The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 7, 1937 · Page 18
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 18

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 7, 1937
Page 18
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EIGHTEEN MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, JANUARY 7 '-,· BEST CATTLE STAY AT NEW PEAKS LOWER GRADES SHOW LOSSES Hogs Strong to 10 Cents Higher With Top Still at $10.60. CHICAGO, (/P)--Better grade cattle clung to Wednesday's peak levels in an active trade Thursday but lower grades showed losses of 25 cents in some instances. With average steer prices at the highest point in 19 months, buyers bought cautiously in attempting to satisfy only moderate sized 1rade requirements. Thursday's top of 513.85 per hundredweight, highest in 11 months, was paid tor both y e a r l i n g s a n d mediumweight steers. So far this week steers sold at an average . of approximately $10.85 per hundredweight, the highest average level since May 25, 1935. This compared with $9.75 a year ago, when cattle were selling at a-wider price range and quality was much plainer, accounting for the comparatively low average. Hogs were strong to 10 cents higher, but the top clung to $10.00, matching that paid early Wednesday. Wednesday was the first anniversary o£ the supreme court decision which removed the S2.25 per hundredweight processing tax as a part of packers' live cost of hogs. Drove cost Wednesday was $10.31, nearly $1 higher than a year ago. The day after the court decision, the average cost of hogs jumped 71 cents to $10.06. Until recently, wholesale dressed pork prices have been maintained substantially below quotations a year ago, but within the last week, advances of ?3 to $3.50 per hundredweight on loins carried the market close to the level prevailing a year ago, choice pork loins, however, lost another 59 cents Thursday. Lambs met with broad demand again Thursday and prices tended upward. Sellers asked as high as $10.90 and above for choice Iambs. Local Livestock MASON CITY--For Thursday HOGS Hog prices steady. Good light lights . - - 140-150 S 7,00- 7.30 Good light lights ... J50-1HO 57.43-. 7.75 Good lights 1GO-170 5 8.21)- B.50 Good lights 110-180 S 8.85- 3.15 Good light hulchcrs 180-200 S 9.43- 9.75 Good Sight butchers 200-220 S 9.70-10.110 Good me. wt. butch. 220-250 S 9.70-10.00 Good me. wL hutch. 250-270 5 9.10-10.00 Good me. WL butch. 270-230 S 9.70-10.00 Good heavy butchers 290-325 $ 3.70-10.00 Good heavy butchers 325-350 $ 9.55- 9.85 Hood heavy butchers 350-400 S 3.35- 9.65 ~ Good packing SOWS" 275-350 S 0.20- 9.50 Good heavy sows ... 350-425 S 9.00- 9.30 Good bis licavy sows 425-500 ? 8.00- 9.10 Good big heavy BOWS 500-550 ? 8.GO- 8.90 IThe above is a 10:30 truck hog market for cood and choice hogs. The difference -in price is for short and long haul hoss-P CATTLE Steers, choice to prime .... ? 9.00-11.00 Steers, .good to cjioice S 1.00- 9.00 Steers, medium to good $ 6.00- 7.00 Steers, fair to medium .... 55.00- 6.0U Low grade steers ! 3.50- 4.25 Hellers, good to choice .... SB.50-lu.oo Grass heiterc. med. to good ¥ 4.00- G.OO Grass heifers, com. to med.' 5 3.00- 4.00 Cows, cood to choice 5 3.50- 4.50 Cows, fair to" good J 3.25- 3.15 Cutters ? 3.00-3.75 Canner; :... S 2.50- 3.00 Bulls, heavy * 4.25- i.ln Bulls, litjht S 3.50- 4.25 Calves, gd. to choice 130 7 190 S 3.00- 9.50 Calves, med. to good 130-190 S 0.00- 7.00 Calvse, infer, to gd. 130-1SO 56.00 down LAJIBS Iambs, gd. to choice 70-90 5 8.00- 9,25 Lambs} mart, to Rood 70-90 S 7.00- 8.00 Lambs,' fair to med. 70-90 5 4.75 6.75 Lambs, common $ 4.75 down Vcnrllngs, gd. lo ch. 70-50 $ 5.00- 6.00 Yearlings, medium lo good $ 4.00- 5,00 Yearlings. - (air to medium $ 3.00- 4.00 Yearlings, culls . . . . . . r . l * 2.00- 2.50 Native ewes, cood to cholco $ 2.00- :1.00 Culls, ewes S 1.00- 1.50 Bucks . . . I * 1.00- 2.0(1 Wethers, 2 year olds S S.01N 6.00 Welhcrs, old * 3.00- 5.00 Buck lambs $1 lows. No dock on Ijjmbs, Quotations subject to market fluctuations. CHICAGO LIVESTOCK. (Thursday M a r k e t ) * CHICAGO, (/P)--U. S. . department of agriculture-HOGS 25.000; Including 5.500 direct: strong to lOc higher than . Wednesday's average; heavy butchers up most; top $IO.GO; bulk good and choice 1BO to 300 Ibs. S10.35®10.55: comparable 150 to 175 Ibs. largely $10.15(810.45; hcst HOWS Sin. CATTLE 8,500; calves 1.500; teller grade fed steers and yearlings steady, such kinds selling largely at ,512.50 upward;! top $13.85 paid for both yearlings and medium\veight steers; 'lower grades weak , to'' 25c lower; all other killing classes less -aclive but largely steady: bulls mostly yfi.60 down; vealcrs S' 13 on weighty shipper kinds, largely $128(112.50; light , vealers 510.50fi 11.all; stockcrs and feeders scarce, firm; common kinds $9.50 in n.2r; better grades Jl upward with meaty feeders at s a f nft.5Q. S I I E K P 12.000; Including 2.000 d i r e c t : f a l lambs in falrjy broad demand; undertone strong to