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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Tuesday, October 14, 1913
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES. VoL XL No. 297. Gettysburg, Pa^ Tuesday, October 14th, 1913. Price Two Ceata. s out PREMIUM; For lady bringing finest bouquet of flowers-pair. "Queen Quality*' Shoes. For man bringing finest half peck display apples--pair "Walk-Over" 'Shoes. For father whoes sons total weight is the most, a "Lamson and Hubbard" Hat (Scales will be provided and weighing must be done at the store.) ILcRert's Store "On The Square" ENTERTAINMENT Three Bands and Many Free Entertainments will be Provided for our Guests from the County Next Saturday. Big Apple Prize. FARMERS' DAY KILLED IN FALL LUTHERAN SYNOD NOW IN SESSION FROM WINDOW Adams County Fanner, while Delirious, Jumps from window of York Hospital and Dies from Shock a Short Time afterward. West Pennsylvania Synod of the Lutheran Church Holding Annual Meeting in St James Lutherna Church. First Session. That the Adams Countp people who j During a period of delirium Eli Pirz- come in on Saturdav for the big Farm-j er, an aged retired farmer, living be- lers' Day celebration shall have plenty mveen Uttlestown and Barney, jumped j ship of 29,838, are pr ! ,,* T ~* »«r«^;,-TMent. was the ser.ti- 1 out of the window of his private room sions of the Lutheran One hundred and fifty clerical and living be- j lay delegates, representing a member- are present at the ses- West Pennsvl- MANY ERECTING NEW BUILDINGS Residences and Garages being Erected in Many Different Portions of Town. Carpenters and Mechanics are all Busy. Gettysburg is experiencing a building boom this fall, in every part of town, one or more new buildings, prin- LETTERS FROM COUNTY TOWNS Correspondents send in Many Hems of Interesting News'from their Respective Towns. Personals and Many Brief Items. IDAVILLE Idaville--Mrs. Xan Van Dvke and Miss Mary Fulton, of Dover, Del., are cipally residences, being hurried along visiting their sister, Mrs. S. E. Smith, WALTER'S THEATRE AMERICAN RELIANCE KEYSTONE SAX FRANCISCO "The Dauntless City", IMP of free entertainment was the ser.ti- I out of the window, of ins p , . . . , . . , - . , ^ - u - u · · u r t. ! ment expressed at the meeting of the ! O n the first floor at the York hospital, Jvania Synod whicn opened us eignty j towara completion betore cold weataer at the Lutheran parsonage. General committee on Monday after- j Saturday evening, and died soon after j ninth annual meeting on Monday even- comes. j Mrs. Charles W. Miller spent a lew nooVwren a"-eport of the "solicitor j being found. His death is a-.tributed to j ing in St. James Lutheran church. The fiftieth anniversary celebration days tius week visiting fnends at " " I _ hock from ^e accident. He jumped I Dr. G. M. Dmenderfer, of Carlisle, put a damper on building operations Harnsburg ana Rutherford. T "!rWspedal free attraction of the!only about"eight feet. " ! president of the Synod, preached the |for awhile as laborers and carpenters! Quarterly meeting will be held in and! day will be Prof. Bristol's pony Pitzer was taken to tne j horse show which will give An educational feature produced under persona! direction of S. S. Hutchiusoii, j ances on the Square morning an^ -- - - - ~ -- a new 2Q( j jjjaj-t.jjL i ternoon _ The show has seventeen Pres. A. F. M. Co. From the ashes of six years ago has risen ou? city. ! SAFE IX JAIL KeystDce . I One rec' farte cornedv. With Maf*-l Xoruiand the Kevstoae star. f A RURAL ROMAXCE Reliance Almost bordering o»i tragedy, this pretty love drama is delightfully new in conception and forceful in treatment. DAUG H TER OF THE WEST A thrilling story of the west tellinjra wonderful story. Show Starts 6.45 " Admission 5c. P H O T O P L A Y SPECIAL TO-NIGHT "THE GOLDEN HOARD Two Reel VTtagrapb. Bob Stewart, one of a band of piratical outlaws who ha\e buried inland a lar^e amount of plunder, decides EO begin life anew as an honest