The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on October 13, 1913 · Page 3
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, October 13, 1913
Page 3
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Adn?inistrator!s rancUp , 24th; . SAJUE of* valuable pr^per October, y^ on. Medical Advertising tea strong nerve tonic. Sold for 6O ycawm- A* Ywir Doctor 3i Carbaagh, late of Freedom" County, Pa., deceas- ^*-» --j. v -" «-"- °f the authority of an order of sale granted to him by the Orphans" Court of Adams County, will public sale, the hereinafter de- scribe4 premises, situate in Freedom Tawnahip, Adams County, Pa,, adjojui- in^ Ia,c4s of George Reever, George W. Jacobs, Elija Boyd's heirs, Samuel Buhrniajo, Luther Keever, Samuel W. S.tobps and Walter Spangler, containing one hundred and thirty-three acres, more, or less, improved with a rwo- sioscjr.. frame dwelling house, large b^nibarn, wagon shed, impleiaeat shied; large corn crib, aiid other build- in^cThis farm, known as the John B. Wafci^^rtjfarin, is in good state of culti- Y3tkua,~vnth good fencing, supplv of : wa S? tZ yTM TM TM*y* - *» **TM J*«T [* convenient to scho^ and painsin your colon or oovrels.^by There are ten or twelve su £ er needlessly saw mill timber on the 1 ,, Bay now--jo-day from {Drug Store a nity cent box c Stomach Tablets. There is ' no- mtre '- PARKER AND MARSHALL. } Attorneys In Action at Sulzer I Impeachment TrsaL I Use Mi-o-na--The First Sure, Safe and Effective .- If you are not able to digest -your food, it you lack aa appetite, if yoyr stomach is sour, gassy, upset; your tongue coated, if your head^acises- s"nd are dizzy, if you have 'heartbi rn ' At* the-same date and olace the un- dorsigtted will offer at public sale the fciloYcing. persona! pro»erty:- One.bay rnare, six years old, straight and a-1 one bay horse, one pair of good mules,, one extra good" colt, five months old, one Kentucky grain drill used one season, one Osbome hay ted- der, one horse rake, one sulky corn plow, set of shifting ladders, "thirty-, two feet long, good Studebaker wagon and bed, wfth two and one-naif inch tread, set of breechbands, three sets of front gears, sc-t of single harness, collars, bridles, halters, Victor chopping mill, one Syracuse long plow, Hillside plov.% Osborne. sprjug harrow, Deering mower, American cream separator, comp'ete set. of carpenter tpols and chest, vice, lot of biacksmitr! tools, two harrows, hay fork, rope and \ car pulleys, twenty-six sawed posts, thirty-two wire fence posts, lot cf lumber, lot of one and a half inch plank, lot of fence boards, two shovel. effective remedy for stomach ills-, i i- o-na is a digestive giving qoick; ; reli« f, also strengthens ar.d builds. up.,sure5y and safely the digestive brgars, soothes the irritated membrane and i t- creases the Sow of the digestive juict **Your -whole system is benefited ai A yon lleeomejv.'ell and strong. rns, This Way Better It's a fool trick 10 ;Mii»e -".ut corns, and Ianjceroiis_ trxi. Doti't '- f .«tr 'oo-'e boots-rwuovfe the corn by aujiSysn-j: 1'iic- 's Cora EMtrat-tor.The 1 NEW TESTAMENT Sir William Miictie!! Ramsajs . Visits PMiadeipliia. LECTURE AT U. OF P. Noted Archaeologist Says Men to I Whom Books Are Ascribed Really Wrote Them. Philadelphia, Oct. 13. -- Orthodox ! Christianity, the belie: that the Sa' viour lii ed and filed to save the world 1 and that his sacrifice «.vas the supreme | factor in. Its redejrpi;oa» s rawed ! by Sir WiSIiam. Mitchell Ramsay, the · world raised archaeologist, in a ser- l IBOII to a consregaitoa teat thronged the 2rj" ilawr Presbyteriaa church. Sir William, J3 consld^re-l the au- 1 thorny ca the life and work of the Aposjle Paul. For thirty ;«rars he labored in.Asia.ilinor, aad he declared . in an interview that his researches { had established the historical correci- ! ness of ihe New Testament; that the raen 10 TVhGEi the books 01 the Xew I Testament are a=cr:led really wrote them. Sir