The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on October 13, 1913 · Page 1
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, October 13, 1913
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES. VoL XL No. 296. Gettysburg, PSL, Monday, October 13th, 1213. Price Two Cent*. FARMERS DAY FREW 1 For lady bringing finest bouquet of flowers-pair "Queen Quality** Shoes. For man bringing finest half peck display apples--pair "Walk-Over" Shoes. For father whoes sons total weight is the most, a "Lamson and Hubbard" Hat (Scales will be provided and weighing must be done at the store.) E,ckert's Store "On The Square" 1 ·a =2 CLAIM WHOLESALE CHINESE Hearing in Cases of Hop Lee's Two Sons Confirm Theories of Government Inspectors, Agencies both East and WesL POST OFFICE AND STORE DESTROYED Reed Store and Virginia Mills Post Office Destroyed in Fire which » Burned to the Ground Building of Gettysburg Man. GET READY FOR DAY PLANK DELIGHTS GETTYSBURG FANS i Further developments in the case of j The store of H. K. Reed and the Vir- nJryman, · ginia Mills post office, both located in bis sons ' a building owned by J- £- Kissinger, ! HOD Lee, our Chinese laun° I show that he brought both _ ! into the United Slates by the aid of j of Gettysburg, burned to the ground money paid to a smuggling syndicate,! at an early hour this morning in a are WALTER'S THEATRE Sl^ECIAJL, TO3VIGHT "Pecks Bad Boy" In three big reels with other pictures. See posters at theatre Finishing Touches being Put on] Plans for Farmers' Day Celebration. Lots of Entertainment for All who Attend. This is the week of Farmers' Day. For the next nve days Gettysburg busi- Local People Happy over Eddie Plank's Remarkable Victory o f j Saturday Afternoon. City Papers Free in Praising Local Boy. But one tonic of conversation was welcome in Gettysburg SaturcaV even- of the 'country, and operates both ia China and this country. *i*vii^-_y *rt-.-*-. -.--- -- oo O -r * « | - · l_ which employs its agen'cs in many j supposed to have been caused by some '. annual eve.ic w.iich sprang into of the large 'business centers of the j customer at the Reed store v.-ho was den popularity in 1912. extensivelv \ refused further credit. Xo suspicions j are entertained as to the identity of !~ The trouble started for Hop in Au-lthe possible incendiary. gust when United States Inspector j It is customary to have a night Charles V. Mallet, who has charge of · watchman constantly on duty at the the immigrant station at Philadelphia,!building which houses the general i discovered that Hop had a son in Get- ! merchandise establishment of Mr. ! tvsburg about whom the Government I K«*d and the post office, of which .Miss I authorities knew nothing. An invest!- j ilaud Eeed » 3 postmistress. For some 1 gation, was immediately started by reason he was not on duty Su.-iday \t and the Sre was not discovered ADMISSION Children -3c. Adults )3I!0-.V C.30- Mallet personally, which led u n P H O T O P L A Y BIOGRAPH THE MISTAKE VITAGRAPH han«!s to do". A study of tbe idle society wom- iiir n friends. A fooli=ii young wife is saved from ESSAXAY Biogriiph A western picture, in which the husband thinks bis former partner is in lo.-e with bis wife. He shoots him as be J« attempt-use to rescue his wife from drunks.n Indians. MY LADY OF IDLENESS "Satan ftuds mischief for idle 1 ei» the hsisband of one an-1 their unhappines* by her qni-k wilted *in--r. SOMETHING ROTTEN' IX HA VAX A . Easanaj Comedy t;om«-thlnif certainly wrong with th= box of Havana cigais, which bis wife bouirht him for j. prfcsent. \VHEN IGXOKAXCE LS BL1S3 Essanay Comedy He la!i«h-; :tc 6thpr= M h aiv frtnasj cashing: rhec-ks for a pretty stfciio s ra.pher, bat w it-ii be g=ts hi- 8 , ic L= not -o much fust SPECIAL TOMORROW". Tv\*O REEi, VITAGtVAH. 