man. He deserts his band and for three dars travels zlirou jh *aarslt and mire. He contract- fever and is picked up by Pete Xelson, a native of the territory- In his delirium he unconsciously tells Pete of the buried treasure Pete gets the treasure, and his conscience worrips him. so he suggests that he and Bob go in partnership in the cotton tes ies, a "human horse"' and a perform- ! couple of days ago for an operation af- a York physician, and was believed pon- * trick mule and is declared to be a specially r fine attraction. Three bands an the day, one to Shortly after six o'clock that even- jday morning it will be "Service." " " This morning's session was taken j re to be engaged for j ing one of the hospital residents went j This moral; play in the morning ] to Pitzer's room to give him some at- jup with the r Cf-ro-mnnn Thf tvill HP i ranrim tvbpn it was discovered that · ing business ; and two ?n the afternoon. They will be I tendon, when it was discovered tnat; ing pusines^ session ana ooin monung stationed" at different places about the window was up and Pitzer-missing. | and afternoonwere occupied largely in of i however, and a person who is interest-: day morning. Rev. Mr. Moore, a formed may walk to any part of town and; er pastor, will assist Rev. Mr. Bursee residences in various stages of kett with the services- completion, j Donald Smith, of Gettysburg Col- Rev. Charles F. Sanders is erecting lege. was home over Sunday. Quite a number of people from this School Sundav ·outine work of the open- i a brick dwelling on Broadwav west of and for town so that every portion will its share of music during the day. Prizes have been onered for the most fantastic country nder the best team so that some : will be afforded on the visitors themselves but the committee has decided to go further than this and an automobile parade will be held session and both morning Munimasburg street. On Springs aven- place attended the Sunday ue the new College Lutheran Parson- j convention at Chestnut Grove time had [ the hearing of reports from the vari- ' elapsed, but a search about the ground jous officers. The evening sessions are have | Is is not known how long a I age and Rev. A. B. Wentz's dwelling night. are rapidly nearing completion. On! Miss Mary Rice, of Mt. Holly, visits RevealedTlr^^czer lying ben°ath his 'at 7:30 and will be attended by manv West Sliddle street Mervin Shealer is Jed Miss E!da Group over Sunday, window on "the south" side of the new ! people of the town, both the ' -- · '«--'"=-~ J --" : -~ ^ " ' « - -- - = - : *- TM« *~TM - r*«i.-.i~ "" _ . . _ · v · * f » · *· t ,"-e a-u^-nent building, where he had occupied a pri- j Lutheran churches being included in | adding a new garage to his property streets by the vate room. The patient was carried j the district covered by this Synod. The onJEast Middle street.^ Harry Geisel-j elite worrit's uuu. so 'it; 'su^Kcau: iuii iie auu uw gu in jKiiuiiasuiw »i= LUC i.ui,um earin 0 ' t business. They make bijc mocey, aad on his death bed Pete confesses 10 Bob where! ^^ r^m he got all the money to start. *" Meanwhile the outlaws return for their treasure and ficd it gone. They at once blame Bob and search for him. When lie is finally located they break into his fine home and carry him off to the place where the treasure was burned, where they are going to bury him alive, but the timeiy ingenuity of his wife saves him. HIS BETTER SELF Labin With ARTHCR JOHNSOX AUTUMN HUNTING afternoon. Charles S. Butt and George E. Hartman are making ail arrangements for this, A prize of SlO will be given for the most handsomely decorated car and a prize of S5 for the most fantastically decorated car. All entrants should report to Mr. Butt as soon as possible. Another parade will be held about i one o'clock in the afternoon when the For new styles in suite and over-coats | college boys, carrying their pennants hapbesun now, but the man who is | and banners, will parade through -.he fortnnate enough to oe a