higher; aged sheep f i r m ; other classes scarce: good to choice native and fed western lambs bid and below now asking $10.75i£r!0.90 and belter; scat. tcred native ewes $4.25ft5.25. MinWEST HOGS. Hofi prices at midwest m a r k e t s Thursay: WATERLOO--Hogs unchanged. Cli DAK RAPIDS--Good hogs 140 to 150 is. S7.75ft8.05; 150, to ICO Ibs. ?8.25fc 55; 160 to 170 Ibs. $8.75®9.05; 110 to.160 3S. S9.35Sl'9.65; 180 to 200 Ibs. ?9.60fi9.90; 00 lo 325 IDs. S9.60filO.10; 325 lo 350 Ibs. 9.G5S.I9.95; good packers 215 to 350 Ibs. 9.3(l«i5.00; 350 lo 425 Ibs. SS.15iJ9.45; 425 1 500 Ibs. $9fc9.30; 500 to 550 Ibs. 5B.85 15. OTTUMWA--Hogs 10-15c higher; 140 lo 50 Ibs. $7.80^78.10; 150 to ICO Ibs. $8.30ff? CO; 160 lo 170 Ibs. S8.80SJ9.10; 170 to 1BO js. S9.40Ji9.70; 180 lo 200 Ibs. $9.65fi9.95: 00 through 325 Ibs. S9.85®10.15; 325 to 350 OS. $9.70fillO; 350 to 400 Ibs. S9.50ffi9.80; ackers 275 lo 350 Ibs. S9.35®9.e5; packers 50 lo 425 Ibs. 59.25®9.55; packers 425 to 50 Ibs. S9.10ft9.40; stags S6.50S7.25. AUSTIN'--Market steady; good to holce 180 lo 200 Ibs. 59.60^9.90; 200 to 90 Ibs. S9.85P10.15; 290 lo 325 Ibs. $9,15fi 0.05; 325 lo 350 Ibs. S.3.65«I9.95; packing ows. good, 275 lo 550 lb=. S8.90®9.70.. SIOUX CITV LIVESTOCK. (Thursday M a r k e t ) SIOUX CITY, (/!)--U. S. rteparlinent o agriculture-CATTLE 2,SOU; calves 100; belter grade beef steers and yenrlings active, slrong to shade higher: others lilllc chance-' fat she stock strong: stochers and feed ers scarce, sleady; load p r i m e 1250 Ib beeves SI3.40; several cars SI06?10.7."i liberal showing shorl feds $9.75 down car good 775 ]b. heifers Sfl.85: choic quolcd around $11; b u l k beef cows S4 fR6; cutter grades largely S3,50^4,2:5 load medium fiflfl Ib. slockors Sf; car goo 800 Ib. feeding cows $4.25. Curren slockcr and feed cattle quotations: Sieer 550 to 800 Ibs. good and choice t2. ' 8; common and medium $4f?fi.25: HO to 1050 Ib. good and choice sfi.2.WB common and m e d i u m $4.25f?G.25: heifer good and choice $5.2.1^76.50: common an m e d i u m .S4SJ5.25: cows good S4W common and m e d i u m S3.50CT4: calve (steer) good and choice $6.25ffj;B.35; me d i u m SI.5nffB.25. . HOGS 4.000; weights under 210 Ib: Relive." 10S25C higher lo shippers: belle IRO o 210 Ib. butchers SI0.101T 10.25 ' all interests; b i d d i n g S10.25 on weights; 160 lo 180 Ib. llghli t9.7SiMO.IA 140 lo 160 Ib, light lights J9.25W9.7? f e w $9.85: welchty /sows 400 Ibs. $0.75; slags $0.50 do*n; pigs dull. SHEEP 3.500; no early fat lamb ac lion: undertone firm lo higher; best fe lots held a r o u n d S10.25; odd lots ewe salable largely $5 down. S O U T H ST. TA1JI, LIVESTOCK ( T h l i r s r t a v M a r k r l ) SOUTH ST. PAUL. /r--U. S. deparl Went of acricullurc-- CATTLE 3.4IW; slauclilcr slecrs full steady; medium fed kinds Hog Markets elter grades scarce, q u o l n b t c around 0'a 12; plain kinds down, to $6 or less; c stuck steady lo strong; good cows i f f f G . V o ; low crade butchers $-t,75^{5.75; ow cuflers ana cutters $3.50iIZ4.50; bulls teady, weighty bolognas up to $6.23; lockers strong; common to medium ockers $4. 75^5,15; calves 2,000. strong: . , ulk better grades . selections . 2; medium grades down to $8. HOGS 5.000; active; u n e v e n l y steady 3 Inc higher; weights over 200 Ibs. nowing.most advance; top $10.30; main- f for 210 Ibs. up; better HO to 300 Ibs. 10 fi? 10.30 ; 140 to 170 Ibs. $5.50 if 10 ; 120 o 140 Ib. ktllet-s 39719,50; lighter weights own tp ?8 and under; good sows larae- y S9,50'fiO.G5; average cost Wednesday 10.01; weight 211 Jbs. S l I E K P G.OOO; fresh supply largely fat Tinbs salable supply increased by sev- n. loads fat Montana lambs and three oads fed ewes arriving late Wednesaay; ndertone strong on all classes; sellers sklng higher: bulk fat lambs "Wednesday 10^10.23; slauehtcr ewes $4.75 down. C O M I H N K I HOG RECEIPTS. 1JES MO1NES, (/Pi-- U. S. department of griculture -- ; Combined hog receipts at 22 concentra- ion yards and 9 packing plants located n interior Iowa and southern Minnesota or the 24 hour period ended at 8 a. m. 'hursday were 20.-100 compared with 7,500 a week ago and 11,500 a year ago. Fairly active, unevenly sleady to lOc ligher, mostly 5c up: undertone strong; onding continued light. Quotations follow: Ll^ht lights 140 to 60 Ibs. good and choice $8.05^8.95; light vciyhts 1GO lo 180 Ibs. sa.75ii3.7n: 180 to GO Ibs. $3.757 10.20; medium \veigh Is. 200 o 220 Ibs. $10^10.35; 220 to 250 Ibs. Sldft 1 0,33; heavy weights. 