'THEG3I-DE.V HOARD". AUTUMN HUNTING For new styles in snits and oxer-coats hof bejrnr now. but tbe man vih ^is fottiinatt- euocab to oe a patron, of The Quality:- ho.i knows that be 1 noc seek any further. Our hantLonie ajid elfegaDt fabrics are awaiting your choice and onr --rvlt~; are up-to-the-iainute and fie and finish your outfit in a "at con only be done when you have it made by , arrest of So Ho Dan Hon in Gettys- j until it had gained great headway. burg about a month ago. At further · William Herring, living close by, was hearings before United Softes Com- ! the Srsc to see the blaze and he gave missioner R. F. Topper recently infor- an alarm but the frame building was MeSHERRYSTOWN MeSherrystown--F. J. Rider, James Lawrence and Pan! Lawrence have stretch of cement the big , career, he defeated Xew York in the ! pavement at their properties. Mr. Rsd- sud- 1 closing game of the World's Series " er has also laid cement side and garden ! and gave Gettysburg just what it j walks. ness people and Adams County farm- j ing and that was Eddie Flask. Pitchers and housewives will be making ' ing one of the best games of his long completed a nice preparations looking toward LETTERS FROM COUNTY TOWNS Correspondents send in Many Items of interesting News from their Respective Towns. Personals and Many Brief Items. The same rules which were follow- j wanted--a decisive victory over Math- ed last year will again be in force next j ev.-son. But everyone knows the story Saturday. All exhibits must be places at which the premiums ar. ered not later than nine o'clock arday morning, and will be Stanley Weaver is now the champion rlsherman, having passed his worthy at the i of the game and all they want now is j opponent, John Dorwart, one day last re orT- ; to hear what the big city dailies j week, by a catch of seven fine bass and Sat- j have to say of the base ball idol. j ^ number of other fine fish. They were received; Public Ledger: Marvelous c Ledger: Marvelous is on Friday if the exhibitors prefer to ! wor j ^hat expresses Plank's exhibiting them in a day early. Every ex- j t i on , j n his long, examplary and even hibit will be marked with a number | distinguished career on the store or; he never pitched a better game. and the proprietor of the business place is expected to keep a jwas absolutely invincible. .,,.-_ ,,._...,,, . list of al! numbers and exhibits at his i i n name onlv, were as olastic as pot- Geor e L - Rice. . . . . . . ' * * T~1. - -- T t " _ l ^ . the I cau » £!E ' n the little Conewago too, and not in the Monoeacy. Paul, the 12-year-old son of Mr. and diamond j iirs - Jose P n Livelsperger, who had He | oeen ser »°«s:y ill with appendicitis, The Giaa'cs, ! 5s im Pr°ving- under the care of Dr. establishment so 'that, as soon as the , ter's clay. They were making their mation was imparted by Hop Lee that twelve years ago he got an older son, Dan Lee, into the United States, through the port at Montreal, Canada, and then across the American line where the boy, in company with other doomed when the first residents of the mountain village appeared on the scene. When first seen the fire was in liie upper part of the structure. A stove was located in the building but there is \ V f I e l t 3 LUC V\'y iii L V l i i f c K i i * V » . * * . » £ V l - . X % _ f . t -Orientals, was arrested. This was ex- said to have been no fire there on Sun- pected bv the svndicate. and then the i da i' antl the theor ' of incendiarism is judges have selected the winning num- j test stand, had been driven into their fronl the corner of Main and Church ber, they may be able to announce the | last entrenchment and they fought i streets » " L ° Frederick street, Hanover, name of the fortunate exhibitor. j v .