The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 11, 1931 · Page 8
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 8

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 11, 1931
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

FEBRUARY II 1931 ROADS BETTER FARMING EDITED BY ARTHUR PICKFORD MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE JERSEY HERD OF BRANDS IS BEST None of Cows Are More Than 4 Years Old; Frevert High. The grade Jersey herd owned by utto G. Brandau, Rudd, broke ail previous association records by producing 405 pounds of butterfat or an average of 45.0 pounds butterfat. This record is outstanding as none of the nine cows in the herd are more than four years old. Three of the herd freshened during June and July, 1930, as senior yearilngs and one 4-year-old cow freshened Jan. 2o, 1931. The'other high herds are those of W. J. Frevert, whose 12 Holsteins averaged 36.9 pounds; G. E. Tracy whose 14 red polls, one dry, averaged 34.9 pounds; W. J. Raisty, 11 Holsteins, 33.8 pounds; M. Apel an'I son, 15 mixed cows, two dry 33.5 pounds; Walter Waidelicn, 19 Hoi- steins, two dry, 32.6 pounds- R. K Runner, 13 Holsteins, one dry, 32 pounds; J. Gauger and sons, 37 Jerseys, two dry, 31.3 pounds; Ivan Bartz, eight Jerseys, one dry, 3i.: ^pounds; Ralph Rockzein, 18 Holsteins, three dry, 30.5 pounds. High individual honors go to a purebred Holstein in the Frevert herd. This cow "No. 47," freshened Dec. 16 and produced a ton of milk testing 4 per cent or over 80 pounds of fat. BETTEIl SCHOOLS BETTEH SOCIAL L/FE Outlook Conference Plans Are Complete; Will Meet Feb. 24 CHARLES CITY, Feb. 11.--Plans for the Floyd county agricultural outlook meetings to be held in Charles City Feb. 24 have been completed, according to County Agent H. W. Anway. The latest information on prob able production and demand for various .farm products during 1931 will be outlined to farmers attending the meetings so that they may better plan their farming program for the coming year. A long time farm production program will also be considered. George Westcott, exension specialist in farm management from Iowa State college, will head the team of agricultural economists from Iowa State college, which will conduct the meetings here. The findings of the National Agricultural Outlook Conference, which was held in Washington, Jan. 26 to 31, have been adapted to Iowa conditions and will be presented at the local meeting. This meeting is one of a series of Jb which is being held thruout Iowa from Feb. 9 to 26 YOUR EGGS HATCH? MOR-GAIN LAYING MASH "i the ration supplies 20 A , protem--cpc! liver oil--dried buttermilk and pure wholesome ingredients adding vitamins, and proteins to the ration that make high hatchabtlity, keeps the hens strong: and healthy and producing heavily. INCREASE YOUR POULTRY PROFITS " '"· WITH MOR-GAIN MOR-GAIN ASK YOUR FEED DEALER FOR MOR-GAIN FEEDS MANUFACTURED BY Northwestern Distributing Co., Inc. 436 2nd St. N. E. Mason City, Iowa Phones 361 or 362 Loans to Farmers on Personal Property At this season of the year, farmers frequently find themselves in need of MONEY. To Buy Farm Machinery. To Pay Rent. To Buy Feed To Take Advantage of Bargains at Farm Sales. To Buy Brood Sows. and to use to an advantage for numerous other worthy purposes. We are organized to meet this need and mvito. farmers needing financial service to call at our office, or write and let us explain our special loan service for farmers. Our employes are always friendly and are experienced in handling farmers' problems. They are always pleased to discuss them in confidence with you. C. L. Pine Loan Company OF MASON CITY 2nd Floor Weir Hldjr. Entrance on 5 West Slate SI. I'hone 324 GRADING EGGS, POULTRY PAYS Marketing on Quality Basis Best for Dealer and Producer. , A "fl' Fe ?' "--*'* better both n » h , ; grade eno enable him to make a profit J o f D o u i t , ° u c o n of poultry and eggs will have to accompany the development of graded buying, farmers were told. It is only fair tnat farmers producing premium poultry and eggg should receive a premium price and those selling poorer products a poorer P" c =- This will necessitate adoption of better poultry raising anti flock management practices. PULSE OF THE FARM . . dealers i -u egffs anti P^'Ury on a graded basis. This was emphasized by various speakers during the poultry and egg marketing conferences held at Iowa State college during a arm and Home week. Both dealer? and farmers attended. For many years dealers have bought eggs on a "straight run- basis, but during the past few years the number of graded eee- buyers has been