230 to 290 Ibs. JlO'ff . ; 2 9 0 t o 3 5 0 Ibs. . . Packing sows, good: 275 to 350 Ibs. SFMO 50 I (o 42o Ibs. . $9.1D(?T9.50. to LIVKSTOCK FOHKCAST. CHICAGO, W--Official estimated re- iots for Friday: CntHe 2 f o O O ; ' h o g s 21,00; sheep 10.000. R e p res e ntative Sates (Thursday M a r k e t ) CHICAGO. l.Tj-- U. S: department of griculture -- Representative sales: IIOOS. eavy -- - I Light 310 255 288 255 ledlums-- 247 1 230 7 - , 225 5 212 tcers-- 3 10.40] 64 10.55|31 10.55[92 10.50173 198 1BI 1227 12-10 12GH 1210 1104 10R5 972 865 77 92 RQ 85 102 89 80 10.60] 102 10,60]24 10.451 I0.6D[ CATTLE. |Heifers 13.B5J25 13.40J20 in.noiiT l'J.25i!3 11.25115 10.25[Co\vs -9.25| 3 a.50[5 |4 1C 159 145 732 871 814 836 727 10.55 10.40 10.45 10.40 10.25 10.00 . H.50 8. no 7.25 I I DO 7.00 121B fi.2n 1180 5.25 1025 4.75 884 3.85 SHEEP. -- |Native Lambs-10.75|120 89 10.00 10.60] 131 86 10.50 10.fiO]9(i B7 10.35 10.50] Slaughter 10.40] Yearlings-10.35]89 100 9.50 10.00|SlaUEhter Ewes-- [16 123 US 1BD 31 Public Utility and Industrial Stocks Quoted by A. ML Scltanke and company. Telephone .1300, Mason City. Bid aurl A s h e d T h u r s d a y . Cent St El fi pel pf (S25 par. 10 12 Cent Et El 7 pel pf ($25 par) 11 13 Cent St P i L 7 pet pf 1514 1G14 Champlin Ref Iowa 7 pet pf 100 Creamery Package common . 24 25 Icarst Cons A 22 22V George A Hormel A pf 104 107 George A. Hormel common .. 1914 20 nterslate Power G pet pf -- 17 19 ntcrslate Power 7 pet pf, ... 19 21 nwa F.lcc Co 654 pel pf 50 52 :o'wa Elec Co 7 pet pi . . . . 51 53 !a Elec Lt : Pow G v pet pf 66 ' 99 ipo 66 67 ia Elec Lt Pow 614 pet pf '67 (a Elec Lt Pow 7 pet pf 12 la Power 4: Light pf .'. 101 ta Power Ai Light 7 p c t ' p f ..- 102. : aPubllc Service C ' p c t . p l . . -98 la Public Service fi!4 pet. pf la Pillule Service 7 pet pf la S o u l h U l i l G pet pf ... 1a South U t i l 614 pet pf ... South U t l l 7 pet pf ... Minnesota P i L 0 pet pf .. Minnosola P iS; I. 7 pet pf . Northern St Power 6 pet pf Northern St Power 7 pet pf N W Bell Tel (Hi pet pf . N W P o r t l a n d Cement com · Ralli Packing B pet pf ... Rfllh P a c k i n g 7 pet pf ... Ralh Packing common .' Sioux City Gas «.· El 7 pet pf United I.t Rys R -pet pf United Lt. Rys 6..16 pet pf 8fr',4 United Lt tfi H.VF 7 pet pf 9314 Western Grocer pf 03 Western Grocer com 13 63 14 103 104 100 101 102 68 69 1.1 D:t "35 an',4 101'.-j GOVERNMENT BOND PRICES MONTHLY AVERAGES OF DAILY FIGURES IIS 110 BLOODHOUNDS B W A L T E R S . M A S T E R M A N CHAPTER 43 SELDEN appeared the only one unconcerned following the attempt to kidnap or slay the children. He called for a calm discussion ot events. Reid, at Selden's side, was not so calm at the moment. The attacker had taken a shot at him. ' "Take a seat, James, we must talk," Selden said as the butler entered. "Mr. Reid was telling me about his rash flight from the cottage, but you know the old saying --where duty calls--or is it beauty? Anyway, it was just as well that he was there, though he ruined all my plans." He grinned broadly at the astonished men. "But I don't understand what is happening," Reid cried excitedly. "A murderous attack has been made on murderer the children, and the still somewhere WHEAT MARKET IN LATE JUMPS Chicago Prices Carried Up Maximum of Two and Fourth Cents. CHICAGO, (#)--Late jumps o£ prices Thursday carried the Chicago wheat market up a maximum of 2Vi cents a bushel. Buoyancy of Winnipeg wheat quotations acted as a late simulating influence. Many previous ipeculative sellers here hastily re- 'ersed their market position. At the close, wheat was IVa-l'/s above-Wednesday's finish, May 51.33 ,.-%; July $1.17'/»-%, corn '. to 1% up, May new Sl.lO^s-te, fuly new Sl.OGi/i-%, oats · %-Hb .dvanced, and provisions dearer 2 to 20'cents. 97 11)5 25 100 100 31 91) 92 09 10714 "2i' 102. 103 33 101) ·R7 B7V4 Hides and Furs Q u o t a t i o n * F u r n i s h e d by W o l f nroa. Inc.. 3U8 Fifth Street Southwest. lIOItSClIlDES Hcrschldcs 3,151 ·GltEEN U E E F HIDES Up to 25 Ibs 11 25 to 45 Ihs Hi£i More Ulan GO Ibs. 6W Bull hides 7 ·Cured htdes h a l f cent more a pound lOn above prices a cent higher wholesale dealers In wholesale lots.) FURS Ex. LRC. Lge. Mod. Sma :ta sr Mink Musk rat Weasel i white and brown) . Red Fox lheavy Raccoon (heavy ordinary t Civcl Cat Skunk (averac* prime) Slightly higher and lar£e lots. SI4.00 S12.50 Sll.OO S3IS 1.15 1.55 1.45 1.211 .70 6.00 1.50 .40 .50 5.50 6.50 .35 .50 5.00 5.50 JO 1.15 1.50 1.40 1.1 prices (or wholcsal N R W YORK SUGAIt. ( T h u r s d a y M a r k e t ; NEW . Y O R K . im-- Raiv sugar Im changed at 3.!Klc. Futures 2 p o i n t s lowe lo 1 point higher; March 2.S1C and Scp tcmbcr 2.fl?c; No. 4 contract May 1.01 and Pecemhcr 1.07'^e. Refined unchangc at cents lot fine iS-anulatcd. C H I C A G O CASH CItAI.N'. ( T h u r s d a y .Market) CHICAGO. lA'i--Cash wheat: No. 1 dark ard $1.42: No. 1 hard $1.41. Corn: No. 4 mixed S1.09 m a i n l y while: o. 5 mixed $1.04; No. 3 yellow $1.105' 12; No. 4 yellow SLOTS l.lOli; No. 5 c-llow S1.03CI.06'.a: No. 3 white $1.11" 4 |R: 12!i: No. 4 white S l . l O f r l . l l ; No 5 hite SI.004il.OB; sample prade 8n c wsi.«2. Oats: No. 1 white 57ffiS7',4c: No. 2 white HKjlaG'Ac; No. 3 · while 53c. Bye: No. 1. sl.25Vi. Soyheans: No. 3 yellow Sl.nS'a. Barley feed 82fi ) 86c, 70i?95c nominal: laltinH Slt?1.40 nominal. Timothy seed S5.B511G.10 cwt.; new S.60fff3.05 cwt. Clover seed 5231132 .cwt. Ixird--Tierces, S14; loose, 513.25; hel- es, 516.40. Mason City Grain MASON CITY--For Thursday To. 3 yellow shelled corn .. .Sl.CH o. 4 yellow shelled corn . . .