patron of The i streets of town headed by their band that he need not seek ( . . arch out to Nixon Field back to bed. and expired at once. S sessions will continue to and includ- It is said he became very anxious to """ go home and remarked while semi-conscious condition curing in a the ing Thursday evening. The membership of the Svnod is local j building a dwelling. C- W. Sheads is j Raymond Smith, of ^ Carlisle, was property j home over Sunday- Mrs. Alfred Delp spent Saturday man is putting up a double house on j and Sunday in Biglerville. Weikert,! Mrs. Ellen Group and daughter, t day chat he would go home evening- It is intimated that an investigation will be made to determine whether there had been any negligence on the part of the hospital people. It is also said that the doctor, knowing that j widely known in Gettysburg, mosc of in the members being graduates of the local i insticutions- MR. GARDNER RETURNS Pastor of Local United "Brethren Church Returned by Conference. Pitzer was delirious, had given~or3efsT Tne appointments of United Breth;hat he be watched and that restraint j ren ministers made at the conference be put upon him. but, it is said, these j at Greencastle include the following: Instructions had not been carried out. I Gettysburg. Rev. J. Charles Gard- Piizers remains were shipped to ner: Bendersville, Rev. P. C. Hoffman; ittlestowa Monday for interment- i B-glerville. Rev. E. W. Cancles. il l^t. i.V-i **.iW *-- ·" u-»«.»-- £* j ^ , - _ r . _ - . - . ' , m ·* " - T -« ·--vies are up-to-the-minute and we will | oe played -witn J fie and finish your outfit in a manner - -' " * - . - - . - at can only be done when you ha\e it made by Will M. Selligman, Cash Tailor. There Are many convincing arguments that might be presented as to the superiority OF Lippy Made Clothes hat we know of none so conclusive as the refined appearance of the clolhes , t m. r_ v j-- r_ ~--r- ll^n. -»nH itnalTiT" Tn PVfTV S?LltCll RnCl fibre. There is beauty in every line and quality in J. D. Lippy Tailor We have a special fine line of the Anderson rain coats § i biniiuiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiininiiiiiimmiiiuiiinniiiiiiiiini iiiimniiuu iini| I SOUVENIRS I FOR EVERYBODY | Day Sat. Oct. 18th | SPECIAL PRICES on almost everything | Double trading stamps on Cash purchases ^ Premiums | $5.00 Ladies Hand Bag for qt Largest LimaJBeans 5.00 Brass Jardinier for qt smallest " " _ Be sure and stop at the -well knoMii = People's Drag Stope | ihninnnimimninnminiiiiuiiniiiimiinumuniig j and. should the local eleven be .-victorious, another parade may be expected after the game. Some of the business places are preparing to give away souvenirs to the visitors and many others will offer special reductions, some selling certain articles under cost. It is to be a real Farmers" Day with everything arranged for the pleasure and comfort of the county people. The Board of Trade has offered the most attractive prize of the list for apples. They will give s. first prize of S15.00 and a second prize of S10-00 for the best exhibit of three barrels of apples, any three varieties or all of one variety, as the exhibitor may wish. The apples will be displayed on the concrete pavements of the four corners of Centre Square unless the day should be cloudy in which event they will be placed in the corridor cf the Court House. The board of judges is to be larger than last year when two committees of three each had all the work to do. This year there will he a number of committees so that the work may be divided and may be done more quiclky and effectively. The names of the judges will not be made known until they start their work on Saturday moming- The Reaser and Gettysburg furniture plants will both give days Saturday afternoon. half holi- = i MRS. JOHN WENTZ Died in E Native of Union Township ! Hanover on Sunday. THATS ALL RIGHT. I want you to know that I am still determined to get your Business, I have both telephones, and will split the air to beat the clock in my automobile to gave your SICK STOCK. DayjorNigh^cali DR. HUDSON OLD FASHIOND MOLASSES TAFFY__ Almond Taffy, 40 ceata ^b., .Butternut Taffy, -50 cents lb., Peanut Taffy. 