The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on October 14, 1913 · Page 3
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 14, 1913
Page 3
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at The Oldest Drug Store in town :$SJ06'Eastman Kodak for basket of finest tomatoes. ^00 " ·' "best jar of cucumber pickles. Special prices and Double-stamps to every Cash purchaser. ·'A most select line of Drugs and dispensed by 1 mte with many years of experience -is -something "Worthyour attention. 'Eastman iCodaiks, Stationery, ^Medicine^Gonkeys *R«rteBies, Sporting Goobs, Soda and Ice Cream. Huberts Drugstore J. H. HUBHt, Drtiggiest Medital Advertising Pitts CeatlyLaxative. Dose, one pffl, only ._ Sold -for 6O yeas. Ask Vowr Doctor. TSiVJOTHY L WOODRUFF. flair Hints Worthy ihe r Attention of People Who 1 Wish-ti j Pr«serve the' j Hair. i Never use a brush or comb found in j public places, they are usually covered j with-dandruff germs. 1 Shampoo tfee hair every two weeks I with pure soap and water, or a good I ready prepared shampoo. ( Use Parisian Sage every day, rub- biiig thoroughly into the scalp. This delightful and invigorating hair tonic, which' People's Drag Store sells in a -5 large 50 cent bottle, is guaranteed to ^quickly abolish dandruff--to stop hair from falling and scalp from itching or money refunded. To put life and beauty into dull, dry or faded hair and make it soft and fluffy surely use Parisian Sage--it is one "of the quickest acting hair tonics known. NEW STORE Buehler's Drug Store Old Stand D Otiainbersbug St. Greitysburg Grand Opening Saturday Oct. 18 j i I Complete'line of Women's, Misses' suits, Skirts, Dresses, Waists, Millinery, Gent's Furnishings an'd "'. etc. Come in and look us over. We feel sure we can please -you. -Our goods are Tight. -Our -prices -are -\ right. No trouble to us to show goods. All of our goods are marked in plain figures. We pledge the square deal. FARMER'S DAY PRIZE * Any lady bringing 1 pe'cklargest onions ^will be given a trimmed hat. HANOVER OPERA HOUSE Saturday,Oct.l8 Matinee aad X:»ht 2.30 S.30 The jMTnsfeal Triumph of Two Continents e ^HttKET , 0PM C3MPAH? ONE YEAR . If at. ST. .75. .50. .25 . HightSl.50.Sl. .75. .50. 25 Sects on so/e for ooiR performances cz Smith cant Jenkins 3rtig Store, Thu-sd;:u, October JB. 9 a. n. FURNITURE Having discontinued our Stove business^ on accoujit of not having room to handSe we ire DOW turning all onr time and efforts to uie jj| inrniture bnsinesa "lxth modern and antique. At this time we are well § stocked have one of the b^st Jots of go xis that we have had for gome §! time. g Thi= week we are si\in2r?pecial prices al! over the house. Bny now ^ PUBLIC SALE OX THURSDAY, OCTOBER 16.. 1913. Intending to move from Adams Co.. I will oner at pnhlie sale the following personal oronerty: One horse, Jersey cow will be fresh about Nov. 1st., surrey, 2 buggies. I a. rubber tire in good condition. Dayton, wa^on. 2 sets of harness, stable blan- ke"L saddle/ bridles, -halters, corn shelter, forks, shovels, wneelbarrow-sleigh. 12 foot la'dder ^ bushel measure, baskets, croquet set. apple picker, scythe and snaths, also the following: Household furniture, bock case, 4 bedsteads. 3 sets ot bed 'springs^ 3 mattresses. 2 bureaus. 4 wash stands. 3 toilet sets. 2 ward robes, marble top stand, 2 small oak tables. 3 rockjing: chairs, straight chairs, dining room chairs. 10 ft. wainat extension table, sideboard, kitchen table, hair cloth oarlor furniture, corner cupboard, Z I student lamps. 3 brass lamps. 2 kitch- .en lamps. 2 hanging; lamps, parlor : lamp. Standard sewing- machine, re_ ^LfrJgsraYor, Bent wocd_ churn. Boss Ss I washinc: machine, 2 iron kettles, tri- -tSZt I -» *~ - . l i - . - T _ . J _ _ ! pod, copper settle, 3 'range, blue name oil cookinj j with cabinet, all and save a good disronnb for yourself. Charles S, Mumper Co. «^.Tiim iron cook pots, cooking- stove in good order, oven for oil stove, ten plate stove, double ! heater, large oil neater, small wood ! stove, carpe'u matting, linoleum. j crocks, dishes, sadirons, fruit jars, · fence and pocltry wire and numerous ] other articles. 