VVilUaas is 10 deliver a. series · or lectures at the t"n:versUy of Pean- svivania during this and nest week on plows, block and tackle, hay twenty feet long-, single, double and triple trees, log, breast and cow chains, enterprise sausage grinder and staffer, cross cut saw, axes, mawl, wedges, large lawn mower, forks, rakes, mad- dock, crow-bar, potatoes by the bushel; also fifteen acres of good corn in shock, and other articles too numerous to mention. All the machinery is practically new having-been used but t-\\\ work? the ; lifts os.i the- corn brims; comfort and feet at once. You buy 2."r boitle of _ the work vriH be done qtiickly ami \uth- ladder, j out pain. ' per Ixjttle, .=ol«! c and l* to clo this, tve will- say: try. the mix- cure of simple buckthorn bark, glycerine, etc.,' known as Adler-i-ka- This simole new remedv is, sa po?rer- 0 , . , . . . . ful that "JUST OXE DOSE relieves 3 good cows, one iresn by time of sale. sur nacV ?as' on the stomach one in December, and one in January. find const i p ^or. INSTANTLY. Peo- a short time. Some chickens, one scan of bees, glass jars, two !ard cans, crocks, iarge jars, hand sprayer, five jjallon oil tank. r. Eitriu-tor smd rccouiiHt-ndw! 'k-'s Dra? Store. by Gettysburg Druggist Makes A Statement alurays advise peop/e who have stomach or bowel "trouble to see a doctor. But to those -who do-noi^wisti The sale will begin at 10 o'clock. A. M.. at which time the real estate will be onered. and the terms and conditions will be made known by J. LUTHER SCOTT. Administrator. Also ri'f the same time and place there will be sold one good cow, oue heifer will be fresh the last of October, two yearling bulls, two yearling heifers, two calves ·* months old. sixteen, head of fine sheep, fifteen ewes and one buck, seven fat hogs, two fine brood sows with pigs four weeks old. o!e who try Adler-i-ka are surprised at its QUICK action. H. C. Landau, draggist. 3 1S12. by A»:ericaa- Press Association, j *-* r ^ j discoveries relating; jjarticuiarij to the ·aiios i Great Apostle of Carisuan.ty. His sermon, regarded as it would. ;'i.-re are tct;:i Ji:-j-^ AUon u I'ark-r HOP) j as it was directed to an absolute reef counsel t,r ih c p.-.«^.ni!on an: I_ous j ga _,j o r Christianity as a religion to ^^"^^^k^^ISS 1 ** Accepted ac tae iace value given it fer°ar.u cs--'."-^ :! * imr-ach-r.----" of ihe j by ihe writings of the Xew Testament governor of -he Empire S::it-. Tr-e pic- Aa incidental reference in his ser- tures were jaUen. as the titT'jm-rs re t;.=ir pleas. IUERTA OBDERS CONGRESS CLOSED Gkaries Usurpation and Cells an Election PUBLIC SALE OF LUMBER A*D V.'OOI On Tuesday, Octobe=,21. ll'i:;. She undersigned will sell on tise^ Alex Hiines fa.rm, now owned by AV.D- .F:n-oiis in Reaciinjc townshio.. on roai leading from Heidlersburg to Sampion, the foH- -ins lumber and woo-I. beinjr al! ti.e Mexico City. Mex., OCL 1C.--Presl- deat husr:a aas moa i.%as elaboratetl Surlna the interview. He said- that Mohammedanism was spreaains^Ia^eastera^ Assa. la the interview he remarked that it is the dream of these eastern Mohammedans to convert Japan to the religion 01 Islam, so that a new race of warlike people can. take the place o£ the decadent western Turks and Arabs. ·'The greatest thins "m Christianity is the necessity for accepting the power of faith. It might seem, at times, as though Christianity Is almost on too high a plane for iramaa nature to understand; as though it is impossible to live the divine life in the world and arsons Its activities. "That is what makes the Christian v- i«ert · -"- reli si 011 pre-eminent. Mohamaieuaii- CIaSO-- OO-3 j - ?,-.-,,,- -a tnmr"r~nKrr2Ti(m rpsnliS , i - s J CONNIE SViACJC ' Leader of the Athletics and His Score Card. @ 1SI3. by J "tVheiiser victory or defeat, tute Connie Mack. Djr:«s ^"1 »-·' points of ih^ game 'i;*; -is a p'ulo- See h!sn here -a the b.g =erj«.-R. He h::s h!s score cartl ar! «c-«»ci!. Tr.i-sa he uses to signal his in*.:;. Beautiful Glass Service Set T -T -T-- « /^X .