20 j -enis lb., Peanut Brittle^ K 'cents lb.. Ice Cream Taffies. 10 cents lb.--Fresh | iit. Pleasant, Conewago township, and Mrs- John Wentz, died at the home of her son-in-law, Edward Swartzbaugh, in Hanover, at 7:50 o'clock p. m. Sunday. Her age was 70 years, 3 months and 1 day. Mrs. "Wentz was a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Lohr. late of Union lo-svuship, and is survived by her husband, six daughters and one son. The son is John F. Wentz, of Union township. She is also survived by rwo and one brother. Isaac Lohr, of FARMERS' MY PREMIUM LIST FRUITS East Middle street; H. J. mo dwelling houses and David Batter-' Pearl Swaner, of Carlisle, spent a few man a machine shop on York street, days in town last week. On Hanover street Mrs. Anna Rid- ( Carpenters started work at Grace inger and Howard Ridinger are having \ United Evangelical church, at Uriah, built a double dwelling house; John! Monday morning. Walter's new skating rink is about j Miley Groupe, of Steekon, was home completed and a heating plant is soon . over Sunday. to be installed. William Henry is im-1 William Heller and wife, of Harris- pro\-ing his new property with a gar-1 burg, were in town Sunday- age and Martin Winter has added a I Preaching in the United Brethren new barn to one of his properties, on. church Saturday evening, October this street- 25th. South street which heretofore has had no residences boasts of a dwelling house, in course of construction, owned by Frank Tawney and two 'houses! Ycun S Gettysburg Priest Marries Fa- owned by Jesse Snyder. The cellar has "been excavated and the foundation FR. STOCK OFFICIATES mous Athlete at Carlisle- , .- , lames . eaver and Son. For best display three barrels of appies: Srst prize. §15.00; second prize, vlO.GO. Gettysburg Board of Trade. . . Fo-- best plate Stavmen Winesap apples: nrst prize, 36 :c 2 Axmins^er rue or 1-5 pe»- cent off crt anv 9 x 12 ft. rug: second pnze, carpet sweeper or iO ,-er cent off on anv 9 x 12 rug- G. W. Weaker and Son. ^or best plate Grimes Golden apples: first pnze, men s or svveatei ; second prize, men's or ladies' silk umbrella, G. \. V For best peck Grimes Golden apples: aO gallons snerwm Williams »me sulphur. Gettysburg Department Store. For best plate" of Pound apples; white spread. G. W. Spangler For best display, largest variety of apples one 01 each vanecy. So.OO muff. Doughertv a n d Hartley- _ _ _ , , _ . . _ . r T _ i or finest half peck display of apples pair or Walk Over snoes. M. Jx. "^For the best half dozen Stavmen Winesap apples: pair of SS-00 trousers. Forrest basket of apples, any variety: one dozen 85.00 photographs. W. H. Tipton. Kuhn. For finest display of Smoke House apples: 85.00 gold piece. Miss Emma u . , For plate of the finest peaches: five pound DOX u ^ For finest plate of pears: any pair or v. uen s snoea i is now being laid for the keepers house at the Public Playground, in the rear of Baltimore street. In addition these operations Martin Winter is having a new barn built Father Mark Stock, of Carlisle, son of Mr. and Mrs- George E. Stock, of : Baltimore street, officiated this morning at the wedding of the world's James Thorpe, the greatest athlete, many are seieral other properties in course of construction in other parts of town. , , _- . , , . , -hero of manv gndiron, diamond, along the Harnsourg road, and there , . j - u " , . , - · , ,,,,,,,,,! nf ^ n _,,,,,,_;,,, ;,, __' trac " and neld contest, who married Miss 3Iargaret la Miller, a Cherokee Indian maiden from Oklahoma, Thorpe's native State- Thorpe himself is a Sac-Fox, and was born near Prague, Okla. The conclusion of the world's series Saturday enabled Thorpe to get to Carlisle Sunday and advance the date of his "wedding one MRS. GEORGE W. CLABAUGH Mrs. Clabaugh Died on Sunday Spring Lake. X. J. at