$1.01 ar corn 97c Vhite oats, No. 3 J '. . 50c Jarley . 60-90c Soybeans, No. 2 yellow $1.45 Stock List NEW YOilK STOCKS. (Thursday F i n a l Q u o t a t i o n s ) Al Ch Dye 231 Am Can 111)14 Am Sin Ref ati^a Am Sue Ref 55'/4 A T T 18614 Am Tob B 98 Am Wat Wks 27 Anaccmdn STTJ Auburn Auto 30^4 Aviation Corp 7'.'a Bait Ohio 2P,i Barnsdall 30 Bcndix Aviat 27. Beth Stl 76% Borden 2TH Borg Warner 77 1 /* Can D G Ale 29^ Canad Pac Case Chi N W Chi Gt West 150 4 P SLVt C M St P c R i P Chrysler 119!. Col G El . 1014 Com Sr Sou 45','* IT Con Edison Con Oil Con Can Cont Oil Del 45 . Corn Prod 68 Cnrtiss Wright 6% Deere Co lll) ( .« D're Co pfd 30 DuPoiit de N 17-1 Ib Gen Elec 55'/a Gen Foods 40!4 Gen Mot GfS^i G i l l e t t e Ifi=i Good'r T R '^V, Hudson Mot 191. I l l i n o i s Cent 24 H Int Harvest 104»i Int Nick Can 3% Int Tel Tel 13 C, Johns Manv 151 Kresgc 23V4 Lib O F Gl 73 Maytag 14»/4 McK t Rob 13'.'4 Mid C'ont Pet 31!i Monty Ward Nash Mot Nat Biscuit Nat Cash R Nat Dairy Pr 24 Nat Distill 29 Nat Pow Lt 13Va N Y Central 42=1 Northern Pac 2814 Oliver Farm 58 Packard Mot Param Pict Penney Penn R R Phillips Pet Radio Key Tob B Sears Floeb Shell Union Hoc Vacuum Sou Pac Sttl Brands 15}, Std Oil Cal 45 Std Oil Ind 46Vi Std Oil N J G8!i Stewart Warn 1841 Sludebakcr 1-n; S w i f t 5: Co 26 Texas Corp ri.l^j Tc* G u l f Sul 41V, Timfc Roll B 12M Un Carbide lOil'.l Un Pac 128', ; Unit Air Corp '23'.; U n i t e d Corp 17 V. J11. 30 Vi 1111 08'" tl',4 si y» a 4V. 29?i 17 ·it;-. Unit D r u g U S Ind Alco U S Rubber 47»i U S Steel 19'ji Warner Piut 17? West Un Tel 80'.'. West El M 143 Woolworth B3 WriRlcy Jr 14V'4 76 C H I C A G O STOCKS. (Thursday Final Cluolations) Cities Service 4%1 Natl Standard Hellmann Bre lOV'nINorlhwest Bane J^atz Drup; 15'AIQuaker Oats Kclloge Swllch D V i l S w i f t i: Co Lihby McNeil 10»,k|Swift Intl Midwest Corp I.V£|Ulitity Ind Nail Leather 2V'«|Zenith BUYING SWEEPS STOCK MARKET Active Trade Sees Prices Up Fractions to 3 or - More Points. NEW YORK, (/P)--Buying forces ,vept over the stock market hursday and whirled prices up ractions to 3 or more points in ne o£ the fastest sessions of the ast several weeks. Inspiration for the swift thrust vas attributed partly to a some- vhat better turn in the Genera! lotors strike situation and to the pparently favorable reception iven the president's message to ongress. Short covering was said to have een a contributing factor, espec- ally in the automotive group. The .eels, rails and utilities ran neck- nd-neck with the motors on the pward jaunt. The ticker tape fre- uently was behind floor dealings, lost of the leaders were around leir best levels o£ the day near he final hour. Transfers approximated 2,800,000 shares. Power and light company stocks ere unusually lively as holders f these noted that the chief ex- cutive in his report on the state £ the nation took no pot shots at he utilities. Highly satisfactory usiness for these concerns was Iso given consideration. THURSDAY G R A I N CLOSE. CHICAGO, I/T)-- VHEAT-- H i g h Low Close lay 1.34 1.33'.', 1.3314 Illy 1.17V* ..ICV* 1.1711 Icpt. :... CORN-lay new ... lay old uly new ... uly old .... ;ept OATS-lay uly ept SOYBEANS-lay uly RYE-- uly Icpt. HARLEY-- .ARD-'an. ... Mar. ... May ... IE LUES-an. May l.K'A 1.10% 1.07 LOG 3 /. 1.02', « l.OZli .531 i .47 '.' 4 l.fil 1.6C1 ...14.02 ...14.30 ...14.45 ...14.R2 1.05V. 1.00 1.01 1.01V4 .S3 1.SK L.iT'. 13.D7 14.17 14.3S 14.52 1.14 l.inik IMS':', l.OC'A 1.02 1.02'A l.fiO'4 1.60 14.2(1 14.45 14.(52 16.P5 17.27 17.GO K A N S A S CITY (Thursday M a r k e t ) KANSAS CITY. (,T1--Whcnt-- fi2 cars: 14 cent hli-lier; No. 2 dnrk hard. SI.37'.! 7!.39i/ ; No. .1 nom., S1.331.'.: No. 2 hard. S1.39 t /4'ftl.41 1 /3: No. 3 nom,. S1.33f?1.39: No,- 2 reel nom., SI.3Rf«? 40%: No. X nom.. Sl.ns'/-(tfl.M'.l. Corn--42 cars: V.'fH'.'t rents hielier: No, 2 w h i l e nom.. SI.2.T.'j»1.2.'i: No. 3 nom.. S1.21 fij 1.14: No. 2 tvollow nom.. S1.2K71.22: No. 3, Sl.t1H'.:~No. 2 m i x e d nom., $1.20(171.21; No. 3 noi-l.. S1.1BW J.lOii, Onls--3 cars: V^l trnt higher: No. 2 h i t c nom.. 57^58; No. 3 nom.. 17'.i. G R A I N ( T h u r s d a y M a r k e t ) MINNEAfOLlS. im--Wlicnt--24 car; IV. cents hlcher: No. 1 heavy rtnrk n o r l h - ern sprinc. (50 pounds. Sl..'t7T' a fi71.Rr,7i,: No. 1 dark northern. ."!! pounds. Sl.nfiTn .fr,-, T n: SB pounds. sl.S5TI,(f?l.B4;i: fancy No. 1 hard Monlnn.i. 14 per rent pro- lein. Sl.47 7 '.fll.4').i: (Trade of No. 1 rtrak liarrl or No. 1 hnrd Montana winter. sl.4niffl.Wi.: hard, amber d u r u m . No. 1, si.97'!'«i:.7P/: No, 1 red. si.?xi. Corn--No. 3 yellow. S1.15TJ1.17: un- inn«ied to 1 cent highrr. Oats--No. 3 white. sa^.fiM^Ji. Miscellaneous CHICAOO POTATOnS, ( T h u r s d a y . M a r k e t ) CHICAGO. V,~ V. S. department of agriculture-Potatoes 60: on t r a c k 221; total U. S. fhipmonls 571; stronROr, prices h i R l i c r supplies lifihtcr. demand /Air: sacked per c\vt. Idaho TUissot Burbanks U. S. No 1 S3.2,~If3.40: f a i r q u a l i t y heavy to smal S3.10; U. S, No. 2 fciv J2.75; Wyoming Bliss Triumphs p a r t l y graded S2.60; Wisconsin nonnd Whites U. S. No. 1. $2.2T.