increasing- rapidfv Dealers are coming into competition with graded egg buyers in other regions and are finding it to their advantage to adopt the new system. Farmers in communities wnere eggs are bought on a graded basis tind that they receive during the year an avearage of 3 cents more a dozen than when their eggs arc not sold on a graded basis. The dealer in turn does not have to gamble a certain percentage of the WHEN YOU WANT special chicks that will insure you a profit--See us. GROTEWOLD'S HATCHERY Iowa Standard Accredited Chicks LAKE MILLS, IOWA W. J. Murphy Livestock and Farm Sale Auctioneer Arrange tor Vour Fall Sale Date JVn\v Phone 1877 Mason City, Iowa CHICKS AND CUSTOM HATCHING We are now booking orders for March delivery and on. Place your orders with us and get Jamesway hatched chicka. We Specialize in Custom Hatching:. Price $3.00 per 100 eggs. All orders will receive personal attention. Price list on request. JAMESWAY CHICK HATCHERY Clear Lake, Iowa Phone 185 H. W. Hayes and Sons ONE VIEW OF HIGHWAY PATHOL The Hardin County Citizen has oH V1GW ° f the propoaed n 'ghway "A. bill is in the legislature t, establish a state highway police force. About all this will amount to is a soft berth at the public crib for a body of men, probably appointed by political pull from some source The public will be pestered by tnen without any better law enforcement The highway commission will be given another installment of dictatorial powers. The tax payers wi! pay the price. Once this extra police force is established, it will gro\\ and its appetite will grow. Somehow people cannot learn that law enforcement must come from the people up and not from political policemen down. OPEN WINTER HARD ON CAKP Advantage is being taken of this open winter to rid some of the lakes and streams of carp. At Lost Island Lake Frank May of Lansing, who is doing the seining, took out 100,000 pounds of carp in one haul but in two others found only three undesirable fish. He has 12 to 15 men employed. The buyer of the carp plans on making shipment to Milwaukee. He 1ms about 3,000 feet of nets. On the Sholl Rock. A crew of men from Lansing, under the direction of the state fisn and game department, have been in Greene the past week and have been at work taking carp from the river. The men are Pad Volkert, Dolph Inman and H. Carlsen. They made two hauls Sunday. The f i r s t one in the morning was made below the dam, in what is known as Kingery's hole, but instead or getting a bunch of carp the net contained about 300 pounds of catfish. In the afternoon another haul was made in a hole near the Temple farm and here they took out about 6,000 pounds of carp at one time. Their efforts to get out the carp above the dam proved fruitless, as they got only a few Tuesday morning. In the afternoon they made a pull at Marble Rock but only got a few game fish. This morning they will again work at the Temple place and it is expected they will get another big haul. NIGHT SCHOOLS | ARE POPULAR At Forest City the last regula meeting of the farmers' cvenin school had an attendance of 170 an the average of the 10 meetings wa 130. Sixty-six men and 49 women at tended the last meeting at Swe City and 80 men listened with in terest for over two and a half hour at New Hampton while Professo Bowman talked on hog sanitation Nearly all the schools have a ligb lunch and sometimes there an games of basketball to vary the pro gram. OFFICERS MAKE LIQUOR RAID ON SOUTH FEDERAL Doors Battered Down With Axes; Bathtub Used as Drain. Bill Pappas, arrested following a raid on a second floor establishment at 301% South Federal avenue Tuesday night, was released on £ ?1,000 bond following his appearance before United States Commissioner Stanley L. Haynes Wednesday morning. A hearing for Pappas, who Is charged with keeping: a liquor nuisance, is .scheduled for Feb. 18. Two doors were battered down with axes and hammers by raiding officers before entrance was gained to the apartment. Each door was barred with five locks. While officers were battering down doors, the men in the apartment were dumping' liquids into the bathtub, officers said. However some of the liquor spilled on the floor was wiped up by officers to use as evidence. The raid was made. by federal agents, police officers and officers from the sheriff's office. No charges were filed against Steve Pantages who was in the apartment at the time of the raid A second raid was made on Billy's Casino night club on the south shore of Clear Lake, Tuesday night Spiked beer was seized but no ar- re ?iV^ ere made ' Tnc Ca; «n° was raided Saturday night. LINCOLN HONORED BY R*ADIO HELEN HENDRICKS News Editor Residence I'hone 3M\V Lake Glolbe^Ga^ette^ OFFICE PHONE No. 289 Farmer's Cooperative Session Attracts 550 FARMERS! \Vc I'ny a Premium For Quality Poultry FOOD PRODUCTS CO. I'hone 99G 2S22 S. Federal WANTED: LIVESTOCK \VE SMOU.K IMKATS G. GRUI'P'S t'ACKINO HOUSE Home-Madc Bologna Phone 23 401 So. Federal PUBLIC SALE As J am iiiovlnE to a smaller farm I will hold a public sale on the ,Tor- srensen farm, 4 miles Routti of Thornton; i/ 2 mile west anti S mllRs north of Ijvtimcr on MONDAY, FEBRUARY Commencing at 12:30 P. AT., the following; described properly: 40 -- HEAD OF LIVESTOCK -40 HO « S1E /-TTMni bny gelding. 