Mrs. George W. Clabaugh died Sun- day. It was set for Tuesday morning day at the summer home of her son-in- j a: nine o'clock, although first arrange- law, Dr. Addinell Hewson. at Spring! ments had been made for Wednesday Lake, X- J-, after an extended illness | morning. of bronchial pneumonia and heart dis- i The ceremony was held in StT Pat! ease. Mrs. Clabaugh had her summer j rick's Roman Catholic Church, Car- displav of grapes: SlO suit pattern, lady's or gentleman's- John home at Antrim near Taneytown. j lisle, of which both the bride and Mrs. Clabaugh was a daughter of i bridegroom are members, and the offi- the late Henry Kemp, who was a busi-! ciating priest was Father Mark ness man in Baltimore many years . Stock, a warm friend of the groom. St. ago. She was S3 years old and had i Patrick's is one of the most beautiful married twice. Her second husband small churches in Pennsylvania. It For plate of the best York Imperial apples, not less than six : .fhoes. C- B- JutzmiHer. pair 01 C. A. For best plate of York Imperial apples: 16 size .tlgin watch. ° C For best plate of York Stripe apples: solid gold ring- C- A. Blocher. _ For best plate of Rome Beauty apples: pipe, box ot tobacco and ounca or pipe^eaners. E. . Grime - Golden apples: Sl-00- Ambrogf Fruit Co. ro 7 " Pla*e 01 two largest crimes uuiuen .yui*^. -j^-w- -.^^^-j,. - --- -For plat" of four best Jonathan apples: Sl.OO. Ambrogi Fruit Co pr For best plate of York Imperial apples: years subscription to ihe ir ruiu j b j. died several years ago. Chief Justice Clabaugh of the Supreme Bench of the District of Colum- for Dest plate oi io.ii. inijicii«n a.^^-"- -" Grower and Farm Magazine'". The Book Store. was handsomely adorned with appropriate fioral decorations. The bridegroom was attended by as For finest pate of pears: selection of any Bible in the Score, itore. Fo: For best pi Gettysburg Light Co. ^ GETABLES For the half peck of the nicest country onions: dozen hall gallon Economy fruit jars. X. L. Minter. For three largest Irish potatoes: §5.00 coat sweater. For largest pumpkin, open onlv to boys: first prize. Sl.OO Boy Scout knife: second prize. 50 cent Boy Scout knife- Gettysburg Department Store. Irish potatoes: first 5 A horse olankec; secoaa. i bia is a son. and three other children fi ^e a coterie of young Indian men as --G. W. Clabaugh. resident vice-pre- i could be found in America. His best sident of the U. G. I., Omaha, Xeb.;; man ^ss Captain Gus Welch, of this Mrs. Francis X. Ward, and Mrs, Ad-; year's Indian football eleven. The «sh- Funkhouser and For best half bushel of Irish p tool grinder. Geuysburg Department Store. . For bigsrest squash: S2.00 in cash. Gettysburg Co For largest pumpkin: S5.00 silk vest- -J- D. Lippy. Compiler. Daily a£- GETTYSBURG CANDY KITCHEN ] 24 grandchildren. Funeral Wednesday Hanover. RUNKPECKMAN'S REALTY REPORT FOR S4.LE--132 acres 3 miles from town, large bank barn, 6 room frame house and other buildings, water system to all buildings, well L 0 nc^ la pSr^irrgeT/iile^inedrana ? in good state of cultivation^ good spS'ltter 100 bearing apple trees, 500 York Imperial, Stayman Winesap and Jonathan' apple trees 2 and 3 years old. Let us take you to see ..his farm 11S 72^cres°S^niles from town, 10 acres pasture and timber. 150 fruit trees, running water, 2 wells and cistern, public road by the buildings 7 room frame house, outkitcnen and wash house, front yard with grapes and! other fruit good bank barn, hog house with cement floors, wagon shed, buggj house and other buildings, even-thing in good repair, This farm is a sore]Placer of a crops and is Conveniently located, the soil is'very nch and fertile. You will not make a mistake in buying this place. FOR RENT: two communicating, furnished rooms, accessible to bath. Board if desired. Apply at Times office. /UJNKITplECTOLAN, Resf Estate, Masonic Building. Gettysburg, Penna. --advertisement 1 afternoon in 50 Parke stamps -sdth every purchase this \veek. Miller, the Grocer.