® 2.40; U. S. 52.15; M f c h l R a r Russet Rural* U. S. No. 1. S2.30ft2.35, Florida bushel crates ntiss T r i u m p h s U S. No. 1 lair cruality small to medium $1.75 a crate. iios-ns ( T h u r s d a y M a r k e t ) KEW YORK, (/l-i--(U. S. bonds closed Treasury 4V.S. S7-52. 121.t. Treasury 4s. 44-54. H5.n. Treasury 3 3 ,is, 40-4.1, 107.12. Treasury 3%s, 43-47. 11D.fl. Treasury 3','a. 46-41), 103.17. Treasury 3s, 51-55. 106,20. Supplementary List of Stock Quotations Supplied by LAIUSON BROTHERS AND CO.. Mason City Ortice in Bafflcy-Beck Hide. Telephone No. 7. IO\V J O N E S AVF.RAGr.S Incls. Raits Util Close 181.77 54.6G TI6.40 'Otal Sales .1,060.000 C H I C A G O STOCKS Bntler Bros 13^'n Marsh'! Fields 20V Cord Corp 41a NEW YORK CURB Am G Elee 4.1«i . Ford M nf C 24?; ~" ' Ford M of Eng TVj Lockheed 10 NiaR Hud Po IT. Pcnnroad Corp 5 S O Ky o Am Cyan B Am Su Po Co 2',-i Ark' Nat Gas A W, fc El A 5','n Can Ind Alk · 7 Elec 3«1 El Brt Sh 2S»« Un Gas Co 11», ITn LI * Po Co BT N E W Y O R K STOCKS Mnska .Tun 1-IT4 Houston Oil \llefjhcny 4Va Allied St .1614 Am fc Fo Pow 8^4 Am Cr Su Co SiW \m C t- P Co 6114 Am Po Li UTi Am Roll Mills .1414 Am R A: S Co 2fi'A Amer Tob Co 98 Armour : Co 81i Arnt A Co pf Efi!--! As Dr' Gds 22 Ml Ref · .12 B a l d w i n Loco ft^ii Brieps MfB Co 551'. Bcndix 27?it Budd Mfc Co 12T, Byers A Jf Co 28',» Cer de Pasco ~t'A\'i dies A: Ohio 67 Chi G f W pfd 15'/4 C M S P.* P pf 3"'« Co Cola Co l".1lii Com Solvents 18 T ii Cont Motor 1~.'* Curtaliy Pack 40^ri Curt-Wr Co A 19% Dist Cp Seaff 2fili Douclas Airc 71 a .« El A u t o Lite 41?. El Pn fc I.i 25'.', Erio'Fl H Co 1414 Fire T fc Rn ri4q, Fostpr-Wlincl 4"i7n Frceport Tex liT'.i Gen Am Tmn 737i Gliftrlcn Co 45-7, Oohel B", Gold Dust 1.17, G r a h a m Pnij;c 31'n Gt Nor pfd 42'4 Hudson Motor l Hupp Motors Ind Rayon : JCclvinnlor £ Lambert Co 2 Lorillard 2 M.ick- Truck 4 Malliio Alk- ; Sto IS". Minn. Mol Im 12 M K T 7! Mnlor Prod 3fil No A m c r 32^ No Amer Av 137 Oils Steel ITh Packard Hot H I Park TJlah Cop 4:" Plymouth 2R 1 .' Proc Gam 57V Pub Scr N J fill 1 . 1 P u l l n - a i i 1.91 , Pure Oil Co '2W* Pnriyt B.ik'ery 19 T :i R K O 81i Hem R a n d 22 Heo Motors 51: St Jos Lcarl 47 Simmons Co 45^4 So Cal Edison .10'/4 Spcrry Corp 22 St G X: E 1(1 ,4 Tid Wa As Oil 21',', U S Ind Al : U S Smelter f U»it P : U A 41', V a n a d i u m : Un Gas 7m Warren Bros Western Un I Yellow Tr : Youngs S T 79% Bond Market NEW YORK. (*)--Higher prices rule in the bond market Thursday, with ac t i v i t y centering on domestic corporal issues. Following a slow opening, most sec lions of the list pained support as t r a r t i n proceeded. Rails, w h i c h started s h a h i l j steadied and worked higher. Speculaliv carriers made p a i n s - r a n R l n K to majo fractions. The United Stales g o v e r n m e n t prou IctMcrcil slightly, with gains Ihe mor impressive. Improvement ranged to and losses to 2-32nrts of a point. Foreign bonds moved up on light v.. time, with German and Japanese Issue out in front, up major fractions. Italia obligalion* edged higher and most Sout Americans made some headway. Among tile domestic carrier issue moving upward were Southern R a i t w a 4s. Frisco 4'.'-s. New York Cenlral 5s. S Paul 5s and Norlh Western 4T»*. U l i l i l l e lo Improve included A h i t l l i l Paper Power 3s, I n t e r n a t i o n a l Telephone .is an Intcrnalional Hydro-Electric fix. McKesson and Bobbins pure O 4'AK and SUidebakcr fie stood out £aincrs In the industrial section. about, and you tell everybody to go to sleep as all danger is over. It seems madness." Selden laid a hand on his shoulder. "You haven't yet recovered Irom your illness. The assassin has got right away by this time. But the main point is that the secret hiding place of the children is known, and they will have to move. By the way, James, that ladder came from the library, I suppose" "Yes, sir, it was used for getting books from the higher shelves; it was . there this evening--I saw it." "Look here," Reid suddenly broke "I'm risking something Curb Market NEW YORK, (/!