* * A. i^lt 11 .Tfc -s · /ours r*or Omy 50 B. T. Babbitt's Trademarks Evi-r\ lio^ue thoald have this Xueat Glass Ser\iee sei. £·. trybcdy «ha h^s seen it is delighted «iih tbe 11 preily piect-s. All ou need tio is save 50 Babbitt trademarks -- there's cue on furry Uabbiit product -- and because thtre are so maaj- daiiy u'-es for Esbbist's \e^ Mill s.oon ha-.e tills set In YOL'lt O\VN HO3IE. Babbitt's s,c^ps ar.d ck-ansers make the home, brighter and your v.-ork lighter. Grt '"liest" Soap, "177S" iisap l f QvnSff, Babbitt's Ckn-wr ard Eabbitl's I'are Lye at \ - our grocer's Vi'itcn ou ha\f 50 iradcttiarks, take tiu-ni to. Your Grocer or Ik next Three Famous Babbitt Products East. \Vcst. North and S-.-aih -- ihesv housc-iiolu htlp^ hsve madt path'; of cleanliness. Babbitt's Cleanser at 5c is half .the u-uai price. "Best tfanp" has for years. "1776" Sorts Powder Ls the- nearest BIG PROFITS IN THE WORLD SERIES i Aitileties Eacii Receive S3243 and Giants $2162. Order Ti e a Toda a , , , _ » , - . - _ I iOiii* ' *~ f-tl**- ti ^W*JJ---- ·V«^«^^ M - -"-»,*.V" T - ^-«-*--^.- Dranches^rtne Mexican^ national_co Q -j ^ , ^^ ^Sement'of a-cegraced tiecple to a., mucli hisfier plane than gress and he iias issued a proclacia- t'on calling for ne~.v elections of seaa-j ; tors and deputies on Ocr. 2o. Xnis Is tiie uav ley formerly occupied--but it is a Philadelphia. Oct. 13. -- The members of the victorious Athletic base ball club today reaped the material benefits for winning the world's championship from the Xew York Giants. President Shibe personally aandeq t.e players checks for~tSeiF snare of iasc ·week's gate receipts. for the presidential elecron. Ke also i . . . "-- Th twe^t^-five Dlavers recei'-"- · bean =eL P'-aae that Is not enougc -UO- ^^ T he Giants' monex- --I"-;.- haciDiecaaisni wiU advance sucn peo- e? ^^~: ',, ,, G ,_ ,,*,' cook Dots. '' "MARGARET R. CAREAUGH. Also at the same time and place 3 good milk cows, one will be fresh by time of sale, one in December and the third in January. W. W. SCOTT C. W- FAIR FOR SALE Modern nine room house Heat and all conveniences. Lot 40x232 ft, Terms to suit purchaser, J, B. Hamilton eorus _ Slab Wood, cut 12"inehes ionr. a.' acreh o? uncnt tree top 1 - in lots to suit purchasers, chips, chunks and. =aw dust. The rTsbt to remove the timber is given to April 1, 191-3. Sale to besin at 1 o'clock P.iL M dars credit on a!! snmsof 3o anil tte='bein^ i\ec with approved over, nctte security. J M. Caldwell. Auct. P. A. Mitier, Clerk. Cleanei* I BAER'S VARIETY STORE NEW STORE Buehler's Drug Store Old Stand 9 CJ^ambei^sbiig St. j Gettysbuirg Pa. Grand Opening Saturday Oct. 18 Complete line of Women's, Misses' suits, Skirts, Dresses, Waists, Millinery, Gent's Furnishings and etc. Come in and look us over. We feel sure we can : please you. Our goods are right. Our..prices are ripht. No trouble to us to show goods. All of our roods are marked in plain figures. We pledge the f £ o square deal. FARMER'S DAY PRIZE Any lady bringing 1 peck largest onions will be given a trimmed hat ·t^W^V the imprisoned members of t""e chamber of deputies. The procalaraation dissolving the present congress came, fo-iov.-'ng the coup d'ecat ~oy Ts-nich President Huerta's feaeral soldiery, under the lead of Minister Garza Aldape and Chief cf Police Chayiz Invaded the Xaucnal Palace -nrheD. congress ixas in session 'ucn pec-1 , Christianirv 1 a ^so divided into twenty-five shares or pie aiore quickly. rhn L -U--.i«-s- each wiiL It takes longer to lead the sav- ?