60 E. I. Ucr and white jTVyandote chickens. : Sale to commence at 12 o'clock sharp. | II. P BIGHAM, "James Caldwell. acct: Still ID Tic Lead -For over fifteen years Grape-Nuts, the pioneer nealtib cereal, has had no equal, either in flavor^or'nutrition. Thousands of families use it regularly because Grape-Nuts Has qualities which make it the ideal food-Delicious Flavor, ·Rich Nourishment, Quick Preparation, and withal, easily digested. Grape-Nuts and cream, in place of heavy, in- aigestible : food, helps to make one cooler and more comfortable on hot Hays; and builds body and brain in a way Chat-gives zest and^nergy. STRONG WORDS Front a Doctor with 40 Years Experience. ·'Li my 40 years' experience as a teacher and practitioner along hvgienic lines," says a Calif, physician. "I have never found a food to compare with Grape-Is uts for the benefit of the general health of all classes of people. "I have recommended Grape-2STucs for a number of years to patients ~sith the greatest success and every year's experience makes me more enthasias- ^,tic" regarding its use. "I make it a "rule to always recommend Grape-Xuts. and Postum in place of coffee, when giving my patients instructions as to diet, for I" know both Grape-Xuts and Postam can be digested by anyone. "As for myself, when engaged in much mental -work my diet twice a day consists of Grape-Xuts and rich cream. I find it just the thing to build up and keep the brain in good working order, "In addition, Grape-XiAs alxvays keeps the digestive organs in a perfect, healthv tone." Xame given bv Postum Co., Battle Creek. Mich. Strong endorsements like the above from physicians all over the country have stamped Grape-Xuts the most scientific food in the world. "There's a Reason" for Grape-Nuts , * Sold by Grocers everywhere. New York Political Leader Who Died cf Paralysis. Photo ® bv American Pr««s Association- EPISCOPAL BiSHCf S VOTE FOR SEGRECY Decide to WJtlUiold Meetings From the Piifiiic. Xew York, Oct. 14.--After a long debate tlie boase of bishops decided oa 3. aarrow majority not to opea its ses- s-ons to the -public. "The voie against tbe proposition was 52 to 49. Dariag the 129 years taat tae bouse a: bishops aas played its pare ia the goveraaieat of the church its sessloas aave beea secret. The boase of deputies, tbe other governing body oi the church, does-all Its work at opea raeet- Lags. A sweeping denunciation of the present system of divorce reacaet house or deputies Ia a resolation in- irccluccd by Rev. C. F. J. Wrigier, of the diocese of Loag Island. Tbe resolution asked the coaveation. *o einress its sympathy with the effort of the international committee oa aiar- riage aad divorce, whica. is tryiag to have the constitution of the United States amended to enable congress to eaact -rtniform -marriage and -divorce laws. m this resolution Dr. "Wrigley declared: "The cOEcniion of these laws at pres- ?at is detrimental to all family life ~ad mcrals: tas encouraged fraud upon oar courts, shaaa proceedings 3nd various evasions of tae law --hiea wonM otherwise be impossible, so that u-Hcnipuious lawyers organized sjs- teaianc and persistent attacks for SaeacH: gaia iipoa the domestic- 1'ie o: tfee whole country, -whereby adnl- ;ery is legalised, innocent children are aiade orphans, and defenseless innocent spouses are irreparably iajured." WITH UNDERWOOD Accuses Him of Being "Tool of Wall Street," KILLED AT CELEBRATION Man Run Down by Automobile During Cfoiiirr.bus Day "Parade. Hamraoaton. X J- Oct. 14.--'·Colum- bus Day" was ob="rrcd here vrlth a parade by local rn: r.a societies aad a picnic, ^ ^as aiteaaed by several ihoi:sanrt persoas. The progrraai was concluded "s-iih a fireworks display. Or.f accidear. me killing of Domi- « : ck Bruno, r.:rrci the festivities of rhp aa-. 3r.:-o ~as killed by aa anto, Ti-hicb had o".ea baciring passengers to ana iroin th-2 ricaic sronads. The car drltea oy Seii^aiaia. Ca- ~uso. Ca~iso ~ ss aeld under §1000 ·jzn for a r.irtncr ; r.i esiisation. Wct-an Kil'ed 5y -. rain. TTilkes Tsrrc. Pa. Oct. 14. -rossins the I-caign Valley railroad :rac1vs at Plains-. Hie. Mrs. Mary ·reor£;e, ferry-Hie ; ears old, was struck iiv a t'-a'n and Instantly 'killed. The -o:san did n^t hear the approaching 'rain and stepped on the tracks. She hurled zwary-five feet. 'Lasses and Wheat i-or Hogs. Washington. Kaa . Oct. 14.--Charles Ivozel. a "Washington county fanner, Gousnt a larse quantity of "black ^rai" rt:clashes, which he will feed to i lar^e bnuch of hogs, with 350Q bush^Is of wheat. V/EATHER EVERYWHERE. Observations of United States weather bureaus taken at S p. m. yesterday follow: Temp. Weather. Albany 52 Cloudy. j Atlantic City..