·)--Moderate to wide ains were served up in the curb m a r k e t hursday. Several issues made sharp upswings In ate forenoon trading, arnonfi them Pan Vmerican Airways, up more than 3 V a i "cwmont Mining, up several points, and utf Oil. ahead nearly 1. Wayne Pump, Columbia oil and Gas nd Electric Boud and Share were otlier cadlincrs on the advance. Somewhat Jou-er \vere' Fcrro EuameJ- ng. American Gas and Electric and PLO- eer Gold. A substantial portion of Hie list held bout even. Produce MASON CITY--For Thursday Cash Quotations ly E. G. Morse Eggs, current receipts 20c Heavy hens, 5 Ibs. and over loc Jnder 5 Ifas !) c Springs, 5 Ibs. and over 13c Springs, under 5 Ibs lOc Leghorn springs 7c Cocks 6c AH No. 2'pnultry 4 cents less Merchants Quotations Eggs, in trade 23-25c* gs, cash 21-23c* Butter, Iowa State Brand ....41c Butter, Corn Country ........39c Butter, Kenyon's 39c Butter, Very Best 41c Butter, Brookfield .39c Potatoes, peck 40 and 60c ·EDITOR'S NOTE--These representative quotations were obtained by calling several grocery stores. in telling you this---I was in the Abbey on the night- He got no further--Selden interrupted hastily. "My dear fellow, I know. Don't you remember thai you told me about it, and I chaffed you about your romantic escapade?" Reid stared at the level eyes of the detective and read a warning. James laughed. "That was the time you knocked me down." "I wonder, James, whether you would mind getting us something to drink. I'm sure Heid wants one badly." "Why, certainly, sir." He rose and went out. "Why did you stop me?" Reid said, facing the other- with intense determination. He had intended to tell the whole truth^ and take consequences. "My dear Jack," Selden said in a singularly gentle voice, "while you were lying delirious, there was no one to look after you, and I did not want a stranger there. Shall I go on?" Reid breathed hard; he rested his head on his hands, and his gaze was fixed on the table. "Please do." "I heard you raving in your delirium, and I felt it wasn't safe to have anyone else with you, so I constituted myself nurse ,a' nights. You were' all right in the day." Reid looked up and met the other's eyes. He saw the dark rings and the strained look, and realized what an awful time Selden must have passed through with this heavy weight of responsibility. Tears came to his own eyes--he was still weak. "You were a brick, Selden; you must have heard something." "If I did, I have forgotten. There is no need lo refer again to i unless some day you care to tel me. As far as I am concerned it is sealed up." His mouth twiste into a smile. "But if a certaii young lady I know had hearc your opinion of her she woul have been flattered." To hide his confusion, Reid re marked, "That was why you sen James out of the room." "There was no need for him t hear, but keep your ears oper when he comes back." James came in, apologizing [o the delay. He had been compelle to go lo the servants' quarters an pacify the maids, who had been scared by the noise. He pourcf out drinks and Selden insisted 01 his joining them. "Mrs. Thornton, the housekeep er, has gone to Lady Severinge She insisted on my unlocking th communication door for her. Sh een hiding them, and I couldn't ell him--that's the trouble." "Why not?" Reid asked. Selden's face was grim. "Be- ause," he said, emphasizing each vord, "if I had done so he would [ave had them protected by the lolice, and then there would have ieen no further attempts to ab- uct them." Reid sprang up. "Do you mean hat you were using them as a iait to catch the murderer of Sir lenry? If so, I am not going to e a party to that." "Steady, Reid! Sit down and 3on't get excited. If these assas- ins--for I am convinced there are more than one--are determined to ;et hold of the children, and we lave them effectually hidden, or irotected, they will bide their, time ind sooner or later they will get he chance. Isn't it better when ve are all on our guard, you and fames here, and I, to see if we can't get them? I may even be called off this case. You must really be guided by me." "But I don't see what the object s if it's the same people. Are hey going to put their heads into a noose for blackmail or ransom;-- t sounds too absurd?" Selden gave a quick glance at James, and saw that a struggle \yas going on in his mind. He spoke quietly, but every wore seemed to be like the stab of a vnife into flesh. "There is no queslion of ransom --this is murder. Nothing short of that will satisfy these fiends. Remember, this has not been the work of a day or a month---it has jeen planned for years." "But why murder? What have hese children done?" "The sins of the fathers shall be visited upon the children," Selden said solemnly. He faced round ·apidly. "Am I not right, James?" The question took the butler like i shot from a gun. He stammered and hung his head. "Sir Henry made many enemies when he was young. Excuse me, sir, I'm not easy about the children, and if you ,vill forgive me, I'll go and see if .hey are all right." "Do, James, and tell Miss Lawence that they will be quite C H I C A G O T R O n U C K . ( T h u r s d a y . M a r k e t ) CHICAGO. OT)-- Butter 5.4M. steady; creamery specials (9U score) :l5fo.1.V be: extras (92) 34!ic; extra firsts (afl-gu ;!,}',;, (irsls (8B-B9I n2',i!ii':i3e: standards , (50 centralized earlotsl 34c. . Eggs 10,005. steady; extra firsts local -T','yc: cars 2Gc; (rcsh graded firsts local 2nc; ears 2fi 3 .;c: current reeeipls 24fi24',ic; refrigerator standards 23*,lc; refrigerator firsts 23!ic. Poultry: Live, as trucks, unpetllrrt; hens 414 Ihs. up 18c; less l h a n 4'.