-^ 2 b2 eacn age np-s-ard to Christianity than to and seized 110 non-Caiaolic deputies aad locked tiary. them up in tbe persiten- Titree of these imprisoned deputies, It is said, have been executed, noi- :g the definite pledge given by tae government at the time of tee seizure that acne ot tse deputies would be harmed :n custody. It is feared that there may be more summary executions, and the fears of the families aad friends of the imprisoned members of congress are heightened by the realization of the digjculty of ever finding cui_exactly what bas happened. President Kuerta. in dissolving congress, alleges that tee senators and. deputies have committed collectively j "But there is this peculiar thins t Mohammedanism. When a race has reached the highest level under that religion there is sure to begin a long, slov^ deterioration. "The reason is simple, ilohamrce- danisci presents an ideal that can be attained. T-te ideal Christianity _ can not be attained. The moment an ideal is reached its professors stop. But Trith Christianity there mast always be the striving upward." KILLED BESIDE CHILDREN Auto Driver Meats Fate at Crossing and Little Ones Live. Blcomsburg. Pa.. Oct. IS. -- Isaac Shatter, driving an auto truck, was ir.- stanly killed on the East Bloomsburg grade__cross:ng of the Pennsylvania railroad ~aen an engine at high speed, ninalng "i'ght" bersresn TVIlkes-Barre and Sunbury. st: is:i the ajto. Twenty-three players each received a fall snare, while Grant, Stock, Hearae and Jlrs. John llurpby. widow of the gi-oundkeeper. divided the two remaining shares. The total receipts for zhe 3ve games was S325.- 9SO, comics from 151,000 fans. Final Standing of Teams. "Won. Lost. Athletics 4 1 Xew York 1 Results of Series. | At Xew York. Tuesday. Oct. 7--Ata- j P.O. .800' .200' I have just received n Standard automatic iSk Separator which can be seen at - This machine is guaranteed to separate 750 pounds of milk per hour, and as soon as I have sufficient number installed I will buy the Cream at -regular orice for creamery butter. I tl. lecics. 6: Xew Yorlc, ·-- | With him on the truck were bis various illegal acts, including the at- n f e ce and nephew. Jennie tempted invasion of the constitutional prerogatives of the president. Bender. Schang/r-IarqiVard/Cranda'!. '"P HE RE are Other SWCCperS Tesreau. jjeyers. ! i that have permanent brush At Pnlladelpasa,-vTecnesdar. Oct. S.' , . , . t t, ere j s n o --xew Tort-, .3: Athletics, o on i a - atLacament DL.U aide is n« n:nss). Batteries--ilathewscn. Me-1 sweeper we knO-JV Oi beside Lean, TTilson, P'-aalc. Lao?- j t fre Model "S" thai has a At Xew York, i h;s-sday, Oct. 9.-( REAL Carpet Sweeper Athlerics. S: Xew York. 2 Bauenes-- ^ j combination with Bush. Scbang: Tesres.-j. Cranaail, M e - r u » - TUV V -, ^ e ; n ; - j the vacuum-cleaner. _lJiis is^a_ At Phiiadeipbia. Fridav. Oct. I 1 * 1 --;feature that everv housev.-ife Athletics. C: Xew York. 4. Battles--!, ^ loofcinff for. She has : Demaree Maro.uard,; . KILLS FATHERJTO SAVE SELF Son Fires When Parent Ma^as Attack Wrth Butcher Knife. Clarksburg. \V. Va.. Oct. IS.--Fred- crick S. Kniseley. a bookkeeper, shot and killed his father, Thomas J. Ki.i3eley, a wealthy fanner and politician, and isas exonerated by a coroner's jury. The shooting occurred at Los* Cree:. near Clarksb:irg, when the eider Kniseley is alleged to have at- iacks'l his sen aad daughter with a jutclier 1 nife. aged seven years, ana Theodore, aged two years. ch ;1 5"en of Harry TThitenight: his brother. Richard ShaSer. aiiii Sruce X^yh.ird. all of Bloomsburg. The deal man's brother and Xey- harc escaped v.-na slight injuries by jumping, but lie children were cn the seat wjhen the Angina Jilt the truck. Each was C2rr:t-d fifty feoc by the engi2e while the driver, ter: gled, vras held in the grip unt:I tossea aside S£t; low the f-ro=;s:ng. The llnle s-""s jaw was frac and her face shockingly lacerated, ^hiie it is feared at_ the Bloomsburg hcspital. where both children were F1MB LAND IN ARCTIC Hussian Explorer Hepsrts Locating j Ssg Body of Grojrsd. j v^-- Sr - 3*-c:iael. -^'aska Or-t. 13. -- The j -ibu-'mari^ i Russian government sceamers Taim-r! pilo-''- dea'h ; . and Waygatch. under Comn--ander ^'-' £tv -arcs be- [ itsky. which ha-.e beea engaged | cleaner has not accomplished i this. Gettysburg Department Store j Art-tic exploration north of Siberia for j ij; ru-ed laTes yesrs. arrived here for coal. j j= Captain "vl'llltskj- reported the d:s-, = covcry of a body of land as large as · = Greenland, evtending beyond latitude . = -a\-en that she cannot recover from SI ncrta and longitude l-C east. m J___ -·-- ^ T~* ,,« ·*··*- nftfi j^*uir i TM""" antolly Shoots His Son. Aberdeen, Md.. Oct. 13.