-- 50 Clear. Boston 52 P. Cloady. Buffalo 48 Rain, Chlcpgo -. 6-* Clear. Xew Orleans 70 Clear. New York 51 Clear. Philadelphia 52 Clear. S t -Lonls.' 72 Clear. Washington 52 Clear. The V/eather. Fair today and tomorrow; northwest winds. LIVELY TILT IN THE HOUSE Aspirants For Alabama Senators-Tip Engage In Wordy Battle Over Past Records. Washington, Oct. 14. -- Representative Richmond Pearson Hobsoa launched a hot attack against the sea- atorlal campaign of the Democratic house leader, Representative Underwood, in the house, when he charged that his support of Underwood's presidential candidacy at the Baltimore convention was obtained under "false pretenses." Hobsoa, himself "a. candidate in the Alabama contest, referred to printed reports of a recent speech :a which he charged that Underwood was "the tool of AVall street and the liquor interests." He read from the senate investigation of campaign contributions the testimony of Senator Bankhead containing the record ot a contribution of $25.000 from Thomas F. Ryan and Bankhead's statement that Underwood had not known who financed his canapaign. "Had I known!" shouted Hcbson, "that Thomas Fortune Ryaa, the man whom ilr. Bryan rebuked and named before the Baltimore convention and accused of being the tool of Wai! street, had financed the major portion of the campaign of Oscar W. Underwood, I not only would not have supported him, but I would have fought him, and, what is more, he never would have been the choice of the people of Alabama. '·The support of the people of Alabama for Mr. Underwood for president was secured under false pretenses, and I here declare that their support of him for the United States senate shall not be obtained under similar false pretenses."* Underwood, on his feet at oace. was loudly cheered by Democrats and Republicans. The majority leader first referred to Hobsoa's published speech and said he had been waiting to answer it "when he could look Mr. Hobson in the face." ±ir_-sv- G -ild--Uke-the gentleman." Underwood continued, turning toward Hobson. "to say here what he said in bis Alabama speech, and whether he charged me with being a tool of Wai! street aad the iitiuor interests!" "I used the double word."' replied Hobson. "I read the testimony I have Just read here from the campaign contribution bearings, and I assumed that what Senator BanKhead sa:d was true --that ilr. Underwood did aot know his campaign was being financed by Wall street. I asked the people of Ala bama why, when charges were publicly maue. that his campaign was being financed by Wall street, my friend didn't find it out.'" Underwood demanded to hear anything else ia his public life -pea wbicb, to base such a statement ana asked Hobson to state it in the presence o" cne nablic. Eobsoa referred to the conference on the t-iri£ bill which struck out the Poaiereae arnenumeat requiring ths fuii revenue tax on 'brandies used tc fortify w:nes. He charged that IE agreeing 10 that Underwood had coa seated to let more than -57,000.^00 resi ,n the pockets of the nquor interests After explaining briefly the nistorj of that amendment. Underwood turned to answer Kobsoa's general charge. "I -rtas to:J." continue-.! Underwood, "that Mr. Ryan bad made a contribution to ray campaign fund, that he hac done so viiaoat asking aay question whatever as to my policies, saying chat he ·sas a southern man and v. anted tc see a southern man elected president. "Doe= tnc gentleman charge that Theodore Roosevelt is a tool of the in tercsts because George W. Perkins contributed to bis campaign fund? Does he cnarge the present presideat of the United States with being a tool of tbe Interests because Mr. MeCormiek sab scribed to bis campaign or because Thomas Fortune Ryaa subscribed $10,- fl OO to bis campaign when he was a candidate for governor of Xew Jersey. '·"There was aot a single caadidate for president Fa aay party whose campaign was aot finaaced in part at least by wealtav ir.ea of Xew York, jast as intimately connected with Wall street as Mr. Ryan." The rot=- veered over to the presi centlal convention difference between Underwood and Bryan and an old eai torial la waicb Bryan referred to U-n cerwood n 18 a "Wall street caadidate.' "Every one knows that at one time there was a difference between Mr. Bryan and myself," said Underwood '·"We buried that difference for the beneSt o* tbe Democratic party. We have forgotten it. I challenge the gen- tleiaaa irons Alabama to get any state 1 meat from Mr. Bryan that I ain a tcol i of any one." When Uaderwood finished the nonse { cheered him loudly and the altercation seemed to be ended. My STANLEY STEAMER = will be run to the Kagerstown and ^[Frederick Fairs- 1 \Yii- leave thfc- S«:ware daily at 7.2i. Tuesday lo Fr:iiay. Charts = . Cou-forlable H.