=i Ihs. IBc: Leghorn hens springs colored then I will go, and one of you two jenllemen will open the door in he morning for the servants." When James had departed, Reid turned with a puzzled look to Selden. 'You are going to lock our iriend up tonight?" "I am going to lock the door," Selden grinned. TO BE CONTINUED 1VOOL, MAHKET. 'BOSTON, (ff)--U. S. department of agriculture-- -- · A few scattered lots of domestic wools ivere moved Thursday in the Boston mar- tret at strong prices. Buyers, however, were taking domestic wools at current quotations only, when needs were urgent. Purchases were mostly of the finer grades of territory wools. French combing \k blood territory wool brought around $1.05 scoured basis. Fine territory wools in original hags were sold at around 51.05-1.06 scoured oasis for lots r u n n i n g short to average French comh- ing lengths. OMAHA LIVESTOCK. -^ ( T h u r s d a y M a r k e t ) OMAHA, (*Tj--U. S. d e p a r t m e n t of agriculture-- HOGS 3.000; 15-25c higher: Ion 510.4(1; 190 to 2CO Ihs. S10.15!" 10.35; 160 to 18(1 Ibs. 59.7.W 10.15; 140 to 100 Ibs. 59.235110;' 120 to 110 Ibs. ?8.75!fi9.50; pigs S.7.50OB.75; sows S9.75; few 50.85. CATTLE 3.000; calves 20(1; sleady to Inc hiRher; .steers and yearlings ~ . . heifers S7rft9; cows $4.75^/7: cutters $3.50 ®4.50; bulls S5.7ofiK.5t); vealers ?0S 10.50. S H E E T 5.000; lambs slow, early Indications steady, asking stronger; Iambs S9.75Q'10: best held above S10.25. James disappeared so quickly hat it was evident he feared fur- her questions. "He knows something about this business, Selden," Reid declared. The detective smiled with a slight gesture of contempt. "He knows everything, but he won't speak; that's the difficulty. What is puzzling me is this--pcr- laps you can help. James docs lot -appear to be in any personal danger, and yet he was up to ths lilt in Sir Henry's confidence, and Ihose two and Graham came back '.o this village together. It doesn't tit in; there's something all wrong. Now that Sir Henry is dead, and James has the money, why doesn't lie speak?" "Perhaps he is an accessory to the crime?" "It's not so simple as all that. For tonight the children must remain where they arc--it is hardly worth moving them lo their old rooms at this hour, but you and I will take turns in watching now that Huclcs has deserted us." "Of course I'll do' that," Reid said heartily, feeling that the children were being used rather like an antelope chained to a tree to attract a lion. . "Tomorrow they can return to their own rooms, but they must not go outside the house--that is most important, tor things are moving very swiftly." "I wish to goodness you would tell me what it is all about?" Reid said restlessly. Selden laid a h a n d ' o n his arm reassuringly. "Believe me, there is no question of not trusting you, Jack. I haven't even told Hutchins, and yet he is working with me. I may be entirely wrong and then I should look a fool, but I am waiting for news from London which will either confirm or destroy my suspicions, 'and then I promise to tell you." James returned to say that he had taken food to Sylvia and OK; swears she knows who the mur-1 children, and that the twins had 15c: W h i l e Ttock IfTc. Plymouth Rock I7c; colored broilers 19c: W h i l e Rock 20c: Plym o u t h Hock 2 l c : Leghorn chickens I2c: roosters 12c; Leghorn roosters lie: t u r keys: Hens toms young I 4 c ; old 13c; No. 2 turkeys I3c; ducks 4'.', Ihs. up while and colored I7c: small w h i t e and colored 13c: northern geese irtc: s o u t h e r n ese 12c; capons 7 Ibs. 10e. 7 Ibs. up 20c; less than leenlralizcd. 90 score), NK\V Y O R K PROIHTCK ( T h u r j d a y M a r k e t ) , NEW YORK. c,fi--Butler--5.227. about sleady: crearnery higher t h a n extra, 35^4 (Tr36!i: extra (02 score!, 35'.i: flrsls I8S- 91 scorcsi. ."I^liifiSS 1 ,^; seconds scores), 32'733; 3-111. Cheese--26.558. f i r m and unchanged. Epps--15.480, f i r m : mixed colors, standards, 20; firsts. 27 3 ,4ft2fl; refrigerators, standards, 25T«'i726; firsts. 2514; seconds, M!'.,'fi2. 1 ;; other mixed colors unchanged. Live poultry f i r m ; by freight, chickens, colored mixed with Rocks, u n t i u o t e d : fowls, colored, 24; Leghorn, 15-11; other freight prices unchanged. [ T h u r s d a y M a r k e t ) CHICAGO, M'l--Buller f u t u r e s closed: Sloracc standards, J a n u a r y 331'*c; Fehru- ary 331iic: March .13**tC; No\'cmher .Tjr. Kpg futures: R e f r i R c r a i o r s t a n d a r d s . January 22-Sc; October'jc; fresh ffrfldcrf ttrtts, Fehruary 2'nie: storage packer! firsts. March 2.1','ic; April 241,c. Potato futures: Idaho Russetsf January »3.17[ March No. 1 grade A *3.73. derer is and that she is going to tell her ladyship." "Good," Selden said. "She will probably nominate you, James." The butler did not answer, staring at the floor with a wooden face. "She went to London a few days ago, James, didn't she?" "Mrs. Thornton?" James gave a start. "Yes, she did, and has been making h i n t s and insinuations ever since. I shall ask Lndy Severinge to dismiss her. She is a busybody and mischief-maker." "I