-ith the desperation of trapped tigers. | Claude MeCann and family have From the interest being manifested j But all their fierce, furious fighting moved to Littlestown where he has se- in the county the exhibits will be even · soirit availed nauehc. Plank was mas- cure1 employment at cigar making. Mrs. Laura. Greenholtz, who under_ _ _ _ went an operation for appendicitis at fine one in demonstrating the ability j never merited the title more than it ! ] Lhe _ - ork hospital sev eral weeks ago, of the county housewives and the sue- j did this afternoon, when 40.000 wild.!' ls lm P rovln g rapidly. of cleverness of the smugglers was ap- ! the or ! V one tenable, parent as they had beforehand ar-j ^- Reed had a varied stock ranged with a Chinaman to swear that i goods, groceries and all the otner Dan Lee was his son. The company Aln S* 'that go to mate up a well had their own lawyer to look after the {equipped country store and everything l;gal staps in the procedure- Questioned by the Inspector, Hop also told of writing to Lot Yawt Loy [ Jung Co., of San Francisco, and procuring ano'cher Chinese boy, Gee Doy Yu by name, to help his son So \ve manner WillM-Selligman, * Ca-sii Tiilor. - tf There Are many convincing arguments that might be presented as to the superiority of Llppy Made Clothes but we know of none so conclusive as the refined appearance of the clothes tnemsehes. There is beauty in every line ana unality m every stitcn and J. D. Lippy Tailor VTe have a special fine line of the Anderson rain coats Ho Dan Hon in the laundry here in town during his (Hop's) absence. When asked why he wrote to this firm to get help, Hop answered that he knew that he could get it as the syndicate made a business of getting Chinese laborers f mJH!IHIHHHHHIIIIHHHnHH»liniHIUH!llUinimiHHIIIIIirHHUIilIUi»l»»l»» l "" IIIll '' 1!inHI ' n "S Candies into the United States and would then send them out to employers wherever they were desired. The boy, Gee Doy, according to Hop, is now in Sunbury: Dan Lee. the older son. is located on Market street, Har- risbnrg, and Dan Hon is here with his father under bond awaiting orders of deportation. According to Inspector Mallet serious charges could be bronght against Hop for the part he has played in getting his sons illegally into the country bnt he has imparted much valuable information to the Government through its agent. Mr. Mallet, and "the case" will" not be pushed against him. However, bo'ch his sons and the other Chinese boy vvill be taken in charge and, after their case is more ! j fully investigated, they ·will be sent ] back to China. Young Dan Hon is j readv to go now at anv order as he has I was burned. At the post office all the i books and supplies \rere destroyed though Miss Reed, as was her custom, had taken home with her on Saturday night the stamps and money order receipts and blanks, and they -were sav- I ed. It is understood that a small quan- i tity of stamped envelopes burned. Xo i little inconvenience wOI be caused b\- the burning of the post ofnce records. Both Mr, Eeetl.-and-l^Ir. Kissinger- had insurance and a good proportion of the loss is covered by policies- Robert Wolf and family have moved | spirit availed naught. Plank was mas- more numerous and of better quality . ter. "Well has Plank been called the than last year and the day will be a \ "Old Master." His consummate skill cess of our farmers and fruit rowers.; despairing spectators. 99 out of every of the. 100 hostile in mind, did their utmost will be well taken care of. Plenty \ to unnerve him all through the game. The entertainment features dav of music will be provided, there will BuX he was as immovable as the polar be free street attractions, at least one j stur. The carnage of Little Round Top parade, a foot ball game for the; would not have disconcerted him Like younger people, grotesque masquerad- i the heroes of Gettysburg, he was makers, street contests for cash prizes. 1 ing his last effort for a cause. And he ' RETAIN PHILLIPS Adams County Teachers Follow Phillips Case. Dr. rents thatr-triir-lend plenty won. cf amusement for everybody. The general committee meets evening to make the final Practically all cf the contentions of Attorney General Bell, who sought permanenth- to enjoin the trustees of the West Chester State Normal school Xew York American: Once beaten ; from ousting Dr. George M. Phillips, ?»11C CO-flCXff J^T" 1 i" 1O «* F "O1T" f7r»»*lCTf"l'" *\ cr *%-* wt»i n*^1 ** -£%-,-.