7 nml 0 years old, wt. 3300; e, wt. 1450; sorrel mure, wt. liiuO; one lust, spring colt. ff raffle, CATTLE--Consisting of 2 mill,- cows; 25 head of ji-ntiinir heifers anil If) steers weighing front 700 (o 1JOO; 2 heifers and 1 steer weighing GOO. -5 HEAD SPOTTED POLAND CHINA BROO1 SOWS to farrow April 1st. nbonl HAY HARNESS AND MISCELLANEO0S ARTICLES--Four tonTTiM ;iay In stru-.U; threo tons tjime hay in burn; 2 *efs U/j-in. brec-ching harness; top buggy; S.Y12 rug; iron hort. ?2 f V i , f r n V C r f " 1 m i I " n R mnch »". n«'"-I.Y new; 33-ft. grain elevalor; John Dc-ere mnn.irc spromler, nearly new; nn.u- John *£?»"* /°T CI ; nt ° r: nC " l " S n n r n " in "' r: ^h Wand J8- W hre" disc; Hayes 4-whcel .·orn planter with SO rods of wire: ' ' VVENZEL'S FREE LUNCH SERVED AT 1.1:30 TVCLOCK monthr^tl^T · T , * 10 ° r "" dRr C!lsh ' Ovor "" lt TM"»'"t 1° montnr. tlmo will bo given on approved notes, bearing 8 per ,-ont Interest from toto of sale. Nolhlnjf to br remove,! u n d l settled for. HANS W. JORGENSEN, Owner Orf. Baylcwi. Aunt. First Nad, nanlc of Thornton. Cleric. Earl E l i j a h , Clarence, Is Speaker; Re-Elect Same Officers. CLEAR LAKE, Feb. 11.--About 550 members of the Farmer's Co- Operative company gathered together Tuesday noon for the annual Jiisiness-meeting of the organization. Wives of the members started serving dinner at 11:30 o'clock. 3uring the dinner hour music was 'urnished on the violin by C. M Mitchell and his accompanist. Earl Elijah, Clarence, was the nain speaker of the afternoon. F. A. 'lich presiding officer of the meet- ng asked George Netzer to introduce the speaker. Co-operation in vork of purchasing and selling was he theme of his talk. Preceding the talk a business ueetmg was held. The annual reports were read and approved. Dan Spillman and H. G. Bnichner were re-elected directors of the board All of the officers were re-elected by board members. They are F A Rich, president; Dan Spillman,'vice president; F. E. Baker, secretary and treasurer. W. W. Connelly led the assembly m community singing. Mrs. Willis Miller presided at the organ The girls' sextet of the high school composed of Dorothy Seal Virginia McVlcker. Gladys Lo mcn . Helen Wurtzer, Ruth Peterson and Minam Brager sang "In a Little Old Garden." They were directed and accompanied by Miss Feme Hemy. CLEAR LAKE CALENDAR Thursday -- Lake contestants speal at county declamatory contest a Thornton. Altrurian guest night with specia Valentine theme at the home o Sotltl Give Second Showing of "Twilight Alley" CLEAR LAKE, Feb. 11.--Clear Lake persons will have the privilege °f w 'tnessing another performance or Hie junior high schol onci-of ti "Twilight Alley." Wednesday eve fins' at the high school. The plav was well liked at its showing and is repeated in order to defrat expenses. J More t h n n SfiO were taken in at the first performance but the receipts were lost in the high schoo robbery Friday night. Farm Bureau Group to Present Comedy CLEAR LAKE, Feb. Ij.--The ·ommunity Farm Bureau will meet Friday evening at the Grant No 7 school. W. T. Sinnard, Mason City has been procured to talk on chickens. The regular business meeting will precede the program. A vocal duet by Temperance and Sarah Smith, a ukelele selection by Mrs. Melvin Boa], a piano solo by ..retchen Mason and violin selec- ions by John Jorgcnaen make up he program. A play "Here Comes the Bride" vill also be presented. Characters are Mrs. William Guest as the old maid, Cynthia; Alvin Dolley as her nail order sweetheart, Hiram; Mildred Glegler 03 Betty, the bride; Marvin Fistler as Bertie, the bride- n-oom; Mrs. 1C. Ouverson, as Lois vho is willing to be a bride; Lawence Lee as Maurice, who is willing o be a bridegroom and Mrs. 1C 3uverson as the station agent 'cter. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Prescott will ave charge of the community owspaper. Refreshments will be served In the basement by a committee. Members are asked to bring sandwiches and cups. Rotary club meets at noon at th I. O. O. F. hall. Boy Scout father and, son banqvie in Methodist church. Catholic Ladies' Aid tncels 1 basement of church for 1 o'cloc luncheon. Friday -- Clear Lake vs. Osage I high school basketball, Girl Reserves' benefit musicale a ! o clock at the high school. Star club members have Vulen tine party at the home of Mrs Charles Woodward. Clear Lake vs. Osngs high schoo basketball at Community building. Community Farm Bureau meet; at Grant No. 7 schoolhouse. Saturday -- Senior class party at the high school. Globe-trotters va. the Clear Lake Vagabonds at the Community building. CLEAR LAKE BRIEFS Bountiful line of Spring Huts at .$2.95 to 58.50. Peter Pan Shop. illis.i Alton AlunC'orlcindnli: returned to Minneapolis after spending- several days at the home of her sister, Mrs. W. J. Stork, east oi Clear Lake. Donald Walsh spent the u-eek-eml at the home of Phillip Sheridan cast 01' Clear Lake. Mr. null Mre. J. E. Iturlow, 10r, Linden avenue, have received word of the b i r t h of an eight pound granddaughter, Feb. 8. The parents of the child arc Mr. and Mrs. Marshnll J. Barlow, Davenport. .Stuelonts of the Emery school under the direction of Misr. Grace. Dixon are planning a basket social and program Friday evening-. Will KInilmll returned to Cleur Lake Tuesday after spending several months with relatives in Hop- kington. Mrs. F. M. Lfin Vn] daughter, Margaret, left Tuesday for Hartley where they will spend several days visiting friends. Are You "Hitting On All Six?" Liver--Stomach--Bowels-Nerves--Brain--Heart- Are They All 100%? Folka, the human body is just like a Rood car, everything must be in good working order if you expect to get the best performance out of either. Yon can't expect to feel icoft if your liver is out of order, your stomach upset, nerves jumpy or bowels tied up. You must build up your vital forces and you weak, weary despondent men and women who have been doctoring for apes trying to K et back the vim and _ of earlier years will be aston- isi cd, delighted ;md amazed to sec liow i|uicijy,strcrv;l''. energy and viial- nycome hack thru the use of T.inlnr, · ? 'O your druKRiat now and gee a botlteof Janlac. Millions of folks have started back on the road lo youth, health and happiness w i t h this world- lamous tonic and there is no reason why you, loo, can't begin today to rebuild your worn-out tissues and rc- vjl.ilize your entire system. Your money back H you are not speedily helped by n fair trial of this world-famous medicine. LEE DEWIGGINS Circulation unil Advertising Kosldence 1'liono G7 ^-- · **** B * aM ^ Kqc fftHM r JBBB^^^miJL L .L.-- .IIMIM.., ··"·--· Omaha Guest Honored by Lake Women Mrs. Dorchester and Mrs. R. Williams Have Bridge Luncheon. CLEAR LAKE. Feb. 11.-- Mrs L b. Dorchester and Mrs. Robert Wil- . liams entertained u group of IB men luesda wo luesday at luncheon in hono 1 men t .f *»*-..,, -..- -. " . . ~ w t , .n HUIIUI n ^. ' · WaU1 " Win t=rstcen, Oma ha, who is a houseguW at her sis ter, Mrs. A. L Sondrol. The afafir wa^held at the Dorchester countrj A pinlc and green color schem was earned out with a centerpiec of roses and f o u r reen t{ [ per i ; ize wns p' T ' . CI : stc , e » '"«1 one to Mrs. ·I. H. Woodstock for having- the mid. dlo scorn in bridge. Resume Cutting and Shipping Ice at Lake CLEAR LAKE, Feb. 11 _ A ennnge m the temperature has made nf ?| CSa M e for Li ' C ico department of the Mason City-Clear Lake railway company to start cutting ic;n ^u h . e « v '" lllis morning and ship'- ents havo been made. The ice being: loaded is 11 Inches thick, which lacks about thrc" nches of the Ice cut earlier in the Sour Stomach Two-Minute Relief! 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Pommy Storo When you have headache, feel achy, chilly and s n e e z e -- t a k e the s t a n d a r d recognized remedy for cold;. ' rout OJ the Peterson bathhouse and luge r n f t s are being floated down he channel to the loading station y the Lake Shorn hotel. i PARK THEATER" CLKAU LAKE In WEDNESDAY Until Clmtforton "KIOIIT TO LOVK" Thursday "MOROCCO" HEATO For Furnace KENTUCKY Block-Lump Sl?.o . BLACK HAWK Big Illinois Lump Read the Want Ads. If your child had a bud cold last week, don't be content j u a t because the child is no longer hacking- and sneezing. A cold is bad enough but a child that catches cold easily and often, needs attention. Half-sick, pale, run-down children do not have the strength to resist disease and 'throw off infection Th t after-effects C a cold can be very seriou.s. .Start now to build up weight and strength. 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