heartily agree. I have had some experience of her." Reid interrupted them. "But rlo you think, Selden, that the murderer came in tonight by the way I mentioned?" "I am sure he didn't. T was on guard there myself." "There must be another way in, then. Do you think it possible that there is some secret passage, such as one reads of in books, from the crypt, and under the lake?" Selden smiled. "When we found that the coffin there had been tampered with, after the murder of Sir Henry, I took the obvious course of examining the crypt, with just such an idea as you had. but there is nothing of the sort. I hardly expected to find one, because if there had been one in old days the water from the lake oozing through would have caused a collapse long ago." James gave a gesture of despair. "Then I give it up, sir; but it seems that the children arc not ssfe anywhere in the Abbey." "They are not, James, but we arc not going to remove t h e m lo n safer place. My d i f f i c u l t y is thai I have not been playing the game with Hutchins, for he has been searching for them, and I have gone back to bed, dog tired, (hough their adventurous little souls had been thrilled by the midnight adventure. Sylvia- had accepted all these extraordinary happenings without protest or request for information. She was satisfied to trust to Reid and Selden. who were fighting for her. "James, you had better go to bed," Selden told him. "Mr. Reid and I will be responsible for the safety of the place." "Very good, sir, but Mrs. Thornton is still with Lady Severinge, and T want to lock up the door as usual." Selden remarked: "Give me the key. I am taking the first watch, nnci I will lock it after she has finished her argument, or whatever it is." The butler seemed relieved--he looked tired out. "Thank you, sir; WANTED FARM and MASON CITY MORTGAGES · Lowest Rates · Quick Closing A, M. Schantke Cr Company 208 Foresters Hliljr. Mason City, Iowa Telephone UOO IT PAYS to Sell Your Produce, Hides and Furs to FRIEDMAN at Forest City, Iowa, Who Is Now Taying: for HENS, over 5 pounds HENS, under 5 pounds ..... Leghorn HENS . SMOOTH SPRINGS, over 5 pounds SMOOTH SI'IUNGS, under 5 pounds Leghorn SPRINGS STAGS, over 5 pounds , STAGS, under 5 pounds EGGS, No. 1 EGGS, No. 2 ·. 14c lie 9c 14c lie .9c 12c lOc 26c 21c MARVEL'S LIVESTOCK AUCTION Saturday, J a n . 9 , I P . M . Weather permitting, we will have another big run o£ stock as follows: 100 to 500 CATTLE--Among which will be -10 head of choice Hereford 1200 pound steers that have been on full feed in a dry lot for one year. The cattle are Wyoming cnttle that have been fed by one o£ the best feeders in Hamilton county. Will have a lot of other fat cattle and a big run of stock cattle and butcher stuff of aP kinds. HOGS---Have a nice lot oi feeder pigs consigned but can sell 500 head eacli sale. There is a strong demand for feeder pigs all weights. SHEEP--Bred ewes are in demand and selling good. Remember we have buyers for all the livestock you care to consign to our sales; the markets are good and the demand is strong for all classes i,f stock, you packer buyers and shippers may come to our sale and get any number of cattle from a truck load to 5 or 6 carloads. We can f i l l your order for any kind of stock cattle. Livestock Auction! Tuesday, J a n . 12, 1 P. M. In our Tuesday Sale this week we have 400 CATTLE. The roads being bad and the weather being bad made all the consignments late in arriving. Due to slock arriving so late it congested our alleys and barns so that we could not start the sale as early as we should and could not give the customers Hie service we like to give PLEASE GET YOUR STOCK IN T II E 15 A K N BY 11 O'CLOCK SALE DAY IT WILL HELP US AND PAY YOU BIG. We w i l l have for the above pale the following' 300 CATTLE, all kinds. Included in Ihe run will be some good replacement cattle and a lot of butcher shift and fat cattle. The buyers will be here for all the cattle you care to consign. HOGS--Send in your feeder pigs on Tuesday, the demand is. good. HORSES--We received 107 head of horses last Tuesday. We had a few good market horses but the quality as a whole was j u s t fair. The trade was in line with recent sales wilh good broke shapey kind of horses in best demand. Will have buyers for any kind of a horse next weelc from killer up. We can lake killers again now so let them come along with your good horses. We in- vile your presence at our sales each week. We sold $35,719.BO worth of properly in our two sales last week. We guarantee a square deal and full value tor your stock. SALES CO. WEBSTER CITY, IOWA fl i I ^ ^ sssEs^aa^ssroapRisrfafsS'SrtJ ^^^^^^^---??,'7--~-~';'? rs^ES^KSy^S^S^^SiSSSKRissssresasi.rrfsr.'s S^^t^^ ; ^5 ! K^"^,^?f^ 1 ^~."^T^^'*?^K^^^ ,_^ --- -TM^-^-^TM-.rt*w-«*,^fc.i,»-.r^x^«*.*.--*^-««*--- ---~- -- 1 - . . . . . ~ .-- --· ..··..··MI... ... . .,i,i,,,. fc .., ^i^nm^ftfrfmaen^H^JinM^^fff^^-jffff^jf

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