-_ _l O J . _ J L _ __. t . "i by the great Christy GOOD SHOWING GATE SIGNAL Toplon Excursionist Pulls "Whistle Cord and is now- in JalL At a hearing before Squire Hill this morning George Plank, aged 1G years. of Honeybrook. Chester County, was committed to jail without bail, charged with palling the signal cord on the fifth section of the Top'ton excursion. which left Gettysburg- at 5:40 on Saturday afternoon. The train was startling ar the station while 'the passengers were loading for their return trip %vhen young Piank reached up and pulled the signal cord two times -- the sigral for a train to start. However, the first pull did not i The popular brands in which you have the assurance of q jality. Whitmans - - - BeHe Mead Sweets Liggets - - · Huylers Always Fresh People's and Hubers* Drug Stores REXALL and A. D. S_S_tores. j i.mniiiinniiiKiuuiimniiiiniinmiiiiinniniuiiiiii the whistle in the engineer's cab land no serious results occurred I through the train starting' from the crowded Blatfomi. A railroad detective Colie: ;e Foot Ball Team Springs Surprise on its Friends. arrange- , Mathewson. many doubted that Plank ments for the day which needs only the!--thirty-nine years old, and thirteen co-operation of the weather man to years a big league pitcher--could remake it a complete success. turn a fter such a short rest, bur the box score, shows the game_he_pitched- Again he was opposed by Mathewson, as principal, after the State contracted to take over the institution, are sustained by President Judge Kunkel in an opinion given out Saturday. The court simply continued the pre-_ Kminary ifi junction which "was' issued prior to the day upon which the State and again the big baseball idol of Man- j was to assume control of the educa- hattan pitched a great game, but be-1 tional institution- fore the snapping crossfire of the old I The State assumed charge of the Local supporters of the college foot! sidc winder - the Giants hun S" helpless school on September 22, and under this " when they needed the punch. !-,,.,-?,,,, T-_ Tuni:__ ^,Y ball team were surprised and delighted Saturday evening when word was Philadelphia Press: action Dr. Phillips will remain in. Plank did come charge as heretofore until final dis- received that they had held the strong DacK ln *"»_ - _ /·» _ T Y _ _ _ _ . . ^ rr . n * Tmt-faf'T in one of the most sensarionailv. State College team to a 16 to 0 score. ! perfect games of his career. His great dentally Dr. Phillips is a member of posal of the property is made. Inci- State has one of the best teams in s-k Ivania and was looking for a 'and ancient rival. Christy Mathewson, on the other hand, was hit hard in the walk-av.-ay with the Gettysburg boys, j earl : v " P art of lhe S ame - After the Eddie refused to discuss the ru- quit baseball with haven't a word to Thev were held scoreless in the first half and frequently had to give up the' mors lh2t he bail on downs. The longest run of the ! ^-day's game. "I game was thirty yards. Two touch- ; s -i" about chat now." was his only com- doims and a field goal made up the I menr - The fact that he !et down the " 1 desperate Giants to-day with only two score. The result of Saturday's game has hlls - ~ ls Accepted fay- Mack and the -rest put new life into the Gettysburg play- j of th , e **»» as . a g« a rantee that Eddie ·· - - 1 1 TfrP r»(i rtn**Tr Tfi^h i-V£» ATnloi-ir»c no-v-r ers and. from now on. it is expected ! will be back with the Athletics next chat ranid improvement will be made i J "The old faov will be out there in their plav.Vne slump which follow- Binning a couple of games for us in * * t T t ' - . ./-I » «·- ed the game is now a thing of the past and. before the contests with all his possessions packed and is stay- j a - once grabbed Plank and turned him ing- with his father under S1.