--advertisement Sl.OO Cash 1 SEE advertisement of Mrs. Minerva Trimmer's sale of household goods on another page,--advertisement 1 of the smallest'lima beans: S5.00 brass jardiniere. People's hand bag. People's For qua' Drug- Store. _ ,. . For quart of the largest lima beans: So.Ou ladies Drug Store. _ . . , For basket of the finest tomatoes: S5.00 Eastman kodak. Store, dinell Hewson, of Philadelphia. ers appeared in railitarv uniform of HOUSE BURNS For largest pumpkin: box of fifty 5 cent Plantation cigars. George Faber. FOT finest bunch'of celery: S8.00 pair of trousers. "W ill M. beligman. i For largest Irish potato:'paid of S4.00 Ralston shoes. O. H. I f-e Carlisle School, and were Edward j Thorpe, a brother; Peter Calac, Wil| ham Hodge, Joseph Guyon, August Dwelling House Owned by Joseph Sell. Looks-around. John Gokee, Philip Destroyed at Xight. '. Welmas, Charles Pratt and Edward 1 Morrin. The two-story frame house owned ^ The bnde ^g gj ven away by M? by Joseph W. Sell, and tenanted by , Friedman, superintendent of "the " Car- William Fridinger and family, in . ]j sje School. Miss Miller was attired in Pennville, was destroyed by fire on -^hite and wore a veil surmounted by a Saturday night, about 12 o'clock. j Breath of natural Sowers, carrying a The fire originated in the cellar- , shower bouquet of roses and lilies of way. flames passing up through the Yne valley. A wedding breakfast was walls to the garret. Before the arrival j served from St . Catherine's HaH, ad- of the firemen from Hanover the, joining the church, after the ceremony, was the Huber's Drug 3 flames had gained such headway that · aild 3n the a f ternoO n a reception 1 - " - 1 t _ _ _ _ _ ! · ? _ _ · ! TT _*" _ _ » "* it -was impossible to save the building and it soon fell a prey to the flames. The firemep. however, did good work tendered Mr. and Mrs. Thorpe on campus of the Indian School- The couple wiil leave Carlisle late Fo^bfggest head of cabbage: single barrel shot gun. Adams County Hard- oei: Raymond in protecting the adjacent buildings by to -day for'Xew York dry, where o, ,, ^,_- ,,,,,,,_ the USe Oi cnemica!S ' Thursday they will join the Giants, y or girl bringing in the largest number of potatoes in a quart jar: $1.00 cash. "Gettysburg Supply House. _ n p---,,.-.. For the nicest bushel of potatoes: first S1.20: second prize Sl.OO. Esnorv f orresj. .^^^ hgad Q . ^^^^ three poun ds of Parke's 35 cent coffee. P. A. For nicest bushel of potatoes: S3.00 in cash. Gettysburg Gas Co. POULTRY ,, , For the finest dressed chicken: S3.50 carpet sweeper. H. B. Bender. For finest pair of geese: ton of pea coal. Mrs. J- O. Biocner. For the nicest coop of chickens: first prize, $,1.2o; second EmoryForrest . pnze Sl.OO. -50 Parke stamps with every Sl.OO purchase this week. Miller the Cash Grocer.--advertisement 1 j who are about to tour the world. DOXT forget Robert B. Diehl's sale en March 3d, 1914.--advertisement 1 r y ^ o r r ^ ^ ^^^ Minorca pullets: S2.00- For best cockerel, same variety- Sl.OO. J. O. G. Weaner, Agent, American Express Company. FANCY WORK, QUILTS. ETC. For finest and most hand worked white quilt: S3.00 hat. Mrs. D. J. Riele. For prettiest hand made cushion top: S2.00 hat. Mrs. D. J. Riclc. For best piece of crochet work made of D. M. C. Cotton: first prize, col- Conlinued on Second Page. FOR SALE: seventeen shares of Citizens Trust Company stock. Apply at Times Office,--advertisement 1 50 Parke Stamps with every purchase this week. Miller the Grocer. -- advertisement Sl.OO Cash 1 oO Parke Stamps with every purchase this week. Miller the Grocer. -- advertisement Sl.OO Gash 1 KODAKS, films, everything in Kodak line always fresh. Store, -- advertisement Kaber's Drag 1 AXXUAL excursion to Baltimore: the Washington Camp, Xo. 414, P. O. S. of A., will run an excursion to Baltimore on Saturday. Nov. 1st, 1913. Train leaves Gettysburg 7:15 a. m., returning, Hillen Station 11:30 p. m.-- advertisement 1 IV ® NF'WSPAPFEJ

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