-ats for tuehe. 2 i Make arrangements by phcne or In person with C. A. Stoner = 42 West Hiih Street · " O Gt tiysburg, Pa. = Second Annual Stock Sale Second Annual Sale of Registered and Grade Horses, High Grade Shorthorn Cows, Registered Duroc--Jersey Hogs. The undersigned in order to make room for young stock whiph ic is raising will offer at public sale at his farm on the Carlisle Road 3 miles from Gettysburg and 2 miles from Table Rock, for- merlv the John H. Gilliland farm, on AVEHXESDAY. NOVEMBER 5th, at 12 o'clock the follov.-ing Horses: 1 black mare. 5 years old. sound and all ight, good worker and driver and in foal to my Belgian stallion. 2 grade colts coming 2 years old. good and growthy and will make nice horses. 1 Registered Belgian stud colt. 1 year old last June, a fine one. Ctnvs. 17 high grade shorthorn cows, number with calves by their sides. Others forward springers and the balance have been iresh a short time and are giving a good flow of milk. Hogs. 75 head of Duroc--Jersey Hogs Consisting of sows and pigs, breed sows, old and young boars and shoats, all registered or can be. Goats, 2 nanny goats Terms: On sums of S10 or cash over that amount 10 months Co. 3 per are com- J, CJL iii-s? · V^ii OU.iii«J \JJ- VJJ~\J Vi. ^rtttjl**. \J * \rf*, IrfAit»U fe*A*1S U^A.W -fc. V with approved security payable at the Citizens Trust Co. cent, off for cash. No goods to be removed until conditions plied with. Sale Positive. JOS. B. TWINING. Albert S'aybaugh. Auctioneer. TO BflLtTimORE The popular annual Excursion by the Salem U. B. Church \vill be run Thusrday Oct. 23,1913. Special train vviil leave Fan-field at 6.45; Gettysburg; 7.15; New Oxford 7-375 Hanover 7.55; stopping at all intermediate stations. Train from East Berlin will connect. No srops made below Hanover. Return- ;| ing leaves Hillen Station, Baltimore, 7 o'clock. COMMITTEE. Ail Excellent Heater... .4t a very reasonable price The accompanying Illustration shows a stove from our stock hat has many decided advantages.^ If you think of buying a stove call to see It and let us explain the good points to you. Visitors are always welcome. H. T. Marlng Hot Air Furnaces carried in slock read}"to install. Warerooms formerly ocrapied by Strawstacker Co., rear oi !d Reading freight depot. Gettysburg Auto Tire Repair Shop 42 W. HIGH STREET TUBES A SPECIALTY With snodcrn steam e^^nai^at, I am propart-d to lo sea-^il repair _wo; c n:-. ^orirti* *i'l re:re.x liner. If ilr: So't- is no: loa^-ir ih ia ihs tab it c a n ^ j repaired. Satitfactioa OTarsiUeed- ^ TWELVE PASSENGER AUTOMOBILE FOR HIRE -Jjmfonabz", Ileliablean'l ro.xerfai. Trv it. T -ur^ aa-! Bai-lefi-^.] trin? a specialty United Phone 117 X C. A.5r3N£*, prop NOTICE: I have gray sand for sale by load or ton delivered to,town, give me a call. J. Clayton Rider.--advertisement Ends Life In Aeropiane. Oran, Algeria, Oct. 14.--One of the most dramatic cases of suicide on record came to light here at the inquest into the death of Justin Soulbeilland, a military aviator. The evidence showed that Soulbeilland. after ascending 2000 feet in his monoplane, killed Mm- self. The machine, with no one to control it, fell to eartk. Soalbeillaad had abet himself* DOXT forget the administrator's sale of Harry J. Carbaugh, Friday, Oct. 24th, of all his real estate and personal property.--advertisement FAMOUS BABCOCK LADDERS Tnll asgortnjenr r.ow :n ?tock, con z o:Straight ladders, extension ladders,, step ladders and special f ruit ladders. E\ery.p:cce"of^iliis well".known brand :s ma^e from second cro^rth gprnce with rungs of ash or elm, H. P. MARK, AEEXDT5VILLE THE la*G Dr. C. M. Stock's clerical library will be offered for inspection and sale in a room of St. James Lutheran .Church, Gettysburg, during the meeting of West Pennsylvania Synod, October 13--loth.--advertisement I will be in Get t y s b a r a every Tuesday a t P e n ro s e Myers' Jewelry Store. Giad.of Optics,29 Pomfert ^Carlisle, IV ®

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