-500 bond over to Chief Shealer's care until the until other smuggled Chinese have been rounded up when all will be deported together. | Hop's contemplated trip to China j has been postponed indefinitely as he hearing this morning when held for Court- he was PASTOR INSTALLED = I claims that even here in town his life j Xew Pastor Installed at the College -- z \,I«A, · is in danger from Chinese secret or- { | ders as the result of the information 1 he has given which -will lead to a rigid ! Lutheran Chnrch. class, t scuad hopes to get in fine the local shape to give a good account of themselves. MRS. 31ARIA A. PIERCE Mrs. Pierce. Formerly of Gettysburg. Dies in AVashinirton. he world's series next October." was the laconic comment of Stuffy Mclnnis upon the rumor. Xorth American: As soon as Murphy had caught Doyle's fly and the Giants, beaten in a series for the second time by the long, lean hand of Mack, had streaked for their club- the State Board of Education. Since his retention places him in a second state job. ir is believed tha'c the professor will give up the berth on the State board. COMING EVENTS Happenings Scheduled in Gettysburg - - forXoming Weeks. Oct. 13--16--Lutheran West Pa. Synod meeting. St. Jaraes church. Oct. 17--Concert. Mozart Companj Broa Chapel. Oct. IS--Gettysburg's second annual Farmers' Day. Oct. 21--Concert. Miss DeYo and Bayly. Presbyterian church. Oct. 31--Annual Hallowe'en Mummers' Parade. Xov. 7--Lecture- Dean Southwick. ] investigation by the I Government, both in E j West- United States the East and Dr. A. E. the nevv pastor at College Lutheran church, was installed ar the evening service on Sunday. The installation was conducted "bv Dr. G. THATS ALL RIGHT. I want you to know that I am still determined to get your Business, I have both telephones, and will split the air to heat the clock in my automohile to *a^y^gL§JgjyIQgg±J^^ OLD FASHIOND ?,IOLASSES TAFFY = Hop's parental affection for his boys M - DIS-enderfer. of Carlisle, president 1 has cost him dearly as his sons will,! of the West Penns\ Ivania Synod, who sooner or later, be taken away from ] a]so delivered the charge to the pas- him and sent home to China, and ] or - Irj the morning Rev. Henry An- aside from this loss, the father has al- j s^adt. of Washington, a former pastor, ready speni over 81,000 in trying to \ delivered the charge to the congrega- have Ms boys become permanent Am- ] don - Eolil services were well attended. erican residents. | · Unfortunate as Hop has been he has j " MEETINGS truthfully and iinhesitatinglv told all | T~ir ~ " "Teachers of Several iotrnsnips to Dis- ne knew about the smuggling conipan- ] ies throughout the United States and ihe is meeting -with leniency for the I manly part he has taken in revealing Alaior.d Tafly, 40 cents lb.. Bntiemnt Taffy, 50 *nis 11., Peannt Taffy. 3 j the Rjetfeods of his unsuccessful ven- cuss Questions of Importance. township teachers rents lb- Daily at- Pesnni- Brittle, 10 cents lb.. Tee Cream TaJfies, 10 cents IK-- Fresh | tarc - Brua Chanel. noase to hide their disappointment, j Xov. S--Foot Ball. Mt. St. Marv's. the crowd rushed for Plank. Plank j Xixon F'e'd faced the mad mob bewildered. It j niiirht not have surprised him on the! r-- T-»T'7-rrc' ! " i ^ " - - i - j f ' / D Jrrtl/,jc.o but to get this kind of greet- i I Mrs. Maria A. Pierce, died home in Washington. D. C-, afternoon at 3 o'clock. She was a j ing on a hostile field, from a crowd i Mr. McCammon's Chickens Win Prizes former resident of Gettysburg and j that out of loyalty to the home team j at Poultry Shows. ! had steadily been rooling him j at he: Fridav | home lo l was ared 77 vears. She is survived bv four children, two ifrom the time the first ball was pitch-' Eighteen fancy chickens, Ihe proper- 1 . - _ . _ _ _ _ sons a-.