--While gun-1 a:ng for squirrels near the Rocks,! Charles Ballam accidentally shot his iair:=e^-year-old son. John Dallara. He was taken to a Baltimore hospital, rchere it is sa:d he will recover. the shocl;. WEATHER EVERYWHERE. Observations of United States weather bureaus taken at 8 p. m. yesterday follow: Temp. Weather. Albany 54 Atlantic City..... 5.. Boston 50 Baffalo 48 Chicago 60 ?\ cw Orleans 70 New York 59 Philadelphia ' 60 St. Low's 70 Washington 54 Clear. Clear. Cloudy. Rain'. 'Clear. ; -Clear. ; ""Clear. ; Clear. ; Clear. Clear. The Weather. Fair today and tomorrow; west ·winds. * Admiral Peary and other Arctic ex- j = niorers have belie", ed that a large I = bod\ of lano. almost a continent, ex-1 = isted is. the po'ar region. The Cans- j = dian zrove-riisent had so much faith in j = the tr.eor cs n i Pesry. S^sfp.nson and ', = la^t s'imijier it j = Suspend Hs'se !n Coal Rates, "v^asnington. Oct. 13.--An increase of 15 cents a ton in the freight rate "on anthracfte coal from the Wyoming district in ennsjivania to tidewater at j c:her explorer? Perth Anboy. X. J_ proposed by the {= e nz c;:t V : :nj.ilmyr Stt-fanson \v::h j ^ Lehigh Valley railroad, isras saspenn^fi ; ib^ best e:'ilppcd ro'ar expedition trat! ^ by the interstate coaunerce coinmis- j ever eo the ice. }^ sion until Feb 14. j -- _ . .. \ = Must See Sno-.v Ere Going nc-ne. J ^ Mrs- Pankharst V/atched on Steamer. | Scrar.vCr. Pa, Oc^ 15.--Ignoring tel- J| Paris, Oct. 13. -- Telegrams from egrar^s and letters from her fa^?i:y, | = Havre sav that two English detectives ! iirs. Xeric Eaaer. of Baton Roage. }are aboard the French liner Provence, | La . r-i-ises to ret-jm home until sh.- j = with instructions to watch Mrs. Emme- j nss s--cn s^ow. T-'rs Bauer is visiticg · = My STANLEY STEAMER Hagerstown and ? r ' V il. - Fairs =. 7.:^!. Tna=«5.»T to Friday. Char.-ii- v $ ~- s«d for txcdve. =- ^ = ements by phone or in person with United States. var.i i = Jealous. Throws Acid. j York, Pa.. Oct. 13--Jlrs. Horace Fry, I L 641 East "Market street, a jfoiir small children, hurled carbolic acid at Louise Lehman, a ; jothes for a :lock 01 Plymontiii Rock waitress at a hotel in this city. The acid struck Miss Lehman on the baeS of the neck. Mrs. Fry charged that Miss Lehman had caused ner iusband to neglect his family. Clothes For Tnese Ker.s. ( _ Grt. IS.--Mrs. William I E 42 West High sharoi.. -:~ns. "» v »"'*.'8 tiro.ich a peculiar disease ; f, er , i^si-jq their feathers. The orsi so in ~ : li he strutting about nn.v:-f! in latest st\le raade-to- " Gettysb-.rg, Pa. s The Parasoi / In Fiorlfla and. Tesas there is oa mot j known as-tne parasol ant. Ants of this i kind are so called because they cut ' off tiny bits of leaves and carry them over tbeir .beads and bodies after the FOR SALE manner of parasols. With these portions of leaf the ant lines its nest. This member of the-r.nt family is very I.irse. nn5 consequently it must build much Inrjrer houses than the , «fnrden variety -with which we are all jTonnuundale, I'. O. AJdre-'a KO. Fairfiekl. THE late Dr. C. II. Stock's clerical j i horary will be offered for inspection; land sale in a room of St. James Luth-j cood yo«nc COTS. One a^feran Church, Gettysburg, darir.g the ii. . \\o; p. QsiSnry tM-oline eivjme in gco;i . on CHARLES MHNT1RE ' mectinj: of West Pennsylvania Synod, October 13--15th.--advertisement I -nil: be in Got t y s b u r every Tuesday a t P e n r o s «: MJV.T-' Jewelj-f Store. I Op«cs,29 Pomfert St,,Carlisle, L1S22B 1EWSP4PERS nFWSPAPFRI

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