ib. jar _.25c MUSTARD, qt, jar 13c RED SALMON, sockeye, 2 cans 35c OR,ANGES, 2 dozen _ 35c GRAPEFRUIT, 6 for 25c BANANAS, 4 Ibs __25c Fancy ROMAN BEAUTY APPLES, 5 Ibs. _.. 25c PROFIT BY USING THE WANT ADS Your grocer has your passport to a grand uew world I T'S a world packed with busy, happy hours --a world built upon sunny health. You can start your tour without trunks or tickets. Just ask your grocer for a package of Kellogg's ALL-BRAN. This delicious cereal corrects common constipation--the most frequent cause of sluggish days, headaches, loss of appetite and energy. It is an ailment that takes the fun out of living. 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