« two daughters: also by one^ed, seerjed too much, filter, Mrs. Matilda Smith, of Gettys- j A of strong j ty of Fred G. McCammon, have so far s srrabbed I lhls :a!1 takci1 seventy five ribbons at ! the various fairs around the countrv. seconds, and fourth and fifth prizes ,v. from bench to taxicab, he got. " avc tjee " * irar ded to Mr. McCammoa cheers, not one unkindly I aire2d - v ' and he ex pects to captnre Three Tourist Parlu-s Visit Field over | word coming from that crowd that had \ Bother twentj- five before the other Sunday. fseen its team humiliated three- rinses] Jairs _ tnis _ are over - j n;nning on the home ground to make" A Bahin.ore and Ohio Railroad IOVT\complete the irinropn"of the Mack-] Cra ^ sent in Mathewson to grapple burg. Funeral arrangements later. TOURIST PARTIES HERE i him. Up in the air went Eddie and he' ^.. | was carried froin the field, across its J n:r ^ y J 53 " 313 : j whole length and all aonsr the whole J twent * nve _ nave been arrived here Saturday evening for the j men. In his taxicab the hero sent in piank Bat Matty, !atde«3fc3« trip and the same evening a." day was overwhelmed. "*! don't deserve, ' the Miracle Man. had no magic and no GETTYSBURG CANDY KITCHEN on PhJJadc-!ph:a Record: Two hits were : *- RUNKPECKMAN'S REALTY REPORT SA.LE--A large 7 room brick, tin roof hoase x^ith heat, gas, toilet, - - - ' - - . . ! · - . , barn, chicken public alley. Mmo _ throughout and a U good1ocatioiJ- 0 If yoifwoaid be interested in a good home at a real bargain come to see ns abotst this one. |teacher, on Friday. October 24. Thefihe J-Jajrle. .» .-- ^-- ----..----- ~,--, -- ,-- - -- -- -- | U _ teachers are especially urged to be ] ?o f row Xew Enfrland. shopped at Ho-: rejoicing. ; j COME to the sale of H. P.-Bignara -present and the psWic ss cordially in-itel " ' " ------^-~ i * Jon Thursday, the 16tn, fo- a gr-od Jer- , v-j-ec. 1 ·sey cow, two good Brussels carpets, 3 The first tescnt-rs* educational mee^ ] | and fomitiire. See advercisesr.ent.--ad- i i^s of Highland towr.shlp will be held I 1 "jat tnc 4 7 room brick, slate roof hoase with pantry, bath, gas, large attic, " -- advertisement good cellar front, rear and side porches, graded lawn, large chicken noose, 5 hail up and down stairs, cement pavements, cor- 5 J FOR REXT: two cojnraBnicating, | ' fsruished rooms, accessibse to bath. · »Board if desired. Apply at Times oSce., parcfease this week- Miller, the ng at Mt. Pleasant Mans5e:d tour came in on a special aU t.^is. hs sa^ci. as ne sat witft oowed ,, ""·"""-* ""'^ - n3 S nt co ?« Miss Loaeita Sharetts. Lvenlnq- train. Both panics stopped at^nead. wnise his comrades on the team; £°^ OI t5 J s :oe on °- e Fridav. October 24. The line Eagle. A large Marsters" toar, al-jfeJl over him :r, the madness of ineir.^^^^ 01 nss pals upon tne t4ie mighty Mathswson was between two sach 5res in Uhc entire Tsroduct of the Giant attaci- \TM ln P'^nk, one of the grandest of ]on Plans, ar.d he gnve one base on | ? Itchln S werans. worked his last and fhaii?. wh:cli sisrted all the trouble in 1 S Teat S'- gaK-se. S~OF iJ^e rest 01 trie t*me ne "" "*^ ^ -^ :-* "- "· h. aK « akhough the Gia^t-^' r - fcofior of Eddie has viciousjv r UNCLAIMED LETTERS he Gelivsbursr! Call al !h, Post Office. i is to be given 50 Parse stamps wita every SI.09! The foJiowir.g andaimed le'iters re-;h"Jr3e« their bais 1 i Grocer.--advertisement Cash 1 'ma;r. in the Gettysburg post onice. jjgrOB-d and yelled a Mr. Walter A. Frederick. Mrs. Sni- |thc aru! coachirg line, he s^ood · °* s | TI-./II«-C-V- j - , . 3 « _ . T ^ -- i- r *. ~*. - i -*- i WOMEN and girls wanted. On-tar LOST fraternity pai. Inrtrals _·_ I _*ia . ·* iaSiUd ^l» * «v*jw* (v«x» -«* s ^K. »_*a«6 «*--"*' --"- -»_.i -_.. i^w Hamilton, Mrs. S. E. Johnson. Pat-; f.rm ti:l the suie I rick Kerney, Miss Emma Martin, Mr. · nlar Rock of Canning Company.--^advertise- I W. C. B. SIX0 reward- Miss Guss;e Abe Sudalcsh. M. E. Sherry. Mr. Jo- I Brady, Slatedale, Pa.--advertisement I seph Weslman. last, immovable, a Gettysburg. Baltimore American: For or.e lasi rear-- FOR SALE: seventeen snares of Citizens Trust Company stock. Apply 1 'forlorn and hopeless stand to-day Me- 'at Times Office.--advertisement »- » NEWSPAPERflRCI 1

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